I Got Plastic Surgery For One Of My Biggest Insecurities

9. juli. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today you'll follow me on my journey of getting plastic surgery for something I've been wanting for a long time.
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  • For quite a while I joshed with my kids about watching people watching other videos, but now I totally get it. You are the most joyful gorgeous hilarious person. I never noticed your ears. You always look amazing. You are such a pleasure to watch/hang out with. I am a big fan. Much much love, Kathryn

    Kathryn CollinsKathryn Collins4 dager siden
  • That bagel cap.....🤣🤣🤣

    Tamie HarlanTamie Harlan4 dager siden
  • My ear piercing gets closed up always even if I don't wear earnings for like a month

    Shania FernandesShania Fernandes5 dager siden
  • Don't look see you soon later

    Lourdes MedinaLourdes Medina6 dager siden
  • It's not that bad at all

    Katherine A.Katherine A.11 dager siden
  • I clicked on this thinking what could it be because he’s so freaking gorgeous...

    Laura ForresterLaura Forrester12 dager siden
  • I’m in the same boat. Been wanting to close them for forever :(

    Summer SipesSummer Sipes14 dager siden
  • A cutieeeeeee both ways

    Charliah StarksCharliah Starks16 dager siden
  • Excuse me, can we talk about the doctor's fantastic BAGEL-PATTERNED SURGICAL CAP??!

    Casey CronanCasey Cronan17 dager siden
  • Oh wow, i can get this done? Would Neosporin help with the scarring?

    W TW T20 dager siden
  • I feel u. Things like ears, teeth & sometimes nose are the 1st features that are noticeable. There are several procedures I’d like to have done. If I wasn’t such a scared beech, I’d totally get them! ❤️ You look great!

    Suzy KittenSuzy Kitten21 dag siden
  • "I don't wanna piss them *earlobes* off" As someone with many metal allergies and sensitive skin, I felt that.

    pamibellpamibell22 dager siden
  • “Dr. Spock with the pointy ears”. Oh man...did he really just say that? 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Melody ShularMelody Shular22 dager siden
  • vanity vanity!!

    A ZappA Zapp23 dager siden
  • Bradley those are things u should have thought of before u thought gaging was cool

    vixen200008vixen20000824 dager siden
  • Brad 👏 with 👏 long 👏 hair 👏 is 👏 I- 👏 CON- 👏 IC

    ΣRIΠΣRIΠ24 dager siden
  • Wearing heavy earrings makes your ears stretch also. My second holes are much smaller than the first since they've been dragged down by heavy earrings for 2 decades.

    BlowItOutYourCuntBlowItOutYourCunt25 dager siden
  • My ears are stretch to size 50mm

    Janus YuJanus Yu26 dager siden
  • Love you brad. Thanks for being so open. I honestly had no damn clue that you had stretched ears. You always look fabulous

    Christine WeihbrechtChristine WeihbrechtMåned siden
  • Personally never been a fan of plugs. Small ones are okay..but you would always have to have a plug in or yea..looks bogus..to me. To each their own. Ppl say I'm stuck in 2003 so do what u want..fuck what everyone else says.

    Alison LAlison LMåned siden
  • I thought there was something he changed about his face but never thought his ears. How can he naturally look so amazing 😭 Like he’s literally the most gorgeous human I’ve ever seen

    AshAshMåned siden
  • I cried so you didn't have to Brad. I know those numbing needles hurt like a bitch ✌️💖

    Little AussieLittle AussieMåned siden
  • I've always wanted to fix the excess skin thats under my chin (it was still there even when I was severely anorexic so it's not fat) and this video is very reassuring and makes me feel more comfortable about getting the procedure I also still need to get my earlobe stitched up as well 😂 only one side decided to remain stretched out so zzzzzzzzz

    Jacs SJacs SMåned siden
  • 🥺 you don’t need surgery

    Gãcha_panic XXXGãcha_panic XXXMåned siden
  • I thought about getting gauges in my ear, I don’t want the gauges to fall out tho. Your ears look even on both sides so thank god!

    Mina S.Mina S.Måned siden
  • I've got plenty of scars in my 57 years and never worried about having them ~ Each one tells a story telling you made it through whatever it happened and I've always liked the look ~ Appreciate telling your earlobe surgery Brad and I'm sure it will help someone out there which is always good ~ Take it easy🎋

    RetroSongHitsRetroSongHitsMåned siden
  • Yup, I did notice his medium sized gauges before...He does look slighly more mature now. Glad he's happy. He's gorgeous before & after

    Sole GonzSole GonzMåned siden
  • You're so attractive.

    It's ya girl IndicaIt's ya girl IndicaMåned siden
  • Dr Rappaport senior is the father of Dr Rapport that's my oncologist in orange county NY. They are both great Drs!

    Theresa BrownTheresa BrownMåned siden
  • I had my ears at one inch. They closed almost completely, to the point I can wear normal earrings lol. I never wanted to get rid of my stretched ears, I only downsized because I lost one and didn't have money to buy more plugs hahaha 😂 some people's ears don't completely close, some do. Glad you are feeling better about yourself!

