I Almost Ruined Her Hair! (Animated Story Time)

7. aug.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we talk about all the dumb stuff I did as a junior hairstylist. I've learned so much from every mistake I've ever made.
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Animations By: Marcel Saleta
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    Brad MondoBrad Mondo2 måneder siden
    • Me

      lol who am ilol who am iMåned siden

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    • WAIT IM JUST SEEIING THIS?!! This is amazing who thought of this, wow

      RaeRaeRaeRaeMåned siden
    • Meeeeee!!!

      Kendhra MirandaKendhra MirandaMåned siden
    • I love this !!!

      Eves InghamEves InghamMåned siden
  • Brad looks like he’s gonna rob a bank love it tho

    LaurenLaurenTime siden
  • All of your CONTENT! Everything yu have the best ideas from makeovers to bleach fails to shampoo comp conditioner comps, and STORYTIMES. I LOVE WHEN IM WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS BRAD MONDO. THANK YOU BABY🥰🥰🥰

    Bethany CarterBethany Carter18 timer siden
  • OMG. Can i just say. I LOVE YOU. AND

    Bethany CarterBethany Carter18 timer siden
  • I just KNOW the model was a product of nepotism.

    Angel AmargoAngel Amargo2 dager siden
  • When I was an esthetician, my boss and I were booked for a wedding. We were doing the bride and 2 brides maids... the entire party arrived late and by the end of the thing they wanted us to do 2 more makeups in the same timeframe and had me help with taking pictures.

    Catherine PoirierCatherine Poirier2 dager siden
  • I really like this can we do more of this

    Dark WolfDark Wolf3 dager siden
  • Your humility and integrity is incredible

    Lauren BenitLauren Benit4 dager siden
  • Also this is really weird but your story about the last girl is the exact same as my photography teachers when he did a shoot

    Lauren BenitLauren Benit4 dager siden
  • i want him to do more of these!!!! like if you want more too!!

    milliemillie5 dager siden
  • Aw, I don't like that you'd liked to Jamie but at least you gave her a discount... that was nice of you.

    Nafisa TabassumNafisa Tabassum5 dager siden
  • Loved this! More please :)

    Sarah LeavelleSarah Leavelle6 dager siden
  • I loveee you gorgeous ❤💜

    wolfie nunuwolfie nunu7 dager siden
  • I have an idea! Why don’t we call ourselves “Braddies” (as in baddies)? You know like James Charles’s fandom call themselves “sisters”. I’m gonna spam Brad’s videos with this idea😂

    R SR S8 dager siden
  • OMG!! 😂

    Ruby MartinezRuby Martinez8 dager siden
  • do more of these sassy animations they're a mood.

    wajiha khanwajiha khan9 dager siden
  • Omg your video made me cry. I hope one day it will be my turn

    Tala MTala M11 dager siden
  • mooooore please

    Black CatBlack Cat11 dager siden
  • All I could think about that model is wow.. what a beotch!

    maddiemarlenemakeupmaddiemarlenemakeup11 dager siden
  • I don't know why but, honestly I'm so proud of Brad. Like him being a CEO but hes still so damn nice and polite, he's simply amazing.

    Minji LeeMinji Lee12 dager siden
  • you handled the situation what that model way better than i would have. i’m a professional but i’m a human too and you not finna play me like that df

    Liyah Wit Da NinaLiyah Wit Da Nina14 dager siden
  • She was spoiled and ungrateful, I would love if you did my hair!

    Stephannie RawleyStephannie Rawley14 dager siden
  • Pls do more

    Gianna GrimesGianna Grimes14 dager siden
  • I just wanna know what book Jamie was reading

    Moriah SvenMoriah Sven15 dager siden
  • Brad, when are you going to do a master class tour in europe for all of us who suck at hairstyling ( my own hair needs help).

