The History Of Hair Color You Didn't know

21. mai. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! The start of highlighting hair dates back to the 6th century of ancient Greece. Things have changed a lot since then!
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • Did you already know any of this??

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo5 måneder siden
    • No but thank you for 'enlightening' us Brad! 😄💕🌹

      Elaine- Ellen-MarieElaine- Ellen-MarieMåned siden
    • No but thank you for 'enlightening' us Brad! 😄💕🌹

      Elaine- Ellen-MarieElaine- Ellen-MarieMåned siden
    • Brad you forgot about the hair flashes of the mid-fifties too early 60s where was that in your highlighting video

      Draconea77717Draconea77717Måned siden
    • Much of it; I didn't know about the charcoal mix though or that loreal was the first company to use dihydrogen dioxide. A number of classic books written around then allude to prostitutes needing to dye their hair red or blonde though.

      robin Stachnikrobin Stachnik2 måneder siden
    • Brad please do a video rating color depositing conditioners. I am loving dphue but if theres a better option.....

      Shar RoonShar Roon2 måneder siden
  • I used to wonder why the fuck some parts of my hair is medium brown while the rest is dark brown since a kid but now make sense :/ sun and olive oil.....

    SakuraFoxSakuraFox22 dager siden
  • for me obres are just nO

    Nilgün SazakNilgün Sazak25 dager siden
  • Love you Brad but this was a loooootttttt of Western history and no Eastern, “New World” or Islander hair color traditions, henna has been around forever! I would have expected to at least see that! But again, it was a fun video

    Claire CookClaire Cook26 dager siden
  • No. Thanks for 'enlightening' us Brad!😄💕

    Elaine- Ellen-MarieElaine- Ellen-MarieMåned siden
  • The channel glamourdaze has more information on hair coloring including hair flashes, two-toned hair and even a video on what color to dye their hair

    Draconea77717Draconea77717Måned siden

      Draconea77717Draconea77717Måned siden

      Draconea77717Draconea77717Måned siden

      Draconea77717Draconea77717Måned siden
  • So this is less about the history of hair color, and more about the history of hair lightening because henna has been used on the hair around the world since ancient times.

    Kris OlKris OlMåned siden
  • Of all people, Brad, how could YOU possibly SKIP the 1980’s punk rock colors (the OG Manic Panic) and 1990’s Kool-aid knock offs!????

    Caitlin JonesCaitlin Jones2 måneder siden
  • I dyed my hair red with crazy color and I need to get it out quick pls help 😭 no bleach as I have brown virgin hair underneath

    hannahhannah2 måneder siden
  • *sex workers

    Autumn FrodeliusAutumn Frodelius2 måneder siden
  • You actually left out a lot; some of the info is incorrect. Marilyn Monroe brought the super bleached blonde trend in the 50's and she was not a prostitute, prior to that, brunettes were considered most beautiful. Through the 50's onwards, Swedish/European women were starting to be the new beauty standard due to the war in Europe and commercial air travel. Colouring hair wasn't so much taboo, women just didn't want people to know they weren't actually natural blondes. You also left out the powdered wigs and ashy white hair trend of the 18th century. Around the 80's known as the punk era, was the first time people started using fashion colours, and multiple colours at the same time on their hair. The 80's also had the very dark roots look. The late 80's to early 90's the goth look with really dark/jet black hair/blue black became popular. You also left out Jennifer Anniston who was a major influence for the super highlighted front face framing highlight look. Also, dip dyed hair, and black on the bottom and blonde ontop skunk style look in the 2000s. And of course many others you left out.

    Dee DeeDee Dee2 måneder siden
  • I loved this! I would definitely enjoy seeing more 'The History of Hair _' videos. You could do one about curls or hair cuts over time.

    Tia MaynardTia Maynard2 måneder siden
  • I mean... considering how "L'Oreal" is pronounced and how "Aureole" is spelled... combined with how you pronounce words like "Aura", I'M PRETTY DAMN CERTAIN it sound very close to the "Oreal" in "L'Oreal" :D

    Sunny DaySunny Day2 måneder siden
  • I still use SunIn and a frosting cap lol

    Jillian StevensonJillian Stevenson2 måneder siden
  • i need you to talk about the thing the yao women do!!!!!

    TooseiToosei2 måneder siden
  • The woman at minute 6:00 looks like my mother. Even MORE family secrets!

    Heidi MillerHeidi Miller2 måneder siden
  • Wow that was amazing.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf2 måneder siden
  • The frosting cap is painful for us that have thick, long hair! My scalp was sensitive a few days after.

