I Tried Weird Tiktok Hair Hacks So You Don't Have To!

11. juni. 2020
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Hi beautiful! The hacks were weird but some were oddly useful.
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  • Are there any you wanna try?

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo4 måneder siden
    • If my hair is staticky, I run a dryer sheet over my hair

      ChristinaChristina4 dager siden
    • Nope. Nope. Nope.nope.nope.nope.nope.nope.nope.nope.

      Evie WatsonEvie Watson5 dager siden
    • Hiii ily

      Kasie ChastainKasie Chastain7 dager siden
    • I trust you, but I don't trust tiktok. Or myself when it comes to my hair.

      ZedZed9 dager siden
    • The last one! I love little pony tails but hate all these elastics ruining the look

      troebeliewoeptroebeliewoep11 dager siden
  • 13:41 I literally died😂🤣

    Libby KLibby K20 timer siden
  • You seem like such a great person to be around. Id love to get my hair done by you 😂

    Maria XoMaria Xo20 timer siden
  • “Why am I do dumb sometimes I hate it?” Me: uhhh okay

    Samantha WilliamsSamantha WilliamsDag siden
  • Me: aww that's really cute! Brad: ewww.... that's ugly Me: DEEESSSCCCUUUUSSSSSSTTTTTAAAAAAAANNNGGGGG ABSOLUTE!!!!

    Kimberly LawtonKimberly LawtonDag siden

      Kimberly LawtonKimberly LawtonDag siden
  • Seam rippers (used for sewing) work great to remove little elastics. Speaking from experience with a little girl who hates having her ponytails pulled out.

    Kaella ChristiansenKaella ChristiansenDag siden
  • Funny story (about the elastic one) So when I was younger I put my hair into two braids which had a plastic ban on it to hold it together, well I decided to take my flat iron and try to straighten my hair with it and the plastic melted into my hair, I was so upset lol. Yes I was unbelievable stupid as a chil, also I just started watching this channel and I absolutely love it!💖

    Savana MathewsSavana Mathews2 dager siden
  • Next time when you do the static hair trick don’t put the tin foil on the brush and see if that works

    RUBY ROSERUBY ROSE2 dager siden
  • What you guys heard: hair bungee What i heard: bungee gum possesses both proterties of rubber and gum🃏♣♦♥♠🃏

    Sangwoo's Crusty ThighsSangwoo's Crusty Thighs2 dager siden
  • Brad: “Some long ass hair” Me: umm my hair is almost 3 feet long

    TheQueenOfSarcasm13TheQueenOfSarcasm132 dager siden
  • Do curly hair hacks please (T-T)

    The unknown DarknessThe unknown Darkness3 dager siden
  • me: that's so cute brad: ITS HIDEOUS me: ABSOLUTE GARBAGE

    sara gaviriasara gaviria3 dager siden
  • Brad the reason the static thingy works is because of electrons in your hair wants to go some where. Come on you should know that I am 10 and even I know that. So basically it is like when you are quarantine and you want to get out of your house, your house is hair and you are the electrons.

    Camilla DresnerCamilla Dresner3 dager siden
  • god miss quinn I wish I had your silky hair

    Nathan GagnonNathan Gagnon3 dager siden
  • 17:26 me: it's kinda cute Brad: it's hideous me: you are super right

    Raina CookRaina Cook4 dager siden
  • 13:30 It's not the foil it's the brush.

    Raina CookRaina Cook4 dager siden
  • Lemon essential oil allegedly breaks the tiny hair elastics.

    Jessica SobiloJessica Sobilo4 dager siden
  • Bts fans and k pop fans are everywhere Well I am bts army

    durgavyshnavi kakarladurgavyshnavi kakarla4 dager siden
  • The way the yes sounded at last was like a creechy cute🤤😌

    kutten kettykutten ketty4 dager siden
  • That doesn’t look like static though. It just looked messy....

    mickeypoo305mickeypoo3055 dager siden
  • Conduction

    Saranyya ChatterjeeSaranyya Chatterjee5 dager siden
  • www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/questions/what-gods-kingdom-will-do/.

    Niamh LordNiamh Lord5 dager siden
  • How many time can one person say tiktok in an intro

    Dustin KlineDustin Kline5 dager siden
  • Good morning beautiful

    Sherry Corra/McKenzieSherry Corra/McKenzie5 dager siden
  • Why do the wigs, look better than my hair

    Evie WatsonEvie Watson5 dager siden
  • Imagine being that mannequin...

    Sneha RubySneha Ruby5 dager siden
  • Brad mondo’s arms 😍😍😍😍😍😱😱😱🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Dayna BledsoeDayna Bledsoe5 dager siden
  • Me high key being jealous of a mannequins hair

    Krazykruse KidsKrazykruse Kids7 dager siden
  • The science behind the tinfoil hair hack is negative and positive ions being canceled out which causes the hair to tame because the tinfoil reacts to the ions in the hair from the static

    Sarah DSarah D7 dager siden

    Clair WildClair Wild7 dager siden
  • No One: Brad having a full on conversation with a mannequin

    Nyah FirminNyah Firmin8 dager siden
  • Brad how do you take your matcha?!

