Learn To French Braid In 5 Mins Or Less!

17. juli. 2020
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Hi beautiful! Today’s the day you learn how to braid! I’ll be teaching you the basic three-strand braid and the french braid so you can become a braiding pro. The final look is a recreation of the character Nimue's braids from the new show "Cursed" now streaming only on Netflix: www.netflix.com/title/80199393 - Thanks again to Netflix for sponsoring today’s video!
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  • Congrats, you’re now a braiding expert 💙☺️

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo3 måneder siden
    • My sis passed away last September (I can't believe a year has gone by!) She did french braiding for weddings and I always wanted to teach me how. I never learned. I now have a ten year old daughter who has hair I braid in a regular braid every day. When she was younger it was hard for her to sit still that long. She might go for it now. I feel like my sister is involved somehow. Like she's trying to make up for what she couldn't while she was here.

      Jessica BurchellJessica Burchell2 måneder siden
    • Fuck yuh mean this is hard asl.

      Daddy ZayDaddy Zay2 måneder siden
    • Hannah

      Nicole SmolenNicole Smolen2 måneder siden
    • I knew how to do this since I was 7 but I just enjoy your videos too much to skip it

      Pink LemonadePink Lemonade2 måneder siden
    • You too :) ❤️

      Ellie SullivanEllie Sullivan2 måneder siden
  • I am never again searching your products by name on google . I'll go to your site first and then search to save the trauma

    Somdutta MukherjeeSomdutta MukherjeeDag siden
  • Omg this helped me so much I swear I struggled so much with this and this definitely made it so much easier for me !😁 thank you Brad Mando!!

    Alyza MunozAlyza MunozDag siden
  • I think u did an AMAZING job as always 😘 I’ve heard it’s a good show I have it on my list but I was watching wentworth,haunting of bly manor etc first

    Review Queen91Review Queen91Dag siden
  • I can braid but I can’t get it tight at part near my head but rest is tight but my head part is a mess it looks poofy anyone know how to fix it?

    Review Queen91Review Queen91Dag siden
  • When in high school band, we would be lined up down the isle, French braiding the persons hair in front of us. Even the guys with long hair. Couldn’t show hair sticking out of the hat or touching collar.

    Rhayne SthormRhayne SthormDag siden
  • My heart says yes but my arms are saying no

    JazJaz2 dager siden
  • My mom was no hair stylist. She seen someone do a French braid once and remembered it. There's 3 of us girls. No boys. We all had long hair when we were young and she would French braid our hair. Next morning braid again. My mom can do every kind of braid you can think of. She's amazing. Thank you Brad bc although my mom has tried to teach my stubborn ass i just learned. Lol 😂

    Michelle GabrielMichelle Gabriel3 dager siden
  • it’s all fun and games until i have mixed girl hair and that shit jus don’t work 💀

    yoshortiiariiyoshortiiarii4 dager siden
  • That moment when you accidentally Dutch braid 🤭 Plz send help

    Veronica PachecoVeronica Pacheco4 dager siden

    Kristina KirsnysKristina Kirsnys5 dager siden
  • WOW!!!! Thank you!!!!

    Trista de VriesTrista de Vries8 dager siden

    Amanda LeporeAmanda Lepore9 dager siden
  • Omg I can't wait to do this and share it with my new cosmetology class that I start 2morrow. Ps: I'm 36 years old wish me luck

    Amanda LeporeAmanda Lepore9 dager siden
  • Why do you look like JD from heathers today??

    Katelin PalmerKatelin Palmer10 dager siden
  • but curly hair tho…

    braelyn wilsonbraelyn wilson10 dager siden
    • Wet it 💁🏻‍♀️

      Rand ْRand ْ9 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo 2020

    Leyna SonnefeldLeyna Sonnefeld11 dager siden
  • Brad, You freaking genius.. this is the only French braid lesson that clicked for my brain. I’m almost 40 and never could get it! Thank you! ❤️

    MadelynnCatalinaMadelynnCatalina13 dager siden
  • Decided my hair was long enough to style and, therefore, braid...SO HERE WE ARE.....

    Tiffany FloresTiffany Flores15 dager siden
  • What’s really weird is the first hair that u did in the manikin we call that a plait we’re I live and I can do that perfectly

    AintxqeAintxqe17 dager siden
  • Omg you make it look very easy and very well taught how you say side over center i was so confused for awhile but now i will try your technique thank you very much.

