Hairdresser Reacts To Girl Melting Her Hair Off With Bleach

17. nov.. 2019
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Hi Beautiful! Woah, this girls having a MELT DOWN. A hair one! Don't try this at home!


  • That hair is botched hunnayy

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo11 måneder siden
    • gacha bubblegum shadow Brad’s hair? Brad’s hair is the opposite of ugly.

      EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!10 dager siden
    • Your hair fricken looks so UGLY🗣️🗣️

      gacha bubblegum shadowgacha bubblegum shadow10 dager siden
    • BeThane

      Cody Petruzzelli-MartinezCody Petruzzelli-Martinez12 dager siden
    • 😂

      EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!14 dager siden
    • Hii

      Kobobble PlayzKobobble Playz23 dager siden
  • Omg love this and you

    Aa adventures OkAa adventures Ok20 timer siden
  • your hair cream stuff came out on my birthday-

    ElliElliDag siden
  • Watching this video made me realize what my stupid ass could have done with my hair, still don't regret a thing though :)

    Shit HappensShit Happens3 dager siden
  • Brad you are one of the most entertaining person to watch. I absolutely love your videos ❣️. I am a fan for sure. Stay well and keep these videos coming.

    Robin BootsRobin Boots3 dager siden
  • Its always the people with black hair..

    Lauren YsidroLauren Ysidro3 dager siden
  • Oh Brad.... You’d probably smack the shot out of me because I’ve butchered my hair repeatedly for years not giving a single crap. It’s a good thing I’ve never recorded it. 💀 But I use your tips to the best of my ability. 😭😭💀😂

    Soulless AngelSoulless Angel3 dager siden
  • Me an Indian: Namaste to you too Brad

    Shay CharatoShay Charato4 dager siden
  • Seems like I'm the only Indian fan who screamed after hearing 'namaste'

  • يمه قلبي عورني

    سارة السبيعيسارة السبيعي4 dager siden
  • Just love the hand movements with his reactions 😂👌

    kelly moonkelly moon6 dager siden
  • He looks like Zayn with a shave head

    Loved By YouLoved By You7 dager siden
  • You need a shirt that reads: Bleach does not lather

    April McPherson-VanRaalteApril McPherson-VanRaalte7 dager siden
  • Me watching this in the living room ad I love sex I hate having my period my mom bouts kill me

    Niliany DiazNiliany Diaz8 dager siden
  • his reactions are gold. 😂😂✨

    Ania.GAnia.G8 dager siden
  • Omg... I wasn't prepared for that Namaste I was eating food and I got chocked

    Ananya SamsiAnanya Samsi9 dager siden
  • Namaste sounds cute from from India

    Ananya ChoudhuryAnanya Choudhury10 dager siden
  • All I can think about is that scene in baby mama where she says "who falls asleep with a curling iron in their hair!?" like...who falls asleep with bleach in their hair?

    MaryJo McClernonMaryJo McClernon10 dager siden
  • Brad have you heard of ‘singeing’. In the past it was believed that hair bled when cut, so they would singe the ends with a match to cauterise. I have my mothers 1950’s Hair manual, I so wish you could see it. X

    Limara64Limara6410 dager siden
  • I have the same problem with the two my hair falls out

    Angela FoxAngela Fox10 dager siden
  • I just started watching and have to comment already - kinda like you have to pause the video to comment, too, Brad. I get you!! I JUST SAW THE 40 volume developer and already, I’m thinking this - look, 40 volume is... is fine in certain situations if need be and stuff but... but no. I used to use 40 volume all the time until I realized that it shouldn’t REALLLYYY exist unless you’ve got some strong as* hair and you’re doing it quickly, which again, shouldn’t be done but it works, okay. I can agree with that. But to lighten the hair, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing 30 volume and taking a bit longer and maybe having to go in with 20-30 later. All of these people have extremely dark hair, and they just dive in with 40 volume. I have naturally dark ashy blonde hair - so when I use 40 volume on my roots or anything, it’s VERY quick so that not too much damage is done. And my hair turns really quickly, but of course I’m always going for platinum (but I haven’t had platinum for years now) it just shouldn’t be used in a haste like this.

    Kaitlyn VargasKaitlyn Vargas10 dager siden
  • I mean i get it, we used to bleach a portion (mostly bangs) during highscool summer vacations and dye it with crazy colors. But as a woman in her 30 s with an office job, that kind of home bleaching gives me shivers.

