Hairdresser Reacts To People Coloring Their Hair With Kool-Aid

6. sep.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people attempt to color their hair using only kool-aid. Why did their hair actually come out good tho? I'm confused.
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  • Brad what should I dye my hair with? I have dark curly hair and i want a semi-permanent purple dye.

    Mikayla TogniMikayla Togni6 timer siden
  • reasons why you shouldn't drink kool aid: number 1

    ZuccStainZuccStain12 timer siden
  • Literally my red dye is permanent, it refuses to come out

    Crystal76282Crystal7628221 time siden
  • I feel like it would be sticky, since it has sugar and you shouldn’t just use that for this reasons. xo

    indygirlieindygirlieDag siden
  • No

    Laura TreacyLaura TreacyDag siden
  • I feel like boiling kool aid is such a southern thing near me, where every kid I know does it in the summer for fun

    Drew HortonDrew HortonDag siden
  • My friend’s sister got 2nd or 3rd degree burns on her arms and back from doing this. She also got red splashes all over her floor and walls and it looked like a murder scene

    Alyssa DelaneyAlyssa DelaneyDag siden
  • My brother used to dye his hair with Kool Aid

    Stephanie NobletStephanie NobletDag siden
  • I have kind off light brown hair or dark blonde somewhere around that color will koolaid die work on me?

    Amelia IdenAmelia IdenDag siden
  • Hey look, it’s Viv!!!!!

    JulieJulieDag siden
  • Me drinking kook-aid while watching this: 👁👄👁

    flawiellaflawiella2 dager siden
  • I thought when she said " We're done with this Kool-aid" Brad was gonna say " Let's drink it " and almost went into cardiac arrest 😂😂😂💖💖

    pinkymai 04pinkymai 042 dager siden
  • U should try the kill aid hair dye again

    Teddy BearTeddy Bear3 dager siden
  • i dyed my hair with koolaid a few years ago, and i dyed my whole head, and my ends are still kinda purple they are faded but ya. i do have blonde hair naturally, and have never gotten it dyed before but for me the koolaid worked great!

    Paisley BrentPaisley Brent3 dager siden
  • Poor Brad it is okay.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf4 dager siden
  • I love Brad's reactions 😂

    MøøñPēlt WhītēMøøñPēlt Whītē4 dager siden
  • Brad that wrap that viv does is actually leggings! She did a video on it love her videos!

    Jennifer HJennifer H4 dager siden
  • i love this video so much

    popppy mwapopppy mwa4 dager siden
  • Kooool-AAAAAAid!!!

    Pattaravan WichaiwongPattaravan Wichaiwong5 dager siden
  • Your supposed to boil the kool-aid to get the color pigment

    Zmack DhatrzZmack Dhatrz6 dager siden
  • I feel like it’s working bc their hair was bleached first 🤷🏽‍♀️ did you bleach the wig you used in the other video?

    Ryann MRyann M6 dager siden
  • I love your look in this video! My boyfriend says he wants to kiss you and he things your super attractive! haha I hope you like the compliment.

    Shaun PinkyPieShaun PinkyPie6 dager siden
  • @Brad Mondo Kool-Aid is afraid of you sweetie. YOU are a pro. YOU are AMAZING !

    Rhayne SthormRhayne Sthorm6 dager siden
  • One time I tried doing a blue maybe light blue.............. I got mint green.... it wasn’t bad though

    The Animal QueenThe Animal Queen7 dager siden
  • You can actually do this on dark hair! I did it when I was a kid with red and it stayed in and VERY vibrant for about a year and a half. Granted that might be because we did the tips and the tips were really damaged by chlorine since I used to be on the swim team. I plan on doing this again soon (and I haven’t been swimming like I used to for MANY years), so I’ll probs update this and say if it truly works or not😂

    Cheshire LoverCheshire Lover7 dager siden
  • The red works on dark hair

    Hailey MaldonadoHailey Maldonado7 dager siden
  • I dyed my hair with Koolaid and I had a pageant the next weekend and it would not come out and we had to dye my back to brown while fixing my hair for the pageant

    ClairebearClairebear7 dager siden
  • Hey brad I’ve done the koolaid dye before on my pretty dark brown hair and it was still vibrant I did the conditioner method and it worked really good u just need to get used to working with it very trial and erroe

    Kenzie armstrongKenzie armstrong7 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who didn’t like the blue hair? 👀 it just looked washed out

    kay beekay bee8 dager siden
  • You should retry the kool aid video!

