I Tested Sun In So You Don’t Have To

30. juli. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we explore the wonderful world of sun in products. Do they work? Would I recommend them to you? I’ll let you know. ;)
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  • Ruined my hair in the 80s 😆😆😆

    C RichardsC Richards8 timer siden
  • Ohh girl I tried sun in on my hair when I was about 5 or 6 and now I'm 12 and I still have some sun in on my ends😂✨ and yes it did make my hair a bit dry but it's all good now

    _vbb28_vbb2822 timer siden
  • sun in was how i went bleach blonde in middle school lmao

    Cenn MarieCenn MarieDag siden
  • I've got natural blonde hair but get darkish roots at times. I've been using sun in lemon for years and it's amazing. I've gone to my hairdresser for trims and she comments on how healthy my hair is. No damage at all.

    Daisy GalDaisy Gal2 dager siden
  • Word of warning .this is from an oldie from England .lol That John Frieda hair lightening spray is the single worse decision I.ever made in the long history of my hair & after 4 here over 2 weeks my hair turned into a weird stick ,seaweed like mass on my head & in desperation I went to the most expensive hairdresser in town to save it.The hair dresser did an elasticity test on my hair and my long hair didn't even stretch 1/2 inch ,she had to cut 12 inches off and refused to do anything than a hair conditioning masque. Anyway it's taken me a full 6 yrs to undo the damage and to have normal boring virgin hair ( first time since I started bleaching it aged 12 & that was over 40 yrs ago !) Followed your fantastic lockdown hair cut vid and logged 6 inches off ,it's now 25 inches long ,before that I looked like Cousin IT from the Addams Family.lol..Seriously that John Frieda stuff literally bleached my hair 2 shades ( I have light brown hair) and it needed to like straw yellow seaweed..don't go there !!!

    Sophie WSophie W2 dager siden
    • PS 2 shades EVERY TIME I sprayed it !! They say it's 4% peroxide & ' leave in' everyone I.went outside it went more yellow..It seems weird telling people to 'spray &go' ..should be banned.Oh and I developed severe dermatitis too !

      Sophie WSophie W2 dager siden
  • this product + 1:1 raw honey and conditioner in my hair lightened my level 5 hair to this pretty strawberry blonde color but oh my god did it feel awful afterward. Also I took straight up lemon juice and saturated my hair with it before i went out in the sun. do NOT DO IT

    lydia johnsonlydia johnson2 dager siden
  • Brad's birthday day💟😆😳👍😀😅😍😁🌘🎁📷🎂 October 28, 2020

    Lourdes MedinaLourdes Medina2 dager siden
  • My sister used Sun in, years and years ago. Don't make me talk about it, she was seriously traumatized.

    Augustbeauty69Augustbeauty695 dager siden
  • Love you Brad!!!

    M WadeM Wade6 dager siden
  • What’s the best natural, best for your hair in terms of health, frequently used lightening spray? 😂 pls lmk and thanks 🙏🏻

    J BondJ Bond8 dager siden
  • I used this stuff back in the late 70s 😲 what a mess my head on 🌞 in🕶🕶🕶🕶🕶💩💩💩💩💩💩👓💗💗💄💜💞💖💖🎀💓💙💚🙋🙋🙋🙋💖💖💗🕶👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👀👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👓👓🐥💗🤓💗💗💗💚🐴🐑🐑🐼🐧🐧🐼🗽🏭🏭🏭⛪🏨🏨🏩🏪🏪🏪🏠🏠🏡⛺🌄🌅🏰⛺⛺🏭🏭⛺🌃🌃🌃🗽🗽🌄🌄🌅🏯💒⛪⛺⛺🏭🗼🗼🏭✈🛥🛩🚉🚎🚎🛩🛫🛬🚑🚐🚲🚡🚡🚡🚡🚓🚓🚚🚛🚕🚒🚖🚚🚨🚨🚡🚨🚛🚕😳😁😔😙😒😞😛😛😍☺😀😘😘😳😁😚😒😞😣😣😣😣😛😝😜😜😀😚😚😁😁😌😛😝😣😝😝😜😌😔😁😭😥😅😅😰😰😰😣😣😜😙😗😚😗😌😰😰😌😚😘😄🤧🤴🤥🥋🤦🤶🖤🤣🕺🥋🤴🤝🤥🤚🤚🤚🕺🤰🤜🤥🤥🕺🤧🤴🤴😙😝😛😋😈👿👿😈👶👦👨👧👧💂👷👷👶👦👸👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👱👴👴👴👴👱👱👱👵

    Peter LimatoPeter Limato9 dager siden
  • I use, and still use sun in on my arm hair. I don't want to shave them but, I hate the hair. So I lighten with this. Works well for that.

