I Tested Box Dye Again... I Sort Of Changed My Mind About It.

21. nov.. 2019
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Hi Beautiful! Today we explore what esalon has to offer for at home hair coloring! You know what happened last time I tried a hair color that comes in a box...
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  • This is NOT “box dye”. I just needed a catchy title lol. Yes it’s in a box and it’s dye but you work with an actual hair colorist that formulates your color to your specific hair needs. This is not at all the same as going in a drug store and picking up whatever color you think might be right for you.

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo11 måneder siden
    • Question- can you use this dye in a hot water dip dye like you did with your brother once (watermelon hair extension)? I have thick hair that goes past my butt and I am NOT looking forward to trying to brush hair dye onto all of my hair. I have way too much. It would take me probably 4-6 hours to do well. Ever since I saw your video I've been wondering- could I just lean backwards and let my hair hang out in hot dye-water? I figure that as the water cools down I can go deeper and deeper until all my hair is in and it won't burn my scalp and will give me a bit of shading so that it's a less intense colour at my roots and easier to grow out nicely. I already ordered my e-salon colour, and I'd really like to know if this is doable, or kinda sketchy, or just flat out a bad idea

      Aria FinleyAria Finley16 dager siden
    • Do you know aroind how long it takes to ship with fast delivery

      Korena ChoKorena Cho18 dager siden
    • @Lily McAllister omg girl that's awful!! Idk how they even have a business anymore, I'd rather just use the "evil" box dye than this crap!

      Miss LianeMiss Liane29 dager siden
    • @Miss Liane I just wanted my own color punched up. The color was fine but it gummed up my hair. I cried for hours because I couldn't rinse it out. My husband ended up shampooing my hair SEVEN times to get that crap out. Never. Never never again. This was just 4 weeks ago too. I love my stylist but with covid, just no. I did a few box colors (mixing shades) and it was fantastic. Also, my stylist has no issues with me using "box dye"..all she wants is for me to bring her the box next time I see her so she knows what is on my hair. I always get beautiful results from her. Esalon, nope. That was worse than a home perm from the 80s.

      Lily McAllisterLily McAllisterMåned siden
    • Brad Mondo Sweetheart ,I’ve definitely known about esalon for a long time now, probably when they started but haven’t tried yet. So I’m glad you did this video. I’ve always done my hair at home & when I get my hair cut at the Salon I get compliments from stylist every time on my color. I’ve been doing at home box dye since I was 16 , now 41 and this sounds like something for me since my grays are harder to cover & the fact an actual color stylist that formulates a color just for me sounds amazing especially for the price. I can’t afford to get my hair dyed at a Salon unfortunately or I definitely would, I live in 24/7 chronic pain so money is tight. So this seems like the best option for someone like myself. I’m going to recommend this to my daughter who loves to do blonde and my mom. Again thanks Brand 💜💞💜

      It’s JessIt’s JessMåned siden
  • I've used esalon before... I've previously used boxed die which made my hair look and feel like a bag of Doritos (i died my hair a light brown for years on end-using box die- so the damage was real bad) but I've learned my lesson and whenever I die my hair in the future I'm going to just update my color. I'm a natural redhead and my hair is so difficult to die... the last time i did it esalon makes it a lot easier. Thanks for making me know better brad :)

    Alanan PhillipsAlanan Phillips15 timer siden
  • the kit is now $22 but I think this is still a good price! just an fyi

    Natalie GarciaNatalie Garcia2 dager siden

    Joanna GeorgeJoanna George2 dager siden
  • I tried to take the quiz, but I have split dye and was like which do I choose? I had no intension of using e salon, but I was curious. I had a customer at Sally's today mention this brand and Brad and I was curious. I swear she named something else, but it sounds exactly like she was talking about e salon. This is a cool service for people who like natural colors.

    KenzieHurlockKenzieHurlock4 dager siden
  • Everyone needs their gay bestie!!! The ONLY man in my life that tells me the honest truth!!! 😂🤣😘

    beth derricobeth derrico4 dager siden
  • I purchased the dye before watching this video, needed a reliable source for review hahaha 😂, thanks Brad

    A LanaA Lana6 dager siden
  • since color can’t lift color what would you do to lift the color ?

    Rosa JohnsonRosa Johnson7 dager siden
  • Another esalon hair color video?

