Watch This Before Getting Highlights

2. jan.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Getting highlights can be confusing when there's so many different options. This video will help you better communicate with your stylist on what look you're trying to achieve.




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  • Thank you!

    Diana HanzelDiana Hanzel12 timer siden
  • Balayage is a french word . Means highlight .

    Sisi SariSisi SariDag siden
  • Balayage is french term for highlights

    norwen mamingnorwen mamingDag siden
  • Brad can u do my hair plzzzz ❤️

    Shelby PaverShelby PaverDag siden
  • I am a Natural brunette dark brown yes I have different kind of brown highlights in my hair is light brown . I did Blonde highlights before ! Thanks for the videos!

    Sarah Jo Ponzio Life Team PrincessSarah Jo Ponzio Life Team PrincessDag siden

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  • I love you Brad Mondo

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    • Hi

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    • Hi

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    • Hi

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    • Hi

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  • My cosmetologist teacher is making me watch this

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  • 📞 😙 I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

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  • Uuummmmwwwwhhhhaaaaaa xoxo perfection! Brad Mondo ur to legit to quittttt!

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  • 4:35 this is a reminder for me lol

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  • Brad i want u to do my hair 💀

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  • I want brad to do what he thinks is best for my face... cause like I have no idea. 😭 Make over me!

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  • Does anyone know how to book with brad???

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  • When he says “Hi beautiful” my heart flutters🙏🥰

    Julia AslanliJulia Aslanli9 dager siden
  • LMAO!!!!! “Who is that? I don’t know anybody named root smudge.” Hahahha!! 😂😂😂😂

    S JS J9 dager siden
  • You are ADORABLE! And very informative. Great combo!

    Jelena RisticJelena Ristic9 dager siden
  • Me trying to book a dye appointment: ???????? There are so many options?????? Brad Mondo: these are the answers you are looking for. Me: having my anxiety cease because i can actually make this appointment now.

    Blair SchulerBlair Schuler11 dager siden
  • Jason Mendoza is that you ?

    AneesaAneesa12 dager siden
  • Brad saying money pieces are wacky so...Jennie's hair is wacky? Sure, I'll listen

    Michelle ChenMichelle Chen13 dager siden
  • Blue hair when he goes abt root smudge is literally what I want!!

    Tiki80Tiki8014 dager siden
  • I really want to have hair makeover but I can't really decide how to do this.

    Judy Ann TalanJudy Ann Talan14 dager siden
  • You are awesome....I sometimes struggle getting my hairdressers to understand what my vision I understand why helpful

    Shauna CarsonShauna Carson15 dager siden
  • Anyone else who dont care about hair but ador this man? He is hot!!!

    Lousifer7Lousifer716 dager siden
  • Can I do touch up toner at home?

    Em MEm M17 dager siden
  • School is in session and we actually want to be here

    Eliza SchultzEliza Schultz17 dager siden
  • These terms are only useful if the colourist/colour tech you're speaking with also knows them. If they give you an odd look without chuckling "someone did their research" leave the salon.

    Erin LindsayErin Lindsay17 dager siden
  • You are adorable!! I will trust you with my life!!

    Monica GarnerMonica Garner18 dager siden
  • My hair stylist didn't quite get the color I was looking for, it has been a couple months, can I re-tone it to a color that's closer to what I originally wanted?

    Hannah SmithHannah Smith18 dager siden
  • Why not bring a picture?? "A picture is worth a thousand words."

    RavennaRavenna18 dager siden
  • Girls found this one site that has super helpful things below before your first bayalage. Like you should go to your appointment with clean hair, do a conditioning treatment a few days before your appointment to prevent damage, arrive to your appointment how you normally style you hair. like my hair is naturally curly type 2C, but i always straighten it. I'll be getting my hair colored for the first time so it's exciting. here's the link Brad is amazing but do a lot more research before you go too!

    CLisaCLisa19 dager siden
  • --

    hoveno polenloganhoveno polenlogan19 dager siden
  • --

    hoveno polenloganhoveno polenlogan19 dager siden
  • This was extremely helpful! Thanks!

    Courtney FitzgeraldCourtney Fitzgerald20 dager siden
  • I'm about to get balayage in about a week but the pictures of dark haired girls with balayage, partial saturation hair painting, babylights, and sliced hightlights ALL LOOK PRACTICALLY THE SAME TO ME AND NOW I'M FREAKING OUT!

    Pamela SorianoPamela Soriano21 dag siden
    • hahahaha girl same! I have dark brown hair and finally in my 20's i decided to color it. Plus it's the perfect time to experiment while everyone is inside all the time and I'm not doing it for any important event. But maybe just look online for photos you like of different types of highlights and then bring it to your hairdresser- at least that's what I am doing. But, since i never highlighted before I will start out with partial highlight and hope for the best!

