Hairdresser Reacts To Silk Press On 4C Hair

3. nov.. 2019
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Hi Beautiful! I love watching hair go from extremely curly to extremely straight. It's soooo satisfying!


  • woah, therapy. am i right??

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo11 måneder siden
    • Awesome that you took time to learn all hair types! It’s refreshing

      Tziporah Yisra'ElTziporah Yisra'El2 dager siden
    • Ill let you freestyle my hair

      shamah berryshamah berry17 dager siden
    • ilysm

      Patience i-Patience i-20 dager siden
    • Hiiii

      Lil Q-tipLil Q-tipMåned siden
    • 🥰

      Lea MiklúškováLea MiklúškováMåned siden
  • omg lolllllll brad just getting drunk and sexually satisfied off straightening videos.... this was the serotonin i needed today ;D

    ShellyBortPresentsShellyBortPresents5 timer siden
  • Ummmm Brad, oil doesn’t moisturize hair, it seals it in and believe it or not, there is a such thing as too much oil on 4c hair. It can be weighed down.

    Tziporah Yisra'ElTziporah Yisra'El2 dager siden
  • His intro do be speicial tho😍

    Brenda RodgersBrenda Rodgers2 dager siden
  • "It definitely different doing curly hair than um... {See Brad thinking}.....mmm, yh some white woman's hair".

    Shanni ChristieShanni Christie2 dager siden
  • Thank you. I've watched your videos and I am glad you are doing black hair. It's cute you call it by its technical name. You should learn to treat and care for it. You would make millions. I have seen white black hairdressers. They little and most trusted.

    Danger MouseDanger Mouse3 dager siden
  • Oh my goodness I absolutely love u. U crack me up and u also show some really good videos

    Samantha McElroySamantha McElroy5 dager siden
  • I love the deeper than hair channel 😁

    Am BamAm Bam5 dager siden
  • I like this dude, total sweetheart! #firstvid

    Amma StarrAmma Starr6 dager siden
  • I like the fact that Brad learned about African women hair 💯❤️

    Anisha NewsomAnisha Newsom7 dager siden
  • brad: thank u for being here today my brain at 1 AM: thank me for peeing here to date????

    memes by designmemes by design7 dager siden
  • Hair do not need to be wash every day, unless you have some kind of health problems inside your scalp. Seek medical attention for your scalp problem.

    PatPat8 dager siden
  • I love to watch Deeper Than Hair videos, She really cares about her client's hair and it always turns out amazing

    2008MrsKim2008MrsKim8 dager siden
  • New Subscriber 😍

  • we need more natural hair vids

    Camryn MorlandCamryn Morland9 dager siden
  • Thank you for peeing her with me 😂😂

    Grace & ShayGrace & Shay9 dager siden
  • I love watching you ❤ hair

    4dlafranz4dlafranz9 dager siden
  • Therapeutic

    Jackie JacksonJackie Jackson9 dager siden
  • Wow, I can't get over how much you remind me of Azzy (NOworld: Azzyland). Anyway, love your videos 👌💛

    Reitumetse MokoenaReitumetse Mokoena9 dager siden
  • If you have black girl friend with curl hair at the night when tuch her her huuuu man in my bed 🤣🤣🤣

    najaahnajaah10 dager siden
  • Wow! This is a thing?! He is very good. Impressive.

    Lavinia OsbourneLavinia Osbourne10 dager siden
  • I just love you describing our 4c hair 😍😍

    Dee JayyDee Jayy10 dager siden
  • You r too cute!! And super adorable 😊 just love this video.

    vanessa smithvanessa smith11 dager siden
  • I love this man!

    Tyra PalmerTyra Palmer11 dager siden
  • The second girl, that silk press was ACE!! Wow. Such a good job. She also has lovely thick hair so it looked so good.

    BlaqueBritishCute29BlaqueBritishCute2912 dager siden
  • I’ve seen your videos before.. but I did not expect this from you Brad. I am pleasantly surprised.