    AndreaAndrea9 dager siden
  • i only done my front like the part that hangs down from my pony tail dark cherry ( it turned pinkish red) but i have really light hair from trying to dye it back to my natural ginger color but now its blondish cause i had to bleach my hair cause it was dark blue before

    Heidi SmithHeidi Smith9 dager siden
  • i used only one packet

    Heidi SmithHeidi Smith9 dager siden
  • but i had to boil water in a microwave

    Heidi SmithHeidi Smith9 dager siden
  • worked for me!

    Heidi SmithHeidi Smith9 dager siden
  • I used to watch Tabitha for so long and I have t watched her for yearssssss this brought back so many memories oh my god same with Nicole, I haven’t watched her in so long. I’m nostalgic

    ashley elizabethashley elizabeth9 dager siden
  • Y don’t you try kool aid hair color again???

    Jadin BrittJadin Britt9 dager siden
  • I did this back in the summer before 6th grd and my hair (brown) was so red it faded over time but never completely came out so i cut it but i mixed red packets with conditioner, leave it overnight with a bag and rinse in the morning

    Praise GodPraise God9 dager siden
  • Brad should do a kool-aid redemption video. 🥳

    Ange MarieAnge Marie10 dager siden
  • I dyed my hair with red koolaid and it lasted for TWO YEARS 1 month ago i did it once with red and my hair DIIEDDD, it was so dry and split ends everywhere, it worked on my brown hair and it lasted for months i had to cut it off 1 month ago

    Skylar HardmanSkylar Hardman10 dager siden
  • I believe it showed up vibrant on them because of the way the hair absorbs the pigment on natural hair vs manaquin hair and also the boiling warm water affects the pigment penetration.

    Michelle McraeMichelle Mcrae10 dager siden
  • Why don't they put the Kool-Aid in color developer?

    Paige FreemanPaige Freeman11 dager siden
  • as someone who dyed the tips of their hair red with kool-aid a year ago and hasn’t touched it up since- idk about the semi permanent idea for it lmao. It’s still vibrant af in my hair, and I was my hair every other day.

    Em FloydEm Floyd11 dager siden
  • Little girls used to do this in elementary/middle before they were allowed to do a semi .lol

    AstroEstheticianAstroEsthetician11 dager siden
  • I don’t think it should ever be recommended someone dunk their head in boiling hot water What kind of stupidity???😭😭

    Jessica MckayJessica Mckay11 dager siden
  • We used to use kool-aid to dye our hair in the 90's because the alternative was manic panic which was difficult to get (at least were I lived) There is such good readily available brands now. Just use those!

    FrankeyVoodooFrankeyVoodoo11 dager siden
  • I have an idea! Why don’t we call ourselves “Braddies” (as in baddies)? You know like James Charles’s fandom call themselves “sisters”. I’m gonna spam Brad’s videos with this idea😂

    R SR S11 dager siden
  • I did it and it worked. It stayed in for a month. The color was red.

    November RileyNovember Riley11 dager siden
  • 11:56 I was 100% sure you were going ti say: „OH MY GOD IT IS SO... PATCHY AND UNEVEN!!!” 😂🤭😳🤷🏻‍♀️😅

    nataliajafnataliajaf12 dager siden
  • My mom used to do this with her friends when they were in high school (40 something years ago). She also used to fake tan in the winter with instant coffee grounds lol

    Brittany SmithBrittany Smith12 dager siden
  • Used kool aid for a hair setting lotion... sticky goodness!

