Hairdressers Guide To Coloring Your Own Hair And Not Ruining It

2. april. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Here is my professional guide to coloring your hair at home and not ruining it.
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • Are you planning on coloring your hair??

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo6 måneder siden
    • perfect for my quarantine glow up! love ya

      Pooh BearPooh BearMåned siden
    • Im trying to go Pink ... But i have dark brown black hair .... What bleach do i use???? THIS VIDEO IS GREAT ILYSM

      Aly GutierrezAly GutierrezMåned siden
    • After I watch this :P

      Roma-Marie AllenRoma-Marie Allen2 måneder siden
    • I'm coloring my hair i want to do a fire orange 🔥 color for my bday on the 5th of this month hope it goes well

      Aqua mermaidAqua mermaid2 måneder siden
    • Yupyup

      각꺅각꺅3 måneder siden
  • I love how he calls his mannequins manny Quinns

    sarah morrissarah morris2 timer siden
    • I also love how he completely dumbed down the process

      sarah morrissarah morris2 timer siden
  • Thanks for making! I knew about everything in the video as you said some are more experienced; but it’s still great to watch! And it reassured me that I know kinda somehow wtf I’m doing lol you’re awesome

    VforVendettaVforVendetta2 timer siden
  • Ok so I had bleached my hair back in June and then few month later put orange attic fox then once that faded I put permanent burgundy red color all over my head. If I wanted to bleach it would my hair fall out since I had that bleach under this permeant color lol

    Morgan GMorgan G2 timer siden
    • Watch my video brad lmk lol kinda wanna go blonde again

      Morgan GMorgan G2 timer siden
  • So i have natural ginger virgin hair and im gonna dye half of it black, ive never done anything like this before please pray for me

    Hmm.Hmm.3 timer siden
  • Me using colorista box bleach, dye 👁👄👁

    M E L A N I EM E L A N I E3 timer siden
  • Love listening to this guy 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Melissa MaeMelissa Mae5 timer siden
  • My hair is black but I dyed it brown but it looks the same and it washes out in 30days so do I still need to use bleach? Bc I don’t want to bleach it :(

    Nimrat KaurNimrat Kaur7 timer siden
  • is toner just if you just want to tone bleached hair and nothing else or do i need if if i want to go like light blonde with natural brown hair?

    sophie bsophie b8 timer siden
  • I paused your video to leave a comment because u just gained a subscriber! are very informative and this exactly what I'm looking for...Thanks 😘😘😘

    Dianne SamDianne Sam9 timer siden
  • Thank you!

    JG MarundanJG Marundan10 timer siden
  • My friend is bleaching my hair tonight..wish me luck!!😬

    Makeupbyjulia3Makeupbyjulia312 timer siden
  • Dude my girlfriend wants me to die her hair and Ive been watching you for your Gordon Ramsayesk videos on facebook but this is literally the only good tutorial out there to get some details right.

    Ozzy ShinezOzzy Shinez12 timer siden
    • Aaand we fucked up :D Apparently mixing 2:1 was meant the other way around...

      Ozzy ShinezOzzy Shinez11 timer siden
  • Brad, I want to go Platinum gray. I have black hair but my roots grow yellowish gray/white. Please tell me what to do. I tried doing it myself but it doesn’t work. I looks brownish purple,...yuk! I really don’t know what color it is right now. Plz help!

    MsCarmen RodriguezMsCarmen Rodriguez13 timer siden
  • Hi Brad, I’m new to your channel! I love it! Thank you for your help!

    MsCarmen RodriguezMsCarmen Rodriguez13 timer siden
  • Why wasn't stripping color out before bleaching not mentioned 😔

    Lyssa KLyssa K13 timer siden
  • I have golden brown dyed hair.. (Natural black hair color) if i use 30 Developers and ash blond color will it work to get light blonde on me? Or i should go with bleach?🙏please help

    Life and MakeupLife and Makeup17 timer siden
  • Can you dye hair pink over naturally brown with blonde highlights?

    Mya WarnerMya Warner18 timer siden
  • Who else thinks the hair treatments in box dyes are better than the $50 bottles lol.

    Rose CherrieRose Cherrie18 timer siden
  • Very informative. Thanks.

