Hairdressers Guide To Cutting Your Own Hair And Not Ruining It

26. mars. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! This video will help you achieve a perfect at home haircut.
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • I hope I can save some of you from doing awful quarentine cuts 🙏🏻

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo7 måneder siden
    • this had 499 replies i couldnt help it this is the 500th aye

      fukihari tatsukufukihari tatsukuDag siden
    • Brad I love you with all my heart for this video!!!! Thank you! Your a life saver, however, it’s time consuming and nerve wrecking so maybe just this time. Also I was being a disobedient one and cut it straight like you said not to do. It did however come out great and looks like a blunt haircut! I’m sorry not sorry. 😁😁😁

      Amanda GonzalezAmanda Gonzalez13 dager siden
    • Yah im grateful for this

      Ellen cxEllen cx25 dager siden
    • Mariella Cajina Hey do you guys like my new haircut let me know❤️

      Eleiona johnsonEleiona johnsonMåned siden
    • You did 😂thank you

      tofu _tofu _2 måneder siden
  • The best diy haircut. You’re very generous to share your talent. Thanks a lot

    愛理n愛理n3 timer siden
  • balance ur audio brad

    David BeckerDavid Becker8 timer siden
  • Thank you so much! This video saved my life ^^ Because of the end of my relationship I had the desire to cut my hair, but because of Cov no hairdresser opened in my neighbourhood. "Only" 4 centimeters gone - but I feel like a new woman that can rock on :D

    Lexa PhloxLexa Phlox9 timer siden
  • quarantine is pretty fun

    KarliKarli11 timer siden
  • I'm gonna do this tomorrow Brad. Wish me luck. My other has no idea

    Min Jee Bess-BaderMin Jee Bess-Bader14 timer siden
  • I just followed this, and my hair feels so much better without those dried up ends. It will do until I feel safe going to the salon.

    Jessie BakerJessie Baker19 timer siden
  • Hello fam. Enjoyed the video. You should vlog with Bad Friends. Their videos low-key reminds me of David Dobrik mixed with a blend of Faze Clan. You should most definitely check their channel out and give the guys a subscribe! 👉 #BadFriendsGang

    Mia VigliottiMia Vigliotti21 time siden
  • Brad, God Bless you, thanks from Venezuela

    Maria de Lourdes GuerraMaria de Lourdes GuerraDag siden
  • Worked, happy, thanks.

    Tereza VaraďováTereza VaraďováDag siden
  • I need your help idk what to do with my hair. Its super long but idk what would look good with my face shape

    Samantha WarnerSamantha WarnerDag siden
  • me about to cut my hair with none of the things he’s recommending

    ember mclaneember mclane2 dager siden
  • I saw this video 6 months ago but I came back because NOW IM CUTTING MY HAIR because my mom don’t want to cut mine so IM SORRY mom D: (bc my hair is loooooonnnggggg like in my butt D:)

    Lulu MarieLulu Marie2 dager siden
  • Im bout to cut my own hair too hahaha.. i hate my hair

    Strawberry CakeStrawberry Cake2 dager siden
  • i need him to fix my hair

    Tanisha ShinthrayTanisha Shinthray2 dager siden
  • I Love you Brad Mondo!!!!!

    Megan O'MalleyMegan O'Malley3 dager siden
  • Thanks, Brad! Super helpful.

    SarahK 21SarahK 213 dager siden
  • Thanks Brad now I can mess up my hair the right way

    Nyah BorreroNyah Borrero3 dager siden
  • Me: Sweet I'll watch this so I don't totally butcher my hair :) Also me after 2 minutes: Toooo long send it

    Bree EBree E3 dager siden
  • oh no I can't straighten my hair first rip

    Kali BerryKali Berry3 dager siden
  • Too late, already did a blunt cut and IDEK how it looks from the back, my hair is really short.

    Med CarsonMed Carson3 dager siden
  • This is after quarantine but THANKS BRAD MONDO. My hair was too long and now looks healthier and pretty decent 😊

    cncn3 dager siden
  • Is there to accurately gauge how much hair to cut just by looking in front of the mirror ?