    Janis CalabaJanis Calaba12 dager siden
  • In the 90s, before we were old enough for jobs, we all dyed our hair with KoolAid and used the same method as the first girl. Purple / Grape was the bomb.

    nicalycabnicalycab13 dager siden
  • My hair's black. It can't reach those colors. Which is a bummer

    Lightning FoxLightning Fox13 dager siden
  • 6:40 why her finger look so long right there??? 😂

    Random HumanRandom Human13 dager siden
  • Try again brad!!! Copy one of the videos (:

    Nohelia EspinozaNohelia Espinoza14 dager siden
  • I dyed my hair with kool aid when I was in like 5th grade, and I have almost black hair but without bleach it was visible and lasted for like 9 months

    tizzie lizzietizzie lizzie14 dager siden
  • is that james charles brothee

    reqliityreqliity14 dager siden
  • It was so funny when brad tried to throw his phone😂😂😂🤣

    Richard AdairRichard Adair14 dager siden
  • That first girl looked legit like a totally different person after dying her hair- I liiiiiiveeeee

    HannahHannah15 dager siden
  • Ok but that "pack the punch" kool aid joke was actually really funny

    Lydia HopperLydia Hopper15 dager siden
  • I want to dye my hair with kool-aid now but fuck I have never even had any hair treatments down and I'm 18 bitch the only thing i go to salons for is to cut my hair, not to style it, not to do anything with it except cut it a little every once a year but I WANNA DO THIS MAN

    TahiaTahia15 dager siden
  • i would not have any fucking hair left if it even touched water half as warm as that :3

    TahiaTahia15 dager siden
  • Everybody's talking about the dye kool-aid gave.. Whereas me- "What's Kool-Aid???"

    Crystal TarotCrystal Tarot17 dager siden
  • As someone who once accidentally spilled boiling water on her chest... DO NOT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET NEAR BOILING WATER IT IS SO MUCH WORSE THAN YOU IMAGINE

    TheDragiix3TheDragiix317 dager siden
  • I dyed my hair as a kid with koolaid... i just used a pack or 2 with a very small ammount of water.

    Callista's WorldCallista's World17 dager siden
  • O7p

    lois Gutierrezlois Gutierrez18 dager siden
  • Yes Brad honey, it is hot, very hot, and extremely uncomfortable. But it tends to be effective, and lasts 6+ months in your hair. It doesn't work for everyone, especially if you have naturally oily or damaged hair. Edit 1: you DO NOT have to have light hair!!! I did mine from deep chocolate brown with BOILING red KOOL-Aid. And yess, adding conditioner to it helps, you can also wrap it with foil to let it sit Edit 2: It took hours though

    ali bakerali baker18 dager siden
  • What is the country prefix of the phone number ?

    Stefan ana mariaStefan ana maria18 dager siden
  • a couple years ago i dipped my hair in sugar free red koolaid and it lasted almost a year

    becca kbecca k18 dager siden
  • When you said boiling water on the face I thought of Shōto Todoroki

    Areanna ZapataAreanna Zapata18 dager siden

    Michael KappMichael Kapp20 dager siden
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    Moon BabeMoon Babe20 dager siden
  • Sadly I can explain this. hair has to be extremely light, u also use a professional grade conditioner vs v05 or similar brands this actually does effect it, I bleach my hair down to as light as i possibly can, with salon grade bleach then I also use 40 developer I never boil the koolaid and it only holds for about 2 weeks I always recommend artic fox brand rather then koolaid but I do understand kool aid is a lot cheaper

    Chris SzklarskiChris Szklarski20 dager siden
  • If someone asks her about her hair, she can say "Thanks, it's koo-aid." That's the point of using kool-aid and not actual hair dye and I'm sure it's worth it.

    Nyanna RossNyanna Ross20 dager siden
  • I have dark brown hair and I picked red it came out red alottttt but it been like 3 months and its darkkk red

    Mia GiselleMia Giselle21 dag siden
  • I did that before lol

    Mia GiselleMia Giselle21 dag siden
  • Can we watch you react to glow in the dark hair 👉🏽👈🏽

    Kam'renea ValentineKam'renea Valentine21 dag siden
  • Y’all know people be doing this with highlighters

    Ashai LeeAshai Lee22 dager siden
  • Brad, this hairstyle is very refreshing! love it! do it more often!

