Pro Hairdresser Tests Cheap Drugstore Conditioner

15. okt.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! We tested drugstore shampoo and now we are testing conditioner. I found some really interesting things when going through the ingredient lists. Things I actually liked!
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Testing Drugstore Shampoo:
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • Testing vegan brandssss

    CVNCVN41 minutt siden
  • Im not a coconut fan either.....and literally, everything is coconut!

    Jenn WebbJenn Webb3 timer siden
  • I use OGX but not the coconut one I didn't like that one. I use the rose one. The only other brand I like that I can get at the shops is redkin.

    Ana Leticia GallardoAna Leticia Gallardo4 timer siden
  • omg she should've got sm other than coconut from ogx lmaooooo

    Nuriyah RNuriyah R4 timer siden
  • Thank you so much for this. For the longest time, I've been using that dove conditioner and my hair feels dead but I just ignored it and assumed it was because I bleached my hair months ago. I got a shampoo and conditioner from herbal essences because of this video and used it twice so far and damn. My hair is still dry but it doesnt feel or look dead anymore.

    Hyldr KleinHyldr Klein4 timer siden
  • Seems like every video brad has another friend in the room. Good for Brad, stay sane man

    Jami GraceJami Grace5 timer siden
  • Would love for you to try the OGX shampoo and conditioner with biotin.

    Veronica BrunnerVeronica Brunner5 timer siden
  • Drugstore brands seem to work better for me. I find that "salon" brands tend to have a lot of alcohol in them. Also, Tresemme tends to have too much alcohol in it. It broke my hair off in high school because of how drying it is. Coconut oil is good for detangling curly/kinky hair and preventing dandruff. You just can't use it alone because it'll dry your hair out.

    itiswhatitisitiswhatitis6 timer siden
  • Can you please test drugstore products for curly hair 🥺

    gabby _moreno54gabby _moreno546 timer siden
  • I got .2 seconds in this video and need to stop and say this. Brad your so handsome like omfg ik you always say "hello beautiful" but baby today its "hello sexy hairdresser Brad Mondo" I freaking love you with my whole ass heart baby. Literally thank you for always making my day and weeks better your videos have helped me so much, not only get more hair educated but just having a good escape from my shitty world.🥺💓

    Christina LynnChristina Lynn8 timer siden
  • Thoughts on the new Rusk Fig Shampoo or the Honey Shampoo?

    Steph CoelloSteph Coello8 timer siden
  • So happy you went with ogx. I use all there products. Also at Walmart it’s only about 6$ and sometimes you can get the big bottles on sale. Love this product and it’s sulfate free, save you color.😍😍😍

    Kyle MurrKyle Murr8 timer siden
  • I love ogx for ever my fave

    Enoch WadeEnoch Wade10 timer siden
  • Whole blends

    Averie LopezAverie Lopez10 timer siden
  • OGX kukui oil is the best!!

    Sab IGSab IG11 timer siden
  • I use the ogx and my hair seems fine

    Colorme krazzyColorme krazzy11 timer siden
  • I love your videos. I just want to say, as I did with the shampoo video, the reason the Tresemme says "used by professionals" is because it started out as a Salon shampoo. I am only 35 and I remember this being used in salons through my whole childhood-teenage years.

    emily gopemily gop11 timer siden
  • I wish u tried garnier

    Anjail BakeerAnjail Bakeer12 timer siden
  • i hate that coconut oil is in everything cuz im allergic. so annoying thats its so popular right now

    Claire MaeClaire Mae12 timer siden
  • Herbal essence ingredient corn extract is a thickener. It makes the product thick.

    Robert DoomRobert Doom13 timer siden
  • The OGX bonding plex range SAVED my hair I really recommend it 😻

    Andrea ViljoenAndrea Viljoen13 timer siden
  • I love ogx coconut miracle oil shampoo and conditioner! I swear by it lol

    Meg GugliettaMeg Guglietta13 timer siden
  • Finally someone I trust testing these lol

    Delaney WalkerDelaney Walker15 timer siden
  • You should collab with Kayley Melissa!!! That would be awesome!!

