My Secret To Perfect Air-Dried Hair

18. juni. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we'll review my 3 favorite ways to get amazing beach waves with zero heat.
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • His Little T. Rex walk

    Dustin KlineDustin KlineDag siden
  • I feel like it would have been helpful to have live models and to do one with type 2 waves, one with type 3 ringlets, and one with type 4 coils. Instead, he demonstrated on three mannequins that all have type 1B.

    Trish PulleyTrish Pulley2 dager siden
  • Love how I got this in my recommended right after I got out of the shower.

    Nora BairdNora Baird2 dager siden
  • How do i prevent my scalp from getting so greasy when my hair air dries? I can typically go 5 days without washing if I blow dry but oil production is OUT OF HAND when i air dry...halp.

    Keely FogartyKeely Fogarty3 dager siden
  • I am literally crying happy tears! I have naturally wavy hair and always air dry it but it always comes out super frizzy. Will be buying them products after Christmas hopefully god knows I need them in my life. Thank you for existing Brad Mondo ❤️

    Amy LouiseAmy Louise3 dager siden
  • I absolutely need wave foam and electrified. It's so hard for me to get volume at my scalp because my hair is very fine and curly like 3B

    Charlie SnailCharlie Snail3 dager siden
  • nothing against brad but i wish he could tell me how to do this without spending $70 on two products

    Julie NaultJulie Nault3 dager siden
    • for his electrifying volume stuff, you can get a volumizing foam from any drug store! It may have sulfates or alcohols in some of them which is drying. In place of the wave foam, there's curl foams/mousse at cvs as well (I think garnier fructis has a good one in gel or foam). You can finish off with a hair oil. If your hair feels crunchy from the cheeper products just scrunch the crunch away. Some of the better brands i know are OGX, shea moisture, aussie, and garnier fructis. :) Hope this helps.

      Charlie SnailCharlie Snail3 dager siden
  • bro if all i needed was sea salt.... i live by the ocean shouldve told me sooner ._.

    Shyla SladeShyla Slade4 dager siden
  • That’s amazing

    Stacey WhiteStacey White4 dager siden
  • I love how positive and loving you are as you educate us all 🥰💞💫

    Megan MalickiMegan Malicki5 dager siden
  • So, what about that 1% that has board straight, no volume hair that has done legitimately EVERYTHING this video just said but it still won't hold anything for more that 1 hr tops? Please help. I have used curlers, wands, crimps, overnight scrunchies, overnight braids, wet, dry, air dry, towel dry, blow dry, tons of products, no products, even freaking changed shampoo/conditioner but it will never hold. My hair is French braided at work for 8hrs or more and within an 30minutes of taking it down, its straight. The only thing that ever holds, is the knots from my 4yr old just throwing it around and wrapping his hands in it. Its always kinda bothered me that I pretty much just can't do anything but put it up and throw a fancy clip in it. Now I just french braid it anytime we go out since I have a long mohawk now. I can't do anything else.

    Queen CarterQueen Carter5 dager siden
  • "If you're not using products to air-dry your hair, that's so embarrassing I feel bad for you." My virgin hair that I very seldom use any products on other than shampoo and conditioner ._.

    Usa StillerUsa Stiller6 dager siden
  • Can you please do a bangs styling without heat ?plzzz❤❤

    yasmin salfitiyasmin salfiti7 dager siden
  • I might try all 3, but I have a feeling the 2nd and 3rd options are going to take way too long to dry (and me being too lazy to do the work) I think the first option will be my go-to! I always air dry (even though it takes 5+ hours), but have never tried any products :P

    norwAySMRnorwAySMR7 dager siden
  • A minute in he says it requires using the right products... he's not gonna advertise someone else's products

    Tera BTera B8 dager siden
  • I so happy you posted this, I’m kinda late to viewing this video. But I’m in the process to learning my natural hair texture. So this video will definitely help!

    OhsvmOhsvm8 dager siden
  • I beg to differ my hair is super straight and won’t even curl with most curling irons if it does curl it was curled with really high heat

    Chayney WhelchelChayney Whelchel9 dager siden
  • I need xmondo to ship to Australia!!!

    Georgia RoseGeorgia Rose9 dager siden
  • How do you get your products in Australia? 🤔

    EssjayEssjay9 dager siden
  • Why i found u today?!! Ur amazing 😍 gotta watch all these vids 💕

    haniye nourihaniye nouri10 dager siden
  • I have fine, thick, high porosity, color treated 2c-3b hair. I’ve had some damage which has definitely altered my curl pattern and apparently relaxed my hair, which used to be 3a-c. When I air dry my curls are a lot less defined than when I diffuse on low, even with a lot of added product. Any suggestions on how to get a tighter curl pattern with air drying? I don’t have the patience to sit and finger coil my whole head 😏.

