Hairdresser Reacts To E-Girl Hair Color Transformations

5. april. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! I girls are known to have the coolest hair color. The girls I watched today did not disappoint.
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  • I’m wanna be an e-girl

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo6 måneder siden
    • me too

      angel ♡angel ♡18 dager siden
    • ❤️🤍🖤 U should be 1

      Itz_pandalife And Itz_charliItz_pandalife And Itz_charli2 måneder siden
    • 😂

      MøøñPēlt WhītēMøøñPēlt Whītē2 måneder siden
    • Brad Mondo I feel a new style coming up!

      Gracie MiddletonGracie Middleton2 måneder siden
    • Made I 500 comments

      Mina Al BahhashMina Al Bahhash3 måneder siden
  • Jet black is referring to the black rock

    PinkPink7 timer siden
  • 1:16 "are you like a rhymologist?" so... a poet? lmao

    Otra Chica de InternetOtra Chica de InternetDag siden
  • React to a boys bying hair

    Tagjr GilbertTagjr GilbertDag siden
  • back in school we used to call this rogue the x-men rogue...

    Tory BischoneTory BischoneDag siden
  • I wonder whats his sign

    majestic phoenixmajestic phoenixDag siden
  • I look like an E-Girl - my bangs are on both sides and are lighter then the rest of my hair -, and it’s all natural

    Dani GachaAnnoyingDani GachaAnnoyingDag siden
  • ok but me wanting to bleach my bangs has nothing to do with egirls, it’s bc 7yr old me saw some X-Men cartoons and 12yrs later I still stan Rogue 😭

    heristrashheristrash2 dager siden
  • Isnt the 2nd girl the 1 girl from blonde to blue? Brad said she looked 12 to a grown ass woman. I think it's the same girl.

    jackie bjackie b3 dager siden
  • Jet is a black stone hence jet black x

    Catherine MorrisonCatherine Morrison3 dager siden
  • Me watching this having e girl hair but being blonde 🤔

    Billy NunBilly Nun3 dager siden
  • I'm still living for these videos I swear I did this style in highschool as a emo/scene girl I can't remember the actual terms there was a slight difference between the two 😂

    DoOmKiTTy 95DoOmKiTTy 953 dager siden
  • lol just got pink dye im doing this tmr

    alyssa .alyssa .3 dager siden
  • The last girl doesn't even stop to breathe. She's going on in one breath... 🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Arpita ChatterjeeArpita Chatterjee3 dager siden
  • I used quick blue on my hair a year ago and it didn’t work very well but I used the 30 volume and I had bleached it a few times before

    Kate MettKate Mett3 dager siden
  • For anyone wondering: Jet black comes from a mineraloid called jet and it's very black

    Imma LizardImma Lizard3 dager siden
  • Watching your videos because I want to dye my dark brown hair pink but I don’t wanna damage it

    Joyce MeloJoyce Melo4 dager siden
  • Currently in the middle of dyeing my hair like an e girl for a video I’m going to tag you in on tiktok

    AngieAderAngieAder4 dager siden
  • I was binging you videos Brad and i’m cringing at the stirring of the lightener with the sectioning end of the tint brush!👅👅

    Spencer StevensSpencer Stevens4 dager siden
  • i did this last night...

    lenova xlenova x4 dager siden
  • My sister did this and she turned ranger in her front 😬😬😬 (dw she fixed itt!!!!)

    Evie WatsonEvie Watson5 dager siden
  • Bitch of the bitches

    Bailey TullyBailey Tully6 dager siden
    • Tell your mum to love you..... bitch

      Jade KendraJade Kendra2 timer siden
  • Bitch

    Bailey TullyBailey Tully6 dager siden
  • Bitch

    Bailey TullyBailey Tully6 dager siden
  • Ok here is the thing not everyone can by that bougie hair die like you so I used box die and my hair is perfectly fine so stop bitch

    Bailey TullyBailey Tully6 dager siden
  • Omg the second girl would also look soo good if her whole head was that color🥰!!

    abreezyyabreezyy6 dager siden
  • Jet is a semi precious stone... That is a very dark glossy black colour 😋

    The Vargr SystemThe Vargr System6 dager siden
  • I love that 3rd girl so much lmaoooo

    Sally BowlesSally Bowles7 dager siden
  • can confirm airpods are not dye resistant. don’t have your dyed blue hair wet with your airpods in

    _.marriissaa_.marriissaa7 dager siden
    • Girl-

      Airene AhujaAirene Ahuja5 dager siden
  • Am i the only one that has never done anything to their hair, and doesn’t want to, but still watches Brad’s vids?