    Christina MartinezChristina Martinez2 måneder siden
  • The blonde prostitutes? That was ancient ROme XD you're welcome.

    Trine LangohrTrine Langohr2 måneder siden
  • I dont have any interest in hair but you make learning about it so interestinggggg

    Brianna McKenithBrianna McKenith2 måneder siden
  • Brad. Thanks for all the awesome videos. You have a way of teaching with a light-hearted fun way and I smile all the way through. Hugs!!!! Take care

    Robin LynnRobin Lynn2 måneder siden
  • Where did Ancient Greek women get gold flakes from?

    xxIluvyouguysxxxxIluvyouguysxx2 måneder siden
  • As a French speaker, his reaction to the word “balayage” has me dead

    Madeline BMadeline B2 måneder siden
  • You forgot an Epic one. 1990's was all about Rachel Green.❣️

    lovgoddesslovgoddess2 måneder siden
  • I'm not a hair dyer, but I'm addicted to watching hair coloring videos. History of it is cool to learn. In the 60s, my mother had a stalker (woman) who just wanted to know who dyes her hair and what's the shade. The lady followed her from the bus stop to her job often. The lady refused to believe that she had natural red hair and thought it was the typical denial of the time.

    Jennifer ChildsJennifer Childs2 måneder siden
  • do a video using these old techniques!!!

    laelae2 måneder siden
  • I love this video so much! Your react videos are entertaining but your other videos are so educational and all the information is presented in a really accessible and interesting way. Things I wouldn't understand or would normally find intimidating you talk about so well in such an approachable way (maybe that's just your personality??) I love it!

    EvaEva3 måneder siden
  • This is history of bleach not hair color

    L. PurdyL. Purdy3 måneder siden
  • 5:24 "I heard that prostitutes had to color their hair blonde to signify what their job was." I always wanted to know why people called blondes "eazy" or "bembo's". I guess there's a history behind it. Blonde is such a nice hair color though. 😊

    SabbiSabbi3 måneder siden
  • I love you your my new best friend FYI. I love e salon !!!

    Karma PoKarma Po3 måneder siden
  • I'm part of the 30%!

    Sammie DSammie D3 måneder siden
  • Now rest of the hair historyyyy styling, cutting, colours we want it all brad

    Jade-Willow MoonJade-Willow Moon3 måneder siden
  • oooffff-this is pretty poorly researched eeek. "Prostitutes" (I believe the term you were looking for is sex workers) had to color their hair blonde so other women didn't do that? Ummmmm lol no. Where did you hear that? Ever heard of Marilyn Monroe? She was NOT a natural blonde. I think what you are talking about is sex workers being required to have yellow hair in the Roman Empire (ie: 300 BC not the 1950s). This video is ROUGH!

    T LewisT Lewis3 måneder siden
  • the only time i paid attention in history class

    Victoria beckVictoria beck3 måneder siden
  • I like how he always says tiktok first (because that's his favorite😊)

    Tara ProperTara Proper3 måneder siden
  • When I got low lights in middle school (first hair color) at fantastic sams🤣 I remember the lady saying do you want 4 or 6! haha that's early 2000s for you!

    Tara ProperTara Proper3 måneder siden
  • Historian here (REAL LIFE!!), thank you for this. One portion of history I love to look through is the social aspect. Women in Africa use clay mud on their hair so they can make the hair look red, but it also protects it from the sun!! Love spending time on women and their aesthetics!! You now have me deep in research databases looking for info on the Greek form of hair lighting!! You made all us historians proud!! Also, YOU CITED 👏🏼!! I’m shooooooketh!! PS: we still use peroxide to lighten the hair. My mom taught me the trick when I was 14!

    k. c.k. c.3 måneder siden
  • I made

    Kindness MattersKindness Matters3 måneder siden
  • Why did I never get a notification for this video

    Macy McDonaldMacy McDonald3 måneder siden
  • Yay! Brad giving me that edumacation! 👩👱‍♀️👩‍🦰👩‍🦳

    Jim MorrisonJim Morrison3 måneder siden
  • Polen for the smell duh..

    Sara Ben SanderSara Ben Sander3 måneder siden
  • Love 70s hair!! I had 90s hair lol and the ombré 💗💕

    katie marstonkatie marston3 måneder siden
  • E girl highlights? I had that in 1996 🤣

    Khulania FrostKhulania Frost3 måneder siden
  • Hello Brad, Ombre hair color started becoming really popular after the 2008 because the the financial crisis. Women could not go to the salon as often to get their color done, so Ombre was the best option because you only had to go get it done 3-4 times a year. That is why it was mainstream by 2013. So it's interesting to see how having disposable income to do your hair professionally affects a person's life. You don't have to color your hair, you want to color your hair. I loved your video, I would like to request that you do a couple more focusing on each era and maybe collaborating with a historian here on NOworld.

    hermioneghphermioneghp3 måneder siden
  • Auréole means halo which would make sense

  • So how can I lighten my hair without burning it?

