I Tried Rainbow Prism Hair Color

27. aug.. 2020
957 604 Ganger

Hi Beautiful! Today we wonder into the glorious world of prism hair color! It was tough but the end result was kinda cute. :)
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  • I think that rainbow wig looks the best in you than the other definitely 🖤

    Emily MahonEmily Mahon20 timer siden
  • I say this with love, but I am watching this without my glasses and sincerely thought his shirt was one of those reflective emergency blankets. My bad! You look great as always, Brad.

    Jami GraceJami Grace23 timer siden
  • Aww thank you Brad.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf5 dager siden
  • That wig looks great on ya!

    SuperPikachu JexsSuperPikachu Jexs5 dager siden
  • when he says ''HI beautiful'' i look at myself and i look horrible😒😒😒😒😒😢

    Selma PalmerSelma Palmer6 dager siden
  • Brad you’re so handsome and listennnnn you’re so pretty with the wig on.... you look good chica

    Kniki DavisKniki Davis8 dager siden
  • hold up.. u just worked a 9 hour shift, u let the hair completely air dry for a few hours, you dyed the wig a crazy color that had to have took at least 7 hours so... how?? lol

    Sirius BlackSirius Black8 dager siden
  • I have an idea! Why don’t we call ourselves “Braddies” (as in baddies)? You know like James Charles’s fandom call themselves “sisters”. I’m gonna spam Brad’s videos with this idea😂

    R SR S12 dager siden
  • How did you get started as a hairstylist

    Mermaid MoonlightMermaid Moonlight14 dager siden
  • brad..ur already cute... and ily!!

    Vianne Clairre OmisonVianne Clairre Omison14 dager siden
  • Wow now that’s beautiful. By the way you’re slaying that wig. ❤️❤️😍

    Tabitha KenningtonTabitha Kennington15 dager siden
  • is it just me or is it very pixelated

    Isabel zzstu TorresIsabel zzstu Torres15 dager siden
  • I would absolutely let Brad throw me off the Brooklyn Bridge.... yassss daddy kill me

    Azrael SpellmanAzrael Spellman15 dager siden
  • Brad thank you for always making me feel beautiful. I can literally be here at my worst and hearing you makes me happy

    Jessica BrownJessica Brown16 dager siden
  • lowkey isn’t worth it cuz it’s gonna fade in like less than a week with how light those colors are and it’ll look like shit. not worth the money unless you got cash like brad😌

    Moody CloudsMoody Clouds17 dager siden
  • I just love how brad mondo is making us feel better by saying so many compliments at the first part of the video.. Thank u brad mondo, u are gorgeous too ☺

    Anka BeksiAnka Beksi18 dager siden
  • I haven’t heard someone say shooting the shit...aside from me in like forever ❤️

    Shelly ThomShelly Thom19 dager siden
  • The reason why everyone says he looks good in the wigs is because he's absolutely beautiful. He can pull off fem or butch looks. His eyes are amazing. He'd look good with any hairstyle. It would be impossible for this man to look bad. And yes, even on his worst day. Someone who can just say hello to you and instantly brighten your day, is a rare soul. Keep doing you❣

    Shelly WShelly W19 dager siden
  • "If your hair looks like this, you probably need a trim" Well, I was getting around to it, Brad. 😳🤣

    Amy TaylorAmy Taylor19 dager siden
  • I wanna see this look on Simply Nailogical aka Cristine with no 'H'

    naledi kosinaledi kosi20 dager siden
  • Love the finished look...the rainbow part is beautiful

    Journeys In This Crazy WorldJourneys In This Crazy World21 dag siden
  • He doesn’t actually text back they’re automated texts

    Cece's Paranormal adventuresCece's Paranormal adventures21 dag siden
  • I love Brad's videos...does anyone else watch them at night and just keep watching until it's the AM? lol Also my daughter's name is Kassidy 💕

    Kristie StrainKristie Strain23 dager siden
  • Can i just say brad looks so handsome when he is focused, like he really enjoys what he does and that makes me happy

    John DoeJohn Doe24 dager siden
  • This is 9ix9ine on a whole different type of level look!😂

    Maite AmoreMaite Amore24 dager siden
  • OKAY BRAD... I wanted to make a tiktok asking you what colour I should dye my hair cuz I'm bored of blonde and my roots are DARK, but unfortunately the only person who follows me on tiktok is my 4 y/o cousin... SOOOOOOO ANYWAY........ my point is, I think you should do a video in which you choose your subscribers hair colour. I know I'm not the only one who would like you to choose our hair colours soooooo YEAH... It can kinda be like a before and after reaction video 🤷‍♀️ ANYWAY... HOPE YOU SEE THIS. If not I'll just have to dye my hair black and channel my inner emo✨

    Shivaun TimmsShivaun Timms24 dager siden
  • I need your advice I have natural gray hairs coz of age can I dye them silver and if yes what should be the process kindly elaborate

    alijawad82alijawad8227 dager siden
  • Is that actually his number? Cuz I need some tips from the baddest

    Miranda RoblesMiranda Robles29 dager siden
  • I absolutely love this wig 😍😍😍

    Envy SnowEnvy Snow29 dager siden
  • Simply nailogical where are you

    Krathika BhatKrathika Bhat29 dager siden
  • Really I'm beautiful just woke up

    ben vaiben vai29 dager siden
  • Really

    Ashley OlivoAshley OlivoMåned siden
  • Brad what wig shop which is shipping to UK would you recommend ?

    beetlejuicebeetlejuiceMåned siden
  • Wow that is so cool! You are rocking it!