    Catriona AnneCatriona Anne10 dager siden
  • The last look, looks like a bantu knot out to me.

    AlsbeanNaturallyAlsbeanNaturally10 dager siden
  • I have done the third technique on my hair and it turned out amazing!!!! 😍😍😍 thanks Brad Mondo

    Nermeen JubranNermeen Jubran10 dager siden
  • My cat clicked on this video when he walked on my ipad. I think he just wanted tge compliment.

    Margaret FootMargaret Foot11 dager siden
  • Dont be shy with the wave tech, use a ton!!! Like the WHOLE BOTTLE!!! *wink, wink* more moolah for brad!!!

    Amber NolandAmber Noland11 dager siden
  • I love this guy

    J CJ C12 dager siden
  • "If you don't use products to air dry your hair, that embarrassing" *So you think I have moneyyyyyyy?*

    YouCanCallMeSketchy_YouCanCallMeSketchy_13 dager siden
  • Brad you have given this old lady (57) the confidence to cut my waist long silver hair to shoulder length and embrace my natural waves! Can’t wait for the ease of care this is going to afford me! One thing... layers or no?

    DJ McClureDJ McClure13 dager siden
  • Long as I condition real good or use oil product I'm OK letting it dry natural. I have thick course hair n it has to be cut right thinned layered all the above. If not n I let it dry natural then horrible.

    Debbie SchepersDebbie Schepers14 dager siden
  • Please do an overnight version of it 🙏🏼

    EmmartEmmart17 dager siden
  • You have great sound

    Nicole fammmmNicole fammmm17 dager siden
  • I'm embarrassed

    Kimberly xxKimberly xx18 dager siden
  • When can you re stock both of these products?? I. Am. Obsessed.

    Madison KayMadison Kay18 dager siden
  • me: my brother is so annoying my mom: no! he's the sweetest thing ever! my brother: 9:24

    Natasha GarciaNatasha Garcia18 dager siden
  • wavring hair,,,,pogi ng model

    PWD DailyPWD Daily19 dager siden
  • Is there a way to do this without washing your hair? Like can you just spray a crap ton of water and make this work?

    Elisabeth CuninghamElisabeth Cuningham19 dager siden
    • Oh it is a thing?? I’ll look it up thanks!

      Elisabeth CuninghamElisabeth Cuningham18 dager siden
    • think that’s called refreshing

      hazel ythazel yt18 dager siden
  • We all know this is just a huge ass ad, yet we sat through the whole thing

    Seema RidaSeema Rida21 dag siden
  • Brad please make one of these for airdrying your hair overnight. My hair is too thick to dry in time for work so I wash my hair at night and dry it overnight. I usually wrap my hair overnight but still end up with less then stellar results sometimes.

    Brittany ErnestBrittany Ernest21 dag siden
  • Why does my hair look exactly like the mannequins hair

    Abi RaveAbi Rave21 dag siden
  • What if I want smooth shiny hair that is not wavy or curly?

    Sydney StuddsSydney Studds22 dager siden
  • I hated my natural wavy/curly hair until I discovered the bun method on my own. My hair is super long with high density and varying texture/thickness. I've just been using one bun but I'll have to try out a few more just to see how it turns out. It definitely helps with the volume though, especially when you have a much hair as I do.

    LymeValkyrieLymeValkyrie23 dager siden
  • I need some WaveTech badddd!!! I just started trying to accept the fact that my hair is actually wavy/curly but every product I try seems to make my hair crunchy or I can’t afford it.

    Hartleyb83Hartleyb8323 dager siden
  • I tried wavetech on my hair and it did not work at all :)

    Madelyn YbarraMadelyn Ybarra23 dager siden
  • Yess to the paper towel trick!! I use it on my daughter’s curls so they stay damp but not soaking wet. They end up drying beautifully!

