Hairdresser Reacts To Impulsive & Drastic Haircuts

5. juli. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch a few girls make impulsive decisions to chop all their hair off. Some of them did a pretty decent job!
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Anna Ivanov
Stella Cini
Alyssa Gray
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • I shaved my hair SUPER short and have been debating letting it grow but my hair is really straight so its growing really gross xD so i keep shaving it. But part of me wants my long hair back

    NimzyTheNarwhalNimzyTheNarwhal9 timer siden
  • The moment he said "that's what I said Anna, back off" lol... enjoying your sarcastic tone, but also meant. Nice balance of not taking yourself too seriously xx

    melanie heathmelanie heath17 timer siden
  • How do I figure out what face shape I have? And what hair cut and color would be best?

    Kylie PettitKylie PettitDag siden
  • Brad:you should add layers it's so THICK Me: I absulutly do not like layers you can't do anything with it like what?

    Roxy MorrisRoxy MorrisDag siden
  • Shaved my head impulsively, about 2 weeks ago! Now it's natural sparkly silver! Growing it out now...🙄

    Angela ButeauAngela ButeauDag siden
  • I think most ppl view us as crazy cause it appears that we are having a mental break down which puts or mental stability into question ,, when in all reality we are just fed up and want a change

    Jo YoungbloodJo YoungbloodDag siden
  • All of this watching other people cutting their hair makes me want to give myself a trim. So guess what I'll be doing before bed tonight. Just an inch, tho, nothing dramatic

    chocoboasylumchocoboasylumDag siden
  • I like how he say " hi beautiful" like how he know I am beautiful 🤣❤️...yeah I am 💓

    Aashish AcharyaAashish AcharyaDag siden
  • I love these.... yet major anxiety 🤣🤣

    LightsCamera TamaraLightsCamera TamaraDag siden
  • I wish I had known about Brad Mondo when my 14 year old self tried to do an emo cut and majorly fucked it up 😂 In my defense, I live in Billings, Montana and hair stylist options are minimalistic, especially when your dad who has had the same Great Clips haircut for 20 years gets to decide your hair budget. It got messed up by "professionals" like 4 times before I screwed it up myself 😂

    Alice SladeAlice Slade2 dager siden
  • Watching this after I shaved my head and dyed it blonde yesterday. I’ll be posting the video of it tonight! 😬😬😬

    ReadyScottsGo!ReadyScottsGo!2 dager siden
  • Jesus loves you so so much

    Lydia VilumsLydia Vilums2 dager siden
  • The first girl’s hair. Rip

    Ashley SetzerAshley Setzer2 dager siden
  • Kinda regret chopping my lower back length, light brown hair to my shoulders and dying it black- I look completely different

    Ashley KaseyAshley Kasey3 dager siden
  • hi, so i have died my hair red for like the past five times i have died it. it had been a while since i did that and now it is orange... ish??? anyway my problem is i want to die it blue and i want to do it at home and i know i need bleach. also my problem salons being so expensive. :(

    Chloe SchmidtChloe Schmidt3 dager siden
  • It funny how he says it takes like 6 years to grow ur hair back but it take me 1 year

    Susi ESusi E3 dager siden
  • After watching your video your videos straight since 12 noon, I have decided to subscribe lol.

    You Tried itYou Tried it4 dager siden
  • brad: oh girl that hair is beautiful,luxurious,long just gorgeous also brad one second later: its doing nothing for her and it looks like a brown blanket on her head and i dont like that

    Maya TurnerMaya Turner4 dager siden
  • Stella did really good

    Rochelle BallahRochelle Ballah4 dager siden
  • He looks so tan

    Zahara Doing thingsZahara Doing things4 dager siden
  • I shaved my head and I want to keep it shaved forever. That's how much I hate my hair 😅

    Ryuunosuke TanakaRyuunosuke Tanaka5 dager siden
  • That short blunt bob was AMAZING. I don't have the stones to do that, at all.

