Hairdresser Reacts To Relaxer Treatment (Satisfying)

9. feb.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we dive into the world of relaxer treatments. An irreversible way of premaritally straightening your hair.

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  • Hey beautiful 😘

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo8 måneder siden
    • How long should you wait to bleach your hair after a relaxer

      ashely williamsashely williams4 dager siden
    • Hey

      Amito OTTOAmito OTTO17 dager siden
    • Hey Mondo

      Rose WilkinsonRose Wilkinson20 dager siden
    • Heeyyyy

      Ess NjoraEss Njora27 dager siden
    • Brad mondo called me beautiful 🥰

      Pretti BabyPretti BabyMåned siden
  • Relaxer burnt my scalp. I had big scabs in my head. It lasted for 2 weeks. It hurts af.

    Just NobodyJust NobodyTime siden
  • Why are these vids persuading me to want to relax my hair again!🙈

    Sela BrownSela Brown23 timer siden
  • Omg the length that 3rd girl has after only 3 years!!!! I would KILL for that length. My hair barely grows and yet I refuse let chemicals seep into my scalp.

    Lisa SmithLisa SmithDag siden
  • Brad we love you and we love that you are taking an interest in courser hair. Imma add this for those who care to scroll. A relaxer and texturizer are not the same. A perm and a relaxer are not the same. A texturizer is going to add or soften your natural hair texture. Do not wash before using any of these products. As you will see people using skin Protestants around their hairline the build up of product on the hair adds as a protectant too. In addition washing your hair is a hair experience. Over washing can cause damage to your hair. You are going to wash out this application. Please be kind to your hair. Now adding heat like the second girl in the video. Oooof. Absolutely not. Again like over washing that causes tension and will cause trauma to your hair. Don’t do it. Now I will be totally honest if you are going to use a skin protectant. Which is highly recommended. Take all the precautions you need to protect yourself. Use a sealant product that is solid so a cream, butter certain oils(coconut). It creates a nourishing and lasting barrier between your skin and the chemical you are about to use. It’s like a primer. Now lastly, if you know about hair then you know the closer to the scalp you are the faster it heats up. If you know how your scalp works then you know you want to work from the top front and down. Cover and set. Edit* the part on the scalp is backwards. The top heats up the fastest. The closer to the face the hottest. So work from the back to the front. The top middle is normally the most thick and coarse. My bad Then from where you started go back through make sure the application is even and hit the roots. Get any spots that you may find lacking. As brad said you can also do a spot rinse. You don’t have to risk parts of your hair for the whole. Now brad I will be honest. If you are using a relaxer and you really want that bone straight with chemical treatment and not heat. You will want to do smaller sections and a medium not small tooth comb and comb through for an even application. Slight tension but do not wreck havoc on the hair. I think that’s it. Thank you for any one who take the time to read

    Trivana BurrisTrivana BurrisDag siden
  • No dear. As an African-American I relaxed my hair then rinsed my hair with vinegar to make it curly again. It works very well. Yes, I have always put perm on my scalp no problem. I did it by myself & I combed it too. I have been using relaxers for 30 yrs or more & my hair is very healthy. After yrs my hair gets straight like a silk press. No heat needed, just roll it up.

    taiwana shannontaiwana shannon2 dager siden
  • Its the process and dilution of product so that you dont melt or burn hair or scalp

    Laura TreacyLaura Treacy2 dager siden
  • Just for future reference Seun is pronounced Shay-oon

    Abi OladesuAbi Oladesu2 dager siden
  • I'm white with straight hair and I love hearing insight about curly black hair. It's such a different hair world.

    33melonpaws7733melonpaws773 dager siden
  • How should you wait to bleach your hair after a relaxer

    ashely williamsashely williams4 dager siden
  • I don’t know why I’m here😂I’m not anywhere close to being 18 so that’s outta the door and I have no interest in relaxing my hair,yet my search history says: ‘How to Safely Relax Your Hair’😂😂😂💀❤️

    KalesKales4 dager siden
  • The lady’s who did this at home are brave since u can’t just go to the salon and get relaxed again like the next day that’s so scary😬

    Emma ChildressEmma Childress5 dager siden
  • I actually had my first perm when I was about 6 too at a local salon. But ever since then I've had them done at home. But I'm glad that there isn't lye in perms anymore. I have a really sensitive scalp and skin in general. I use olive miracle perms now. But I'm glad to know I've been doing it pretty accurately so far. But yeah people used to get a lil pissy cause I wanted to relax my hair. But it's more manageable for me that way, and I like styling it a certain way because my style is like goth punk. I eventually wanna bleach and dye my hair crimson in the front, and like royal purple or Violet in the back. But thank you so much for doing this video! Just found your channel and I love it and you! 🤗

    Commander Harata IdakuCommander Harata Idaku5 dager siden
  • The first girls name is pronounced SH-A-UN but spelt seun she Nigerian.

