Pro Hairdresser Tests Cheap Drugstore Shampoo

1. okt.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today is the day I try drugstore shampoo for the first time EVER. My findings were kind of shocking...
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  • Have you used herbal essence? Did you like it?

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo21 dag siden
    • Can you do a vid about shampoos you DO recommend and are 100% on? I use tresemee and need a change but not to spend $80 on just a shampoo

      Samantha DomkeSamantha Domke20 dager siden
    • Herbal essence is also accessible to the visually impaired!

      tygermybabyx3tygermybabyx320 dager siden
    • skip motivational speeches in the morning just listen to brad mondo.❤❤ brad if you see this you are looking beautiful today.

      catia'sLyricscatia'sLyrics20 dager siden
    • I love it! But have you tryed Andrélon? A Dutch brand, very nice

      Nadine van VelzenNadine van Velzen20 dager siden
    • i like it. my mom hates it because she said she noticed her hair fall out (a lot more than normal). maybe it's becauase she has curly hair?

      Marissa PattersonMarissa Patterson20 dager siden
  • Me sitting here, buying 2.95€ (3.49$) shampoo and conditioner and having really nice hair .__.

    Annika BöckenheuerAnnika Böckenheuer2 timer siden
  • I would love to see him review some shampoo bars

    Olivia HenselerOlivia Henseler9 timer siden
  • herbal essence was always in the bathroom @ your dad's house after they got divorced

    Alyssa MangumAlyssa Mangum12 timer siden
  • But shampoos are literally made to clean your scalp from oils, it doesn't need to have something extra, it needs to do the job and then there are a lot of other products to do the extra like conditioner, mask, serums, oils.

    artemis vlartemis vl14 timer siden
  • Am I the only person that seems to understand that you get what you pay for? Like yeah, not being able to afford better product sucks, I get it. But that doesn't make drugstore brands good??? I grew up poor, we used to save up cheap canned foods for the times when we couldn't afford to buy more food. I used to think Pantene n all that was fancy....until I grew up n realised they aren't really that great. It's not classist and arrogant it's just the truth🤦‍♀️ most of the main drugstore brands are toxic and dishonest anyways. (For the record, I am lucky enough to buy drugstore brands and not dollar store-but I am careful abt which ones. And if I could afford better product I 100% would, but I will continue to make do with what I've got for now)

    DeeDee14 timer siden
    • Also he didn't even say anything that negative, he just wasn't super impressed by them and why would he be??

      DeeDee14 timer siden
  • My shampoo costs €0.89 in Aldi😳😬

    Holly BardonHolly Bardon17 timer siden
  • Did we not watch the same video? Yeah they’re cheap so what? Are people getting mad for him saying that cheap products are cheap. Like there’s nothing wrong with that, he also said that there was nothing wrong with using shampoo just that it wasn’t up to his standards. I feel like people are taking this very personal due to probable trauma by growing up poor, which I get. This video was informational if anything. I have grown in various environments so I can understand just him truly being himself and letting us know, while maybe people identify this with snobbiness although that might not be the case.

    amanda mejiaamanda mejia17 timer siden
  • you shouldn't be shampooing your hair, you should be shampooing YOUR SCALP. DO NOT SHAMPOO THE LENGHTS OF YOUR HAIR IF YOU WANT IT TO LOOK HEALTHY!

    SerenitySerenity17 timer siden
  • wait isnt the point of the shampoo to have a SCENT THAT LINGERS i mean you want to smell fresh washed hair

    n Kn K19 timer siden
  • DO NOT USE TRESEME!!! It ruined my scalp over 2 years ago and I still can’t get it back to normal!! Will never buy it again

    Hailey SHailey S19 timer siden
  • I like OGX, but I use exy one name Kevin Murphy or shampoo soap I bought on Etsy. I change it.i only wash my hair once a week. Twice tops. I use cheap Schwarzkopf conditioner but tomorrow I’m getting a pixie cut big chop so we will see haha

    Angel TealeAngel Teale20 timer siden
  • Me: mum can you buy me the dove shampoo Mum: whats the price? Me:umm five dollars... Mum: mum omg its so expensive, then she proceeds to buy something else for 20 dollars Me:👁👄👁

    Bridge The PossibleBridge The Possible22 timer siden
  • Coming out from the shower after using Tresemmé... ooops! hahahaha! Love your videos, Brad! You are so beautiful and lovely and amazing

    BumbledoraBumbledora23 timer siden
  • Is it really a fair review if you don't use it on your own hair?🤔

    T. NinmannT. Ninmann23 timer siden
  • My hairdressers are always raving about my hair and how thick and healthy it is. They ask me about my hair care routine and their jaw drops when I say “$3 Suave 2-in-1, every 2-3 days, air dry and ponytail”. Nothing else. Rarely need a brush. Sometimes basic basics work.

