Hairdresser Reacts To People Removing Their Waist Length Dreadlocks

19. juli. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch a couple people go through life changing transformations. From waist length dreadlocks to none at all!
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  • 😂 the way he said she must have been growing them out for years like six years and the title says after growing them out for six years 🤭

    Promise LandryPromise LandryDag siden
  • It’s bothering me that Brad is reading the title and then forgetting what it said until they mention it in the video

    Aiyana PerryAiyana Perry2 dager siden
  • Cowboy Magic is for horses 😂

    Rozemarijn WestdijkRozemarijn Westdijk2 dager siden
  • 'dread'-locks indeed...

    Irene LalouveIrene Lalouve2 dager siden
  • The husband 👀

    TheRedEquinoxTheRedEquinox2 dager siden
  • She's got mold in her hair not even just because of the moisture. Dreads aren't meant for white people hair 👀

    Galactic GardevoirGalactic Gardevoir3 dager siden
  • Brad like 90 ' protagonist movie

    Flying TofuFlying Tofu3 dager siden

    AUBRI 101AUBRI 1013 dager siden
  • Anyone else think Justin (vid 2) looks like a cross between heath ledger and Jason Mamoa?

    Cassandra wolanskiCassandra wolanski4 dager siden
  • cg5 gunship lethergo bluesclues rhymestyle

    thudai lethudai le4 dager siden
  • ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ I lo stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlii I lo stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlii

    Lesley LangLesley Lang5 dager siden
  • I heard they r called "locs"

    Nicky DancyNicky Dancy5 dager siden
  • I want to meet Brad.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf5 dager siden
  • Also if your growing mold in your bare your gross like shake your god damn head

    Kailyn BowlesKailyn Bowles6 dager siden
  • Dear white people, Stop doing black hairstyles.

    friedeggefriedegge6 dager siden
  • make overs are my thing👌So refreshing ☺️

    CutAfrik AfroCutAfrik Afro7 dager siden
  • I have a crush on a gay man, I repeat I have a crush on a gay man

    Prayer MoralezPrayer Moralez7 dager siden
  • It’ll take a long time if you try to comb them out. It’s probably faster to cut them all off but if you want to keep your long hair than I think it’s worth it (lmao if you got dreadlocks and you want to just comb them out I recommend to make a lot of room in your schedule and you need a lot of patience. Also your hair is probably gonna fall out if you have had dreads a longggg time.

    •Kai••Kai•7 dager siden
  • How the heck the first girl ain't sick from the mold being in her hair?

    Shadey gamerkidShadey gamerkid7 dager siden
  • @emilywithers

    anime loveranime lover7 dager siden
  • U sound like my math teacher😂

    Charlotte WCharlotte W8 dager siden
  • Did anyone else notice he read “combing out my dreads after (6 years)” and then he said my first guess was right😂😂😂love him

    Lola MitchellLola Mitchell9 dager siden
  • i loved brad's look 😍

    shero mahmoudshero mahmoud9 dager siden
  • You seriously look just like erik von detton from the 90s

    smashleighfignewtonsmashleighfignewton10 dager siden
  • Not as crazy as cutting dreads but, I had a bob for 6 years then I grew it out to almost* my but and then this year I cut it to my shoulder length and it was kind of emotional; I haven't had hair this short in almost 8 years.... 😅😃💇🏼‍♀️

    Adrienne a girl who loves goatsAdrienne a girl who loves goats11 dager siden
  • Can I imagine having the same hair for 10 years and then just shaving it all off? Dude, I've been toying with that idea for a while now. My hair is down to the bottom of my ass. I've always loved my hair, but now I have an autoimmune issue that's making my hair all thin and dry, and I'm so over it. I've always wanted to just shave it off. I think the time is seriously coming.

    SilverFlame819SilverFlame81911 dager siden
    • @noot noot I absolutely do not think I would look great. I don't have a girly face, and people already mistake me for a lesbian with my dudebro clothes. *lol* But I'm sure I'll do it anyway at some point, just because. :) Thanks for the vote of confidence though!

