Mondo Makeover: Time for Amanda To Take Back Her Life

7. nov.. 2019
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Hi Beautiful! Amanda has been through a lot at a young age with her parents splitting up and a drug addiction past. It's finally time for her to get a new look to go with her new outlook on life.
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  • I love how she said she was into make up so joelle were trying to tell her and teach her different tricks and ways and products to help her get back into make up. (Idk how his name is spelled but that’s how I spell my middle name)

    Smh_ AutumnSmh_ Autumn5 timer siden
  • Wow

    Emilie RaoultEmilie RaoultDag siden
  • Hi brad mondo

    Emilie RaoultEmilie RaoultDag siden
  • I love her hair and her story was heart felt love guys....

    Csompo EmpireCsompo Empire2 dager siden
  • She reminds me of someone... but with red hair

    FunkyGamer2017 :3FunkyGamer2017 :36 dager siden
  • this was so 💣 like woah that color stunning the makeup stunning yesss !! brad 👏🏾doesn’t 👏🏾miss he’s so sweet😭😍

    Sade OjoSade Ojo7 dager siden
  • I’m obsessed with their energy together

    Josilyn CJosilyn C9 dager siden
  • I think this is my favorite makeover yet

    Ahri PlayzAhri Playz9 dager siden
  • My dream is to have you do my hair ❤️❤️❤️!!! She is beautiful 😍! I hope she goes to school for hair and makeup 💄

    Laura DickersonLaura Dickerson10 dager siden
  • just stunning 😍

    Theidy FloresTheidy Flores13 dager siden
  • i love you brad

    Theidy FloresTheidy Flores13 dager siden
  • I love you Brad Mondo, you are amazing

    Maria Moya RodriguezMaria Moya Rodriguez13 dager siden
  • Brad, please do my hair!!!! Im in Dubai!!! 😁

    Rona JunioRona Junio13 dager siden
  • You are a very good person 💗 Just all over good feelings with this makeover!

    Katherine KureKatherine Kure14 dager siden
  • Be able to afford a stylist .0333% as good as Brad Mondo by earning with me! 😅 Atleast I'm honest!

    Goddess UnveiledGoddess Unveiled14 dager siden
  • I love it to

    Adrienne DuweAdrienne Duwe18 dager siden
  • 😍

    Thalia JimenezThalia Jimenez19 dager siden
  • I love the hair color!! I see you used overtone , is that a permanent color?

    Chelsea MChelsea M19 dager siden
  • Bomb af 🥰🤗

    Tokyo TaeTokyo Tae20 dager siden
  • I am in love with what he did with the hair and him 😭❤️..he is sucha beautiful person 😭😭😭

    Mishel HansMishel Hans21 dag siden
  • Just wow total transformation i love it , i need him to do this for me

    Hayley RiotHayley Riot22 dager siden
  • Idk if I should get my hair cut to my shoulders

    Toaster strudel L.aToaster strudel L.a22 dager siden
    • do ittt

      Epersonal lEpersonal l14 dager siden
  • Oh she's open. haha

    Katie SalvadoreKatie Salvadore22 dager siden
  • Brad: but i’m NOT gonna tell her what color it is yet *shoves gloves with the color in her face* «But no she can’t know the color yet» No hate btw just an observation

    Lonely Potato2Lonely Potato222 dager siden
  • She looks so goood

    Shanique WrightShanique Wright22 dager siden
  • Love these videos!! Wish you did more like these😍☺️🤩

    Robyn ArnoldRobyn Arnold24 dager siden
  • 😍❣️

    Danny loveDanny love24 dager siden
  • The red/ orange looks great in her! ❤🧡

    Charlotte WCharlotte W24 dager siden
  • Hairstylist here!!! Let’s follow and support one another ❤️❤️❤️

    KellybbyxoxoKellybbyxoxo24 dager siden
  • Okay but I love the cow jacket

    Arianna ColderArianna Colder25 dager siden
  • And now she lookes like the young strong lady she is! That was an amazing makeover

    Thea DinesenThea Dinesen25 dager siden
  • She looks stunning!!!😮

    Mia GraceMia Grace27 dager siden
  • Absolutely beautiful 😍 ❤ you did such an amazing job. The color is Fierce!!! Yassss!

