Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Red To Blonde At Home

22. mars. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 girls go from bright red hair to blonde with the help of bleach and color remover.
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • Hope you’re all well 💙

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo7 måneder siden
    • 500

      85HannaH1985HannaH19Måned siden
    • Ilysm ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      MaIna Madikizela • 200 years agoMaIna Madikizela • 200 years agoMåned siden
    • Hey

      MaIna Madikizela • 200 years agoMaIna Madikizela • 200 years agoMåned siden
    • Just adding a reply bc it would round it to 500...

      Lous SailLous Sail2 måneder siden
    • Yup

      Tiff PrendergastTiff Prendergast3 måneder siden
  • man i love this guy's commentary LOL

    scrolling_xyzscrolling_xyz6 timer siden
  • brad i love u so much frr ur vibe is immaculate

    Emilia LehtinenEmilia Lehtinen9 timer siden
  • “Your hair is gonna be like “”nao, dawnt dao ut tah me anymaor””

    Mikenzie LappasMikenzie Lappas14 timer siden

    Natural MysticNatural Mystic3 dager siden
  • We are feeling horrible, I’m not feeling healthy because my anxiety is like “no no no you’re sick” then I start getting symptoms even tho I ain’t even sick. Yes I love your bangs

    Kai HarlessKai Harless3 dager siden
  • Is there any possibility to screen out videos where people film while driving? The casual acceptance of suuuuuch a dangerous thing seems so nuts to me :(

    Pupuseta PuppimusPupuseta Puppimus4 dager siden
  • also brad please bring back the shampoo! i finally decided to get it and when i went on the website its gone (crying emoji here). Im so buying some when it comes back, thats how much i trust you brad. dont let me down lol

    Suzy ESuzy E4 dager siden
  • note to everyone: you SHOULD NOT go from dark to light at home. or red to ANYTHING. just dont do it. see a professional who can see ALL of your head, and also offer a hair bond protector. i know "its just hair and it grows back" but who has the patience for that??

    Suzy ESuzy E4 dager siden
  • Vitamin C worked to immediately remove the dye, I did it the next day and got a dark purple fully out

    JennaJenna5 dager siden
  • Sally’s shouldn’t even be considered a beauty supply store I just wanna know who in there right mind goes there😆🤣?

    Philosophie CelestinePhilosophie Celestine5 dager siden
  • What is scarier is this second chick is doing all this WHILE DRIVING!

    Gidgit VonLaRueGidgit VonLaRue5 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo- what is your favorite brand bleach to use on level 5 brown hair? -do tell. From... Asking 4 a friend 😆

    Kate williamsKate williams5 dager siden
  • Can we talk about how she’s driving and explaining herself *anxiety level 1,000*

    Cristina PalaciosCristina Palacios5 dager siden
  • Watching her take both hands off the wheel made me hyperventilate a little

    More KackieMore Kackie6 dager siden
  • Brandi: Won't record herself bleaching but WILL record herself playing with her hair with both hands while driving 🤦🏻‍♀️ Someone take away this girl's car and license ASAP

    K BK B6 dager siden

    mira annmira ann6 dager siden
  • Can we talk about how bandi was driving with no hands on the wheel while looking at herself. Lmao distracted by herself the entire time like fuck

    Jinaya TJinaya T6 dager siden
  • “Once your hairs dead it’s dead forever” I literally told my hairdresser friend that and she says you can bring the health no 😂. It may look and feel better for a little while but she’s gone sis

    narutosinuyasha11narutosinuyasha116 dager siden
  • I've been contemplating myself as an auburn redhead (ignore the hair in my picture as I'm cosplaying as Ariel...) to do an ombre look and whether I should do my red to a black or do blonde cuz I like being ginger as I enjoy practically being a unicorn (or rare pokemon) but I would rather wait until salons are open cuz I have various colors going on in my Virgin hair and no doubt would eff it up but when some of these people manage to bleach/color and it looks decent, good on them! I would fail, hair falling out kind of failure