    Chantal DuvalChantal DuvalDag siden
  • What do you think about the head and shoulder scalp scrub? Good, bad, depends on scalp?

    Meet the MuirsMeet the MuirsDag siden
  • I like rose herbal essence

    MarzMarzDag siden
  • now compare high end- Kerastase, Purology, Redken, and another!!

    Lauren RozicLauren RozicDag siden
  • Drug stores r full of vegan shampoo lol, bought some yesterday

    Neeve JohnstonNeeve JohnstonDag siden
  • I use herbal essence and I love it

    Tony PritchettTony PritchettDag siden
  • Brad: "why would you want to smell like candy all day?" Me, with my marshmallow, cotton candy and vanilla bean scented body sprays and parfumes: 👁👄👁

    Alexis HaygoodAlexis HaygoodDag siden
  • Everyone in the comments needs to get off their high horses. Yes, these brands are all drug store. Yes, these brands are all cheap. Just because they're not as cheap as some doesn't mean they're not cheap lmao. He's not talking down at them except maybe the scent. But They're inexpensive shampoo and he's reviewing them as such.

    abidoodlecatabidoodlecatDag siden
  • First of all, I love your videos, I have a problem with shampoo leaving my hair so dry I get poofy, i wash my hair every 2-3 days, I condition my hair I even leave in a small amount to help tame the frizz and use another spray conditioner afterwards, sometimes it helps. I just don't know what to do with it.

    psycobleach46 tullispsycobleach46 tullisDag siden
  • Whole blends!!

    Madison AlexisMadison AlexisDag siden
  • Hey Brad! I understand that you’re used to spending a lot of money on professional shampoo and conditioner, and so to you these are ‘cheap’, however for me (and a lot of other people) more than £5 on shampoo and conditioner is ALOT of money. I personally use 99p shampoo and conditioner from Poundland as that’s all that I can afford at the moment, and to most people a professional shampoo is not necessary (or even an option). No hate! Just constructive criticism! I love you brad but I can understand why people would have some issues with this video ❤️

    Megan CMegan CDag siden
  • You should do a boujee drugstore shamps and condits video with brands like - maui moisture, love beauty planet, ogx, Shea moisture, those sort of cute random brands. I’ve yet to try them cause they’re a lil more expensive and small and idk much about them soooo you should totally be the guneai pig for us ahaha 😂💖

    Cam NicoleCam NicoleDag siden
  • Need to review aussie! John frieda! Do this again i loved this

    Teri WheelerTeri WheelerDag siden
  • I love the fact that- where I live- these shampoos are actually the expensive ones and kind of higher class

    cotu delayecotu delayeDag siden
  • Tresemme is actually the best drugstore brand in my opinion. It makes my hair silky and soft. Even though I use Kerastase now. If I go back to drugstore it will definitely be Tresemme

    Cindy MoniqueCindy MoniqueDag siden
  • i’ve used these shampoo because my family didn’t have much money, but not y’all getting offended over shampoo.

    mahri lewismahri lewis2 dager siden
  • Dove and Pantene dried up my hair like hay

    Claudia CalifClaudia Calif2 dager siden
  • Title: Drugstore shampoo Me: Suave, Head & Shoulders, V05, Equate..... Him: paintene, Dove, Treseme... Me watching 😦 never have had any of those touch my scalp one in my many years of living. If it’s over $5 my mother won’t buy it unless it’s at Costco 🤑

    Guest GuestGuest Guest2 dager siden
  • I feel like Brad should do a drugstore recommended shampoo and conditioner video (separate or together) where he has one for each hair type or just ones he recommends for each hair type

    Gaby GallowayGaby Galloway2 dager siden
  • Dove is a luxury item 😂 brad we do not relate at all

    Madeline HansonMadeline Hanson2 dager siden
  • I follow the CGM... I love him but I'm just watching this for fun 😂

    SarahCoArtSarahCoArt2 dager siden
  • As someone allergic to coconut, your coconut ban makes me want to use your products more than anything else! I have to comb through every skin/hair/food product to make sure I won’t end up scratching myself until I bleed.

