Pro Hairdresser Tries DIY Cap Highlight Tutorial

30. jan.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we dive into the world of frosting caps and the outcome was VERY surprising.

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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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  • Would you get a cap highlight???

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo8 måneder siden
    • to scared bc ive got curly hair

      Olivia CooneyOlivia CooneyMåned siden
    • My first highlight experiences were with a cap.. so painful on my tender head. I asked for foils and they insisted on the cap. The bleach bled through and caused me to have spotty hair.

      Caroline RichardsCaroline Richards2 måneder siden
    • Maybe

      Katie GreenwoodKatie Greenwood2 måneder siden
    • I have never put highlights in my hair and I have to thank you because if I was undecided weather of changing the color of my hair or doing some highlights and thanks to your video I want to go for it and give it a shot.

      Syldred AgraitSyldred Agrait3 måneder siden
    • I have

      Vivien GarciaVivien Garcia3 måneder siden
  • Looks great! Thank you Brad

    Pam BowickPam Bowick3 timer siden
  • hi i did that to my hair and my hair is a little damaged from the bleach do you have any recommendations for hair products to make it smooth and hydrated

    Miami MaglioMiami Maglio18 timer siden
  • At Sally's where I work people buy the caps ALL THE TIME. At one point we actually ran out of them. This surprised me too. It kinda looks good.

    KenzieHurlockKenzieHurlock20 timer siden
  • I love capping!! Did it in the 80’s and 90’s, early 2000’s. Started growing out my grey last year. Went back to a cap highlight to make an easier transition. All grey now, but still love the look of capping.

    Barb DunkerBarb DunkerDag siden
  • She do be looking like Rachel from friends tho

    Dead Level46Dead Level462 dager siden
  • What is the first haircolor before you put a hilites on the hair

    Giffey and KidsGiffey and Kids3 dager siden
  • I highlighted my own hair with a cap for years before I could afford to have foils done by a stylist. I saw no difference in the results.

    K SteeK Stee4 dager siden
  • It's giving me Rachel Green vibes

    NaunNatjaNaunNatja4 dager siden
  • does Brad Mondo work out?

    Emilie RotaEmilie Rota4 dager siden
  • The most natural looking things in life are imperfect so why is he so shook with the results!!!

    Chlorine LoriChlorine Lori5 dager siden
  • Ok but chunky highlights are made with foil...

    Chlorine LoriChlorine Lori5 dager siden
  • I got my hair done recently and my scalp got burnt to fuckery.. But I want to have it touched up as the colour didn't take on my hair and was the wrong colour but it wasn't the wrong colour company fucked us over.. But point being. I wanted to get one of these cap things to be able to redye my hair and avoid my roots can I do that..?

    Amanda BlythAmanda Blyth5 dager siden
  • The contradictions a hairdresser will say to put down a method that is not on their salon. "Chunkier here, thin baby lights there..." as if professionals don't put chunkier pieces in certain areas of the head. Don't insult our intelligence.

    m 11m 116 dager siden
  • Did it in middle school and on my friends hair and it looked great.

    Rachelle BerryRachelle Berry6 dager siden

    Aesthetic_ Butterfly’sAesthetic_ Butterfly’s7 dager siden
  • 11:04 if a waiter dropped your spaghetti on your head 😂😂😭😭

    PoppyPlayz StoofPoppyPlayz Stoof7 dager siden
  • Brad: Wow you look beautiful today *Me sitting here in pyjamas eating doritos* 🤨 I accidently spelt Brad when I wrote Brad the first time 😭😭😂😂😂

    PoppyPlayz StoofPoppyPlayz Stoof7 dager siden
  • Ay yo ramen noodles check!😂

    Editor _ShrekEditor _Shrek8 dager siden
  • I wonder if it would look different if they start pulling the hair from the top and not the bottom back 🤔