    Amy DibwaAmy Dibwa12 dager siden
  • Brad let's get real........when is your album coming out?😯😦

    Amani 1234Amani 123413 dager siden
  • Whoa Brad you are blowing my mind! Hearing a non-black hairdresser understand my hair is giving me all kinds of life! You're giving me hope that I can get great service in more salons now! Love it!

    MissPYT78MissPYT7813 dager siden
  • Brad she has coils. Not curls we have different patters the comb on the blow dryer is a must.

    Dajia NelsonDajia Nelson13 dager siden
  • Brad mondo: singing my praises in the intro Me: wrapped in a blanket on my couch like 11:23

    PureDoePureDoe14 dager siden
  • natural hair is not always dry.

    Mia MichelleMia Michelle14 dager siden
  • I love watching deeper than hair and you

    Play games with MePlay games with Me14 dager siden
  • Brad should have shared his knowledge with Onision...cause his video was a mess

    TawnyWolf11212TawnyWolf1121214 dager siden
  • Love it

    Erica JohnsonErica Johnson14 dager siden
  • I literally love this channel 😂

    naturally beautifulnaturally beautiful15 dager siden
  • 4C, gorgeous outcome

    Bridget MBridget M15 dager siden
  • I'm so here for your education on black hair. Kudos on your reaction. I love that you celebrate all and want to do all.

    AJ RodriguezAJ Rodriguez16 dager siden
  • I have very curly hair however it is oily and I can not put any oils in my hair. All African American hair is not the same.

    Christi FrazierChristi Frazier16 dager siden
  • Don't just like subscribe

    Mrs. GMrs. G16 dager siden
  • When he said you don’t have to wash your hair like ever I felt that I don’t have 4c but I have like 3b 3c mix and it’s soooooo dry but it’s also so healthy

    SydneySydney17 dager siden
  • It's so nice that you are kind and passionate! So many people find it easier to be mean. Thanks to you, I have a great moment! Have a very nice day

    Aurore PickleAurore Pickle17 dager siden
  • Anything by ‘deeper than hair’, janay mickles, And Cassandra Olivia are going to be fire every single time.

    Mary HawkinsMary Hawkins18 dager siden
  • it looks like brad want to get to this level in this video

    WhalterlukeWhalterluke19 dager siden
  • 6:30 lmfaoo so silly I literally started choking😂😂🤣 and I’m dead everytime you talk about the blow dryer combs. I guess when you have straight hair you don’t need any attachments?? But also I love how professional you were when talking about black hair. I feel like a lot of ppl have their own opinions about our hair and say that it’s dirty or “bad hair” especially the super curly/kinky 4 type hair. I appreciate that you just kept it to the facts!!!

    Omni LawrenceOmni Lawrence19 dager siden
  • Me watching Brad Mondo at 4 of the morning 🥰🥰😘😂

    ixtzel _diazixtzel _diaz19 dager siden
  • What was the cough for after saying very curly hair..I didnt appreciate that. I dont like your shade..

    Kioki SwahiliKioki Swahili20 dager siden
    • I hope you're joking cuz he definitely wasn't trying to shade anyone!!

      Mallory GantnerMallory Gantner19 dager siden
  • I just love Brad That's it I just love him

    ittz_lolaski Greenittz_lolaski Green21 dag siden
  • that intro... was amazing

    Ella JeffresElla Jeffres21 dag siden
  • Our hair is magical 🤷🏽‍♀️what can I say?!😂

    SouthernHoodooBelleSouthernHoodooBelle21 dag siden
  • Alla son experta con LA plancha tienen que ser muy profesional porque Aqui hay q tener cuidado no todos saben y lo que hacen es quemar El pelo, y ademas no usan en El salon Para alisar El pelo LA plancha es El blower y ovbio el alizado o el derrisado

    Maria yokasta Dotel gonzalezMaria yokasta Dotel gonzalez25 dager siden
  • I don’t trust anyone in my hair but I would consider you. You know our hair and you’re chill.

