Hairdresser Reacts To People Going From Blonde To Blue

29. des.. 2019
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Hi Beautiful! Let their be blue hair for all! Blue is one of my favorite hair colors and these girls actually kind of pulled something off in these videos....






  • No going back if you start on top

    April McPherson-VanRaalteApril McPherson-VanRaalte6 timer siden
  • This last girl is literally the worst type of client

    Bayleigh BayleefBayleigh Bayleef19 timer siden
  • Brad needs to start a t-shirt li e if he hasn't already! I can already see merchandise quoting him.... color doesn't lift color and don't start at your roots 😂😂😂😂

    Anna WalkerAnna WalkerDag siden

    Angel Spy NinjaAngel Spy NinjaDag siden
  • Drop dead gorgeous!! Now all the other kids ganna have her do their hair too 😂

    narutosinuyasha11narutosinuyasha11Dag siden
  • Me being a blonde💁🏼‍♀️: "Hey, I've only DEBATED ruining my hair.. so far.😂😂

    Baylee KittelsonBaylee KittelsonDag siden
  • I beached my hair, dyed my it a dark blue and once it faded it was a lilac purple, I bleached it again, it didn't want to go back to being almost platinum, it then caused 2 inches of hair (need I mind you it was dead) to fall off now I wanna re bleach it but don't know what color to dye it

    Black DhaliaBlack Dhalia2 dager siden
  • I'm having a grey moment myself. So pretty !!

    Samantha RobertsSamantha Roberts2 dager siden
  • Brad would have YELLED at the way I dyed my hair black a couple summers ago 😂😂 With dollar store hair dye.. but hear me out. It worked SO well. My hair turned black. Like black black. Blacker than my friends hair that’s naturally black. IT ABSORBED. THE LIGHT. I genuinely didn’t think it would work well and it would wash out quick. NOPE. It got hot as hell that summer. Buzzed that shit off not long after (but looked good as hell, and was the second time I’ve done it so I wasn’t mad.)

    DatgirlbreDatgirlbre2 dager siden
  • when you say “don’t start at the root”, do you mean for the hairstylist to go thru the whole head coating the mid-length to ends and then doing the root, or starting at the mid lengths to ends on each sub-section and then coloring the root, like you would a foil?

    mandie the menacemandie the menace2 dager siden
  • Blue has been my favorite hair color of all time!

    Resting Bitch FaceResting Bitch Face3 dager siden
  • if you're gonna pick a more tan foundation that your skin....blend the neck. FFS blend the neck. i like how she said "i look like a wreck" at the beginning of the vid when she actually looked fresh faced and pretty. and then then end of the vid it was like someone let out a blue oompa loompa

    Suzy ESuzy E3 dager siden
  • I want her hair but I don’t know anything about styling my hair

    Mars KickassMars Kickass4 dager siden
  • I loved that temporary silver blue!!!

    Mars KickassMars Kickass4 dager siden
  • She’s pulling some shit that Billie Ellish would do for sure. That half bleached And hey don’t call them piss yellow that’s rude! ... it’s like strawberry blonde but more orange side

    Mars KickassMars Kickass4 dager siden
  • hello please help on how to bleach dye my virgin black hairs ends blue please help iv wanted to since I was a kid please help

    Minty Blue c:Minty Blue c:6 dager siden
  • Youll be a great actor on american horror story😂😂

    Meryem AydinMeryem Aydin7 dager siden
  • Can you react to Filipino cut their hair 🙌

    Li an GaoiranLi an Gaoiran7 dager siden
  • I would dye my hair blue but I wouldn’t look cute like them bc I am a fatass 😔😔😔😔😔

    Emelyn MartinezEmelyn Martinez7 dager siden
  • I loved the second girls hair💙

    Shannon pankratzShannon pankratz8 dager siden
  • Listen Brad, I was a natural blonde for 19 years, I resisted long enough.