    C DennyC Denny7 dager siden
  • Brad mondo :E-girls everywhere are watching brad mondo Me, an E-girl: facts bro

    Momma BearMomma Bear7 dager siden
  • My gothic self sitting here with egirl hair like 👁👄👁

    Alyssa RAlyssa R7 dager siden
  • Lol we were doing this in the 90's it's not new and we used to call it the flash you kids think you come up with everything

    Amanda LafleurAmanda Lafleur8 dager siden
    • Nobody said Gen Z created it so....

      BrendaBrenda7 dager siden
  • omg he's like my spirit animal bahaha. just his reactions to things. Brad Mondo, can we be friends? 🥺👉👈😂

    Lucy LovesickLucy Lovesick8 dager siden
  • I actually dyed my hair like this and it actually worked (surprisingly) and I didn't do the roots first

    oi Felix here's your ramenoi Felix here's your ramen9 dager siden
  • "I wonder how many people I just offended, idk, idgaf"- brad

    Margaret DicksonMargaret Dickson9 dager siden
  • what color would look good for an e-girl hairstyle on red hair? help I rlly wanna try it🙈

    Rozalia GruszczyńskaRozalia Gruszczyńska9 dager siden
  • Omg lol I literally just did my hair like this😊I didn't know it was an E girl thing haha I'm not an e girl

    Jessica RogelJessica Rogel9 dager siden
  • the second video..... the rootsss

    Krystal RoseKrystal Rose10 dager siden
  • at this point I really just need to know where he buys his clothes 😂

    Caitlyn DuthuCaitlyn Duthu10 dager siden
  • They look like skunks with the strip hair in front

    Alea GAlea G10 dager siden
  • I burnt my tongue

    EmmyEmmy11 dager siden
  • 5:10 made me laugh so I’m pointing it out to you fellow brad mondo fans

    GryffinclawGryffinclaw11 dager siden
  • Jet is a black gemstone

    Sam TyersSam Tyers11 dager siden
  • Lol I dyed my hair like this in 2010.

    ExtraE 90ExtraE 9011 dager siden
  • Brad @ 9:05 saying "I think that is a SOLID concept." is everything for me.

    Emma LenarEmma Lenar11 dager siden
  • Brad talking about foil techniques at 17:00 is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen omg

    TeasBlogTeasBlog11 dager siden
  • i’m just going to say it, i love tired brad

    jo princejo prince11 dager siden
  • I find that keraplex works better than olaplex

    Nace PalyNace Paly12 dager siden
  • i swear the whole vireo was confused on brads shirt!!!!

    Chelsea HodgeChelsea Hodge12 dager siden
  • Jet Black is from a gemstone that's pure black called Jet. There's a lot of it in the north east coast of England, and Whitby, the place that inspired Dracula, is famous for their Jet jewelry. I got a jet necklace from there years ago.

    Brave At HeartBrave At Heart13 dager siden
  • one thing I do not understand is when people wear airpods like it's an accessory

    CaspiaCaspia13 dager siden
    • I think she is using them as a microphone 🤷🏼‍♀️

      sasha ramasasha rama12 dager siden
  • You probably have learned about jet by now, but just in case: jet is a mineral that is deep black. It was used to make crucifixes on the 17th and 18th centuries sometimes not only for its beauty, but because jet was known to burn a witch's skin. Jet + Jesus = double ouchy for hexxy people.

    Becky Dawn ShupeBecky Dawn Shupe13 dager siden
    • *in Damn it.