    Puddin' PiePuddin' Pie25 dager siden
  • When this happens to you every month except when......

    Happy 2021Happy 202126 dager siden
  • Thanks Brad you are amazing ❤️

    Scott SchotsborgScott Schotsborg26 dager siden
  • Can you react to people laying their’s such a soothing thing to watch

    Lady & LotusLady & Lotus27 dager siden
  • PLEASE (if you haven’t yet) find ANY video from AnthonyCuts. Cause. Whoa.

    Keely FogartyKeely Fogarty27 dager siden
  • We love an informed gentlemen 🥰🤎 # blackgirlmagic

    Alana FralinAlana Fralin28 dager siden
  • Love how you speak and use the right terminology to reference our hair 🥰😍NEW SUBBIE😘

    Katrina DownsKatrina Downs28 dager siden
  • Me watching black girls dealing with their hair and get educated...and I never even seen black girl in my eyes😂

    Natalia WNatalia W28 dager siden
  • I really love deeper than hair tv if you haven't checked out her channel I really recommend it and idk why people say she don't show love to the 4c community because she always show 4c hairstyles on her channel and she also gives really good advice on how to take care of your hair I just highly recommend her channel lol

    JaquanaJaquana28 dager siden
  • The beginning had me dead. I love your videos!

    Madilyn LeverenzMadilyn Leverenz29 dager siden
  • NOworld is getting waay too comfortable with these ads

    miracle munirmiracle munir29 dager siden
  • Been watching you for a minute and I’m so appreciating the REACT vids for black curly/kinky hair.

    Talesha MTalesha M29 dager siden
  • I had a Chinese American hair stylist in Paris. He was awesome

    Brynne HoltBrynne HoltMåned siden
  • I have a question and yea it’s probably really ignorant BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO GET THE ANSWER WITHOUT ASKING SO a sorry NOT sorry 🤷‍♀️ Are silk press procedures only for black people like Afro hair?

    • yes, it's using heat and oil to straighten afro hair

      LemoniDropLemoniDrop22 dager siden
  • She cooled the wrapped hair. Not heated lol

    Star LightStar LightMåned siden
  • Deeper than hair is my fav

    Summer wintersSummer wintersMåned siden
  • My curls are only maybe lvl 2 and I could go 3 weeks without washing if I wanted it wouldnt br oily looking hahahs (I go only 4 days tho) and I use SO MUCH oil etc

    Summer wintersSummer wintersMåned siden
  • Love it ❤

    Sonya BarnesSonya BarnesMåned siden
  • I wish Brad could do my hair, I have white girl curls, and my hair doesn’t move and flow very often, curly or straight. It chunks when it curly and moves like early CGI hair when straight. I really wanna know what I look like with glossy, pin straight hair.

    Ellie FEllie FMåned siden
  • I come back to this video almost once a month just to experience Brad's hair joy over and over.

    iLydziLydzMåned siden
  • Yes batch yes yes yes yes oh my goodness I need to change my pants....😂😍💯💣💥💋

    C BooC BooMåned siden
  • Deeper Than Hair is a hair magician. Been watching her videos for a while.

    chocoboasylumchocoboasylumMåned siden
  • Love how you're so into these videos!

    Angela SisomphoneAngela SisomphoneMåned siden
  • My hair does not get straightened, its not as curly as hers. But mine is thick as hell. I cannot run my finger through it. It gets ugly and puffy when I try to straighten it, and tips would be cool.

    Ayesha KayaniAyesha KayaniMåned siden
  • And that my friend is the results of the prejudice test . Let's face it nappy hair to a white person is like super mans weakness to kryptonite.

    David MoodyDavid MoodyMåned siden
  • I wanna know the 5.7k who didn’t like this 🥴 and why

    MacKenzie WilliamsMacKenzie WilliamsMåned siden
  • You are a riot!!!!

    Felicia MFelicia MMåned siden
  • I love your respectful reactions, and being smart about your craft. What a sweetie you are! And you are having fun, love to see it!