    Augustbeauty69Augustbeauty695 dager siden
  • Whne he says “hi beutifull” i think. He is just looking at. Himself in. Da camera cause i am The oppisite

    Marlin Gomez-TorresMarlin Gomez-Torres5 dager siden
  • Thank you for saying it makes no sense to say girls are crazy for shaving their head

    Mary Alice ComedyMary Alice Comedy5 dager siden
  • Cutting her hair into a bob with clippers... thinks of Micarah Tewers XD

    Joao KniesJoao Knies6 dager siden
  • you should see my freind olivia who has never cut her hair in her life she has like 3 feet of hair

    g moneyg money7 dager siden
  • I like you went positive to all of them, that's super cute considering I've just watched some skincare NOworldrs laughing of people that knows nothing about skincare giving "tips", they don't know!!! They're just sharing what works for them 😔

    FoolescentFoolescent7 dager siden
  • I've just cut my hair short yesterday for the first time ever. I've always had very long, thick, curly hair, and everyone said it's my biggest pride, so I thought "why don't I try cutting it and lose my pride". So yeah I went from almost waist-length to the neck-length and I'm really happy with it. Although my family got so so mad at me as if I made the worst mistake ever, they just can't accept that I'm crazier and I need changes and I like my look even without anyone's approval. So all the boys and girls out there who are afraid of cutting their hair because of the family please don't be. Hair is just hair, it will grow back and family will get used to your look either. Just do whatever you want, because life is too short to think too much and waiting for approval. You need to be yourself, you deserve to be happy and love yourself just as you are. If you made till here I hope you'll think about that. Thank you and have a nice day :*

    UnicatowaUnicatowa7 dager siden
  • when i heard cutting hair with clippers, i thought about micarah tewers lmao

    verypointywaterverypointywater8 dager siden
  • Brad: Hi beautiful Me: 😯 me? Why thank you 😊

    Random HumanRandom Human8 dager siden
  • how do you make your hair long

    Kathy PflugerKathy Pfluger8 dager siden
  • Great you mentioned DONATE!

    Carolyn BistrianCarolyn Bistrian8 dager siden
  • *Brad, after seeing their hair* : Omggg, her hair is sooo long! *Me, who has knee length hair* : 👁👄👁 _(Also, I’m 5’8” btw, sooo...)_

    Rhileyn AndrewsRhileyn Andrews8 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂 Brad you're hilarious lol

    Morgan MursewickMorgan Mursewick8 dager siden
  • Brad you're such a sweetheart. You're so funny. I can have the worst day and watching your videos cheers me up. While being informative of course! Love you honey

    Jennifer AJennifer A8 dager siden
  • I never end up watching these videos dolled up and looking like a potato so...thank you for the intro Brad 💕

    Elizabeth DunkmanElizabeth Dunkman9 dager siden
  • Wait until Anna comments on this video..

    aesthetic ASMRaesthetic ASMR9 dager siden
  • no one: me: looking for a comment that says OMG U WATCHED MY VIDEO!!

    Ella TysonElla Tyson10 dager siden
  • This is Jason on Sarah's old phone. Good for the first girl. She does need some layering. Number 2 is a boss. The chin bob did look great on her. Girl #3 is bold for going for the shave. When it grows back some she should do a bob. That would look good.

    Sarah GabrielsonSarah Gabrielson10 dager siden
  • The last girl has balls of steel I admire that she just went all in not giving 2 shits love her. I did a major chop to get rid of bleached hair it's just so satisfying watching others do it

    Raven VargasRaven Vargas11 dager siden
  • Everyone should shave their hair at least once.

    D DonlanD Donlan11 dager siden
  • For the second girl, I think someone was helping her between each cuts of the video, every time it cuts she comes back with perfectly straight cut. Look again.

    K. P.CK. P.C11 dager siden
  • Brad: It looks so BAD! Also Brad: You, look, AMAZING! Me:???

    Here is DimahHere is Dimah11 dager siden
    • 19:26

      Here is DimahHere is Dimah11 dager siden
  • Before I cut my hair super short my hair dresser made one side of my hair a whole TWO INCHES longer than the other side

    Ren BRen B12 dager siden
  • I love those videos !