    Jean HeldJean Held9 dager siden
  • What happened to living your extra life. Die your hair blue

    Ellie CreamEllie Cream10 dager siden
  • I like it how my mom bleached my bangs and didn’t start from the roots. Though she ain’t a hair dresser person she was just like “Let’s starts from the bottom okay” now I love it how my mom started from the roots😂

    Tokyo 도쿄Tokyo 도쿄10 dager siden
  • My man i suppress that will to dye my hair a different color than blonde tbh I've been blonde for more than 5 years and every person I know has said blonde is my color so I guess that's what stops me from doing a different color

    Kim Moni TaehyungKim Moni Taehyung10 dager siden
  • I was born a blonde but then it got a bit darker as I grew up and personally I'm always stuck between brown and blonde. Like when I have brown hair (like now) I want blonde hair but when I'm blonde I want brown hair. I actually had my roots brown and the bottom of my hair blonde for a while and I liked it so much now that I think of it. Now I want to do that again

    Chanelle BlouetChanelle Blouet11 dager siden
  • The second I saw his green shirt I was like 'is it like foreshadowing?' ans then he said it wasn't

    Chanelle BlouetChanelle Blouet11 dager siden
  • 13:13-13:15 I love that there are the beeps but they don’t cover the words 😆

    Unidentified PastryUnidentified Pastry12 dager siden
  • 9:57 👁👄👁 hahaha

    Carley AssiseCarley Assise13 dager siden
  • I was watching this with my mom and she said : You should dye your hair blue again.... My pink hair was like 👁👄👁

    Alanis In WonderlandAlanis In Wonderland13 dager siden
  • When he chimed right into Donatella by Lady Gaga, my heart got happy.

    Delaney EliasDelaney Elias14 dager siden
  • you cant tell me that girl with the blonde bangs and peace sign freese frame doesnt look like miley cyrus a little bit in that freeze frame (ONLY IN THE FREEZE FRAME)

    noel tinkernoel tinker14 dager siden
  • watching these videos and seeing people make these mistakes makes me wonder how i've always managed to have nice home dyed hair xD i guess one thing we can all learn is that demi-permanent dye is surprisingly forgiving.

    FriendofalldogsFriendofalldogs14 dager siden
  • But this bomb ass fit tho 👏

    To FuTo Fu16 dager siden
  • That gave me hey violet vibes

    Shahd IdrisShahd Idris18 dager siden
  • Tinas hair looks periwinkle or gray blue

    Aleena RandleAleena Randle19 dager siden
  • Brad talking about how he wants videos of people actually doing their hair properly: ok brad, just let me make sure I actually video the next time I dye mine 😂😂 I'm going to hair school next year so I know quite a bit

    Paula_Paula_19 dager siden
  • You know what is so funny I’m dieing my hair while watching thisss 🤣🤣🤣

  • Day 1 asking to react blonde to purple

    BaBy CaKeSBaBy CaKeS19 dager siden
  • I lost it at the "after 2 years it will fade" 😂. Loving Brad Mondo

    corean cloetecorean cloete20 dager siden
  • as someone who has had blue hair for the last like 6 years, this video was great

    britt nonsensebritt nonsense20 dager siden
  • “ you look great “ Me: sitting with manic panic rockabilly blue hair dye I’m eating a sucker

    Sinner Darkness 1307Sinner Darkness 130721 dag siden
  • It hurts me so bad when they're just straight up touching the bleach with their hands. When I do it if I get the tiniest spot of bleach on my hands it BURNS LIKE FUCK.

    Melanie AndersonMelanie Anderson21 dag siden
  • Brad sipping his tea and shading these girls is everything.

    Um Hi ?Um Hi ?21 dag siden
  • Looking like Beetlejuice, Brad, you're so cute.

