Hairdresser Reacts To Hair Dyeing Using Household Items

5. jan.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Who knew you could dye your hair with so many different household items? Today we see people use everything from beets to coffee to color their locks.

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  • Hey, just came to say I love youuuu 💙

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo9 måneder siden
    • Use Kool aid

      Amanda LambertAmanda Lambert5 dager siden
    • Girls his gay

      Lola MitsiLola Mitsi17 dager siden
    • ʰⁱ

      Hibah HussainHibah HussainMåned siden
    • ❤️

      Hibah HussainHibah HussainMåned siden
    • :3

      Banana Ren DrawsBanana Ren Draws2 måneder siden
  • The beet juice and coconut

    Grace GrantGrace Grant6 timer siden
  • Coffee definitely stains. Look at peoples teeth.

    Kaydi GlawsonKaydi GlawsonDag siden
  • oh no, that swedish accent tho...... xD

    Annie GrothAnnie Groth2 dager siden
  • I think she should use the food coloring without the conditioner.

    Marissa ThomasMarissa Thomas2 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣 "Nothing happened.. nothing happened... nothing happened..." 💀

    sanatah Alexandersanatah Alexander4 dager siden
  • Brad's the C.E.O of pausing on the most wonderful faces

    CammyCammy5 dager siden
  • We tried to tie dye with that kind of food coloring annnnnd it did not take either

    Pamela IsleyPamela Isley6 dager siden
  • I feel like whenever I see someone mix color with conditioner I know it won't work considering conditioner seals the cuticle and you're trying to deposit color in. It's obviously not going to work

    Francesca TodaroFrancesca Todaro7 dager siden
  • I have tattoo so I can understand dying hair with a sharpie ink

    Mina S.Mina S.7 dager siden
  • Brad... 19:34 ... I felt that

    CoolWomabat 78CoolWomabat 788 dager siden
    • 19:45 I REALLY felt that

      CoolWomabat 78CoolWomabat 788 dager siden
  • me watching this with instant coffee+water on my hair in a plastic bag

    kelsea angellkelsea angell8 dager siden
  • I think the girl with the beet juice was saying that last time she started out with bleach blonde hair and used the water from boiled beets

    Theresa NTheresa N8 dager siden
  • A big flash back to the 80s ! Your outfit is very 80s😊

    Greta SimmonsGreta Simmons9 dager siden
  • coffee or tea might tone a bit but not dye for too long lol maybe 3 washes lol it is last solution if got no toner after bleach lol but then you still have to wash it out

    Lizbeth LeedsLizbeth Leeds10 dager siden
  • Wonder if using a developer with food coloring would work

    HeyitsGina!HeyitsGina!11 dager siden
  • Hey Brad! What do you think about using henna? After patchtesting more than 10 hair dyes( box, saloon, semi permenant etc.) Only water based-only works with bleached hair and stays for a week dyes do not give me heavy allergic reaction. And henna. So i have to go with henna only.

    özde Demirözde Demir11 dager siden
  • I mean technically kool aid works and that's not hair dye it's just not good for your hair

    Hi SomeoneHi Someone12 dager siden
  • "I hope none knocks on your door because it'll look like a damn mUrDeR ScEnE" At that point I'm weak 🤣😂

    Savana MathewsSavana Mathews12 dager siden
  • Damn u dragged the first girl 😒

    LususloveLususlove12 dager siden
  • He said murder

    BabyGirl J. V.BabyGirl J. V.13 dager siden
  • Coffee works to touch up gray. That's an old old way of dying hair. Gray only! Regular black coffee only. Boil then use the water that has boiled down then cooled.

    taiwana shannontaiwana shannon14 dager siden
  • You should watch Evelina forsell when she is dying hair with beetroot😍

    Julia KarneviJulia Karnevi15 dager siden
  • What I like is your outfits colors and your Jewelry, brad. And yea, some videos are kind of hilarious. Lol!

    Ims JIms J16 dager siden
  • “You’re gonna be like- Yo what’s up and they are gonna be like-“😳🙊 bitch what’s on your hands”😂

    Rowan TowersRowan Towers17 dager siden
  • I feel like the coffee girl should have used instant and made a paste..

    Rebecca BakerRebecca Baker17 dager siden
  • When u said can u guess what the first item will be and then u coughed I was like, how u gon dye hair with a cough?? 😂😂

    MeganCMeganC17 dager siden
  • Where's kool aid?

    Mary WoodMary Wood18 dager siden
  • she should call dwight shrute he knows all about beets lmao

    Hammah BanamaHammah Banama18 dager siden
  • The girl who used coffee should've use instant coffee with a little bit of hot water & conditioner

    Tanake KingTanake King18 dager siden
  • i dyed my hair using cool aid in like 4th or 5th grade and after i washed it the dye didn’t come out so i had to cut it after a year

    strawberry kissesstrawberry kisses18 dager siden
  • The beet one would probably work well on blonde hair

    Sydney HSydney H19 dager siden
  • I've been watching your videos. !your so cool and you make me laugh when im in a good mood or not !!!