    DaniG93311DaniG9331124 dager siden
  • I NEED HELP so my hair is super thick and wont hold anything even with moose, hairspray, jell like what do i do i curl it and 15 minutes later its back straight 🙁

    Carl The birdCarl The bird24 dager siden
  • Brad makes me feel pretty 🥰

    Olivia JaneOlivia Jane24 dager siden
  • I know from experience, that my roots would stick in my scalp if I use half the amount of product he uses on any of the mannequins. A dime sized amount of leave in will do it for me. If follow any of his methods, I would end with a frizzy, puffy hair, and my 3B wave pattern completely messed up. Besides, I haven't find a sea salt spray that my hair would look nice with it, mostly because I got enough natural texture. If you see me going to the beach, I will always be in a braid or with my hair loaded with oil in order to protect it from sea salt. What I really like to do to air dry my hair is to towel dry with an old T shirt, spread a dime of leave in conditioner, untangle it with a tangle teezer, give it like, four scrunches, and never touch it until it's totally dry. Then I gently rake the curls with the fingers. My hair will get really mad at me if I do different.

    Debora GrandeDebora Grande24 dager siden
  • Plzz launch ur products in india plzzz😥😥😥😥😥

    a_.r_.i_a Aryaa_.r_.i_a Arya24 dager siden
  • BRAD! Please I'm trying to love my natural hair but my coarse thick hair always stands on end on the top of my head where it's shorter and it drives me crazy. Can you do a video about fly-aways/frizz on the top of the head?

    FayokaFayoka24 dager siden
  • Is any of this available in Aus or are there massive shipping costs for us to order it? :(

    Aminin625Aminin62524 dager siden
  • Uhm.. before you throw miss mannequin away you should try and sell her! People would buy her for big bucksss!!!!! *cough cough* me

    Shayla ZralkaShayla Zralka24 dager siden
  • I love you Brad, but this was bad. You should have used at least one with curly hair. Also these didn't really get curly. I'll tag you on ig

    DeviantdDeviantd24 dager siden
  • I have fine, low density, 2a to 2b hair. I cannot use Wavetech as he has shown, way too much product for my hair. I just use 2 to 3 pumps and scrunch into my hair with the open palm method. I then add some salty, then diffuse my hair. It smells so good!

    sikes442sikes44224 dager siden
  • wavetech is sold out :(

    Ann HersheyAnn Hershey25 dager siden
  • There is an unnatural yet attractive amount of tongue wagging going on in this video. 🤔

    Summer RainesSummer Raines25 dager siden
  • "If your not using products to air dry your hair... that's embarrassing, I feel bad for you..." I feel attacked.

    Summer RainesSummer Raines25 dager siden
  • Can we buy your products in Australia?? I need some...

    Viki NoyViki Noy26 dager siden
  • I get awesome results with function of beauty leave in conditioner and 2 drops of the finishing serum.

    Sally SwinneySally Swinney26 dager siden
  • Brad's hair looks amazing

    Brittany HBrittany H27 dager siden
  • Hi Brad, why does over processed, straight hair, when left to air dry, look like it's curly or permed?

    Elaine- Ellen-MarieElaine- Ellen-Marie27 dager siden
  • Does anyone have the links to the no crease clips brad uses a lot?

    Nicole LangfordNicole Langford27 dager siden
  • Hey Brad, I am extremely poor and in college. If you are ever donating some of these items to the less fortunate, I am INTERESTED 😉

    Allyson J. HyderAllyson J. Hyder27 dager siden
  • So I bought this and it did absolutely NOTHING for my hair. I also have straight hair.

    Annie L.Annie L.27 dager siden
  • Brad gives some serious Schmit energy from new girl (and I mean that as a large compliment)!!

    Lucy LatchmanLucy Latchman27 dager siden
  • When you have naturally straight hair and the worst thing that will happen is it will get flat... and flatter. But if it's not humid out... it's all gooooood.

    Heather שרחHeather שרח28 dager siden
  • My hair has beautiful curls when it's air dried....until I brush it, then it becomes puffy frizzy untameble hair.

    Akram HosenAkram Hosen28 dager siden
  • Does Salty have a scent? Other than... salt? Because ya know. Scent allergies.

    Cat GreenfieldCat Greenfield28 dager siden
    • Yes it does and it smells great, if your sensitive it may be too much. I had a co worker that could smell it a foot in a half away from me.

      sikes442sikes44224 dager siden
  • Me: I need to save money Me after this video: I definitely NEED to buy wave tech because using no products would be embarrassing 👀

    Lindsey RLindsey R28 dager siden
  • Brad - I hope you might answer a question for me :) I have naturally wavy hair, but when I air dry it tends to dry frizzy. I don't really need the volume of product using the foam because my hair is naturally wavy, and when I use sea salt sprays I like the texture but it doesn't tame the frizz. I use currently Oribe's Supershine Moisturizing Cream. It's the first thing I've found that tames my frizz but it does seem to weigh down my hair which pulls out some of my waive. Do you have a product you recommend that would work for my specific situation? I love your videos, thank you!