    Oluwadara OdimegwuOluwadara Odimegwu5 dager siden
  • 😆

    Smart PersonSmart Person5 dager siden
  • I actually enjoyed you enjoying learning about kinky coiled hair!

    Paige Poppin Tags Cuz They Clearance WilliamsPaige Poppin Tags Cuz They Clearance Williams5 dager siden
  • I love you Brad. Who needs drinks or clubs when we have you.

    La Bella VidaLa Bella Vida6 dager siden
  • That second girl is lying. Her hair is damaged and it is relaxed and not texlaxed.

    NaturalBeauty0708NaturalBeauty07086 dager siden

    Well Sh*tWell Sh*t6 dager siden
  • she should not be combing the relaxer and it should not be applied to the scalp.

    NaturalBeauty0708NaturalBeauty07086 dager siden
  • That was so incredibly beautiful!!!

    Sandy CaltagironeSandy Caltagirone6 dager siden
  • I think the hair of that second girls looks a bit dead compared to the first one. But most importantly she likes it :) I have no idea about curly hair I have natural straight hair but I love this video bc I learn so much :)

    KrümelKrümel7 dager siden
  • My mum was relaxing my hair since I was like 5,6 after she left it in a bun for two weeks and it started turning into dreads💀😂. So after 13 years of relaxing my hair (every two weeks as it would start transitioning again, which I didn’t really know it was transitioning), I WENT NATURAL!!!! And I love it. Africa is so miseducated whenever it comes to loving your natural hair mahn...

    The Umu ExperienceThe Umu Experience7 dager siden
  • i love how he just looks mesmerized with entire time 😂

    Rainbow MuffinsRainbow Muffins7 dager siden
  • first of all ... yuu neva do nun ta ya scalp before doin a perm .😭 junt gone burn ... i had a perm since i was 5 stop getting em whn i was 15 .. whn i use ta get relaxer ( perm ) i used box perm ( super ) n jus put vaseline on my ears n stuff . n it came out fye EVERY TIME . 🌝

    Jakaya HarperJakaya Harper8 dager siden
  • Hey guys let's show him some love by voting for him here;

    World's GreatestWorld's Greatest8 dager siden
  • Im just gone say it, BRAD U CAN COME TO THE COOK OUTS!!🤗 lol just so u kno thts like the highest honor black people give to non-black people when thy learn, appreciate, & not appropriate or culture! 🤗 Big Props to u bro!2😘

    Richard MillerRichard Miller8 dager siden
  • And you have to be careful after the first relaxer.. After that you will be getting a touchup only relaxing the new growth... Or you will over process the older hair and cause it to shed or fall out.. I had that happen to me in one spot. OMG.. I remember getting my head based before getting the relaxer applied to prevent chemical burn to my scalp.. I am natural now.. So glad I don't use the white creamy crack anymore.. lol

    mss burrmss burr8 dager siden
  • #1 natural girl: you know sometimes I miss relaxers, don't you? #2 natural girl: OMG YES I miss it so much. Sometimes I just want to throw this all the way and get straight hair, it was much more convenient. Natural community: *Nods of agreement and nostalgia* And then me: *REMEMBERS THE PAIN. NOTHING BUT PAIN. ALL THE PAIN* *Crawls in foetal position* N-Never again. NEVER!

    Monkey.D ChomsyMonkey.D Chomsy9 dager siden
  • I love how respectful, and in aaaaaaw you are of our hair!

    Dee JayyDee Jayy9 dager siden
  • you should do a relaxer fail, like the people who got mixed textures, burned off, etc.

    Camryn MorlandCamryn Morland9 dager siden
  • It takes me 8+ hrs to do my hair so you know I understand why people would relax. I just don’t like the damage aspect but what can ya do lol.

    ETFbvbAAETFbvbAA9 dager siden
  • Where's Eric ?

    Peter LimatoPeter Limato9 dager siden
  • Tierra J is my girl. Former hair stylist

    Carla PotterCarla Potter10 dager siden
  • Relaxers does not permanently straighten curly hair.

