Pro Hairdresser Rates Your Curly To Straight Hair Routine

16. jan.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we venture into the world of curly hair to figure out what the best way of straightening it at home is.
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  • What do you think I'd rate your routine?

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo9 måneder siden
    • 5

      Yashvi DuaYashvi Dua21 time siden
    • -10

      DuckDuck27 dager siden
    • 10

      Christine WilliamsChristine WilliamsMåned siden
    • 0 I just brush it sometimes

      Sheridan SnyderSheridan Snyder4 måneder siden
    • i am commenting because there are 499 likes and i never get to reply to your comments because there are always 500 comments😢 but u would rate mine a 0

      moonmoon4 måneder siden
  • Damn. I learned a lot

    erin-elise 202erin-elise 2022 dager siden
  • iim gonna take notes

  • dude i would get a 0000 i have the worst

  • "What happened"...oh my goodness I laughed so hard at this reaction hahahaha thank you for the laugh!

    Jessica MGJessica MG2 dager siden
  • Brad: GrEaT hOuSe!! Me *reading Gate-house*:👁👄👁

    Aiyana PerryAiyana Perry3 dager siden
  • You are an ass with all your critical comments. These people aren't professionals so they don't know what you know. Goodness

    Silly RabbitSilly Rabbit4 dager siden
  • The first and last person are tied. You said 6 for both. Love your videos tho Brad 😘

    Teddeye JacksonTeddeye Jackson5 dager siden
  • they tied...

    Kiara BalchKiara Balch5 dager siden
  • As an Aveda hair dresser, the girl using the Damage Remedy product can use a lot more!

    Tamara StilesTamara Stiles5 dager siden
  • You have no idea what you're talking about. Most black women with natural hair don't go for a bone straight look because it does too much damage to our natural hair. Stick to the things you really really know about. You only know about our hair what we decide to show and tell you🤷🏾‍♀️

    USA 1USA 17 dager siden
  • The Concentrator is your friend, I repeat the Concentrator is your friend!!!

    Grace GrantGrace Grant8 dager siden
  • That first girl really saying effortless.....

    Kirsty SimpsonKirsty Simpson8 dager siden
  • I got a round brush stuck in my hair when I was younger...traumatized...i can't use them now or I freak out ugh

    Lynne marieLynne marie10 dager siden
  • Where were these tips when I needed them? 😭 too bad I already started my cgm journey, so no more heat for my curls 💕

    Sarahi OviedoSarahi Oviedo11 dager siden
  • Oh no the second girl 😭i feel bad for her hair.

    jacqueline vivarjacqueline vivar12 dager siden
  • Hello. I'm new here. And I wanna let you know that 4C hair requires different methods to take care of it.

    Yama SYama S12 dager siden
  • When he said that some ppl actually use ceramic round brushes to detangle their hair I swear I grimaced.😱☹️😤😖😖😖😖 pls no... just no. btw the emojis were the most accurate impression of my reaction I could create with my limited amount of choices.😂

    Chloe MaxwellChloe Maxwell15 dager siden
  • am I the only one who noticed that first place was tied??????

    nonya beeswaxnonya beeswax15 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo have you ever heard of the brand amika? My friend is a hair stylist and she loves and recommends the brand but do you think it is good to use for your hair?

    Erin PiperErin Piper16 dager siden
  • Joy did say to use a protectant before you start and you still took the point 🤔😩

    D MartinezD Martinez17 dager siden
  • did anyone else notice that the first girl got a 6 not a 7

    Jenny McQueenJenny McQueen19 dager siden
  • The "Oh" when the second girl showed her ends 😂😂😂 my face was like 😬

    shanija Russellshanija Russell19 dager siden
  • But, but Brad the 1st girl has 6 points like the last one😅

    Dani ZalaDani Zala19 dager siden
  • Girl says she's not good at blow-outs? ME: 38 year old hairstylist who can't round brush her own hair without one of those cheater round brush blow-dryers. MY HANDS JUST GET CONFUSED!

    Lisa NaborsLisa Nabors19 dager siden
  • Pls react to Isabella demarko hair story

    A.C. GellnerA.C. Gellner20 dager siden
  • All I want to do is watch hair videos with Brad this weekend. I love the sweater and necklace he is wearing in this video.

