Hairdressers Guide To Cutting Your Own Bangs And Not Ruining Them

30. april. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! I made an easy to follow guide for you in order to cut your bangs yourself at home.
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • I've cut my hair for years... Only times it's ever been ruined... Was by hairdressers. 😂

    GhislaineMaxwell DidNotKillHerselfGhislaineMaxwell DidNotKillHerselfTime siden
  • I randomly decided and acted upon cutting my bangs that I’ve never had in my life after watching this video and I think they turned out alright but idk

    GreenEyedBarbieGreenEyedBarbie3 timer siden
  • Guess who still mess up her bangsssss, I just wanted them to look thick , but not THAT thick😭

    Hilary FernandezHilary Fernandez14 timer siden
  • Thank you! I was totally doing it wrong. My newly trimmed bangs look great. Your videos are so fun & I love how nice you are to EVERYONE. :) Cheers!

    Suzette RodwaySuzette Rodway18 timer siden
  • I made a mess Brad... I made a mess >:'v

    gir_ SNgir_ SNDag siden
  • wish i remembered this video existed before i botched my bangs last weekend

    Olivia VanCleveOlivia VanCleveDag siden
  • Im getting such Gina Linetti vibes from him

    Silvia RävSilvia RävDag siden
  • “If you have curly hair it won’t work” Me: 😐☹️

    NaishaluvsyhuNaishaluvsyhu2 dager siden

    Nicole SmithNicole Smith2 dager siden
  • Okkkkkkkay, lets do this bae!!!!

    sinem metesinem mete2 dager siden
  • Who else is too poor to get proper scissors and will use kitchen scissors instead? 💁🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️

    LianaLiana2 dager siden
  • i think i’m going to cut my bangs again bc i really liked them. they around fully grown out yet so i think i could just trim them and they would be fine ;)

    noyasballoon animalnoyasballoon animal2 dager siden
  • Excellent tutorial. Thank You 🌈🧸

    Danielle RussellDanielle Russell2 dager siden
  • Good video, but it would be better if you worked on a real live model. You have a great personality and it would be fun to watch the dynamic of you interacting with a person☺️💝

    Danielle RussellDanielle Russell2 dager siden
  • Going to try the side bangs this weekend 🤩 any tips on how to trim them to maintain the length??

    Blyth BBlyth B3 dager siden
  • im not usually the person that comments on videos, but this got me heated cuz it took so longggg to get to what i wanted. my friends next to me had 21 conversations in that time. very upset. 10/10 would not recommend

    Hope JonesHope Jones3 dager siden
  • Yeah idk

    Ysidroo D.Ysidroo D.3 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo,today I got home from work at 10pm and I discovered that my 8 years girl decided to try the baby Baaby super BAABYY Bangs😒😅😂

    sara Chansara Chan4 dager siden
  • I just cut my bangs a few days ago, the results is not bad, and now I just saw this video from the professional Brad Mondo. I wish at that time I see this video first so my bangs would have been a better bangs.. 😔😂

    Hamidah HailaniHamidah Hailani4 dager siden
  • guys i chickened out 💀💀 im so nervous

    Kaitlyn TrocchioKaitlyn Trocchio4 dager siden
  • this is too many steps it’s 3 am on a monday and i just wanna cut my bangs

    MaddyMaddy4 dager siden
  • Hey Brad! I was actually hesitant when I decided to cut my own hair to give myself side bangs because the first time I done it, it didn't really turn out good 😅 This was about two years ago though. Anyway, I decided to watch videos on how to give yourself bangs and this video popped up for me. I done only one side for side bangs but there's a reason. That reason was so I could flip it to the other side and give off more of a sassy look. I didn't have a razor like the one you had but I took my razor, switched out the blades and used it to give myself side bangs. Did it like you done in the video and I'm not gonna lie, it didn't look bad at all! I thank you, Brad. Now let's just hope my mom doesn't have a conniption fit when she sees I gave myself bangs 😂

    BTS ARMYBTS ARMY5 dager siden
  • I cut my bangs

    Ava MarieAva Marie5 dager siden
  • I love u

    MzonMzon5 dager siden

    Lara MijatovLara Mijatov6 dager siden
  • Omggggg I wish u would cut my bangs

    Siammy LoveSiammy Love6 dager siden
  • I'm trying it rn. Edit: I ruined it, but it was long enough to be able to hide, so it's fine?