    Gbessay KaindanehGbessay Kaindaneh11 dager siden
  • oh and i love this jacket

    RealNameAlizeRealNameAlize13 dager siden
  • im gonna make a relaxer video just for you, even though yu dont do them lmao i promise watching me would SENDDDDDDDDD yu lmao its such a sloppy mess but the outcome.....chefs kiss!

    RealNameAlizeRealNameAlize13 dager siden
  • I follow the second young lady. When she does her silk press it is absolutely beautiful! Whoa she’s i never seen her stretch first so pretty. I just had a silk press after 3 yrs super natural no heat. I’m loving it 2 weeks later hair is moisturizerized and so much easier for me to do. It’s relax d my pattern enough to deal. Because of Heald things my crown is very thin.

    Chloe EasleyChloe Easley14 dager siden
  • OKAY everybody coming for "the second girl" please stop lol. Her name is Tierra J; and it's a confusion because she waited a week before she relaxed and put a message on the screed advising to wait 3 days-1 week after manipulation to do your relaxer. Ya'll.. even a professional hair dresser is NOT perfect lol; her hair may have not come out perfect, but I'm sure she learned from it and if you watch her videos she is really good at caring for and styling hair. Give her a break. She even made a follow up video of things she did different for her next treatment. YOU LIVE & LEARN! If you want to watch the full video, do so "OMG! I texlaxed my natural hair! 4b curly to wavy (full tutorial)"

    Ashley EAshley E16 dager siden
  • Tf is that second girl doing?

    2k Subscribers with no content2k Subscribers with no content17 dager siden
  • I have relaxed hair rn and it is the hardest shit to grow out 😭😭😭 I'm dying rn Brad I need some help!!! My head is so tender I can hardly comb it

    2k Subscribers with no content2k Subscribers with no content17 dager siden
  • Love that you want to stay educated about diverse hair types.....but it took me 4 1/2 minutes to realize that’s a sweater on your jacket, not ramen noodles 🤦🏽‍♀️🥴

    Krystal ChiddixKrystal Chiddix18 dager siden
  • So, I just TexLaxed my hair two days ago, after 7 years of no relaxer and I LOVE IT! I still have my curls, I just went from 3C to 3B. I cut the strength of the relaxer with conditioner, EVOO + Coconut oil. After about 12-15 minutes, I rinsed, neutralized, shampooed and conditioned. BTW, I did take cosmetology, 950 hours before switching to nails/aesthetics, so I do have actual knowledge of chemicals and processing procedures. A TexLax is less processing than a relaxer. It gives you more versatility and you can still do natural styles, like twist-outs. Another benefit is far less detangling! Also, Tierra J is actually a licensed cosmetologist and I'm subbed to her, too.

    AdorzAaliyahSince94AdorzAaliyahSince9419 dager siden
  • The second girl was lying about having a curl pattern after that texlaxer. It was just stringy and damaged. Not even good for a wash and go...

    Jazmine JulesJazmine Jules19 dager siden
  • Can you review elite hair care videos she’s a beast when it comes to relaxed and damaged hair!

    Crystal CarneyCrystal Carney19 dager siden
  • Anybody else smelling the ammonia in this video? Just me? lol

    Adisa RSAdisa RS21 dag siden
  • The second girl looks good! People need to chill outtt

    NN21 dag siden
  • I think the 2nd girl left it on too long didn't want to admit. There are no curls except for kinda in the back now. 🤔

    Cheryl PowellCheryl Powell21 dag siden
  • Do not wash your hair before putting in a perm. The second girl said to wash your hair beforehand. Don’t.....your scalp will burn. My childhood memories were

    Shanique WrightShanique Wright22 dager siden
  • I relaxed my hair and it went back to normal after a while 😅

    BunniicideBunniicide23 dager siden
  • The 2nd and 3rd girls, those were not text-lax, they used too much product and left it on for too long, its relaxed! lol Glad that they like the results...There is actually neutralizer shampoo in those kits meant to bring your hair back to PH balance, the pink oil is just a cream moisturizer for after you've completed the process and dried your hair.

    Letitia GarnerLetitia Garner23 dager siden
  • Second lady = Ghanaian hairdressers

    Crystabell DansoCrystabell Danso26 dager siden
  • I need Brad in my life

    Yana YanoYana Yano26 dager siden
  • Love your interest and carefulness in talking about black hair. My fav is not problematic 🖤❤️

    SJ BEAUTYSJ BEAUTY26 dager siden
  • Seeing brad explain the process of black hair is HILARIOUS Girl: pulls out Vaseline Brad: what’s that for?...oh! “So this is going to act as a ‘protective barrier’” 😉👌🏽

    Abri BazemoreAbri Bazemore26 dager siden
  • Thanks for the references.