    Christine CannibalChristine CannibalMåned siden
  • Loved this!

    Tammy St PierreTammy St PierreMåned siden
  • our insecurities are not even visible or noticeable to others!! it's crazy how self perception changes everything

    PyonggPyonggMåned siden
  • This is pretty much exactly my experience with stretched ears and closing them, and my stupid ass is thinking about stretching them again like I didn't learn from the first time lol

    Kayla SchusterKayla SchusterMåned siden
  • They look great and I'm so glad its gone well for you! If anyone else is interested in more plastic surgery videos @Prettypastelplease on NOworld has 2 videos on rhinoplasty and septoplasty. She's an Australian NOworldr and had the surgery done in February just before Coronavirus and the lockdowns happened. Our government decided that plastic surgery procedure follow ups weren't deemed an essential reason to have a medical appointment during the lockdown, so she missed her follow up appointments after the surgery. They are long video's but 100% worth the watch. noworld.info/video/video/p4fGqcqCtNXgpc0.html noworld.info/video/video/qWjVfplrk7PKxpo.html

    Delilah DawnDelilah DawnMåned siden
  • Your ears look amazing!🤩

    Kelsie Renee RubyKelsie Renee RubyMåned siden
  • You're literally a gay, pretty version of my best m8s brother 🤣😂

    NATsoHIGH !NATsoHIGH !Måned siden
  • I wander how many surgery’s I need if brad needs them lmao 😂

    HelloHelloMåned siden
  • Omg I go to himmfor botox lol

    Leah Feigen-BookstaberLeah Feigen-BookstaberMåned siden
  • I miss my guaged ears!

    That One LadyThat One LadyMåned siden
  • Great lobes!!! YAY BRAD!!!!

    Laurel DeckerLaurel DeckerMåned siden
  • is it just me or has Brad been wearing less makeup, showing off his amazing skin...soooooo gorgeous...skin care routine?

    Brittany EvansBrittany EvansMåned siden
  • Next lip fillers removed

    Discussions On DesktopDiscussions On DesktopMåned siden
  • Why that "YEAH MOM I GET IT" sounds like SRK AN INDIAN ACTER

    Pratiksha MorePratiksha MoreMåned siden
  • Hey beautiful╰(^3^)╯

    big babybig babyMåned siden
  • Wow I never knew this was a thing.

    Dark WolfDark WolfMåned siden
  • "I was kind of rough that first night with my sleeping...in his head "sleeping" lol oh Brad..we love you🥰🥰

    Mjgirl55Mjgirl55Måned siden
  • You are so handsome! Don't need to fix anything interior or exterior!

    BleuVioletBleuVioletMåned siden
  • Is it strange that I was smiling like a psychopath while he was getting sliced up?

    Ayala JadeAyala JadeMåned siden
  • Omg I always loves brads gauges and then he called them childish 😭

    Braxtyn BilleyBraxtyn BilleyMåned siden
  • A little bit more water

    Lourdes MedinaLourdes MedinaMåned siden
  • A little bit water drink

    Lourdes MedinaLourdes MedinaMåned siden
  • “Wow, nice lobes” We need some lobe merch!

    Sara HennemuthSara HennemuthMåned siden
  • My ex husband has a 2 inch ear lobes and a 00 tongue. He can’t talk right without the tongue ring in and his ears STINK so bad! Even when he would clean them twice a day, it was horrible.

    Sara HennemuthSara HennemuthMåned siden
  • Wooooooo!! Congrats!!!

    aikat3rineaikat3rineMåned siden
  • Wow i never noticed

    b bb bMåned siden
  • Aww he looks so scared/nervous when he’s getting told what they are gonna do 😔

    Hey.Itz.BillieHey.Itz.BillieMåned siden
  • I’ve literally never looked at his ears

    KC MervineKC MervineMåned siden
  • Got it don't lather bleach or your ears 👍🏼

    Waleska MendezWaleska MendezMåned siden
  • Omg I'm in love with your haircut and also your eyes are super gorgeous 😍😍😍

    Lily DLily DMåned siden
  • Moms always right

    ChungusChungusMåned siden
  • Stretched ear surgery represents the end of my emo teen years 😂. Well done for getting the surgery! My friend had it done and she loves her ears now. Your surgeon was so good, he really talked you through it all. I thought it would be so simple but how wrong I was!

    LaurenLaurenMåned siden
  • what he mean plastic surgery i feel like thats normal it not like nose surgery or like others things

    Sxmply_Mini MimiSxmply_Mini MimiMåned siden
  • I kinda wanna get my earlobes made smaller. I hate how big they look

    Brazen HussyBrazen HussyMåned siden
  • He said "ooough" 12:27

    Kristie HoltKristie HoltMåned siden
  • Bruh how be explained about his gages literally the same way I took mine out n same age also but they was 00 n now it’s normal

    Official Odd.FutureGangOfficial Odd.FutureGangMåned siden
  • My sister went through the same thing, she had like an inch and some and they shrunk like crazy when she stopped wearing them. She hasn’t gotten the surgery and i don’t even notice them anymore

    Kaylen CaraballoKaylen CaraballoMåned siden
  • wOw, gReAt LoBeS

    j lynnj lynnMåned siden
  • omg braddddd I didn't even notice! to me, you're so handsome

    j lynnj lynnMåned siden
  • U are beautiful brad!!