    Blue FlamingoBlue Flamingo6 dager siden
  • Also super important not to accidentally shave off your eyebrows!!! Why didn't he say anything???

    Lela JoynerLela Joyner6 dager siden
  • 💩Help me Brad Mondo! 🤣 Never thought I’d be here, but I needs ta learn! I admire you my friend. 💙

    PH𐃏ENIX YGGRPH𐃏ENIX YGGR6 dager siden
    • Ok. I did it. Thank you Brad Mondo. 🖖💙

      PH𐃏ENIX YGGRPH𐃏ENIX YGGR6 dager siden
  • here during a mental breakdown i’m so excited😁

    suvi stoorsuvi stoor6 dager siden
  • @22:08 I wonder how many people shaved off their eye brows doing this

    amcqueenboxingamcqueenboxing7 dager siden
  • *cries in curly hair*

    Sakura ChiSakura Chi7 dager siden
  • Mom’s gonna come home from work and regret leaving lmao

    Naomi KoskiNaomi Koski7 dager siden
  • I actually thought i would mess this up completely, but now thay i really did it im so glad I did it. Thank you really your advice helped me so much!

    Dont Kill meDont Kill me7 dager siden
  • I like how he went from longest bang to shortest bang & also liked how he broke it down & explained. I learned something from this video👌🏼

    Corey MillerCorey Miller7 dager siden
  • All I want is hairdresser that knows what they’re doing for once! 😥 Is that too much to ask?💁🏻‍♀️ If only Brad was here in Sydney🇦🇺 😔 Most hairdressers here suck! 🥺

    OzzyhellsbellsOzzyhellsbells7 dager siden
  • now we need a shag mullet tutorial!

    Brahnan TabalbaBrahnan Tabalba8 dager siden
  • Lmaoo I cut my daughters hair with her dads clippers like that I cried after 😭😭😭 💔

    Starr TailStarr Tail8 dager siden
  • a hairdresser RUUIIned my hair today.. i asked for bang and they cut the 2 front pieces and it look really sad about it so giving this a try.

    Julia LuminaJulia Lumina8 dager siden
  • is a fringe bang a curtain bang??? im about to make a mistake, brad help me

    Gabby SharonGabby Sharon9 dager siden
  • So ,I think there are some videos in the future of people shaving their eyebrows off along with the hair for the bangs.😄😄

    Isabella kelsayIsabella kelsay9 dager siden
  • I wanna cut bangs sm but my hair is so thin I'm so afraid I'm gonna look bad ;-;

    Sara MSara M9 dager siden
  • brad: don't cut it with normal scissors me: scissors in hand already started cutting oh well carries on

    Anna TaylorAnna Taylor9 dager siden
  • Been cutting my own bangs for years but I can never resist a Brad Mondo moment

    Allison SikesAllison Sikes9 dager siden
  • You lost me at the razor

    Vanessa LemusVanessa Lemus10 dager siden
  • Why am I here after ruining my hair?

    Ayesha ShahAyesha Shah11 dager siden
  • Hi Brad, I just cut my bangs. I still can't believe it, but with your help it looks very good. I will have to wash it and blow-dry it, but else it suits my face really well and brought something new into my life. 😂 Thanks a lot for your vids Brad and if I had watched your videos earlier my ends probably wouldn't look how they do today. But who cares. Hair grows back💓 Lots of love from Germany 💓💓💓💓❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

    Eske JanssenEske Janssen11 dager siden
  • I did it, I finally cut them 🥳

    E BE B11 dager siden
  • Can you do bangs for curly hair please?