    Tracy HooperTracy Hooper29 dager siden
  • Does anyone else think Brad looks like Ethan Croft?!

    Suzanne MaracleSuzanne MaracleMåned siden
  • Mani Quinn 🤣 like on Two and a half Men

    Destiney VonderaheDestiney VonderaheMåned siden
  • I just ordered both of these products for my straight ass hair will report back

    amandiecandyamandiecandyMåned siden
  • My hair is short enough, I dry it by opening all my windows otw to work. Comes out great, every time!

    RedDeeRedDeeMåned siden
  • I just found out that they are Mani Quin, Mona Quin and Meme Quin - you should really get their names right, Brad!!! 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🔆❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    Wade MarlowWade MarlowMåned siden

    Wade MarlowWade MarlowMåned siden
  • Sold

    Kristen DeasonKristen DeasonMåned siden
  • Check out my hair care for beach!

    Linda BLinda BMåned siden
  • Brad mondo promoting his products for 23 minutes straight

    Manasvi MahadikManasvi MahadikMåned siden
  • Why didn’t you do this with curly hair?😭

    Colleen MoylanColleen MoylanMåned siden
  • Hi Brad, I have a question I have curly frizzy hair. Do the wave and salty spray stay like that in humid or windy conditions?

    Colleen MoylanColleen MoylanMåned siden
  • People don't have straight hair without a touch of wave... Meet my Dutch family and friends. You'll change your mind.

    Tina PereraTina PereraMåned siden
  • Not being dramatic but I would honeslty trust you with my life

    Emily LEmily LMåned siden
  • Could you do this with the electrify please. I have frizzy semi wavy semi straight hair and need volume. If I could get mega volume with that as opposed to clips I would like to see how

    Tabitha ParsonTabitha ParsonMåned siden
  • I don’t care if that Wavetech is made with Jason Momoa’s pee if you do that ish on straight hair it will look no different than it did in 1989 with that Aussie grape crap. And if you proceed to actually touch it after that it’s a wrap😂😂😂😂

    Michelle SpinaMichelle SpinaMåned siden
  • Imported water from France Really

    EllaEquestrianEllaEquestrianMåned siden
  • Every time I watch your videos I decide to cut my hair ... I’m not sure why. My hair was down to my waist and I just cut it just below my breast... I was regretting it but then I was happy about it because one hair grows back and two I cut off all the dry ugly bleached ends and now my hair is almost all my natural hair. So thank you ❤️

    Tinkerbell llTinkerbell llMåned siden
  • I’m so proud of you brad ilysm

    stephanysensationsstephanysensationsMåned siden
  • I'm sold

    Lalita CruzLalita CruzMåned siden
  • I like these methods but if I put my thick coarse hair in buns - it would literally take 36 hours to dry. Help!!!! 😭

    Shaye HarrisShaye HarrisMåned siden
  • I'm surprised he didn't feature the denman brush 🤔 Wave tech plus the denman brush method would be stunning I'm sure

    bnenomorebnenomoreMåned siden
  • @lisalisad1

    Patti HiltonPatti HiltonMåned siden
  • My hubby has pin straight hair. He keeps his hair quite short because it sticks straight out. If he grows it longer, he just looks like he’s been electrocuted 🤣 he can’t even make it lay down on his forehead, it just sticks straight out like a hat brim.

    Lucy GoosieLucy GoosieMåned siden
  • Oh i luv u

    delphic ranadelphic ranaMåned siden
  • I want Brad to do my Hair! He makes it look so easy

    Pink FairyGirl13Pink FairyGirl13Måned siden
  • Yep I guess right.

    Elly BecirevicElly BecirevicMåned siden
  • I am so in love with Brad .... He is so nice such a nice guy helping all of us ...

    Mayuri ShrivastavaMayuri ShrivastavaMåned siden
  • This video just saved my life🥺😍😍

    Arianna EstradaArianna EstradaMåned siden
  • can u do a tutorial on how to get rid of too much volume and a lot of frizz bc i have very voluminous and extremely frizzy hair...

    careyaepcareyaepMåned siden
  • i embarassed now i not use product

    Blu SharkBlu SharkMåned siden
  • okay so i have pretty tight waves on the bottom layer of my hair, but the top layer is damn near straight and frizzy asf. so do you have any tips for that? and do you think these products will help me with that? 😓i’m really struggling it would be so amazing if you replied 💗💝 regardless i’m probably still gonna but the waveform and salty spray 🙈

    ana z.ana z.Måned siden