    özde Demirözde Demir10 dager siden
  • To Brad : I'm laughing at your reactions 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I understand your frustrations of these people their "mistakes" For me I'm just watching like they are "fools" ...

    Alexandria Elony ONG 瀇渃Alexandria Elony ONG 瀇渃10 dager siden
  • Agreed with you Brad ! Expensive bleach powder with cheap peroxide is = 👎🏻 And OMG !! How could the girl fell asleep with the bleach on her hair for 4 hours ??!! Wow !! .... This Is Crazy !! No wonder everything went on to soooooo wrong ! First mistake, the bleaching powder is too much, peroxide / developer too little, totally not balancing. Second mistake, 4 hours the bleach on hair ?! Gosh .... I have no words to say. Damp right Brad ! To people out there, is either you do it correctly or You Just Don't Do It At All. I'd leave my comments on one of your video. If someone wanna bleach their hair, is either they get a box type of bleach that comes with everything or the powder bleach and a peroxide / developer. Schwartzkopf also have the complete box bleach with the complete set of: 1x 50ml tube Bleaching Cream, 1x 50ml bottle Peroxide, 1x 20gm sachet Bleach Powder, 1x pair of hand gloves 1x 22.5ml packet of Conditioner (for after wash use). The product's name is Schwartzkopf Professional Quality Color Blonde Bleach OmegaPlex, comes in several shades of bleaching tones and volumes. Ranging from maximum strength of bleaching power: L1++ Bleach: ' Up to 9 levels of lift', Intensive Blond Super Plus. L101 Bleach: 'Up to 8 levels of lift', Silver Blonde. L1+ Bleach: 'Up to 8 levels of lift', Extreme Lightener. L1 Bleach: ' Up to 7 levels of lift', Ice Blond shade. M1 Bleach: 'Up to 6 levels of lift', Super Strands. M2 Bleach: 'Up to 4 levels of lift', Medium Slingor. M3 + Bleach: 'Up to 6 levels of lift', Easy Stands. M3 Bleach: 'Up to 5 levels of lift', Easy Strands. F1 Bleach: 'Up to 6 levels of lift', Feather Balayage. These range of Schwartzkopf Professional Quality Color Blonde is with Oil - Powered Lightening with OmegaPlex, professional anti breakage technology and strengthens micro-bonds inside hair fiber against damage, up to 80% less breakage and anti yellow effects. If anyone asking which brand of bleach powder is good, I'd said try out the Schwartzkopf Professional Igora Vario Blond "Extra Power Up" or "Super Plus" bleach powder (450gm / 15.08oz. tin packing) with it's peroxide - Schwartzkopf Professional Igora Royal Developer / Peroxide (1000ml / bottle packing), either 6% = 20 Volume or 9% = 30 Volume. If anyone is unsure about how these Schwartzkopf's items look like and for further information, use Google key in the product's words. You'll see the images of these products and all the information(s). That's how I preferred to do hair bleaching, is best using the same brand's products together. It's not really recommended to buy X brand of expensive / good bleaching powder and use another X brand of cheap quality peroxide / developer. That's how results turn out to be so different or bad quality. And I totally agreed on Brad, maximum % or volume of peroxide / developer to use with either bleaching or coloring, best is up to 9% = 30 volume is more than enough. 12% = 40 volume will turn out to be extremely drying and for fragile hair type, you'll gonna have damaged hair.

    Alexandria Elony ONG 瀇渃Alexandria Elony ONG 瀇渃10 dager siden
  • mvtilatedwhite isa great band name

    veronica sawyerveronica sawyer11 dager siden
  • Her hair look like a mop

    Laila ColonLaila Colon12 dager siden
  • Brad is a little to much

    Tanvi NarkarTanvi Narkar12 dager siden
  • wait wait I use the same products as the guy in the 2nd video! BW2 and salon care 20 volume to bleach my roots..yes I've noticed its a really strong bleach bc I only need to leave it on for 15 minutes to get the desired lift haha but why did Brad kinda imply it wasn't good to use? obviously this guy shouldn't have used it on his already lightened hair but on brown virgin hair i assume its okay??