    India FoxIndia Fox9 dager siden
  • Sucks that this is only available in USA

    Gina CoetzeeGina Coetzee14 dager siden
  • Thank you handsome , I needed this review to actually try my light brown that I order from E Salon as I thought it was dye box quality ..... I just hope it won’t darken my hair...BRAD CAN I USE MY OWN 10 volume instead of the 20 ? Love your channel 💜

    Chantal KChantal K15 dager siden
  • I just ordered this and I'm really hoping that they send me enough color since my hair is very very long and thick I'm just a slight nervous about that.... and of course my husband's gonna be upset lol cause I've been wanting a brush and kit along with the cape for ages now lol I think I might have gone a little over board with this product haha thanks Brad!!! I'm gonna just put all the blame on you

    Korena ChoKorena Cho18 dager siden
  • Ok I was looking into it and I might have to try it 😎

    SvetlanaSvetlana20 dager siden
  • Brad, I know this is an older video BUT, had to share with the rest of your viewers....MY hairstylist USES BOXED DYE!!!! From the drug store! LOL.

    JLWHJLWH24 dager siden
  • corona

    nissa leenissa leeMåned siden
  • I swear brad u really daddy let me spoil u 😍

    Devilish FoxDevilish FoxMåned siden
  • Already got a gay bff but I can use another he isnt the most beauty inclined but I still love him

    Robin MateviaRobin MateviaMåned siden
  • Brilliant video as always! What a fabulous guy and talented hair artist!

    Cloud M.Cloud M.Måned siden
  • I love you, I love your authenticity, and I love your mom! Thank you for all the great advice!

    Tie Dye Queen KarenTie Dye Queen KarenMåned siden
  • Doesn't ship to Australia :(

    xMARiSHxxMARiSHxMåned siden
  • Thank you.

    re575817re575817Måned siden
  • I know this video was from literally a year ago but quarantine has me wanting to dye my hair and this sealed the deal, I’m about to have copper hair! Maybe I’ll film it to give you more content if it doesn’t turn out 😂

    Morgan JeanMorgan JeanMåned siden
  • actually he told it was sponsored because it is illegal for him not to. be honest about that instead of making yourself sound so noble.

    E TE TMåned siden
  • Um... So i want to the link and the first thing it asking was what type of hair i have i said all over lightening/bleach. And it said "were sorry At this time we don't have a solution for hair that has been bleached or lightened all-over" why! That makes it easier! They dont have to include and bleach or lighteners and i should be able to do whatever color i want. Brad why???

    Taylor StallingsTaylor StallingsMåned siden
    • If you are a level 8 or 9, you can't go any lighter! You have to bleach your roots, if thats how you lightened in the first place! If you want to go darker, you can only go back down to 6 or 7 if you're doing it from home because if you go darker? Your hair will turn green. But I wouldn't even chance that or you'll end up with hot roots. They only recommend going 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural color. But you've bleached it and removed the natural pigment from your hair! So theyre actually saving you from making a big mistake. If your hair is anywhere from level 7 to 9, try Overtone instead. You can add vivid colors to your bleached hair instead, they have varying examples of intensity. And its semi permanent, and washes/fades washes out. How fast it fades depends on how porous your hair is. Overtone has videos here on NOworld, so check them out!. Hope that helps!

      reffer0877reffer0877Måned siden
  • I'm like OMG Brad PLEASE be my GBF

    Leigh HugginsLeigh HugginsMåned siden
  • I’m so sad that I cannot order my custom hair color products from esalon because I’m in the Philippines 😭😭😭

    Geyle DumdumayaGeyle DumdumayaMåned siden
  • CeraVe Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry Skin | 19 Ounce | Fragrance Free | Packaging May Vary amzn.to/34sXE5t

    SupplierSupplierMåned siden
  • Tried esalon but was told they have no color for my hair at the moment😂

    Kristen BachelerKristen BachelerMåned siden
  • I'd love to see one on Color & Co?

    Dianna CarneyDianna CarneyMåned siden
  • Honestly gays are the best and sweetest people on earth

    Takeout TacoTakeout Taco2 måneder siden
  • I just bought it

    Mirian Nellys Mendez MatosMirian Nellys Mendez Matos2 måneder siden
  • I really appreciate how transparent you are with your sponsorship. Hardly anyone talks about the process.

