You're Using The Wrong Brush For Your Hair Type

7. mai. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we go over my favorite hair brushes of all time and what they're best used for.
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  • lol i have been using the teasing brush for dusting shoes all my life without knowing it XDXDXD

    Flora Angelina SFlora Angelina S30 minutter siden
  • I wonder which brush is best for damaged hair xD I guess it's probably the expensive one though

    TheOneWithTooManyNamesTheOneWithTooManyNames7 timer siden
  • Didn't know how much I needed u in my life till now :)

    PrOcRaStInAtOr QuEenPrOcRaStInAtOr QuEen11 timer siden
  • i so love with this... 👍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    CaramelsCaramels15 timer siden
  • I think it's cool that he went through different types of brushes but I wanted a video telling me how to take care of my dry Arabian hair

    Raneem is typingRaneem is typingDag siden
  • I hate round brushes with a passion because when I was seven my grandma tried to brush my hair out with her round brush and it got STUCK. It took forever to get out, my hair is mega thick and we had to cut it out(I now had layers)after about and hour and a half of trying to pull it out(painful) I don't use round brushes any more

    Abigail DavisonAbigail DavisonDag siden
  • Idk about yall but something about Brad's voice gives me asmr

    Yaderi GonzalzYaderi GonzalzDag siden
  • Teasing is from the devil! It rips chunks of cuticles off of your hair. Like, NO!!!

    Saron RickerSaron RickerDag siden
  • what if i have super frizzy wavy/curly hair that gets really oily at the roots?

    Ella kelleyElla kelleyDag siden
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    Jakaria SahinJakaria SahinDag siden
  • Ima be honest the ceramic round brushes with the hidden spike inside made me go oh someone has definitely just went ‘lemme do your hair’ and stabbed someone

    Nathan PartainNathan PartainDag siden
  • Everyone is commenting how round brushes are traumatizing 😂 but no one I know uses a flat brush to blow dry their hair. Ive used a round brush to blow dry my own hair since I was like 17... But I have really long curly coarse dense hair so I need it.

    Cindy MoniqueCindy MoniqueDag siden
  • I have been doing here for years and I have never noticed that there was that little hair parting nail inside the round brush! Now I'm gonna go through every round brush I have looking for that same little nail. Lol You learn something new everyday.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪

    Cheryl PowellCheryl PowellDag siden
  • Brad: If I don't mention your brush... I hate it! Lol! YES! I knew I was gonna love this video.

    Cheryl PowellCheryl PowellDag siden
  • The Ibiza hair brush is $50...

    スタースター2 dager siden
  • i really like your personality and your efforts thank you 🙏 ❤️ you need to check jungwoo from NCT he has the same vibe like you same way of speaking and moving it JUST he is YOUR TWIN 😍😍😍

    sally Alamrisally Alamri2 dager siden
  • Thank you so much Brad once again, this was very helpful

    LittleCutie ABDLLittleCutie ABDL2 dager siden
  • Btw, I love your videos with Jenna Marbles. She kind of reminds me of myself. I started getting grey hair before my thirties and therefor I started coloring it. I started cutting it myself (looked awful since I didn't have a guide to help me - like NOworld) and so on. Been laughing a lot at her crazy doings and your reactions. And like I said, she's a bit like me. Trying new stuff, coloring and coloring and amazing that her hair hasn't fallen off. Well, mine didn't either, but it got pretty dry and frizzy. Love again from Sweden

    BumbledoraBumbledora2 dager siden
  • Great video, Brad! Why aren't you living in Stockholm? I so would want you to cut my hair, but since I don't have found a great hairdresser, I cut my own hair. (somehow, I can see you cringe and laugh! lol!). I'm very vain, silly since I'm 50 (!!!) and cannot stand short hair on myself. For me the word "short" starts when it's over "nipple"-length (can I use that word?) and not below. Also, since coming to my great age, I'm growing out my greys. Puts a nice touch to my dark hair. I gotta check out more of your videos. Love anything about hair care. Love from Sweden

    BumbledoraBumbledora2 dager siden
  • You rescued my hair

    c4arlac4arla3 dager siden
  • I didn't hear what brush / comb to use for the hair type. I did hear that he thinks I should have a drawer full of brushes. That's not going to happen for me. I have a wide tooth comb and a wire brush and get all the style I need.

    MzbrayznMzbrayzn3 dager siden
  • OMG i have curly hair and i use the paddle brush in the shower

    Jocelyn Chan Jong ChuJocelyn Chan Jong Chu3 dager siden
  • Love your channel!