    Kimberly HamptonKimberly Hampton26 dager siden
  • Who needs friends when they have relaxer videos 🤣🤣

    EllaElla26 dager siden
  • Please do your own research! Brad is so right about that! My sister had 2a hair (slightly wavy). She went to this upscale salon to see what she could do to make her hair smoother. AND THEY GAVE HER A HAIR RELAXER. They charged her about $150 for it. She experienced crazy hair loss as if she had cancer or something and her scalp got very sensitive. She called up the salon and told them what’s happening and they said she must be allergic to it so its not their fault. It wore off on its own after 6 months. And her hair is getting back to normal. But not everyone might be that lucky.

    Zari AbediZari Abedi26 dager siden
  • love you Brad and how you embrace our hair i would sit in your hair anytime LOVE ya

    loveableladyj322loveableladyj32227 dager siden
  • A relaxer is suppose to only processed 15-20 mins depending on the texture.

    Lady PLady P27 dager siden
  • I love watchinge these kinds of videos it relaxes me so much I don’t know why

    M GunnM Gunn28 dager siden
  • Brad talking about the 1st girl: "she's sectioning nicely... obviously she knows what she's doing" Dominican mamas at the salon while watching this horror movie: *Oh my! They all gonna go bald*

    Jazmín EspinosaJazmín Espinosa29 dager siden
  • I never knew what was in a relaxer,I just got them. This was very educational and uplifting

    Domanique JohnsonDomanique Johnson29 dager siden
  • Texturised is not the same as relaxer Texturiser: loosen curls after 2-3 weeks or longer hair goes back to normal Relaxer : straightens your hair never goes back butttt gets over due after 2-3 weeks or longer

    Briana OnohBriana OnohMåned siden
  • The way he completely mispronounced seun😂😂😂

    olaitan favourolaitan favourMåned siden
  • second girl just looked like her hair went thru a couple years of heat damage 😭

    Shayleen LopezShayleen LopezMåned siden
  • Since noone is talking about it, the girl Brad recommended for us to watch is probably Nigerian. Her name isn't pronounced Su-en like he pronounced it. It's SHEY-OON

    Emmaline ElvisEmmaline ElvisMåned siden
  • the second girl had gorgeous hair omg 😳 she’s beautiful but she fucked it up lol

    Samantha RamirezSamantha RamirezMåned siden
  • Last time I got a relaxer done I was in 8th grade and I end up with 9 bald spots. The hair dresser who was doing my hair had a family emergency. (her mom had a stroke and didnt make it) So someone else took over for her the timer went off but she was finishing up her clients hair so I waited. Mostly the last 6 mins my head starts to burn so I told one of the other hair dressers "Hey my head is burning" so they went over and told her. Not even 4 mins later the owners husband rushed over to me and washed my hair out. My hair came out in clumps that it clogged the drain. Start to finish I wasn't upset because I knew they had a lot to do with 2 stylist and the other one gone. I ended up getting a $100 gift card for what happen but I gave it to my teacher the next day because she knew I skipped school for it she also laughed at me and told me well you shouldn't skipped school huh 😂😂😂 that day I learned 2 thinks 1. Men get scared when clumps of hair fall out on their hands and 2. My favorite teacher knows all and she also skipped school that day for a bachelorette party that's why she knew about my hair

    Ricci T AdamsRicci T AdamsMåned siden
  • Correction : you can run your hands thru your natural hair.

    Zu ArriZu ArriMåned siden
  • I could feel the chemical burns while watching this video. I got relaxers constantly from the time I was 7 to the time I was about 14. I finally went natural after a pretty bad chemical burn to my scalp.

    OreoBurglar417OreoBurglar417Måned siden
  • Stop saying curls! Those are coils !!

    tisha_mactisha_macMåned siden
  • My nanny kidnapped me and relaxed my hair when I was 5 😬 I ended up with bald patches and burnes

    Laila BrownLaila BrownMåned siden
  • I’m 70 so I’ve always worn my hair natural for me. My hair was never good to be relaxed, it’s thin, fragile and medium density.

    Ossie ROssie RMåned siden
  • I love how he understands hair and how women like change and chemicals are damaging. Love Brads reactions.

    Ossie ROssie RMåned siden
  • I’ve had relaxer burns and my temples have never recovered, my hair never grew back in those areas. I’ve been natural for 9yrs. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to relaxed hair.