    AuroraMarvaelaAuroraMarvaela2 måneder siden
  • haha you are my only friend then....sad but true :D

    Sellu KSellu K2 måneder siden

    Softie._emmieSoftie._emmie2 måneder siden
  • I love esalon! And I'm obsessed with Brad! 😍

    Laura MererLaura Merer2 måneder siden
  • I bought this myself... I am loving it!!! It was so much easier to apply for just a single person and I have absolutely no blotches or spotting at all..... i just did this yesterday before even watching the video. I have gray hair and grown out color. These people are amazing for sure!!

    firestormfirestorm2 måneder siden
  • Can i get some help ? I suffer from natural dry hair and its driving me crazy ! What would you recommend me to do ? I want that beautiful hair everyone gets but i became scared of using priducts that will damage it by time ! Please help

    mellina schwartzmellina schwartz2 måneder siden
  • Thanks again for showing me yet another amazing product that DOESN'T SHIP TO AUSTRALIA!! why me?

    leah leahyleah leahy2 måneder siden
  • Thanks Brad!! Great video! I just used esalon today. I had stored dyed light brown hair. I was using light ash blond to keep it light. I used light brown from esalon it is a tad darker but I love it. My hair is smooth, silky and looks great!

    Angel PinkAngel Pink2 måneder siden
  • Mummy Mondo!!! Fun!!

    ms42662ms426622 måneder siden
  • does anyone know if they deliver to New Zealand?

    EmmaEmma2 måneder siden
  • Brad mondo am from opposite side global, need not worry about stalking 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    War cheif KemWar cheif Kem2 måneder siden
  • YOU HYPOCRITE 😂saying you PREFER WATERY DYE TO MORE CREMÈ DYES (9:30 mark), yet you BASHED BOX DYE (when he switched the mannequins at the end) because it was watery. And PRAISED professional because it’s literal paste consistency. And now you’re saying the EXACT OPPOSITE. Which is more proof that you’re not a professional , you’re a fraud. You can’t even remember what preferences you love because you just go off whatever fits the narrative for the video you’re doing. People that are real professionals wouldn’t completely flip flop their views; because when you don’t have to lie, you don’t have to remember the claims you’ve previously made

    Marley RoseMarley Rose2 måneder siden
  • This is more proof that Brad does NOT work at a salon (nor have I found ANY PROOF of him ever working at one). He’s a rich nyc kid who grew up in a salon because of his dad and formed this persona without actually having a portfolio/working (let’s not forget the girls he’s done hair to on NOworld - and fried it off worst than the “at home fails” he reacts to)... You can see how he talks about salons within thhe first 4 minutes. I’m so sad about everything I’ve learned about him in the past couple days. Because I really loved him before I found him to be a fraud(cough cough; switching the mannequins)

    Marley RoseMarley Rose2 måneder siden
  • I was so excited to order this made my own colour and got to check out but sadly doesn't ship to Australia need this in my life due to the harsh sun giving me bronzey and orange tone hair on brunette hair. In isolation stage 4 and the hair needs some love could someone help me get some here

    Alicia McneilAlicia Mcneil2 måneder siden
  • I know im late, quarantine brought me here, but i checked out the site and im really upset that there isnt like fun colors, just natural colors and they also wont do anything if you have lightened hair.

    BethanyBethany2 måneder siden
  • Y’all like this comment if I should get a perm in my short short hair 😆✌🏼🔥

    Bridge ArtsBridge Arts2 måneder siden
  • Omg he is the cutest thing!

    Bridge ArtsBridge Arts2 måneder siden
  • I liked that you let your mama speak. I've seen a few NOworldrs who just talk over their mothers and only show them once in the beginning of the video. You even said you love her. This makes me like you even more.

    Atomic KittehAtomic Kitteh2 måneder siden
  • Brad Mondo is my gay best friend 🥰

    Crystal OrtegaCrystal Ortega2 måneder siden
  • I'm so sold on this!! I'm amazed. I love the idea of doing touch ups at home. At the very least it's more practical.