    Susan TheSweetSusan TheSweet21 dag siden
  • I got a round brush stuck in my hair when I was like 15 for about 4 days lol

    Fasherti XFasherti X22 dager siden
  • Maryam had the best routine sorry not sorry

    Jameila NoelJameila Noel22 dager siden
  • Dear Brad Mondo, I would UTTERLY FAIL this, if I tried. But what I can tell you is that I do have a blowdryer and on the rare occasion of when I blow dry my hair I DO use a CONCENTRATOR NOZZLE, I would end up with 1 point. But a point nonetheless. :D

    TasnimTasnim22 dager siden
  • Um, Brad, the 2nd girl started her video by telling everyone how important it is to prep the hair with protective products.

    Carrie CoxCarrie Cox23 dager siden
  • I have 3B hair and my sister has 4A. My hair can get straightened with a flat iron, blow drier just makes it “puff” like Cynthia Rhodes. The straightest my sister’s hair will get is about a 2C, with flat iron, blow dry, and keratin products. She’s got mad virgin hair. The one time it was straightened she only allowed a 1-2in section to be done. My sister’s hair is shoulder length, but if you pull it taut, it goes past her butt. It’s crazy.

    Maya GleichMaya Gleich24 dager siden
  • Your knowledge and skills are off the impressed by you, on the regular...please let me share some advice, because I think you're awesome and want to keep you that way...pearls...although classic and, in my opinion, stunning...Classic means NOT MODERN...and you are incredibly modern, and yes CLASSY...Classic, in the case of pearls , means, when you wear pearls with a tuxedo or gown GORJ...but with a T or sweat shirt brings down the elegance of the pearl but not giving the classy elegance I think you were after...your chains and medallions are perfect with your casual classy look..but the pearls should be worn with more classic formal wear...just a loving gentle opinion from this modern thinking, classic admirer ❤️

    Kelly YoungKelly Young24 dager siden
  • Not to be rude or anything but every curly hair is different and unique so if u think that ur technique r good there r but may not work in every curly hair like mines.

    Aimee JoyceAimee Joyce25 dager siden
  • What black girl go to 'The thing is with coconut oil...' And done skip to the next video!?!

    ShortyOnFilmShortyOnFilm26 dager siden
  • Am I the only that thinks he rocks that pearl necklace? Like umm slaying! ❤️

    Lindsay CraddickLindsay Craddick27 dager siden
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    Abby WaltersAbby Walters28 dager siden
  • 0 out of 10 I know you won’t like it 0 wins

    #FatBarbieMakeup Mbaker1986#FatBarbieMakeup Mbaker198629 dager siden
  • Coconut oil made my hair fall out! A lot! I don’t get the craze!

    LaciAlysiaLaciAlysiaMåned siden
  • Hello :) Im looking for hairdryer reccomendations :) I have shoulderblades length hair, thin, but it is a loads of it, sensitive scalp. Thank you.

    Eugenia C.Eugenia C.Måned siden
  • who else heard brad say gratehouse instead of gatehouse?

    Kylie RuppelKylie RuppelMåned siden
  • 20:54 🤣

    kendall michkendall michMåned siden
  • People need to understand that heat oxidizes oils= makes the oils , especially COCONUT OIL, RANCID and that really really stinks. Stop iwth coconut oil in your hair unless youre gonna wash it out OFTEN :/

    Dr. CrossDr. CrossMåned siden
  • 6 Millionen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    ella monaella monaMåned siden
  • I always use coconut oil and it keeps my hair very healthy

    Zabrina FernandezZabrina FernandezMåned siden
  • I havent applied any heat including blowdryers to my hair for 3 yrs. Honestly im so happy and proud. I use to hate my curls and straighten them all the time but now im so happy and have learnt to love them ❤️

    BearBearMåned siden
  • Uhm brad. They tied dear😭🤣both had a 6. I think the last girl came put much better though!

    Krystal RayeKrystal RayeMåned siden
  • Was i the only one to hear “i m here to rape hair” in the intro

    Dumitrascu AntoniaDumitrascu AntoniaMåned siden
  • More straight hair hacks pls!!!

