Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Trying To Balayage Their Own Hair

26. juli. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some girls attempt to balayage highlight at home. Some of the results may surprise you...
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  • To go to Sally's you need to be a member 😭 ultra doesn't sell bleach nor developer All We Got Is Box dye new haven ct

    MsAres1loveMsAres1loveTime siden
  • Why tf did she color her hair first. Before balayage ??? Jw

    Zoe KichensideZoe Kichenside8 timer siden
  • Brad: Hi beautiful you look FABULOUSSSS! Me: watching this at 2 a.m. looking like a rat

    Maiya PonceMaiya Ponce12 timer siden
  • Does anyone else feel like the first girls hair didn’t actually come out like that && that she must’ve gone && got it fixed/blended somewhere lol. Not throwing shade AT ALL. I just find it hard to believe lol.

    Taylor SoileauTaylor SoileauDag siden
  • Brad £ that ain’t euros that’s pounds

    Georgie ColletteGeorgie ColletteDag siden
  • Brads attitude is the BEST

    nosestuckinabooknosestuckinabookDag siden
  • Prison Mike?

    Camille NielsenCamille Nielsen2 dager siden
  • I've decided to start watching videos based on the best outfits

    Sheldon BaroreSheldon Barore2 dager siden
  • This is funny

    Las cosas como son!!!Las cosas como son!!!2 dager siden
  • this looks more like his brother.

    Dandelion StoryDandelion Story2 dager siden
  • Brad in Pussy Riot merch. Whaaaaaaaat.

    Amber ToddAmber Todd3 dager siden
  • Thump up just for the heartwarming Intro 💜

    Brina BrinchenBrina Brinchen3 dager siden
  • why is it always girls 😭😂

    ninatiqueninatique3 dager siden
  • Brad: Hi beautiful how's it goin' you look fAbUlOuS~! me *on the verge of a mental breakdown*: aw thanks🙃

    Imani ClarkImani Clark4 dager siden
  • I'm a fan of glam pixie and I'm glad you have her a 👍. She is a really fun channel.

    Jenny RoseJenny Rose4 dager siden
  • I want to be Brads friend.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf5 dager siden
  • @Brad Mondo you look like Prison Mike from The Office in this video. Love you tho

    Adrianna NelsonAdrianna Nelson5 dager siden
  • I want to do a peek a boo dye on my hair so I'm binge watching your videos and I'm gonna beg my dad to dye my

    WillowWillow5 dager siden
  • Love ya Brad ❤💙💚💛💜💖

    Tanja GroenTanja Groen6 dager siden
  • After hundreds of coloring videos I came to the conclusion that I'll just look for a good hairdresser in my area 🙂

    Verenice VazquezVerenice Vazquez7 dager siden
  • I must not understand this because the second girl did awful. How is that what he’s talking about? Wth

    Callie JobeCallie Jobe7 dager siden
  • “Giving us a commercial girl. Come on give it to us.” We love you Brad. Lol

    Callie JobeCallie Jobe7 dager siden
  • For some reason, brads number doesn't update me on posts or anything. Its really wierd.🤔

    Christina LynnChristina Lynn8 dager siden
  • @14:45 that is not Euros € that’s Pounds £ 😭😭

    Rebecca BaileyRebecca Bailey8 dager siden
  • When you said “why you always lying” i loved it cause i just said it about a dumb boy which if theres a dumb boy and im looking at hair videos clearly im close to impulse dying my hair

    Cara DanielsonCara Danielson9 dager siden
  • Can you do another giveaway like this?

    Leah FreemanLeah Freeman10 dager siden
  • Can you do another giveaway like this?

