Turning a $100 Wig Into A $1,000 Wig

23. jan.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today I transform a $100 Amazon wig into something a movie star could wear on the red carpet.

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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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  • Hi babes, love you the most

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo8 måneder siden
    • Sobody had a great idea that you could do a series where you transform wings and give them to people who have cancer

      that one gay girlthat one gay girl7 dager siden
    • When he says Leah Ashe i got sad because she is not recording anymore 😓🤕😫😭😶😐😑😔☹️🙁😕😟😢😥😞😖😣😩

      Iam MarTinaIam MarTina10 dager siden

      Brooke SanchezBrooke Sanchez10 dager siden
    • Love you Brad mondo !!!

      Precious BPrecious B12 dager siden
    • Brad Mondo Not so sure about that 😏

      Stolen SafireStolen Safire13 dager siden
  • The after on brad looks like my 8th grade ela teacher

    Ayah AwadAyah Awad3 dager siden
  • he looks lowkey like sharpay from hsm lol

    Kathryn AdamsKathryn Adams3 dager siden
  • Brad: this cheap, ratchet $100 wig. Me: $135 is cheap? Also, he sad it would look awful after the first round but I thought it was pretty. Not as awe inspiring as the end result, but still pretty.

    NeartmhorNeartmhor4 dager siden
  • I really have been wanting to see a Guy Tang x xMondo colab for products!

    Gamer Girl EGamer Girl E5 dager siden
  • Thanks for sharing this amazing video,you are so nice,I like your channel, I got the same one from eseewigs

    Lacey AnnLacey Ann5 dager siden
  • "I think its 5-10 min", relatable lol

    Practical AnthraxPractical Anthrax6 dager siden
  • We stan Whitney Vibes 😂💚

    Whitney StapletonWhitney Stapleton6 dager siden
  • Hey so I've dyed my hair so many times and I dont know what color to do it next vote dark blu/like or dark puple/comment

    that one gay girlthat one gay girl7 dager siden
  • Watching for when my bleaching goes wrong

    Anty The AntAnty The Ant7 dager siden
  • Ohhh you should dye people's wigs like so! Someone who got a wig, maybe it's not what they invisioned it to be, and wants to change it up without buying a whole new wig, and you'd be like, "I got you covered".

    laura bandulalaura bandula7 dager siden
  • Brad looks like a kid in a candy store. Lmaooo

    Love ThatLove That8 dager siden
  • 21:35

    Rochi fuenzaRochi fuenza9 dager siden
  • Why do I kind of ship him and James Charles I feel like they would just balance each other out perfectly

    Anysha GoodeAnysha Goode9 dager siden
  • Ugh I adore you. You’re the best! I don’t know what type of witchcraft you did to transform that ratchet looking wig 😂 I spent my day working on the laptop and I think I played like 50 of your videos. love them all!

    Stephanie FloresStephanie Flores9 dager siden
  • anyone else want to know what brad can do with a cheap ass party store

    MK_the_ManiacMK_the_Maniac9 dager siden
  • You are serving Whitney vibes af

    Kronos The TitanKronos The Titan10 dager siden
  • wait that looks good on youu im obssesed 🤩🤩

    mia_ nmia_ n10 dager siden
  • Bleach doesn't letter

    Brooke SanchezBrooke Sanchez10 dager siden
  • Brad: this rATCHET $100 wig Me: *looks at my £20 wigs* oh..

    Lolly McNeillLolly McNeill10 dager siden
  • brad is giving me Jennifer Aniston vibes in the wig

    Kirsty PasipamireKirsty Pasipamire11 dager siden
  • So beautiful love the color

    Quiana WilliamsQuiana Williams11 dager siden
  • you literally look just like jennifer anniston

    erika jerika j11 dager siden
  • when a wig costs more than u

    Silent SirenSilent Siren11 dager siden
  • Making an expensive wig more expensive-

    Silent SirenSilent Siren11 dager siden
  • Dat transition doe!!😍

    Essence JohnsonEssence Johnson12 dager siden
  • You a Dunkin lover, or a Starbucks lover? Like- Starbucks. Comment- Dunkin

    Drama QueenDrama Queen13 dager siden
  • brad:*doesnt want us to do our hair at home* also brad:*shows us how to root shadow*

    Sarah GillilandSarah Gilliland13 dager siden
  • ngl brad looks amazing with long hair

  • you look like a Jennifer . Love

    Danielle SmithDanielle Smith13 dager siden
  • Brad: "It's just so easy and effective and I love both of those things" Mood

    ShadesofGraeShadesofGrae13 dager siden
  • Hay Brad I love it. It's so stylish and such a in look for today's girls who couldnt like it. I think its beautiful

    Serena Marie DavisSerena Marie Davis13 dager siden
  • I need more wig colouring and styling videos in my life. It's the most satisfying thing ever.