    Kiana WinstonKiana Winston12 dager siden
  • not me watching after i already messed up my bangs

    TabithaTabitha12 dager siden
  • This video is so helpful. Thank you!

    Mira JenalMira Jenal12 dager siden
  • Brad! I used your second technique to do my moms bangs and they turned out good! Thank you! Time for my daughters hair now 😈

    Tina YoungTina Young12 dager siden
  • im in quarantine, can't go anywhere for two weeks and i found scissors lord help me update: parents are disappointed but i certainly am nOt thankyousm

    lucie kinkorovalucie kinkorova13 dager siden
  • I duck taped my hair on an angle. I sandwiched my hair between 2 pieces. Cut it against the tape, then removed the tape gentle tho. Worked great.

    taiwana shannontaiwana shannon13 dager siden
  • well im here after cutting my bangs horribly 😂

    Mara LeeMara Lee13 dager siden
  • I'm in quarantine, perfect time for experiments. I wanna cut my bangs to like the middle of my face, but I can't do it without instructions from the boss.

    ZedZed13 dager siden
  • just followed the curtain bang tutorial and they came out so cute 😍😍

    Sky’s Art StudioSky’s Art Studio13 dager siden
  • Who is here after a big mistake bc same😂😭

    Sürinda •Sürinda •14 dager siden
  • Just got broken up with so you know what time it isssss

    Blue RoryBlue Rory14 dager siden
  • I need brad to do an all about bettie bangs video

    Lena MartinLena Martin14 dager siden
  • I did the thing! Now I have these beautiful, romantic bangs (because of my wavy hair) that look like I actually know what I’m doing. Thank you so much for this video!

    CardsAndCupsCardsAndCups14 dager siden
  • Followed your video for straight bangs and it was a success :D Thank you Brad

    Bread KittyBread Kitty14 dager siden
  • Well. I successfully gave myself a trim with this tutorial (a couple times now) but I tried swoopy bangs and. Well one side looks great!! The other is like 2 inches too short 😂 I am a disaster.

    Emma LeaEmma Lea14 dager siden
  • Anyone else here in the middle of a manic episode.

    Bree FrazeeBree Frazee15 dager siden
  • I’m abt to cut my friends bangs so ty for the tutorial wish me and her luck y’all

    SaltyAifosSaltyAifos15 dager siden
    • @oueslati mariem they ain’t half bad 7/10

      SaltyAifosSaltyAifos2 dager siden
    • soooooo..

      oueslati mariemoueslati mariem3 dager siden
  • cut my own bangs for the first time using this vid as a guide and they turned out great!! thank uuu

    bobo15 dager siden
  • I would be afraid to loose my eyebrows with those baby bangs..

    Michael PrinarisMichael Prinaris16 dager siden
  • So.... how many people accidentally shaved off their eyebrows after attempting Brad's baby bang method? 😅 FYI: I did not do this, but I imagine SOMEONE did 😂

    Kylie DotsonKylie Dotson17 dager siden
  • Love you made it look easy! thank you.

    Joan JonesJoan Jones17 dager siden
  • Bard mando seems to Klaus from the umbrella academy 😭☂️ , does someone else is waiting for 3rd season too ?

    Nathalia RivasNathalia Rivas17 dager siden
  • You saved me! I've been struggling year's doing it incorrectly! You're the hair hero!

    Brisia SantosBrisia Santos17 dager siden
  • Waiting for my friend to text me and tell me not to make this dumb life decision..