    AnchoredAnchored3 dager siden
  • GOD loves you all. God bless you all. Have a blessed day everyone.

    dan humpreydan humprey3 dager siden
  • The only brush I have is a Tangle Teezer. I always hated brushing my hair, it hurt, horrible. I was blown away when I put the TT through my hair the first time. And I now have boar brush for brushng in the evening after I brushed my hair with the TT.

    AafkeArtAafkeArt3 dager siden
  • Wide tooth combbb!!! 😍 Most versatile brush and best wet brush for curly hair... And Damm!! When he said Denman brush for curly hair,i just could feel it! ❤❤

    Shantha PadmavathiShantha Padmavathi3 dager siden
  • I love how he greets us in his videos

    miaubellamiaubella4 dager siden
  • This is more educational in terms of brushes and combs than when I learnt about some of these in hair school. Thanks Brad! Love yah! 😘

    Franny P.Franny P.4 dager siden
  • Good information, Brad, very nice. Thanks. X

    Irene MeyerIrene Meyer4 dager siden
  • I dated girls for a minute as well, way too messy and complicated. Guys are just easier to be around

    Faith CrisisFaith Crisis4 dager siden
  • For those of us who can’t afford to spend a lot, is there a cheaper brand of the Mason Pearson brush that people recommend?

    Jordan BenskyJordan Bensky4 dager siden
  • Well i be damned... i have straight, wavy and frizzy hair, guess I'll be buying em all 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    ThePurpleRayThePurpleRay4 dager siden
  • Holy crap I didnt realise the ceramic on the round brushes heat up...mind blown🤯 @brad what do you think of blowdry brushes? I love mine! It makes my hair so smooth and nice!

    Peepgirl 92Peepgirl 925 dager siden
  • im high and im watching a 20 min video on brushes, love that for me

    m o o n b a b ym o o n b a b y5 dager siden
  • I'm obsessed with Brad's ability to teach the basics of hair care in these tutorials. Wonderful balance of learning and fun! Some much to learn from his positive vibes.

    Gillian MurphyGillian Murphy5 dager siden
  • My poor hair, I'm so sorry lol.

    Jamie McArthurJamie McArthur5 dager siden
  • I don't like using round brushes because when I was younger I got one caught in my hair and it wasn't fun to get out

    Lisa HenryLisa Henry5 dager siden
  • Brushes distribute oil!?!?! Does that mean we potentially don’t need to dry shampoo in between? Could I wash my hair less often? Could my day 3 hair look like day 2 hair!?!?!?! We need a video on this because hair washing and all that goes after it is the biggest chore ever!! I have to psych myself up to wash my hair

    Sam KSam K6 dager siden
  • I lost my hairbrush

    Nuvia HernandezNuvia Hernandez7 dager siden
  • I want to show my mum this so that my past self doesn’t have to suffer through my mum dragging a denman brush through my hair at 100mph while I cry

    S MS M7 dager siden
  • I use a paddle brush as i have wavy/frizzy hair, since my son was born. Love the straight look it gives me when I dry my hair.

    Michelle CraucampMichelle Craucamp7 dager siden
  • if i tried back combing i would never be able to brush my hair out.

    dioradiora7 dager siden
  • idk about that ceramic brush at the bottom where it hides the needle lmao

    Ahn MazyAhn Mazy7 dager siden
  • As a swimmer, I have seven wet brushes😂😂

    Pankhudi PrasadPankhudi Prasad8 dager siden
  • So helpful..thank u for sharing ur i am a fan❤️

    Angelica ZaragozaAngelica Zaragoza8 dager siden
  • I never knee I needed a certain brush for different hair types. Unfortunately I have every hair type you can name on my head

    Elizabeth SchuylerElizabeth Schuyler8 dager siden
  • I have extremely thick curly hair and when I gently brushed my hair with my detangling brush the bristles broke off and got stuck in my hair so now I am using a soft boar bristle brush. I use a leave in conditioner a air dry detangling spray and Argan Oil after I have washed my hair and I always use a microfiber hair towel. I also use the mane and tail herbal hair growth. The reason I use the air dry detangling spray is because it takes 2 and a half days for my hair to completely dry. When I use a hair dryer and style my hair it takes me 2 hours and 25 minutes. I will let my hair be 70 percent dry before I dry and style it. I would love to dry and style my hair on 1 hour and 30 minutes. Any suggestions???? I would also like my hair to stay curly without frizz

    Stacey ShafferStacey Shaffer9 dager siden
  • I have extremely thick curly hair and when I gently brushed my hair with my detangling brush the bristles broke off and got stuck in my hair so now I am using a soft boar bristle brush. I use a leave in conditioner a air dry detangling spray and Argan Oil after I have washed my hair and I always use a microfiber hair towel. I also use the mane and tail herbal hair growth

    Stacey ShafferStacey Shaffer9 dager siden
  • I’ve gotten so many of the ceramic round brushes stuck in my hair...