    Isabelle TalinIsabelle Talin12 dager siden
  • Lol, i wanted my hair short, in corona so i asked my sister to 😂 she legit put my hair in multiple pony tails, and cut it 😂 turned out pretty good though

    Evie WatsonEvie Watson13 dager siden
  • I know not many people are going to read this but I want to share my story with you.. little over a year ago my hair was really long enough to almost reached my knees yeah ... anyway I was in my room and listening to some anime songs while painting my room walls my hair was getting in the way a lot so I thought it will be cool to have short hair.. so I told my mum that I was going to get a haircut and went to my aunt and got cut to my elbow line and I really really really love it ................but........ After my mom sees it she freak out.. we had a huge fight and she literally kick me out of the house ... I had to stay in my aunt house for more than a week and since she had just had a baby I became somewhat of a babysitter .... This was seriously a Life lesson for me to always always talk in detail with your family before doing something like this 😓 . I had to grow back my hair 😭

    saima jawedsaima jawed13 dager siden
    • That is not a life lesson, that's an overeaction to a hair cut. Who the hell kicks someone out for cutting their hair?

      M. N.M. N.10 dager siden
  • me: 'ok ok let your hair get really long then chop it' also me:* watches brad mondo reacting to short hair cuts non stop* me finally: 'ok- we're going short'

    sxftcloudsssxftcloudss13 dager siden
  • "I love a good nub." 🤣

    WhatAWorldWhatAWorld14 dager siden
  • Brad : hi beautiful Me: Oh was you talking to me

    Ellie-May TAYLOREllie-May TAYLOR14 dager siden
  • brahhhhh at 1:30 I started to laugh with how you were sounding. like damn, he really likes hair.

    Fern WritterFern Writter14 dager siden
  • 16:26 Yeah, she's using bandage scissors to cut her hair.

    Rachel SmithRachel Smith15 dager siden
  • 7,000 comment was meeee!

    Hannah IngramHannah Ingram15 dager siden
  • Who’s looking for Anna in the comments

    Beatzer CunBeatzer Cun15 dager siden
  • noone: brad: i love a good nub😼

    Zyi-Zyis jams _Zyi-Zyis jams _15 dager siden
  • Normal people who get compliments:😀😍😋😊 And then me:❔😅🤨😐🥴 I am very uncomfortable when it comes to compliments lol.

    #BabyYodaforlife Mamma Mia#BabyYodaforlife Mamma Mia15 dager siden
  • I’m gonna cut bangs

    Lily PhillipsLily Phillips16 dager siden
  • watching people with long thick hair cut their hair hurts my soul. All I've ever wanted was long thick hair but instead I got what I got😒

    3amisapersonalitytrait3amisapersonalitytrait17 dager siden

    Brooke SanchezBrooke Sanchez17 dager siden
  • 4:18 I literally got a heart attack

    Coochie FairyCoochie Fairy17 dager siden
  • Me loves short hair Mom loves long hair Me wants to get a pixie haircut because I have thic hair and small face Mom NO long hair bette

  • I had a chin length bob... NEVER AGAIN.... NOPE! I looked like fricken Dora without bangs it sucked but I was also five and grew it out in fifth grade so...

    Lainie PLainie P18 dager siden
  • i have a chin langth bob

    Zozo_BunnyZozo_Bunny18 dager siden
  • A quick hack Want to staright your hair - watch brad mondo Want to curl hair - watch brad mondo Want do anything with your - watch brad mondo

    Mrunmayee TasgaonkarMrunmayee Tasgaonkar18 dager siden
  • i went from hair past my waist, to shoulder length, to mullet, to having bangs and now my head is shaved

    Rylea LewisRylea Lewis19 dager siden
  • I just got my hair cut into a bob, chin length whatever its called today (I didn't cut it myself😳) n idk how to feel about it lmao💕✨

    classic brátclassic brát19 dager siden
  • Brad will be watching this and will be like no its not

    y u _ g u r l j u j uy u _ g u r l j u j u19 dager siden
  • omg i remember when i shaved my head and I LOVED IT until i wanted to grow it back in and it took me like 2-3 years to get it to my shoulders. i shaved my head and some ppl can be mean but i loved it lmao

    RACHEL HUSSRACHEL HUSS19 dager siden
  • I can't be the only one who thinks the first girl looks so much older once she cut her hair shorter.

    RACHEL HUSSRACHEL HUSS19 dager siden
  • OMG Stella baby nooo you hair was so beautiful and natural 😚 but it’s still brilliant 🥰

    Eryn LaveryEryn Lavery19 dager siden
  • He's so supportive, even if he didn't agree at first. If they're confident and excited he's like "Hell yea! Live your EXTRA LIFE BAE!"