    Tattedprincess90 LopezTattedprincess90 Lopez17 dager siden
  • Moral lesson BE PATIENT

    Nageen SajjadNageen Sajjad18 dager siden
  • Could you do something for short hair?

    Maki SchulzMaki Schulz20 dager siden
  • First youtuber I can actually understand 💖💖💖

    Kc MeowKc Meow21 dag siden
  • How do you do the beginning of the French braid if you have bangs??

    Sarah MullenSarah Mullen25 dager siden
  • ummmmmmmmmmm... why is brad so NICE AND ENCOURAGING!!!!!!!!!! love him

    Helen SheirHelen Sheir25 dager siden
  • Wow miss maniquin isn’t dead yet😂🤣😂

    Dino GONZALESDino GONZALES26 dager siden
  • Also, PLEASE do one of a Dutch braid!!!!

    Valarie CienegaValarie Cienega26 dager siden
  • I have been alive for almost 37 years and you just taught me how to French braid after I have watched numerous other videos from others. This by far is the BEST and most EASIEST way of learning to braid. THANK YOU!!!

    Valarie CienegaValarie Cienega26 dager siden
  • Ur the hairstylist version of james charles😂😂😂💀

    Blessed BeingBlessed Being28 dager siden
  • Wow that was so cool.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf28 dager siden
  • I said it in another video but thank you so much for these. As a girl who didn't have a mom growing up and was raised by my dad and uncle I literally had nobody to show me anything. I'm 33 and still trying to learn how to do hair and makeup and stuff correctly.

    Jennifer JonesJennifer Jones29 dager siden
  • That shirt Brad is simply yummy! I love how he says "fustrated" instead of "fRustrated". I giggle every time he says it.

    Loretta LewisLoretta LewisMåned siden
  • I can braid my own hair... but I cannot frenchbraid my own hair (I can do it for others) any advice (from other long haired ladies/gents... because no matter how fab Brad is... I doubt he has french braided his own hair before)

    Lisa A. BrinkerLisa A. BrinkerMåned siden
  • Cursed was such a good show!! I watched it all in a day 🤣

    Jennifer KorosiJennifer KorosiMåned siden
  • Great tutorial, lovely! Thank you😎❤❤❤💯

    Nao BolligerNao BolligerMåned siden
  • I accidentally learnt how to braid my hair haha

    Fitness GeekFitness GeekMåned siden
  • Lol, I used to always grab my friend and do all sorts of things on her hair Then one hour later her hair is still the same as when we started and then I give up.

    gazagazaMåned siden
    • I find it easier to do hairstyles on my own hair.

      gazagazaMåned siden
  • oh my god thank you!! I have tried this on and off for years and the videos I watched were so confusing..then I watch the first 20 seconds of yours and I got it!!

    lotusflowerlotusflowerMåned siden
  • It was an awesome season of the cursed. Can't wait for the second season.

    Leisa MuffettLeisa MuffettMåned siden
  • That mannequin is so lucky BRAD GETS TO DO HER HAIR

    Addelyn KramerAddelyn KramerMåned siden
  • Have u tried the "scoop" method I can do so many braids but this is the only type of braid I can do on my own and its just technically one big cornrow I have trouble braiding my own hair but others np any tips?

    Megan StriplinMegan StriplinMåned siden
  • Title: learn how to braid in 5 minutes *Video: 22 minutes long*

    ConniePConniePMåned siden
  • I have 3b curly hair, and i know it's not too curly as others but i seriously struggle very much. Can you give a tip please?? I love your videos and this one helps do braids to my sister who has straight hair!! Thank you again Brad !!❤️❤️

    Dimitra ManiatiDimitra ManiatiMåned siden
  • I learned how to braid on those miniature Barbie heads that came with like clips and everything it was my favorite toy🤣

    Brianna DBrianna DMåned siden
  • Learn how to braid your hair in 5 minutes In 22 minutes video

    maria ninamaria ninaMåned siden
  • I just finished watching Cursed omg not what I was expecting what a good show ! I loved her hair it so long ❤

    Becky LandgraffBecky LandgraffMåned siden
  • Love this guy so much finally after watching so many failed tutorial i got it😎