    Sara ReitzelSara Reitzel12 dager siden
  • Brad I have been subscribed to you sice 2016/17, you're amazing. I swear I've seen all your videos. You are always so funny & informational. You're the best LOVE AND GOOD VIBES

    M YoungM Young12 dager siden
  • I'm am going to take your tip from all your previous video review and try my red again. Look out for me on the Gram😍

    Tia TaylorTia Taylor12 dager siden
  • Namaste was so good to hear 💖Lots of love from ur videos 🌈✨

    K-pop WorldK-pop World13 dager siden
    • Was searching for this 😇. ..I'm from India too.. nd loveee him

  • People bleaching their hair once and it falls out... girl I’ve bleached my at least 4 times now and she’s still doing great

    kylie sheldrakekylie sheldrake14 dager siden
  • I am horrified. What did I just watched? 💀😭

    Paige YinPaige Yin14 dager siden
  • I think that Brad is the Gordon Ramsay of hair but nicer

    Y e eY e e15 dager siden
  • Me: *dying my dark blond hair for 3-4 years now and seeing those fails* noooooo...why are u doing this!! Oh gods rdyfjvjfy5dyjyfu 😢😭😭😭😱😖

    Mochi PandacMochi Pandac15 dager siden
  • 6:48

    Lizzie Plays!Lizzie Plays!15 dager siden
  • 5:28

    Lizzie Plays!Lizzie Plays!15 dager siden
  • Namaste! ♡♡♡♡♡

    JK SINGHJK SINGH15 dager siden
  • Soo sorry brqd mondo

    pretty girlpretty girl15 dager siden
  • i literally watch your videos before i bleach and color my hair

    Pluto WilliamPluto William16 dager siden
  • Hey Brad! I'm a long time fan of YOU & your haircare line! 💖 I have used several of your products & love them! Pretty much everything I know about haircare, bleaching, etc. I learned from your videos! I WISHHH you could do my hair, but since I live in ATL, that's not likely 😔 BUT I was hoping you could do the next best thing & give me some advice. In this video in particular, your hair is that amazing pure white blonde that I have not been able to achieve without any grey tones. My hair is currently around a level 10. The problem I have is it either tones too much = greyish, or not enough= yellowish. SO! I really want either pure white blonde OR if that's not achievable... A pearl or vanilla blonde. I just really don't like the grey look on me. I was hoping you could recommend a toner to get that white blonde you have. The Manic Panic toner in "Virgin Snow" has gotten me pretty close, but let's just say it doesn't live up to it's name. ❄️ LoL Also, any recommendations for pearl blonde & vanilla blonde toners? I'm pretty sure a vanilla tone usually refers to a slightly golden blonde... I usually prefer ashy tones, but I would rather have a slight golden tone than an overly ashy tone that looks grey. I would really appreciate your expert opinion, & I'm sure you're super busy, but I'm hoping I'll hear back from you! Thanks Brad! 💙🤍💙•°Much LuV °•💙🤍💙

    Liana Rodrigues-AlmeidaLiana Rodrigues-Almeida17 dager siden
  • I got a sad hair story for you sir. So went to my aunts niece. My uncle is blood she is through marriage. So she went to beauty school she does my aunts hair. She has soft thin hair. I told her I have thick, course, long to my hips dark brown almost black hair. She said okay wash your hair the day before with apple cider vinegar and dont put conditioner. I thought nothing of it I was like she know what she doing little did she forget my hair is long usually long hair does get lighter towards the end. Idk my hair needed a haircut or something. But i guess she already mixed the bleach cuz she combed out my hair and she said... oh... like okay? I just wanted the ombre it was gonna be burgundy cuz that was the color then. Ok so idk what developer she used but it was saturated she cover my hair with the plastic cap and sat me under the hair heater/drier then continues to say "ehe idk how this works" and sets it to idk and goes to do my aunts hair. She doesn't check it every 10 mins and I just sit there and my head starts to feel really hot... yep... the plastic cap is heating up my head. Burns the back of my head I get a blister. I get up and start crying she just like okay imma rinse it out now.(Btw she rents a spot at a salon where it looks like it's mostly old white ladies that go there...) so we rinse it out with cold water cuz of my head... and it is almost platinum and falling out... I just wanted to get up and go home... but no because my aunt was my ride... anyway she sat me outside cuz it was taking so long to dry... duh. Then eventually blow dried it and dyed it the wrong shade, tone of burgundy. My aunt was done but my mom was able to get me I was like okay I'm out paid the bitch... dk why i did but I just paid her like 80 bucks.. idk if that was cheap "family" discount or expensive. I got home told my mom what happened and it was dead my hair felt like straw. My mom who went to beauty school decades ago. Actually did that for a very long time and was very good at hair anything. She cut my hair as much of the dead hair as possible before I started looking like Dora. We went to get all the good expensive hair masks to save myself from having a bob... and never went back to her ever again! And from now I will either go to the salon or have my mom do it lol.