      SilverFlame819SilverFlame8197 dager siden
    • I bet you would look great!! If its something you'd like to do go ahead and do it!!

      noot nootnoot noot10 dager siden
  • I used to know a dude with long, BEAUTIFUL dreads. He had little tufts of his strawberry blonde hair sticking out the bottom of each one, and I asked about it, because I thought it looked cool, and he said the hair actually drew moisture down and out of each lock, to help keep them from getting moldy. Ewwwwwwww. But yeah, his were so pretty. It's pretty damn rare to see dreads that are actually pretty.

    SilverFlame819SilverFlame81911 dager siden
  • omg i ride horses and cowboy magic is MAGICAL-i was thinking that she should use it. it’s for horse hair and combs put massive knots.. it’s great

    SammiSammi12 dager siden
  • i literally went to brush my hair after this lmao

    Nancy PaulNancy Paul12 dager siden
  • Omg i looove cowboy magic. We used it on our 2 year old Because his hair is so thick and he has lots of it. Unfortunately its expensive so we dont get it anymore.

    【LUNΛR】【LUNΛR】12 dager siden
  • That last lady was EVERYTHING! She seems like such an amazing soul... and her hair cut looked stunning!

    Kirsty PhillipsKirsty Phillips13 dager siden
  • The title is i combing out my dreads after 6 years and he read is so he knew that they were groing for 6 years

    Destiny GarciaDestiny Garcia13 dager siden
  • You look like a backstreet boy

    Cristal WaschbugerCristal Waschbuger13 dager siden
  • @emliy withers

    Lynn NabwireLynn Nabwire13 dager siden
  • @emily Withers

    Lynn NabwireLynn Nabwire13 dager siden
  • @

    Lynn NabwireLynn Nabwire13 dager siden
  • Cowboy magic is a horse hair detangler and it is seriously effective.

    Hannah PriceHannah Price14 dager siden
  • Cowboy Magic is amazing I use it on myself and my horses.

    Heather KandtHeather Kandt14 dager siden
  • Me: I had butt long hair at the age of 8 and if I didn't like cut it... 2 years later: Me: HI I'M TEN AND I WONDER HOW LONG MY HAIR WOULD BE IF I DIDN'T CHOP IT OFF RN

    bruhbruh14 dager siden
  • It's crazy how white people lock their hair and then just take it out. I feel like you get them, you keep them. My locks are now part of my soul.

    C SC S14 dager siden
  • Don't do men on here but one.. Wayne Garth. Your interesting so entertain 😳😼

    Megan DanielsMegan Daniels14 dager siden
  • Please do dandruff removal

    Laya AlrawiLaya Alrawi14 dager siden
  • Guys he looks like that one boy band Busted

    Victoria ChristieVictoria Christie15 dager siden
  • when the only person completing you is a famous hairdresser who does not even know you exist. 😂😄😃😀😟☹️😖😔

    Horse LoverHorse Lover15 dager siden
  • You suck

    Jessica DaughertyJessica Daugherty16 dager siden
    • dude chill

      anime loveranime lover7 dager siden
  • Whenever I watch your videos...a thought of Ian somerhalder always comes in my mind 🤷 I don't know why

    Anjali ChaudharyAnjali Chaudhary16 dager siden
  • All my life I've done this thing where I'll grow my hair down to my ass and then decide to cut it. Idk, every 5-10 years. You go into the hairdressers and say "hack it off" it stops their brains for a second. Lol my hair has been everywhere from 3.5 feet to 1 inch long. In a growing phase now. Bleached my hair to death and decided it was time to cut what didn't fall off.😱

    I scream, you scream, we all scream cause we're terrifiedI scream, you scream, we all scream cause we're terrified16 dager siden
  • Brad I love your videos but why are all hairdressers against long hair. My hair is 4 and a half feet long at least and I got to where I just deal with my hair for trims and stuff because so many people just want to cut off long hair to be short.

