Pro Hairdresser Rates Your Haircare Routines

19. des.. 2019
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Hi Beautiful! Today I rate YOUR hair routines and give you my opinion of what you've done great, wrong or horrible. At the end I give you my rating 1-10. Let's see who wins today 😏.
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  • OMG! I am dying. You are so nice I can’t. This video is so old I do it differently now! But I still can’t do my own round blow out- please teach me! Thank you for featuring me and for being so nice, I’m sorry for towel drying my hair 🤣💗

    Freddy My LoveFreddy My Love10 måneder siden
    • I hope you stopped scrubbing and destroying your hair with a towel! I’m glad Brad made this video so he could enlighten you about that. As a hairdresser myself, I cringed immediately and I’m so glad he brought that up. Blotting/gently squeezing only! lol

      Sha[Na]LeaaaSha[Na]LeaaaMåned siden
    • Omg arghh u replied yes

      Negeena GhaforiNegeena GhaforiMåned siden
    • How to take care of you hair ok

      Kelly dowellKelly dowellMåned siden
    • 123abp om lolo

      Teodora LjubovicTeodora Ljubovic2 måneder siden
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      Teodora LjubovicTeodora Ljubovic2 måneder siden
  • I should def do this again

    Mars KickassMars Kickass16 timer siden
  • Loooove his necklaces!!

    debi92ahdebi92ah2 dager siden
  • This is pretty ridiculous, because you are comparing a girl with straight hair and her routine, to a girl with wavy hair!!! There hair is so different, so there routines will be different........sorry this video just really bothered me. I think you should consider comparing different Curly hair routines please. Thanks for the video though!❤

    Ingrid BengtsonIngrid Bengtson3 dager siden
  • 8:30

    London LewisLondon Lewis5 dager siden
    • No 11:30

      London LewisLondon Lewis5 dager siden
  • PLEASEEEEEEEEE PLEASE PLEASE DO A VIDEO TALKING ABOUT 'NO SHAMPOO / NO POO' (not washing your hair with shampoo anymore) i tried it for 10 months only conditioner and water and now my hair is knotting together and falling out from the root in crazy amounts.. please help lmao

    Anastasia MayAnastasia May6 dager siden
  • I feel like I want to send you a gift basket or a medal or something!!! The tips in this and your other videos have upped my blow drying game! Like for real; I just did the best blow dry of my life today!! As soon as I get a new job I’m buying the crap outta your products, assuming they ship to Australia :) THANK YOU BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amy MckAmy Mck7 dager siden
  • can you talk about hair care routines for women who just got buzz cuts????

    Nupur KachharaNupur Kachhara7 dager siden
  • I have curly hair and when I diffuse I use heat because I might as well air dry with the time it takes to diffuse on cold...

    Sarah ASarah A7 dager siden
  • I have long thick dense hair I don't have the time or the patience to spend an hour with the blow dryer so mine dries naturally

    Savannah ScarbroughSavannah Scarbrough9 dager siden
  • Can you review Maui shampoo and conditioner please

    grwm. cocoa_grwm. cocoa_9 dager siden
  • I actually have a steaming hair straightener from Maxim but for some damn reason the steam part won't work I told them I was going to send it back and I wanted a refund because it doesn't work properly, the whole readon I spent the $250 on it was for the steam treatment, and they stopped emailing me so I stopped paying I don't know if that sounds bad or makes them look bad but I really was hoping to get a nice product that I could use on my hair because I do highlight my hair and color it so it is damaged and I know the steam it's good for your hair you know with the proper heat protection and what not but yeah anyways I've seen the steam hair straighteners I did not get to use it because the steam effect did not work on my straightener so yeah

    BobbieJean TurgeonBobbieJean Turgeon11 dager siden
  • I'm almost positive that she (the second one) used cold air when blow drying her hair because she's using the curly girl method (im guessing, based on her choice of products), which says not to use heat on your hair

    Alicia StashAlicia Stash11 dager siden
  • So much effort in all of this .. I wash my hair twice a month and only use heat on it when I dry it 🤣 my hair is in the best condition its ever been in because I no longer dye it and use a million product! Also .. im lazy and cant be bothered with the effort 🤣

    Tammi MonaghanTammi Monaghan12 dager siden
  • Can you do a professional review of function beauty ?

    Sara FormoSara Formo13 dager siden
  • Hi was wondering where to look for hair products brad mondo thanks :)

    Anime WatcherAnime Watcher14 dager siden
  • Hey! I usually let my hair completely air dry without using a T-shirt or towel because my hair is very prone to frizz. Do you recommend this? :D

    Marissa CeCot PetersenMarissa CeCot Petersen15 dager siden
  • Those aren’t curls 😭😓

    Sarai DelysiaSarai Delysia16 dager siden
  • Hey brad so my hair when it’s drying the crown dries superrrr fast and the rest takes hours but I don’t use any heat on my hair or have bleached it or dyed it so I just really don’t know

    Sofia MartinezSofia Martinez17 dager siden
  • 13:19 wavy and curly haired girls usually do that. If you look up for rolling your hair with a t-shirt, you'll find results. I do that often and I like it.

