The Hair Color That Will Best Suit Your Skin Tone

13. feb.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Here is a guide to picking the perfect hair color for yourself.

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  • What hair color will best suit your skin??

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo8 måneder siden

      Milana CalafioreMilana CalafioreMåned siden
    • I wish it was blue, but I tried that and it made my skin look almost irritated bc it was so warm next to it

      BandyeetoBandyeeto2 måneder siden
    • hmm idk

      Lourdes ElLourdes El2 måneder siden
    • Red

      Grainne O SullivanGrainne O Sullivan4 måneder siden
    • idk i thought i had a cool skin tone. But gold earrings fit me. And my natural hair is orange red. But i have blue eyes. blue and green veins. I do not tan easily but i also do not get a sun burn. I leave vacation with just a little bit darker skin. AND A LOT OF FRECKLES. But my cheakes are pink. omg i have so much questions in my head rn.

      Nicky de RiedmattenNicky de Riedmatten6 måneder siden
  • What are natural gingers? Because I feel like I'm cool tone, but could never be anything other then a red and definitely not dark that's not red.

    Charlotte JonesCharlotte JonesTime siden
  • My hair is a darkish red brown..i have a warm skin color..can i bleach my hair? If i can how many minutes? I dont want to leave it on for 20 minutes and it turns white or yellow..i jst want it light enough to make it a golden brown

    Christal RodriguezChristal RodriguezTime siden
  • It’s confusing !!!!

    sara Sisisara Sisi2 timer siden
  • I couldn’t define Mine !!!!!

    sara Sisisara Sisi2 timer siden
  • I'm wondering Brad , i'm a natural copper auburn, with natural ginger highlights , but my skin is probably neutral or more on the cool side :S I want to get a blond balayage and keep my root auburn. what should I do? cool blond or more a warm blond? i really don't know

    AnnieAnnie6 timer siden
  • Totally 💯 warm

    Stephanie WhiddenStephanie Whidden7 timer siden
  • I’m not saying he’s wrong but anyone will slay any color

    Shalom GabresShalom Gabres12 timer siden
  • Gisele Bindchen 🇧🇷

    HANDER UHANDER U14 timer siden
  • Neutral/warm. Now to do some coloring. Fun!

    C BlantonC Blanton15 timer siden
  • but here's the thing... my face is rlly warm, hands are neutral and I have a cold feet 👁👄👁

    Sherina SuwardiSherina Suwardi16 timer siden

    Cassie JahnerCassie Jahner16 timer siden
    • Update, im neutral cool and still dont know... I think imma do the black/red with purple undertones tho

      Cassie JahnerCassie Jahner16 timer siden
  • Felt like I was watching blues clues

    Tristan HerringTristan Herring17 timer siden
  • Wait what am I neutral, warm, or cool because my skin and veins say I'm a cool-tone..But my eyes say I'm warm.....

    Sxmply_SunniieSxmply_Sunniie18 timer siden
  • why is there no flavor in this video like black people ain't got different skin tones like we all the same? c'mon brah do better i was actually interested as a black person

    igraan shireigraan shire22 timer siden
  • I am cool tone skin but warm tone hair looks better on me when I put any type of cool tone hair on myself my pail skin looks worse but warm color's help show what little color I do have show up better

    Jeanetta Matehuala TorresJeanetta Matehuala TorresDag siden
  • My skin is so fricking cool

    Nani__cosNani__cosDag siden
  • Great video! It helped me a lot. Thank you😀🍀

    Andrea MazurAndrea MazurDag siden
  • Me being mixed with black and white (so medium skintone) and I turn brown in the sun👁👄👁

    Alyssa LogginsAlyssa LogginsDag siden
  • My skin doesn’t get tan really much it’s slightly so you can’t bearley see the difference but I do get a little red in my not much tho very little

    C R E A T I V E A E S T H E T I CC R E A T I V E A E S T H E T I CDag siden
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    Prathapan PunalurPrathapan PunalurDag siden
  • 🤣 Everything except eye colour points to cool toned. Eye colour says neutral. I got told with pale skin, blues and greens wouldn't work 🤷‍♀️

    Jordy ElliraJordy ElliraDag siden
  • I'm a seasonal neutral I think, the summer tan and the winter pale.. I think..

