Hairdressers Guide To Cutting Your Own Hair And Not Ruining It (mens edition)

23. april. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Here’s a guide to cutting your own hair or cutting your mans hair without completely ruining it.
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • why does this video feel like it's from 2005

    b sb s20 timer siden
  • he look like Spinner from Degrassi

    Kris ValleKris Valle2 dager siden
  • Thank you brad!! You have helped me a lot in cutting my daughter’s hair. Although we skipped a lot of steps! Sorry I didn’t record it, I don’t have that many hands. She says it looks beautiful! And for my first time in cutting hair that short, she gave me a 9/10! I’ll take it!

    ragokittenragokitten2 dager siden
  • what if i wanna bald my head

    melody kuromi bebbiesmelody kuromi bebbies2 dager siden

  • i’m here cuz i shaved my head in like july and now i need to trim/style it lmao wish me luck

    ellie dahmsellie dahms2 dager siden
  • This dude looks like John tavares

    John LucianJohn Lucian3 dager siden
  • Brad! Omg it's such a joy watching your videos 😁 . You're wonderful. Love ya! 🤗

    nennanenna3 dager siden
  • Wish me luck, im gonna cut my brother's hair today😁

    Rubi BhandariRubi Bhandari3 dager siden
  • Does brad hear himself when he makes these videos

    Tyler LTyler L3 dager siden
  • Let’s acknowledge the mannequin was using multiple pronouns.

    Tyler LTyler L3 dager siden
  • 🙋🏻hey brad i have a question. where do I send the video where I ended up half bald and half like a porcupine?🤦🏻

    Tyler LTyler L3 dager siden
  • U r awesome

    Saint RaphaelSaint Raphael3 dager siden
  • Is this what all guys in Miami look like? Killer haircut.

    Age of ReasonAge of Reason7 dager siden
  • Gayyyyyyyyyyyyy

    David HenriquezDavid Henriquez7 dager siden
    • Yes he is gay what's your point lol

      Eilish HassettEilish Hassett5 dager siden
  • Such a great video. I really like the way Brad Mondo teaches. Very thorough and he didn’t rush through it. I’ve been cutting my boyfriend’s hair for like two years now, and I’m going to try a different technique and get some blending shears 😊💇🏼‍♂️

    Vonnie GVonnie G8 dager siden
  • Well now I know I was cutting my hair wrong. No wonder I can never blend it lol. I’ll try it this way next. Thank you.

    Richard WestphalRichard Westphal9 dager siden
  • I have cut my boyfriends hair three times watching this video

    MsSandra2MsSandra29 dager siden
  • Hi which hair clipper do you use please? What is the brand ?

    Monika KhanMonika Khan10 dager siden
  • What if you're a dude cutting his own hair???? We not aloud D;

    Alexandru GogaAlexandru Goga10 dager siden
  • I’m afraid to go to a barber due to the virus, I thought it would be easy. But now, I’d rather go to a barber. I can never do this as neat as a barber. This is quite hard!

    Engorgio ArmaniEngorgio Armani11 dager siden
  • Love your energy and sense of humor ❤✂️

    Regina ReeRegina Ree11 dager siden
  • Please make a video on thinning hair for men to make it look thicker and fuller

    Silsila RahmaniSilsila Rahmani11 dager siden
  • This is the best haircut tutorial man

    吴谓吴谓12 dager siden
  • Hey, what caliper you use? It's not same as what you linked....

    Kosh BtKosh Bt12 dager siden
  • No offense to anyone but something about gay boys and sexy faded haircuts with the lineup is pretty hot and I’m a straight girl lol call me boo

    MrzBadaBingMrzBadaBing12 dager siden
  • Please tell me why is he so supportive and so good at this, im planning to cut my hair tonight shall i go for it?

    Nigar GuliyevaNigar Guliyeva12 dager siden
  • Thank you very much brad. Imma give myself a trim tomorrow

    Amy JensenAmy Jensen12 dager siden
  • For the back of my head, I just use two mirrors. No way I’m risking it by just ‘feeling it’

    Amy JensenAmy Jensen12 dager siden
  • I want to dye my partner's hair! How do I give a guy with short hair dimensional color?