    Andrea IguinaAndrea Iguina8 dager siden
  • Wowwww not bad hahaha

    Inggrid CiaInggrid Cia8 dager siden
  • A stylist should know how to use a highlighting cap because a customer may WANT it. You're not a professional if you dont know how to use a cap. I find it pathetic to go to a salon and the stylist refuses, or says Foiling is better because they dont know how. Pathetic because as you said, It use to be the THANG..LOL

    Gina ReynoldsGina Reynolds8 dager siden
  • Should you do this with type 4a hair

    Gabby the CarrotGabby the Carrot8 dager siden
  • My sister did this right before my wedding. TWO days before she was to get on the plane to NYC to be my maid of honor. Two words. PUMA SPOTS.

    Diane SternsDiane Sterns8 dager siden
  • I looking like a pi a shi **bad** Brad saying I look absolutely beautiful Well. Thanks 🦋

    Mian SultanMian Sultan9 dager siden
  • I’m doing it myself at home because I am poor!!! 💰

    KingNurseORKingNurseOR9 dager siden
  • The Maniac looks like a baby with that cap on

    renesme loverenesme love10 dager siden
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  • am i the only one that wants to steal his wigs

    s y ds y d11 dager siden
  • ms. manequinn is so done with brad at this point--

    Júlia Silva EmrishJúlia Silva Emrish12 dager siden

    Crossaholic LuvCrossaholic Luv12 dager siden
  • noo it hurtssss

    Stephanie JanssenStephanie Janssen12 dager siden
  • I am planning to do this but red highlights. For my birthday lol wish me luck.

    Punakai PotatoPunakai Potato13 dager siden
  • me in bed looking like shit:😐

    Yzabel T. AgbisitYzabel T. Agbisit13 dager siden
  • When he was pulling the hair out I swear it looked like spaghetti noodles 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Tiffany BennettTiffany Bennett13 dager siden
  • I think you are just to much of a professional to do it right bc you do more better type hair makeovers but there are some people that actually know how to do these box hair highlights. No offense but my sister did my hair pretty nice but we didn't use box hair dye just the cap

    Galilea RiveraGalilea Rivera13 dager siden
  • Now that the Covid is keeping people out of the salon, I bet this is really getting popular. I'm still leary, I'm dark blond and I can see the orange it would turn my hair, or banana yellow.

    Lilith AramLilith Aram14 dager siden
  • I really wish I was Mani Quin right about now.

    Isabella ChidiakIsabella Chidiak14 dager siden
  • Okayyy I actually like this but my hair is kinda dark... Hmm. I guess I'll go to a salon..

    Hey It’s CharlieHey It’s Charlie14 dager siden
  • I love how he says “ms mani quin”! As in manikin

    Daisy BatningDaisy Batning14 dager siden
  • Cap highlights look like they would be so painful!

    T ErhhhT Erhhh15 dager siden
  • I am a brunette should I get highlights?

    Connie BlipConnie Blip15 dager siden
  • I hated this in class.... its even worse because we had to use silicone cap and synthetic hair would get tangled and then it was so horrible to try to fix it .-.

    Lila LightLila Light15 dager siden
  • In my country hairdressers work just with this cap ... There is no other technic lool we have no chose but to do them n yeah it works tbh

    Oum FerOum Fer16 dager siden
  • I love you brad !

    Khoshi SalihKhoshi Salih16 dager siden
  • yes

    Charles ScottCharles Scott17 dager siden
  • is that softie dosing in the thumb nail?

    Maddie RandsMaddie Rands18 dager siden
  • it came out surprisingly well

    kitty yankeekitty yankee18 dager siden
  • i love it

    skull1234444skull123444418 dager siden
  • Holy?! I've binged your videos since I found you, but omg this is the first time I see you with darker hair and you look...gorgeous wow.

    Yuki NekoYuki Neko19 dager siden
  • Necesito tus videos traducidos al español por favor 😭 @Bradmondo @Brad Mondo

    Ariana VieraAriana Viera19 dager siden
  • Brad mondo: hi beautiful Me sitting at home with gross hair and a rlly bad cold

    Sister RobloxSister Roblox19 dager siden
  • Brad that hair was light brown not blonde!!