    ShivaniShivaniMåned siden
  • Hi Brad, not sure if you’ll see this but I’m genuinely confused about the controversy about braiding your hair before bed. I realize that braiding is better as your hair won’t have as much friction sleeping on it, or get as tangled... but I also read if you French braid it too tight you could be damaging your hair line. What is the best way to braid your hair before bed?? I need a hair care for bed video lol! I can’t quite braid my hair without French braiding because it is not long enough

    Danielle DangDanielle DangMåned siden
  • I sometimes do that same exact Nimway hairstyle, except I braid a long strip of fabric or ribbon into my hair, so that I can then tied them together in the back of my head in a nice, pretty bow. The one style I've never managed to get down is the crown braid. Maybe do a tutorial on that one next!

    Anto ButeraAnto ButeraMåned siden
  • I can french braid my own hair no problem, like to the side, or down the back of my head, etc (and I have thick ass hair down to my waist). But on other people? Impossible

    Anto ButeraAnto ButeraMåned siden
  • Brad... I know how to braid and french braid on others, but can't do it on myself :'(

    Luminous AnthemLuminous AnthemMåned siden
  • Supporting Netflix while we all cancel them for promoting pedophilia ain't it.

    mera8785mera8785Måned siden
  • I know how to braid already. I just wanted to watch to improve. 😊

    Teal Cloe 85Teal Cloe 85Måned siden
  • I'm just having a panic attack, don't mind me

    AnneAnneMåned siden
  • You NAILED it.

    SpaceOrc13SpaceOrc13Måned siden
  • You should do Lagertha's braids from Vikings! She has absolutely gorgeous braids that make her look like such a queeeennn

    TashaAzharTashaAzharMåned siden
  • Looking fabulous in this video

    Anum ShabanAnum ShabanMåned siden
  • You're just awesome 😍

    Anum ShabanAnum ShabanMåned siden
  • 5:28me too

    Unknown_ AngelUnknown_ AngelMåned siden
  • When brads very cheap is my very expensive yes I know I’m broke

    Ilove RobloxIlove RobloxMåned siden
  • I know how to braid. I am just not able to do it on myself :(

    Imke Van EijkImke Van EijkMåned siden
  • I just realized I’ve been braiding center over side MY ENTIRE LIFE. Have I been doing it wrong because it’s really hard to relearn that muscle memory. What the hell!

    Rebecca PorterRebecca PorterMåned siden
  • Thank you for saving me from tangled bugs bunny fingers 😵 I have been struggling to learn french braiding for MONTHS. You're awesome!

    tiana03cvtiana03cvMåned siden
  • Me: thinking I already know how to braid Brad: side over center Me: wait what? I do side under center. So I guess I have been doing that wrong most my life... and I can say my fingers dont like doing it side over center.

    Coral LewisCoral LewisMåned siden
  • Why couldn’t you have been in my life when I was a teenager struggling with my long hair?

    Me KingMe KingMåned siden
  • I started plaiting hair when I was about 4 and got my first My Little Pony. I started plaiting my own hair when I grew it out when I was 16. I've since had long hair four or five times as an adult, and really enjoyed asymmetric French braids in the early 00s. I find it relaxing and therapeutic. I tend to find it easier when my hair isn't completely clean.

    thegreenmanofnorwichthegreenmanofnorwichMåned siden
  • Is it just me or do you go side under center

    Alexandra WericsonAlexandra WericsonMåned siden
  • Brad you look gooooood today like hello handsome

    Madison FrederickMadison FrederickMåned siden

    Aizza MarinAizza MarinMåned siden
  • That's really someone with long hair that doesn't know how to do a simple braid? I don't even remember when I started... 😅

    Sa.brinaSa.brinaMåned siden
  • My hair is too long n gets tangled too fast I cant do french braids on my own hair good 😒 I been knew how to do regular braids but I want that shit layin down on my head too lmao, its hard to do it my self, my old roommate did it a couple times but daaamn I wanna do it my self 😭 I feel like cutting my hair a lil bit idk if thatd help or nah though lol oh well

    Kayla SKayla SMåned siden
  • My curly puffy hair wont corporate:(

    Megan LauxMegan LauxMåned siden
    • @Curlybby thank you!

