Hairdresser Reacts To Tiktok Bleach Disasters

26. jan.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! I'm addicting to watching tiktok... I'm also addicted to watching people ruin their hair on tiktok. The stuff people do to their hair on that app is WILD.

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  • Hi I’m brad mondo and I watch too much tiktok

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo9 måneder siden
    • same. same. i have a bad thing where i stay up till 3am watching tiktok please help.

      Tala HashemTala Hashem2 dager siden
    • Sounds like you need T.T.A (tik tok anonymous)

      RubyCometRubyComet11 dager siden
    • So many repeat bs on tick tock. I don't want to see 50 cute rich families doing the same dance

      M WoodsM Woods22 dager siden
    • Hi I’m lydia and I watch too much brad mondo

      Lydia G.Lydia G.24 dager siden
    • @That Chick Hannah 00

      Samantha de WitSamantha de Wit28 dager siden
  • He says "hi beautiful" Me: crying in pain mascara running down my face and my eyelashes falling.. Thank Brad

    April McPherson-VanRaalteApril McPherson-VanRaalteDag siden
  • Ughh why can’t you be straight for me just for a night 😉😉

    Amy SnyderAmy Snyder2 dager siden
  • U know u can use copyright video and music as an entertainment purpose according to the law. I watch these one videos where they have an FBI warning that u can use it for entertainment purposes and teaching or something.

    Jill EberhardtJill Eberhardt3 dager siden
  • I think it is physically impossible to watch just ONE Brad Mondo react video.

    Brenna BarkleyBrenna Barkley4 dager siden
  • That second girl looked like Dora

    Stalker3Dcat thecookie1345Stalker3Dcat thecookie13455 dager siden
  • “You cannot itch...but you can pat” Brady Brad Brad Monday

    Samantha WilliamsSamantha Williams5 dager siden
  • I felt physically sick when she ripped her hair out

    Jessie BellaJessie Bella5 dager siden
  • Why did i find that so trampy when she ripped her hair out. So weird

    Karla PeachKarla Peach6 dager siden
  • Sooo...i had red hair before i fucking bleached my hair couple of days ago, aaanndddd- it went REALLY REALLY BAD...umm- actually i bleached it only once with only 2 bleachboxes, and a bit hair falled out, and it was literally WHITE from the top, orange from between and also i had yellow ends...and then me and my mom tried to fix my hair and dyed it with blonde box dye and it was a BIG FAIL..then i let it dry and my ends were DEAD. then next day i skipped school and we had to dye my hair brown, and it was the save of my hair bc i used conditioner and it saved it all. I actually got traumas from bleaching. Now i'm living my best life again. One day i went to school with the orange/yellow "blonde" hair and yeah it was the worst day of my life, and i got a couple of breakdowns, and were 3 days away from school bc i got anxiety from my hair and how bad it looked. And rn i've been living with my dark brown hair for 2 days straight. And now i'm taking a 1 month break from dying my hair, so it won't fall out.

  • Please review my video I made just for you:

    Malinda LynnMalinda Lynn8 dager siden
  • anybody know where he got that hoodie???

    genesis jimenezgenesis jimenez10 dager siden
  • But the bald one. How.. How, what did she do? Was it legit just one application of box dye? Like I need the in-between details 😭

    TarasaurusTarasaurus10 dager siden
  • I’m still thinking about the girl that RIPPED her hair out

    Pheobe ThomsonPheobe Thomson11 dager siden
  • Wait.... does professional hair color not come in a box??

    Ren BRen B12 dager siden
  • Ashlingamanda video: years ago I was getting my hair frosted and all the sections that were bleached fell out, the bleach was too strong for my virgin hair which caused the hair to break off. Thankfully my hair was thick and you couldn't really tell the pieces were missing.....this was back in 1971 so I can't tell you what they used.

    Monika NoneyaMonika Noneya12 dager siden
  • The sound of the girl pulling out her hair was the grossest thing I’ve ever heard omg

    Chloe GaianChloe Gaian14 dager siden
  • ok um i dont know the science behind the hair but my sister had a similar situation(same situation lol) as the girl from 8:45. What we both decided to do was give her hair rest before doing anything. we waited for a month. in that one month we used coconut hair masks and oiling and protective hairstyles. and her hair actually got a lot better though they still had that weird colour. then after one month we went to a salon and got her hair fixed. the stylist said it was the worst she ever encountered lol. the stylist said that giving your hair a break is actually very effective. btw my sister wore a brown wig the entire month lmao

    Darshana KaurDarshana Kaur14 dager siden
  • what other dye is there beside box dye if you want to do it at home?

    Sadie NystromSadie Nystrom17 dager siden
  • 11:38 will haunt me for years. Disturbing...