    Kels BentleyKels Bentley2 dager siden
  • 4:23 “That’ll break the bank” What a fucking disappointment. Disrespectful asf saying it with sarcasm Trust me $6 isn’t cheap for a shampoo bottle. The tone of this video is so wrong.

    diana perzdiana perz2 dager siden
  • This video is so out of touch.. imagine being born into wealth and not having to try drugstore shampoo/conditioner until now and then saying 6$ is cheap. ZZZZ get real..

    Emily NicoleEmily Nicole2 dager siden
  • Can u try suave next

    Ggiggle_ love51Ggiggle_ love512 dager siden
  • Pantene gives me dry scalp but it’s my favorite scent

    The Stew VlogsThe Stew Vlogs2 dager siden
  • missing the test of the effects on the scalp. 1month using pantene and my hair is falling out from my scalp. The hair looks fine but it's falling off so.. RUNAWAY

    Ana Sílvia TeixeiraAna Sílvia Teixeira2 dager siden
  • I have my aesthetician license so I can buy salon grade products discounted at drugstore prices. I use Kenya, matrix, Bed Head Joico on the regular. I can see a huge difference in my hair. I dye my hair with pravana every 8 to 10 weeks and people always ask me did you just get your hair done? I DO NOT miss using Dove or herbal essence I think they have a lot of silicone in them as well. A interesting test to do is take color treated hair strand wash it like in this video but compare it to a salon brand shampoo. So wash two separate strands one with dove shampoo one with say matrix shampoo. Usually the drugstore brand will literally strip the color out if the hair. Its crazy... just saying if you dye your hair its something to be aware of especially if you go to the salon and pay good money.

    kris molinakris molina2 dager siden
  • I’m over here thinking all of these are expensive 😂

    Erica FieldsErica Fields2 dager siden
  • This video is so relatable. Growing up I used Pantene cuz it's my mom's personal favourite shampoo and conditioner. And then I switched to Dove when it became available here locally as a shampoo and conditioner. I also tried Clairol Herbal Essences before and my god it smells so good! Also did use TreSemme when I was a teen and it somewhat okay on my hair but not as advertised. I also used Anti Dandruff Shampoo's because my hair is too oily and more prone to dandruff especially in summer where it gets too oily. Now that I'm all grown up I'm switching shampoos and conditioners every now and then so my hair can be adaptive to any kinds of shampoo and conditioner brands.

    Franny P.Franny P.2 dager siden
  • Please do drug store shampoo and conditioner vs. luxury brands or even which luxury brand shampoo and conditioner are best

    Paris BristowParis Bristow2 dager siden
  • When I have to buy drugstore brands, I buy Hask shampoos and conditioners.

    Christine TracyChristine Tracy2 dager siden
  • So I am studying the effects of plastics and BPA and recently learned that frangrance is usually code for I believe BPA. Of course please fact check this but here is something quick I found during research...According to the Environmental Working Group, the average fragrant contains about 14 secret chemicals that aren’t listed on the label, many of which are linked to hormone disruption and allergic reactions, as well as about 80 percent of them not being tested for human safety in personal care ya know just be careful out there bbs!❤️

    Amanda MedvedAmanda Medved2 dager siden
  • If I want a shampoo to protect my color, what brands are the best? What ingredients should I look for?

    Léa HarveyLéa Harvey2 dager siden
  • Hey I’d love to see one of these comparisons videos on Lush shampoos please ? If you could? I love your videos Brad 😃 Also herbal essences shampoo is a lot cheaper in England I got two full size bottles for £3 the other day 👍🏼 that was on a special offer so I got one bottle for £1 xx

    Pippy Lou VlogsPippy Lou Vlogs2 dager siden
  • I need your sweater 🥰

    What ElsWhat Els2 dager siden
  • Thank youuu

    Ariadna RodriguezAriadna Rodriguez3 dager siden
    • We really Need a good opinion of drugstore shampoo&conditioner

      Ariadna RodriguezAriadna Rodriguez3 dager siden
  • Not me being shocked by him spending $6 on the first shampoo, then commenting about how 'cheap' it is? I'm perfectly happy with my $2 shit thanks! (This is the exact reason why I could never bring myself to buy decent hair care)

    Jasmin RobertsJasmin Roberts3 dager siden
  • i’ve used pantene for years, conditioner + shampoo. it smells like apples + it’s soft + has helped treat my chemically damaged hair (dyed hair) the color treatment shampoo + conditioner is PERFECT. i’m going to school for hair + you TRULY don’t need some HIGH END shampoo or conditioner to help condition + moisturize your hair!