    Betty McElhanyBetty McElhany19 dager siden
  • In the beginning when he was freaking out about something, I thought he’s gonna compliment me 😢 aaaand he didn’t say hi beautiful either 😭🥺😢🥺😭😢🥺😭😢🥺😭😢🥺😭😢

    Arzoo SArzoo S19 dager siden
  • I love how you have like a different style everyday

    Elsa BromanElsa Broman20 dager siden
  • your skin is very very very beautiful bitch

    i-i-20 dager siden
  • Ya know...I’d only use beets to dye my doggo that I don’t have

    Y e eY e e21 dag siden
  • I feel picture brad with big muscles 💪 😂 cuz of that shirt

    Shy VoltageShy Voltage21 dag siden
  • 2:11 IIDA IS THAT YOU?!? I understand I do not know my place, good day.

    - Droplette -- Droplette -21 dag siden
  • I just started watching ur videos and omg

    pastel_coffee24 Rpastel_coffee24 R22 dager siden
  • Brad mondos reaction is everything

    Maryah HolmesMaryah Holmes22 dager siden
  • Ok so I was making cookies before and looked down at my blue stained hands and thought “what if someone used food colouring?” And as soon as I thought that he said food colouring

    BurkenatorBurkenator22 dager siden
  • Kool-Aid works REALLY good but it only lasts for a few weeks to a few months

    Chloe BradshawChloe Bradshaw23 dager siden

    b4b0_1980b4b0_198023 dager siden
  • Most anti climactic intro EVER Brad, love ya hun😘

    Kitty 1Kitty 123 dager siden
  • "Looks like a damn murder scene in your house "

    Ashley ReedAshley Reed24 dager siden
  • You use coffee in the henna, so tune down brightness of the "orange" in henna. I used to mix 50/50, coffee and henna, bring it up to boil and then let it set over night. The longer you let the mix stay in your hair, more read you get. Just try your way. It's important that it is pure henna. I know as hairdresser that henna is sticking to your hair and only way to get rid of that. It's to grow it out, other colors, etc might not stay... So coffee doesn't stain your hair braun but make the henna less red, so if you are light brown/dark blonde you will get a deep chestnut orange color. 🙈

    Annica NilssonAnnica Nilsson24 dager siden
  • My parents won’t let me dye my hair with regular hair dye cause apparently it can be dangerous so I was hoping to find something that I could dye my hair with here lmao.

    iylaiyla25 dager siden
  • Ok so maybe it's just me but in the beginning of the video he looks like he is a biker from grease

    Susan BurchSusan Burch25 dager siden
  • I'm using box hair dye to make it back again from brown😥😥

    alycia malycia m25 dager siden
  • Did I just hear him say hair gods?😂😂😂

    Crystal TarotCrystal Tarot27 dager siden
  • it looked like she just put like? a coffee scrub? in her hair wha

    pjayepjaye27 dager siden
  • What is a smoky pink?😕

    Gloria0082Gloria008228 dager siden
  • hey beautiful

    Mariam TariqMariam Tariq28 dager siden
  • Where's HI BEAUTIFULS!!!! GOSH

    Ipshita PoetIpshita PoetMåned siden
  • Ughh that girl linzor; her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard

    Dmm iceDmm iceMåned siden
  • I dyed my hair with tea and it turned out AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    Cringey PotatoesCringey PotatoesMåned siden
  • I’m telling you right now, you and my ex cosmetology teacher would get along so well. Haha

    Erica BrownErica BrownMåned siden
  • **Me intense wacthing at my mums blush pallet** *ME:* *IN MY HAIR NOW*

    NotGacha._. qwqNotGacha._. qwqMåned siden
  • 20:12 me when the teacher just keeps blabbering stuff in an online class and idk how to write that frikin fast!?!!?!

    Yumna RahmanYumna RahmanMåned siden
  • 19:41 that's me when im in the kitchen and can't find something to munch on ;-;

    Yumna RahmanYumna RahmanMåned siden
  • That girl not have color

    سيروان الجافسيروان الجافMåned siden
  • Brad can’t get threw this lol

    Ryan LauRyan LauMåned siden
  • my grandma dyes her hair with coffee lol

    denideniMåned siden
  • Omg...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 why.. why...why we doiin this.. 🤣🤣 So funny..

    lisa sayerslisa sayersMåned siden
  • I just took beetroot powder with conditioner....

    jade merrilljade merrillMåned siden
  • I wish I could dye my freaking hair..

    Shelby PettisShelby PettisMåned siden
  • My manic panic loving ass is wayyyyy too lazy for the beet method of red dye for brown hair

    TheInvisibleShadow95TheInvisibleShadow95Måned siden
  • May be harder but dying your hair is expensive if you want dye that doesn't destroy your hair.