    Delilah LunarDelilah Lunar21 dag siden
  • me watching this while dying my hair blue: 👁👄👁

    Rahla RaychelRahla Raychel22 dager siden
  • Only Brad: Hello beautiful Me at 6:14 in the morning looking like a rat: 👁 👄 👁

    Annaleise MooreAnnaleise Moore23 dager siden
  • Anyone fells like Brad is the only person in the world that tell you that you're beatiful😄

    Riri_ LineRiri_ Line23 dager siden
  • I am literally in the process of messing my hair up. Some of my hair is lavender, some of its blond, some of its brown? I also bleach washed it only a month ago and it did nothing so I’m scared to bleach again

    Samantha GolperSamantha Golper24 dager siden
  • Brad:you look stunning 😃 Me in my snowman pajamas:😐🙂*shore*

    typical lilytypical lily24 dager siden
  • Manic Panic is honestly a miracle worker. even times when my hair was bleach damaged, the colours are so good, that I got compliments all the time, they're honestly so great

    parrapparrap24 dager siden
  • Brad just calling me out on the fact I’m blonde and I want to change my hair color every week 😭😂

    Leah JoLeah Jo24 dager siden
  • Love it I want gray but gray don’t work I used blue and it looks more gray why

    Happy KittyHappy Kitty25 dager siden
  • The only reason I won’t go blue is I think it won’t look cute on me lol. Also I’m going from red.

    Ellie FEllie F25 dager siden
  • people start at the root because the hairdresser starts at the root, coloring which is different. I thought it was the same too when i was younger.

    Maša VrablMaša Vrabl26 dager siden
  • This made me want blue hair.....

    AJAJ26 dager siden
  • This made me miss having blue hair

    Marissa JassoMarissa Jasso27 dager siden
  • I love your green outfits!

    Asli GokceAsli Gokce28 dager siden
  • Excuse me I’m offended (lol not really) I am blonde (naturally) I really want to dye my tips a color and I’ve been thinking about it for years so I’m kinda offended but it’s alright

    Chocolate_chip_cookyChocolate_chip_cooky28 dager siden
  • Me dying my hair rn 👁 👄 👁

    Sarah McGillSarah McGillMåned siden
  • Brad:I hope I inspired you to die ur hair blue Me:oh brad you don’t even know

    Courtney WilsonCourtney WilsonMåned siden
  • Felt like as if he was asking me "hello beautiful how u doin today "💖🙈

    Skin Decor by RachelSkin Decor by RachelMåned siden
  • Everytime I try to go green I get blue

    Kirra redhomesKirra redhomesMåned siden
  • The ‘fit is serving beetle juice vibes and I’m living for it.

    Sir AnimositySir AnimosityMåned siden
  • I want the girl in the first clip with black-blue split hair 🤯

    Marieschen 39Marieschen 39Måned siden
  • this is so funny im dying

    Hannah cookHannah cookMåned siden
  • That color is doing so much for him

    Jules GJules GMåned siden
  • Honestly the only conclusion I keep drawing from his reaction videos is that even if you do pretty much every step wrong it’ll probably still turn out great.

    John AppleseedJohn AppleseedMåned siden
  • Im amazed i can look up "brad mondo" then any color dye jobs and get something

    KrinhKrinhMåned siden
  • 2:55 👁👄👁

    Ella Per3zElla Per3zMåned siden
  • “That song is written about me” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Madeline TownsendMadeline TownsendMåned siden
  • The intro made me fall in love with you. ❤️😂

    Madeline TownsendMadeline TownsendMåned siden
  • I'm doing this in October next month because my hair dresser said she would bleach it but she said she doesn't feel comfortable doing the blue herself? So I said "okay well I do want to bleach it still, I like the color of my highlights so I will be happy with it bleached" and my mother and I will be dying it at home after.

    Finnley Hope GoodwinFinnley Hope GoodwinMåned siden
  • Can we talk about her freaky vampire hands for a minute???

    stang7342stang7342Måned siden
  • Why am I so attracted to Brad mondo?? I'm a bisexual woman... I mean 🤔

    Mari MeowMari MeowMåned siden
  • I toned my bleached hair and didn't stay off my grown out dark brown roots and it turned my roots gold. Had to make an appointment at a salon to fix it haha

    Laura ELaura EMåned siden
  • Watching Brad Mondo has convinced me that if I ever want my hair coloured (unlikely) I will definitely pay a professional to do it.