    Katie McDonaldKatie McDonald17 dager siden
  • When she ripped out her hair I actually gasped, WHY WOULD U

    Rally KZRally KZ17 dager siden
  • Second girl,looked great w brown hair👍

    Shanti VeitShanti Veit18 dager siden
  • Okay, real question here: why. Are. Gay men, SO much cuter than straight dudes?

    Cat WetterauCat Wetterau20 dager siden
  • Funny thing is my weird obsession is watching Brad Mondo....just anything brad Mondo I watch! You are my new Netflix!!! 🥴🥴🥴🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    Melissa MaeMelissa Mae21 dag siden
  • Same TikTok is my new Netflix 😂😂

    Giovanna BGiovanna B22 dager siden
  • Off topic but you and your brother should do a twin video with the other NOworld twins, the makeup and skincare ones. I'm forgetting their names, but you know who

    M WoodsM Woods22 dager siden
  • Young girls can pull off anything

    M WoodsM Woods22 dager siden

    Sophia-May TalbotSophia-May Talbot23 dager siden
  • Hey beautiful! 😘 Question for ya!.... " I have not bleached my hair!" but, for peeps that have, and want to use a box dye; can you use just the pigment bottle inside the box??? That way your not adding more, and more lighteners???

    b4b0_1980b4b0_198023 dager siden
  • The fact that Brad is talking about his addiction to tik tok, but he never talks about how addicting his videos are 😭💓

    Amya LienAmya Lien23 dager siden
  • somehow i don't feel bad for people ending up with shitty hair if they dyed it completely wrong and against all rules they somehow begged for shit hair and got it :D

    _cherrymarly__cherrymarly_24 dager siden
  • I'm going platinum again soon. I won't go any higher than 20.

    A person who has a Google accountA person who has a Google account24 dager siden
  • me: / scratching my head / brad: STOP itching me: o.o

    ashleyofozashleyofoz25 dager siden
  • I almost threw up when she ripped her hair out 🤢

    Jada McdonaldJada Mcdonald25 dager siden
  • *brad slowly going blonde again thinking we won’t notice*

    Ashley FloydAshley Floyd26 dager siden
  • That chain probably weighs 10 pounds

    Cordelia DorferCordelia Dorfer26 dager siden
  • So, i have platinum blond hair like lighter than the inside of a banana, and I use purple shampoo BECAUSE IT TAKES OUT THE YELLOW SO THEY ARE WHITE!!!! Why those girls thinks that purple shampoo cal lighten up their heir???? I’m sorry brad❤️

    Rebecca LalliRebecca Lalli26 dager siden
  • Brad has never looked this straight

    Isabella PosseltIsabella Posselt26 dager siden
  • On the hair pulling I ripped out literally half of my hair in an hour because of some medication I was on. My hair stylist boss (I'm a nail tech) just evened it up so it looked like I'd shaved half of it off

    Toni KnightToni Knight26 dager siden
  • I disagree about the Period if you're using the right type of bleach like a blue paste it is completely random but as long as you use the sections it can come out great. I have done that in the springtime for years to give my Brown hair a little bit of pizazz. I did have a friend try to use a cap and bleach my hair who had been in cosmetology school. She wanted to practice on me. I had already Done my own using a cap for about 5 years and when she pulled out her bleach which was a liquid form I told her it wasn't right. But she said she was in cosmetology school and knew what she was doing. I felt it seep into the holes in the cap! I kept telling her it wasn't right! O dear God my hair was so messed up. We ended up going to the store and buying some Purplish Brown dye and all 3 of us did our hair in that color because we thought it would cover up the bleach skunk stripes the best and the student and her friend both in cosmetology felt badd 😆 lol

    Boho BeckaBoho Becka27 dager siden
  • Need way way more!!! So do them all

    Ava SparksAva Sparks28 dager siden
  • Brad I noticed that some of the box dye does label developer now.

    brandy carrbrandy carr28 dager siden
  • The second girl looks more old with dark hair I think wasn’t the right blond color for her but the blond tone is better.

    Zulee eZulee eMåned siden
  • Lmao I definitely have seen people rip out chunks of hair like that.... me during panic attacks 🙃

    Allie paigeAllie paigeMåned siden
  • I dyed my hair blue and purple.. I was so oo oo nervous lol

    Jenice SmithJenice SmithMåned siden
  • So the girl who went bald, will her hair grow back in that spot? Cuz that was BALD 😬

    Shelby HetzerShelby HetzerMåned siden
  • So it's September 2020 and I watch Brad on NOworld instead of Netflix recently. Now realising I have a Brad addiction 😂

    BrownEyedGirlBrownEyedGirlMåned siden
  • Ughhh I love that purple hoodie

    Clarissa TurnerClarissa TurnerMåned siden
  • “Every girl and gay man ever if I’m going through a crisis I’m going to dye my hair” Way to call me out like that BRAD ~ a gay man