    Julia LogsdonJulia Logsdon3 dager siden
  • Has he done the Loreal EverPure shampoo/conditioners? I really like those and they're relatively inexpensive, but I really have no idea if they're any better than any other brand.

    sundancekid7sundancekid73 dager siden
  • I love the jokes that are going on.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf3 dager siden
  • Please try to review Odele hair shampoo and conditioner! It’s a drugstore line sold at target and so far i love it but I’d like to hear more in depth information about it and if you’d recommend:))

    Melanie FernandezMelanie Fernandez3 dager siden
  • Just go the the mane girl Mel she tries these products and is a hair scientist. She actually has useful information and a genuine personality.

    Janae YoungJanae Young3 dager siden
  • I remember washing my hair everyday of the week to use up my old shampoo so I could get the fancy Pantene one 😭

    MM3 dager siden
  • where is garnier ??? :((

    Stefany StoilkovaStefany Stoilkova3 dager siden
  • He isn’t lying about Oribe though. I used to used cheap shampoos especially as a child and teen. Now as an adult I invest in better hair care products, and my hair has never been better! The only thing I disagree with him on is him saying that he doesn’t like scents that linger. That is one of the selling points for me. I prefer my hair to smell nice after I shower. The longer the scent lingers the better IMO. I want my hair to smell clean.

    Kd LoveKd Love3 dager siden
  • Please rate function of beauty!!!

    Tessa ATessa A3 dager siden
  • Damn are you telling me y’all can’t spend 10-15 bucks for a shampoo that will last you months...

    Nicole RocherNicole Rocher3 dager siden
  • Should do the Costco brand shampoo

    Lauren AkensonLauren Akenson3 dager siden
  • We need one with drugstore curly hair shampoos and conditioners!!!

    jordyn xojordyn xo3 dager siden
  • Can you do this video with those mini hotel shampoos and conditioners?!

    Adelina SalasAdelina Salas3 dager siden
  • Try Suave. 👀

    Gailynn MoralesGailynn Morales3 dager siden
  • Can you make video about garniers hair products?😁

    Rebekka NiemiRebekka Niemi3 dager siden
  • I have to use tresemme. Our water is so hard and it’s the only thing to keep my hair from getting crispy and weighed down. My hair looks great, even with no product. There’s a little more frizz than I’d like, but I live in Florida so, that’s unavoidable.

    Coral VictoriaCoral Victoria3 dager siden
  • My husband has been using 99 cents suave his entire life, and he has the best hair.....

    Katherine PietrasKatherine Pietras3 dager siden
  • Sorry if you've already done this and I just can't find it, but would you consider doing an episode on "no poo" shampoo alternatives? Like the baking soda/Apple cider vinegar thing is the one I'm familiar with.

    hiddenshadow0723hiddenshadow07233 dager siden
  • As someone who grew up with vo5 and now spends $10 a month on hair care for my family the classism in the comments really is shocking. Wowza

    Abi MelvinAbi Melvin3 dager siden
  • Yikes! These shampoo brands are the same price as here in Norway. These shampoo brands are seen as normal priced brands. But because we have a waaay better mean income then in the us, we don’t think a bottle of shampoo for 6dollers is expensive.

    M.A K.BM.A K.B3 dager siden
  • Brad is a PROFESSIONAL He didn't make it to where he is now giving his clients V05 hair washes and walmart sheer cuts finishing with a conair blow dryer... If you want to be offended bc you're now realizing drug store things are LOW QUALITY and never worth it....thats on the ingredients and google them and you'll see why its so cheap. Thank you, Brad! Can you do quality shampoos? In the market to buy one but so undecided on one that would work for my hair! Learn or don't...

    Noemi GalanNoemi Galan3 dager siden
  • lola cosmetics is a brand who is not so expensive and is vegan, i just LOVE them...

    Luisa WakimLuisa Wakim3 dager siden
  • It's been a while since I've used herbal essences but I remember I used a purple one and really liked it.

    WolfferoniWolfferoni3 dager siden
  • I’m not digging the the vibe of this video. Not everyone grew up being able to afford expensive ass shampoo. 😒 all the shade you threw was pretty rude, honestly. And I’m not talking about your opinions on the ingredients I’m talking about how you were expecting drug store to be so incredibly cheap that they can’t even have okay packaging. 6 dollars is a lot especially when you can’t even afford to feed your family. Expensive shampoo isn’t at the top of my list.