    Milena MiMiMilena MiMi22 dager siden
  • Awww! Tabby! I used to watch her back in the day when I watched Leda Monster Bunny. What a throwback moment.

    Melissa PalominoMelissa Palomino23 dager siden
  • I feel like if something has soo much colouring in it that it can dye my hair, I shouldn't drink it 🥺🥺🥺

    Kamaria DennyKamaria Denny23 dager siden
  • I have really dark hair and I just soaked it for 2-3 hours and it’s still in:D

    Kaitlin RoqueKaitlin Roque23 dager siden
  • Me with dark brown hair: 👁💧👄💧👁

    Paula’s Daddy HernandezPaula’s Daddy Hernandez23 dager siden
  • I live for Brad's shirt. :)

    Kaliann MclendonKaliann Mclendon23 dager siden
  • Everyone’s hair you can tell they did not use kool aid bc when you use kool aid it dries up quickly and she took so long on their hair to put it in soooo I think they used something else O-O I’m not hating if you want me to delete this just tell me

    Evangelina VerdugoEvangelina Verdugo23 dager siden
  • Petition for Brad to retry his kool aid hair :)

    Channel FlemingChannel Fleming23 dager siden
  • OKAY BRAD... I wanted to make a tiktok asking you what colour I should dye my hair cuz I'm bored of blonde and my roots are DARK, but unfortunately the only person who follows me on tiktok is my 4 y/o cousin... SOOOOOOO ANYWAY........ my point is, I think you should do a video in which you choose your subscribers hair colour. I know I'm not the only one who would like you to choose our hair colours soooooo YEAH... It can kinda be like a before and after reaction video 🤷‍♀️ ANYWAY... HOPE YOU SEE THIS. If not I'll just have to dye my hair black and channel my inner emo✨

    Shivaun TimmsShivaun Timms23 dager siden
  • Wow, Ella is gorgeous! She could do anything with her hair and still look good.

    Jenny VanderPasJenny VanderPas24 dager siden
  • Hell use Jello so you get the collagen too

    Brittany CaronBrittany Caron24 dager siden
  • Bonus fact: Viv is an engineer and works a lot of science into her experiments :-)

    Edie LungreenEdie Lungreen24 dager siden
  • @Brad mondo it doesn't have to be hot to work I've done it after letting it kool down for like 20 minutes

    Tess JohnsonTess Johnson24 dager siden
  • Redemption videooo on koolaid coloring

    madion vermaakmadion vermaak24 dager siden
  • Who else was excited to see viv in the video? Anyone? Just me, okay?

    Markeisha TuckerMarkeisha Tucker24 dager siden
  • this was me all elementary school

    Alicia VoglAlicia Vogl24 dager siden
  • I did the kool-aid thing in middle school my mom hated it and box dyed my hair light brown but because of the was ORANGE

    Lesly Sorto-VenturaLesly Sorto-Ventura25 dager siden
  • Kurt Cobain did it first!!!

    Marissa LynMarissa Lyn25 dager siden
  • You need to watch old video from African American hair techniques and then you'll really see scary

    Eugenia WoffordEugenia Wofford25 dager siden
  • Me and my sister did this like two years ago with red cool aid, If didn’t show up in mine cause I have dark brown hair but they all have blood hair and it turned out really good!(I did it with marker after though and marker showed up really good)

    Moonlight_Gacha-RobloxMoonlight_Gacha-Roblox25 dager siden
  • I remember my friend that I knew ever since I was in Kindergarten tried to dye her hair with Kool-Aid. It didn't work out with her hair. I honestly feel bad for her because you can't see the color that good, but you can still see it. Yes both of our hair's are dark brown.

    Lovely RosesLovely Roses25 dager siden
  • I have never tried to dye my hair with kool-aid, but I dyed some rabbit fir I spun into yarn with kool-aid. Turned out really pretty and smelled good too

    Annie MAnnie M26 dager siden
  • OMG my brother had that EXACT hair cut/style in 1989!! 😁😄👍🏻

    Briar RoseBriar Rose26 dager siden