    Em MEm M13 dager siden
  • But Brad what about guy's with chubby face... bc this hair cut gonna make them look more chubby.. so what about them? Can you make a video about hair cut for them..? Please...👉👈 (Btw sorry for my English if it's bad 👉👈😅 )

    Nik OlaNik Ola14 dager siden
  • at 4:23 I thought he was serious and I was like IS he okay today? Does he actually think that looks good? I'm so slow lmfaooo

    Naomi PledgureNaomi Pledgure14 dager siden
  • Following this tonight!

    Mersaydes AnhornMersaydes Anhorn16 dager siden
  • My little guys hair looks ahh-mazinggg using this tutorial! Thanks so much Brad Mondo!

    Bernadette TarloBernadette Tarlo16 dager siden
  • The barbershop is open we're just broke and im tired of his mop hair

    Fuego hobiFuego hobi17 dager siden
  • I'm doing this on myself rn and honestly clippers are so loud and scary when you have to use then yourself ;0; but so far going good erk nervous tho

    I'm JarrifriedI'm Jarrifried17 dager siden
    • Update: Got help from my mom to even out the edges and she chopped part of my ear off lmao, which is funny bc she's decently experienced with hair. But otherwise it turned out pretty good :) thanks Brad

      I'm JarrifriedI'm Jarrifried17 dager siden
  • Braaaaaaaaaad I love you!!!! I am from Argentina.

    Betiana GarciaBetiana Garcia17 dager siden
  • All my previous attempts at cutting my own hair always failed and left me unwilling to leave the house for a couple of weeks. Now (thanks to both covid and me being short on money) I decided to give it once more a shot. I found this video by CrankGameplays and lo and behold I succeeded! My hair looks amazing and it was surprisingly easy to do! So thanks a ton Brad, you have saved my looks!

    PsycotusPsycotus18 dager siden
  • I did this today on my 4 year old and it worked out great! Thank you for the amazing, clear instruction.

    Heather Stonier-GibsonHeather Stonier-Gibson18 dager siden
  • I'm going to get my fine hair cut like this by my mom today hope she doesn't turn me into willy wonka ......will let you know how it goes

    Saumya YadavSaumya Yadav19 dager siden
  • My oh my i will definitely try this at home!

    TheOstrovskaTheOstrovska20 dager siden
  • Thanks so much for this video...I did my sons hair tonight using this technique for the first time and it turned out great! I actually surprised myself tbh 😆

    tristan mayhewtristan mayhew20 dager siden
  • Wow, thank you! I have been cutting my man and my little son for years.. And well this one made it much easier and it looks more than decent🙌🏽

    MariaKaritaMariaKarita20 dager siden
  • What a delightful tutorial! thank you

    Kate FinkelsteinKate Finkelstein20 dager siden
  • The thing you mentioned about not using clippers on wet hair is the complete opposite of what another NOworldr (The Salon Guy) says. He said it's much better to use clippers on wet hair because the hair comes off a lot easier. Although you do make a good point about not using them on wet hair because it would clog up the clippers. Are there any benefits to using clippers on wet hair?

    JackPlaysJackPlays21 dag siden
  • Step 11/10: you screwed it and now you have to get a buzzcut

    SyroSyro22 dager siden
  • Any chance you can show how to cut a childs hair?

    Karla D QuintanaKarla D Quintana22 dager siden
  • this channel turned out being fucking important and necessary in this quarantine 😐😂🤣

    Sebas DextreSebas Dextre23 dager siden
  • That mannequin is looking a little concerned

    Ashton SchmidtAshton Schmidt23 dager siden
  • its...okay

    W TW T23 dager siden
  • I feel like all guys should cut their own hair...sorry barbers 💈

    W TW T23 dager siden
  • I've been cutting my boyfriend's hair a couple of times, but I should have seen this before 😅😅 omg this tutorial is perfect for me cause my bf has that exact look! Hope it turns out well next time 😂

    Dennise RamírezDennise Ramírez24 dager siden
  • I want this haircut but my hair is very fine and thin and i dont know if it'll work

    Allison F.Allison F.24 dager siden
  • i’ve watched this twice now considering chopping all my hair off. i’m scared should i do it?

