How To Blowout Your Hair Like a Pro

14. mai. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we go over 3 of my favorite blow-dry techniques. This is how you get a salon quality blow-dry at home.
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • POV: brad comes through ur screen and beats you up with a nozzle before attaching it to your hair dryer and yelling at you what to do

    Becky TarboxBecky Tarbox3 timer siden
  • That models hair is so thin. Can you show us how to do it for really thick unruly hair?

    Mari ZMari Z15 timer siden
  • I wish you would do the example on a real person Brad. It would seem more genuine.

    Mari ZMari Z15 timer siden
  • Thanks Brad! Ive upped my blowout game now!😍

    Peepgirl 92Peepgirl 9221 time siden
  • Brad, there is NO CHANCE I can move my head and hand LIKE THAT MANNEQUIN turn 360° by your hand (눈‸눈)

    Nita IndrianiNita IndrianiDag siden
  • My arms cant handle do that on my own heat

    sdrwjeonsdrwjeonDag siden
  • I blow-dry my hair straight as I hate using straighteners. However my hair is 25 inches long so drying up is painful and my arms don't reach that far 😂

    Pickle CatPickle Cat2 dager siden
  • I would love to do this but my arms get so tired

    Kacey MadsenKacey Madsen2 dager siden
  • The back of my hair looks like trash while the front looks like I am a boogie queen.

    Pal CadavalPal Cadaval3 dager siden
  • Watched bcos Liza Soberano is on the thumbnail!😂😂

    Sall StylesSall Styles3 dager siden
  • How do you do the wavy or curly style when you have a bob? It never comes out properly and I end up looking like a grandma 😂

    Eni AvramiEni Avrami3 dager siden
  • I have 2b hair and its so hard yo keep straight

    claireemily costelloclaireemily costello3 dager siden
  • Great tutorial!! Would you please do this same video on a mannequin with type 4 hair? The straightest my hair has ever been was when a stylist ONLY blow-dried my hair, but I didn't get to watch him and have no clue how to replicate it :(

    trinity1ewalefotrinity1ewalefo4 dager siden
  • I can feel my arms aching just watching this hahahah

    Guia NavoaGuia Navoa4 dager siden
  • My mum is a professional hairdresser so I get to use all of these tools and stuff since I have it at home B)

    Victoria RavenfallVictoria Ravenfall4 dager siden
  • Is that Liza?

    ikka chan.ikka chan.4 dager siden
  • My hair always gets tangled in there

    Cindy AmadorCindy Amador5 dager siden
  • You're funny!! Keep up the great work cutie!!

    swirly girlswirly girl5 dager siden
  • My hair is like 5 times as thick as the hair on the doll 😅 and 3 times as long 😳 the volumizing version will take forever

    Avril GreenAvril Green5 dager siden
  • Wow😍😍

    Darija JVDarija JV5 dager siden
  • Remember guys; *WITH THE NOZZLE*

    Chelsea SinggarChelsea Singgar6 dager siden
  • Liza soberano

    Anding GeliAnding Geli6 dager siden
  • Do the blow-dry should be set on hot cold or between

    Yasmine _Yasmine _6 dager siden
  • new learning its favolous tnx! il be watching more of your videos just sub

    Catalina D GallagherCatalina D Gallagher6 dager siden
  • do you have any hair/skin concerns that I can help you address? I would love to get you started on the healthy aging journey. 💗

    Alejandra AlburquequeAlejandra Alburqueque6 dager siden
  • do you have any hair/skin concerns that I can help you address? I would love to get you started on the healthy aging journey. 💗

    Alejandra AlburquequeAlejandra Alburqueque6 dager siden
  • Thanks, I learned the hard way, years of straightening very curly hair, quite pleased, actually wanted to become a hair stylist but didn’t,..

    KATE beedotKATE beedot6 dager siden
  • First time I tried it got my hair stuck in the back and broke my sister's hairdryer. Just me?

    BluebirdBluebird7 dager siden
  • Brad mondo is the Gordon Ramsay of hair

    J & fJ & f7 dager siden
  • Like i just need him now to blow dry my hair

    kutten kettykutten ketty7 dager siden
  • I just subscribed. This was love at first sight.

    La Bella VidaLa Bella Vida7 dager siden
  • I need your products in México :(

    Ana MaxinezAna Maxinez8 dager siden
  • ur dryer is so perfect 😍. Alien thing

    jay paljay pal8 dager siden
  • I just realized that the reason I never liked a salon blow dry was that they were giving me the pin straight look and it losed any volume within 5min after that. no wonder, my hair is naturally thin and straight so it never any volume with this technnique.

    Sashka DSashka D9 dager siden
  • I love how clear he explaines his methods👍👏

    Amani 1234Amani 12349 dager siden
  • Does anyone notice that Liza Soberano is one of the Girls in the thumbnail!