    Dr. Who Gives'afDr. Who Gives'af9 dager siden
  • Omg you’re a brunette Ian Somerhalder!

    Betsua DailyBetsua Daily9 dager siden
  • I'm straight why am I even here

    Kaiser. DudeKaiser. Dude11 dager siden
  • Brad, you are a gentleman.

    cstop777cstop77711 dager siden
  • It only really looks good if your hair is lighter to begin with. I have darker blonde ashy hair naturally with lighter blonde highlights. I use the John Freida go lighter on my roots and go out in the sun. It makes my natural hair lighter.

    cc11 dager siden
  • I have an idea! Why don’t we call ourselves “Braddies” (as in baddies)? You know like James Charles’s fandom call themselves “sisters”. I’m gonna spam Brad’s videos with this idea😂

    R SR S12 dager siden
  • I used sun in as a kid. This stuff did turn my hair brassy! Looking back, I laugh at the things I did too. Can you or someone on this page recommend a good toner other than Wella for blonde hair?

    Crys crysCrys crys14 dager siden
  • Y’all can listen to his tips on hair, but won’t listen when he calls you beautiful?? Don’t diss on yourself. Listen to Brad.

    Probably_Peachy RobloxProbably_Peachy Roblox16 dager siden
  • There is something so very pleasant about you and your manner. Its so respectful and informative. Love this channel xxxx

    Probably_Peachy RobloxProbably_Peachy Roblox16 dager siden
  • I sprayed sun in on my daughters dark blonde hair and she played out in the sun for a few hours and her hair literally looked like it was bleached! I had no idea it could even make such a huge change! Not sure why it worked so well on her hair and not on the mannequin!?

    Jacklyn HilerJacklyn Hiler16 dager siden
  • One day roughly 20 years ago my mom was cleaning and went to clean her headboard. It is a massive headboard. She forgot her fan was on and turned, slightly scalping the crown of her head. She was freaked out and had me use hydrogen peroxide on the cut. Obviously, it stung but a few days later, a big light spot right where the cut was. Couldn't do anything about it for a while. I think She did use Sun-In in the '80s but I don't recall if she liked it or not. I have never used it.

    I Speak AvonlishI Speak Avonlish16 dager siden
  • I have been using sun in literally all my life, when I was little my like 2 my mom would apply sun in because my hair has natural auburn highlights . and sun in helped my hair become AUBURNNNNNN/ GINGER which was amazing cause I love that hair color and i want it soo baddd. I use it even now that i am older and i really like it

    Isabella Martinez-SantanderIsabella Martinez-Santander16 dager siden
  • My moms a hairstylist and there dolls everywhere lmao

    Mia_vibesMia_vibes17 dager siden
  • I used Sun-In in middle school and I had such orange hair (I’m naturally a medium brown) 😂

    Melissa Andrea GutiérrezMelissa Andrea Gutiérrez17 dager siden
  • Well I used sun it and my hair is nice and bouncy and my hair it ombraay!!

    TC Awesome ToysTC Awesome Toys18 dager siden
  • We just used straight up lemon juice in the 90's.

    Lisa NaborsLisa Nabors20 dager siden
  • I had long, long mousey brown hair as a kid and when I was in middle school Sun In was THE PRODUCT, everyone used it so I did it all summer one year and it definitely made me blonde. I used it with a blow dryer and outside in the sun.

    Laura CapponiLaura Capponi20 dager siden
  • *So, I used to use Sun In when I was in high school and I can assure you that it doesn't just work "a little bit" it works A LOT. You DIDN'T follow the directions, so you didn't do it correctly. Had you kept using the blow dryer, you would have seen a MAJOR DIFFERENCE in the color of the hair. Surely you know the more heat you use, the lighter the hair will get. Forget the sun. It's the BLOW DRYER that lightens the hair. For weeks after using it, every time I would blow dry my hair it would get lighter and lighter. I started with hair your shade and ended up with hair the same color as Shakira's.*

    Cooked_Makeup_ JenniferCooked_Makeup_ Jennifer21 dag siden

    Cooked_Makeup_ JenniferCooked_Makeup_ Jennifer21 dag siden
  • Lol I went from brown to blonde with a bottle of sun in when my mom wouldn't let me dye my hair when I was 12 😂 I would soak my hair in sun in before straighting it everyday. Definitely damaged the fuck out of my hair but I got it to be pretty light blonde.

