Onions Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster

9. april. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! I took a deep dive into hair growth videos on youtube to find which natural remedies are best to grow your hair longer and faster.
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Aloe Treatment: noworld.info/video/video/1WLOjLiexbXVp8U.html
Egg Treatment: noworld.info/video/video/uHTTnpejsaWetbc.html
Inversion method: noworld.info/video/video/26qaj6hrp9OzzNU.html
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  • 10:31 Well, 4 minutes seems a fair price for 2 inches of hair. That too in a week... 🤯🤯🤯 I'm gonna try it and I'll let you know how it went If you're interested. Do remind me 😜

    Neha MaryNeha MaryDag siden
  • Alone vera STINKS but it does make your hair incredibly soft

    sams lostsams lostDag siden
  • I really just want to know how he gets such awesome clothing, every episode a new great outfit.

    Bev SmithBev SmithDag siden
  • Onions have collagen Eggs have sulfur Both are good for hair growth

    The Umu ExperienceThe Umu ExperienceDag siden
  • love the shirt

    Shota KimbleShota Kimble3 dager siden
  • Is Brad's sweater referencing a straight jacket? I don't know. I love it though. It is artistic and it looks good.

    Susan TheSweetSusan TheSweet3 dager siden
  • I found the onion juice did help!

    Holly GrayHolly Gray3 dager siden
  • Brad mondo I have to check holistichabits

    Katriel BenoyKatriel Benoy4 dager siden
  • Eggs smell on hair even after shampoo. Hair shaft shines ,there is lot of volume but it stinks.Hair masks are better

    Zahra BZahra B4 dager siden
  • That picture of Indian girl is clickbait on that video probably photoshopped

    Zahra BZahra B4 dager siden
  • I just want thicker hair. I want my thick hair back, but I feel like it’s my anemia 😔...

    Fina RajaoFina Rajao4 dager siden
    • Anemia does cause hair loss, I suffered from that a lot. I took iron supplements but the problem would always come back when I stop and they caused me bowel problems as well. Beetroots really helped me, I try to eat as much as I can, meat is also great. Good luck sis.

      nihed ksnihed ks3 dager siden
  • anyone else in love w his shirt tho

    Shyla SladeShyla Slade4 dager siden
  • For the inversion method: After watching one of Brad's videos with the Mason-Pearson brush, I bought a nylon/boar bristle mix Wet Brush (called the Shine Pro, IIRC). I started using the inversion method for brushing with it - three "flips" three times a day: when I get up, before I shower, and before I go to bed. I've noticed more baby hairs coming in, and my stylist even commented on it. I can still alternate wash days, but now I don't even have to use dry shampoo since the brush spreads out the oils! I think the main thing is just to be consistent with the massage, not necessarily having to do it 4 solid minutes at a time.

    Emily ChanceEmily Chance5 dager siden
  • 5:55 bit into one of my aloe plant leaves for you, 0/10 felt like drinking cleaning product

    Vex HVex H5 dager siden
  • I knew the invention hair method and I did it for one week it really helps hair growth but not 2-4 inches a week thats a lie.

    LPSEM cookieLPSEM cookie5 dager siden
  • You should tell us how to do a proper scalp massage

    Mars KickassMars Kickass5 dager siden
  • I want to try this so bad. I’m losing my hair again after keeping it healthy for 3 yrs :( I need something

    Chloe EasleyChloe Easley5 dager siden
  • It worked when I had alopecia

    Eden LamaEden Lama6 dager siden
  • ok ok ok.... u are right all those guys are... , so What can I do? bro help me!

    cedric paladinocedric paladino6 dager siden
  • Don't see why you couldn't just eat the onions raw chopped up in sandwiches with some boiled egg or in meaty salads rather than putting it on your hair. Wouldn't your body allocate any necessary onion-sourced agents towards your hair if you have excess?

    Silver SirenSilver Siren6 dager siden
  • Accepting it as it's own, damn that caught my funny bone. It's you eat the eggs yes, your body gets protein. But Idk. My grandma used to mix eggs beer and mayo and make my ass sit there for an HR like that to control my frizz n it worked

    Bella SomniumBella Somnium7 dager siden
  • I actually tried onion juice last week, and honestly, now matter how pretty and pink, and no matter if just one more use would give me the hair of Rapunzel, I'll NEVER do it again. I can't stand the smell. The stank of this! After shampooing 3 times (which is quite damaging) I could still feel it☹️ After the fourth time I was sort of back to smelling like grapefruit but no, nu-uh, gross.