    Berta 009Berta 00916 dager siden
  • I wish it was full animated

    AnonymousAnonymous16 dager siden
  • Dear Brad. Ive only been (binge) watching your channel for about 2 weeks and, to borrow a term from you, am obsessed! You're such a dear sweet person who is also a great teacher. You give SO much hair information that I've been taking notes. Thank you for sharing these three incidents with your fans displaying your quick thinking, great heart, and resilience. I am so grateful to have discovered your NOworld channel (and hair care line) and intend to continue with my binging until I've seen it all! 🥰

    mary lowery-nelsonmary lowery-nelson17 dager siden
  • I want you to do my hair please

    Vlogs by FernandaVlogs by Fernanda17 dager siden
  • I was cringing the whole time!

    Kimberly CummingsKimberly Cummings17 dager siden
  • Brad ur strong I would have totally cried

    Yeesh Yalls are SALINATEDYeesh Yalls are SALINATED18 dager siden
  • Nothing worse than a modal that hates her hair. In your case It was just a style ? wtf ? do the shoot then go home and wash your hair.

    Lori Neid / Tiny Toad FarmLori Neid / Tiny Toad Farm19 dager siden
  • Whoever that model was, I just hope her modeling career is over. I want to punch her, it's not the models job to be pretty, it's your job to use your face and body for the photographer.

    Chasity Fey VenskeChasity Fey Venske19 dager siden
  • Wait i didnt know you had your own company and you were a CEO you learn new things everyday i guess

    kitty coral mermaidkitty coral mermaid19 dager siden
  • Great story...give us more, perhaps some Karens!

    CC The Fashion YorkieCC The Fashion Yorkie19 dager siden
  • I wonder who this model was....

    Life Help ExpressLife Help Express19 dager siden
  • I totally love this story time format ♥️

    Naomi xxxNaomi xxx20 dager siden
  • Omg! I loveee your story and I love how u tell the story!!

    Nur Kamilia Ilyana NazaruddinNur Kamilia Ilyana Nazaruddin20 dager siden
  • That model was gigi hadid because : she loves Mason Pearson hair brushes also she had blue hair tips

    Vandana ChauhanVandana Chauhan20 dager siden
  • Brad you did nothing wrong in that photo shoot. That model was out of line, the creative director is incharge of the final say of what the model looks like, not the model. You were an image of kindness with how you handled that situation, cause if that happened on a set that i worked on, that model probably would have been fired. As a model you are not allowed to just change the design of the shoot, you can have a conversation with the creative director, then maybe something would change, but the creative director had final say. Her bashing your work infront of you is the most unprofessional thing anyone could ever do on a shoot, second only to being late and sliwing the entire production down. And that model did both. Respect is so important in the industry and what you did Brad was more than anyone should have asked of you.

    Z RZ R21 dag siden
  • giving me very much money heist 😂😂❤️

    Faith StephanyFaith Stephany21 dag siden
  • I love the animations omg

    shaelyn marrshaelyn marr22 dager siden
  • I mean, I'm not tryna be dramatic or anything, but I think I would die for Jamie.

    Annika O.Annika O.22 dager siden
  • c e hoe ahaha too good brad mr mondo - u r the best bro crack me up everytym - u r worldwide mbro mr mondobrad - newZealand watchn u - cheers

    Mi SelfMi Self23 dager siden
  • You should've told the model that's what the creative director wanted and walked away 🤷🏾‍♀️😂

    Tarleda ManleyTarleda Manley23 dager siden
  • Why is he so positive !! Amazimgg

    Vrisha SharmaVrisha Sharma23 dager siden
  • Who else didn’t realize he was wearing gloves until he mentioned it?

    *Fi**Fi*23 dager siden
  • This is one of ma favorite videos EVER!!!!!!!!!😂😍

    Ade leAde le26 dager siden
  • you handled the last girl very well!

    Artamevia EkaArtamevia Eka26 dager siden
  • ceHOE I love it

    Paige ElizabethPaige Elizabeth27 dager siden
  • Apparently the model was GiGi Hadid...

    Will HoodWill Hood28 dager siden
  • jamie is an icon 💅

    Anna AzaleaAnna Azalea29 dager siden
  • I beautifuler

    ReginaRegina29 dager siden
  • 15:48 That moment when Brad Mondo was near to fall in the dark side of the force.