    Leah FreemanLeah Freeman10 dager siden
  • i cant stand when people say brad is condescending. if you have EVER been to a professional hair stylist, you know they sometimes have no filter which is okay. my aunt is a hair stylist, and when i’ve fucked up my hair before she joked about it and helped me fix it. it’s jus how most of them are. brad is such a sweetheart and just wants to be helpful.

    brynna annbrynna ann10 dager siden
  • Why did “We went to Sally’s and didn’t get real dye” make me cry laughing

    Sarah JSarah J10 dager siden
  • Literally stuffing spaghetti into my mouth as he says "Hi, beautiful." I don't think so, Brad. Not today.

    luholeluhole12 dager siden
  • I asked for a balayage at the salon once and told the lady it's because I don't like highlights because they're really stripy. She then told me that highlights or stripey and balayage isn't. And me being dumb didn't listen to my own self and ended up with chunky highlights. I wish I would have known of Brad back then

    Alexis AndersonAlexis Anderson13 dager siden
    • @Reina I had made my appointment for balayage and that was The stylist they gave me because the one I usually went to was out for the day. My regular hair stylist was actually a little bit upset because we have been working on something very specific

      Alexis AndersonAlexis Anderson11 dager siden
    • Come with photos! Also look up photos on google reviews and Yelp reviews of the salon so you can see what clients have gotten (find people with balayage). Also find the stylist on Instagram. A ton of stylists posts their work on their account so you can have an idea what their specialty is. Your stylist does NOT specialize in balayage lol. My tactic: Google the salon, look at client images, find out who did their hair, then find that stylist’s Instagram, look at the stylists’ portfolio of clients, then DM the stylist about your hair and ask questions.

      ReinaReina11 dager siden
  • You are motivating me so much like wtf😂

    Kim BerlyKim Berly14 dager siden
  • Hey daddy

    BizzyBizzy15 dager siden
  • I love it how he say how beautiful we look when we all know we need a makeover

    HollyHolly17 dager siden
  • O. M. G 15:00 - 15:02 the ultimate thirst creep face if I've ever seen it !

    Liz HermannLiz Hermann17 dager siden
  • first girl def went to the salon to get it fixed

    Katie ChanKatie Chan18 dager siden
  • Why didn’t cosmology class teach me this 🤧

    Shanique WrightShanique Wright18 dager siden
  • Brad we cant find an experienced balayage stylist where we live!! (All of us who live anywhere besides LA, Chicago, New York, or Atlanta)

    M WoodsM Woods19 dager siden
  • Did she use a toner?

    M WoodsM Woods19 dager siden
  • Why anyone would tease their hair while doing a damaging box die...

    M WoodsM Woods19 dager siden
  • Every UK girl has used that bleached kit 😂

    Abbie UnderwoodAbbie Underwood20 dager siden
  • I should of made a I’m sorry video

    Takara BrownellTakara Brownell20 dager siden
  • I’m so sorry! I wasn’t subbed...but now I am so it’s all good now...I hope

    Y e eY e e20 dager siden
  • He called the pound "euro" ## Brexiters triggered ##

    Nafisa TabassumNafisa Tabassum21 dag siden
  • Brad's look is reminding me of that one picture of that one dude from The Office

    Sky_ Candy123Sky_ Candy12322 dager siden
  • Brad: Ooh! She's HOT Me: Are you talkin about the girl or the hair cuz I know you're gay?!

    Звезделина БожиловаЗвезделина Божилова22 dager siden
  • I tried to text but I’m in Australia so no joy. Can us international fans enter competitions?

    Heather Stonier-GibsonHeather Stonier-Gibson22 dager siden
  • Im going to get balyage at the salon... PRAY FOR ME IM INSECURE ABOUT EVERYTHING.

    Eline van der VeenEline van der Veen23 dager siden
  • He really said 5 euros 😭😭😭 Brad £ = pounds not Euros 😭😭😭

    Lavender CrystalLavender Crystal23 dager siden
  • "I'm what you call OPINIONATED" 😂

    Lauren BrinsfieldLauren Brinsfield24 dager siden
  • Brad said im beautiful today after i got out of the shower laying in bed qith my hair in a messy bun and i say aww thanks brad i love you boo!!!