    Lana VentusLana VentusMåned siden
  • It would be cool to see you react to heatless curling methods, or even testing them out. There are some strange and interesting ones out there. :)

    Lisa MewsLisa MewsMåned siden
  • Hold on... first girl and third girl both got 6

    potter emiliepotter emilieMåned siden
  • That seconds girls method was hurting me physically, I could feel it in my soul 😩 She’s ripping through her dry hair, causing so much unnecessary and preventable damage 💔 It looks traumatized at the end 😭

    NativeNYerChicHKNativeNYerChicHKMåned siden
  • I just blow dry my hair like regular, pretty quickly and then use my big 2” barrel curling iron to get that first girls look. It’s a fraction of the time and effort compared to her method. Too much work 😩

    NativeNYerChicHKNativeNYerChicHKMåned siden
  • Can you rate a straight to curly hair routine? Please

    Emma LeeEmma LeeMåned siden
  • I accidentally paused on the second girl and I was 110%sure she was beyonce

    Ivs PavIvs PavMåned siden
  • Okay son confused Because you said the first girl one but the first girl got six in the middle girl got five in the last girl got sex so the first girl on the last girl tied

    Liz ReeceLiz ReeceMåned siden
  • pov: ur watching brad slowly turn into an e-boy

    Sk skSk skMåned siden
  • at 23:10 i thought she had been holding it there the entire time

    rr 03rr 03Måned siden
  • The last girl she used the tenstion method🤦🏽‍♀️even professionals do that

    Deserae TillisDeserae TillisMåned siden
  • When you're binge watching Brad's videos you've already watched while quarantined because they are the least stress inducing

    Dsmwarrior1996Dsmwarrior1996Måned siden
  • First girl and third girl both had a 6....why did the first girl all of a sudden have a 7?

    Alil ColdaAlil ColdaMåned siden
  • anyone else love his intros it just makes my day

    sara wefflesara weffleMåned siden
  • He took two point off for sectioning on the second girl

    ValValMåned siden
  • this is really helpful brad. Iwould have done the total wrong things lucky i saw this video first before i straighten my hair

    AJ The GreatAJ The GreatMåned siden
  • Ohh my gawwwd i can relate to that brush thingee it was my uncle's wedding and i got that brush stuck in my hair and we had only half hour to get that out of my hair and we had to pull out the bristles of the brush and i had to pit my hair into a messy bun luckily that looked as if i had my hair done in a salon 🤣🤣🤣

    Rose BerryRose BerryMåned siden

    gacha alicegacha aliceMåned siden

      gacha alicegacha aliceMåned siden

      gacha alicegacha aliceMåned siden
  • gabriella and maryam tied since you took 4 points from gabby

    EistalynEistalynMåned siden
  • I NEVER blow dry my hair first, I braid it the night before with product in and I end up with pin straight hair every time I dont use a blowdryer because i feel like its more heat added to your hair if you're already using a straightener. braiding your hair pulls out the curls just as well braiding it with the product in from the night before also nourishes the hair

    Atlantia SamiAtlantia SamiMåned siden
  • Also, so many ppl saying Brad was wrong about the 3rd girl bc she was using the tension method. Literally he recommended a brush for *tension* so what is y’all’s point?

    Ella DElla DMåned siden
  • The second girl’s hair looked fucked. Sorry about the rudeness, but damn girl. It wasn’t just blow dried wrong, it’s been fried for a wHile bb 😬

    Ella DElla DMåned siden
  • Brad would probably give me a 0😂

    Anna RaeAnna RaeMåned siden
  • Ok omg! The 1st girl beautiful as it was.... effortless my ass!! Lol way too much work!!

    MoMoMoMoMåned siden
  • I'd reaaly love to know what you think about the Curly Girl Method !

    Naoum RanimNaoum RanimMåned siden
  • Hey Brad you should design a hair straightener or flat iron and a blow dryer with all the tips the concentrator the diffuser and all that that would go really well with your line of I know it's probably not easy to do and it's probably expensive but it was just an idea

    BobbieJean TurgeonBobbieJean TurgeonMåned siden
  • Omg Harry Styles stole your look (sweater and pearls)

    Zoe WellerZoe WellerMåned siden
  • you should react to Amber Ansah

    savannah windzaksavannah windzakMåned siden
  • That first girl, they make hot rollers that will do that for you

    FrogMistressFrogMistressMåned siden
  • Booo, you took 2 points off the last girl for not having straight roots. 2 points for the same infraction. And the let the girl who had 8 round brushes in her hair win. Boy bye. I got a round brunch stuck in my head once, I would NEVER roll 8 of them into my head to set unless I wanted to be bald. 🤣

    AAAReviewAAAReviewMåned siden
  • “effortless salon look” effortless?? BIHH WHERE??