    Windy ScrivenWindy Scriven6 dager siden
  • 🤪❤️❤️❤️😘

    mayumi Vivasmayumi Vivas7 dager siden
  • I need instructions brad!! Red to blonde

    Karen SchultzKaren Schultz7 dager siden
  • The first girl looks and REALLY sounds like Jennifer Lawrence 😲

    Tita MartinezTita Martinez7 dager siden
  • 14:55 that girl is driving so much with her hands off the wheel it's giving me anxiety

    Stephanie MowryStephanie Mowry7 dager siden
  • People filming, looking at a camera, while driving a car. 😬

    Allison MBAllison MB8 dager siden
  • For the price of all that product you could literally go to a salon....

    Colton ButlerColton Butler9 dager siden
  • Brandy, please stop driving while showing your hair...scared here 😳😳

    Les CLes C9 dager siden
  • Do people not get if you go from blonde hair to red it will fade and you will end up with pink or orange hair talk to a hairdresser like Brad why do people not listen 👂 Brad you must want to smash that lap top watching these lol 🤣

    michelle odonnellmichelle odonnell10 dager siden
  • Help me, i dyed my hair red and i cannot remove it 😞 esp in my place there is no hair color remover so i color it brown many times and its still red also i tried the green but its not really good and now still red and its like a stain 😓 any suggestions pls thanks 🙏

    Hanna ZeeHanna Zee11 dager siden

    Jay ReidJay Reid11 dager siden
  • why did he sound like mickey mouse at 4:40 lmfao

    LysonedraLysonedra11 dager siden
  • Brad I need your energy around me every day

    Cats CsCats Cs11 dager siden
  • The ultimate I-will-never-do-myself thing is lightening my hair

    MeechMeech12 dager siden
  • LMaoooo brad look like he sells bibles in this video man.

    Emily KiewietEmily Kiewiet12 dager siden
  • Me watching this while dying my hair 👁👄👁

    Leslie Tripped on redLeslie Tripped on red12 dager siden
  • I really like your videos since... I don't really Know when but I've learnt a lot with your videos and I don't even speak english

    Jess JessJess Jess13 dager siden
  • Should people use semipermanent I’m instead of t-18 ?

    Chloe GaianChloe Gaian13 dager siden
  • 17:39 "looks like a damn brOOmstiCK 😁🤓🥴" lmaooo 😂

    Juliette MJuliette M13 dager siden
  • My at home bleach rule. If you think you need one, you better triple that lol

    Nobody LandersNobody Landers14 dager siden
  • no one: brad: can we talk about how great her hair looks me: can we talk about how she isn't paying attention to her driving at all AHHAHAH

    mizzi3mizzi314 dager siden
  • me going from red to blonde right now😳

    Breezyyy CBreezyyy C15 dager siden
  • Can we talk about how the second girl is DRIVING while fucking filming. Driving without hands on the wheel. Looking at the camera and her hair, not the road. Yikes

    EllisofiamEllisofiam15 dager siden
  • Look at that girl flipping her hair all over the place with her two hands, looking in the mirror and the lens. ...aaannndddd back to the steering wheel we go. 👏

    Amanda CAmanda C15 dager siden
  • Everyone who works at Sally’s always recommends T18 lol

    beverly poncebeverly ponce15 dager siden
  • Beige ok im gonna try the new blondme

    Paula WestPaula West15 dager siden
  • Ash for me as a natural blond NEVER !

    Paula WestPaula West15 dager siden
  • brad's shirt... is my whole-ass life

    billi boi killerbilli boi killer16 dager siden
  • I have been watching brad mondo so I know what toner is and I am 12

    Jessie StaleyJessie Staley16 dager siden
  • I need your help Brad 😣😣

    Jazdean BennettaJazdean Bennetta16 dager siden
  • * A damn BROOMSTICK

    Baby UnicornsBaby Unicorns16 dager siden
  • I truly love how much you poo-poo on T18 😂

    Hayley ArnoldHayley Arnold17 dager siden
  • i don't know about the us, but if brandi, was in the uk. she'd face jail time, for driving without due care and attention, and lose her license.

    jayne daviesjayne davies17 dager siden
  • Why is it always t18 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I think brads worst nightmare would be someone bleaching his hair with box bleach, putting box dye on then using t18 to tone it

    T ErhhhT Erhhh17 dager siden
  • Can you do a natural redhair video??

