Pro Hairstylist Uses Kool-Aid To Color Hair (It didn't go well)

3. sep.. 2020
982 123 Ganger

Hi Beautiful! Today I try using Kool-Aid to create a hair masterpiece. Things didn't go exactly as planned.
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  • Omg I am deadass so poor😂 since when is Pantene cheap??😭😂😭

    MacKenzie DillinMacKenzie Dillin5 timer siden
  • It might have to do with it not being real hair. “Dead” hair.

    HisSongGirl: MONIHisSongGirl: MONI5 timer siden
  • Brad, what’s wrong with dying your hair with kool aid? I have to cause my mom don’t let me bleach my hair so I have to use kool aid. I’ve done it red and blue. Perfect colors for brunettes. I dyed my hair red October 2019 and it’s still in to this day 😌

    XxIts_ SukiixXXxIts_ SukiixX7 timer siden
    • Here’s a good tutorial, I followed this one to dye my hair

      XxIts_ SukiixXXxIts_ SukiixX7 timer siden
  • What actually is Kool Aid? Do we have that in Australia?

    Lahni RobinsonLahni Robinson9 timer siden
  • I love the bottom looks aquamarine!

    Kitty BlueKitty Blue15 timer siden
  • Brad you put wayyyyy to much water😂

    Dana Al othmanDana Al othmanDag siden
  • Ohhh yeaaahh “ kool-aid man and his company coming for hairdressers 😂

    -Aaliyah--Aaliyah-Dag siden
  • Does it go away or is it the same as dying your hair ?

    Narmeen hishamNarmeen hishamDag siden
  • Yeahhhh I did the hot water method

    Bryanna HopeBryanna HopeDag siden
  • If it colours your hair that well imagine the damage it does to your insides 😳

    Georgia TGeorgia TDag siden
  • Purple is made up of the primary colors of Red and Blue. When adding Blue to blonde (Yellow) you're going to get Green. xx

    Jackie CarterJackie Carter2 dager siden
  • The blue was actually really pretty 😂😂😂💖💖

    pinkymai 04pinkymai 042 dager siden
  • So I'm clearly behind, but this is a thing we did growing up... except hot tap water not boiling, wet hair sprinkle in kool-aid and massage till it's even (it will make a mess I never found a way to avoid mess so do it outside or in some place that will be easily cleaned up), then dry. Conditioner prevents the color getting into the hair and forces you to rinse but rinsing washes the color out.

    Monica BenderMonica Bender2 dager siden
  • i once dyed my blond hair with RED kool-aid. lets just say it lasted a LONG time.

    arviellearvielle3 dager siden
  • I love that Brad has so many ms mani Quinns. Thanks for making me feel beautiful Brad.

    K WardK Ward3 dager siden
  • Lol haha

    Audry IsonAudry Ison3 dager siden
  • Here

    Audry IsonAudry Ison3 dager siden
  • Same

    Audry IsonAudry Ison3 dager siden
  • Okay I will not.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf4 dager siden
  • That hair looks so good

    Sunflower LoveSunflower Love4 dager siden
  • Brad- “don’t use koolaid” Me-“ immediately wants to try koolaid on my hair”

    Samantha YuSamantha Yu5 dager siden
    • Haha same

      Sky SharieSky Sharie4 dager siden
  • I dyed my hair red with kool aid

    Beachy sloth GalBeachy sloth Gal5 dager siden
  • Brad, the only thing you didn’t do the same is u didn’t dunk the hair to the color.

    Maurriah Linea CabusaoCunananMaurriah Linea CabusaoCunanan5 dager siden
  • That’s the conditioner that I use and I thought it was expensive 😂

    Eden GraceEden Grace5 dager siden
  • What is kool aid? I'm British I genuinely have no idea what that is or gater aid. 😂🙈 is it when you help an alligator? What is it? 😂🙈🙈🙈

    R AR A6 dager siden
  • A while ago when i was about 5-6 years old my aunt dyed my hair with koolade and it worked real well. P.S my hair is dark brown ( no hate i honestly love it except for the fack the blonde is to yellow, maybe there's a better method for our lovely Ms. Mannequin ( also another P.S im a huge fan and a great day/night!