      Becky Dawn ShupeBecky Dawn Shupe13 dager siden
  • Some of these videos make me so angry so I feel Brads pain and I’m not even a hair stylist

    Tanya SoumbasakisTanya Soumbasakis13 dager siden
  • 💚💗

    charlotte portercharlotte porter14 dager siden
  • Honestly if he did just fall asleep and let the videos play I’d still watch

    Tired PeachTired Peach14 dager siden
  • I seriously think i can be a hairdresser after watching like 100 of your videos

    Sienna PasterkampSienna Pasterkamp14 dager siden
  • Do McKenzie Marie

    Princess MiaPrincess Mia14 dager siden
  • Hey can you make it to the end Not close at all! Close to half way Half way Almost Super close!! I am glad you made it! Just wanna say you look STUNNING today!! ❤️

    S h a t a k s h iS h a t a k s h i14 dager siden
  • You should react to tabetha salon take over

    troebeliewoeptroebeliewoep14 dager siden
  • 19:35 He died

    Timber WolfTimber Wolf14 dager siden
  • You are really rude sometimes BRAD!

    Harper BerryHarper Berry15 dager siden
  • My hair dresser gave me this hair 4 years ago (I was 9) calling it, “the money piece” and I got it in purple. I had it for like 3 years and it was my signature look ig (that’s what my friends always said) sometimes I even thought it looked weird cause no one else had it...And then my mom told me to grow it out, so I did. AND THEN when it grew out it became a trend, I am not trying to gatekeep cause I find it great that people are doing this but now I can’t get it because of covid-19 😭

    Loretta CLoretta C15 dager siden
    • @Faedraelina That's not what I meant, there's no need to attack me, I was saying that I had it when I was little and now when it got popular I grew it out and I'm sad that I did lmao

      Loretta CLoretta C7 dager siden
    • gate keep? you were 9 lmao this style has been around far before you were born

      FaedraelinaFaedraelina13 dager siden
  • I’m dye my hair like that today😂😂😂

    Zoie WhiteZoie White15 dager siden
  • Why are you so surprised that everyone who does a video about their hair knows you. Your THE HAIRDRESSER of NOworld. Get used to it

    YellowblackYellowblack15 dager siden
  • 12:10 the look on his face after she said shes about to smoke more.

    Soft-LlamaSoft-Llama15 dager siden
  • Brad’s commentary is unrivaled 💋

    El PatoEl Pato15 dager siden
  • "are you like a rhymeologist or something"

    M EM E15 dager siden
  • The last girl was a rollercoaster of emotions, enough said.

    Cecilia AlvarezCecilia Alvarez16 dager siden
  • the first girl gave zero fucks XD

    Annie WIlsonAnnie WIlson16 dager siden
  • hello beautiful - brad wHo Is ThAt? - my dad, 2020

    Pooh BearPooh Bear16 dager siden
  • So em my hair is like a dirty blond and it's pretty and stuff but I really want bangs-

    Animalgirljj lAnimalgirljj l16 dager siden
  • Woman: I hope I’m not in a brad mondo video BrAd MoNdO: :) well.......

    Rileigh HamlinRileigh Hamlin16 dager siden
  • Lol I just call it The Rogue We did my sister and her friends hair. And my mom is a former hair stylist you know from the 80s but now she has a desk job... anyway! She said out loud "Now I remember why I hate foils it takes too long!" She used to not even use gloves lol. Just go in with her hands.

    Melissa ChavarriaMelissa Chavarria16 dager siden
    • Lmao Rogue’s legit the reason I’m gonna bleach my bangs 😂

      heristrashheristrash2 dager siden
  • Are E-girls like emo people? or just better?

    LilGalaxyGamingLilGalaxyGaming16 dager siden
  • “Jet is a type of lignite, the lowest rank of coal, and is a gemstone. Unlike many gemstones, jet is not a mineral, but is rather a mineraloid. It is derived from wood that has changed under extreme pressure. ... The adjective ‘jet-black,’ meaning as dark a black as possible, derives from this material.” Found that on wiki. You’re welcome.