    I WANT BACONI WANT BACON18 dager siden
  • My mom once told me to rinse my hair with cold water after washing it but like i said its cols and so i stopped and recently started to just dip my hair in cool water rather than stand in the shower letting cold water run down my body😐😑😐

    Zemo2006Zemo200619 dager siden
  • It could BE a lot better (Friends Fans Will get it)

    Amigo_3Amigo_320 dager siden
  • Why go to all that effort to put your hair in curls overnight and then use a straightener in the morning? 🥱

    Anna SameAnna Same20 dager siden
  • My hair routine Wash my hair ,rub my hair with towel that's it's tada😆😆 Omg I gotta change this routine thanks for doing this video ❤️❤️

    crazy girlcrazy girl23 dager siden
  • Hello 🧐🤫🥰🥰😍

    Nicole JohanssonNicole Johansson23 dager siden
  • I wanna show Brad my hair routine lol. I have a long list of stuff I do to try to get my hair to look beautiful. Skipping what I do to wash it is skipping half of it lmao. I cringed when the first girl roughed up her hair. I use a microfibre towel on my hair.

    Ellie FEllie F25 dager siden
  • Deva curl is a death sentence for curly hair it kills it. Look it up if you want more information.

    Alora :DAlora :D26 dager siden
  • I just got my hair bleached at the salon and got midnight blue hair 💙 My dream hair~ As I was learning from your video here.... I was literally hiding 🙈🙈🙈 In shame! HAHA I've always rubbed my hair with my bath towel ❌ Gosh. I'm so happy to have found your video here I'm gonna treat my hair better and with more love from now on~

    CanvaConcepts with Jennifer EstilCanvaConcepts with Jennifer Estil26 dager siden
  • shop

    joran cordorjoran cordor26 dager siden
  • guys, do you know how often do you put hair vitamin that properly?

    neng hasnulneng hasnul29 dager siden
  • I think he's hyram's twin 😂😂😂

    simrandeep Kaursimrandeep KaurMåned siden
  • Back scratch routines lol 😂

    Rossy VizcarraRossy VizcarraMåned siden
  • Freddy My Love: my hair is so tangled after I get out of the shower ... Brad Mondo: 😳 Because you just RUFFED IT THE HELLUP! - - WITH A TOWEL!!!

    C GrayGirlC GrayGirlMåned siden
  • You just make my day!!! I love you so much! I find myself just smiling when I'm watching you even when I'm having a crappy day, you relax me so much!

    Christina RichardsChristina RichardsMåned siden
  • I have wavy hair and wash and use conditioner in my hair every 4 to 5 days. I don't use stuff in my hair. What is the best No Frizz hair cream thingy I should use?

    Janelle MoermanJanelle MoermanMåned siden
  • You reached to my 2 favorite youTubers

    Shay45Shay45Måned siden
  • WHY???? 😩😩😩 I don’t understand fixation on that rubbing the hair dry 😩😩😩 I cringe every time I see that 😩😩😩

    NativeNYerChicHKNativeNYerChicHKMåned siden
  • Omg Freddy was in ur video eeeeek yayy

    Negeena GhaforiNegeena GhaforiMåned siden
  • I have a wet brush and it doesn’t really do anything is there a reason why?

    Cat MeowCat MeowMåned siden
  • I never knew people put this much effort into their hair 😳 I just wash it, towel dry, and brush... well in the morning I brush it

    Cleh FlanCleh FlanMåned siden
  • Good Video...

    Beauty CheckBeauty CheckMåned siden
  • Good Video....

    Beauty CheckBeauty CheckMåned siden
  • Brad: 0:05 You look ravishing Me: *Lying in my bed in my Pyjamas with my double chin and Dorito crumbs everywhere* I DO LOOK RAVISHING

    IKELLAIKELLAMåned siden
  • i brush my hair when it drys because if i do it before it drying theres no shape, volume, or texture (i airdry my hair)

    Emily ChungEmily ChungMåned siden
  • I love watching your reaction videos to curly hair routines. It seems like so many people don't really get them, even other hair stylists, but you know a lot of the hair science, which helps deal with what feels like a minefield of myth and misinformation.

    Secret_SquirrelSecret_SquirrelMåned siden
  • Brad!! you should review shampoos and conditioners. I was wondering about function of beauty. And I trust you the most!