    Unicorn CookieUnicorn Cookie7 dager siden
  • BRADDD MONDDOO- Hi hopefully you see this brad mondo idk if you are gonna see this I doubt it but I’m 11 and have curly brown arm length hair and kool-aid dyed it and when to the salon they said I fried it and chopped everything that was colored off and evened it out. I’m going to kool aid dye it again next week idk if to do the dip dye method with boiling water or the conditioner method what do you recommend. I did dip dye last time so..I might do that again. (Whoever else reads this plzzz advice)

    I’m Weird heheI’m Weird hehe7 dager siden
  • Brad: “Honestly that sounds like a bad idea “ Also brad: let’s do it 😂😂🤔

    Sadie BollinSadie Bollin7 dager siden
  • I liked the way the grape turned out

    Laena KellyLaena Kelly7 dager siden
  • i dyed my dirty blonde hair in 4th grade with the cherry (red) color. we boiled water, dumped in the packets, and dip dyed my hair into the boiling pot. nothing else. and it stayed in for over a year. so um. yeahhhh....

    abby macdonaldsabby macdonalds7 dager siden
  • Just doing Kool-Aid with black cherry and vo5 conditioner. Letting it sit for 30 minutes on Brown hair. I just applied it with gloves hands. No brush.

    Ada Mae PGAda Mae PG7 dager siden
  • U need more koolaid

    Kenzie armstrongKenzie armstrong7 dager siden
  • Bro that’s a mannequin haiiir

    Maria Sofia Denise Dela CruzMaria Sofia Denise Dela Cruz8 dager siden
  • He would be the worst parent if he didn’t give them kool aid

    Peyton PottsPeyton Potts8 dager siden
  • Where’s blue

    Peyton PottsPeyton Potts8 dager siden
  • I did it and my hair is dry af

    Peyton PottsPeyton Potts8 dager siden
  • Why The Hair Came Out Green: Purple, is comprised of Blue and Red. The Red coloring, including the Red in the Purple dye. Rinsed out. Leaving only a Blue hue. Which, when combined with the Yellow in the hair. Resulted in Green.

    idunnomuchyaknowidunnomuchyaknow8 dager siden

    Jisoo and DalgomJisoo and Dalgom9 dager siden
  • When I was little my mom did the boiling water method on me. And I turned out fine hahah

    Linnea PuterbaughLinnea Puterbaugh10 dager siden
  • ngl i dyed my hair with my friend using grape koolaid and just let it sit in boiling water for like 20 minutes and it turned out the colour of wine so like hella dark red. but i also think it depends on the hair type because it didn’t show in my friends hair at all and it’s still in mine 3 months later ily brad❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Piper BPiper B10 dager siden
  • I have an idea! Why don’t we call ourselves “Braddies” (as in baddies)? You know like James Charles’s fandom call themselves “sisters”. I’m gonna spam Brad’s videos with this idea😂

    R SR S11 dager siden
  • i died my hair with koolaid and surprisly it was good

    sara f spamsara f spam12 dager siden
  • Brad, a reminder, don’t use the Kool-aid that tastes good, use the unsweetened stuff that’s basically just colorant and powdered citric acid.

    Alex TutorovAlex Tutorov12 dager siden
  • So I did this before and my hair was pink from it for like a year an a half. I loved it bc I was like 11 lol

    Echo FoxEcho Fox12 dager siden
  • A few years ago I boiled water and kool aid and i dipped my hair in the hot water after 10 minutes and it gave me a obre hair is dark brown so it wasn’t red but it turned out to be more burgundy.

    Yaireliz TanonYaireliz Tanon12 dager siden
  • 1. You need 8 hours to wait 2. Don't wash with shampoo That's all😂

    BrXken_666BrXken_66613 dager siden
  • I have done my tips with Kool-Aid before, and I have light brown hair. It actually worked, and I used the boiling water method. I did a teal color, and it showed up really well! So don’t take Kool-Aid out of the running just yet!

    Ava RobbinsAva Robbins13 dager siden
  • I did the same thing with purple and got green lolll

  • Kool-Aid is what we used in the 80's and 90's punk/goth scene before manic panic and others became widely available. We also used Knox gelatin packs to get the super stiff mohawks. Once upon a time, we had to make things ourselves.

    stephanie cooperstephanie cooper14 dager siden
  • Is it just me or do i kinda like it?

    Halie McFarlandHalie McFarland14 dager siden
  • A couple years back I dyed my hair with red cool- aid and it turned out pretty good and I have brown hair.