    Fernyy 😜Fernyy 😜3 måneder siden
  • *”iT lOoKs lIkE iT fEeLs lIkE sIlK”*

    hmsophhmsoph3 måneder siden
  • So funny that you say 2020 highlights are perfect because that's what anyone. Would say in current time while it's in style we gonna look back on this the same way we look back at the early 2000s like what were we thinking 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 we brought back the mullet which not gunna lie looks good on some people and we got hot roots on purpose this is truly a moment in time

    Kaynaydia WilliamsKaynaydia Williams3 måneder siden
  • i gotta say one thing i love you brad. i love your videos but this is only the west's (or most properly the us') history of hair color. there is and was a loooooot more in world's history of hair color considering that there are a lot more continents with many many more cultures who all developed beauty rituals love xxx

    ara nerara ner3 måneder siden
  • so THAT’S why they say blondes have more fun.....

    Jill St. ClairJill St. Clair3 måneder siden
  • John Frieda Go Blonder is for sure the new Sun In

    Living PrettyLiving Pretty3 måneder siden
  • 20s was all about emo and scene. Never forget🖤🖤

    MoshyMoshy3 måneder siden
  • So sad this video doesn‘t have as many views as the others 🥺 it was very educating!

    Chilli V.Chilli V.3 måneder siden
  • I put half a bottle of Sun-In in my hair when I was 15, it turned from a medium brown to blonde. That was a LONG time ago! It looked great (or so I thought at the time), but then my hair really started to fall out, so I never used it again. Could it be that my hair was also permed? Now I only get foil highlights at the salon. Live and learn. Hey, I love that highlights began in ancient Greece, I'm now even more proud of my heritage!

    Mary HancockMary Hancock3 måneder siden
  • Brad - You could legit talk to me about anything and I would listen. You are so entertaining and fun! Makes me feel good just watching you!

    Tess RutkowskiTess Rutkowski4 måneder siden
  • Ive literally just realised brad doesnt have a teal macbook... It's reflecting off the table. Wow

    Amy SmithAmy Smith4 måneder siden
  • I'd love to see some history on mens hair trends 👀

    Kimone ElaineKimone Elaine4 måneder siden
  • BRAD READ AND CONSIDER Topic to discuss! SweetNlow sugar (pink packet) to neutralize burning spots on scalp from hair coloring/dye!

    Erin S.Erin S.4 måneder siden
  • 1994 or 95 I did the chunky front highlights from drawing inspo from the smashing pumpkins guitarist. After that I let my friend in the cheapest beauty school do a wtf bleach job, white roots then yellow to orange to red to the ends. Ya strangely it looked good. The teacher took a picture because she said “I know I’ll never see this again in my life” and “I have to have a picture or else no one would ever believe me”. My hair was short but not pixie. Then when my roots grew out a tiny bit I went pixie and that also looked fucking amazing. I had this surfer look going and I could never recreate it again because the bleach line grew out straight which before my hair grew out blended and no harsh line. Whatever my friend did back in hair school produced two impossible to recreate looks. So after that it went pixie box dye black for years. My stylist now whom I’ve had since she was 19, she dropped out of college getting a biochemistry degree that she started when she was 16 because she graduated high school early; who also went to the same cheap beauty college but also was self taught that had a grip on color you know chemistry being her thing...also going to hair shows anyways she’s the shit and got the years black out of my hair in two appointments with the in between looking good enough to go out with my friends and replaced that with multifaceted ruby color that’s down to my ass. Oh and my red doesn’t fade. :) xoxo Brad! P.S. Well known tip (I don’t know if she started it or not) is using sweet’n’low sugar (pink packet) to neutralize the burn from dye on the scalp.

    Erin S.Erin S.4 måneder siden
  • I kind of wish he would make a history of hair video in which he would talk about hair in other subcultures besides "celeb world", like mods, rockers, pin ups, skinheads, hippies, glammers, goths, punks, etc.

    polly prdpolly prd4 måneder siden
  • Omgggg I love the stripe look on Jessica especially In that second pic 😍

    413.thotty413.thotty4 måneder siden
  • History of Perms? Maybe...