    Annie HackettAnnie Hackett21 dag siden
  • Hey mondo you can um go out in the Sunin of use it many times.

    Myra MooreMyra Moore22 dager siden
  • I have Brown hair and used sun in in my teenager years and my hair did lighten a lot but I would stay all day at the beach. I would wet my hair with-sea water and saturate my ends and the brush it. It always came out great

    Saramarie AlmasqueSaramarie Almasque22 dager siden
  • i love how i just see the dear dyson $500 for this video and then i see an add about the dear dyson 500 flexible plate iron

    Mckenzie MitchellMckenzie Mitchell23 dager siden
  • I find Brad so interesting and relaxing. Even when I don't care about the product, I love watching him.

    Javier EstradaJavier Estrada24 dager siden
  • He sounds so calm

    Gazelle HarbGazelle Harb24 dager siden
  • I rember using this in high school and my mom paying to fix my hair because of it. 😂 it works but dont put that in your hair

    MinaMina25 dager siden
  • I used to buy sun in all the time when i was 14. Its pretty much peroxide in a spray bottle.

    Ctrl Alt DeleteCtrl Alt Delete26 dager siden
  • Oh god I used this back in the day in middle school. My hair is dark brown and at first I didn’t notice anything. I kept using it and it turned orange. I hated it and it would not come out, it had to grow out. Lesson learned!

    Laura ForresterLaura Forrester29 dager siden
  • Can hydrogen peroxide damage your hair

    Michaela HegartyMichaela Hegarty29 dager siden
  • Can you try sunbabe

    Shelly DeeShelly Dee29 dager siden
  • Brad: it’s 95 degrees in NYC today so it’s really sunny Me: it’s 108 degrees in Texas everyday and I’m burning 😐 I’m sorry I’m not funny idk why I thought of this 😅

    Briana RodriguezBriana RodriguezMåned siden
  • The only person who complements me every time he sees me

    Annaleise MooreAnnaleise MooreMåned siden
  • My mom told me she used this stuff all the time . I guess it’s not that damaging because hair is amazing and thick now.

    Rosemary McBratnieRosemary McBratnieMåned siden
  • Jon Frieda helped me live without highlights during the start of Covid. I used it on my roots and never felt like my hair looked bad while I waited for my professional highlights. I am blonde, but now mostly dirty blonde.

    tamick2000tamick2000Måned siden
  • I actually loved sun in!! It lightened my hair subtly and was relatively hassle free

    Caraline LouiseCaraline LouiseMåned siden
  • Anybody else just put straight lemon juice on their hair as a kid? No just my family- 😂

    Madison AlbanoMadison AlbanoMåned siden
  • Oh gawd I used this stuff in the 6th grade.....the outcome was orange.

    Kjersti NuminåKjersti NuminåMåned siden
  • welp. I could of looked at this BEFORE I decided to use sun in on my hair and made it orange....

    AG WorldAG WorldMåned siden
  • You should be testing it on a naturally blonde mannequin! That’s what the product is made for

    Olivia PosOlivia PosMåned siden
  • Bradley Mondo! How dare you throw Miss Mannequins head on the floor after all she endured. Shes been your client, shes been fried in the sun and now this?!? Really? Poor Miss Mannequin. This...this is...mannequin abuse 💁🏻‍♀️ #savemissmannequin P.S. i love u ok lol

    Nikki VyseNikki VyseMåned siden
  • Missed the opportunity to say mad luxurious

    whahappend 123whahappend 123Måned siden
  • Isnt real hair different than the mannequins? Unless its real hair on thst doll too

    emmanuelaemmanuelaMåned siden
  • I would use this my freshman year of high school 😂my hair was dark so it turned orange 🥴 I would put it in when my hair was moist and then use my straightener when it dried lol it fried my hair

    Xanthe DeckXanthe DeckMåned siden
  • I used something like this in high school when I was 17. I actually liked how it was turning out but I didn't moisturize enough and almost a year later I cut most of the lighter hair. My hair still liked that product more than store bought bleach

    Łucja KŁucja KMåned siden
  • It used to say sit in the sun till dry lol

    Carla BainterCarla BainterMåned siden
  • Hahah I used to use it when I was young.