    Elias HerridgeElias HerridgeMåned siden
  • Life is like a box dye, you never know what you’re gonna get ;)

    Clara LiuClara LiuMåned siden
  • Funny thing im bleaching my hair well wacthing this

    Bob BobBob BobMåned siden
  • lol I have purple hair right now

    Heaven's CallingHeaven's CallingMåned siden
  • But sorry that's all us girls got when we don't go to us online and if we go to Sally's we do not understand in sometimes though sally people that work there don't know either

    vixen200008vixen200008Måned siden
  • why you go natrual

    MW - 07HN 772685 Balmoral Drive Sr PSMW - 07HN 772685 Balmoral Drive Sr PSMåned siden
  • Brad NOT SAYING IM GOING TO DO THIS NECESSARILY. Say you found a box dye your really liked or say you picked up a "Hi lift" box dye. Could you just mix with a sally brand developer so you ARE sure of the vol being used..... ????

    Shelby HankinsShelby HankinsMåned siden
  • This only makes me wish I had recorded my bleaching adventure

    Amby Palm14Amby Palm14Måned siden
  • Brad: Have you ever seen anyone rip that much hair off their head at once? Me, struggling with reoccurring trichotillomania: Well...not from my head at least.

    Lauren KLauren KMåned siden
    • @Lauren K oh my, it's very good to hear you're doing better. Thank you for explaining and I hope you continue to recover ❤️

      HanaHanaMåned siden
    • Hana It’s an unfortunate anxiety driven disorder where the individual has reoccurring, irresistible urges to pull out body hair. I’m lucky that I don’t have it as severe, but in some cases individuals have bald patches on their scalps as a result. I’m doing better currently, and hopefully my eyelashes will stay where they are.

      Lauren KLauren KMåned siden
    • What's trichotillomania, if you don't mind me asking?

      HanaHanaMåned siden
  • I recently just dyed my hair with box die it was a colour light golden brown and I dye my hair normally so it was light gingerish colour it said on on the box it was gonna be light brown with my hair colour the results were SOOO dark and it was not even brown it was kind of black and it had a red tinge to it? But I kind of like it

    iTsHaLlowEenokkiTsHaLlowEenokkMåned siden
  • This is why as a person with pitch black hair, I don't want to bleach or dye my hair I know that I'm gonna mess up 😂

    Su JaiSu JaiMåned siden
  • She really ripped her own hair?!

    Ashley ReedAshley ReedMåned siden
  • when that girls ripped her hair out i would be dying in pain because my hair is so Sensitive

    Addy Sea turtleAddy Sea turtleMåned siden
  • And I only use L'Oreal box dye in my red hair everytime I touch it up😯😲😱😨😨😨😬😬😳

    Faith NicoleFaith NicoleMåned siden
  • I can watch these videos for hours! I still can't laugh when I see the really bad fails. I do laugh at the people thinking their hair actually looks good🙄🤣😢😂🤪

    Rhoda YackezRhoda YackezMåned siden
  • Xo

    DD Bears36DD Bears36Måned siden
  • aku cinta wildan

    Acuuu uuunsAcuuu uuunsMåned siden
  • Get a nose job mate... seriously 😐 🐘

    Outspoken-from IbizaOutspoken-from IbizaMåned siden
  • i dyed my hair with box dye recently but the thing is i got 2 bold spots, will they grow back?

    precious belloprecious belloMåned siden
  • Isnt "Whiteheadtylor" from the movie "Only lovers left alive" ?

    Simona ManasikSimona ManasikMåned siden
  • the music at @10:00 is literally what I play for my ten month old 😅

    Kalista JoannaKalista JoannaMåned siden
  • 11:50 K so my friend in 5th grade RIPPED her hair out so calmly and my friends and I were like "STOP IT" And she ripped out like a few strands every time like it was a hobby skwnxiwh

    - G.G -- G.G -Måned siden
  • What’s up with ppl using the word “itch” when they mean “scratch”..? Such a trigger for me 🥴😖 Don’t SCRATCH it y’’re welcome...

    RainbowreesiiRainbowreesiiMåned siden
  • Does brad pause them on weird faces on purpose to make him look good or is it an accident

    Mary MckennaMary MckennaMåned siden
  • Brad: It won't work. End of video: Oh, it worked.

    melbatoast667melbatoast667Måned siden
  • I’m sorry brad lol all the hair supply stores are shutdown cause of Covid so I had to use box dye lol

    Hannah DuszaHannah DuszaMåned siden
  • You are AMAZING. I am addicted to watching you. You know your “stuff” and I wouldn’t watch anyone else. I would LOVE to come see you and let you have free rein to do as you wish. I seriously need a new look. Thank you for your content and the wise advise information you share !