    Isabella MartinezIsabella Martinez9 dager siden
  • .

    Niamh LordNiamh Lord9 dager siden
  • Yikes I kinda cringed watching the back-combing in the beginning. Isn't that really rough on the hair?!?

    Michael SvensonMichael Svenson9 dager siden
  • bruh how can you even live with those round brushes i-

    Valentina ColondresValentina Colondres10 dager siden
  • I always wondered what 95% of these brushes did... maybe at the age of ?? I'll finally have hair that looks half decent!

    Tracey ZebraTracey Zebra10 dager siden
  • Can you review the Kardashian hair brush

    Leighana GarciaLeighana Garcia10 dager siden
  • well my hair is curly and I can't brush my hair with a comb

    Paola RuizPaola Ruiz10 dager siden
  • Brad be telling me not to tug my hair, but i like having my hair tug

    Sad PandaSad Panda10 dager siden
  • hey brad...i have really thin slightly curly and frizzy hair...which type of brush would be good ?

  • Materials can also be important. Plastic combs are generally mold formed with seams on the surfaces that touch the hair, causing damage. The same style of comb or brush (rat tail, paddle, what have you) is usually also available with non-plastic materials if you're willing to look. Protect fine or delicate hair types, and reduce plastic waste.

    Tammy TTammy T11 dager siden
  • I constantly use a wide tooth comb

    Vicky RNBishop98Vicky RNBishop9811 dager siden
  • Love the pink combs

    jacqueline vivarjacqueline vivar11 dager siden
  • That round brush with the spike looks like some secret agent shit. Ready to stab the bad guy and look fabulous while doing it 💁🏻‍♀️

    Jacky86Jacky8612 dager siden
  • A $200 brush!? Jesus Christ!

    Usone PreciousUsone Precious12 dager siden
  • Am I the only one when I try to use the ceramic round brush I ALWAYS get it stuck in my hair but nobody else is.

    #BabyYodaforlife Mamma Mia#BabyYodaforlife Mamma Mia12 dager siden
  • Dude, I was wondering if the brush I use would be in this, and it's his most expensive one! I get mine at walmart. They're called straight talk, and they have the nylon and boar bristle combo. It works great and they're only like $4

    Let'sArtLet'sArt13 dager siden
  • Okay ladies and/ or guys! If your hair tangles easy or you have really bad tangles I recommend getting the brush brand Wet Brush. It really brushes right through the tangles real easy! I use them mostly when I get out of the shower but they are good as well when your hair is dry! Overall they are a *MIRACLE* (I have thick hair so they work great with thick hair. I’m sure they work great with thin hair too)

    Humble SoftieHumble Softie13 dager siden
  • Sorry brad, I don’t even own a brush

    Kiki LeeKiki Lee13 dager siden
  • why isn't the wide tooth brush linked :(

    Zoe MZoe M13 dager siden
  • Hi Brad and fans, does anyone know where to obtain the attachment he has for his blow dryer, looks wider and thinner than regular one Dyson comes with. Thanks in advance!!

    Heidi GeraldineHeidi Geraldine14 dager siden
  • Excellent

    Katy CaninoKaty Canino14 dager siden
  • So there was this one time when I was a kid I had this bright idea to use a regular brush like a round brush, except I didn't know you don't actually wrap your hair all the way around. Needless to say there were tears(both types) and my mom had to cut it out.

    QQ14 dager siden
  • These comments are gold

    NaomiNaomi14 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that thinks Brad did the Denman dirty? He didn’t even mention that you can take rows of bristles out. Not to mention, it’s stupid easy to use at home for curly hair if you know how to use it. I just used it for the first time yesterday and the curl definition is SO on point

    Devon BellDevon Bell14 dager siden
  • Wet Brush has a combination boar bristle and nylon bristle brush that I've been using for years, and it's my favorite. It's $10 well spent! My hair is wavy and super long so the tips get very dry, and the boar bristle helps spread oil from my scalp while the nylon detangles 😊

    Lindsey HartLindsey Hart14 dager siden
  • Brad:love your hair and your hair will love you back... *me starts kissing my hair and showing it much love and affection * Uhh chile anyways so........