    Patrisha FunkPatrisha Funk16 dager siden
  • Shoutout cultural appropriation

    TELLY FYETELLY FYE16 dager siden
  • “christy you’re doing gods work baby” 😂 i felt that ✊🏼

    Joanna BarraganJoanna Barragan16 dager siden

    Vachi VidyarthiVachi Vidyarthi16 dager siden
  • oh wow I had dreadlocks for 5 years and they were only about to my bra strap o_o I did start them when my hair was a bit above shoulder length though also when I combed mine out, after each one I would put it in a small braid, so I could do it over time and still go to work and everything, just a tip for anyone planning on doing this :)

    OpheliaOphelia16 dager siden
  • @Brad right the boyfriend is fine

    tiffany robersontiffany roberson16 dager siden

    Starr AlertStarr Alert17 dager siden
  • Is he bi or fully gay? He so cute!!! 😍😁

    Amali MoralesAmali Morales17 dager siden
    • i think hezs gay

      anime loveranime lover7 dager siden
  • Isn't Cowboy Magic for horses? Or do they sell it as a normal hair product?

    Alexis SmithAlexis Smith18 dager siden
  • Yes your not expose to wash your locks if you do it will do that

    Alissa smithAlissa smith18 dager siden
  • At the start when he read that the girl had her dreadlocks for six’s years then he forgot,and the second video as well lmao!

    Layla CiantarLayla Ciantar18 dager siden
  • Dreads shouldn't be on non black people anyway.

    taemanitaemani18 dager siden
  • i thought he said "dont forget to leave your ex for life"

    WaterMelonFooxWaterMelonFoox19 dager siden
  • Beautiful beautiful beautiful

    Sweety YadavSweety Yadav19 dager siden
  • K the first videos title was taking out my dreads after 6 years and then brad was like imma take a guess and say shes been growing her hair out for 6-10 years like what??

    Charlee JacksonCharlee Jackson19 dager siden
  • The only person who says hello beautiful anytime I see him

    divora dawitdivora dawit20 dager siden
  • That one dread she kept is so unsatisfying for me :)

    Mystical MoneyMystical Money20 dager siden
  • Mold, that's a health hazard.

    olivia youngolivia young20 dager siden
  • i aspire to be a hippie living in a bus with my husband and baby. my dream❤️(im a quarter of the way there)

    Dani elleDani elle20 dager siden
  • I don't like locks.

    Mrs WintersMrs Winters20 dager siden
  • Knotty boy conditioner is super bomb for dread removal

    Wendy RuckerWendy Rucker20 dager siden
  • I know a lot of people have mentioned that mold isn't normal, but it should be said that mold is a good indicator that you don't have the right hair texture for locs.

    fellattfellatt20 dager siden
  • I'm only 13 an I had dreds for 6 years it basically the dirt that holds the locks together

    tkeeyahh Btkeeyahh B20 dager siden
  • Ewwwww

    jhaimila88jhaimila8821 dag siden
  • i could never lol

    dude stopdude stop21 dag siden
  • Idk if it’s a real big deal but saying locs is better and not offensive like dreads

    Nakira ElixNakira Elix21 dag siden
  • Hi brad I tried to subscribe but it said error to subscribe I’m sorry

    Fezzik and SizzleFezzik and Sizzle21 dag siden
  • *So we’re just going to forget that dreadlocks are apart of African culture?*

    ΠαρίσιΠαρίσι21 dag siden
  • No offense to anybody who has or likes dread locks but I think they look and are disgusting

    Liz TeelLiz Teel21 dag siden
  • 6 years and what? She did no research on how to wash dreads.

    ricki-leah grant-hosericki-leah grant-hose22 dager siden
  • Loving this guy ❤❤❤

    Jhu EXO-L MonbebeJhu EXO-L Monbebe22 dager siden
  • Dreadlocks are not supposed to have mold in them. If you have mold in your dreads, you are not properly caring for them, since dreads are supposed to be a protective hairstyle.