    jasmine sheajasmine shea24 dager siden
  • I cut my hubby and boys hair. They always end up with a wierd cow lick thing in the back that sticks up. Its my trademark now. Lol

    Jen Of All TradesJen Of All Trades25 dager siden
  • Hi brad ily so much

    RobloxAesthetic _LoverRobloxAesthetic _Lover25 dager siden
  • I can't believe this is my third time watching this in quarantine so I can do my bf's hair. Thanks Brad for teaching me ☺️

    Theresa KurthTheresa Kurth26 dager siden
  • Hi lovely, so my hugest thing I'd love for you to teach is well of course mens hair cut, but with a receding hair line. My boyfriend loves his hair long in the front so it covers his receding hairline. If you can make a video of that, so not only myself but others can learn in case they have someone in their family having the same problem cutting their hair. Thank you!!! Love you Brad Mondo.

    Katrina Lark RoseKatrina Lark Rose26 dager siden
  • Brad can you do a balyage tutorial

    Dahlia BlockDahlia Block26 dager siden
  • I did it and it didn't take ages! Omg, thank you so much. 🖤 Before it took ages and still looked like trash. Now it only takes a few hours and looks like an okay amateur did it on a good day. 🥰 Lol, it's fine, hair grows back eventually.

    Alexis OteroAlexis Otero26 dager siden
  • As a licensed cosmetologist, this is the best mans cut tutorial I’ve ever seen! Thanks Brad!

    Little GhoulLittle Ghoul27 dager siden
  • hi brad mondo .. hoping you could also make a hair cut tutorial for men using scissor only without clippers or razors .. looking forward to it 😍😍😍

    mary grace biscochomary grace biscocho28 dager siden
  • I saw Eef's haircut video and I remember he said it was from your channel and I really liked his haircut and now I am here :D (by eef I mean Crankgameplays)

    Deminize LopezDeminize Lopez28 dager siden
  • 4:34 I want that one

    LeksaLeksa28 dager siden
  • Type 3 hair video?

    aqualucy_48aqualucy_4828 dager siden
  • Ur the only hairdreser dat i like cause the one i did go just ruined my bangs

    Koing LmaoKoing Lmao29 dager siden
  • I'm so looking forward to my hair getting taller to try this, last time I did I messed up and ended up shaving it all but probably because my clippers weren't functioning properly and did not find this tutorial lol thank you this was very informative!

    chuuyachuuyaMåned siden
  • Thank you Brad!! 🙏🙏🙏 Used this video to cut my bfs hair on the weekend because we're in lockdown still so no hairdressers and he hasn't had a hair cut in 6 months

    TarnTarnMåned siden
  • My dad wanting a fade: Also me that never touched a clipper thing and is afraid to touch it (Btw i did him bald with no guard)

    Unknown PersonUnknown PersonMåned siden
  • This is a great video. Is there any way you can show how to cut a man’s slightly longer hair? I’m 57 and a fade looks ridiculous on me, but ALL haircut tutorials online are how to do fades. I’d like it just nice and reasonably tapered down on the back and sides, not buzzed. Hard to explain since I’m not a hairstylist. Picture a 57 year old guy with thick wavy hair that grows really fast.

    Craig WilliamsCraig WilliamsMåned siden
  • “This is not the first step to doing this unless you have hair of this length which is unlikely” ..... me as I watch to get ready to cut all my waist length hair off: 😲🥴

    Christina RodriguezChristina RodriguezMåned siden
  • About to do this to my son, who currently looks like shaggy... As in scooby doo.

    1985kyttin1985kyttinMåned siden
  • Brad: "You probably don't have hair this long." Me, trans and transitioning FTM: " MiNeS thAt loOng " Ahaha save me from myself Brad...

    Tara BallewTara BallewMåned siden
  • Used this tutorial and actually gave my husband a decent cut! Definitely not professional quality, but the best one compared to the other ones I've given him using other tutorials

    Stephany BarneyStephany BarneyMåned siden
  • You broke this down into such simple steps while teaching me things and without making me feel dumb about it. Thanks for the warm and welcoming video!