    Saebelle Wane AlpaySaebelle Wane Alpay9 dager siden

    Maria TMaria T9 dager siden
  • I don’t even care about the hair- I’m just here for Brad 😍

    Fidelis Ad UrnamFidelis Ad Urnam10 dager siden
  • I love the videos, but I swear the "model" reminds me of a twak star lols

    Christina lodgeChristina lodge10 dager siden
  • Is that liza soberano?

    Majoie CarandangMajoie Carandang11 dager siden
  • The first one is giving me Rachel Green vibes

    KristinaKristina11 dager siden
  • I love how he started off saying "with the nozzle..💁👀" and by the end he's like "WITH 🤬 THE 🤬 NOZZLE 🤬🤬🤬"

    PrettyLady4444PrettyLady444412 dager siden
  • The only good thing that came out of all of this is my arm exercise

    Alice FeltrinAlice Feltrin12 dager siden
  • Me 3 minutes in when my arms fall off: Uhhhhh. 😳

    Lexy BetzLexy Betz12 dager siden
  • His pure white background hurts my eyes

    Jerry CarrilloJerry Carrillo12 dager siden
  • I would really like to sit there instead of that plastic model!!!!

    Sanjana SandadiSanjana Sandadi13 dager siden
  • How do i do this to myself tho..

    Michelle PanganibanMichelle Panganiban13 dager siden
  • The let’s do it is so pure

    Lordis DennyLordis Denny13 dager siden
  • Moving the dolls head 360 degrees, I’m not that double jointed 🙆🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️😅😅

    Watercolour Art in Cape TownWatercolour Art in Cape Town13 dager siden
  • can you do a review/tutorial of how to use the 2 in 1 blowdryer and hairbrush hot tools?

    Victoria PenaVictoria Pena13 dager siden
  • I wanna see him do the super straight blow dry on hair that isn't super straight already I'll believe in it when I see some actual curls.

    Sierra CarpenterSierra Carpenter14 dager siden
  • Hello merci beaucoup pour vos supers vidéos j'adore 🤩🤩

    Fabiola MaillardFabiola Maillard14 dager siden
  • How did I end up here I have black hair💀💀💀

    It’ss MyahhhIt’ss Myahhh14 dager siden
  • i’m sorry but it’s the “volumous” for me

    Gabriela PerezGabriela Perez15 dager siden
  • Well, the model looks healthy and it looks like she didn't loose any hair in the process....if that was me half of my hair would have been on the brush and floor....😭🙈

    Irina ValeriaIrina Valeria15 dager siden
  • Thank uuuu! 😻✨

    Siel GoldenSiel Golden15 dager siden
  • Pinning up the hair sections.... Idk about anyone else but any time I put a pin in MY hair I get pin dents in my hair. I even bought some hair clips that CLAIM they don't/won't leave. dents (crimps, marks, whatever you want to call it) but they still do. So no. I can not pin my sections up. Not unless I want run a straightener over them. Smh. People that can put pins in their hair without getting pin marks (dents?) are fortunate!

    East 112East 11215 dager siden
  • Wish you could do my hair. Your awesome

    sarah jane wilkinsonsarah jane wilkinson15 dager siden
  • I love this man. From the pink Northface shirt, to the you don’t have to fry your hair get on your blowdry game... I will come through that screen and mmmmm it won’t be cute!!! Love💕💕💕💕😎🥰✌🏼

    GetReadyWithMeMammaGetReadyWithMeMamma17 dager siden
  • I want volume. I want Victoria Justice as Tori Vega in Victorious voluminous waves 🌊

    Eva StoodEva Stood17 dager siden
  • Can you wear long hair and show this again...

    Luljeta JashanicaLuljeta Jashanica17 dager siden
  • here I am just air-drying my hair for hours and ignoring all the advice lol

    Justina SJustina S18 dager siden
  • I just need a shampoo which does all the patience for all those

    moyonification2moyonification218 dager siden
  • I hv a too long hair plus since i didn't straight permanently but when i blow dry my hair it's not give a positive result... please give recommendations

    janushiga janujanushiga janu18 dager siden
  • I cant seem to handle a nozzle . It always falls off .

    celestialcircledancecelestialcircledance18 dager siden
  • I wanna be that mannequin so bad

    Michelle ChoeMichelle Choe18 dager siden
  • your model looks somehow like rachel green with the volimunus blowdry

    Ines Ben YoussefInes Ben Youssef19 dager siden
  • Hey Brad, you need to do a tutorial for a tired 52 year old who has hair so straight and flat I get asked how I straightened it! I woke up like this lol! I want volume but I'm to old to do all that lol! No upper arm strength to hold that brush and dryer up like that!