    Paige FreemanPaige Freeman13 dager siden
  • This wig is getting more treatment and care than what my poor hair has gone through for YEARSS

    Keren GeorgeKeren George14 dager siden
  • he reminds me of the dude version of avril lavigne 💀

    Tristin VerretTristin Verret14 dager siden
  • The people that disliked were just distracted by how amazing the wig was. If a thousand people got distracted by the beauty that means that it’s really good :)

    Mikado VideosMikado Videos15 dager siden
  • anyone notice how soothing his voice is?

    jacie pernatjacie pernat15 dager siden
  • Me in bed with my bag of doritios ready for a night of brad mondo 's videos

    Amin PirzadaAmin Pirzada15 dager siden
  • This wig is actually cute on you!

    Sarah GoodmanSarah Goodman16 dager siden
  • Brad your my inspiration I’m only 11 but when I am older I would really like to become a hair dresser like u

    aBc gAmEs - RobloxaBc gAmEs - Roblox17 dager siden
  • merman vibeeees

    AliceAlice17 dager siden
  • Brad really went from hot cheeto blonde to rich girl blonde. We stan

    3amisapersonalitytrait3amisapersonalitytrait17 dager siden
  • Brad toy make me feel so much better going through quarantine

    Avigail AradAvigail Arad18 dager siden
  • Fabio!!! Omg I freakin love it!!! And you look so good with long hair.. that jaw line though!!!😍😍

    ashley sandelashley sandel18 dager siden
  • You know that ‘ I’d trust you with my drink’ trend on tiktok?, well I’d trust brad with my hair 🥰

    Cathrine BabuCathrine Babu18 dager siden
  • I wonder if he’s good at painting.. like on paper lol

    Cathrine BabuCathrine Babu18 dager siden
  • Him: *wearing a stylish, BeAuTiFuL, classy apron* Me: *wearing a Christmas apron that looks like it was made by a 5 year old*

    Cathrine BabuCathrine Babu18 dager siden
  • Brad:let’s just put a bit of this into the bowl (Uses whole bottle) Me: honey that’s not a little bit that’s the bottle hahahaha *no hate brad is awesome just trying to make ppl laugh*

    Major MessMajor Mess18 dager siden
  • Kurt and Courtney's other child nobody knew about lol Beautiful job as always

    glob slappedglob slapped20 dager siden
  • I love it!

    Yuleng JaramilloYuleng Jaramillo20 dager siden
  • Okay soooo this wig looks great on you

    CatCat20 dager siden
  • Girl you got to stop saying you look crazy, that wig would look good on literally anyone! It's beautiful! You did an amazing job!!

    rochelle dicksonrochelle dickson21 dag siden
  • I really love it a lot. It’s so beautiful

    Golden ShadowGolden Shadow21 dag siden
  • you look SO MUCH like a good vibes surfer lol

    HanaChiiSanHanaChiiSan21 dag siden
  • are you familiar with pop singer, Marilyn, from the eighties? total androgynous artist/friend of Boy George... That hair reminds me of her style and color.

    sexydaddystoriessexydaddystories21 dag siden
  • Brad, Where did you get that apron?

    sexydaddystoriessexydaddystories21 dag siden
  • That wig looks like itd bully me in highschool

    Tweaky FilipTweaky Filip22 dager siden
  • Can i use the conditioner on the rest of the hair thats staying blonde ? Like after applying the color to a section, also condition its ends/whatever isnt colored

    Amber HarrisonAmber Harrison23 dager siden
  • Like can u do my wigs 😫😍

    Jheneal BennettJheneal Bennett23 dager siden
  • didnt look good

    Abby KileAbby Kile23 dager siden
  • You're cute, but you're not that cute. Like If you get that quote

    TaylorTaylor24 dager siden
    • It's from the movie sinbad

      TaylorTaylor24 dager siden
  • As a Lauren, I agree. This makes you look like a Lauren. Welcome to Club Lauren - we have cookies and sass. 💁‍♀️

    Lauren WieczorekLauren Wieczorek24 dager siden
  • My hair is extremely thick and I just think its funny when he said the bottom isn't usually too thick I'm just thinking.... (My natural hair looks like a wig...) 😂😂😂

    Meg C.Meg C.25 dager siden
  • I love how he says she instead of it when talking to the wig

    M WattsM Watts25 dager siden
  • I think it looks great on you.. loooooooove guys with long hair

    Darcie MerriweatherDarcie Merriweather27 dager siden
  • “Miss Wilson, you must be worth a trillion bucks.”

    Karisa DKarisa D27 dager siden
  • you look really good in that wig!! yass queenn!!!!!💝

    Misses PotatoMisses Potato27 dager siden
  • love you brad your my #1 favorite youtuber ive been watching your channel for about 4 years now sending love from texas!💝😁🙃🌈

    Misses PotatoMisses Potato27 dager siden
  • You could grow out your hair and look really good

    Complete midgetComplete midget27 dager siden
  • You look like a sufferer dude 🥺 it looks sooooo goooood

    jaydaan wanuchjaydaan wanuch29 dager siden
  • You're Amazing...and yes boo the side part go!!!