    Ossie ROssie RMåned siden
  • It’s NOT permanent... too much moisture brings it back to normal. Um, I got Japanese permanent straightening and it was amazing because I could wash it everyday if I wanted and it never went away. THAT you had to grow out. It was $600 and my hair was about 16” long 💀 but it was worth it!

    Sarah BalcomSarah BalcomMåned siden
  • eww relaxers lol. nah I'm all for doing what makes y'all happy. but I would do anything to make my natural hair as thick as the last girls

    Chisom AnyanwuChisom AnyanwuMåned siden
  • i got a perm when i was little and im regretting it day by day ;-;

    Itz ZxraItz ZxraMåned siden
  • That was a textlax fail lol it should not be that straight

    nathalie gnathalie gMåned siden
  • What's your opinion about the Capilar Hair Treatment?

    Franchesca K PiñaFranchesca K PiñaMåned siden
  • You should react to texture softeners

    Adrienne BarnettAdrienne BarnettMåned siden
  • im black and i completely hate relaxers because for me it makes my hair just feel damaged and unhealthy.

    シmichelleシmichelleMåned siden
  • Im getting Damon Salvatore vibes from u lol

    Toline MToline MMåned siden
  • Is girl 3 from OITNB?

    Jodie WoodJodie WoodMåned siden
  • as some who is mixed and loves hair videos, it’s so happy to see how you mix in all hairstyles and textures 🥺

    Brandie CeasarBrandie CeasarMåned siden
  • You know brad is a VERSATILE hairdresser because he is educated on black hair. That is very rare. I only trust black hairdressers with my hair because when I went to any other race, they didn't know how to handle my hair and there's no way I was going to take a chance. Would love it if more hairdressers learned about African hair. LOVED THIS VIDEO!

    dyna sandyna sanMåned siden
  • The girl who did it herself.... Her hair looks sooooo long relaxed. OMG curls rly shrink your hair!

    haruno21haruno21Måned siden
  • I found this video so interesting. I have naturally straight hair so I never used anything similar. It's like a new world to me.

    haruno21haruno21Måned siden
  • That last girl looks sooooooo much older with the straight hair.. i prefer the natural hair on her but to each their own i guess. I got super short thin natural that refuses to grow and get thicker and I always wish for hair like hers. Blessed ppl dont know when they blessed sometimes lol.

    Chrissy SmithChrissy SmithMåned siden
    • girl same. people don't know the real struggle of thin natural hair. I would do anything to make my 4b/4c thicker

      Chisom AnyanwuChisom AnyanwuMåned siden
  • 12:47 that's what she said

    Lethabo PhokuLethabo PhokuMåned siden
  • If you have any skin conditions I wouldn't recommend relaxing your hair

    Lethabo PhokuLethabo PhokuMåned siden
  • He look attractive holy shit

    Fnu AbreshminaFnu AbreshminaMåned siden
  • If he thinks this is shocking I want to see his reaction to silk press. No chemicals and they get the hair super straight!

    Perez Family AdventuresPerez Family AdventuresMåned siden
  • I got scabs on my scalp just looking at this... and I don't miss spending 6+ hours on a Saturday getting this done either. It was worse if you forgot to bring something to eat LAWD lol

    AllBLKEverytingAllBLKEverytingMåned siden
  • I would love to volunteer as a model for you to do a relaxer on and I will walk you through it as well since I have been a cosmetologist for 12 years now

    Tiffany RiceTiffany RiceMåned siden
  • I started relaxing my hair when I was 13 and I did it for about 5 years, I stopped when I was 18. It was not working for me because I have sensitive scalp and as soon as it's in, it starts to burn. I couldn't live with it anymore so I went back natural and I'm never going to relax it again

    BeckyBeckyMåned siden
  • I miss doing relaxers TBH, havent done one in over 10 years. They were satisfying

    R GR GMåned siden
  • Lols😂 did he actually pronounce Seun as soon⁉️😹

    Koby RiggzKoby RiggzMåned siden
  • She wasn’t talking about growing your scalp out. She said “have it grow out your scalp”. She’s using an English dialect that doesn’t require use of the preposition “of” because “out” is used as the preposition instead of an adverb. So for example, in her dialect, it’s correct to say “get out the car” where in most other English dialects, you would say “get out of the car”. Her semantics and syntax were flawless to the thought she intended to get across. It just sounds a little strange to those of us who aren’t used to the dialect.

    David PoirierDavid PoirierMåned siden