    Faith ZiglerFaith Zigler24 dager siden
  • €5 (euros) are different from £5 (pound) 😉

    Me & Myself Mi2Me & Myself Mi224 dager siden
  • the l'oreal box dye that is dark brown that is used by the first girl uses 20 volume developer.

    Mick LunaMick Luna25 dager siden
  • Hi

    Queen KellieQueen Kellie25 dager siden
  • My OCD sister in law just balayaged my hair and the color melt is fabulous, the color is gorgeous and I love it! it can be done but much attention has to paid to technique AND it's impossible to do it well on yourself.

    BlowItOutYourCuntBlowItOutYourCunt26 dager siden
  • Brad: “You look fabulous as always” Me: *Bed head, eyes crusted with yesterday’s makeup, and the same clothes I’ve been wearing for 3 days* 🥺

    Aleasha RaeAleasha Rae26 dager siden
  • My birthday is on august 2

    Isabelle MeredithIsabelle Meredith26 dager siden
  • As soon as Brad sees the box dye: *sighs is disappointment*

    MackMack26 dager siden
  • I recently went for a balayage touch up and the hairdresser did a worse job then these girls.She basically just dyed my whole head blonde. I would have done a better job myself

    Brooke LoweBrooke Lowe26 dager siden

    jey ._. 000jey ._. 00026 dager siden
  • the number’s from India and it won’t even let me text it! can you send the FULL number so I can get your area?

    crucified kittencrucified kitten27 dager siden
  • I swear Ive never mer a hairdresser that was good, i hate having my hair cut cause they always, ALWAYS fuck it up. My hair is really fucking thin and curly and i have a reaaaally sensitive scalp.. these days i just break off the damage with my fingers and hide inside

    ThereseTherese27 dager siden
  • It’s sad that the only time I hear I’m beautiful is when I listen to your videos. Thank you Brad ❤️

    Amy SnyderAmy Snyder27 dager siden
  • Brad: “hey beautiful you look fabulous as always.” Me: *looking at the screen as I’m laying in bed at 4 am with a bonnet on looking a hot mess almost half asleep.*

    Jamylah WebbJamylah Webb28 dager siden
  • get trumps ads off brad mondos video im tryna watch smh

    Alyssa ForstadAlyssa Forstad29 dager siden
  • Can I put the 💙in the comments

    Roblox _is2coolRoblox _is2cool29 dager siden
  • Jesus loves anyone reading this. You are wonderfully made! God bless

    Serana MarieSerana Marie29 dager siden
  • I should have recorded when I bleached my bangs with peroxide and bleach for him I’m sure he would have enjoyed that😂

    Trish SandersTrish Sanders29 dager siden
  • Anyone else realized how much Brad's standards have fallen since he started lol 🤣 Before- wait it wasn't perfect.... Now- I'll take that it didn't fall out ♥️♥️

    Susie XxSusie XxMåned siden
  • Me- wow I'm literally never gunna do this Also me- but if I did do it I would b great Also also me- thanks Brad xx Ps a small youtuber 🥺 pls sub xx

    Susie XxSusie XxMåned siden
  • £5 is 5 great british pounds lol brad🤣🤣🤣 had me giggling haha .. i live for your videos x

    Witchbitchh xWitchbitchh xMåned siden
  • Jesus loves anyone reading this. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! God bless

    Serana MarieSerana MarieMåned siden
  • My b-day being on 8/2/07

    Suriah WhiteSuriah WhiteMåned siden
  • Hey Brad I love your videos I've been meaning to upload my bleach fail but internet isn't so great in my area! But I'll forsure try share the colouring process with you!

    Roach SpenceRoach SpenceMåned siden
  • I made a refreshing change to my own hair recently. I went from the very small of my back to about your length. It feels great and I'm living for myself right now.