    Abby SandersAbby Sanders17 dager siden
  • Watching these fuck up vids like been there done that 🙃

    Libby ElwickLibby Elwick18 dager siden
  • This is ptsd from when I dyed my hair from a level 9 to a level 6 red and hated it tried to go back blonde. Took about 3 weeks. I tried removing the color without bleach as much as possible so I used a color remover and then kept using baking soda and clarifying shampoo until a lot of it came out then I did a very mild 3 minute bleach wash to knock out the last of that color (this was over the course of 2 weeks btw) it was obviously warm so I toned it with redken toners. Looks like my natural hair isn’t really damaged just a bit dry. Be patient take it slow, not everything has to be done in one day

    A.MarieA.Marie18 dager siden
  • I’ve been blonde for 10 years and I hate t18 it always leaves purple in my hair. Even if on for 3 mins it is a instant purple. I went to ion brilliance colors 💕

    Silver CierraSilver Cierra18 dager siden
  • I had red hair for 9 years. It took me a full year to go from red to my natural light brown without having my hair fall out. The red would not come out, it does not help that I have 3b curls. So between multiple professional bleach sessions and haircuts I'm finally my natural color. Red hair is a serious commitment, upkeep is terrible and its very hard to get out safely. Most women I know didn't have my patience and just shaved their head. So before you dye it red know its a SERIOUS commitment.

    Jessie RayJessie Ray18 dager siden
  • I've learned alot from Brad. Things like: stoppppp lathering the bleach, DO NOT TOUCH T18, and just go to the salon. Me: Lathering bleach, not going to the salon, not even using a toner just bleaching the living shit out of my hair

    Cheyenna GaertnerCheyenna Gaertner18 dager siden
  • the girl filming WHILE driving gave me so much anxiety

    Rashi NarayanRashi Narayan19 dager siden
  • I did this the other day and turned my hair orange 😭😂 but it looks good

    The Queen Of AsmrThe Queen Of Asmr19 dager siden
  • The first girl sounds like Jennifer Lawrence

    Familie ShunkFamilie Shunk19 dager siden
  • 1:57 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he’s such a bitch

    MylzeeejsMylzeeejs20 dager siden
  • It’s ESPECIALLY hard when your a NATRAL red head

    Kailyn &leilaKailyn &leila20 dager siden
  • Actually I have trouble with my midsections lightening also. Its annoying

    Deseree SilveyDeseree Silvey20 dager siden
  • That girl talking abt her hair while driving made me so nervous every time she took her hands off the wheel and looked into the camera for too long lmao

    ellie bunnieellie bunnie20 dager siden
  • Can we talk about her self driving car? Looks like it's on auto pilot! Cool

    CC The Fashion YorkieCC The Fashion Yorkie21 dag siden
  • Omgoodnesss.....shes a back yard chicken.....😲

  • first girl giving me jennifer lawrence vibes with blonde hair

    Meghan CrowleyMeghan Crowley21 dag siden
  • I half expected Brandy to crash lol

    Krafty KarrizzmaKrafty Karrizzma22 dager siden
  • Does anyone know where i can get his shirt? It’s driving me crazy how no one is talking about it!!! 😭

    NeonG-OreNeonG-Ore22 dager siden
  • It’s the BAYANNG

    CYMONE !CYMONE !22 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo we need a video on what toners to use for all types of colors

    Mi AmorMi Amor22 dager siden
  • I love your bangs. 🥰

    ricki-leah grant-hosericki-leah grant-hose23 dager siden
  • Sending u so much love from Romania are loved by millions around earth

    tina mariatina maria23 dager siden
  • I went from red to blonde and it turned out a pink color and my step brother called me strawberry shortcake for ever.