    Tammy BreenTammy BreenMåned siden
  • am I the only one that had major trigger with surgical n tissue n that kinda stuff, like when surgeon was like explaining the surgery w like the 'cutting-the-skin/tissue's etc etc don't even talk abt the actual surgery part I jus covered that w my hand✋, my dad's an eye surgeon n whenever I see a mid-operation eye or smthng istg I *gag* ideky I'm saying this just kslslaoiwjwkksjskskns ew-

    mihika : /mihika : /Måned siden
  • I am only @8:34 in but this is great... kinda feels likes when I got a tattoo covered up (mind you, I'm covered in ink, but there are things you do regret for all kinds of reasons)!

    InkedMommy MCInkedMommy MCMåned siden
  • Brad you are beautiful with or without gages 💗 but I bet you feel amazing now!

    A RA RMåned siden
  • I have 22mm in one of my earlobes and I wanna fix it but haven’t looked it up 😂 have had it since I was like 12

    J DJ DMåned siden
  • I love the Drs scrub cap!

    HumbugHumbugMåned siden
  • 10:28 😄😄

    FAM LOVEFAM LOVEMåned siden
  • brad: i watch surgery shows me: same brad same obsessed with botched and dr pimple popper lol

    FAM LOVEFAM LOVEMåned siden
  • They look good at 4 wks.

    desantiago007desantiago007Måned siden
  • I'd love to find someone in the UK to do this, I miss wearing earrings too. One of my earlobes is split and the other one hasn't really shrunk much, after years I can still fit my little finger in it and it is also split horrizontly thanks to getting a blow out :-/

    Jade CollisonJade CollisonMåned siden
  • So when he was chill’n on the couch his black shirt melted right into the couch and it looked like he was a floating head. Just me, ok

  • Ohh thank you I will have the same surgery! My lobes are the same size what you had, this video is so helpful for me 👂💜 You're so cute how happy for the process 😁🌺

    Huhh 0110Huhh 0110Måned siden
  • I need to get this done.

    Flygirl Fishing EricaFlygirl Fishing Erica2 måneder siden
  • I have them too! Since I was 17. 9/16 size. I always get compliments!

    Lexumus PrimeLexumus Prime2 måneder siden
  • Why do I get the biggest wholesome vibes from his videos, but then I see the photos and get such gay sexual tension vibes what is happening

    Iva MaksimovićIva Maksimović2 måneder siden
  • You do you boo

    Dolorhictibiproderitolim 1776Dolorhictibiproderitolim 17762 måneder siden
  • Dr. Pimple Popper did a video about her fixing someone's gages and bringing them back to normal.

    Mary Jo StackMary Jo Stack2 måneder siden

    Ke -I-Ke -I-2 måneder siden
  • u should tell the story on how u got ur scar on ur face. love u Brad 💚💚💚

    akakoakako2 måneder siden
  • i noticed it and kinda was upset cuz i was like brad yyyyyyy but like i still love brad he is my favorite person everrr

    Kennedy JoyetteKennedy Joyette2 måneder siden
  • I just don't even know what to say at this point other than how painful that looks, also I can't stand blood so I'm like about to pass out just from watching this video when I'm not the one who even suffered.

    Xx_Chērry_ßøbäxXXx_Chērry_ßøbäxX2 måneder siden
  • U sexy

    Julissa PerezJulissa Perez2 måneder siden
  • I never realized I needed to see Brad in a black crew neck t-shirt. 😩😍

    Luna MeelaLuna Meela2 måneder siden
  • Lmao am i the only one who payed attention to the doctor's bagel hat

    typicaltypical2 måneder siden
  • The 4th time i got my ears periced my earring split my ears it took me two years to get them sewed back togeather and i am soo happybi get you brad

    Hannah MarieHannah Marie2 måneder siden
  • You're so adorable, Brad!

    n tn t2 måneder siden
  • i need you to talk about the thing the yao women do!!!!!

    TooseiToosei2 måneder siden
  • Good share. It can be longer and/or challenging for a new, regular piercing to heal through scar tissue, so be careful with your new holes and try not to get product on them Brad. :)

    Pennie WyattPennie Wyatt2 måneder siden

    Trisha MamerowTrisha Mamerow2 måneder siden
  • If someone judges for the way ur ear looks there jealous fo you somehow

    Rena_Wolf10Rena_Wolf102 måneder siden
  • brads ears: 👁🩸👄🩸👁 the music: 😀👾👍🏻

    JocelynJocelyn2 måneder siden
  • They were beautiful already

    Clara DeBruhlClara DeBruhl2 måneder siden