    Nabeelah QurbanNabeelah Qurban19 timer siden
  • Brads video: *comes out after I dye my hair an obnoxious color* Me; why

    the hufflepuff 1401 alizthe hufflepuff 1401 aliz21 time siden
  • Blond dye and bleach, will they both damage my hair my hair are naturally dark black idk what to do

    Sejal GhagSejal GhagDag siden
  • genuine question, does washing your hair mean getting it wet while taking a bath or putting shampoo?

    u need a jello shotu need a jello shotDag siden
  • I have a weird haircut. Some hair is very short and didn't take to the bleach. Should I bleach that part of my hair first?

    Martika RobertsMartika RobertsDag siden
  • OmG this guy is amazing!!! 🙌🏻

    Lizzy LunaLizzy LunaDag siden
  • When are you supoosed to beach the roots?😧I dont think he mentioned that

    LaTiaPaulaLaTiaPaulaDag siden
  • it's october and i'm still at my breaking point

    BrunaBrunaDag siden
  • Me with black box dye hair (it washed out pretty well but still) who bought 20 volume thinking it will be enough cuz im scared to damage my hair💀 please suggest me what to doooooo

    LeilaniLeilaniDag siden
  • What if you have died your hair before but it’s been quite a while? And the old color is basically at my tips and over with? Also, you said no washing but we have to wash after the blonde or bleach is inserted right? Thx a bunch! You’re the best!

    Jhonna PluggeJhonna PluggeDag siden
  • How do I section my hair? I have a boycut with side bangs. Also, what volume should I use for pastels?

    Potato DogPotato DogDag siden
  • I colored my hair. It looks like Rapunzel's hair....literally. That is not a natural color. I don't even know what to do now.

    Megan HaynesMegan HaynesDag siden

    lilly mlilly mDag siden

    lilly mlilly mDag siden
  • When do you start the timer? After the first section is covered? Or first strand covered? I’m going from dark boxed dye and lifting up to three colors. Also have a lot of gray hair! I’m about a level 3/4 dark brown

    Mia P.Mia P.Dag siden
  • What if it is taking you longer with placement .. I mean doesn’t the bleach start working right away on the first section .. what if it takes you almost a half hour to place all the bleach in all sections .. then you’re adding an additional timer onto that too... if think your hair will over process and break eeek! 😬

    Mia P.Mia P.Dag siden
  • i’m dying my hair tonight and i’m going to my girlfriends birthday party two days later. will it be safe to curl it after bleaching and dying it for the first time ? i don’t curl too much and i’ll keep it on low heat

    madeline elisemadeline eliseDag siden
  • Im 12 and i might dye my hair but with semi permanent hair dye and yall cant stop me-

    Maitea UrquiagaMaitea UrquiagaDag siden
  • ok so like... what if i’m watching it after i already tried bleaching it and it’s all patchy 😀 update: the answer is to go to a salon and pay 💰💰💰 to fix it 😽

    kurikarakurikara2 dager siden
  • ...monkey see monkey do. Don’t let me watch this video

    •Meganini••Meganini•2 dager siden
    • Too late😭

      •Meganini••Meganini•2 dager siden
  • I’m getting Effie trinket “ May the odds ever be in your favor” hunger game vibes

    Summer LeiSummer Lei2 dager siden
  • Thank you Brad Mondo. I got highlights when I was 12 professionally done. Now I'm 26 and about to bleach and dye half of my hair red.

    Lexa CheyenneLexa Cheyenne2 dager siden
  • the tub of loreal bleach in my room is staring at me

    nutmuffinnutmuffin2 dager siden
  • Help pls I need help and advice. So me and my friend are planning to dye our hair split dye and we r planning to do it in one day. Is it okay to put dye on hair immediately after bleaching?

    FilthyRat !FilthyRat !2 dager siden
  • It's been 4 years since I last watched u. Still amazing Brad 💕🦸‍♂️

    zoie kairo kennedyzoie kairo kennedy2 dager siden
  • question though, what bleach powder would you recommend Brad?... 👀

    HerrbertrandsHerrbertrands2 dager siden
  • can you provide a list of toners that are accessible to non professionals?