    Lilredxx00Lilredxx00Måned siden
  • I have a friend that has tricotillomania**spelled wrong im sure*** she legit rips hair out by twisting and has to wear wigs she cant stop from her condition. Its crazy painful

    Jessica MahonJessica MahonMåned siden
  • 12:00 my mum rips out her hair like that

    SpaceOrc13SpaceOrc13Måned siden
  • “How did she rip her hair out so easily like ?????” Me that rips out clumps of hair from my head sometimes when I have PTSD panic attacks/flash backs: idk bro - that’s c r a z y y y

    Francis SicnarfFrancis SicnarfMåned siden
  • Brad, I love your Purple hoodie 💜 purple is my favorite color 💜 and you are one of my favorite NOworldrs by the way love watching your videos .

    Danny Marie WilliamsDanny Marie WilliamsMåned siden
  • I love ya Brad, your so adorable. I used a bleaching kit w/ cap & Ugly hair needle thang. And my hair was a light brown with blonde highlights, and it looked gooood. I went all blonde on top and left the under hair natural, and it looked kicked ass. I'll be happy to try your way next time, I'm sure I'll rock that too..

    Mickey CoronadoMickey CoronadoMåned siden
  • BRAD, THERE'S A SUCH THING AS "AMMONIA FREE" BOX DYE! (such as Revlon Colorsilk, etc) I go to a hairdresser to get my long hair trimmed twice a yr & they always think my box-dyed "blue black" hair is natural cuz its so shiny & healthy. I cringe every time u say that box dye has ammonia. 🙈 A lot of em don't anymore. Thats prob y ur so shocked ppl are actually dying their hair just fine without a professional. (But, I do agree that bleaching shld be done by a hairdresser) Thx4 another fun video! 💖

    Briar RoseBriar RoseMåned siden
  • I tried the hack that itsjuststazia did. Her hair got like that because of the developer. I tried this exact hack with 10 developer with a tiny tiny bit of 30 to get all my pink hair out and it works. Poor stazia with the 30 🥺 Edit: also my hair is still looking super healthy after a week.

    Dre ZiyadaDre ZiyadaMåned siden
  • Ok but do we not see brads eyes??? Literally so beautiful

    Samantha GossSamantha GossMåned siden
  • i’m 12 years old and ik how to bleach my hair thanks to brad mondo

    Karla BustilloKarla BustilloMåned siden
  • omg the frosting cap! just got a flashback to 35 years ago when that was soooo popular in Australia! Can't count the number of times my sister got me to pull her hair through a frosting cap with a crochet needle - I only had it done once, and man it hurt like hell! 😂

    Cook ieCook ieMåned siden
  • the sound her hair made when she ripped her hair out is haunting me. like i literally feel nauseous

    LucyLucyMåned siden
  • Ive been watching too many of these that I had a dream I was bleaching my hair .. also cut my own hair today 😂

    Victoria MalavetVictoria MalavetMåned siden
  • I probably spend as much time watching your videos as you do watching TickTock!😂👏🏼♥️

    Shannon pankratzShannon pankratzMåned siden
  • Does anyone else just watch Brad thinking we'd be such great friends hahaha just me? okay cool haha. Brad if you actually see this, your spirit gives me life. You have such great, positive energy. Just love everything about it. Never change

    Karli FalesKarli FalesMåned siden
  • Did anyone else screenshot that the more you know 🤣

    adeline calhounadeline calhounMåned siden
  • every time I watch his videos it makes me want to do something drastic to my hair thinking I'm professional since I watch these oof I'm eventually going to be in one of these videos egirl hair is going to come soon

    sierra walterssierra waltersMåned siden
  • If there was a nuclear war these girls would think purple shampoo would save them😂😂

    sophie wildesophie wildeMåned siden
  • me: about to bleach my hair also me: "lets watch bleach disaster videos!!"

    zoezoeMåned siden
  • My dry curly hair would probably fall off if it was in the same room as bleach.

    LcoLcoMåned siden
  • omg bradmondo i feel sorry for u lol

    nightmare0161nightmare0161Måned siden
  • You loved Tiktok 7months ago 🥴🥴🥴

    Leah DelLeah DelMåned siden
  • My colleague used to do that frosted cap (or whatever you called it. We called it like cap highlights in Norway). The results was 9/10 times really good! You just have to practice it a lot. Never seen a good result of someone doing it at home though....

    LukaEatsHisSocksLukaEatsHisSocksMåned siden
  • I. Need. That. Hoodie.

    Estefanía NúñezEstefanía NúñezMåned siden
  • Watching your vids while I’m at the gym & i’ve gotta say....YOU LIFT MY MOOD WHILE I’M GETTIN THESE GAINS‼️‼️ THANKS BRAD ❤️❤️❤️

    Coco CourtneyCoco CourtneyMåned siden
  • They make multiple volumes (differences or not) for the 🤑🤑$$$$$$🤑🤑

    C3F6B2H8C3F6B2H8Måned siden