    Carla BainterCarla BainterMåned siden
  • I remember using Sun In when I was 16 and went to California for a month during summer. I didn't even know how to use it cause the bottle was old and the directions were printed on and faded. I used it every night after a shower, blow dried my hair after applying it and some how using it with the way my hair naturally lightened in the sun, my hair ended up looking amazing like I had went to a salon and got highlights. I was so pleased.

    Happy Unicorn HugsHappy Unicorn HugsMåned siden
  • My bf loves you

    Erica LynnErica LynnMåned siden
  • I remember as a kid my mom wouldn’t let me buy sun in cause it was a waste of money according to her and that I should just put lemon juice in my hair instead. Kid me was way to lazy to regularly use lemon juice so idk if it actually works or she really didn’t want me to mess with my hair.

    Sarah MSarah MMåned siden
  • I think it says sun IN- because it doesn’t need sun and you stay INside

    Melinah GomezMelinah GomezMåned siden
  • I just got that-

    Melinah GomezMelinah GomezMåned siden
  • Ummm.... what is that shirt 😅

    It.is.yukimiIt.is.yukimiMåned siden
  • my mom used sun in once, it lightened her dark hair enough, she used the spray

    Jada MichelleJada MichelleMåned siden
  • I've used it on my whole head. I was already medium blonde and it made it blonder and yeah, brassier. I used John Frieda Go Lighter over my whole hair to get brown dye out and just ended up with a natural looking blonde. Fried my ends a bit, which uh, makes sense since I used a FLAT IRON to activate it instead of a blow dryerrrr

    byebyebellybyebyebellyMåned siden
  • Don’t do SUN IN! My cousin did it on her already bleached hair and her hair turned into gum and we had to cut it into an extreme short bob. Mind you her hair was waist length. Very traumatizing for her

    - kanexcatherine -- kanexcatherine -Måned siden
  • It would be cool to see the process if this was done to hair once a day, everyday for a month or until you get the lightness you want

    Sarah AnneSarah AnneMåned siden
  • Here's a quite important question: what is the difference between bleach and hydrogen peroxide?

    Lenka MokráLenka MokráMåned siden
  • My younger sister used sun-in for awhile. Her hair was light brown/ dirty blond and she she put it in her for a couple days in a row. She became a medium blond after.

    Joy_ StaRJoy_ StaRMåned siden
  • haha how do you get rid of the reddish/brassiness after using sun in? asking for a friend

    Angela BylinaAngela BylinaMåned siden
  • I used the john frieda one all through college, it was reall damaging, but it made my hair look sun kissed.

    Logan ForsythLogan ForsythMåned siden
  • I sprayed sun in all over my head every time I went to the beach or pool as a kid which was like every weekend and it definitely made my natural highlights within my brown hair pop and it never turned orange but could just be my type of brown. i am a little scared to ever use it now though as a 20 year old

    tay5250tay5250Måned siden
  • You should have used a lighter hair color on the mannequin...spray in lighteners are for medium brown to blonde...the darker the hair the more orange tones that pull...on light brown hair these lighteners work great! I have medium brown hair and I actually like my hair best with spray in lighteners! And it’s sooooo much cheaper than paying $300 to get my hair professionally done every few months! Before quarantine I was getting my hair professionally done for years...now I’m back to my Middle School ways lol!

    ModernGoddessModernGoddessMåned siden
  • Love sun in used it for years never blow dry it after

    Bee McmullinBee McmullinMåned siden
  • as a kid I used this shit so much

    SeejoyySeejoyyMåned siden
  • Oh Brad, I have been using Sun In for 6 years and I have gorgeous blonde hair.

    hmuellertnhmuellertnMåned siden
  • You are doing it totally wrong. Obviously you were never a California 80s girl 😂. You spray it in your hair then cover yourself in baby oil and go lay in the sun for hours. It was a 2 for 1. Skin cancer and lose half your hair to breakage.