    Ashlin NelsonAshlin Nelson4 måneder siden
  • This video was a great ideia!!! 🧡 🙏

    daniela alvesdaniela alves4 måneder siden
  • Am I dumb 🤣 what’s wrong with sun in

    Julia WhitneyJulia Whitney4 måneder siden
  • Brad should make feathers become a comeback!!!

    Seattle BrookshireSeattle Brookshire4 måneder siden
  • I was kind of expecting a mention of bright colours + punk in the 70s/80s

    shxckwxvesshxckwxves4 måneder siden
  • Me watching, with an ombré. “Ombres are never really good” -_-

    MirelurkMirelurk4 måneder siden
  • I just got a sheiba advert (cat food) and it legit just told me to stop looking at hair and look at the cat's fur on screen... stop looking at hair on a brad mondo video... creepy accurate advertising.

    crystal kirliacrystal kirlia4 måneder siden
  • you should wear button ups like that more often, looks super good on you

    AngelDust: C-137AngelDust: C-1374 måneder siden
  • It was the ancient romans who used hair color to define status. It was actually a law that prostitutes had to be blonde. This was fascinating to me in school!

    Ella GomezElla Gomez4 måneder siden
  • Yes! I was waiting for Queen Christina!😍 Her and Beyoncé were going off and still are with their amazing style! Two amazing divas!😍

    Mariah&WhitneyLambMariah&WhitneyLamb4 måneder siden
  • Brad: says 1800s Also Brad: shows photos and videos of 1900s

    Solveig BallSolveig Ball4 måneder siden
  • Dear brad. Me and my fam live for ur vids. I KNOW WANNNA DYE MY HAIR

    Natalia VNatalia V4 måneder siden
  • I made the awful mistake of doing sun in all last summer and Im still recovering from the trauma

    CjCj4 måneder siden
  • why they all do want to highlight it instead of darkening?

    aksel kaksel k4 måneder siden
  • Are we not gonna talk about how the Tudors dyed their hair with pee? Or in WW2 where they used dynamite?? Go watch horrible histories Brad!!

    miri ammiri am4 måneder siden
  • Brad does toner work on hair that was lightened with sun in?

    Sincerely Miss SarahSincerely Miss Sarah4 måneder siden
  • You need a sticker saying "love your extra life"

    Lisette KerschbaumerLisette Kerschbaumer4 måneder siden
  • I wish you included 2009 with the skunk hair and raccoon stripes xP

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  • I'm stealing this for a project in school lmao

    Hi my names trey I have a basketball game tomorrowHi my names trey I have a basketball game tomorrow4 måneder siden
  • I used sun in.. never workedonmy hair

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  • Not going to lie, I started to watch this after a night shift and I fell asleep, I've finally after 3 weeks watched the whole thing! I hope my lateness doesn't mean I failed the class 🤣🤣🤣💖

    Ellie Rose SmallwoodEllie Rose Smallwood4 måneder siden
  • I use a light box color on my brown hair, it turns it a strawberry blondish, then I wet my hair and sit in the sun. I keep wetting it and let the sun do the rest. It turns out a golden blonde. I get asked ALL the time who does my hair and I have to be honest and Loreal and the Sun. Keeping your hair wet is the key at first then as the summer goes on it will get lighter and lighter. Make sure you use good products in your hair because the sun will damage it, but worth the color I get and love. ( I also have long hair so I use 4 boxes of color, I blend a light blond with medium blond to get the strawberry base color.)

    Shayde LadyShayde Lady4 måneder siden
  • You should do a tutorial on how to lighten hair with lemons

    Allison SmithAllison Smith4 måneder siden
  • Brad: “the 1800s” *shows a picture that is clearly from the 1900s*

    Forever EvaForever Eva4 måneder siden
    • I feel like he didn't do much researching at all for this. In the 1800's greyish/white hair was the trend amongst the elites. They wore wigs and powdered their hair white.

      Dee DeeDee Dee2 måneder siden
  • This was super interesting! I’d love to see the evolution of the different colours too, like reds and browns and blues and purples.

    Hippie WhovianHippie Whovian4 måneder siden
  • New subscriber!! I’ve been dyeing my own hair for like the last 8 years and I can finally be educated haha!!

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  • lets not go back to chunky highlights thnx lmao

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  • Was kind of hoping he'd discuss men suddenly getting frosted tips in this history. Oh well.

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  • I really enjoyed this Brad, thanks for the info! 😊❤️

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  • The minute you started to talk your the best!!

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  • It’s crazy how young modern hair coloring is

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