    Serene Addicoat-BowerSerene Addicoat-BowerMåned siden
  • BRAD I just wanna say hey beautiful!!! I love you and love your videos. I'm 37 went to cosmetology school and I have learned alot from you. I love your reactions they are the best. Live up your extra life boo!! 😘😘

    Amanda SaxmanAmanda SaxmanMåned siden
  • Well, vegetable dye and natural plant based dye is a pretty Ancient practice. The druids used to dye their hair red with beets and other types of plants for festivities and rituals. So... that could explain it..

    Odd-Eyes 94Odd-Eyes 94Måned siden
  • I just noticed Americans say beet juice and in Scotland we say beetroot 😂

    axa bubliieaxa bubliieMåned siden
  • ...heehee... I did this once, but with just juice and not all that process she used here. My bathtub looked like a scene from THE SOPRANOS. Beet juice would make really cool blood splatter when decorating for Halloween.

    Helynn HeelsHelynn HeelsMåned siden
  • Everyone EXEPT the boy in This squad is shirtless wearing their bras😂 we are on the phone with each other. TMI yeah Ik I’m sorry

  • Wow I just have to say that you look like your brothers twin in this video!!! Love you beautiful!!

    Linda GallagherLinda GallagherMåned siden
  • The beet juice was such a process she could of just bought professional color and mix it lmao what a waste of timeeeeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    heh hheh hMåned siden
  • if beet juice can stain the keratin in skin, doesn’t it make sense that it would dye the keratin in hair...?

    wiIdfIowcrwiIdfIowcrMåned siden
  • 8:20 of course a female that looks like that has a dolls kill beanie 🙄 also wtf is with her voice? Not the accent- she just has an ugly voice idk it sounds like she has a frog in her throat or something. Oh and her pfp made me want to commit self deletion, ew @ females that do that stupid face. 🤮

    Alena Vikernes666Alena Vikernes666Måned siden
  • Don’t understand how the beet+coconut oil gave her blonde...and then she expects the same thing gave her red?....huh???

    IJIIJIMåned siden
  • Your shirt looks like a body tat......just realized how good that would look on you

    IJIIJIMåned siden
  • Where's turmeric???! That will dye the shit out of your hair for sure!

    Mari AnnaMari AnnaMåned siden
  • *Duuuude* 17 seconds in is me in September 2020.

    Whit WillieWhit WillieMåned siden
  • This is how many times brad said “why” 👇🏼

    NotABoomerAZoomerNotABoomerAZoomerMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Jasminee GreyJasminee GreyMåned siden
  • Poor Brad 😂😂

    E TomE TomMåned siden
  • I’ve already colored my hair with food color a lot of times and worked very well 😂

    Bárbara CarmoBárbara CarmoMåned siden
  • But permanent hair color wud da,age them hair

    Namami nare SharmaNamami nare SharmaMåned siden
  • Literally. Nobody is saying how DAMN AMAZING HE LOOKS IN THIS OUTFIT. MMM. Literally tho. The hair and the necklace just tie it all together so WELL. ❤️

    Lawrence Beetlejuice Shoggoth -Nicole-Lawrence Beetlejuice Shoggoth -Nicole-Måned siden
  • 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😆😆🍑🇦🇷🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🦄

    Kelly JuberianKelly JuberianMåned siden
    • 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍇🍇🍈🍉🍋🐭🐨🐰🐻🐻🐇🐿🐇🐻🐇🐼🐁🐰💎💄💍💎💎💎💎💎💎🍉🍅🍐🍓🍑🍓🍑🍓🍑🍓🍉

      Kelly JuberianKelly JuberianMåned siden
  • I love you ❤ too

    Kelly JuberianKelly JuberianMåned siden
  • At the beginning I thought you were your brother 😂

    Jasmine KeelingJasmine KeelingMåned siden
  • Kool aid was always the go to back when I was a broke high school kid.

    Tanya DiazTanya DiazMåned siden
  • It looks like you hydro dipped your shirt

    Pastel MochiPastel MochiMåned siden
  • Now I really want to dye my hair again 💆🏼‍♀️

    Bernadette BrennanBernadette BrennanMåned siden
  • i dyed my hair with blueberries and it worked!

    acidghostacidghostMåned siden
  • I'm most bummed about the pink food coloring. It looked so promising!

    Zara HoffmanZara HoffmanMåned siden
  • Anybody else getting Jersey Shore vibes from Brad for the first 2 minutes?

    BriJBoBriJBoMåned siden
  • The first twenty seconds of this video is me 24 hours 7 days a week x

    Grace BarryGrace BarryMåned siden
  • The food coloring actually works, she just used too little amount, she should have used the whole 2 little bottles

    Caroline MoortiereCaroline MoortiereMåned siden
  • I don’t get why Brad doesn’t get that people LOVE to figure out how to do stuff without buying things purposely manufactured for that situation. They want to feel like if they survived an apocalypse they could do just fine without stores. Like if they were stranded on an island à la Gilligan they could put together a radio with two coconut halves and some seawater.

    WillworkforchocolateWillworkforchocolateMåned siden