    Tara De VitoTara De Vito8 dager siden
  • 2:23 I literally just watched a video with him talking about how he used to not have the money for a Mason Pierson brush.

    Sherry DodsonSherry Dodson9 dager siden
  • I'd trust you enough to hold my drink at a party ❤️

    ScorpiScorpi9 dager siden
  • “Hi beautiful, you look marvellous today.” Me sick and face covered in peanut butter from toast: Thanks, but I’m not so sure...

    Evie GachaEvie Gacha10 dager siden
  • Can someone tell me if the disco hairstyle works with already curly hair

    JasmineJasmine10 dager siden
  • brad: "i don't have time" also brad: *adds even more curls*

    bëckä Ƹ̵ÏƷbëckä Ƹ̵ÏƷ10 dager siden
  • Who else found Brad on Tik Tok

    Anna ArmstrongAnna Armstrong10 dager siden
  • “Ew daddy…”😂

    Erie LErie L10 dager siden
  • Brad: hi beautiful Me: *is watching this at 3:30 am*

    RST MathewsRST Mathews10 dager siden
  • And I love tinfoil

    Banana BoiBanana Boi10 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo: MIsS mAnniQuinn

    Probably_Peachy RobloxProbably_Peachy Roblox10 dager siden
  • For the small plastic elastics, it because they are 2 types of plastic : some melt with heat and some break (like the one the girl in Tik Tok has)

    Marie DoryMarie Dory11 dager siden
  • The blonde mannequin cost $300

    All_thingscaryAll_thingscary11 dager siden
  • You should please do curly hair hacks 🥺 I love youuuu

    Yaireliz TanonYaireliz Tanon11 dager siden
  • Also I need your help. My hair is very thick and has a wave to it which makes the ends have volume but the hair at the top of my head lays flat which looks very weird to me with my head shape and the way the rest of my hair falls so if you see this please answer even if you ask me to contact you on instagram or tik tok

    Kelsie SchenerleinKelsie Schenerlein11 dager siden
  • i think the one for static with the foil is because I'm pretty sure aluminum has magnetic properties and static has something to do with magnetization but I don't really know so don't take my word for it

    Kelsie SchenerleinKelsie Schenerlein11 dager siden
  • I tried the make your hair longer one and it worked you just have to make the second ponytail lower.

    Maymuna ElshinawyMaymuna Elshinawy12 dager siden
  • Too much of tik tok

    Smrithi KiranSmrithi Kiran12 dager siden
  • The only guy who compliments you, who also has no clue who you are...

    livliv12 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that thinks he sounds like willy wonka at 1:43 ???

    Silvia WagnerSilvia Wagner12 dager siden
  • Why not just test it try it with the tinfoil and without tinfoil to see if the static really worked

    spiritually tarotspiritually tarot12 dager siden
  • Holy shit trying the iud hair pony trick tmrw

    Chloe GaianChloe Gaian12 dager siden
  • I think it’s because the tin foil sucks the static energy into it ... but I might be full of shit idk

    Chloe GaianChloe Gaian12 dager siden
  • I'm pretty sure just the brush can smooth out static :

    deranged dogederanged doge12 dager siden
  • 3:36 me to my myself every day

    Elsa GrinbergaElsa Grinberga12 dager siden
  • 0:18 - 0:32 everyone this year ☺

    Elsa GrinbergaElsa Grinberga12 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that feels bad for Manny Quin...? I mean her hair is an experiment for Brad and he doesn’t even treat her right! Write “F” in the comments if you feel bad too XD

    Mikado VideosMikado Videos13 dager siden
  • Ww

    Laura DiBenedettoLaura DiBenedetto14 dager siden
  • the rubber band one does work if you use the average Rainbow Loom rubber bands.

    AuxeAuxe15 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo is so genuinely entertaining. I’d watch even if I was bald.

    Sandra DiazSandra Diaz15 dager siden
  • I'm a lesbian but I can't stop staring at Brad's arms

    Lisa LinsenmeyerLisa Linsenmeyer15 dager siden
  • @rebeccazamolo

    Aimee HazeldenAimee Hazelden15 dager siden
  • The way Miss Mani-Quinn popped up after having her head rubbed on the carpet (@ 12:55), is visual representation of what it’s like to take a nap so good that you wake up not knowing if it’s day or night 😂

    Teanna RobinsonTeanna Robinson15 dager siden
  • if u don't know but he is a drug addict

    shreyashi sahooshreyashi sahoo15 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo: The Gordon Ramsey of Hair

    Emily 182Emily 18215 dager siden
  • Brad: “Hello beautiful! You look phenomenal today” Me: *smile* laying in bed in my pajamas and messy bun watching the umpteenth NOworld video today.