    Mirjam StrömbergMirjam Strömberg7 dager siden
  • coconut oil does work as a mask but your hair has to be damp when you put it on, or else it just makes it dry and greasy

    whiskey clonewhiskey clone7 dager siden
  • Bradddd your outfit is givin me life rn! 😻

    Jay KoJay Ko8 dager siden
  • If I tell my grandmother that coconut oil isn't that great she'll probably get offended because the secret to beautiful and thick hair in india has been coconut oil, for centuries

    Ambreen AliAmbreen Ali10 dager siden
  • I understand about sulphate in your body, but what if you are highly allergic to sulphates, I don’t want to die with everyone saying, she had such nice hair?😮

    Katie Smyth-GalwayKatie Smyth-Galway10 dager siden
  • Hey guys everyone looking at this trick, basically this trick is a trick from Pakistan/desi people. This onion water will smell like shit before but after you wash it of with water and shampoo it will smell normal. Plus, Brad Mondo fucking back off, please do your research before shading tricks and people! Again this trick is a trick from Pakistan/desi people.

    Maryam FahadMaryam Fahad10 dager siden
  • Brad my hair grows an inch or and inch and a half a month and I have to cut it off alot ;-;

    crimson Gachacrimson Gacha10 dager siden
  • Ok I have always had thick, long, hair...I eat onions almost every day.... one of my favorite foods....they are so healthy and delicious!

    AnnaAnna11 dager siden
  • I don’t care whoever says onions don’t make your hair stink. I’ve tried it and it’s so bad. It got worse when you sweat. Your scalp smells like stinky armpit.

    Sunny SunnySunny Sunny11 dager siden
  • I love watching brad modo videos😍

    Daniela GuerreroDaniela Guerrero12 dager siden
  • No one ..... Brad watching aloevera in coconut oil :: that looks so delicious !😂

    renesme loverenesme love12 dager siden
  • I want that shirt!

    Beth LundquistBeth Lundquist12 dager siden
  • Is Love Beauty and planet shampoo a good one ?

    Trinity J. VlogsTrinity J. Vlogs12 dager siden
  • I thought biotin made your hair stronger, not longer.

    Em MEm M12 dager siden
  • I wish the hair on my hair would grow as fast as the ones on my body which literally grow overnight right after I shave it🤬

    심장보라색심장보라색13 dager siden
  • I use a good amount aloe vera gel to set my baby hair and let it dry on its own and it kinda works 😎

    Garima Khatter- GKGarima Khatter- GK13 dager siden
  • Are u and coconut divorced 😂

    BizzyBizzy14 dager siden

    BizzyBizzy14 dager siden
  • My hair needs prayers

    BizzyBizzy14 dager siden
  • Lol I'm not vegan but I hate raw eggs with a passion.

    A DA D14 dager siden
  • Thats indian/pakistani tricks for you

    Metal HeadMetal Head14 dager siden
  • I have tried onion water for hair fall problem and it result in hair growth.

    Rock AmitRock Amit14 dager siden
  • My cousin used onions for her hair. I was shocked cuz I had longer her hair than her, her hair is passing her ass. I was like what did you do?!!!! She said she used two masks, eggs, avocados, coconut oil. Onion water. Try it guys, I’m the witness. I swear by it!

    african booty scratcherafrican booty scratcher15 dager siden
  • With egg and oil, isn't that essentially putting mayonnaise in hair?

    thegreenmanofnorwichthegreenmanofnorwich15 dager siden
  • Oh my god that makes a lot of sense when I was working i use to always eat chinese rice with green onions every Monday that explains why my hair grew so long

    JinariaJinaria16 dager siden
  • He said Aloevera 13 times.

    Georgia DuganzichGeorgia Duganzich16 dager siden
  • Whoever wanna know if it helps, Let me tell you ,I have used onion before and it really helps in hair growth. => Use small onions ,NOT that big one. => Rub it gently on scalp or grind it ,get the juice and apply that. => Leave it for like 30-40 mins and wash it with shampoo,so your head doesn't smell like onion. => Take care of your eyes while these processes and it smells not so good,but you'll get used to it.