    David ChangDavid Chang3 dager siden
  • I swear I followed every direction along with the video even wrote it down Incase I missed something and I still messed it up😭😭 guess it’s a good thing I like my hair up

    Nameless FaceNameless Face3 dager siden
  • Just cut my sisters hair with this..ITS AWESOME THANK YOU! MADE A VIDEO! I cut my hair and am going to re do it with this method to make it better hee hee. ;)

    B PavlasB Pavlas3 dager siden
  • So if my part is on the side and doesn’t end up center at the back would that matter?

    Kylie WescombeKylie Wescombe4 dager siden
  • Wait, what about curly-haired girls?😭

    Aubrey MariaAubrey Maria4 dager siden
  • OMG, thank you, my hair looks so much better

    Marcella CervantesMarcella Cervantes4 dager siden
  • 3:15 👁👄👁

    Serisse WillettsSerisse Willetts4 dager siden
  • The hair cutting process starts at 6:18 😊

    Paulina AllendePaulina Allende4 dager siden
  • If y'all wanna actually cut your own hair, follow Brittnee Alexus's video on how to cut your hair DIY.

    SnoofkinSnoofkin5 dager siden
  • I find it really hard to do face framing on the right side!! Can’t cut with my left hand!

    Helen CHelen C5 dager siden
  • thank you for helping me fix my previous awful quarantine cut!

    Susie McDSusie McD5 dager siden
  • He’s scream and faint if he saw what my hairdresser did to my hair. it’s starting to grow back but it still looks messed up so I’m thinking of just cutting it myself 🤞fingers crossed I get it right 😅

    Christina GeorgioChristina Georgio5 dager siden
  • I just had this urge to cut my hair at 10 pm and asked my dad to cut my hair and so he did. I have school tomorrow... ( it was already kinda short lol) I m gonna cry now bye

    JusttamaraJusttamara5 dager siden
  • I finally decided to do it, my hair was way too long and my brother helped me and I’m happy with the results!! Didn’t expect it was going to be that good ...Thanks Brad! ♥️

    Giovana NavaGiovana Nava5 dager siden
  • I used this tutorial yesterday and I cut off 5 inches and it doesn't look like hell! In Brad Mondo we trust!

    jenny hameljenny hamel5 dager siden
  • i can’t straighten my hair bc it springs up so much whenever i get it cut.

    noyasballoon animalnoyasballoon animal6 dager siden
  • i don’t care what happens to my hair bc worst thing that’s gonna happen is my hair is gonna look awful and i shave it. it grows back. it’s hair

    noyasballoon animalnoyasballoon animal6 dager siden
  • I did it........... with craft scissors... so sorry Brad 😄 turned out okay though!

    Katie Thomas CreativeKatie Thomas Creative6 dager siden
  • Me at 3 am seeing this : 👁👄👁 My mom the next morning: I am gonna kill all you had to do is wait a week

    Juliet HernandezJuliet Hernandez6 dager siden
  • I know ur all about hair but where do you get your clothes you fashion sense is always on point

    blondboy16blondboy166 dager siden
  • I'm here because I want to cut my hair and my mom told me to cut it by my own. Wish me luck cuz I don't wanna be Dora the explorer

    Anizzz ZzzAnizzz Zzz6 dager siden
  • I CUT MY HAIR!!!! And it looks good? If you want to see it it’s on my instagram @spooky._.lil

    LilyanLilyan6 dager siden
  • Currently doing this tutorial on my hair and it's taking me so long! Maybe it's cuz it's long, or maybe it's cuz super thick, or I just suck haha...

    CarolinaCarolina7 dager siden
  • Soooooo me and my best friend did this so wrong oops I need help plz 😂 not even joking

    Skyla S.D.SSkyla S.D.S7 dager siden
  • well, I did it😂 now my hair is a lil above my shoulders and I'm happy with it! thinking of bleaching it and putting in some pink😏

    xxKlaudia xxxxKlaudia xx7 dager siden
  • Question! Do I need to align the elastics of my hair sections? My front elastic are like 5 inches higher than the back.

    d. bernadetted. bernadette7 dager siden
    • Answer: YES! ABSOLUTELY YES!!! I tried cutting it away even if they were not aligned. Big mistake. When I put all of my cut hair (4 sections without the elastics), they were like the tunnels of Flappy Bird! 😭😭😭 For a lack of a better description. So my 2 inches trim turned out to be 5 inches haircut. 😂

      d. bernadetted. bernadette7 dager siden
  • Hey, Brad! Love your channel! Did you ever look at this video? Any comments?