    Edis Buezo-BenitezEdis Buezo-Benitez2 dager siden
  • I have natural dark brown hair and trying to go lighter. After bleach is rinsed, I apply the hair color I want ? I’m confused 😩 sorry . And what part does toner apply?

    Donna LedesmaDonna Ledesma2 dager siden
  • yep im planning colouring my hair from brown to blonde..thx to Brad i hope it all goes well

    cerys parrycerys parry2 dager siden
  • Me: “who needs a pen and paper 🙃” Also me at Sally’s: “what volume developer did I need”

    Dw ClydeDw Clyde2 dager siden
  • Bleach doesn't f***ing lather!!!!!!😂

    Evangeline HokeEvangeline Hoke2 dager siden
  • I don’t dye my hair to “feel something” not everyone does that. Don’t sound so condescending. You make mistakes too.

    민규 . 明宇.민규 . 明宇.2 dager siden
  • Welp, guess it's time to do it.

    JustJazroJustJazro2 dager siden
  • is l’oréal dialight on dry hair too?? i saw guide video from them on towel dry hair but in the package it said do on totally dry hair

    Let’s summon demonsLet’s summon demons2 dager siden
  • I dont understand, wella says t18 is a toner, the market it as a toner.... how do I know what is a toner if I cant trust the labels 😔

    AdrianaAdriana3 dager siden
  • Thank you thank you thank you 💖

    Riri MRiri M3 dager siden
  • Honey, just do it. This is a sign to colour your hair N O W

    Anna BajarAnna Bajar3 dager siden
  • I have salt and red hair that looks black until the sun hits it. I want to push the salt part along. I’m 57 almost. It grabs reds yellow and orange. Help!

    Kamela MitchellKamela Mitchell3 dager siden
  • hi can anyone help? im a natural blonde and its slowly but surely turning dirty blonde/brown. i kinda just wanna dye it already to the brown i want but idk if i should just let it happen naturally or?? im going to be cutting my hair soon so i wanna dye it too if i decide to.

    paizley bpaizley b3 dager siden
  • Went threw a break up now about to go platinum 🤣😚

    Elliemay TurnbullElliemay Turnbull3 dager siden
  • OK BRAD I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ? FOR YOU..... Should i use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner before coloring my hair? Im not going to be using bleach but trying to lift my current color to something a little lighter.

    Ashley OlguinAshley Olguin3 dager siden
  • 13:42 has me cracking up!

    Keri GKeri G3 dager siden
  • Thank you for all the informative videos you upload! They have been life changing for me lol

    Sirenia ArtSirenia Art3 dager siden
  • I need this mind bro

    SAFAA JbSAFAA Jb3 dager siden
  • Ohh im glad im watching this before i do anything bc this is my first time doing this im just rinsing it for a temporary time

    Jameela NaeemaJameela Naeema3 dager siden
  • I have type 3C hair and I wanna dye the front 2 strands, but I don’t wanna ruin my hair 😬

    OH MY GOD!OH MY GOD!3 dager siden
  • Do you recommend using the new lightning cream to bleach your hair

    buleranger123buleranger1233 dager siden
  • What hair color should i put in a level 6-7? I don’t know if ash color will turn out good 😥

    Jean Denisse ValmonteJean Denisse Valmonte3 dager siden
    • @Jean Denisse Valmonte idk exactly if we mean the same color but if you want like ash grey you need bleach before and then put a ash color on top, that’s what i did

      Let’s summon demonsLet’s summon demons8 timer siden
    • @Let’s summon demons ohh okay thank you! But what color should i use then?

      Jean Denisse ValmonteJean Denisse Valmonte2 dager siden
    • just from my experience you need way more lighter hair to do a ash tone if we mean the same tone, you won’t see a lot difference i think if you won’t bleach before

      Let’s summon demonsLet’s summon demons2 dager siden
    • Please help me

      Jean Denisse ValmonteJean Denisse Valmonte3 dager siden
  • Why do hairdressers always wear see-through under shirts?

    EatMyTime InternetEatMyTime Internet3 dager siden
  • please do a video on fixing black box dye

    Davida HawkinsDavida Hawkins4 dager siden
  • Hey, so I'm trying to dye my hair a bright pop color. Would I bleach (shampoo and condition after), tone, and then dye it? Or is toner only used as a final step, as in toning is the final step?

