I Tried Four Temporary Hair Dyes To Change My Hair Color

24. sep.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we try four types of temporary hair color and then I colored my hair with it!
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  • Would you ever use any of these temp hair colors?

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo29 dager siden
    • Might get some of that mofajang.

      KenzieHurlockKenzieHurlock5 dager siden
    • I use the colorista tube temp dye

      WeirdoWeirdo6 dager siden
    • i would use the blue one

      Al'aura WaltersAl'aura Walters9 dager siden
    • I used to use the hair chalk things when I was younger 🤣

      K1tty Al1asK1tty Al1as12 dager siden
    • I used the colorista temp spray on my son when he was 3 and he loved it

      Kitty KarmaKitty Karma17 dager siden
  • Brad you should totally make beard care products for men

    Christian CobleChristian Coble10 timer siden
  • Please review overtone!

    Richard HolcombRichard Holcomb12 timer siden
  • Brad is Derek Zoolander in this video

    Rachel CunninghamRachel Cunningham12 timer siden
  • I use colorista!!! But as a touch up for my teal hair

    Alyssa NoveloAlyssa NoveloDag siden
  • Is there such thing as semi permanent spray? Something that would last a few weeks? Kinda wanna try pink, but I have dark hair and shower twice everyday.

    Leo AlvarezLeo AlvarezDag siden
  • @12:24 Good start to a Hades costume from Hercules :)

    Samantha BehlingSamantha Behling2 dager siden
  • *has emerald and seaweed hair* I'M A SWAMP WITCH THANK YOU VERY MUCH, BRAD.

    DaziaDazia2 dager siden
  • Lol I didn’t understand one word of that last container lol

    Sherry Corra/McKenzieSherry Corra/McKenzie2 dager siden
  • So I know this stuff comes out in one shampoo what about after you put it on if you lay up against something or when you go to bed at night I don’t want hair color all over everything

    Sherry Corra/McKenzieSherry Corra/McKenzie2 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo, you look like a Ken doll. :)

  • That mannequin gets better beauty treatment than me 😂😂😂💖💖

    pinkymai 04pinkymai 043 dager siden
  • Love this dude

    Krystina DanaeKrystina Danae4 dager siden
  • Brad.... Thank u for calling this shit out lol💯

    Krystina DanaeKrystina Danae4 dager siden
  • You always look good and no... it is not just you... we all think it.. lol... anyways, I use Mofojan but it rubbs off on eveything and flakes.. so FYI

    Mai-NebulaMai-Nebula4 dager siden
  • I love his outfit.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf4 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/xautgq54kpba2NU.html you need to react to this

    alison blancoalison blanco5 dager siden
  • Poser Paste is gross and total waste of $18. I do like GDY's semi perm line though.

    KenzieHurlockKenzieHurlock5 dager siden
  • Okkk question: will the blue paste stain on freshly bleached (very pale yellow, platinum blonde about level 9/10) hair? As in; does this color paste just lay on top of the hair and wash out after OR will it actually go inside the cuticles and cause possible staining/random spots (because the hair has just been bleached and is still fragile, I’m afraid the hair will suck all of the possible moisture in, so including these kind of paste things). I know about La Riche Directions/Arctic Fox etc etc, but I’m looking for something else, which is literally a one day thing. Btw Brad; The blue hair on you is a such a vibe!! Really makes your eyes pop like crazy too 💙💙💙💙💙💙 I just love bleached hair or a fashion color on you; it makes you kinda punk/grunge ish, which suits your whole style so well. :)

    MÄREL ANИAMÄREL ANИA5 dager siden
  • 09:03 bless you hunny😘❤️

    Madeeha GhummanMadeeha Ghumman5 dager siden
  • Have you tried the colo rista hair make up it's a creme consistency

    Bobbi ClinghamBobbi Clingham5 dager siden
  • Hahaha a button up way

    Mary Alice ComedyMary Alice Comedy5 dager siden
  • U talking to Manny Quinn lmao

    Mary Alice ComedyMary Alice Comedy5 dager siden
  • My trick is I put coconut oil in my hair As im applying the spray but it does make it stain slightly when I do that

    Mary Alice ComedyMary Alice Comedy5 dager siden
  • I used the exact same one as the winner one and it worked perfect for my hair

    Kenya whiteKenya white6 dager siden
  • Omg! That blue is awesome on you! You seriously give me life! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤❤❤❤❤

    sanatah Alexandersanatah Alexander7 dager siden
  • just me or was it not hilarious when brad was talking to mrs maniquin?