    Jaime DiazJaime DiazMåned siden
  • I would love to see you react to a natural hair wash and go routine. Like jewlianna polencia or happy curl happy girl

    MaraMaraMåned siden
  • Ok I need to do dulce’s wavy hair routine it looks so great and her looks fab!! 😩❤️

    audreyaudreyMåned siden
  • I pat dry my hair like I do my skin and face

    BobbieJean TurgeonBobbieJean TurgeonMåned siden
  • The girl that pinned her curls up had those "curls" before she pinned them up... i think it was a little useless to pin them

    supagirl277supagirl277Måned siden
  • BRAD?! PLEASE help!! My daughter (almost 4) somehow got curly locks. Her curls are spiral, different sizes, all the way from root to end. We braid it at night bc it gets matted so easily. I need tips to care for her hair. Not just care for - but how to brush, what brush, what products? I'm lost.

    My Makeup FixationMy Makeup FixationMåned siden
  • 2:06 it really hurt

    Katarina BasicKatarina BasicMåned siden
  • You would absolutely hate my hair routine 😂😂😂

    Emily BEmily BMåned siden
  • I need to know the secret to sleeping with a cap (have never done it, probably never will but am really curious about it😁)

    TashaAzharTashaAzharMåned siden
  • Gosh do I absolutely need a wavy/curly hair Brad Mondo start up video! I am lost and I need Brad ❤❤

    DatenshiOmegaDatenshiOmegaMåned siden
  • TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse, Mild Mint, 16 Ounce Bottle (Pack of 2)

    SupplierSupplierMåned siden
  • My "hair care routine" consists of washing it, blow drying it, and brushing it, but I feel like Brad could still find something that I'm doing wrong.

    LaylaLaylaMåned siden
  • I’d love to see him react to curly/wavy girl NOworldrs and having a breakdown when he realizes how much time and patience it takes😂

    Lilian MorgensternLilian MorgensternMåned siden
  • To get natural curls wet your hair. Get some fabric or a sock. Then wrap your hair around it and roll up. Tie at the top. Wait overnight and you have beautiful curls

    leilani Priceleilani PriceMåned siden
  • No one likes flat hair. Me everyday.

    leilani Priceleilani PriceMåned siden
  • Who fell in love with his videos with the first one you have seen. Also who knew he was gay first impression? 👇

    leilani Priceleilani PriceMåned siden
  • My hair routine? Wash it. Towel dry it a little like 5 secs air dry it then comb it. Done.

    Sunshine GibsonSunshine GibsonMåned siden
  • I live for the hey beautiful😇😇😇

    Brooke FarisBrooke Faris2 måneder siden
  • I love the attitude Brad throws during vids when he describes working with models. A force! Like I want to be a fly on the wall and just soak it in. ⛈⛈⛈⛈

    WillworkforchocolateWillworkforchocolate2 måneder siden
  • I never blow dry my hair but if I did it like Freddy I’d be a frizz monster

    Sarah KatherineSarah Katherine2 måneder siden
  • Brad and Hyram together have given me great hair and great skin

    Zoe PowellZoe Powell2 måneder siden
  • do you like straight or curly hair more?

    호사인타니샤호사인타니샤2 måneder siden
  • She is so incredibly quiet and then it cuts to you and you’re so incredibly loud the volume is so incredibly messed up in this video I cannot believe that you aired this

    BritBrit2 måneder siden

    BritBrit2 måneder siden
  • I feel like if they did something correctly then he should’ve added a point

    Drawing LoverDrawing Lover2 måneder siden
  • My hair routine is wash with dove bar soap, air dry and brush. Job done ✅

    Megan ClearyMegan Cleary2 måneder siden
  • I found brad is attractive man😣 where am i these times

    CoronaCorona2 måneder siden
  • When i saw the deva curl I REALLY thought brad would take away a point... Or at least say nooooo.... But nope

    AmandaAmanda2 måneder siden
  • When she whiped out the deva curl i was dying inside

    fridaythe14th hfridaythe14th h2 måneder siden
  • I'm 36 the first hair straighteners I ever had were steam ones. It's all you could get at the time. I was like 14, I'm so old. I also used to iron my hair .... I know

    Drea the BandaloreDrea the Bandalore2 måneder siden
  • My hair routine: 1. wet hair 2. Shampoo hair 3. Condition hair 4. Slightly drying hair by using my old shirt ( the inside of it) 5. Brush ends of hair while still a bit damp ( the top of my hair NEVER gets tangled and its always pin straight) 6. Sit in bed and eat cereal until hair drys Lmao

    •BabyGirlLikesPink••BabyGirlLikesPink•2 måneder siden
  • 3:02 omg I laugh every time I watch this part😂😂

    Emma CamperEmma Camper2 måneder siden
  • people are doing everything to have "natural" curly hair. for me it's not natural when you only get them with a specific drying technique (like the last one with the defuser)

    Finda5Finda52 måneder siden
  • Ok he should do this again...