    Feliciana VargasFeliciana Vargas4 dager siden
  • Hi good night my hair is really thin can i still bleach it

    Angela HibbertAngela Hibbert4 dager siden
  • I will follow this 💖

    Denden CortunaDenden Cortuna4 dager siden
  • If my top portion of my hair is about a 2 and the bottom is about 7/8 and I want to do a manic panic purple do I really need to bleach it? My hair has not been dyed in years and NEVER been bleached.

    Ariel KeithAriel Keith4 dager siden
  • Can you do a video on making your blonde balayage hair a dark blonde/ light brown?

    Emma BEmma B4 dager siden
  • dye at home prepare: - don’t wash hair for several days - cover your space - brush hair! - section into 4 sections: down the middle then from apex (highest point on top of head) down to behind the ear - make sure hair is dry mixing your bleach or color: color: - 10 vol. does not lift color just applies a tint to hair (i should use for going darker) - 20 vol. lifts and changes color of hair - 30 vol. use with brighter colors (lifts hair color) - 40 vol. like 30 vol., makes colors even brighter bleach: - 10 vol. doesn’t work - 20 vol. 1-2 levels of lift, great to use to highlight hair - 30 vol. “standard” vol. to use with bleach w/ lightener - 40 vol. not recommend, if used on scalp extremely likely to burn *make sure to read directions and get the ratios correct where to start: color: - start with mid-section and ends, then do roots (if you do roots first/at the same time, the roots will be orange) bleach: - virgin hair: same as color, don’t start with roots (they will turn white and the rest of hair will be orange-like) wait 10-15 min then do roots - already colored hair: start with darkest spots first (still not roots) then work your way UP application method: color: - gloves - you can comb hair bleach: - use enough bleach - put a bag over your head (spray the inside with water) and tie tight (you don’t want the lightener to dry out) - do not comb or brush through bleach both: - start with bottom two quadrants, then work your way up how long to leave it on: color: - whatever the directions say - normally around 30-35 min bleach: - completely varies - virgin hair (want to go really light): 45min - 1 hour - rinse out back first, wait about 10 min then rinse out the front - if you leave it on for over an hour, it’s pointless, the bleach will be dried out - if worried about hair falling out, pull on a strand from the back and if it doesn’t break or stretch far, you are fine and you can leave it on cleansing: - use lukewarm water (cold water causes breakage) - be gentle: do not scrub scalp with nails, scalp scrubber, etc. use the tops of your fingers - wash at least twice, more if needed - condition very thoroughly (hair mask is amazing if you have it) evaluate the situation (bleach): - can your hair handle more bleach? if so, go for it! (if below isn’t occurring) - is it stringy? falling out? super white?etc. - if the answer is yes, don’t do another round of bleach *if you used color, you have finished! toner: - permanent color is NOT toner - don’t use box dye to tone hair (for example a blonde box dye) - mix with anything below a 10 vol. developer (or toning developer) - apply toner very fast - use the same level or darker that your hair is right now - go on color wheel and pick the color across from what it is right now (likely a purple or blue based toner) - purple shampoo is not a toner finish and style: - evaluate (do you want to be lighter? brighter? is this the color you want?) - be gentle with your hair - use proper products to take care of and maintain your hair (heat shield, hair oil, etc.)

    Saige WassinkSaige Wassink4 dager siden
  • i was about to bleach my black hair not knowing anything about hair-

    Kimberly Gonzalez AcostaKimberly Gonzalez Acosta4 dager siden
  • IM GONNA COLOR MY HAIR ON MY BIRTHDAY NEXT YEAR (february babieeeeee) LIKE THE UNDER LAYER DARK GREEN (im a little darker than a gold i think???? idk) AND IM NOT GONNA TELL ANYONE (except i got permission from my parents)

    Thestral_QueenThestral_Queen4 dager siden
  • I have long, curly, thick hair. Its about 25 inches long and it is pretty dry and frizzy. Nothing seems to help me get rid of the dry frizz. I want to make my hair healthy again before i try and lighten it, anyone have advice? Please and thank you!