    Blufirewing _Blufirewing _Måned siden
  • Im going to make a comment about box bleaches. If someone wants to do high lights on dark hair or do a balayage with store box bleach kits. I recommend this and its the only store bought highlighting kits that actually works because it has the blue bleach powder that cancels the red orange brassy tones and it is Revlons Color Effects Frost and glow for dark hair. I have used the cap to add highlights and Ive used my brush to brush on sections lightly to balayage my hair coming back a second day to highlight it stronger in smaller sections. No toner needed. I will explain my hair is naturally blonde but I hate it being a solid color, so I dye my hair dark then balayage it to make it look natural. I get compliments on my hair a lot. My hair is white now and a total new canvas, that colored Artic Fox purple rain at the roots that when I rinsed it out made it Ombre dark purple to light purple lavender ends. Turned out beautiful

    Ury MoscowUry MoscowMåned siden
  • It was pounds (£) not euros (€)

    Abby StaffordAbby StaffordMåned siden
  • £ = pounds💷 not Euros💶 😊😊🇬🇧👍

    waterfolk at the zoowaterfolk at the zooMåned siden
  • the hubris of putting "TUTORIAL" in your video title when you have no idea what you're doing 😂

    mauramercurymauramercuryMåned siden
  • Brad: you look fabuloouuusss. Me in my pajamas and hair in a horrible ponytail: how dare you lie to me 😂🤣😂 Love you so much Brad!

    Deborah RodriguezDeborah RodriguezMåned siden
  • Me watching Brad mondo reaction video: Thats so good. Brad: "Thats really bad." Me: oh... Me showing my friends the reaction video for the first time. Them: thats so good, WOW Me: Thats awful, who would ruin there hair like that. So bad Brad: "Thats really bad." My friends: *stare at me Me: I guess we just have more in common ;)

    lindsey centofantilindsey centofantiMåned siden
    • Did you get the joke?

      lindsey centofantilindsey centofantiMåned siden
  • Lol when Brad called the pound sign a euro 😂😂😂

    Kenyah McIntosh-BrownKenyah McIntosh-BrownMåned siden
  • lol

    kyra mkyra mMåned siden
  • Josie jade lookes soooooo good with the highlights 😍😍😍😍

    The April ShowThe April ShowMåned siden
  • The second girl went way to high towards her roots looks more like full colour

    Sophia Mc NamaraSophia Mc NamaraMåned siden
  • No I missed the giveaway:((((

    Yasmin ElaminYasmin ElaminMåned siden
  • 14:47 am... 5 Euros gurlll u mean pounds

    Glória GuerreiroGlória GuerreiroMåned siden
  • Who was also trying to read his shirt?

    Marlène ZoetMarlène ZoetMåned siden
  • I've never touched my hair with due but I swear brad, I'm going through something and you're videos aren't helping! Lol

    TAbsTAbsMåned siden
  • I’m sorry to say but that second girl got on my nerves

    Riley BugRiley BugMåned siden
  • Brad should react to what I wanted and what I received hair videos on tiktok

    Mudashiru YetundeMudashiru YetundeMåned siden
  • i love you

    Genesis DrewGenesis DrewMåned siden
  • Currently watching your react videos while I bleach half my hair and about 3/4 of the way through I ran out of bleach #thickhairprobs

    Allie CavazosAllie CavazosMåned siden
  • The number of adverts is ridiculous 😡

    mini roundabout in brummini roundabout in brumMåned siden
  • Of course hes sayong this while i have pospsicle blue dye in my hair 😅😅😅

    Beauty and mysteryBeauty and mysteryMåned siden
  • 5 euro’s ?!?! 😂 I think you mean 5 pounds 😅

    HeidiHeidiMåned siden
  • To be honest I like all the results!🤗🤗🤗

    Francesca ConvertiniFrancesca ConvertiniMåned siden
  • Hiiiiii

    Naomi DavisNaomi DavisMåned siden
  • Brad Mondo: *"... you look fabulous....!!!"* Me : *Sitting on couch in flannel pants, a ripped tank top covered in cheeto dust* 😳😶😑

    Just One of MillionsJust One of MillionsMåned siden
  • So girl no. 1 got bleach and developer at Sally's, but not permanent real color????

    KenzieHurlockKenzieHurlockMåned siden