    Anime by the HourAnime by the Hour16 dager siden
  • I’m not the only one who thinks e-girls are scene girls but 2020

    The LilypadThe Lilypad17 dager siden
    • Same!

      T ErhhhT Erhhh14 dager siden
  • I hope the girl sees this vid lol

    Morgan BurnhamMorgan Burnham17 dager siden
  • Anybody else want to dye their hair like taht bc I do and have no idea what color to do and so scared

    Saranghae ArmyyySaranghae Armyyy17 dager siden
    • Gabrielle Tadla whatever u like the most girlll go of sis

      Saranghae ArmyyySaranghae Armyyy14 dager siden
    • Saranghae Armyyy me! I'm doing it tn and can't decide between pink and green 😭

      Gabrielle TadlaGabrielle Tadla14 dager siden
  • "Your not supposed to inhale bleach" Brad mondo: well Your not supposed to.. Me:?!?!?! wHAT R U DOING????

    Nothing hereNothing here17 dager siden
  • I want brad to do my hair!

    LilJeepgirl81LilJeepgirl8117 dager siden
  • Me trying to figure out brads shirt instead of watching his video

    klobearklobear17 dager siden
  • “i think you helped cure my depression today”

    Olivia CampbellOlivia Campbell17 dager siden
  • "Hey beautiful" U think I'm beautiful aha thanks Brad **Does the Debbie Ryan 😏**

    Mari aMari a18 dager siden
  • I love you! I try be blond but iti black and no works😂😂😂😂

    Ana NuuAna Nuu18 dager siden
  • 13:32 For some reason in this pause she is giving me irl Colette from Ratatouille vibes and I love it

    Reagan NoelleReagan Noelle18 dager siden
  • Прикольная рубашечка, йоу!!!

    Raspakovo4ka Upakovo4kiRaspakovo4ka Upakovo4ki18 dager siden
  • I had the same reaction Brad had when the first girl showed the results! I was like WOAH

    Leah SmithLeah Smith19 dager siden
  • Just FYI native hair doesn’t bleach don’t waste your time my native sisters

    Jo YoungbloodJo Youngblood19 dager siden
  • 7:45 = first girl transformation 12:57 = Second girl transformation 21:50 = Maiphammy transformation

    Maddie BryantMaddie Bryant19 dager siden
  • We love bitter bitch brad

    Jenn WurstJenn Wurst20 dager siden
    • Say that 3 times fast 😂

      Jenn WurstJenn Wurst20 dager siden
  • I call this the I’m basic asf style but think I’m edgy because I follow i trend lmao

    Ashley HivelyAshley Hively20 dager siden
  • I can tell BRAD WAS EXHAUSTED😂

    lalisa's bangslalisa's bangs20 dager siden
  • the second girl should've wiped the hair dye in her forehead before it stained completely now she has a pink hair line lol🤣🤣

    sxphia k.sxphia k.21 dag siden
  • Jet Black comes from the stone “Jet”, which is a stone made from decaying wood under extreme black. Fun fact: it’s also called “Raven Black” in some places.

    LeilaKochLeilaKoch21 dag siden
    • Elder on my Rez calls it raven

      Jo YoungbloodJo Youngblood19 dager siden
  • I wish more girls with curly hair would do this trend :((

    Feride FleurFeride Fleur21 dag siden
  • I just take the dye and scrub it into my hair until it comes off onto my hands almost white. It takes like two seconds

    Sunflower babeSunflower babe21 dag siden
  • Jet black or jet-black is a shade of black referring to the geological material jet or they probably used it because there was a Jet magazine. Google the beautiful black Jet beauty models.

    Goddess Free SpiritGoddess Free Spirit22 dager siden
  • 9:04 a quote I live by

    shotgun weddingshotgun wedding22 dager siden
  • I’m trying to figure out whether I’m supposed to buy bleach or 30 volume and what I got from this is that I’m supposed to buy both and mix them. Please someone help.

    Aizza PerezAizza Perez22 dager siden