    Kristin MyhrKristin Myhr7 dager siden
  • I'm wayy late to this party, and I just need to trim like an inch off my hair but am scared to mess it up

    Morgan AshtonMorgan Ashton8 dager siden
  • I'm getting the bisexual haircut, everyone

    ZekkaZekka8 dager siden
  • So. much. yakking. Helpful to most I'm sure. :)

    Pesky VrmtPesky Vrmt8 dager siden
  • You're gonna put hairdressers out of business revealing these secrets

    yan zhaoyan zhao8 dager siden
  • I can proudly say it worked! I got thin hair but I got a lot luckily. It’s naturally wavy hair and cut it into layers. My hair got so much more volume and I got more curls/waves. Thanks for sharing🤗

    Mrlot89Mrlot899 dager siden
  • I clicked on this video when I saw a reminder of what a LICENSED STYLIST did to the back of my hair for the left photo!!!.. two years later it's finally getting back to normal 😡😡🤬

    Blue EyesBlue Eyes9 dager siden
  • I cut myself 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Ruth SalinasRuth Salinas9 dager siden
  • Watching this video again because once a year I get the urge to cut/trim my hair that doesn't go away until I've cut too much 🙃😂

    Brianna WedowBrianna Wedow9 dager siden
  • I had cut my bangs in April and my mom wasn't too mad since I'm watching Brad's videos and she watches them too lol now I want to cut my hair

    Gillian McGuireGillian McGuire9 dager siden
  • Ok... I follow this step by step and I fucked up.... REALLY BAD

    Kem MTKem MT9 dager siden
  • i messed up.

    Skylar GaoSkylar Gao10 dager siden
  • You have SAVED me during this crazy time, and I had to do this on my own with having long hair!!! It was a lot easier and less scary than I thought... thank you a thousand times!

    ChastityYogaChastityYoga10 dager siden
  • What about fabric scissors??

    Natsu DragneelNatsu Dragneel10 dager siden
  • thank you! it worked on my wavy hair! ^.*

    ana alex tabatadzeana alex tabatadze11 dager siden
  • looks easy, ahahaa watch me mess this up lmaooo

    Ruth CervantesRuth Cervantes11 dager siden
  • I just finished my mom hair and it came out great ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Cindy CampiseCindy Campise11 dager siden
  • What will happen when I do it like that on my curly/wavy hair ? 🤔🤗

    Paloma ScPaloma Sc11 dager siden
  • My friends are cuting my hair AND dyeing so im waching SOOOOOOOOO many of your vids

    Elsie SeleskiElsie Seleski11 dager siden
  • It was scary, cut a foot off but it worked great!!! BUT man those shears are sharp cut my fingers 3x lol! Blood was worth the cut!

    Amy besthoffAmy besthoff11 dager siden
  • Haha my asian hair is already ruler straight

    Georgia RiordanGeorgia Riordan11 dager siden
  • Brad I'm shielding so still can't go to the salon. I was due a haircut even before ask this started and now have split ends from hell. Can you please show us how to do them at home. I unfortunately can't see myself going to a salon until next year 😭😭😭😭

    ZeeZee11 dager siden
  • amazing i’m gonna do it right now

    Joanna PardoJoanna Pardo12 dager siden
  • I was feeling really dysphoric today, and just looked this up randomly. 😃

    candiedevascandiedevas12 dager siden
  • I used to put my hair in a pony tail and cut it in high school 😂. Imma try this way tonight .. can’t possible be worse

    Alex AkimovAlex Akimov12 dager siden
  • Hi Brad do you plan to do any tutorials for curly hair at home?