      CLisaCLisa19 dager siden
  • I’m natural brunette and i really wanna do a dark blue root shadow with baby lights.... is this correct? cause it’s what i’m gonna say to them

    idkidk21 dag siden
  • Balyage in France

    fof__babe __xofof__babe __xo21 dag siden
  • Balyage in France

    fof__babe __xofof__babe __xo21 dag siden
  • Currently crying over my orange and pink hair 😍🥰

    Mariah HarneyMariah Harney22 dager siden
  • Thaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuh

    Jessica SimmchezJessica Simmchez22 dager siden
  • Frantically watching his videos at 2am so I can better explain to my hairdresser tomorrow what I want

    CC TVCC TV22 dager siden
  • I want fashion tips from Brad Mondo. Is he wearing a vest a wind breaker or just a white and black sweater?

    lynda chalkerlynda chalker22 dager siden
  • Help me get from a level 4 to level 1 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Wendy QuinteroWendy Quintero23 dager siden
  • I have a necklace just like his! I'm going to pull get it off my gate so I can wear it tomorrow!

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  • He is cute .But y is he wearing lipstick n make up. Anyway fun to watch.

    Ss SsSs Ss25 dager siden
  • I still don’t know what I want lmfao

    Fernanda RodriguezFernanda Rodriguez25 dager siden
  • i'm getting balayage highlights tomorrow and i'm so nervous

    Maci VasquezMaci Vasquez26 dager siden
  • « Balayage » is a French word. It comes from the other French word “balai” which means “broom”, so a balayage is basically sweeping down the color to the hair I think Idk if that’s clear or if it helps 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Anne Who?Anne Who?27 dager siden
  • *me watching this before i go to the hair salon*

    Liv SokoLiv Soko28 dager siden
  • I love your hair! This is one of my favourite styles I've seen on you!

    Cassy KentCassy Kent29 dager siden
  • Brad i love your work so much i am a Hairstylist my self and listening to your videos is refreshing my memory of my basics i love you so much

    pranjali deshmukhpranjali deshmukh29 dager siden
  • BRAD MONDO!!!!! I watched this video before going to my stylist to get professional all-over color for the FIRST TIME! I spoke with her and ended up getting a bomb, BOMB color because of her awesome skill and my ability to tell her what I wanted because of YOUR BRILLIANCE!! I ended up getting BALAYAGE with ROOT SMUDGE and I am soooo freeeeaking happyyyyyy with it! My naturally dark brown hair is now super-dimensional honey brown with dark gold highlights.

    Jamie JamesJamie James29 dager siden
  • this just popped up and I’m getting highlights tomorrow

    Georgia GerrickGeorgia GerrickMåned siden
  • I wanted money pieces, didn't know what it was called and ended up with a yellow head band

    Marisa KozlikMarisa KozlikMåned siden
  • I consider Brad Mondo my BFF. Is that wrong?

    GigiGigiMåned siden
  • I NEEDED to watch this thank youuuuu. The first 15 seconds was so me

    Sawyer CSawyer CMåned siden
  • me; watching this because i'm getting highlights in 2 hours.

    Kiah HillKiah HillMåned siden
  • *me watching this with highlights*

    Psycho MSPPsycho MSPMåned siden
  • thank you ❤️

    Raven GraceRaven GraceMåned siden
  • HELP i'm a redhead and i want highlight but i'm scared because my mom says that i will regret it

    Lauren BaanLauren BaanMåned siden
  • Wish i saw this before i got my hair done

    izzy angelinaizzy angelinaMåned siden
  • i just show them a pinterest photo lol

    amy mealieamy mealieMåned siden
  • What highlight would work the best for a natural red head?

    Brielle KingBrielle KingMåned siden
  • Root Smudge, New Band Name I call it!

    Hillary DonahueHillary DonahueMåned siden
  • Ive never gotten my hair done and been completely happy. I always have an idea of what I want but the hairstylist I go to act like it's impossible and just give me something that was nowhere near the picture I showed them. I'm so sick of wasting money to get my hair done just to be let down. Brad Mondo I would be so freaking elated if you did my hair LOL

    Raven UribesRaven UribesMåned siden
  • My problem, besides not knowing the precise terms, is that I'm not at all sure what would suit me best :/... I'm a little bit inclined to just quickly check that the hairdresser doesn't look like a complete idiot or a total incompetent person and than go with "can you give me some advice...?" I've never done anything with my hair really and I would like to try and change something!

    EleonoraEleonoraMåned siden
  • This video made my life a million times better

    Aditi PatniAditi PatniMåned siden
  • I’ve never colored my hair. I have a good skunk stripe of grey & the rest of my hair is kind of medium/light brown but just not warm & pretty anymore. Husband left me during the lockdown & I’m growing out a pixie because why not do that during quarantine... I can almost get it into a low ponytail... What do I do now?