    Suz GSuz G20 dager siden
  • Sitting here watching this as I’m getting cap highlights done in my hair

    Lilly SimpsonLilly Simpson20 dager siden
  • Now as someone who has finally figured out the proper way to cap highlight and foil highlight ( it's super hard to foul highlight the back of my head) so I talked to a few hair dressers that have used the cap an know the ins an outs, so as soon. As I started following her instructions I started getting really nice results that even my boy ( who is a professional hair stylist) was pretty impressed with my results hehehe but with Brad's helpful tips in toners and bleach washes and what not, they have been stunning

    BobbieJean TurgeonBobbieJean Turgeon20 dager siden
  • Brad: you look beautiful today Me under my blanket eating doritos in my bunny indie: oh thanks you don't look so bad yourself 😂😑

    typical lilytypical lily21 dag siden
  • Omg im about to do this im scared😱

    Susan AshcraftSusan Ashcraft21 dag siden
  • What color manequins hair?

    Luzviminda SulayaoLuzviminda Sulayao21 dag siden
  • I LOVE IT... so much easier than foils

    linda salfenlinda salfen21 dag siden
  • She looks soooo sad...... tbh I did this today and it came out ok but I think I should have used 30 vol... I used 20 and I have a few brassy bits so.... I guess the bleach is coming out again tomorrow for those orangey pieces or should i tone it all??

    linda salfenlinda salfen21 dag siden
  • Actually at home “frosting” caps were extremely common in the 70s. They went out in the 80s because home perms became more popular. But in the 90s salon highlighting became more popular and affordable so out went the caps.

    Beth Ann ZaretskyBeth Ann Zaretsky22 dager siden
  • It looks like Rachel green from friends

    naomi hamblettnaomi hamblett22 dager siden
  • my twin did a cap highlight on me once it was painful never again

    Anna thmpsonAnna thmpson23 dager siden
  • 1:13 ppl do it bc they want noodle hair xD

    jess creejess cree23 dager siden
  • When the mannequin has better hair then you 🙂🤚

    curly friescurly fries24 dager siden
  • Ramen Noodle Hag -- LOVE!!!

    OtterbandanaOtterbandana24 dager siden
  • I have trypophobia so I’m hiding in the comments

    Allison AnayaAllison Anaya24 dager siden
  • We only used a cap in the 80’s and they were perfect!

    Tara GutierrezTara Gutierrez24 dager siden
  • 7:15 I got broads in Atlanta

    Gina KkpGina Kkp25 dager siden
  • I will if it's you doing it

    Jo-Ann LJo-Ann L25 dager siden
  • You say you get better results at the salon, then you don't know how much bad hairdresser are out there.

    kimkim25 dager siden
  • A metal tool works much better to pull the hair thru cause those plastic ones are near to impossible to work with. I completely lightened my very dark hair to a very blonde using the cap highlight. Reason I used it was because it never made my hair orange. It took a while to completely do it all and now I just use color on roots and toners. But it was a bit of a pain in the arse pulling the hair thru and yes you'll pull out big chunks lol. And btw...I'm not telling anyone else to do this just saying I did and it worked for me. Great video.

    So DoneSo Done26 dager siden
  • I look like a piece of trash!!! I don’t look stunning 🤣🤣🤣 Just woke up!

    Hunter DuttonHunter Dutton26 dager siden
  • Brad, please come to Vegas and fix my hair 😭

    ACAC26 dager siden
  • My 4 year old is dirty blonde with chunky highlights. Completely natural. She has one big blonde chunk down one side. Totally looks like these cap highlights.