    Sirius BlackSirius Black8 dager siden
  • Omg I need the blue one bc I buzzed my head a couple months ago so I have like a mullet thingy and I want blue hairrrr

    KiLL tHe MeMeSKiLL tHe MeMeS8 dager siden
  • Here's the Manic Panic directions: This temporary hair color styling gel is perfect for those who want Color Without Commitment®. Apply in thick layers for spikes or a mohawk, or let it dry and then comb out gently for an effect similar to hair chalk. Our Dye Hard® hair gel will come right out as soon as you wash your hair.

    Megan PagelMegan Pagel8 dager siden
  • What about hair chalk?

    Cassandra wolanskiCassandra wolanski8 dager siden
  • Brad: you look like a snackapoo today’! ooh! Me: sitting on my toilet with some messy hair that hasn’t been washed for days 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    xjellybeans xxjellybeans x8 dager siden
  • DUDE! No joke (or racism whatsoever) but I have found that Asian products are far better than ours at times!!!

    InkedMommy MCInkedMommy MC10 dager siden
  • Brad, you looks soooo cute with blue hair. It brings out your eyes so well 😍😍

    JuneBrooke16JuneBrooke1610 dager siden
  • not the good dye young slander

    Lexi EvansLexi Evans10 dager siden
  • I wonder if you use some dry shampoo or cornstarch before you use it if it will help with the weigh down? 🤔

    Tyra WaltersTyra Walters10 dager siden
  • bruh I used temporary hair color that was supposed to wash out after one wash and it didn't come out for a week 😌

    Reese KennaReese Kenna11 dager siden
  • Do these products make your hair stiff?

    G. B.G. B.11 dager siden
  • Of course I know Brad and Eric are twins but they do look a little different. When I saw this thumb nail I could oh sworn the person on the left was Eric. 😂

    JamieGJamieG11 dager siden
  • Yeah wtf is a button up way??

    Angelina Clemente-TranAngelina Clemente-Tran12 dager siden
  • I have an idea! Why don’t we call ourselves “Braddies” (as in baddies)? You know like James Charles’s fandom call themselves “sisters”. I’m gonna spam Brad’s videos with this idea😂

    R SR S12 dager siden
    • yesss i saw your other comments and i’m here yET AGAIN REPLYING TO SUPPORT THE “BRADDIE” MOVEMENT

      roxy picassoroxy picasso12 dager siden
  • Anybody else hear the squeak of Brads jacket. Thought it sounded like a good start for a beat 🤣😅

    K1tty Al1asK1tty Al1as12 dager siden
  • Did they pay you? Because I bought the gloss white mofajang, and my experience was not similar whatsoever.

    Alex TutorovAlex Tutorov12 dager siden
  • A great temporary color for natural curly or coily hair is Hair Paint Wax (it's water based). I've also seen a hair color gel by Gemini Naturals that has good results (obviously only good for people that style their hair with gel).

    Lucy No nameLucy No name13 dager siden
  • So dose this work in dark hair

    Adyson AraoAdyson Arao13 dager siden
  • People these days on tik tok: I am sorry brad mondo ,I am sorry brad mondo actually this looks good I am not sorry Me:WHYYYY Love your vids💖

    Lucia SebastianLucia Sebastian14 dager siden
  • But like where you get those earrings ?🖤

    Honey Cheshire106Honey Cheshire10614 dager siden
  • Brad:you look like a snack Me:feeling like a super model in a bikini😍 I love you❤❤

    Hussein OpeyemiHussein Opeyemi14 dager siden
  • Yoooo the blue is FIRE 🔥

    SeptemberSeptember15 dager siden
  • Mention : the colorista will continue to stain until you take it off. I have IT on my hair now and after 5days(yeah bros i dont wash my Curly head often) the edge of my face are still Blue🤣

    zeustinezeustine15 dager siden
  • Do they also work for natural black?

    MegaZam89MegaZam8915 dager siden
  • I used a temporary hair dye once. Loved it. Wasn't that temporary tho. It was supposed to wash out after 6-12 washes. Stayed in my hair for half a year, literally! Of course it faded and gave me all kinds of shades while slowly fading away. I was lucky that I liked the different shades and liked the red for such a long time.