    Keerthana AnandanKeerthana Anandan16 dager siden
  • Closet tour ___ please

    Nahida PiyaNahida Piya17 dager siden
  • I can't get over how much I love his energy🤣

    AiraAira17 dager siden
  • so i once put onion juice on my hair....i had severe headache due to its smell and i washed my hair many times still it was smelly I'd rather go bald

    Esha GurungEsha Gurung17 dager siden
  • Tbh I dont get why coconut oil is hated outside of india. There are actual good results people have seen & have been using for decades. I've personally fixed my hair using it as hair mask everyday for a month when i damaged my hair by bleaching & coloring. Even better is applying a mixture of curry leaves, castor oil & coconut oil. Also what other indian ingredients help is a combo of all these ayurvedic herbs: lshikakai, tulsi, brahmi, bhringraj, reetha, neem, licorice root.

    wateverlyfwateverlyf17 dager siden
  • Me:-cuts my hair and wants it to be short for awhile but then a month later wonders why my hair is 2 inches longer but I don't do any thing Also me: -massages my head when I have headaches in class because its comforting- 👁-👁

    Galaxy PurrtatoGalaxy Purrtato17 dager siden
  • be carefull with oils in general, those can literally fry you hair, because it's so oclusive that the water inside the hair heat up and broke down the external layer of the hair shalp causing matting wich the only solution for that it's cuting it out

    Alexis AguirreAlexis Aguirre17 dager siden
  • Basically: onions, aloe and massages. The rest is bullshit

    Gabriela SilvaGabriela Silva17 dager siden
  • Onions help hair grow. With alopecia. There is research on it. And I have witnessed it. It does make sense. Helps like minioxidal

    Yelamini KeenYelamini Keen18 dager siden
  • Six inches of year is no way that’s true I went from a buzz cut to 6 inch curls in about 3months

    TekeekTekeek18 dager siden
  • That outfit! ❤️

    Keerthi Sri SarellaKeerthi Sri Sarella18 dager siden
  • That shirt is EVERYTHING! LOVE your style.

    Michele JordanMichele Jordan18 dager siden
  • Ok!... I'm def going to try this! I have short hair after like 8 YEARS of growth because, I shopped it off like a dumb ass! AND... I want my long hair back! Also, I stay home due to having seizures, Kidney Stones, heart problems, etc... so, who the hell cares if I stink!?! Righ!!? Lmfao! I try to use "all natural" things such as, Coconut oil, Aloe plants, Baking Soda, White Vinegar, Apple cider Vinegar, and things I need from the Vitamin Isle, rather than taking prescription drugs. Onions are a cool additive to my bag of tricks! You can do some research online about the benefits of the things I listed. Ty Brad! Hi Eric! 😘❤

    b4b0_1980b4b0_198018 dager siden
  • Hey beautiful! That top is simply GORGEOUS!!!

    b4b0_1980b4b0_198018 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who thinks most of the remedy videos are made by indians?🤔

    ALICE from wonderlandALICE from wonderland20 dager siden
  • i tried with onions but smell disgusting

    Odette GalloOdette Gallo20 dager siden
  • Sources for the alleged study was not cited. I can't go read it for myself if the source is not cited. Why do people who went to high school not understand how to cite sources and why you must do this when making claims. Ugh!

    Eilish McCahillEilish McCahill20 dager siden
  • No one- Me-"Yay I got full marks!!!"

    Crystal TarotCrystal Tarot22 dager siden
  • if you trey the 3 method you can get a bran fart !!!

    Emilia MucciaroneEmilia Mucciarone22 dager siden
  • Okay but can we just talk about how grey IS BRADS COLOR? LIKE IT LOOKS SO GOOD ON HIM.

    RiverRiver22 dager siden
  • I suggest olive oil to make your oils

    Unpleased BitchUnpleased Bitch22 dager siden
  • I love your shirt!

    lailena angeliquelailena angelique23 dager siden
  • I have a long thick hair.. coconut oil and onion juice are my hair secret..

    sandra sanjusandra sanju23 dager siden
  • Hey brad, love your content and your style is so cool. U should do a closet tour 😊

    Sherry RussellSherry Russell24 dager siden
  • Peppermint or tea tree oil massaged into the scalp will help stimulate hair growth as well

    Alexis HughesAlexis Hughes24 dager siden
  • Actually my mom tried the onion thing (chop fine, put in shampoo, wait 15 days and use), her hair normally grows very slowly but it kinda worked, the smell wasn't so terrible (she double-shampooed to hide the smell) and she liked that her hair was thicker and healthier than usual, so

    Constanza RojasConstanza Rojas25 dager siden
  • I thought onions sting

    Sophie lovesgamingYT /fan of zailetsplaySophie lovesgamingYT /fan of zailetsplay25 dager siden
  • Yay vegan 👍

    InGreed666InGreed66626 dager siden
  • what about rice water?