    Tina PereraTina Perera27 dager siden
  • I thought it didn't look too bad. Your finished look was everything I would accept as ok from hairdressers where I live. Your cap looks like our foil hairstylists. It took a long time to find anyone who actually knew how to color correctly. Maybe it's the style here lol. I tried cap highlighting when I was younger and just in my own bathroom. Disaster! It's so much more difficult to do it to your own head lol. Plus, it doesn't really leave a lot of wiggle room if you are just trying it out. Most hair techniques do require good professionals who know what they are doing! You can do my hair any day. I probably can't afford it. :)

    Sarah FooteSarah Foote27 dager siden
  • I have colored burgundy hair ATM I want to dye my hair blue and I have bleach.. My question is should I do the bleach parts a first then dye my entire head blue giving two tones of blue.. Or should I do the blue first then the bleach where im wanting it?

    кιмвєяlу єѕqυινєlкιмвєяlу єѕqυινєl27 dager siden
  • I have had all of these issues that you have. And I hated it. I never went to salon to do it this way wr always did it at home at least until I went to cosmetology school.

    Kimberly MartarKimberly Martar28 dager siden
  • My mom went to get cap highlighting hoping to get highlights but instead her whole head was bleached insted of like little strands

    Preciøus KylieYtPreciøus KylieYt28 dager siden
  • When you where taking the cap off it literally looked like you were poring spaghetti on her head 😂🤣😂😂

    M_aesthetic_J JM_aesthetic_J J29 dager siden
  • I really appreciate that brad isn’t to proud to admit when he’s “ wrong” ( like wrong isn’t the right word but I don’t know how else to say it) I totally agree that you’re going to get better results and quality when at the salon and foils, but for a quick budget friendly option this wasn’t bad 😁

    KimmyKimmy29 dager siden
  • Great! Thank you!

    E. Jean CarrollE. Jean Carroll29 dager siden
  • Why did brad sound drunk at the beginning?

    Theo SwalesTheo SwalesMåned siden
  • Ok but Brad talking too the Mannequin at the beginning 🤣

    Benjamin XoxoBenjamin XoxoMåned siden
  • omgggg atomic kittennnnn

    Evan _Evan _Måned siden
  • I look like potato today 😩

    A AshmitaA AshmitaMåned siden
  • I'm very curious to see how a curly headed girl like me is gonna pull those little strings of hair with no pain and absolute grace.

    oumaima fkihioumaima fkihiMåned siden
    • I do mine, often, I straighten my hair first, and you are actually supposed to rinse the bleach off before you remove the cap, it slides off no problem. My curls pop like crazy when I do this.

      Tammy VanRoonTammy VanRoon3 dager siden
  • Do any of you ever want to just say, "no, you're beautifull" when Brad greets you 😍

    Angelique NellAngelique NellMåned siden
  • 🍝

    Mikaela JewelMikaela JewelMåned siden
  • Can you give me a shout out I subscribe to your channel

    Jenna BarnicaJenna BarnicaMåned siden
  • What if you did this with colours like the Rainbow?

    Kiwi -K&EKiwi -K&EMåned siden
  • hiiiiiii

    Anahi BuenoAnahi BuenoMåned siden
  • She be looking like when a barbie dolls hair starts falling off (One of the cheap ones)

    mia _says himia _says hiMåned siden
  • When he calls me stunning and I’m stuffing noodles In my mouth 👁🍜👄🍜👁

    Molly RobinsonMolly RobinsonMåned siden
  • would you like to dye my virgin hair ??

    Daniela CarcamoDaniela CarcamoMåned siden
  • you and your eyes looks just like Damon Salvatore

    Aisha NadaAisha NadaMåned siden
  • Imagine the head of a real person detach while taking off the cap

    Samiya BodhankarSamiya BodhankarMåned siden
  • De Nederlanders die merken dat die tutorial door een Nederlander gemaakt is >>

    Madelief pMadelief pMåned siden
  • For some reason it gave me Jennifer Aniston vibes

    Diya ParikhDiya ParikhMåned siden
  • I cape highlight my grandmas hair

    LMG GamingLMG GamingMåned siden