    XafornXafornMåned siden
  • Does it cost money to message Brad? :c

    LostAndFoundLostAndFoundMåned siden
  • The wig was definitely giving prism. It was giving, very much, scalp. Good job

  • The first 0-12 second him complimenting me Me: 👁 👄 👁 Me: drinking water and spilling it everywhere and him say that I’m beautiful

    Princess BellaPrincess BellaMåned siden
  • I would so let you do this to my hair!!!

    Cassondra DanglerCassondra DanglerMåned siden
  • Why is nobody talking about the hair, it looks beautiful

    Zafina LikajZafina LikajMåned siden
  • When he said his puppy was I menace I felt that

    rachel hackrachel hackMåned siden
  • aww shucks , Brad, you makin me blush ☺️

    V AV AMåned siden
  • No one has ever hyped me up more then Brad Mondo in his intros

    Kat WilsonKat WilsonMåned siden
  • you look like a fabulous version of Anthony Kiedis

    Mark CookMark CookMåned siden
  • I love your current hair! Especially here

    User 190isbackUser 190isbackMåned siden
  • I need a friend like Brad in my life😫😂

    Chianne MilesChianne MilesMåned siden
  • When you said i just want to do an ad popped up on my friends phone the first word was you 😹

    jh Huntjh HuntMåned siden
  • Brad with this wig on is gay Jesus Christ ❤️🧡💛💜

    Emp4thEmp4thMåned siden
  • it may just be me but brad lowkey reminds me of damon when he talks and they just seem alike with looks

    Madeline AriasMadeline AriasMåned siden

    Lama ElgamalLama ElgamalMåned siden
  • What dose he do with the wigs he makes

    Alyssa RamosAlyssa RamosMåned siden
  • I live for his affirmations. I can sit here looking like shit, and he'll still call me beautiful. You're so beautiful too Brad, you shine like the stars and you look gorgeous 👏🏾every 👏🏾single 👏🏾time❤️

    mary catherinemary catherineMåned siden
  • Thank u

    Ashlee Allied!Ashlee Allied!Måned siden
  • You look handsome 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Mesk MeskMesk MeskMåned siden
  • Brad u make my day

    Jadyn PhillipzJadyn PhillipzMåned siden
  • Brad mondo and James Charles should do a clab

    Faith CletusFaith CletusMåned siden
  • When did u hit 6 million omg 😱 congratulations 🎊🎉🍾🎈

    Evelyn’s OutletEvelyn’s OutletMåned siden
  • That is the coolest damn thing I've ever seen. I love it!

    Beth LundquistBeth LundquistMåned siden
  • Where do you get your wigs from??

    MyaMyaMåned siden
  • When I'm having a not so great day I come and watch you Brad because I love how every video you say "hello beautiful" with a smile on your face and I'm sitting here with a messy bun, a pimple on my nose in an oversized hoddie. I needed that little compliment because I do not feel beautiful and I'm on the struggle bus rn 🥺

    Nicole CournoyerNicole CournoyerMåned siden
  • His voice satisfies me☺

    Ay ShAy ShMåned siden
  • yasss the king is almost at 6 million 😻

    AngelinetteAngelinetteMåned siden
  • Brad you really should make a DIY oil slick tutorial on dark hair 😍 you're so amazing!!!!

    Nidhi RNidhi RMåned siden
  • Thankyou brad mondo for saying that in the intro lol

    Bella McIntyreBella McIntyreMåned siden
  • I love it! I wish I could do my hair like that!!

    Shelby JergensShelby JergensMåned siden
  • DAMNNNN that periwinkle is YOUR colour girlll

    Rhiannon SittonRhiannon SittonMåned siden
  • Ok so I have a crazy idea, what if one half of someone's hair was died dark brown or black and the other just full on rainbow but like a group of hair would be two colors, one at the root blended with the one on the tips (read and orange, yellow and green, blue and purple)

    Erin IsasheepErin IsasheepMåned siden
  • 😅😅😅😅

    Mandy LeggettMandy LeggettMåned siden
  • It so funny 🤣 I keep giggling 🤭

    Mandy LeggettMandy LeggettMåned siden
  • Why he keep saying hi Beautiful in every single video 😂🤣

    Mandy LeggettMandy LeggettMåned siden
  • When he said "if you're hair looks like this u need a trim" *Looks at my hair* "Fuck"

    Loli PoppyLoli PoppyMåned siden
  • You have access to so many products and you're still going to use a line by liars

    Hannahlee HartHannahlee HartMåned siden
  • You film them because you are brad mondo

    Vicky MontielVicky MontielMåned siden
  • Plz show me your closet beautiful i love all your outfits

    Vicky MontielVicky MontielMåned siden
  • Watched this with my 4 year old lil girl and she asked me to tell you that she absolutely loves it and thinks you looked beautiful!