    Devil_ SparklesDevil_ Sparkles15 timer siden
  • I hate the coconut oil ogx I use the Argan oil one cause the smell isn’t so strong! And it’s vegan

    Clary HustlesClary Hustles16 timer siden
  • I’m a wavy/curly haired girl and I love the L’Oreal dream lengths Rapid Reviver.. I think you can only get it in certain shops but it’s great!

    KatieKatie16 timer siden
  • Can you do this video with hair masks?

    Ellie ShockleyEllie Shockley16 timer siden
  • It's so naive to assume everyone is just ignorantly using coconut oil as a trend. There's LOADS of research and most people using oils in general put a lot of thought into what they're using and why. Not everyone, but most. Just cause you don't like it doesn't settle some kind of non-debate; oils all work differently on different hair/skin/etc. So some people are very successful while others prefer other oils.

    winterrrseawinterrrsea17 timer siden
  • Is Christophe Robin shampoos and conditioners a good line to buy?

    Fjms SFjms S19 timer siden
  • wow you look hot in this. nothing. new just saying in this video wow.

    Joe StevensJoe Stevens20 timer siden
  • I use OGX and my boyfriend uses my shampoo and conditioner too. Our hair is SO healthy but it is quite pricey.

    kayla gelderblomkayla gelderblom20 timer siden
  • Would love to see Garnier tested, and maybe Aussie?

    Stephanee KammerStephanee Kammer20 timer siden
  • this video made me realize I'm poor considering I buy these when I'm willing to splurge lol

    Ka PiKa Pi21 time siden
  • You should also try L'oreal Elvive Total Repair 5

    Laila MahomedLaila Mahomed21 time siden
  • My $1 V05 conditioner makes my hair way softer than any other conditioner I’ve used so far 😭

    Na MunNa Mun21 time siden
  • Dove ain't cruelty free.

    Macarooni SaladMacarooni Salad21 time siden
  • I can’t stand TRESemme. I don’t do cheap shampoo and conditioner anymore. I use Kevin Murphy. It’s exy, Best stuff and you don’t need to use much. I use Schwarzkopf conditioner and the OGX one with argon oil sometimes. I hate coconut oil too.

    Angel TealeAngel Teale21 time siden
  • You should do expensive taste test but for hair care products. They just put some in a bowl and then you choose which is more expensive. And some can be both expensive but one more than the other and ViseVersa with the inexpensive.

    Lissy DennisLissy Dennis22 timer siden
  • I love that you’re mentioning cruelty free it is so important!!!

    edhardyluhver Breenedhardyluhver Breen22 timer siden
  • Can you do this with natural hair products?

    ms platinumms platinum22 timer siden
  • I have been using ogx for some time and I will stick to it for a good while I use the argan oil conditioner it’s so goodddd

    Elena .CElena .C22 timer siden

    Natalie AnnNatalie Ann23 timer siden
  • I new exactly how this was gonna play out because I've bought every last one of these in compared all of them to my professional products. Ogx as well as love beauty & planet plus maui are the best drugstore lines for healthy hair.

    Cheryl PowellCheryl PowellDag siden
  • Tresemme Bottle: used by professionals Brad: 🙄where?! Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😱🤪😵!

    Cheryl PowellCheryl PowellDag siden
  • Corn extra is also Zea Mays extract and helps maintain the behavior of hair so it can be controlled.

    Cheyenne RoseCheyenne RoseDag siden
  • As someone who regularly uses OGX (specifically this coconut one) I thought I’d come out of this video crying but I actually feel better 😅

    NightshadeNightshadeDag siden
  • I use ogx, the purple bottle which is biotin and collagen instead of coconut milk

    Natalie GarzaNatalie GarzaDag siden
  • so i hate to break it to you americans but you can buy the same bottle of OGX coconut milk in poundland for £1 in the UK 😬

    Abbie RAbbie RDag siden

    Lov!ingL!feLov!ingL!feDag siden
  • I always wanted to know :WHERE????🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Lov!ingL!feLov!ingL!feDag siden
  • You could review function of beauty, I see their ads litteraly everywhere on facebook and instagram

    Romane DeslauriersRomane DeslauriersDag siden
  • Thank you for explaining the ingredients!