    Nicolette FernandesNicolette FernandesDag siden
  • You look like oli london tho-

    RenzAnne DelaPenaシRenzAnne DelaPenaシDag siden
  • I'm neutral. Right in the middle.

    Kimberley WoodKimberley WoodDag siden
  • What hair color should I dye my hair if I want an e girl hair but I’m blind and want the front pieces to be another color

    Laura C.B.Laura C.B.Dag siden
  • Brad there’s nothing for Africans 😿

  • Can you do a video for POC please???

    hannahannaDag siden
  • Thank you very much ❤️👍❤️😘

    One fab gamerOne fab gamer2 dager siden
  • I have green and blue veins?

    Reagan HurdReagan Hurd2 dager siden
  • I must be the most "cool" person in the comment section .

    Sevilla BonitaSevilla Bonita2 dager siden
  • no matter how long you explain me, i just don't fucking understand. i need to see this guy and have to ask which hair cut should i get and which colours can i do otherwise im stuck with this black and, heck i don't even know my hair it is not curly it is not waved and not straight?!

    Crew LyricsCrew Lyrics2 dager siden
  • I knew my skin tone before I saw this video.

    Conan GrayConan Gray2 dager siden
  • this is actually helpful 😁 now that i know im a cool neutral i can probably rock any hair color 😊👌 dang no wonder im confused 😅

    Julia YapJulia Yap2 dager siden
  • I’m blue all blue

    Ray /meRay /me2 dager siden
  • "Usually your veins won't be both" *looks at my veins and sees blue, green and purple* :|

    Nope NothappeningNope Nothappening2 dager siden
  • Is this guy gay? Just asking..

    PancakePancake2 dager siden
    • yes

      ushy gushyushy gushyDag siden
  • why tf did i get so happy when i found out i was neutral

    andrea garciaandrea garcia3 dager siden
    • five seconds later, turns out im warm

      andrea garciaandrea garcia3 dager siden
  • help me brad mondo i have warm skin and really flushed cheeks and i been bored of my chocolate colored hair.

    Lianna Vaquerano GonzalezLianna Vaquerano Gonzalez3 dager siden
  • bih i did not understand one word of this

    Lianna Vaquerano GonzalezLianna Vaquerano Gonzalez3 dager siden
  • 4:08 i got blue and purple veins on my right hand and the other hand green and olive lmao

    hiba tabithiba tabit3 dager siden
  • Checked my left wrist I have olive and purple and my right side has mainly purple but has olive there too

    Emily T ReedEmily T Reed3 dager siden
  • Beyonce is neutral. she looks good in silver too.Check hers Coachella outfits!

    Laura ŠčedrovaLaura Ščedrova3 dager siden
  • Why is my veins green and purple...I'm confused af now

    Moonlight musingsMoonlight musings3 dager siden
  • So, I was trying to tell what undertone my skin had, then I remembered I had just been making slime and my hairs and wrists are still stained very blue- So-

    •Random-Person••Random-Person•3 dager siden
  • So my conclusion is..... do whatever the fuck I want cause it doesn’t matter

    Sarah VandenbergSarah Vandenberg3 dager siden
  • what about me lol i dont have a skin tone :/

    A AA A4 dager siden
  • I’m a very natural light blonde, or whatever the name is, and I really want to dye my hair a light pink, but I don’t know if I should

    Pinkie KikiPinkie Kiki4 dager siden
  • Brad: is your skin cool ,warm or neutral? Me: laughs in dark skin

    •Kawai_kyo••Kawai_kyo•4 dager siden
  • I can’t see my veins 😂

    The Weird One1The Weird One14 dager siden
  • Dameng cheka

    Labz TVLabz TV4 dager siden
  • Age 16-63, Loreal Natural Blonde #9. Then tried Garnier, a dark red pomegranate shade. Look so much younger!