    Melissa ChavarriaMelissa Chavarria17 dager siden
  • I legit have tears running down my face from laughing so hard at your expressions and reactions!

    Carmen MendezCarmen Mendez18 dager siden
  • Omg this is literally what happened to my hair it's stringy and dead and I hate it. I don't know what to do..I haven't dyed my hair in bout a month now but it's still stringy 😩

    Shae BugggShae Buggg20 dager siden
  • The guy's hair reminded me of prince charming from shrek

    HildaHilda21 dag siden
  • Whenever I'm bored I'm like what can i do to my hair?

    Ni naNi na21 dag siden
  • I don't know why but their level of ignorence makes my blood boil

    Yana YanoYana Yano21 dag siden
  • How tf does this go so badly for people? I legit used hair color remover, bleached my hair, bleached it again, put hair dye in it that ended up not staying, and then dyed it red in about 24 hours and my hair is still mad healthy

    Daddy ErwinDaddy Erwin21 dag siden
  • ‘’mutilated white” 💀😂😩

    maddiemarlenemakeupmaddiemarlenemakeup22 dager siden
  • Glad i knew brad mondo

    eshey abellareshey abellar22 dager siden
  • Holy shit that fox news logo surprised and made me laugh so hard i legit sprayed detangler right into my mouth on accident lol

    mycatstolemypizzatodaymycatstolemypizzatoday22 dager siden
  • I feel sorry for he’s skin after that! 😭

    Mollie WyeMollie Wye23 dager siden
  • Hi brad I want you to give me hair products pls

    Jeylinn ContrerasJeylinn Contreras23 dager siden
  • It’s 6:00AM and I just woke up and I can still hear brad mondo screaming♥︎

    minixsepminixsep23 dager siden
  • Everytime I get the itch to break out the bleach I watch Brad Mondo and I remember when I melted my bangs off with bleach. Then I find a new project to keep myself busy.

    Sarah CraverSarah Craver23 dager siden
  • And finally she lifted her brain😱

    Susan BambergerSusan Bamberger23 dager siden
  • Wow thanks you have conviced me not to die my hair at home thank you so much

    Haylee RobertsHaylee Roberts24 dager siden
  • The second video nearly gave Brad a mental breakdown...

    MissKeewieMissKeewie25 dager siden
  • *brad mondos soul has left the chat. @ 19:30

    Megan ShephardMegan Shephard25 dager siden
  • ong.. brad mondo while watching this guy is hilarious. it’s a mood.

    Megan ShephardMegan Shephard25 dager siden
  • "yo why are your roots like PISS YELLOW?" .. i fucking died at this point

    Sammiiannn 99Sammiiannn 9925 dager siden
  • I used that red hair box dye (in 2018). My hair was a dark blond with highlights, and it made it Ariel red ^^ thank god for overtone because the fade out would have been a terrible phase

    KujasUltimaKujasUltima25 dager siden
  • You are hilarious 😂

    Chasity’s ArtistryChasity’s Artistry26 dager siden
  • Hey Brad I just wanted to say that.. I love your eyes. ❤

    CR47 父 SWAGIECR47 父 SWAGIE26 dager siden
  • People who have no knowledge about these chemicals will learn the hard way.

    Rachel LynnRachel Lynn27 dager siden
  • That first girl is wild.. Good lord.

    Taylor SawyersTaylor Sawyers27 dager siden
  • I think brad mondo should take a break he getting to much stress and anxiety from these videos (me to though, my watch told me to breathe)

    Tealishwolfie AestheticsTealishwolfie Aesthetics27 dager siden
  • When his eyes go from blue to brown

    Zee ZeroZee Zero27 dager siden
  • Fn

    Tee TimeTee Time27 dager siden
  • She shouldve brought a 20 developer since she have stuff in her hair

    shawna Damamishawna Damami27 dager siden
  • Namaste Brad

    Vishal RautVishal Raut27 dager siden
  • Those aren't kitchen scissors those are grade school scissors

    Killa JayKilla Jay28 dager siden
  • The change of expression at 9:02😂😂😂

    Harshita KaushikHarshita Kaushik28 dager siden
  • 0:01 namasteee...!!! Love from india ❤️

    Ginni_08 _08Ginni_08 _0828 dager siden
  • if i EVER decide to bleach my own hair you best believe i’m watching EVERY SINGLE hairdresser reacts to bleach- video before hand

    baby shay & vegan gracebaby shay & vegan grace29 dager siden
  • How does green hair look good! He looks like a Granny Smith apple! Lmao!!