    Tabby RobertsTabby RobertsMåned siden
  • Me being blond and having blue hair dye in my room and watching this video is definitely going to be the reason why next week I have blue hair at work and I’ll have to explain myself

    Nita ANita AMåned siden
  • Me being blond and having blue hair dye in my room and watching this video is definitely going to be the reason why next week I have blue hair at work and I’ll have to explain myself

    Nita ANita AMåned siden
  • Normally I don´t let people near my hair and I cut it myself but damn, your cool and I would trust you instantly owo Keep up the awesome work, you´re great :)

    LakituLPLakituLPMåned siden
  • Brad you look awsome , that color looks fabulous on you 💜💜💜

    Pamala DarsowPamala DarsowMåned siden
  • However her mom is... ADOPT MEEEEE. I want to paint my hair but my mom does not let me! Well of cors I don’t wanna do it by myself, I’ll be goin to a salon but.... As i Said my mom does not let me. And I wish to have that blue hair. Not all of it but like Charlie dámelios hair. ( the blue of the first hair) of someone have an idea of how to convence my mom to painted.... pliiiis tell meeeeee

    Sofia SamayoaSofia SamayoaMåned siden
  • "No shit did you see the way you applied it", gotta 🖤❤️ him

    Clown GirlClown GirlMåned siden
  • That green looks so good on you!!!! 😀😀

    Dawn NetschDawn NetschMåned siden
  • I love how the last persons haircolor matches with her eyes!

    lesser262lesser262Måned siden
  • I have neon green hair rn (manic panic electric lizard mixed with a small glob of voodoo blue because i was afraid it was a bit too light) highly recommend if u tryna look like a highlighter

    IdkIdkMåned siden
  • 2:28 Her: It came out so uneven Brad: No s* * *, did you see how you applied it? *shade*

    Lauren NealLauren NealMåned siden
  • The first girl looks like shes 12 and her mom let her dye her hair like that???

    Camilla SantamariaCamilla SantamariaMåned siden
  • stop hitting on me, brad! i have a boyfriend!

    beauté au chocolatbeauté au chocolatMåned siden
  • So... my middle name is Anai (like the spanish Anahi but without the h) and when Brad said "Ah-nah-ee" and it actually sounded spanish and just... Why do I feel like I was just hugged and petted? Or more accurately it felt exactly like that touch starved cheetah meme 😆 idk I'm weird!! 😥

    Vanessa PresasVanessa PresasMåned siden
  • I feel personally attacked right now... I’ve been dying my crappy blond/strawberry blond hair a nice red for months now.

    Mercy SMercy SMåned siden
  • Not the bayang

    Phebe OriginalPhebe OriginalMåned siden
  • I am 90% sure she used purple shampoo and not toner...

    Asha AngusAsha AngusMåned siden
  • Been working in an office since 18 and not allowed unnatural colours 😭

    Paige ParrattPaige ParrattMåned siden
  • her hairs gonna be green watch lmao i love you Brad lol just brutal

    Valdanya KuresaValdanya KuresaMåned siden
  • I love lime crime’s unicorn hair dyes!! They’re vegan and conditioning based so your hair feels incredible after you dye it and my head smelled like candy grapes. The magenta/purple colour lasted around a month for me and I have very thick light brown hair.

    MimirooMimirooMåned siden
  • I have already got my haircut from a salon in New year 2020, during QURITINE my hair got dry (I hate it), I wanted to dye my hair from so long after cutting off my home bleached hair. I'm planning to get my hair coloured now at home "Need an advice which colour or product should I place order (online shopping)". My skin colour is brown its like 'neutral warm' and 'deep brown' eye colour more like a 'black' with 'black layered long hair' up my waist. I need a "brown global colour with highlights"...... #Advice" Please!

    Samreen FatimaSamreen FatimaMåned siden
  • brad: “you look gorgeous” me: *in a hoodie sweat pants eating ritz crackers crying because i love him so much*

    Emma SmithEmma SmithMåned siden
  • Im super curious now how brad would react to all of our old scene kid NOworld channels where we dyed our hair and thought it looked good 😂

    jess Kittehjess KittehMåned siden

    Eimy QuintanaEimy QuintanaMåned siden
  • Can Brad please just review Melanie Martinez's hair styles thru the years

    Sar BSar BMåned siden