    ScaRlet - Rigtje HommesScaRlet - Rigtje Hommes15 dager siden
  • For colorista i have used it before And yes it drys fast yes it isnt much product But for lighter hair or really dark it looks better or on colored hair such a different Like it would look better of your hair a tiny bit wet like not soaking but the feeling when ur outside in winter or out in rain And stripes works better and my hair is just broke right now so my hair be looking like the colorista (Shake it) drycolor umm yeah

    XxGamerKillGirlxX -XxGamerKillGirlxX -15 dager siden
  • The Manic Panic product you used is colored hair gel, that might be why it wasn't giving the result you were looking for! More for a layover style than a color itself. :)

    Lauren MittenLauren Mitten15 dager siden
  • I paid way too much money for this platinum hair to risk it on these 😧

    beccawiththegoodhairbeccawiththegoodhair16 dager siden
    • how much did u pay ?

      alexalex13 dager siden
  • Me watching: Ooh, cool. I want to do a temporary color in my hair. Me, two seconds later: Uh, my hair had been purple for the last 3+ years. Never mind.

    Kay JacobyKay Jacoby16 dager siden
  • I wanna to see Brad with blue hair next week who else?

    Jocelyn AndersonJocelyn Anderson16 dager siden
  • Brad, why do you always start combing at the top, that's the WORST way to comb hair. Start at the BOTTOM, and increase the amount of hair combed gradually. Your way of combing hair is why i no longer visit hairdressers. They just ripped my hair out every time. It's HORRIBLE.

    Oh NoesOh Noes16 dager siden
  • I love this video Brad! You're so funny!

    Jocelyn AndersonJocelyn Anderson16 dager siden
  • It was the intro for me.

    lsabella's life time funlsabella's life time fun16 dager siden
  • "What the fuck is a button up way?" XD

    Ashley LawtonAshley Lawton17 dager siden
  • I need Brad to stop flirting with me I’m married lol 😂 why you gotta be so fine Brad‼️😩 such a tease 😂 ❤️😘

    Isamar VasquezIsamar Vasquez17 dager siden

    Ilse just meIlse just me17 dager siden
  • Hoping that Hayley Williams and Brian O'Connor sees this to improve their Poser Paste 😩🥺

    Jessica JuntilaJessica Juntila17 dager siden
  • You should test out the different colors of the curl smith hair makeup! It’s a styling gel.

    Morgan BreitigamMorgan Breitigam17 dager siden
  • He looks so good with blue hair I hope he actually dyed his hair actually blue bc that would be so good for him but than again he looks good. Not matter what color hair he has he will always look good I love you so much ❤❤

    Micayla JordanMicayla Jordan17 dager siden
  • What's the the best to cover gray. I need a semi permanent

    Denise ThomasDenise Thomas18 dager siden
  • Yesss been wanting to change my hair for like a week or two but then to come back natural

    courtney xxcourtney xx18 dager siden
  • mom bought the bleu one at 9:35 for me im glad she bought something good

    Elise WildeboerElise Wildeboer18 dager siden
  • He's obsessed with the color and I'm obsessed with HIM Boy, tell me all the ways to love you... 🎶 💓😘

    Ms. Chanandler BongMs. Chanandler Bong18 dager siden
  • not brad in another leather coat in summer baby. The commitment to fashion is real.

    Chloe ChemtobChloe Chemtob18 dager siden
  • Brad :*aHh iTs AlL ovEr mEh* Also brad: stands up and there’s just about nothing there

    Macee MoutsopoulosMacee Moutsopoulos19 dager siden
    • *aHa iTs aLl OveR Meh*

      Macee MoutsopoulosMacee Moutsopoulos19 dager siden
  • You would only need one can if you have lighter hair but if it’s brown or black if oily n I d a lot more colour to be very visible

    Macee MoutsopoulosMacee Moutsopoulos19 dager siden
    • Auto-correct what did you do the text

      Macee MoutsopoulosMacee Moutsopoulos19 dager siden
  • I adore the diva model moments, that is confidence girls. And again, I am seriously going to raid a sisters closet. I could need that jacket in my life.

    Loretta LewisLoretta Lewis19 dager siden
  • I've used Mofajang, love it! And I have thick, long, kinky 4c hair and it works great!

    thatladynikkithatladynikki19 dager siden
  • Omg best video. I wouldn’t touch any of those things! LOL. Anything claiming to color hair without coloring it is shady. It’s just a lie. Lol

    Shelly ThomShelly Thom19 dager siden
  • Why does he look like shark boy from shark boy and lava gorl?? Like if you agree ⬇️⬇️

    Darbee Hudson LewisDarbee Hudson Lewis19 dager siden
  • The blue 1 did better

    Dixie RodriguezDixie Rodriguez19 dager siden
  • Hi Brad! I texted you back in August and still haven’t gotten a reply. Texted today with the same results. I’m sad.