    Jane Anne AngleJane Anne Angle4 dager siden
  • devenntly warm

    Penelope ThomasPenelope Thomas4 dager siden
  • Go figure. All these years I thought I was warm toned, but I came up cool on every question. I think I was just confused because I have red undertones & need green color corrector. Thanks for teaching me something new! 💗

    kimmi annkimmi ann4 dager siden
  • My score was surprisingly 100%

    Madison GardnerMadison Gardner4 dager siden
  • I got everything right and it was making me so exited lolll😭❤️

    Gabby IGabby I4 dager siden
  • Now I'm starting to understand what bugs me so much about my ginger hair... it doesn't suit me because im so cool toned... shit lmao

    Tammie DarrellTammie Darrell4 dager siden
  • so I'm a neutral cool

    Kasidy WilyamsKasidy Wilyams4 dager siden
  • When your cool toned but you just want to be warm toned 😅

    Lisa PruittLisa Pruitt4 dager siden
  • Now over 6 million LoL

    Mary DuffMary Duff5 dager siden
  • I have blue purple and green veinsಠ_ಠ

    Natalie RillingNatalie Rilling5 dager siden
  • Huge.. Fail

    Princess GlittersparklezPrincess Glittersparklez5 dager siden
  • if this cool warm neutral nonsense is just a way to say race lol

    Chien Jen ChengChien Jen Cheng5 dager siden
  • .

    Niamh LordNiamh Lord5 dager siden
  • im neutral what hair color will suit for me?🙂

    Zoppy YapZoppy Yap5 dager siden
  • I have blue green and a little purp colour ....what am I? Warm.. nuertral?

    IM. MIIM. MI5 dager siden
  • Figured out I've been dying my hair all the right colours! I've got cool tone skin and when he said you can have purple, blue and green I was excited because those are the only colours I've had💁🏼‍♀️ (of course I know I could do it whatever I wanted tho)

    EveEve5 dager siden
  • Super pale olive here. This is such a struggle! I’m technically a neutral, but the colors for neutral always wash me out more. Only a few very specific colors look good on me.

    Swamp FlowerSwamp Flower5 dager siden
  • I thought reese witherspoon is neutral bc her skin has some yellowish undertones or at least it looks like it on her forehead and throat. Isn't the red on her cheeks only blush?😂

    luv jonginluv jongin5 dager siden
  • i DEFINITELY have cool toned skin

    Charlotte UnicornCharlotte Unicorn5 dager siden
  • I literally have veins that are blue and green on the same vein

    Keisha FordKeisha Ford5 dager siden
  • sorry brad mondo

    Akari LeAkari Le5 dager siden
  • When u can’t even see ur veins 😂😂

    Cat SimpsonCat Simpson5 dager siden
  • the video excluded black skin tone or i didn't really got it?

    Stephora bien aimeStephora bien aime5 dager siden
  • I am ginger but I tan?

    Manager ShunaManager Shuna6 dager siden
  • So does this mean I can dye my hair pink? Like a lightttt pink?

    Isabella MelendezIsabella Melendez6 dager siden
  • What about green and purple color veins😫

    Elizabeth AestiepElizabeth Aestiep6 dager siden
  • 3:20 into the video and I'm wondering if we're still taking about skin color.

    BluebirdBluebird6 dager siden
  • I can't get taned

    Sasha de Silva A.Sasha de Silva A.6 dager siden
  • But what if you have blue to green veins and likes silver

    Sasha de Silva A.Sasha de Silva A.6 dager siden
  • Wait- that means I'm actually a golden blonde not brown? This means I've had to many dumb blonde moments

    Sydney LindseySydney Lindsey6 dager siden
  • Hey I've got a question. I have a cool skin, got blue/purple veins, pink blush, burn easily, when I feel sun im red. But i've had the purple and it didnt look good, looked like I was a zombie. How come if I have a purple color in me, that is looked like that? Is it to dark because if you have really light skin it wont match well?