    MJ SantiagoMJ Santiago27 dager siden
  • This was amazing 🤩👍 xxx

    Mandi ToonMandi Toon27 dager siden
  • Incredible talent people

    analucya _analucya _27 dager siden
  • Twin?

    Victoria TaljVictoria Talj29 dager siden
  • Growing up my dad was a addict. He was addicted to meth and got my little sister addicted at 13. She is now 27 and is in prison while I am raising her 2 kids. I have been raising them for 4 years now and have basically put my life on hold to make sure they are well taken care of. I'm glad to see her overcome her addiction because it is hard. Both members are still addicted after 14 years

    Whitley BerryWhitley Berry29 dager siden
  • How am I just realizing you have a twin 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Sierra JohnstonSierra JohnstonMåned siden
  • I can seriously watch Brad all day. And I have.

    AuraOfLifeAuraOfLifeMåned siden
  • I cried; this is so beautiful. Tysm! You’re seriously amazing 💜💜💜💜💜

    liz marie Meloliz marie MeloMåned siden
  • Amazing

  • Small NOworldrs here!!!🥰

    Nimely SquadNimely SquadMåned siden
  • Ugh I just love the vibes of good people doing good for others yey!

    glitterbom editsglitterbom editsMåned siden
  • random but i love her voice so much

    daniela frabottadaniela frabottaMåned siden
  • random but i love her voice so much

    daniela frabottadaniela frabottaMåned siden
  • I notice brad often donates hair, and I really appreciate that!

    Danielle NicholeDanielle NicholeMåned siden
  • Wait tf a minute ... you a twinnn ?!!

    Telia NewsomeTelia NewsomeMåned siden
  • If i die before having a hair make over by brad....what even is the point 😔

    just tryna livejust tryna liveMåned siden
  • Anyone else notice how he said that he wasnt gonna tell her the colors but forgot about the color on his gloves??👀

    Yamilet SantiagoYamilet SantiagoMåned siden
  • i love this so much ❤️

    Gabby ZoeyGabby ZoeyMåned siden
  • I love how Brad could change any girl. He’s a king 😍❤️

    Natascha gieseNatascha gieseMåned siden
  • Who absolutely NEEDS to see Brad Mondo x James Charles??

    Sadie LSadie LMåned siden
  • Love this! ❤️

    Daliz HernandezDaliz HernandezMåned siden
  • I have Exstremely long hair I'd let u cut mine n dye it ur awesome love ur work wished u were in my city in Canada

    spirituality and herbologist healerspirituality and herbologist healerMåned siden
  • I was tripping out I forgot you had a brother lmao.

    Ivy salazarIvy salazarMåned siden
  • Brad : am not gonna tell u what the color is Also brad : *waves his red stained hands in front of her*

    Sedky HibaSedky HibaMåned siden
  • 🙏🏽♥️

    Diana Loves makeupDiana Loves makeupMåned siden
  • How can I get this done. I would love a new look from Brad.

    Alex AveryAlex AveryMåned siden

    KikiKikiMåned siden
  • Одвратно😱🤢🤮

    Мала ДушаМала ДушаMåned siden
  • Brad you and Joel work so very well together! Love it.

    Loretta LewisLoretta LewisMåned siden
  • I am so glad she was able to co.e through that and grow and learn, but also help others going through it. So much strength!! 😘 Her hair looks like the perfect sunset!!!

    Loretta LewisLoretta LewisMåned siden
  • You’re magician brad.. her hair giving me the vibes of sunset on the beach.. 🥰

    syeda hirasyeda hiraMåned siden
  • Omg that was a really good transformation ❤️🥺

    Mickey Covers2Mickey Covers2Måned siden
  • She looks so much more healthy with that red hair

    EllieEllieMåned siden
  • I want that on me so so bad

    Labina FaheemLabina FaheemMåned siden
  • Reminds me of gwen stefani

    Priscilla SanchezPriscilla SanchezMåned siden
  • I think she didn't like it

    Salima KhettabSalima KhettabMåned siden
  • Why did this make me emotional tear up? 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    stephanie barrettstephanie barrettMåned siden
  • wait he is twin???

    JessMess99JessMess99Måned siden
  • Oml her hair is stunning and I’m jealous!!!