    Beecartes my honeyBeecartes my honeyMåned siden
  • 15:20 because your attitude doesn't fit your ponytail. Lol

    someone :psomeone :pMåned siden
  • This was the most heart touching inspiring video honestly i feel like ive watch i love u brad mondo

    anjelica rosasanjelica rosasMåned siden
  • Brad conning Jamie into her confusion is one of the worst things he's done! 😂😭

    Kiersten GreenKiersten GreenMåned siden
  • 1. there's no such thing as red toner. 2. you wouldn't be putting toner on a single process root touch up 3. you forgot the story about fucking up snitchery's hair & switching those mannequin heads.

    Madonna FanMadonna FanMåned siden
  • Oh WoW! I love your channel and normally don’t comment, BUT this somehow totally triggered me... so here it goes: First incident: It’s your supervisors job to do just that = supervise you to not let these things happen! Just because someone is great at there job, doesn’t mean that they can cope with monitoring the area and other people if they are not solely in charge! The decision/evaluation if this is the case, is placed in the hands of the person in charge of the salon! If your supervisor ‚let you run free‘ to some extent, it’s there fault, BUT it really shows how high your set standards are, even then!!! Second described incidence: MAD busy schedules & full books - of course!!! It is however up to the person scheduling the bookings, to evaluate how many and which clients the individual can cope with! Beautifully solved though 😎🥳👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻 The third issue: Very VERY obnoxious, stressed or irritable people can ruin a fantastic week on a last appointment fridays... Cudos to you for this reaction!!! Didn’t even know that models have such ‘decision-power’ on a shoot ... thought the theme of the shoot would be solid and sold prior to the models booked 😳🤯

    EileenEileenMåned siden
  • Please make more of these

    User 190isbackUser 190isbackMåned siden
  • That first story, HELLA slick save.

    XanxerXanxerMåned siden
  • Q. Q.

    Skylar BillsSkylar BillsMåned siden
  • Brad mondo I know you won’t see this but I went from medium brown to a silver and I used splat box bleach and Sally’s bleach toner and dye and it came out amazing but I used 40 developer and bleach powder and it said 30 but it turned out great

    AussieWLAussieWLMåned siden
  • I loved this Like for part 2

    Lila BlumLila BlumMåned siden
  • That Video saved my day. I did a mistake on work yesterday and my boss was sooo angry, I felt like the biggest Idiot ever, even it was a 'smaller' mistake as the one with the wrong toner xD hope she won't scream at me again tomorrow

    Caro CatCaro CatMåned siden
  • As someone who’s worked as a hair model before (and still do a bit), that last girl is super entitled and rude. A big part of the deal of being a hair model is that you give the stylist/director creative freedom on your hair. If you don’t like that, don’t be a model. Obviously you usually get consulted on the rough plan before and you can say no, but realistically you know what you’re getting yourself in for before you start!

    Ilaria Beechey-NewmanIlaria Beechey-NewmanMåned siden
  • DOOOO morreeeMORREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!$!!

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  • No your not perfect your #EXTRA Live your extra life ♡

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  • “My three disasters that I regret” 0:59 your welcome

    Izziee RobloxIzziee RobloxMåned siden
  • how- how- was he not........... fired

    Lily JaneLily JaneMåned siden
    • i mean guess it was ok cus nothing unfixable happend

      Lily JaneLily JaneMåned siden
  • Brad that horrible model freak wasn’t worth you. You will be living your best life forever and she will just be old and hungry

    Claudia TrammellClaudia TrammellMåned siden
  • Can I animate your next storytime??