    Koko EliseKoko Elise22 dager siden
  • When Christina Randall takes hers out you gotta show it it’s gonna be insane lol

    Taylor BybeeTaylor Bybee22 dager siden
    • She also takes crazy good care of them thank god

      Taylor BybeeTaylor Bybee22 dager siden
  • white people shouldn't get dreads. it isn't meant for our hair, our hair would either fall out or become moldy which isn't natural.

    diarrhea in my coochie arfandarfandgrrrfourinmediarrhea in my coochie arfandarfandgrrrfourinme23 dager siden
  • I had no idea this many white people had dreadlocks!

    laila eslaila es23 dager siden
  • Wait did he say a little ratchet 😱

    K JK J23 dager siden
  • Girl must have some really unhealthy hair my hairs longer than hers and it took me like 6 months to grow

    Charlotte BurkeCharlotte Burke24 dager siden
  • “I thought I smelled weird smells.” You’re a white person. How did you not know that happens?

    Hannah HeltonHannah Helton24 dager siden
  • My mom has had locks for 20 years and has cut them so many times because they so long and heavy but still has them its crazy

    Neyla CraigNeyla Craig24 dager siden
  • Brad reading 6 years of growth in the title Also brad “ my first guess was right”😂

    Kate MearsKate Mears25 dager siden
  • Is she using a dog comb?

    Bernadette BoyleBernadette Boyle25 dager siden
  • 10:06 same Brad same taught!!! Why is he hot? lol

    We'll it's me Winchester love And a cncownerWe'll it's me Winchester love And a cncowner26 dager siden
  • Christy you're doing a gods work baby!!😂😂😍🖤lolll. Gosh I love brad Mondo

    We'll it's me Winchester love And a cncownerWe'll it's me Winchester love And a cncowner26 dager siden
  • I always thought people put dreads in their hair for spiritual reasons so to see them get rid of them almost hurts to watch. I'm happy for they too if this is what they want.

    Nicole CoakleyNicole Coakley26 dager siden
  • Did no one notice at the beginning she said she grew them for 6 years then brad acted like he guessed and got it right afterwards😂❤️

    Kenzie WhitfordKenzie Whitford26 dager siden
  • I personally never met someone whose dreads looked healthy and clean. In my opinion they look always dirty. Especially the thicker ONS and as sell in the first video with the mold, i'm right with that

    CelliSingsCelliSings26 dager siden
  • She had mold in her locks... honey those are not dreadlocks those are *deadlocks* My sister also said that dandruff is dead skin that fungi eat on so for her to dreadlocks her hair can be very damage correct me if I’m wrong!-

    le couch potatole couch potato26 dager siden
  • I haded to comb the dreads of my friend with my boyfriend together after we cut almost half of it. I must say they where thin and nicely done. For the 15 cm that where left for like 30 dreads, it took us 8 hours and all three of us worked at it. And now, I can cut of the dreads of my boyfriend since we are finishing our studies as physiotherapist and i just told him I won't comb even 2 cm from his dreads.... Just shaving him.

    Clara MazetClara Mazet26 dager siden
  • I had long hair for the first 13 years of my life and the I cut is into a pixie

    EdeiBear 910EdeiBear 91027 dager siden
  • Brad you should see people soaking their dreads in Apple cider vinegar it’s nasty all the yunk that comes out

    Trisha MelolingTrisha Meloling28 dager siden
  • I wonder if she ever clarified with ACV 🤔

    Natural TeeNatural Tee29 dager siden
  • I like his vibe

    James GrayJames Gray29 dager siden
  • Girl, of course your hair has mould in it, your hair doesn’t naturally loc so it can’t properly dry or anything. Plus non-Black people just assume you don’t have to care much for locs. NB people’s hair mattes, not locs. That second lady’s locs looked so awful, where they weren’t uniform and looked like they’d undone themselves in places.

    Ellie FEllie FMåned siden