    Shyanne HaileyShyanne Hailey4 dager siden
  • I’ve used herbal essence bio renew scalp balance shampoo , it’ left my hair sticky and dry

    Khadija MasoodKhadija Masood4 dager siden
  • I'M SO MAD. I would never go to him to take care of my hair. First of all the doesn't understand the INCI of shampoos - SLS (very harsh detergent) and silicones in shampoos are bad - they can block the hair follicle and can damage your scalp... Yes scalp. This is the hairdressers who is testing shampoos on HAIR. Shampoos are for our scalp - SKIN, conditioners are for hair. In case of most people (fine hair, damaged, curly) shampoos shouldn't even TOUCH the hair from ear down. What for? And he is saying things like "beautiful colour" - who cares about that? Colorants in hair/skincare can be allergens, even if they are natural + they are just unnecessary. Please tell me somebody, who is over 10 years old - do you care what color is your shampoo?

    Marta EmiliaMarta Emilia4 dager siden
    • Also when he is trying to analyze the ingredients he is taking coconut OIL and coconut EXTRACT are the same thing - the are not. If you are cooking you know that coconut oil, milk and water and 3 different things.

      Marta EmiliaMarta Emilia4 dager siden
  • This was unfortunately disappointing video I feel you could of done better

    redkitty22redkitty224 dager siden
  • Tresseme and Pantene will ruin your hair. Tresemme I'm pretty sure will give you extremeee silicone build up with the conditioner as well. None of the hairdressers I've been to like it. That and Pantene, any time my hair is damaged, the first thing they ask is whether you've used either of the brands. And this is at seperate companies who aren't associated with eachother.

    Alexis CameronAlexis Cameron4 dager siden
  • “You literally read that out loud, did you not process that?”

    Jem CJem C4 dager siden
  • Brad can u check out bleach londons plex bleach and alex plex its basicaly a cheap version of olaplex

    iHubertiHubert4 dager siden
  • can you try fancier brands? or even more drugstore brands?

    Hope McLainHope McLain4 dager siden
  • Brad, would you be willing to review Avon's haircare products?

    Melanie WrightMelanie Wright4 dager siden
  • I use Herbal Essences Birch Bark because it rates a 1 on the safety scale for non-toxic ingredients and was the only 1-level shampoo and conditioner on the list that could be found at your typical drug store. I wouldn't say it's any better or worse than other shampoos I've used, but I like the non-toxic rating.

    Elementary STEM with Ms. CrosmanElementary STEM with Ms. Crosman4 dager siden
  • You know what's fun being allergic to paraben

    Maura JonesMaura Jones4 dager siden
  • Try maui moisture

    Maura JonesMaura Jones4 dager siden
  • All of those make my scalp flake

    lyeanna macfarlanelyeanna macfarlane4 dager siden
  • Here in Brazil we have a few vegan drugstore brands, they are usually better then the regular ones, especially because by my experience they don't built up as much

    Flávia FFlávia F4 dager siden
  • Hey brad ! Can you review Monat hair care ? Love ya 🤍🥰

    Solimar MontanezSolimar Montanez4 dager siden
  • Would love for you to do a review on "Love Beauty and Planet"

    Sarah FreemanSarah Freeman4 dager siden
  • Not the hair and body one winning the contest 😂😂😂

    Alexandre CôtéAlexandre Côté4 dager siden
  • Can u rate hair by Chrissy looks?

    Emily GateauEmily Gateau4 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo part two plllllssss 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 love u ur amazing 🤩😍

    hEy sToB iThEy sToB iT4 dager siden
  • my aunt always buys a shampoo that costs 1.29$ and is honey based 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    SUN lightSUN light4 dager siden
  • color safe f f f f 😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    SUN lightSUN light4 dager siden
  • Brad: 5.99 omg i never thought they are this cheap Me: buys a shampoo that is shampoo+conditioner, for normal damaged hair, softens, gives power, is the big bottle size and is not more than 3-4bucks cause i cant afford more

    SUN lightSUN light4 dager siden
  • I love herbal essences for curly hair and thicker oily haor

    alyssa burrellalyssa burrell4 dager siden
  • Pantene is the only shampoo that doesnt let my mom hair fall but ik many girlls and me who come up with very dry and damaged hair after using it

    SUN lightSUN light4 dager siden