    Hayden GrahamHayden Graham14 dager siden
  • In high school I used red food coloring and vinegar to dye my end red. I heated up first tho. It worked so well, and was so vibrant and lasted for a long time.

    Zoe RaeZoe Rae14 dager siden
  • I wonder if you can use fun dip powder🧐🧐

    Lauren CeciliaLauren Cecilia15 dager siden
  • he treats the maniquin like a dog😂

    Moody CloudsMoody Clouds16 dager siden
  • PLEASEEE try the sharpie dye trend!! It’s supposed to turn out crazy pigmented.

    WhatAFluke ARTWhatAFluke ART16 dager siden
  • I did this to my hair not with conditioner

    Madison FogleMadison Fogle16 dager siden
  • Brad saying it’s hard to match things Also brad: Matches it perfectly

    Rose QuinzelRose Quinzel17 dager siden
  • Pantene is a pretty good brand for my hair. It seems to work and make my hair soft and untangled when I use the conditioner and brush my hair out after my shower.

    Gamer Girl EGamer Girl E17 dager siden
  • Do my hair like thag plz its so pretty to me i would actually have my hair lile that

    Jessa PinedaJessa Pineda17 dager siden
  • I dyed my hair with kool-aid when I was 10-11. Lol I would just get a few packs and mix with tap water in a spray bottle. It always worked but would rub off on my pillow. Lol

    Callista's WorldCallista's World17 dager siden
  • 80s hack

    Ofelia HidalgoOfelia Hidalgo18 dager siden
  • Lmaooo!!😆

    jerry bakerjerry baker18 dager siden
  • Because some people like me is allergic to hair dye so koolaid is a safer alternative!!🙃

    jerry bakerjerry baker18 dager siden
  • LOL My daughter tried this exact thing... She's a natural blonde, and wanted to colour her hair this red cherry flavour. Thinking it's Kool_Aid, how bad could it be? I reluctantly gave took *5 years*, no joke. I'll never buy Kool aid, for any reason, EVER!

    Kyote 10Kyote 1019 dager siden
  • michel mercier brush

    Erin ParkErin Park19 dager siden
  • Nobody: the mannequin at 12:15: _send helppp_ 😂💀

    Noelle JacksonNoelle Jackson19 dager siden
  • I felt like I got shot when he said "cheap conditioner" then he said "pantene" like..what universe are u from😂

    Jasmine BivensJasmine Bivens19 dager siden
  • Maybe you had to use cheap conditioner 😭😭

    Heidy NessaHeidy Nessa20 dager siden
  • i love his comment section 💛💛💛

    Melanie BafiaMelanie Bafia20 dager siden
  • with the boiling hot water you have to let it cool down thats what the lady with the kids say So try that one

  • Am I the only one who actually likes the end results? Like it’s not what we were expecting but I think it’s quite cute lol

    That_Guy_Tom _That_Guy_Tom _20 dager siden
  • So. I colored my hair with koolaid once when I was like 16. I got a gorgeous green and pinl watermellon looking color. BUT to achieve it I just mixed the powder directly into conditioner, saturated and foiled hair, and the best advice I was given was to let it sit for 5 WHOLE FREAKING HOURS. In hindsight idk what I was thinking. It was a stupid amount of time but it worked well. The whole five hours my parents where asking me if I was picking up HBO or local radio. It's maybe an okay idea if you have no money and a whole day to just do nothing but it's not very time efficient. I wouldn't recommend it.

    Skye ThompsonSkye Thompson21 dag siden
  • The purple mixed with the yellow and since they are opposite colors on the color wheel, they turned a very ugly color luv❤️ Also every color mixed with her yellow hair so they weren’t their normal color🤧

    NanisaurusNanisaurus21 dag siden
  • i saw a fly lol 9:11

    AndrenaAndrena22 dager siden
  • I have never kool aided my hair this way. Like if u just dipped ur hair into the pot of hot kool aide and water!!

    jordan Salazarjordan Salazar22 dager siden
  • Brad is so interesting and I love him

    Graceful GraceGraceful Grace23 dager siden
  • The shade when Brad said cheap conditioner lol

    Yolanda RYolanda R23 dager siden
  • Nobody Absolutely nobody Brad: tHiS Is a TeRRiBle iDEa , LeStS dO It

    Madison PirtleMadison Pirtle23 dager siden
  • I think with conditioner, you have to let it sit overnight. And by the way you let the boiling water cool to just hot - not boiling. That is just to dilute the Koolaide.