    Carl3na LenaCarl3na Lena2 måneder siden
  • Usually when i know someone is gay, I wouldn’t see them in an attractive way.. just like the way i see another girl. But oh my god !! He’s too fuc*ing attractive!!! Just like one of those goddess like girl, the one you want to be friends with and proud about.

    hn hnhn hn2 måneder siden
  • Hi beautiful ! 💖😉 say it while looking into mirror honey 😘

    Sweet SpicySweet Spicy2 måneder siden
  • 💞💞💖♥️💞💖♥️💖💖♥️♥️💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

    Tra'mayne GainesTra'mayne Gaines2 måneder siden
  • The only sponsor that doesn't sound off-putting and fake! Ohh grrrrrrrl Brad Mondo is life

    aikaxoxoaikaxoxo2 måneder siden
  • I once bought a box dye from Walmart that I thought was blonde & it came out BROWN. Someone switched the contents. It turned out OK though!

    Intuitive DuckIntuitive Duck2 måneder siden
  • I'd like to just try your products but never have so when 💰 comes in I can. Try some

    Latasha mother of 4Latasha mother of 42 måneder siden
  • Do you still recommend this brand?

    Kelly CohenKelly Cohen2 måneder siden
  • Not everyone tells you why their video is sponsored and I love how you tested the product ur amazing Thanks

    jrosas82jr40jrosas82jr402 måneder siden
  • "You look stunning! " Me with my double chin and electric lizard green dye caked in my hair THANKS

    Jelly.poprocksJelly.poprocks2 måneder siden
  • What do you think about color shampoo? Could you try out these maybe...? I'm thinking of getting this mermaid colouring shampoo

    Deborah HalloDeborah Hallo2 måneder siden
  • "box" dye done RIGHT-ah

    strong power thank youstrong power thank you2 måneder siden
  • I am a professional hairstylist and I have to admit, I have tried e-salon and I was very pleased! It was so easy to make adjustments and customer service was very easy to work with!

    Julie ColleranJulie Colleran2 måneder siden
  • A girl in a salon fucked up my hair for over $100. Not every salon know how to do all hair types

    Shy BShy B2 måneder siden
  • him: hi beautiful you look stunning Me: literally sat eating hot cheetos and in my pj's🤣🤣

    alexie mayalexie may2 måneder siden
  • My sister and I have dyed our hair for years at the salon. My sister has an autoimmune disease and is not going out while COVID-19 is happening. I have been binging your videos and stumbled across this. Now she and my mom r excited and she can feel normal again!

    Ashton CumminsAshton Cummins2 måneder siden
  • Brad, I look like your Mom & have a similar hair color. I have not been to my salon in months, here in Florida with virus. I am about 30% gray. After you do the root touch up, do you then try highlighting with their kit? My roots are a medium brown, very afraid of turning orange. I did, about a month ago, use Clairol med. blonde #8 & roots looked like salon color, but fading fast. Jeanne ( retired RN)

    JeanneMarie68JeanneMarie682 måneder siden
  • Just ordered your products! Can't wait to try them out!

    Gabriela OspinaGabriela Ospina2 måneder siden
  • Can someone help me out, would I do all the Mids and ends of the whole head and then later go in to the roots x

    Tasha WTasha W3 måneder siden
  • I’m sold! I really like that you test all of the different angles of this product :-) I just put my order in for my first kit

    tiffany simersontiffany simerson3 måneder siden
  • Okay but is it vegan and cruelty free?

    Hailey WillockHailey Willock3 måneder siden
  • Brad your my one and only gay best friend

    SprinkleBombSprinkleBomb3 måneder siden
  • unfortunately they gave me some color that it was way darker than I wanted and didn't do anything to help me fix it. It was a horrible experience and their customer service was terrible. I wish I had a great experience with them but it was the exact opposite. If you can handle mixing things yourself do that. Don't blindly trust this company, they will screw you up and not do anything to help you.

    Maria TamburroMaria Tamburro3 måneder siden
  • I tried esalon twice. First time I didn’t get enough coverage and I thought it was just user error. second time I squeezed everything out and tried harder to apply everywhere but i still had patches. I reviewed that I loved the color formula but needed “more” for my thick hair. They sent a reply saying I was given a free kit, which was nice, but only added that they can change the color. They did not mention increasing the amount of formula-which was my problem. Like I mentioned prior, the color was perfect. Just wasn’t happy that I couldn’t get the right amount for a full even coverage.