    Melody RomaneskoMelody Romanesko6 dager siden
  • Brad: Also think of a fire even though that's not in the summer weather Me: he obviously has never heard of California 🙃 we're always literally burning up in summer

    Jayline Murillo QuinteroJayline Murillo Quintero6 dager siden
  • Really wondering if I should get Narcissa Malfoy hair 😏

    _.Cherrybløssøm .__.Cherrybløssøm ._6 dager siden
  • Welp im neutral

    Emma O'ConnellEmma O'Connell7 dager siden
  • I.. wish this helped. I think I’m neutral??? My veins are a blend of purple and green. I think my skin has yellow undertones but also a bit of pink??? and my eyes are brown but not too brown. But... I’ve done the jet black hair and dark blue suitable for cool tone but also the vibrant brown and red for warm tone... and none looked bad on me. I just want to know if the ash blonde/grey look will suit me lol.

    emmie marieemmie marie7 dager siden
  • Me: a warm colored female also me: I WaNt LiGhT PuRpLe HaIr

    akaashiakaashi7 dager siden
  • "check your vein colours on your wrist" me: *not seeing my veins at all*

    AnaiszAnaisz7 dager siden
    • Check if you is alive

      Mr MisanthropeMr Misanthrope6 dager siden
  • 5 years ago i made a promise to not dye my hair any more. Now I can say my hair is %10O natural.My hairdresser say I'm a strawberry blonde.Some advise for my Irish curls would be appreciated.

    Keight TrinityKeight Trinity7 dager siden
    • f.y.i id let you play with my hair forever.

      Keight TrinityKeight Trinity7 dager siden
    • lol i can send you a sample of my hair,, like a stalker lol

      Keight TrinityKeight Trinity7 dager siden
  • I have tan skin with yellow undertone and natural jet black hair and eyes. So I am warm around the body and cool around the head then. God might forget the theory when creating me, I guess. 😶

    Cho KaefCho Kaef7 dager siden
  • I've got my hair died to ginger. check out my experience result

    LucasLucas7 dager siden
  • I have a more neutral-warm skin tone but I've only dyed my hair cool colours, like a darker red with purple undertones. My natural hair is brown with natural gold and blond highlights.

    IzzyIzzy7 dager siden
  • Dang I really want to change my hair color half black and half dark blue

    Weeb KilluaWeeb Killua8 dager siden
  • Haha I'm deciding whether or not to dye it purple based on a snapchat filter

    Karla GuerreroKarla Guerrero8 dager siden
  • I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Thank you for this informative video!!!

    Amanda SouthardAmanda Southard8 dager siden
  • This cleared up so many things... I always thought I'm on the cool tone side but some typical cool hair colors like jet black/dark ash look sh*t on me... And I wear both gold and silver jewelry as well as warm and cool colored clothes bc both looks good! My veins are a weird blue-ish turquoise color. My skin is very cool toned but my eyes are hazel green, so it's a wild mix too. This video helped me figure out I'm a neutral color type that leans on the cool side! Thank you so much, Brad

    scaredcat _scaredcat _8 dager siden
  • so I'm a ginger, I have a purple peekaboo currently and I have cool skin. I really want to color my hair differently and bleach my front pieces and possibly color them- I need opinions on what color might look best!?

    Carley NelsonCarley Nelson8 dager siden
  • Now i have warm light brown type of hair, this vid made my release imma go back to my natural hair dark brown.

    Danica BurhenneDanica Burhenne8 dager siden
  • In the game show I got one wrong

    Mia ByrneMia Byrne8 dager siden
  • so i am answering this "cool, warm or neutral" instead of my modules...

    lililiiiya_ mlililiiiya_ m8 dager siden