    Cody CodyCody CodyMåned siden
  • Did anyone question his shirt? I mean like dude...... There might be little kids looking at dis

    Cricket PlayzCricket PlayzMåned siden
  • when i was little I'd use hair products with manzanilla (aka chamomile) and it would give me those natural highlights in the summer lol. I'd try again but my hair has been dyed and I'm scared of how that'd react 😳

    maria r.maria r.Måned siden
  • I used sun in when I was 12 and didnt know any better I'm very dark haired but in summer I went white and in winter I went orange took me 5 years to grow it out!!!

    penny jonespenny jonesMåned siden
  • I've used it but I have light brown hair that gets light in the sun without so I could never really tell if it did anything extra

    Raechel RoeschRaechel RoeschMåned siden
  • I have really dark brown straight hair (I’m East Asian) I want to try to make my own spray w hydrogen peroxide & lemon. Will it work? I’m going for light brown hair at my ends

    Rebecca LyRebecca LyMåned siden
  • Sun in is still around? I thought it disappeared when the eighties did.

    swteclareswteclareMåned siden
  • i used this in elementary because i wanted blonde hair and my mom didnt want to bleach my hair lol..

    Ferdy H&TFerdy H&TMåned siden
  • Oh no....memories of when I was 13 in 1986.....

    beth baldwinbeth baldwinMåned siden
  • I used sun in and it was horrendous. I was told when I went to get it fixed that my hair would fall out if my stylist hadn't had knowledge before dying my hair.. be safe w this shit

    Addison HishonAddison HishonMåned siden
  • You definitely didn't do the Sun-In right. This isn't a one time use product. You're expected to use this daily, and go about your life with it. Over time your hair will lighten. Definitely not supposed to happen in a few hours. Should take weeks to notice a big difference.

    pacochihuahua77pacochihuahua77Måned siden
  • Plz Brad, remember all to be careful with any citrus products if they are in contact with the skin, they are photosensitive for 6-8hours. Your skin shouldn’t be exposed to the sun after any product with thus sent, oils and/or extract

    KingCdricKingCdricMåned siden
  • THis is part of my childhood,have some ✊ It’s sprays the yellow sun ☀️ in bottle in the hair and lays out.

    Love My DoggyLove My DoggyMåned siden
  • I remember one day when I was a teenager and had sun in... My dad accidently used it on his hair thinking he grabbed the hairspray. He mowed the lawn and had blondr tips by the end. So.. it worked back 20 years ago. Lol

    Hypno KareHypno KareMåned siden
  • Build up: 12 mins Results: 12 seconds of quick shaky camera shots with no comparisons - . - What's the point of the test if you aren't actually going to show us the results, come on man.

    AAAReviewAAAReviewMåned siden
  • I used to use Sun In when I was an early teen. I only wanted some highlights. I would put it on while I was laying out for a tan. Spread my hair into a fan. Have my friend spray it. Then do the same when I flipped over. I got natural looking highlights. I do remember using a lot of conditioner after each time.

    deana nightingaledeana nightingaleMåned siden
  • I used sun in religiously for two summers and it turned my hair from a medium brown to BLONDE!! People thought I dyed my hair! The one downside is that it works SO much better in the sun than with a blowdryer so during the winter my roots grow out and I can’t do much about it 😭

    Amanda ConnellyAmanda ConnellyMåned siden
  • I stan the John Frieda go blonder spray. It got me through when my salon closed for COVID🙌🏼🙌🏼

    Victoria SheffieldVictoria SheffieldMåned siden
  • Brad phrase of the day: i'm into that

    CamilaCamilaMåned siden
  • Never put it on my head but as a person who struggled with body hair I would put it on my arms and thighs and it works wonders!

    Mercedes GarciaMercedes GarciaMåned siden
  • I love it when he says hi beautiful🥰

    Noam ShukrunNoam ShukrunMåned siden
  • I do my roots with the John frieda one between my hair salon visits and It works so good and lightens my hair. I have dark/dirty blonde naturally and i bleach It since i remember

    Patrycja SiwekPatrycja SiwekMåned siden
  • I remember Sun In was in a bright pink bottle or did I experience a Mandela Effect? But I did use it when I was little and it worked on brown hair after using it several times. I also recall my bottle saying to be out in the sun because I remember making sure to only apply it when I knew I was gonna be outside for a while.

    Mar NuguMar NuguMåned siden
  • i love him! He is just honest, real and respectful! Hes giving competent informations! Hes a good one in this world! ❤❤

    Olymp HadesOlymp HadesMåned siden