    Becky RBecky R16 dager siden
  • me:aww that's adorable brad:HIDEOUS me:HORRRIBLE

    Grace DochertyGrace Docherty16 dager siden
  • For taking out those tiny rubber bands I use a sewing thread cutter. It has the point to easily get under one of the loops and then the curve will cut the band and not the hair.

    Stephanie MoralesStephanie Morales16 dager siden
  • I have thick hair and the two ponytails hack works for me 💖

    linlinlinoxolinlinlinoxo16 dager siden
  • Brad - "this is some long a** hair" me - (laughs but rlly wants to cry) have u seen my hair, chop it off for me pls!!!

    Mahathi UpparapalleMahathi Upparapalle16 dager siden
  • I bought these curlers years ago from an infomercial pre Amazon lol they were leopard print really soft very bendable you can sleep with them in I forget the name of them but I know you know what I’m talking about hahaha 😂 I loved them you can have curls in less than 20 minutes if you did it with dry hair wet hair 10 minutes I would have my daughters hair curled lol 😝

    Dee DeeDee Dee17 dager siden
  • I don’t like you saying the only thing that makes you happy these days is TickTock hun we’re all here for you we’re all here to listen to or if you need to talk hit me up you can talk to me no questions no judgment your loved Brad Mandel I think you might know it but your loved much more than you know DONT EVER FORGET THAT ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😍😍😍😍

    Dee DeeDee Dee17 dager siden
  • Black women have been doing the faux bang forever... smh.. as usual cultural appropriation

    M WoodsM Woods17 dager siden
  • Can I dip my real hair in a bowl??

    M WoodsM Woods17 dager siden
  • The brushed out waves it how my hair is naturally if I brushed it out lol

    Haylie IveyHaylie Ivey17 dager siden
  • What is the type of hair straightener are you using in first tictok

    Lina NabilLina Nabil17 dager siden
  • Brad is fine to me yall. I know, I know, he dont bat for our team, but a girl can look right?

    Bama_BornBama_Born17 dager siden
  • I watch @bradmondo videos on mute because he talks tooo much

    Joey MinajJoey Minaj17 dager siden
  • I was in your site to buy your prismatic glow but then I saw that you let us make payments so I bought the hydrating bundle I’m so happy and excited for it because I’m removing all the brown dye out of my blonde hair tomorrow:)

    Fasherti XFasherti X17 dager siden
  • the first one with the tin foil is just an easier version of rag rollers. also...dat tan!

    peculiar starpeculiar star17 dager siden
  • I thought the low bun was cute 🤣😂

    Gretchen GibsonGretchen Gibson18 dager siden
  • I like your T-shirt

    Khadra AhmedKhadra Ahmed18 dager siden
  • idk but he reminds me of damon salvatore

    cactiicacactiica18 dager siden
  • That bangs girl is going to end this man's whole career 😂

    PriyaDarshini JVPriyaDarshini JV18 dager siden
  • For the first wave one, I actually kinda like it just on the one side.

    Dragon HexDragon Hex18 dager siden
  • The ponytail works, I do it all the time... but I also have thick ass hair lol

    Rayssa FaçanhaRayssa Façanha18 dager siden

    SparkyDeRatSparkyDeRat18 dager siden
  • Why are your videos sooo addicting?!!,😆

    RemoteflprRemoteflpr18 dager siden
  • For the double pony tails to make one long looking pony tail. You have to not have them flipped so high or such a high pony for that one to work

    KristinaJoKristinaJo19 dager siden
  • I was really enjoying this video until I realised that you said tin foil 😳 I thought yall say Aluminium foil or something 🤷‍♀️ Love your videos though xx

    Ana_Raukura 97Ana_Raukura 9719 dager siden
  • How do u untease hair when it's very tangled

    Tyra SealeTyra Seale19 dager siden
  • That last hack though, I wanna know if it comes out without cutting the hair off lol

    Elisabeth CuninghamElisabeth Cuningham19 dager siden
  • Works because you just brushed it out

    Sadie and JiaireSadie and Jiaire20 dager siden
    • OMG is this Sadie i’m such a big thing of your house tour video

      Sadie and JiaireSadie and Jiaire20 dager siden
  • Is it weird that I answer him out loud when he starts him videos?

    Kanbe DaisukeKanbe Daisuke20 dager siden
  • The intro is me

    angelcakes gamingangelcakes gaming21 dag siden
  • tfw a mannequin has healthier hair than you 😔

    Wounded WondererWounded Wonderer21 dag siden
  • This person's got an amazing vibe. I just love it!

    Yukta AggarwalYukta Aggarwal21 dag siden
  • The highlight of my week is when Brad says "hi beautiful"

    Gayatri KurianGayatri Kurian21 dag siden
  • so like youre telling me my super dry no moist at all natural hair that looks EXACTLY like the first mannequin all the time all my life is actually a style? ngl i feel cheated by someone

    Kiss KohKiss Koh21 dag siden