    Debbi LDebbi L23 dager siden
  • We do it with boiling water ( no conditioner). It’s way brighter, and we dip dye it. Works do much better!

    Debbi LDebbi L23 dager siden
    • *so much better

      Debbi LDebbi L23 dager siden
  • OKAY BRAD... I wanted to make a tiktok asking you what colour I should dye my hair cuz I'm bored of blonde and my roots are DARK, but unfortunately the only person who follows me on tiktok is my 4 y/o cousin... SOOOOOOO ANYWAY........ my point is, I think you should do a video in which you choose your subscribers hair colour. I know I'm not the only one who would like you to choose our hair colours soooooo YEAH... It can kinda be like a before and after reaction video 🤷‍♀️ ANYWAY... HOPE YOU SEE THIS. If not I'll just have to dye my hair black and channel my inner emo✨

    Shivaun TimmsShivaun Timms23 dager siden
  • brads shirt scares me XD

    Rylee HendricksRylee Hendricks24 dager siden
  • Bradd I hope you only use pantene on dolls heads haha

    Modesta PELECKAITĖModesta PELECKAITĖ24 dager siden
  • It's a blue based purple and you put it on yellow hair, of course it went green

    Brittany CaronBrittany Caron24 dager siden
  • The purple all over would've turned out better 😆 😆 don't know why not purple though

    Journeys In This Crazy WorldJourneys In This Crazy World24 dager siden
  • That bottle of Pantene said "Clean", are you sure that wasn't shampoo..?

    Brittany CaronBrittany Caron24 dager siden
  • Nnnnooooo Brad 😆 😆 the bottom colored but not really any other 😆 😆 probably needed more time and heat after spraying with water 😆

    Journeys In This Crazy WorldJourneys In This Crazy World24 dager siden
  • Haha in middle school I tried the boiling hot water and kool-aid technique. 😂 The color turned out pretty decent. I used red to dye the ends and later put a streak.

    Elena SextonElena Sexton24 dager siden
  • U messed up with the conditioner

    Mary CostelloMary Costello24 dager siden
  • "Cheap Conditioner" Lol then proceeded to pull out what I use when I feel like just brought a nice expensive bottle for myself this time instead of suave or VH5 lol

    Rebecca VargazRebecca Vargaz24 dager siden
  • Hey Brad - I saw your video and think I know what may have happened with the purple/green kool-aid. If they used red cabbage as a natural food colour, it will be red/purple in acidic conditions; but will be green in basic (alkaline) conditions. So, the vitamin c in the kool-aid makes the drink acidic and purple. But the Pantene is alkaline and when you change the pH, the red cabbage acts like an indicator and changes to - you guessed it - GREEN! So, I’m guessing the pH of the Pantene is probably about 9 and there you go. I’ll bet it’s red cabbage juice in the Kool-Aid. I’m confident enough to post this in the comments. LOL

    cproteuscproteus24 dager siden
  • It gives me anxiety that he doesn’t push his sleeves up 😬

    SFMSFM25 dager siden
  • I did mine with red and we just boiled water put the koolaid in a bowl with the water and soaked the bottom part of my hair for I think 10 minutes and it was soooooo red like the little mermaid red. It lasted for like 5 months till I cut my hair

    Ayla ThorsbakkenAyla Thorsbakken25 dager siden
  • Oh no I didn’t know ppl did this in the “free world” LOL we use to do this to color our hair in prison 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂

    Tessa NicoleTessa Nicole25 dager siden
  • Low-key if that pink would have come out brighter with the green under...That would have been a mermaid fantasy.

    Fire KingFire King25 dager siden
  • Pantene is considered cheap?? 😭

    EvlavieEvlavie25 dager siden
  • I wonder what would happen if he used calligraphy ink to dye hair

    Izzy ColemanIzzy Coleman26 dager siden
  • You should try highlighters 🤣 or sharpies to dye hair

    Dear JeanDear Jean26 dager siden
  • You should try boiling koolaid instead less mess

    Madison CarrollMadison Carroll26 dager siden
  • Brad look like he should be in the movie beauty shop 3 if that movie get a sequel

    Sasha AdamsSasha Adams26 dager siden