    Billii The KidBillii The KidMåned siden
  • Am i the only one who thought second girl kinds looked like Beyonce

    Sadie DixsonSadie Dixson2 måneder siden
  • I've been told that the coconut oil microbe is too large to absorb into the hair shaft properly.

    NonomousNonomous2 måneder siden
  • But... the first girl got a 6 too...

    CeciiiCeciii2 måneder siden
  • @BradMondo would probably my rate my hair routine a 4 out of 5. I wash my hair, add heat protectant and the Garnier whole blends cream to my hair while wet, and I then comb my hair, then I blow dry it (WITH A DIFFUSER), and then, once dry, i like to straighten my hair

    Coral TherriaultCoral Therriault2 måneder siden
  • Sometimes your vibe is so Jack McFarland and I really dig it.

    Emma ButlerEmma Butler2 måneder siden
  • I have 3b curly hair that's pretty fine. When I was younger I hated it (my mum used to brush it dry which looks awful, she just didn't know how to deal with it other than that!) so I straightened it all the time for about a year when I was 19-20ish. Utterly ruined it. Like, 15cm chunks would snap off in the shower so I hacked about that much off myself! It wouldn't even go curly anymore when I wet it 😔 took several years and many haircuts to get rid of all the damaged parts, then I went to a stylist that actually specialises in curly hair and now I never wear it straight. Sorry for the life story 😂 but yeah, learning to deal with you curls properly is very important if you wanna keep the hair on your head...

    wehavecookiesonthedarksidewehavecookiesonthedarkside2 måneder siden
  • The first girl ended with a 6 not a 7. That means that the first and third girls tied!

    Morgan CMorgan C2 måneder siden
  • For the first one "effortless routine"... UM.

    LaurenLauren2 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one that noticed that the first and third girl tied? He said they were both tied at 7 and then the third lost a point but they both have 6 points at the end...

    Camille MercierCamille Mercier2 måneder siden
  • Coconut oil makes your hair look healthy but it doesn’t make your hair any healthier

    Lisa ArtLisa Art2 måneder siden
  • You’re not very knowledgeable about black hair so please don’t grade our hair. She used the tension method to stretch it. In African culture you see people stretch their hair with this method quite often. And for you to deduct two points for frizz on the last one is so irritating!! And our hair isn’t “dry” its just low porosity. So stop perpetuating misconceptions please! Our hair can be moisturized but look “dry.”

    Nirvana NostalgiaNirvana Nostalgia2 måneder siden
    • And yes black hair can look shiny but it’s not natural so don’t make it seem like it’s not good enough because it lacks shine. Thanks!

      Nirvana NostalgiaNirvana Nostalgia2 måneder siden
  • this video is scorpio culture

    Jesus GutierrezJesus Gutierrez2 måneder siden
  • BRAD, both the 1st and 3rd girls ended on 6 points. So they actually tied. Write the points down next time so u can keep track. 🙂

    Jamaica JadeJamaica Jade2 måneder siden
  • I can’t when people use oil before heat styling. Girl. It heats up and holds the heat, like cooking, and it causes damage 😭😭😭

    Bish NoBish No2 måneder siden
  • So is no one going to talk about how 2nd girl is looking like Beyonce?

    ProxUrAimzProxUrAimz2 måneder siden
  • "EFFORTLESS" bitch I aged just watching it

    ProxUrAimzProxUrAimz2 måneder siden
  • Did anyone actually notice that he gave both the first and last girl the same amount of points yet said the first won?🤔

    laurenjadedare2310laurenjadedare23102 måneder siden
  • For volume I blow dry my hair upside down, just mostly dry. Then use big velcro rollers , hit each roller with a little heat with my hair dryer. Do my makeup and let each roller cooled. Take rollers out and brush it. Turns out great every time. My hair is in great shape.

    carla campcarla camp2 måneder siden

    Alison LAlison L2 måneder siden
  • Coconut oil is also a bad idea on hair before using heating products because it changes after a certain temperature, thus burning your hair more

    Bree StombaughBree Stombaugh2 måneder siden
  • Here’s my hair routine: wash, brush, air dry, done

    meredith milesmeredith miles2 måneder siden