    Vida Make-up ArtistryVida Make-up ArtistryDag siden
  • I’ve always loved OGX products, but I’m sad to find that the coconut milk one uses an animal derived ingredient.

    Ashaliyeva MarieAshaliyeva MarieDag siden
  • Yes the conditioner I use is the winner. There’s also one for when you color your hair often. It leaves my hair nice and smooth 😍

    Candy GirlCandy GirlDag siden
  • Can you do one for conditioners WITHOUT coconut oil for those of us that have hair that can’t handle coconut oil? It’s so hard finding products that don’t have coconut oil and that ish makes my hair brittle af.

    Hannah MorgenHannah MorgenDag siden
  • Okay so my stylist reccomended me Redkin So Soft conditioner and I HATE how it smells. Could never place it until this video. It's straight sour candy smell lol. You should do a video of salon quality conditioners too! 😍

    Camille SloanCamille SloanDag siden
  • plz do one w suave professionals sleek conditioner, i only buy it because it’s usually the cheapest

    Kyleigh RoseKyleigh RoseDag siden
  • Can you make another Drugstore shampoo video. Maybe include whole blends. 😂❤️

    jjDag siden
  • Where is your bougie ass from? Haha love you

    Ashlee3794Ashlee3794Dag siden
  • I love ogx as a drug store products don’t love the scent of coconut either so I use the morrocan oil ( blue with gold cap )one for my curly hair and it works great for me or else I use Redken ultra soft ( gold bottle )

    Chelsea SChelsea SDag siden
  • You should do a review on Maui Moisturizer shampoo and conditioner! I want to see what you think of it

    Ansley VaughanAnsley VaughanDag siden
  • I found the coconut milk conditioner started to smell sour after a while and made a greasy build up on your hair. The shampoo that goes with it is garbage 🤢 didnt even make it through a whole bottle. I've long since given up on drug store shampoo and conditioners lol

    Corrine CCorrine CDag siden
  • the “where” 😭😭😭🤣

    Celine CabralesCeline CabralesDag siden
  • Review the love beauty and planet products please!

    Madison HeeneyMadison HeeneyDag siden
  • Tresseme are far more animal cruelty free than Proctor and Gamble and their Herbal Essences now claim they are. P&G have peer reviewed scientific journal articles on the nazi-like experiments they conducted on animals just a few years ago. I've avoided p&g for years. They still test on animals in China. You can claim to be animal cruelty free legally, doesn't mean you are.

    AsheDeLaJuneAsheDeLaJuneDag siden
  • I use the ogx coconut milk conditioner and I LOVE it it keeps my hair nice and soft while also helping out with my waves and curls!

    Hayley GlasgowHayley GlasgowDag siden
  • "Used by professionals..... *bang* WhErE?!"

    Kaia MowerKaia MowerDag siden
    • I watched that part like 100 times bahahahha i was dyinggg

      Kaia MowerKaia MowerDag siden
  • My boyfriend used to make the ogx coconut milk lol he was the compounder

    Julia GoogliaJulia GoogliaDag siden
    • Aka I got a bunch of free coconut milk shampoo

      Julia GoogliaJulia GoogliaDag siden
  • I love this but at the same time my nerd heart is breaking! Where is the measuring of how much product you used, the timer for how long it sits, and something quantifiable for proving if they work or not? I get it, he is a professional and probably can tell by look and feel, but I want better testing parameters!

    Allyson BakerAllyson BakerDag siden
  • I use the coconut ogx for my hair and it works perfectly! Would definitely recommend.

    Kira PKira PDag siden
  • Could you try function of beauty?! I heard it was basically suave and the cheapest drug store stuff but in a fancy bottle.