    Shayla R. RichardShayla R. RichardMåned siden
  • Haha the intro was funny

    Ever BlessEver BlessMåned siden
  • You crack me up. 😆😆😆

    Bordeaux BordeauxBordeaux BordeauxMåned siden
  • I feel like Brad recorded this video for himself and I'm here for it 😂💜💃🏾. His reactions are always amazing.

    Nonofo ChereNonofo ChereMåned siden
  • You are an absolute gentleman and a professional. Many are daunted by types of hair that are different to their own. The fact is that it is all about knowledge and exposure. You made the time to expose and educate others to different types of hair. I know for many, this will be a 'race issue' but to me it is just all about education, quality of character, and demystifying. Good job!

    Lourdes BogaertsLourdes BogaertsMåned siden
  • Brad talking about beautiful I’m sitting here looking crazy as hell with my bonnet on crooked eyelashes hanging eating this hamburger helper chewing like a billy goat 🌚🌚🌚😂

    Miaa TvMiaa TvMåned siden
  • Brad: You look (every kind word in the universe) Also Brad: looks everywhere in the room besides the camera

    LucyFlowersLucyFlowersMåned siden
  • New subscriber here! Just wanted to say how I love how inclusive your videos are...and with the same energy too! (Also as a 4c girl I felt this on a different level)

    Tiffany FlowersTiffany FlowersMåned siden
  • Let me just say I love how excited you were to learn about our hair ❤

    Chevanese JohnsonChevanese JohnsonMåned siden
  • I love the enthusiasm of the beautiful song but I don't look beautiful I got rollers in my hair and sitting in bed why u gonna lie to me Brad

    Isaiah SprouseIsaiah SprouseMåned siden
  • Ur rlly giving me ✨Klaus Hargreeves✨ vibes(character from the umbrella academy)

    Wh0a. MiahWh0a. MiahMåned siden
  • Aaaaaa she is so adorable No I am not les or bi but o love how she looks ( the first girl )

    Aspynn BocchiAspynn BocchiMåned siden
  • i can't help but think this is EXTREMELY BAD for your hair. like i'm noticing their hair looks white especially in direct sunlight and i think that's from the damage showing. i would only allow my daughter to get this done once a year tops for special occasions.

    C SC SMåned siden
  • Brad most of it wasn’t silicone it’s mostly heat protectant im a 4b girl

    Jaden EarleyJaden EarleyMåned siden
  • Wth is "4C" hair anyway? Everybody has "4C" hair? Is there any other type of hair? Who came up with this?

    Judi LynnJudi LynnMåned siden
    • Link to see why they call it 4c and other hair types.

      MauveMauveMåned siden
    • Hein????

      TehilavictoriaTehilavictoriaMåned siden
  • Yes, you still have to regularly wash naturally kinky hair. It still attracts dirt, just not as quickly as oily hair.

    Judi LynnJudi LynnMåned siden
  • I love this guyyy.! I knew when he put Beyoncé in his undertones video, he was a good seed 😢

    Leyanna CollLeyanna CollMåned siden
  • The shrinkage is definitely REAL with 4c hair Brad lol I should know...I have 4c hair. (Shrinkage is when someone’s hair is longer than it looks in its unstretched state for those who don’t know)

    Dior BanksDior BanksMåned siden
  • Lol that opening was too precious

    TroSha MoniqueTroSha MoniqueMåned siden
  • i have a ton of shrinkage and omg i love how u educated urself instead of hating cause we dont wash our hair everyday so it falls out

    Jojo JonesJojo JonesMåned siden
  • *Volume has left the chat*

    iRosieiRosieMåned siden
  • I love that he understands the difference in hair types! So commendable, I'm really impressed by his knowledge of black hair!

    deannacrissy11deannacrissy11Måned siden
  • I loved this! Now I want to see him watch some curl defining videos. It's crazy to see the difference defining your curls can make.

    Nastaishia AllenNastaishia AllenMåned siden