    Kierra EmondGalanKierra EmondGalan12 dager siden
  • I cut my hair to just below my chin in June without any instructions and kinda did alright but I curl/wave my hair so it wasn't so bad, now I've had almost 4 months of grow out I'm going to try this method to get it back to just above my shoulders, i didnt do any layering last time so i'll try this layering technique, lets do itttt

    Ashleigh CampbellAshleigh Campbell12 dager siden
  • My parents still isn't comfortable with going in so imma try it

    vvcce gamingvvcce gaming12 dager siden
  • Thank you so much!! I was able to cut my friend’s hair successfully because of your tutorial. You explained it well.

    katycam0907katycam090712 dager siden
  • Definitely stopped me having an awful cut lol, thank you so much magic man mondo! Honestly not had my hair cut in 8 months it was so dead, worked out well and i won't be stuffing my hair into hats anymore

    MyaMya12 dager siden
  • Every once in a while I'll get a wild hair up my butt and try to cut/bleach my hair myself. I have black hair so it would most likely destroy my hair in the process. His videos have saved me from myself more times than I can count.

    MagdalenaMagdalena12 dager siden
  • i’m ✨manic✨

    Julia CarterJulia Carter12 dager siden
  • I tried this my hair went:📈📉

    Den KDen K13 dager siden
  • Me who wears my hair naturally curly but also straightens it kinda frequently

    Nada ENada E13 dager siden
  • i just did this my hair is so cuteeeeee🥰🥰🥰🥰 thankss XOXO

    Cori MicheleCori Michele13 dager siden
  • I came here because I trust Brad Mondo more than the other HAHAHAHHA I mean I'm a big fan

    Oink OinkOink Oink13 dager siden
  • Oye tu vídeo es real o puras payasadas

    Leyla femaleLeyla female13 dager siden
  • i need the itty bittiest little tiny trim but my mum leaves me like 7 inches shorter than what i need so i'm braving doing this myself but i'm gonna be suuuuper careful ;-; too scared to be reckless

    Ellie ღEllie ღ13 dager siden
  • 10:06 f*** my eardrums. Lol

    I scream, you scream, we all scream cause we're terrifiedI scream, you scream, we all scream cause we're terrified13 dager siden
  • Glad he mentioned the curly hair thing, because its def different. I think it depends on how curly, too.

    I scream, you scream, we all scream cause we're terrifiedI scream, you scream, we all scream cause we're terrified13 dager siden
  • stop fucking moaning😭😭

    lexilexi13 dager siden
  • "Don't do too much layering at home" you should've said that BEFORE my boyfriend broke up with me

    Samantha SemselSamantha Semsel13 dager siden
  • Just the camera quality excites me so much

    Emma LaudrupEmma Laudrup13 dager siden
  • Do you need to cut differently with a deep side part? I'm worried to cut my layers straight up since I part to one side?

    Morgan GroverMorgan Grover13 dager siden
  • This video just saved my hair!!! ❤️ thank you!!! FOLLOW HIS STEPS TO A T!!! If so, it will look great!!!

    Catherine CorbeiCatherine Corbei13 dager siden
  • Omg I love this video !!! Super helpful & detailed !! 💜 u the bombest brad :)

    Jennifer VeeJennifer Vee13 dager siden
  • Ok, I would like to start off by saying THANK YOU!!!!!🙏🏼✨🥰 I had really long thick hair to waist line and I’ve been cutting my own hair using hair tie technique but tying in the back not front. BUT I tried this technique and immediately saw unevenness that I corrected, and cut some more length off And did the layering cut and 👌🏼🤩 it looks so good and healthy and NOT bulky at the bottom. And I was able to finally get rid of my orangey ends from past dye job. My hair length is about mid back now, still has length but looks so much better with my frame! When it was longer it was weighed down and dry looking. Now I have volume and can do so many cute hair styles. Thank you for this amazing tutorial!!💜

    lisett_WonderWomanlisett_WonderWoman13 dager siden
  • Ok but why does my hair look absolutely horrible and wonky after doing this?

    Lara CresswellLara Cresswell13 dager siden
  • ok but brads hair is always perfect

    Olivia RoseOlivia Rose13 dager siden
  • My mom agreed to me having short hair but she doesnt want to cut it so here I am babyy

    •_외로운 보바_••_외로운 보바_•13 dager siden
  • i followed this tutorial to get the thickness out of the bottom of my hair, I am still a style-less mop head lol

    Toyah BurnsToyah Burns14 dager siden
  • My OCD ass thought he was going to divide the hair depending on the color and got traumatized when he did not. I'm okay. Nothing serious

    ChikoritaChikorita14 dager siden