    Kelly BellKelly Bell19 dager siden
  • You know In some Asian country Companies actually expect Asian job applicants to have black hair But you can dye it into whatever color you like after the interview This really bothers me a lot Like, what does my hair color have to do with my competency? And what’s the point of screening applicants by hair color when they could dye it as soon as they get the job? But that’s how it is So temporary hair color would come in handy for occasions like that Although it did got everywhere on my shirt… I hope the products improved now Actually I hoped the environment improved now but as far as I know that’s not happening any sooner 😞

    黃古歌黃古歌19 dager siden
  • Bradddd the blue mullet moment yessss queen

    Ceri BirdCeri Bird19 dager siden
  • Did he just turn the glove inside out... Then reuse them?

    Brittney GentBrittney Gent19 dager siden
  • michel mercier brush

    Erin ParkErin Park20 dager siden
  • I would love to see you do a video coloring hair with the $1 color sprays that are everywhere for Halloween. Please make a video with your opinions

    NaravynNaravyn20 dager siden
  • i’m 13 and just dyed my hair with markers and umm it’s temporary but i’m blonde (naturally) so blue is leaving a little bit of a stain, oh and my dad doesn’t know😂

    Sarah Beth WhittenSarah Beth Whitten21 dag siden
    • Well I was that teenager many many years ago. I died some of my hair indigo with calligraphy ink. I have medium brown hair and it stayed stained for a long time. As it faded from blue it looked black then slowly went away. I think 13 is when us girls experiment with our own identity the most. Just remember, it is only hair. It will grow out, or wash out, either way not permanant.

      Loretta LewisLoretta Lewis19 dager siden
  • Brad looking on the thumnail like Derek Zoolander. 😎

    Teacher Ana SarubbiTeacher Ana Sarubbi21 dag siden
  • Me with 5 bottles of mofajang I bought for $2 on wish: 🥴

    Terraine GraceTerraine Grace21 dag siden
    • Gotta love wish sometimes!!!

      Loretta LewisLoretta Lewis19 dager siden
  • You are beautiful inside and out! Thank you for these videos ✨

    Omikse eskimOOmikse eskimO21 dag siden
  • Brad: you looking like a snack Me: *in bed, double chin exposed*

    Kimberley MenezesKimberley Menezes21 dag siden
  • I used the Colourista in Indigo (the semi permanent dye not the spray) on my dyed blonde hair during lockdown and it washed out to like a denim blue. I went to the hairdressers and she tried to strip it and it lightened to an aquamarine, so she had to give me a rose gold toner and I paid more money for a colour correction. I have brunette roots that I put the dye on (obvs didn't show up) but now I can't get my roots lightened because I had a strand test and you could see the green! I WILL NEVER USE SEMI PERMANENT COLOUR AGAIN I CAN NOT GET THIS DAMN BLUE/GREEN OUT

    Anna JoanAnna Joan21 dag siden
  • Temporary hair color is as messy as you’d expect anything “no damage, no commitment” to be.

    KristinaKristina21 dag siden
  • Please do blue hair

    Kali SimpsonKali Simpson21 dag siden
  • Am I the only one that instinctively said bless you when he sneezed...?

    Brianna !Brianna !22 dager siden
  • Funny you say I look like a snack while I'm currently eating cookie dough at 11pm😅🤷‍♀️

    Brianna !Brianna !22 dager siden
  • God, the number of heartbroken fools that have at one time or another reached for manic panic... ...it’s me, I’m fools.

    Alexandria BurdenAlexandria Burden22 dager siden
  • Yes! Dye it blue even if its a semi that washes out! It looks soon good!

    Navi TheCatNavi TheCat22 dager siden
  • I used that Colourista spray indoors before the pink one...and blew my nose a week later and my snot was pink.... so i cant imagine the colour of the inside of my lungs lol also stained anything my hair touched and my ceiling fan somehow turned pink

    Sammy GSammy G22 dager siden
  • Idk about anyone else, but I always loved Brad’s blue hair. Lil nostalgic vibes 🥰🥰

    Annie KernsAnnie Kerns22 dager siden
  • Can we just all take a moment to thank Brad for always saying we're all like freaking hot every video and most of us are in our pjs and looking like a hot mess XD

    Michelle Van NessMichelle Van Ness22 dager siden
  • Manic panic and punky color - old school and they work amazing

    M R.M R.22 dager siden
  • Who’s going to tell him he added way to much of that pink😂

    lizzielizzie22 dager siden