    Avery KerrAvery Kerr3 måneder siden
  • My gbf is wayy too focused on his own hair and style to help me with mine 😂😂😂

    Trinity FaithTrinity Faith3 måneder siden
  • Is it just me or does that mannequin look kinda like Tom Holland?

    ollieoveritollieoverit3 måneder siden
  • watching this while letting my box dye process... sorry brad lol

    ollieoveritollieoverit3 måneder siden
  • You had me at gay best friend!😍 Thanks Bestie!

    AnaliciaMuaMilfAnaliciaMuaMilf3 måneder siden
  • This is my kind of brand deal. Love the product. Love the way you presented. Definitely going to try it 😍

    MikkiMikki3 måneder siden
  • I've never wanted super blonde hair...until I saw his hair. That And now I'm totally obsessed. But my hair is so fine and dark I don't want to put it through that kind of damage.

    Peralee KnightPeralee Knight3 måneder siden
    • Sorry that reads so wrong. I don't know where that random "that" came from 😅

      Peralee KnightPeralee Knight3 måneder siden
  • My new best friend and I just going e salon ;) to become a number;)

    Karma PoKarma Po3 måneder siden
  • Hey, I went from my natural Black hair to bleaching blonde Back to box color black how Do I get red if I wanted 🥺

    Te JayTe Jay3 måneder siden
  • Do a video testing "blue-black" toning video for blonde to dark hair pretty please!

    Bri AnaBri Ana3 måneder siden
  • Yes, you're definitely my good friend. I look forward to seeing you and you're both entertaining and an excellent teacher in a nice, informal way. Thank you for being you!

    Ariana McVeighAriana McVeigh3 måneder siden
  • Click bait.

    M FernandesM Fernandes3 måneder siden
  • I ordered it a month ago and still waiting for it, due to covid its taking forever so put off my next order till august. I wish i sent them a picture of my hair first but i was just so excited to order and it was a few days before hair wash day 😂 so wasnt gonna be accurate colour. I cant wait i got a brown with violet tones!! So happy you actually recommend this product even though i didnt see this till after i ordered it

    Chelsea JordanChelsea Jordan3 måneder siden
  • That’s very true Madison Reed is very good too

    Stephany Disla x3Stephany Disla x33 måneder siden
  • I love your videos and just found this one. I’ve been planning on doing my hair lately and thanks to your hair care advice I decided to go with the e-color company instead of trying to figure out what color to go with on my own at the beauty supply store. 😊 I’m a neutral/warm in coloring so decided on a medium brown/red-copper color and the companies colorists will be creating just the right one for me 😊.

    Tania SchoolcraftTania Schoolcraft3 måneder siden
  • I believe I'm not the only one who's touched by the way he talked to his mum, right

    shawn fandomshawn fandom3 måneder siden
  • I love Esalon. They are so good! You talk to a colorist and they listen. You can send pics with questions, etc. I was going to order a highlight kit and they actually told me that as dark as my hair was they didn’t recommend it- that I should go to a salon for it. That really sold me. I was able to tweak a color that was uniquely mine. It was amazing with total gray coverage. I’m currently transitioning to gray so I am not using them; but I highly recommend this company.

    Lea GreenLea Green3 måneder siden
  • Yasss Brad I need to be gay BFFs with you okay like we're best friends

    Jesse anneJesse anne3 måneder siden
  • Omg! You are here for me!

    Vivian CasselVivian Cassel3 måneder siden
  • How to permanently change hair color?

    Riasat Salmin SamiRiasat Salmin Sami3 måneder siden
  • I was using this stuff a few years back when I had my dark brown hair, but now being a super ashy grey blonde they don't have any options for me. I wouldn't mind if they had some fun semi-permanent color like pink, blue, purple but they don't. What a shame.

    Jasmine GingrasJasmine Gingras3 måneder siden
  • Love youu brad but hate this product lmbo I got ash toned dye and it was supposed to be an ashy blonde ... needless to say my hair is RED

    Abrianna’s DIY’sAbrianna’s DIY’s3 måneder siden
  • why this video has lower audio volume compared to your other videos?

    precious malacaprecious malaca4 måneder siden
  • Even as a gay (the other way) I need a gay best friend to unload my emotional baggage from being the gay best friend.

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  • Impressive at home color. 👌🏼

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  • Well shoot, I was gonna be a stalker, but I didn’t get to see the box label so I guess now I won’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ LOLs.

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  • That's not blonde it's still brown

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