  • If coconut oil helps retain protein in hair is that why the egg mask would work with the coconut oil on top? Like wouldn't the coconut oil help the egg if its applied on top?

    giuliana povoledogiuliana povoledo27 dager siden
  • Ok..but where can I get this shirt !?

    Mystery girlMystery girl27 dager siden
  • You should see the fermented rice water technic also

    Rutuja DambirRutuja Dambir29 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/s6GbetV_mMq-rM0.html y'all won't even check this out..I know😭

    Chinmaysree DarshaChinmaysree Darsha29 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/s6GbetV_mMq-rM0.html

    Chinmaysree DarshaChinmaysree Darsha29 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/s6GbetV_mMq-rM0.html

    Chinmaysree DarshaChinmaysree Darsha29 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/s6GbetV_mMq-rM0.html y'all should check this out..

    Chinmaysree DarshaChinmaysree Darsha29 dager siden
  • I've been putting chopped onion in my shampoo and washing my hair with it from time to time and yes it works and no, it doesn't smell that bad. It leaves the hair a bit dry but you can solve it with conditioner.

    Cami BeeboCami BeeboMåned siden
  • i need help. Oki so before i leave for school i brush my hair and my baby hairs stick out making my hair look messy and i just put water on it and brush again but it keeps popping up I Hate baby hairs now Brad mondo, hep me

    Zehra ZebraZehra ZebraMåned siden
  • One tip : don't eat instant noodles as it will cause hair loss .. if you want just eat it once or twice a month

    F I F IF I F IMåned siden
  • Aloe vera is magic,Ngl. Dandruff? Aloe Vera. Hairfall? Aloe Vera. Frizz? Yup,aloe vera.

    Britney ClaireBritney ClaireMåned siden
  • Coconut oil doesn’t likes me🤤

    Pretty PinkPretty PinkMåned siden
  • Experiencing hairloss, hair thinning, or bald patches(alopecia areata) than check out this natural hair regrowth remedy: noworld.info/video/video/pV_SjJaRmtqeypY.html

    Healthy NaturallyHealthy NaturallyMåned siden
  • 7:49 (I have been using coconut oil for my hair for 16years, ) is my life a joke???

  • my hair grows a cm a month

    Peter McNameePeter McNameeMåned siden
  • I am desperate for that top Brad. Need that in my life

    Rock Kandy ArtRock Kandy ArtMåned siden
  • I show alotttt of love but nothing is working for my hair. Its been 8 years and zero growth

    Sid FatimaSid FatimaMåned siden
  • Yes onion water works! It is best remedy for hair fall/baldness.

    Sid FatimaSid FatimaMåned siden
  • Would the onion thing help grow out a pixie cut??

    Victoria RavenfallVictoria RavenfallMåned siden
  • I tried onion oil and putted that oil in my scalp 3 hours because washing the hair,.... I love this remedy it changed my hair like making my hair growth faster

    Bipin KerkettaBipin KerkettaMåned siden
  • I might try the onion trick. I mean, I probably can mask the smell with perfume right?

    Alejandra AlvarezAlejandra AlvarezMåned siden
  • I got every ? Right. Shaved my head on the 10 of September. It's growing pretty fast. I'm really enjoying the feeling of short hair. I'm 57yr and it's really liberating. One of those bucket list things for me.anyway. massage the scalp every day. And when my hair was supper long like almost to my ass. I cut it once a month on a full moon not kidding. My hair grows stupid fast even for my age. I'm going natural. Till it grows out a bit. Feeling sexy and spicy 😜. Your hair doesn't define you! Rock what you got. ☮️

    margaret hurrellmargaret hurrellMåned siden
  • You look really cute here. 🖤

    Emma CarterEmma CarterMåned siden
  • If you think just eggs are disgusting to put in your hair, think about a combination with yoghurt and olive oil. 😂😂😂

    Roxana paraRoxana paraMåned siden