    Gabrielle GartheGabrielle GartheDag siden
  • The ogx shampoo with tea tree oil is so good for my scalp with psoriasis. Although it's expensive, so I buy the walmart brand, which also helps.

    Mickeystwin33Mickeystwin33Dag siden

    Mariah MendezMariah MendezDag siden
  • Love you and your videos, but I could not care less about how the packaging looks. Functionality/ease of use? Yes- but looks? Wouldn't impact if I buy.

    Marielle RubeorMarielle RubeorDag siden
  • Organix is far from cheap

    Jamie the Female GloverJamie the Female GloverDag siden
  • I’ve been using OGX for maybe two years and I love it but I’d love to find something to use that is supposed to be great for the health of your hair

    Sarabeth MarieSarabeth MarieDag siden
  • I hate the smell of coconut. 😐

    Am BamAm BamDag siden
  • The hair looked the same lmao

    Sun & MoonSun & MoonDag siden
  • Hi, was wondering if you could do a review on redken for men products if there good or not. And if ever you have any tricks and tip to ovoid hair loss for men or any good products for that.

    maxime Dupuismaxime DupuisDag siden
  • Review Monat hair products!

    tiana robisontiana robisonDag siden
  • Requesting a video featuring Silicone-Free conditioners for curly folx 💕

    Mychal HandleyMychal HandleyDag siden
  • Why do they always get you the coconut scent KNOWING you dislike it?! OGX has a but-ton of other scents and combos for different hair types. I use it when I'm not making my own conditioner

    Lili FelicianoLili FelicianoDag siden
  • I've had OGX before and it was the most DIFFICULT bottle to "squish"... lol try turning it upside down and squeezing while it's WET

    Mati MarieMati MarieDag siden
  • Ogx also has a Aegean oil shampoo and conditioner and a leave in oil I really like.

    Miranda Coopers Nubbily WubbilysMiranda Coopers Nubbily WubbilysDag siden
  • You should review modern nature (monat) bc I am curious since I see everyone using it I do too but I wanna know if it’s really worth what it costs

    Catherine CamalicheCatherine CamalicheDag siden
  • Try as I am cowash, it’s sooooooo cleansing

    Rose from UKRose from UKDag siden
  • What about bar conditioners?

    emiliebovaemiliebovaDag siden
  • I use herbal essences Color Me Happy on my (arctic fox aquamarine) dyed hair and it performs far better than anything else I've tried at locking the color in without needing to add pigments (i.e. purple shampoos or overtone) for a fantastic price. So if the higher priced ones are out of your range then it's a great alternative!

    Lindsay FLindsay FDag siden
  • Wow is he always so rude to the assistant

    peacelove0earthpeacelove0earthDag siden
  • OGX is 5 bucks in Texas. The bigger bottle is 9 bucks.

    Wendy AlvarezWendy AlvarezDag siden
  • I would love to purchase your products but I live in Japan and you don't ship there right? Please ship to Japan!

    Linda YabushitaLinda YabushitaDag siden
  • Please review the Revlon one step styler

    Tiffany HebertTiffany HebertDag siden
  • Can you do a video on silicone free products? Shampoo, conditioner & heat protectants/stylers?

    adribabi3adribabi3Dag siden
  • can you do best drugstore shampoos for greasy hair?!!!!!! plsssss

    Grace BrabhamGrace BrabhamDag siden
  • Omg I love you brad your videos literally make my day😂

    In The Kitchen With AnnaIn The Kitchen With AnnaDag siden
  • I wanna know what expensive conditioners are😂

    Mary GraceMary GraceDag siden
  • Blind test

    viva vivaviva vivaDag siden
  • You should make a video just on ogx products

    viva vivaviva vivaDag siden
  • Brad I keep trying to curl my hair and it won’t hold the curl i so sad because I just want some curly hair 🥺

    Sara ConkrightSara ConkrightDag siden
  • TRESemme is not cheap, it’s like 7 dollars!

    Lana GukinaLana GukinaDag siden