    ChevyChevy4 dager siden
  • I dyed my hair a dark blueberry color with splat hair dye, and it's fading out horribly and i hate it. Is it safe to bleach over my hair? Since bleach won't remove splat fully in my experience, i'm assuming it will come out almost pre-toned. Can i bleach?

    canyouactuallydontcanyouactuallydont4 dager siden
  • Question, do i wash twice with shampoo? The color that i bought has not instruction included 😔

    aika trinidadaika trinidad4 dager siden
  • I am confused about the T18 not being a toner??? It says it right on the box that it is a toner.... so what can I use in place? Can toner be put on wet hair? also, I have a neutral skin tone so can I use cooler darker toner on scalp and lighter warmer toner towards the end?

    Taylor SmithTaylor Smith4 dager siden
  • please tell meeee whats the best cheepish brand to use? i was about to buy manic panic as I normally use marocan oil dye but they don't have the colours I want ;(

    Beth edmondBeth edmond4 dager siden
  • Write a book for this 😄

    Jlly AnnJlly Ann4 dager siden
  • Unfortunatelly the only available volume we have here in out area is up to 12% can u imagine that?!

    Denzel Ann FranciscoDenzel Ann Francisco4 dager siden
  • He explains things so well and makes it so much fun!!!! I’ve learnt a lot just from this video. Thanks 😊

    Joanne ShawJoanne Shaw4 dager siden
  • I did it, and it was successful. Thank you to heaven.

    Ane masaAne masa4 dager siden
  • Great video. Being locked in for six months and counting, I’ve decided to bleach my hair, beard and mustache. The picture posted of me was someone tinkering with Photoshop. I have short dark brown hair (on my head) with graying at the temples and sides. How far up the sides depends on when I get a haircut. Please do a video for men. Thank you, or as we say in Hawaiian, “Mahalo”.

    Sherman BrownSherman Brown5 dager siden
  • Does bleaching ur hair damage it?

    Cyena ElmoreCyena Elmore5 dager siden
  • How much time do we have to keep bleach on the middle sections before putting it on the roots?

    Anna KrzesińskaAnna Krzesińska5 dager siden
  • I f***king love you!!!! This video has been super helpful! Thanks you🙏🏻

    beth derricobeth derrico5 dager siden
  • Right can ANYONE help me I cannot find the answer after hours researching. I’ve tried different ways to get rid of my darker hair at the top. Bleach, toner, dyes etc. I believe it’s my old balayage and I CANNOT get rid of it. I just wanna be one solid colour at this point, preferably a light blonde. Does anyone know how to totally get rid of this different colour? No matter what I do the ends are light and the middle

    Raddie RaddieRaddie Raddie5 dager siden
    • It’s like all dark underneath no matter what I do. Pls don’t reply and say “go to a hairdresser” I have INSANELY long hair and it costs hundreds for very little work

      Raddie RaddieRaddie Raddie5 dager siden
    • ... darker and the roots lighter! Having such murder with it that I’m so tempted to dye it darker thinking that’s the only thing would get rid of it... pls if you have any ideas reply! X

      Raddie RaddieRaddie Raddie5 dager siden
  • modern problems require mondo solutions ❤️

    Glen CocoGlen Coco5 dager siden
  • 📞 😙 I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

    pandora kaakipandora kaaki5 dager siden
  • You are so adorable. Thank you for all the tips. Do you know how Gwen Stefani has been this blonde for years and NO DAMAGE ? How is it possible ? She's 50... do you think she only has white hair and all she has to do is to add color to her hair ?

    Pop MarketPop Market5 dager siden
  • anyone else coming to this video halfway through bleaching their hair lmao

    CC5 dager siden
  • I just want pastel pink hair, why can’t I have naturally blonde hairrr

    Choc chip dogChoc chip dog5 dager siden
  • Brad what if i wanna do ombré by myself? HELP ME PLEASE. Only my ends and my hair is in the V cut!

    Leticia PalaciosLeticia Palacios6 dager siden
  • Good lesson. But to gay for me

    NPNP6 dager siden
  • mine had color in it before and now it's different colors all around and I'm not sure if I should wait a month or two and bleach it again or if toner would fix it.....

    E M M YE M M Y6 dager siden
  • Can you do a part 2 where you're applying everything you said while doing an actual client's hair? Please pick someone who already have their hair colored.

    Tracy TranTracy Tran6 dager siden