    MiuNyaMiuNyaMåned siden
  • 😁 I loved those stories and the animation! I have to say that I was more than annoyed by the last one. Annoyed for you! But I really enjoyed how you related how that model was to you. I was laughing (with you) and wanting to bitch slap her at the same time!😆😆😜 Oh how I wish that I could have my hair done by you Brad!💖 Love you AND keep being your beautiful self.😍

    Cynthia StanleyCynthia StanleyMåned siden

    qaigeyqaigeyMåned siden
  • Getting onceler vibes from this outfit ngl

    Jean ValjeanJean ValjeanMåned siden
  • Has that model reached out to you to do her hair. ?

    eiko hikarueiko hikaruMåned siden
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    Isabella MatsonIsabella MatsonMåned siden
  • I demand, or like beg, for a Brad mondo hairsalon game. Animated exactly like this.

    Sarah AlessaSarah AlessaMåned siden
  • Im kinda sad about the story of him gaslighting the elder lady after leaving her in the chair for so long. Glad he owned it finally, but I think honesty is better from the word go.

    AmythistAmythistMåned siden
  • I used to be a working makeup artist and nothing would make me more mad than when clients would put their paws all over my products and tools.

    dj queenteedj queenteeMåned siden
  • You are just such a wonderful human. And that's on periodt.

    kelsey kokelsey koMåned siden
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  • why are you gay?

    Summer CooperSummer CooperMåned siden
  • I NEEEDDDD more of these videos in my life!!

    Erica BrewsterErica BrewsterMåned siden
  • It’s so hard to keep track of time doing work where you have to be very careful with the gear and tools. I’m a climbing coach/ guide and we are not allowed to wear watches because they can be distracting like phones. However I had like 5 separate groups and omg I totally lost track of time by 30 minutes, luckily they weren’t an an outside trip so it was fine.

    Mina S.Mina S.Måned siden
  • Do more animations!!❤️

    stephanie perezstephanie perezMåned siden

    stephanie perezstephanie perezMåned siden
  • Love all this stories and will definitely want to hear more! God Bless you ❤️

    Daliz HernandezDaliz HernandezMåned siden
  • The model isn't there to look "pretty" she is there to do her job as a MODEL and just simply MODEL the directors visions. Ughhh models like that urkkk meee, cant do there fackin job

    liv jeanaliv jeanaMåned siden
  • I totally feel you on the last story! I’ve had clients handle my 1.500$ Mizutani shears and drop them like omg that’s my living there ugh and yeah I’ve definitely had my fair share of rude clients like one lady had asked if got my license from a Cracker Jack box and followed me around the salon to complain to me the whole time she was waiting for someone else to help her grand daughter.... yeah sadly I couldn’t take it anymore and quit just stress of having covid going on and a young baby got the best of me

    Azeala HowardAzeala HowardMåned siden
  • Hi look like he is going to a bank

    Michael DorsainvilMichael DorsainvilMåned siden
  • I used to be a make up artist. It is so annoying when you get a model that complains about a look that u did perfectly that the designer asked you to do. They are there to model the designers vision that is their job! My mo was If they have a problem tell them to take it up with the creative director or designer or whoever is in charge of the look I'm here to help to bring their vision to life. She sounded nasty u poor babe. Can you tell us what the creative director said about this?

    Ana Leticia GallardoAna Leticia GallardoMåned siden
  • Brads dressed like he's about to do the stealthiest weave snatch known to man

    Phoenix FirePhoenix FireMåned siden
  • i want more storiesssssssssssssss i loved this video omg

    Pâmela SilveiraPâmela SilveiraMåned siden
  • I’m a beauty school drop out. Due to a health issue i was three months shy of graduating. Started a medication that I had a reaction to. The reaction left me with an arm that moves in its own in twitchy type movements. Probably not a good idea to hold scissors at that time lol. I appreciate your video and stories.

    NikkiNikkiMåned siden
  • Yay Brad! Rock it! I love you ❤️

    sejal jindalsejal jindalMåned siden
  • who else in binging on brad videos for the second time within quarantine?

    Rakshya AryalRakshya AryalMåned siden
  • haha these stories are so funny but i would always trust you with my hair i bet it. would look beautiful if you did my hair

    MintyCactus123MintyCactus123Måned siden
  • The thing is you could fuck up my hair completely and I would still say thank you, pay and walk out. Yes I will cry at home but I won’t tell the hairdresser..

    Eve H.Eve H.Måned siden