    Joey SmithJoey Smith19 dager siden
  • you have such an amazing personality, I just want to be your friend!!!

    JoesphineJoesphine19 dager siden
  • When a doll’s hair is nicer than yours**

    B AnneB Anne20 dager siden
  • I dunno what would i have done to my hair and skin without you and hyram.😢 Thanks for existing 😗

    Peace OutPeace Out20 dager siden
  • the fact that i don't have a NOZZLE is SO funny. HAha. i still did it :)

    Very HolyBangtanVery HolyBangtan21 dag siden
  • Thank you so much for making this video! I currently go to Cosmo school and they haven't taught us how to blow-dry yet and I graduate in 5 months!

    Michelle BellMichelle Bell21 dag siden
  • My hairs got so much volume I have to straighten it down 😱

    RTDesignRTDesign21 dag siden
  • ‘Make sure to have natural and synthetic bristles on your comb’ Bruh, mine has spikes like....

    Ananya GuptaAnanya Gupta21 dag siden
  • it would be good to be able to chop off my head while I blow-dry and put it back again

    Tara MarkovTara Markov21 dag siden
  • So That's how Kate middleton does her hair

    Maria Esperanza Caro UrrutiaMaria Esperanza Caro Urrutia22 dager siden
  • That was a lot of product

    cocorita5cocorita522 dager siden
  • Bruh my fucking hair dried like 5 times before I even managed to take the blowdrier into my hands wtf 😭

    go by the wall and tickle the bricksgo by the wall and tickle the bricks22 dager siden
  • This helped me a lot, I’ve never been able to do good with a round brush. Thanks Brad!

    Laura ForresterLaura Forrester22 dager siden
  • I never understood why you need to put so many products in the hair. What if I blow dry it just using the techniques, without any product, will it work? I honestly have no idea how to use hair products so I never buy them. When I wash my hair, I rub a little bit of argan oil on it and leave it to air dry.

    PlatypusGuitarPlatypusGuitar22 dager siden
  • DAMN, Brad Mondo... your advice just flat-out WORKS - for guys too. Thanks for putting this stuff up. HGTV or someone should give you a show.

    Berus7777Berus777723 dager siden
  • Where was this man missing all my life 🥺😍😍😍🤩💓💗

    Ms. Chanandler BongMs. Chanandler Bong23 dager siden
  • The root drying trick blew my mind! I did it last night and even after I slept my baby hairs are still obeying 🥺 thanks, Brad

    Shelby DavisShelby Davis23 dager siden
  • I love you Brad, but, *volumINous*! Lol. 😉🙃

    Emma FaithEmma Faith23 dager siden
  • OMG this Mannequin has exactly my Haircolour (mine is maaaybe a little more red)

    Luna MarshmallowLuna Marshmallow23 dager siden
  • My hair is almost three feet long i need longer arms

    Sara MuellerSara Mueller23 dager siden
  • The range of emotions on the hair model are amazing!

    Gabrielle Birchak-BirkmanGabrielle Birchak-Birkman23 dager siden
  • thank you Brad :)

    Laura Alejandra Manchola RojasLaura Alejandra Manchola Rojas23 dager siden
  • Hey brad really love your video but l want to ask one thing whenever l blow dry my hair with brush like you did my hair got stuck in blow dryer my bloe dryer nozel is bit wide than yours what will l do plz solve my problem 😢

    pinki pinkpinki pink24 dager siden
  • This works! I tried this method- he’s right, you can do it all and have bouncy, shiny, smooth, silky hair with this method. No, you don’t need to be able to see the back of your head, at least, not for the “voluminous” version (which I think Brad is pronouncing wrong, but he knows how to do it, and that is what matters). The best trick is his advice to smooth all the hair at the hairline up and back- wow, game changer! I am a new fan.

    Cindy Diggs.Cindy Diggs.24 dager siden
  • the first blowdry should be called the 'rachel green' all my friends fans know!

    Kalisha DivaniKalisha Divani24 dager siden
  • Can you imaging how many times this man has said the word “hair” in his lifetime???

    chelseychelsey24 dager siden
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    FJ oFJ o24 dager siden
  • Ihave wavy volominous hair

    Doris JutrišaDoris Jutriša25 dager siden
  • How do you do this with only a normal cheap ass blow dryer and some hair-😭

    sezora aressezora ares25 dager siden
  • I clicked coz i saw Liza Soberano. 🇵🇭

    Kim ChingKim Ching25 dager siden
  • I love you so much but I wish you do your video with someone’s hair like a real person😂😂😂😂

    Mara PlazaMara Plaza25 dager siden
  • ooh can you show us how you would dry your hair?? Would love to see that!

    Marina The Beauty BFFMarina The Beauty BFF26 dager siden