    Keira WertmanKeira WertmanMåned siden
  • Not me blushing when Brad says I’m gorgeous 😅🥺✨

    FreyaFreyaMåned siden
  • I want to see brad with a glorious wavy wig

    Diamond Martini TMDiamond Martini TMMåned siden
  • He looks so beautiful ❤️

    Aditi MukherjeeAditi MukherjeeMåned siden
  • OMG THIS IS LITERALLY MY HAIR RIGHT NOW! I got it done late August and we are twinning! If ya’ll wanna see what I mean peep my Instagram! @lil_carol_bee

    Caroline MongilloCaroline MongilloMåned siden
  • 4:35 heh

  • I don't want a boyfriend I have Brad🙆🏻‍♀️✨

    Aditi ChoudhuryAditi ChoudhuryMåned siden

    Aditi ChoudhuryAditi ChoudhuryMåned siden
  • Would you do like a giveaway/sweep just for a timed facetime for like say 10 people for a 20minute since your meet n greets got cancelled?

    Lauren UniqueLauren UniqueMåned siden
  • Watching this and eating some fries distracted til he starts saying lavendar and literally got sad cause im allergic to lavender and I realized what i was watching. Duh hair..

    Lauren UniqueLauren UniqueMåned siden
  • Love u brad

    Habiba ElhadadHabiba ElhadadMåned siden
  • Hey just a quick question so my hairs like really curly is it best to straighten it before going to get it cut because my mom says to go with it wet because I straightened it before I went last time and when I showered and I went back to natural it was uneven idk if it was because of how I had my hair or if the stylist just cut it unevenly lol

    a cats bestfrienda cats bestfriendMåned siden
    • Bridget Stokesbary yes! Thank you for your help!

      a cats bestfrienda cats bestfriendMåned siden
    • Not Brad but my sister has super curly hair and I suggest looking into a salon that does deva cuts or someone who specializes in curly hair. More often than not they will cut my sisters hair dry so they can see her curl pattern more accurately and to ensure it'll look right the next day/until the next cut. Reading reviews is of course super important, I hope I at least helped a little!

      Bridget StokesbaryBridget StokesbaryMåned siden
  • I freak out a little every time he says Cassidy.

    Cassidy ReaCassidy ReaMåned siden

    Levi Victor-scottLevi Victor-scottMåned siden
  • Anyone else watching these with bleach or dye in there hair?

    Cloud JasperCloud JasperMåned siden
  • It’s really pretty but I agree that on the other side it wasn’t the desired effect but I still really like it!

    aed thekiddaed thekiddMåned siden
  • Hey brad please can u answer my DM on Instagram about what I should do with my hair? nevebayes

    Niamh BayesNiamh BayesMåned siden
  • OMG LOL I know right? It's awesome!! Loving the hair! so cute!! Love it! I'd love to see that with some white! Gorgeous!

    Slightly DramaticSlightly DramaticMåned siden
  • my hair looks like the ends of the wig! Brad my hair needs help bc everytime i dye my hair it is in fact box dye

    Lauren LindenLauren LindenMåned siden
  • This looks very Caitlyn Ford to me👀👀👀

    Mateo JacomeMateo JacomeMåned siden
  • The Blond girl is soo pretty is she your sister because yall look alike pretty wise

    Mia KumbarcjaMia KumbarcjaMåned siden
  • Still looks GORGEOUS though

    Nairi GhazarianNairi GhazarianMåned siden
  • Brad mondo over here calling me gorgeous when I’m making a double chin

    NigeriaNigeriaMåned siden
  • BRAD, honey, take some time for yourself please 🙏

    Iɴᴛᴇʀᴇꜱᴛ CʀᴇꜱᴄᴇɴᴅᴏIɴᴛᴇʀᴇꜱᴛ CʀᴇꜱᴄᴇɴᴅᴏMåned siden
  • lmao...Brad...you look like Riff Raff the rapper hahaha the wig looks amazing hehehehe

    Imani HarmonImani HarmonMåned siden
  • my hair was natural blonde and i made a mistake by playing truth or dare and i got dared to dye it black and surprisingly its going back to blonde and not brown and i love your videos

    Nikki HolderNikki HolderMåned siden
  • I come here for Brad just to call me beautiful.

    Stephanie GirardStephanie GirardMåned siden