    Salt life s SSalt life s S29 dager siden
  • 😳

    Sherry Corra/McKenzieSherry Corra/McKenzieMåned siden
  • I didn't even know there was 40 vol 🤣

    Rose RayRose RayMåned siden
  • Me watching brad mondo at 3 am: Eyes: burnt Feeling: bad for these people Tired?: yes Sleep: wtf is that? Hotel: Trivago

    Aundrea BaggetteAundrea BaggetteMåned siden
  • No Brad you are not being mean

    Terri BerryTerri BerryMåned siden
  • I thought Brad was gonna cry

    Terri BerryTerri BerryMåned siden
  • When he paused it with her face all weird and her 3 fingers up.....looked like some crazy ass gang sign 😂😂😂😂😂 *LOVE YOU BRAD MONDO!!*

    KlassyKateKlassyKateMåned siden
  • I am cringing so much from pain!!

    Rochelle LloydRochelle LloydMåned siden
  • My friend once melted her hair off in a burger king bathroom with a thing of clorox bleach while on the phone with me.

    Megan BreslinMegan BreslinMåned siden
  • im going to do the same thing like the first girl in her hair ( if I could) and then I would let my mom be convinced to cut it hehe

    S A M A A L S H A M S IS A M A A L S H A M S IMåned siden
  • YOU DONT FALL ASLEEP WITH CHEMICALS IN YOUR HAIR!!! That really took me out....

    dyna sandyna sanMåned siden
  • who wants brad to do their hair for them?😂 btw september 2020? i wanna go back to 2019😭😂

    Celine PhamCeline PhamMåned siden
  • Luis' eyes are so amazing with the new blue/ blue- green. 😍 Total save.

    Emily TwispEmily TwispMåned siden
  • How is this girl even smart enough to upload a video onto the internet?? this is what I am wondering

    Manda MandaManda MandaMåned siden
  • When Brad said "How are you doin' ?" I tought He was gonna give me a hug..🥺 Sweet

    Hamel It's meHamel It's meMåned siden
  • @mondo I love this look on you

    Raven TaylorRaven TaylorMåned siden
  • At 6:56 why did she have to dye it? IT LOOKED SOO GOOD LIKE THAT

    Yordanos TesfaiYordanos TesfaiMåned siden
    • Baeblade you are trash it’s cute and it’s my opinion

      Yordanos TesfaiYordanos TesfaiMåned siden
    • please tht ish looked trashy af

      BaebladeBaebladeMåned siden
  • you know what’s crazy? i box dyed my hair red for 3 years. i went BLACK, BOX DYE BLACK. FUCKIN BLEACHED IT AND WENT BLUE AND GREEN, BLEACHED IT AGAIN, and then went ELECTRIC B L U E, ALL AT HOMEEE and i went to the salon the other day to get my hair cut and my stylist said my hair must love me, bc the shit i put it through it should’ve fallen out. it’s soft and strong. i don’t understand how people fuck it up so bad.

    s o d i u m i n t a k es o d i u m i n t a k eMåned siden
  • How do you fall asleep with bleach (or anything) on your hair? You had to put something down so you didn’t get it anywhere? Why would you risk that!? You knew what you were doing..

    Spencer AllegraSpencer AllegraMåned siden
  • Watching fails while bleaching my hair myself :S

    Marlene GomezMarlene GomezMåned siden
  • I need a nap after that first one. girl, when she picked up that red box dye, I was done

    JasmineJasmineMåned siden
  • That's painfull.

    Malwina PostaremczakMalwina PostaremczakMåned siden
  • Omg I think these are my new favorite videos to watch!! 😂

    M SoloM SoloMåned siden
  • Im so glad that if i ever want to dye my hair i dont need to because my hair is already super blonde (natural blonde, i was born with super blonde hair)

    chisato shirasagichisato shirasagiMåned siden
  • I 💜 watching your videos TY 😘

    Heaven's CallingHeaven's CallingMåned siden