    Moriah MMoriah M19 dager siden
  • Me imagining Brad watching me cut my hair.... He'd be mad

    •EllieeElven••EllieeElven•20 dager siden
  • i would love 2 meet u im a guy with long hair

    debbie dellerdebbie deller20 dager siden
  • No one: Not a single soul: Not even Brad: Me: *texting brad about a hair decision knowing he won’t answer* 😃😈🥺

    Cedimentrick GamingCedimentrick Gaming20 dager siden
  • no body: Brad: "hey beautiful" me: *cries*

    Anna MuellerAnna Mueller20 dager siden
  • That 3rd girl🥰

    Heidi LampHeidi Lamp20 dager siden
  • Gave*

    JustLizzy22JustLizzy2220 dager siden
  • I have my self a haircut when I was five

    JustLizzy22JustLizzy2220 dager siden
  • Usual Brad: NoOoOooOo DoNt CuT yOuR hAiR!! Now Brad: yes. cut that sh*t off.

    Franklin ClintonFranklin Clinton20 dager siden
  • when I heard brad say that a girl cut her hair with clippers I immediately thought of micarah cuz I thought that he said nail clippers

    Aniah MarceloAniah Marcelo20 dager siden
  • Brad: "I like chin-ish length bob on younger girls" * Me being happy that i "basically" got a shoutout from THE Brad Mondo

    FluffyPlaysRobloxFluffyPlaysRoblox20 dager siden
  • Brad mondo I hope you see this!! But this video gave me inspiration to go bald, and it’s been two months now and it’s growing, thank youuuu to the girl at the end :)

    Heidy NessaHeidy Nessa21 dag siden
  • Omg her hair!!! It's cute on her actually. The color is vibrant, like I'm so BLAND! brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin.

    Ivy MooreIvy Moore21 dag siden
  • pfft i Drastically gave myself a haircut, mid length to Super short that would go under my earlobe which took a Minute to do and Honestly it turned out SO Good and even i was surprised~~ Well i cut my own bangs for Years now so i kinda have grasp on what i was doing XDXD

    Rin XianRin Xian21 dag siden
  • You know what this video was recommended & I was just gonna change it cz I was listening my fav song but your first lines, Omg!! I was flattered

    Cheara VasudevaCheara Vasudeva21 dag siden
  • Beveling? I’m in cosmetology school did you learn PBD??? I feel like I haven’t found any stylist that use beveling except Sam villa because he does PBD but I graduate in January and me (along with many others) feel like we don’t really know it can you do a video explaining when you cut?

    Brenna KnezBrenna Knez21 dag siden
  • React to holistichabit she is amazing

    Komal LiliKomal Lili22 dager siden
  • i was one of thoes people who just did it for fun lol i put mine in braids then cut the ends don't hate me... i also did no research i just did it at 930 at night cause i was bored

    Emily MillsEmily Mills22 dager siden
  • I don't know why i am applying but WHERE THE **** IS HIS TATTOES AM I MISSING SOMETHING

    Snow RaySnow Ray22 dager siden
  • The one with the beautiful beautiful hombre haircut now is a Karen😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Wesley McgowanWesley Mcgowan22 dager siden
  • Not yet

    Prakriti JosheePrakriti Joshee22 dager siden
  • Hello Brad Mondo

    Prakriti JosheePrakriti Joshee22 dager siden
  • Omg 😆🙀

    Prakriti JosheePrakriti Joshee22 dager siden
  • The first girl did the exact same thing as me, I cut 20 inches during quarantine and now my hair is the same length as hers, and I have no regrets!

    Maya MartinMaya Martin22 dager siden
  • Love you content ❣️

    Eliza BossieEliza Bossie22 dager siden
  • I love it I shaved my head grandmother she past from cancer but her hair was falling out so she cut it and I did it to and I walked in to hight school with it like that lol

    This is usThis is us23 dager siden
  • I think Stella is a professional hair stylist? She has to be? We’re on to you Stella!

    Roseanne PryorRoseanne Pryor23 dager siden
  • I love his intros they always make me smile 🥳

    Scarlett oScarlett o23 dager siden
  • Please sell your products at Douglas (nl) so I can also buy them :)

    MauraMaura23 dager siden
  • I recognize which videos of brad I've already watched by deciding if I've seen his outfit before

    Chloe v. RChloe v. R23 dager siden