    KazKazMåned siden
  • Thank you so much, I just cut my hair! It was hard on myself but I actually don't hate it. Maybe I'll get better with time :))

    Jay ShmayJay ShmayMåned siden
  • Manny Quinn??

    Beautiful SurpriseBeautiful SurpriseMåned siden
  • you really look like damon salvator im tripping

    emily rossemily rossMåned siden

    Olivia WoodOlivia WoodMåned siden
  • Does anyone know if this haircut has a name and what it's called?

    Beep BoopBeep BoopMåned siden
  • Up the head and off the head is it stuck in ur head.. good 😂😂

    Laura HillLaura HillMåned siden
  • Im a guy looking to give myself a haircut to this length and my hair is that long ao thank you very much lol

    tedburton95tedburton95Måned siden
  • Hey Brad, got a question since I want to cut my hair into an undercut soon: I´ve got a cowlick at the back of my head, what do I do with that? Shave it off like the rest, shaving just a part or leaving it alone? Because I don´t want to mess this up, the last time I tried I messed up the cowlick and shaved my head.

    LakituLPLakituLPMåned siden
  • My husbands hair is as long as Miss Mani Quins and currrrrlllyyyy

    Madison MskyMadison MskyMåned siden
  • To all the guy's watching this video, to every dude that goes through this kind of stuff regularly for their hair, damn bro. Just damn.

    TheUnholyOneTheUnholyOneMåned siden
  • Maybe you can do a kpop boy hair style tutorial OwO I like those undercuts with the longer hair on top they have but like how to do it? I am trying to cut a wig into a kpop boy style so I can dress up like one lmao

    Painted UniversePainted UniverseMåned siden
  • Honestly after you hacked the long hair off that's how my hair looks right now

    cassy hollandcassy hollandMåned siden
  • Nauseating

    PickledpepperpickaPickledpepperpickaMåned siden
  • If only I had a shaver

    Benjamin Riggs Outdoors &AllBenjamin Riggs Outdoors &AllMåned siden
  • As soon as I heard beautiful I paused, comment and left.

    Cesar UwUCesar UwUMåned siden
  • yo i cut my bf's hair last night (first time cutting a guy's hair but i cut my own all the time) and brad mondo saved me 😂 i killed it thanks to this video

    hannah-hxrshxyhannah-hxrshxyMåned siden
  • I told my boyfriend that I could do this hair cut on him. His clippers arrived today and the first thing he did was go over his whole head with them (his hair was shoulder length before). The clippers were on the longest setting, but there is no lovely long hair on top now. Let’s hope doing the sides like in the first part of the video will make it look better and I guess I just won’t touch the top

    Verity MartinVerity MartinMåned siden
  • Brad I love you!!!!!

    Andrés ÁvilaAndrés ÁvilaMåned siden
  • Thank you for this video! I love my cut. I feel like a sexy backstreet boy 👦✨ Wish I could share a picture on here! The only thing I had to look up was whether to put the length of the clippers all the way up or down with that notch on the side.

    Alexandra GriffinAlexandra GriffinMåned siden
  • OMG Brad, You're a lifesaver! Most haircutting "tutorials" are poor quality, unclear, or too rushed. They leave me confused like, "Whudee say? Whudee do??" Thank you!!! I don't have the extra cash lately to get my son a haircut, and it's growing in his eyes. He has thick, wavy, blond hair and I had no idea where to start. You make it so clear and easy.

    Angela RamirezAngela RamirezMåned siden
  • Why didn’t i see this before getting my clippers and shaving my entire hairline😭

    Amnah AlmutairiAmnah AlmutairiMåned siden
  • Thank you Brad!! I have been getting more into cutting my boys hair and this video was very well put together! Can you do a video for cutting curly hair short? That would help me with cutting my sister in laws hair. I do it pretty good and she seems happy with it but I would love to be able to do it better for her.

    prettynpinkangel81prettynpinkangel81Måned siden
  • What happens when I don’t wanna blend the top section to the side sections,,,

    Jocelyn CoburnJocelyn CoburnMåned siden
  • Do a bang tutorial

    Chance Ryder ReedChance Ryder ReedMåned siden
  • Thank you for this dyi hair tutorial love it. Going to try this on my son 😘💙

    Kasandra FernandezKasandra FernandezMåned siden