      Megan LauxMegan LauxMåned siden
    • i have really thick knotty curly hair too girl! it took me about a month to learn and now i can do it really tight, just practise honestly. A tip would be to do it on damp hair not wet because its really slippery and get a firm grip close to the scalp. Just practise trust me you'll get there x

      CurlybbyCurlybbyMåned siden
  • I learned how to French braid yesterday and I can do the right side of my head with the arm technique the lady showed me but it is SO uncomfortable and confusing to French braid the left side of my head with that technique any tips

    Addison HibbleAddison HibbleMåned siden
  • This video was so therapeutic

    LIFE OF J&SLIFE OF J&SMåned siden
  • I now how to braid alredy and i now how to braid French braids.

    sisters-gaming Simanskatwinssisters-gaming SimanskatwinsMåned siden
  • Im going to school for this rn thank you Brad! You've saved me from a panic attack.

    Lana GrayLana GrayMåned siden
  • I can only French braid other people’s hair but every time I try to French braid mine I come out with a Dutch braid which is crazy because I literally can not Dutch braid anyone else’s hair😂 thanks inverted brain🥴

    Tabalina GTabalina GMåned siden
  • Brad kissing the mannequin gives me Albert vibes.

    SapphireSapphireMåned siden
  • okay BUT how do you french braid your bangs/fringe in too

    Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of DestructionRebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of DestructionMåned siden
  • Of course I would finally figure out how to french braid thanks to Brad Mondo’s video, just months before I shave my hair off, thanks to Brad Mondo videos. 😅

    kaitlyn bagelkaitlyn bagelMåned siden

    Poppy WinterPoppy Winter2 måneder siden
  • Can you do a vid teaching Eric how to French braid

    Sophia GaffneySophia Gaffney2 måneder siden
  • PLEASE HELP ME!!💖💖💖 A video on how to get iron out from your hair! I live out in the woods with bad iron water and I have a strawberry blond color going on right now. I’ve NEVER died my hair and I naturally have blond hair. The iron in my water has changed the color of my hair and I need some ideas on how to get it out, preferably without coloring it💕 also, does the iron stay on top or does it penetrate the cortex of the strand? Thank you!!!❤️

    Sarah PhillipsSarah Phillips2 måneder siden
  • I’m going to make a video of myself soon I’ve watched soooo many videos but this song gives me so much more confidence to French braid “Where gonna do what??” 😂😂😂😂😂

    kelly corneykelly corney2 måneder siden
  • 12:19 that look when Brad is about to murder you....get-your-hand-off-my-neck-brad🙂

    sam wants a hifisam wants a hifi2 måneder siden
  • no. i cannot center part brad. my hair hates me because i’ve had it in the same side part for like four years at least.

    AnnieAnnie2 måneder siden
  • Thank you so much for this

    Real Raw and RachetReal Raw and Rachet2 måneder siden
  • Omg! After watching dozens of French Braid videos, yours clicked for me!!! Must be that cute jingle you sing...

    Sandy BourgeoisSandy Bourgeois2 måneder siden
    • 😍

      Sandy BourgeoisSandy Bourgeois2 måneder siden
  • YES

    hira sanhira san2 måneder siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥 Brad brad bradd🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍 Giveaway

    ginger thymeginger thyme2 måneder siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥 Brad brad bradd🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍 Giveaway

    ginger thymeginger thyme2 måneder siden

    it'sme23it'sme232 måneder siden
  • Wow! The Nimue braid was so fast and easy! No hair extensions needed on my head though, my hair is plenty thick and long. Braiding this way pulls all the silver streaks up on top. I love it.

    Marsha EmrickMarsha Emrick2 måneder siden
  • you’re so good at explaining! i’ve never seen someone who is this calm and nice while explaining something. i love it!💚💚💚

    akakoakako2 måneder siden
  • I can French braid my own hair and anyone elses, I taught myself 😭 I never understood how people find it difficult

    Perla RicoPerla Rico2 måneder siden
  • Loved loved this tutorial, and you replicated the hair spot on too!x

    Narg AliNarg Ali2 måneder siden
  • 4:00 me hearing brad say "dont get fusterated" instead of frustrated made me happy bc im not the only one that says fusterated

    Caitlyyynnn :PCaitlyyynnn :P2 måneder siden
  • of course the vid w valuable content and a NETFLIX sponsor gets half the views of any hairdresser reacts smh

    samantha keenesamantha keene2 måneder siden
  • i need you to talk about the thing the yao women do!!!!!

    TooseiToosei2 måneder siden