    Addie ParmiAddie Parmi2 måneder siden
  • I wash my hair with the hask brand argan oil shampoo and conditioner. I leave the conditioner in my hair while I wash my body. However I don’t wash or condition my hair every time I shower. When I get out I don’t use any heat or a towel to dry my hair. I only use a blow dryer rarely in the winter but for the most part I’ll shower the night before. I then will brush through my hair gently with my AMAZING, literally it brushes through your hair like BUTTER with my head kandy detangling brush and then I put a little bit of hask brand leave in argan oil in my hair. Sometimes I will wrap my hair in the microfiber wrap, but for the most part we are an air dry kid. That’s mine ☺️

    Jackie LortzJackie Lortz2 måneder siden
    • cool

      Winston ChuchillWinston Chuchill2 måneder siden
  • you don't ship to australia so i have a question. i have very bleached dry hair. you said in vid 1 to use more products before blow drying. can you suggest products and when to use?

    Chelsea ParkerChelsea Parker2 måneder siden
  • NO THE TOWEL 😭😭😭😭😭

    Vivian Diaz OrtizVivian Diaz Ortiz2 måneder siden
  • I like this kind of video 💕 please share how to treat hair more 🥺

    Cindy EstrelitaCindy Estrelita2 måneder siden
  • LOVE THIS VIDEO PART 2???????????????

    marthamartha2 måneder siden
  • Man I take 5 hours styling my curly hair

    Lujain EletrLujain Eletr2 måneder siden
  • Okay this is my hair care routine 1. I put it in two parts 2. I use a lot of products in it bc it needs it 3. I put conditioner in it then twist it up in four parts but before that I finger detangle bc my hair is 4b 4. I put a cap on then wait for it to heat up naturally then I wash the conditioner out 5. I blow dry it flat but I put heat protection on it 6. I braid it up then go to sleep( one thing I don’t ever do is dry it with a towel bc it makes it frizzy)

    Gabrielle McCullarGabrielle McCullar2 måneder siden
  • I bought every product of yours and my hair is looking like the girls in Pantene commercial but it’s natural ❤️

    Jungkooks dumplingJungkooks dumpling2 måneder siden
  • My hair is shoulder length and it’s very difficult to scrunch it bc it’s tiny 😂

    Jungkooks dumplingJungkooks dumpling2 måneder siden
  • Brad: "You look ravishing" Me, wearing a towel after getting out of the shower 2 hours ago: "Thanks"

    TuesdayMedeaTuesdayMedea2 måneder siden
  • These girls really put a lot of work into their hair.. I'm too lazy for that.

    Jessie GibsonJessie Gibson2 måneder siden
  • My hair routine: 1. shampoo it 2.detangle it (i dont even own a blow dryer lol)

    Claudia CórdovaClaudia Córdova2 måneder siden
  • do this but with curly hair!!! pls!!! (u can start w the one i just posted :) but if not its cool i just really need to see routines that i can relate to pls lol)

    nicole angelinanicole angelina2 måneder siden
  • I don't have a hair routine, and I realllyyy should! I just don't know what would be best for my hair as it's quite specific.... I'd love to get Brad's opinion! Plss helpppp

    Karolina FarsewiczKarolina Farsewicz3 måneder siden
  • She could just air dry and put twist curls. Rag curls

    Barbie BlueBarbie Blue3 måneder siden
  • I need a quick haircare routine lol. I have kids and work full time... currently I work with covid patients too so I have to wash my hair everyday when I get home from work. Not good. I know. But it has to be done because I have had patients grabbing at me. When I get home, I have to quickly shower and my husband usually taps out with the kids because he's been awake the whole night from work. So I literally shower less than 15 mins. Then not to mention I am also trying to take care of my skin too, my face especially because masks are just giving breakouts. So far my routine is just shampoo, conditioner, gently patting my hair, apply moisturizer cream from Amika and then brushing it out. Am I doing this right?

    felly veliciafelly velicia3 måneder siden
    • And oh I have colored hair so I am using Nexxus color shampoo and conditioner. I hate it. But a girl gotta use it all if not that $20/bottle is going down the drain!

      felly veliciafelly velicia3 måneder siden
  • Do this for natural hair routines please 😍💇🏾‍♀️🧖🏾‍♀️!

    TheTasneemaliTheTasneemali3 måneder siden
  • Lana Summer and JayMe Jo are two people i trust when it comes to ahir besides you, please react to them so you can verify it

    10K WITH NO VIDEOS10K WITH NO VIDEOS3 måneder siden

    Itz MaxineItz Maxine3 måneder siden
  • You should react to the "Function of Beauty" product review videos!

    Nina NguyenNina Nguyen3 måneder siden
  • I would like to see a curly hair care routine rate by you! I love your videos, and your personality! I admire youuuuu

    Alondra CepedaAlondra Cepeda3 måneder siden