    Sierrah SharpSierrah Sharp23 dager siden
  • Lol bitches thinking their hair is light enough to use T18 😂😂😂 my ends have been lvl 11 having it done professionally every few months and even then I didn’t use T18 to tone. My ends are currently 8 and T14 works really well for me it makes it a pretty light grey

    Yo MamaYo Mama23 dager siden
  • Wish the second girl would actually look at the road when she is driving, and not use both hands to play with her hair ....while driving.

    Emma MillsEmma Mills23 dager siden
  • so, basically, I've wanted to split-dye my hair for soooo long. I have very dark brown hair, it's healthy and thick, never been treated or dyed before, and has little to no heat damage. what would you recommend for procedures, products, a price estimate, etc? I recently started watching your videos and got really excited, and I wanna make sure I get it right. :))

    Klondike BarKlondike Bar24 dager siden
  • As soon as I heard the coconut OIL before bleaching I rolled my eyes

    AnalchexmixAnalchexmix25 dager siden
  • I know he hates a wella toner is it all of them or just t-18? (I have a lot of allergies and my SkinSafe app says the only toner im not allergic to is t-11 and I just wanna make sure I do it right)

    Ashley CrittendenAshley Crittenden26 dager siden
  • The last girl looks like me....... 😶

    Katie GroomsKatie Grooms26 dager siden
  • I literally just used t14 today and I love it :))

    Stephanie ReppStephanie Repp26 dager siden
  • every time that girl let go of the wheel to mess around with her hair and stared into the camera I was just like !!!!! EYES ON THE ROAD !!!!!

    haylz4000haylz400027 dager siden
  • The main thing I noticed when Brandi was filming the blond was that she was driving around with no hands and without looking at the road because she was so busy filming her hair 😱😱😱

    AustraliAnnie VlogsAustraliAnnie Vlogs27 dager siden
  • I love how brad hypes them up threw the camera

    Kristyn _ MKristyn _ M27 dager siden
  • My hair is brown yet bleached pink helppop

    Victoria SarmientoVictoria Sarmiento27 dager siden
  • "T18 Needs to Stop" -Starring Brad Mondo

    Abby GailAbby Gail27 dager siden
  • The girl doing the reckless driving is incredibly irresponsible jesus christ

    what everwhat ever28 dager siden
  • Plot Twist : they just want the orange look of their president .

    ells 2304ells 230429 dager siden
  • Do you guys think color remover would work for the henna on my hair?

    şeymaşeyma29 dager siden
  • Brad please reply I need help so I dyed my hair dark brown with my natural hair dirty blonde I didn’t realize the brown hair dye I used has red undertones in it so I dyed it darker but you can still see it how can get the red out?!❤️❤️

    journie williamsjournie williamsMåned siden
  • I have burgundy shadow roots with silver/purple, I'm wanting to change my hair super bad so I'm doing a test strand so I don't absolutely ruin my hair

    Jade's GamingJade's GamingMåned siden
  • I watch this only for commentary purposes. He is really funny and sweet.

    Alexandria YoungAlexandria YoungMåned siden
  • Lol I should’ve recorded my sister doing literal magic on my hair. I had it red and then dyed black on top and somehow she got it to a pretty decent blonde at home, and when I decided I didn’t like blonde she got my hair to a pretty ashy brown like my natural hair color and it hasn’t been dyed since. I would maybe get a blonde balayage done but I’m nervous someone will ruin my hair lol. I need someone as talented as Brad Mondo ❤️

    Aly HarrisAly HarrisMåned siden

    Lydia SmithLydia SmithMåned siden
  • It’s stressing me that she’s driving with her hands off the wheel

    Lydia SmithLydia SmithMåned siden
  • I live for Brad’s reactions 😭

    Lydia SmithLydia SmithMåned siden
  • Bought t18 for nothing

    Eloisa CassellEloisa CassellMåned siden
  • If you don't know what you're doing hire a pro. If you don't know what you're doing hire a pro. If you know you're not a pro and don't want it to show if you don't know what you're doing hire a pro.

    Amber HeimbachAmber HeimbachMåned siden