    Spikey BunnySpikey BunnyMåned siden
  • My hair is very dark naturally, almost black. I really want to try out highlights but I feel like that's only an option that will work on a lighter "base" without looking stupid :/ if I lighten my entire head its gonna be so expensive and such a long process every time

    EmmanouelaEmmanouelaMåned siden
  • i just knew about the sliced highlights thanks, always fun and learn to watch your video's

    Chika BayardambaChika BayardambaMåned siden
  • I have money pieces 🥺

    Maya MaderaMaya MaderaMåned siden
  • so I’m literally going to get my hair highlighted and I’ve never gotten anything done to my hair ever before. I’m so nervous I’ve rewatched this video like 4 times to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing #someonehelp

    Amber LewandowskiAmber LewandowskiMåned siden
  • Thank yoooou!! I’m getting highlights for the first time and I literally said to my hairdresser what you said people tend to say at the beginning. Now I know how to communicate highlight preference. Xx

    Steff WyattSteff WyattMåned siden
  • You're someone I can trust my hair with.. Thanks for this very informative vid of yours! The entire time watching this, I was just saying "Ohhh.. Ahhh.." expression of "Now I understand"...

    SJ DumangcasSJ DumangcasMåned siden
  • hey, hope this will notice :)) may i ask what is the hair color of your mannequin? hehehe

    IAMvalerieIAMvalerieMåned siden
  • I would die of happiness if he could do my hair! I have a very long natural hair and havent gotten to the hairdresser since covid. 😩

    Jane MaryjaneJane MaryjaneMåned siden
  • Balayage is a french word that comes from the verb "balayer" which means to sweep 🧹🧹🧹so Balayage in hair is like saying sweeping highlights throughout the hair. (:

    imafoodimafoodMåned siden
  • Can you tell me what to tell my hairdresser based off a picture I have?

    Tina CassTina CassMåned siden
  • 2:25 i dont know if this is were it came from but i know that in french balayage means sweeping

    Nina DragneelNina DragneelMåned siden
  • Once again THANK YOU BRAD

    Maria StewartMaria StewartMåned siden
  • My daughter: I wanna get highlights! Her Dad: I guess you can take her to get it done... Me: I got this...I WATCH BRAD MONDO 😁

    M00nage DayDreamM00nage DayDreamMåned siden
  • Balayage is a french word. Its means hair painting

    Ricardo PadronRicardo PadronMåned siden
  • I look like I got really bad highlights done but it’s literally just from the sun...

    KitKatKitKatMåned siden
  • And where can I find you to do my hair?? I need you in my life!!!!

    KIM WARD - Dazzle Nails DivaKIM WARD - Dazzle Nails DivaMåned siden
  • THANK YOU! I so needed this video!

    Kat ClementKat ClementMåned siden
  • So in the last 4 years I have been to 4 or 5 different stylists (looking for THE RIGHT stylist I can vibe with) and every single time I have used the words “balayage” or “shadow root” every stylist has looked at me like I’m speaking a different language. Are these not standard terms used by all stylists??

    Julia DennisJulia DennisMåned siden
  • Just be my stylist brad! 😭 or at least dye my hair once! 🙏

    heretocomment _heretocomment _Måned siden
  • Does anyone else think he looks like Damien from Vampire Diaries... lol

    Sam CarosellaSam CarosellaMåned siden
    • Omg...yes though... the eyesssss

      The Pupito PalsThe Pupito PalsMåned siden
  • I use photos. lol.

    WondergirlWondergirlMåned siden
  • I've had foils but hate the sharp lines from the scalp.. anyway to change that?

    Emma RobinsonEmma RobinsonMåned siden
  • @Brad thanks a ton! After watching your video I could explain more my stylist what exactly I want. I am so happy with my hair colour 🦚 ☺️

    ShwetaShwetaMåned siden
  • What about air touch?

    Evelina KubarevičEvelina KubarevičMåned siden
  • what hair manic did you use ?

    Lisa BuckleyLisa BuckleyMåned siden
  • I love this! 💕 can you do a video where u talk about the best types of highlights we cult girls can do in our hair. Pls!! I will appreciate it so much. I’ve been trying to choose a ways of highlighting my hair and idk wich technique is better for curly hair 😭💕🙏🏽

    Aleymi DávilaAleymi DávilaMåned siden
  • I went to a hair salon to get brownand honey blonde highlights and showed a picture of what I want too so it was a clear understanding. He actually ended up making my hair look orange and brown..... it was the worst experience ever and my hair was fried, damaged & orange ..... Never again.....

    KittyWaraichKittyWaraichMåned siden
  • I love your clothes. I'm just curious. Where can I buy them?

    doctordoom90sdoctordoom90sMåned siden
  • How do you tell your stylist that you weren't happy with your last color without hurting her feelings?? TIA!

    Niki StevensonNiki StevensonMåned siden
  • My aunts my hair stylist ✨

    JaiJaiMåned siden
  • I learned SO MUCH. Thank you, BRAD!!

    Jeanne QJeanne Q2 måneder siden