    Anxiety PotatoAnxiety Potato17 dager siden
  • thank you so much mr mondo!! holy shit my hair looked BEYOND before watching this 😳😳😳

    Alyn BirdwellAlyn Birdwell19 dager siden
  • Well done

    Free GiftFree Gift19 dager siden
  • Thank you, I'm ready to cut myself some bangs. It's about to go down lol

    Original RugRattOriginal RugRatt19 dager siden
  • Sooo yeah baby bangs was a mistake 😂😫 I feel like this shouldn't have been an option lol

    Cassie DavidCassie David20 dager siden
  • Okay but BRAD MONDO,YOU ARE A QUEEENNNN! I cut my sisters bangs today and they are poppin!! LOVE LOVE LOVE FROM INDIA💚💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    Dia SharmaDia Sharma20 dager siden
  • I would suggest watching the video BEFORE you actually start cutting.

    Margaret McLaughlinMargaret McLaughlin21 dag siden
  • Using this to cut my own bangs tomorrow. Wish me luck 🙈😬😬😬

    Our Double Awesome LifeOur Double Awesome Life22 dager siden

    x.adrimarie.xx.adrimarie.x22 dager siden
  • Me searching how to permanently remove baby hair but end up watching this: 👁👄👁

    mercy varghesemercy varghese22 dager siden
  • Son, are adorable, and you explain things well! I am not being mean, but just need to point out that the clients right fringe was longer than the left side. I think that we are constantly growing in life, including our skills. When I was in cosmetology school, my instructor gave us some good advise. Good, better, best Never let it rest Til your good is better And your better is best! When you are green, you grow When you are ripe, you rot Thanks for your tutorials!!

    Tammy McphersonTammy Mcpherson22 dager siden
  • 3am... horrible decision or great spontaneous decision? 4am me will either be breaking down or having a manic moment.

    Paige BPaige B23 dager siden
  • Why am I watching this, I already have bangs

    Jesse06Jesse0623 dager siden
  • Ooo I did it.. without looking at vids.. I did see through ones ( inspos kdramas ) I did it on impulsive.. no one knew, it doesn’t look bad actual it looks good and fits me somehow ( FYI I DID BANGS LAST YEAR MY MUM DID IT AND T WAS SO SO SO SO THICKKKKK ) I never used it and grew it out bUt I CUT IT AGAIN DAMN IT

    Inspirinq_Inspirinq_24 dager siden
  • Brad, I do not feel comfortable using the clippers. Too close to the brows

    Clarisa KaosClarisa Kaos24 dager siden
  • I just did the second one. I'm really satisfied with myself rn. First timer and just followed the instructions

    fatemeh golzarifatemeh golzari24 dager siden
  • THANK YOU BRAD!! Just cut my bangs and I’m so happy with them! 💛

    Gill KittenGill Kitten24 dager siden
  • 8:20

    Pooja Rajesh.Pooja Rajesh.24 dager siden
  • anyone came from tik tok?

    Hillary ChlHillary Chl25 dager siden
  • When he said do you wanna get banged my filthy brain said yes🥴🤤😏

    mr. YouTubemr. YouTube25 dager siden
  • i failed u brad mondo i look like i have a bowl cut send HELP

    Emma StoneEmma Stone25 dager siden
  • I've done baby bangs(bettie page bangs) and micro bangs..word to the wise if you have a big/long forhead like me dont go to short or you'll end up looking like frankenstiens monster aka frankie lol 🤣

    Rose RRose R25 dager siden
  • 8:15 side bangs

    Hanna NHanna N25 dager siden
  • alright, i'm getting fringe! (let's hope i won't have to wear a headband for the next while)

    VV26 dager siden
  • Miss Maniquin would not have any eyebrows if she were a real girl after the baby bang trimmer went through them. I love you Brad.

    Cheryl PhelpsCheryl Phelps26 dager siden
  • i’m only here because i’m trying to convince my nana to let my cut my own bangs😂

    lost_soul 1lost_soul 126 dager siden
  • I would be scared to loose my eyebrows trying to give myself baby bangs .lol

    Veronica StoppVeronica Stopp26 dager siden
  • Which bangs look good in heart shaped

    Melbarine UmdorMelbarine Umdor26 dager siden
  • Çok güzel / very beautiful

    NdgnNdgn27 dager siden