    Jocelyn LoezaJocelyn Loeza14 dager siden
  • not me watching this with my 7 year old justice brush

    Kyra HensonKyra Henson15 dager siden
  • I’m so aggressive with my hair .. I’m so sorry hair but you stay strong 💁‍♀️

    Brook3_ MccurryBrook3_ Mccurry15 dager siden
  • Back in the 90s, I read that it's good to brush hair 100 times before bed every night to distribute the oils. I did it with a Denman brush all throughout high school and college. I didn't realize it was killing all my hair. When I stopped, the dead (very rough and almost zigzag) hair disappeared and my hair became straight again.

    SusanSusan15 dager siden
  • What if you have all 3 types of hair (curly, wavy, straight)

    T GT G15 dager siden
  • Hmm.... cUrLy HaIr =Jungle for me

    Itz Multistan BobaItz Multistan Boba15 dager siden
  • i watch brad mondo even tho my mother and father both own 2 buisnesses in the hair industry for 15 years

    Madisyn BrockmanMadisyn Brockman15 dager siden
  • Brad almost made me buy the Mason Pearson brush💀

    Atie KitkatAtie Kitkat15 dager siden
  • Great vid! I love my round blow out brush and my little boar bristle brush all the more. I have an issue with static electricity in my cheaper brushes. I would love to see a video on static and frizz solutions for fine hair.

    Haitai AmberHaitai Amber15 dager siden
  • U missed the vent brush

    Kristina SuttonKristina Sutton15 dager siden
  • This is great for level 1 hairdressing study ❤️❤️❤️ thank you

    Kristina SuttonKristina Sutton15 dager siden
  • So what hair type are the pure boar bristle Mason Pearson brushes for? I noticed yours is a mix of nylon and boar bristle. Are the pure boar ones more expensive just because? Does nobody really need them? I went to the MP site and my hair (long, fine/average density, wavy) was recommended pure boar bristle. Why is that? I'm so confused.

    Finding ValinorFinding Valinor15 dager siden
  • I’ll never forget the moment my grandmother handed 7 year old me a ceramic round brush and expected me to know how to use it

    Lead_MarieLead_Marie16 dager siden
  • Ceramic round brushes are every person who has had long enough hair for it nightmares

    Kana_ChanスマイルKana_Chanスマイル16 dager siden
  • I dropped my Mason pearson brush and it broke.... :/

    Tuba KayaTuba Kaya16 dager siden
  • Happy to have my brushes and combs appear here haha

    Denise EspirituDenise Espiritu16 dager siden
  • I only use wet brushes and the brush from drybar. Why do I feel like I've been living a lie and I need all of these

    Trayy LeaTrayy Lea17 dager siden
  • i’m learning so much i love you

    Nicole MickelsenNicole Mickelsen17 dager siden
  • If I’m not willing to spend $40 on a ukulele (for my quarantine goal), there’s no way in hell I’m spending $240 on a hairbrush.

    Alyssa RoseAlyssa Rose17 dager siden
  • No I’m not using the wrong type of brush

    Steve the roblox gammerSteve the roblox gammer17 dager siden
  • I have three brushes. 1) normal straight hair brushes from Goody 2) boar hair brush, again for mostly straight hair/ a lil wavy. Good for making smooth, soft hair, good to start brushing hair, and not very good for getting all ur tangles out :) 3) tangle teaser, aka, no handle brush, very good for getting tangles out :) they are all from Goody :)

    Evelyn PageEvelyn Page17 dager siden
  • I have a comb...

    Christina MoxonChristina Moxon17 dager siden
  • Going to buy myself a ceramic round brush tomorrow , funnily enough I bought myself a oval paddle bore bristle brush today before even seeing this ! Thanks for the tips brad😘

    Mila HMila H17 dager siden
  • I love him 🥰

    Allana AmbersAllana Ambers17 dager siden
  • Think I need to finally invest in a comb, I have long hair and just use my fingers 😂😅🤣😅😂🤣

    Watercolour Art in Cape TownWatercolour Art in Cape Town17 dager siden
  • My hair is straight .. Which brush is best to me ?

    وللجمال معنىوللجمال معنى17 dager siden
  • ...I have short hair. Why am I here lol

    snazzy lizardzsnazzy lizardz18 dager siden