  • Damn will u style a wig for me?? Lol your amazing!!

    Katia AnastasiaKatia AnastasiaMåned siden
  • "Trust in the LORD with all your heart,do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths" Provers-3:5-6

    Heythereiamjoe!Heythereiamjoe!Måned siden
  • Omg!!! I love it on you!!! 😍😍😍😍

    BabyMKX21BabyMKX21Måned siden
  • pls do my hair

    Lily JaneLily JaneMåned siden
  • omg why does he look actually beautiful with that wig on.....

    Lily JaneLily JaneMåned siden
  • Omg he looks sooooooo good in the finished look of wig. Wow

    sonali sharmasonali sharmaMåned siden
  • I thought it looks incredibly dimensional and way more luxurious than before

    Brooke Does ScienceBrooke Does ScienceMåned siden
  • Brad Mondo! Please make me a wig! I'm thinking about cutting off all my hair and starting brand new because my hair is completely trashed and I want a wig so I'm not bald lol. I have dark brown hair. Help me

    EmmaProductionsEmmaProductionsMåned siden
  • he is doing the blanket stitch.

    Janelle MoermanJanelle MoermanMåned siden
  • When a wig looks better than ur own hair 👁👄👁 *cries in a corner*

    AzulaAzulaMåned siden
  • "hair isn't that thick at the bottom anyways" Me: oh honey you clearly haven't seen my hair

    Jillian ArnyaiJillian ArnyaiMåned siden
  • You look like a sater boy or a surfer boy

    Aglaen 5672Aglaen 5672Måned siden
  • 23:46

    denideniMåned siden
  • Brad mondo the hair guy (brad mondo the hair guy) brad brad brad brad, brad mondo the style guy Sorry 😂

    Blue CrystalBlue CrystalMåned siden
  • Don't evennn! You look amazing in that wig! Pick up and dust off your crown king :-)

    Leo_daking _Leo_daking _Måned siden
  • When he did the reveal my first thought was that it looked JUST like my sister Lauren’s hair and then he said he felt like a Lauren🤣🤣🤣

    Rebecca AlbrechtsenRebecca AlbrechtsenMåned siden
  • Damn when he said $100 RATCHET wig... I felt that. Ugh I thought anything over $50 must be nice. I'm over here tryna find the cutest $40 or less lace fronts on Amazon knowing ima look like a clown. But a cute clown. No? Damn... Mehh 😭😭😭

    Terri RoseTerri RoseMåned siden
  • It's Totally Kyle... Totally

    Amanda FayeAmanda FayeMåned siden
  • Hello Beautiful I came across your channel I’ve been binge watching love them❤️ You always make me smile I’m learning a lot ty wish you could help me with my hair bc I was sick it fell out a lot now I’m having a really really hard time growing it back my closest looks like a hair product supply co. maybe you know something Im not doing PLEASE HELP!!!!!! I would love to try ur products maybe you can recommend what I should buy thx STAY BEAUTIFUL 💕

    Boston_Dee_22Boston_Dee_22Måned siden
  • Ok that wig is giving me Annabeth Chase vibes and I’m loving it

    Daugter of HadesDaugter of HadesMåned siden
  • With the open button up I'm getting Fast Times at Ridgemont High vibes fr

    Lynsey IvesLynsey IvesMåned siden
  • Hiiiiii

    Naomi DavisNaomi DavisMåned siden
  • Wait my hair littrrally looks like that and my name is Lauren... u said u looked like a Lauren...

    Lauren StubbsLauren StubbsMåned siden
  • As a musician, I think that's why I enjoy watching your videos being a straight male, it's the art that I enjoy, I've been wondering why I enjoy watching hair videos being straight, now it makes much more sense, and being single with no kids, you're the only person that calls me beautiful, and it's nice for the good ole self esteem, even tho it's not a chick telling me I'm beautiful, if that makes any sense, since I'm in quarantine with covid, I've been rewatching and watching videos I haven't watched before to keep away from news and stress, and Brad, you are helping me keep from going crazy and having anxiety attacks, so thank you!!!

    Dsmwarrior1996Dsmwarrior1996Måned siden
  • Wow turned out like Jennifer Aniston's hair

    Eman muhammadEman muhammadMåned siden
  • It looks like Jennifer Anistons hair in the end? Edit: spelled Aniston wrong

    look behind youlook behind youMåned siden
    • @Jade oops my bad

      look behind youlook behind youMåned siden
    • *aniston

      JadeJadeMåned siden
  • " You dont wanna have all of that bulk at the bottom then it's a tell tale that your wearing a wig " me: ooooh that's y people ask if I'm wearing a wig so much

    humininnn potathumininnn potatMåned siden
  • Beach bum surfer dude to a beach hotty! 😍

    Mariah HamMariah HamMåned siden
  • Oooo I love it

    Salte_Rexe_ AcidSalte_Rexe_ AcidMåned siden