    Abby 5201Abby 5201Måned siden
  • No pompadour. I am leaving

    Shiriyoku PShiriyoku PMåned siden
  • I really want to know how her life is going right now!!! I loved this so much!

    AJ ZipperAJ ZipperMåned siden
  • She looks waaaay older than 23...

    jaylina milanijaylina milaniMåned siden
  • Wow her hair is incredible!

    Adriana TostaAdriana TostaMåned siden
  • I think she would see the colour of the "surprise" hair colour on Brad's gloves when he is applying the colour on her hair

    Yvonne BalladoriYvonne BalladoriMåned siden
  • Great job Brad Mondo❣️ she looks fabulous 🥰❣️ready to rock the town now❣️ keep up the great videos

    Rhonda ClarkRhonda ClarkMåned siden
  • Omg please make lease do me. My hair is longer than hers and I am 43. I use nothing on it, no heat. I have been so sick the past few years and lost my mom and I became attached to my hair. I need a change but scared but I would trust you

    Treasures Of ManyTreasures Of ManyMåned siden
  • Brad we love you

    PolyvianiPolyvianiMåned siden
  • I haven't had my hair cut in 6 years since my childhood hair dresser retired. I've been terrified to get a hair cut. I've never dyed my hair. Watching Brad's videos and makeovers for girls have made me curious. But still terrified to do anything with my hair. 🤣

    MirabelleMirabelleMåned siden
  • He is a sweetheart...

    Nadya LuNadya LuMåned siden
  • i love it (3

    Jerusalem Ethio1Jerusalem Ethio1Måned siden
  • Brads parents be like: *copy paste* *copy paste* *copy paste*

    Samantha JeppersonSamantha JeppersonMåned siden
    • I was wondering that too! Is that his twin ??? What does his father look like

      Cecilia SousaCecilia Sousa4 dager siden

      I Like BirdsI Like Birds8 dager siden
    • And ALL BEAUTIFUL 😭❣️

      Melanie GisselMelanie GisselMåned siden
  • Brad YES

    Jessica SJessica SMåned siden
  • Ooof, tears 🥺😫😭💓💓💓💓 so happy for you mama! LIVE YOUR EXTRA LIFE BABE!

    Hannah GrayHannah GrayMåned siden
  • I am just in love with brad mondo now! I wish I could ever get to see you someday! A bigggggg fan brad xoxo❤

    Sonam DurgaSonam DurgaMåned siden
  • She looks FANTASTIC!

    Lisa JarvisLisa JarvisMåned siden
  • I love the makeover!! She’s so gorgeous💕😍

    roclaroclaMåned siden
  • I’m happy because they’re all happy!❤️🖤

    Jannet RamirezJannet RamirezMåned siden
  • That hair color is to die for omg

    Kamryn ConleyKamryn ConleyMåned siden
  • Brad should do international makeovers

    avantika sujithavantika sujithMåned siden
  • a fellow addict myself I'm so glad that she has turned her life around and I pray she continues on a positive path.

    MizzPretty HustonMizzPretty HustonMåned siden
  • Mondo you are the best🤩

    ελισαβετ Πάναελισαβετ ΠάναMåned siden
  • She kind of reminds me of demi lavato

    Tamra ArmstrongTamra ArmstrongMåned siden
  • The color is on his gloves she may know a lil.. lol

    CharsCharsMåned siden
  • Mando is so cute and gentle .. i love his manners

    Fatimazahra HadnyFatimazahra HadnyMåned siden
  • Geez, i need a wow me makeover...I've lost some weight and just want a new look that is just different. Since the pandemic started I have just stopped auditioning. I've had the same hair just about 5 years because of recommendations from ppl in the film industry...I'm just over it. I'm getting depressed and I see that my agent is starting to send audition emails and such. I think I've lost my drive...if you need a candidate help a struggling aspiring actress out! My IMDb is under Angela Coburn my IG is @MakingOfAModel.

    Acting and Auditions with Angela CoburnActing and Auditions with Angela CoburnMåned siden
  • What can he do for a 51 year old grandma xxx

    Samantha WatsonSamantha Watson2 måneder siden
  • I love this one!!!! She is so excited!!!!!!!

    aashley cherieaashley cherie2 måneder siden
  • Him thanking her for sharing her story is ❤️

    Abhinetri MAbhinetri M2 måneder siden