Hairdresser Reacts To DIY Mullets

12. juli. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch three people give themselves mullets. You guys know how much I love mullets so this is v exciting for me!
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  • ... T H E I N T R O .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    TreyTrey37 minutter siden
  • I’m here for the Yolandi Visser cut

    Forever MoonForever MoonTime siden
  • Scrumptious vegan pie is the best compliment I've ever gotten 🥺

    sweet little mesweet little me5 timer siden
  • Lmao why is Brad me when I see mullets 😂😂😂

    Destinee ConkleDestinee Conkle12 timer siden
  • shut up brad ;/

    charlocharlo12 timer siden
  • I just recently got a mullet and it looks so bad I look like a member of the Beatles 😭😭😭

    StephStephDag siden
    • Back combing? Curling? I think styling could help but I have no idea what I’m doing.. much like everyone else this year

      StephStephDag siden
    • My hair at the back is short so maybe I need to let it grow? And shave the sides? I don’t know 😭

      StephStephDag siden
  • U like guys with long hair come to my Rez you will see a lot of gorgeous long haired native boys

    Jo YoungbloodJo YoungbloodDag siden
  • guys im a scrumptious piece of vegan pie

    Yuna SongYuna SongDag siden
  • Mullets! So 80's when I grew up! And I never liked it. First clip: Such a handsome man - then - whyyyy??? Please, grow it out! Second clip: The girl pulled it off. She actually looks good in it. I was surprised. Third clip: She pulled it off as well. Must be the girls' haircolors. Enjoyed the video a lot! Thanks

    BumbledoraBumbledoraDag siden
  • 4:05 is giving me Clockwork Orange vibes.

    Samantha CampbellSamantha CampbellDag siden
  • First boy was straight out of stranger things

    NellzurkatNellzurkat2 dager siden
  • I cut one last night oop

    Natasha GNatasha G2 dager siden
  • Up until this point I never knew that I needed a mullet...

    RunningWildRunningWild2 dager siden
  • Omg what are you doing in my bathroom brad!? 😳

    Abbey KatAbbey Kat3 dager siden
  • There’s no way you don’t smoke the dank 🌲

    Ella VillamorElla Villamor3 dager siden
  • I got chills on the intro XDDD

    I'm EbisuI'm Ebisu3 dager siden
  • Cut off 16 inches of hair yesterday so I could give myself a mullet !!!

    vv3 dager siden
  • This video was me finding out I have a thing for mullets, thanks brad

    Artemis 125Artemis 1253 dager siden

    Esther RogersEsther Rogers3 dager siden

    Sopes SmilesSopes Smiles3 dager siden

    Xinia GomezXinia Gomez3 dager siden
  • I feel like he would really love Hongjoong from ATEEZ :)

    8sh official8sh official3 dager siden
  • Hey beautiful😍😂

    lily mlily m3 dager siden
  • If I cut my hair into a mullet I'm thinking of recording it for you lol

    Lynsey HarringtonLynsey Harrington4 dager siden
  • 2:35 mulletation made me laugh

    Zofia ŻZofia Ż4 dager siden
  • The first one had me like 💗💗💗

    HeathvibesHeathvibes4 dager siden
  • i have a deep hatred for mullets. why? idk.

    Jayden brockJayden brock4 dager siden
  • Mulletation.

    M.G. CarterM.G. Carter5 dager siden
  • I was thinking the same color scheme for the first guy too!

    Bri cBri c5 dager siden
  • brad mondo attempting to relate to the diy scene is so obnoxious lmao

    Colleen BixlerColleen Bixler5 dager siden
  • hi mom

    Ana RodriAna Rodri5 dager siden
  • Now i want a mullet tho

    Iyari Ximena UribeIyari Ximena Uribe5 dager siden
  • All I want is RM's pink mullet is that too much to ask for in life

    heyo it's taylo'heyo it's taylo'5 dager siden
  • When you're a straight man and Brad is calling you a beautiful scrumptious piece of pie. 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

    MayonnaiseOreoMayonnaiseOreo6 dager siden
  • Is he gay

    Reece The AirsofterReece The Airsofter6 dager siden
    • Yeah

      African PrincessAfrican Princess2 dager siden
  • Ew this cringes me me but im just trynna enjoy it and uhh

    Reymon kile ibarraReymon kile ibarra6 dager siden
  • Wait.. now I want a mullet..🥺

    Senpai LonelySenpai Lonely6 dager siden

    syds3rdeyelidsyds3rdeyelid7 dager siden
  • Who’s here after he has a mullet

    Georgia SaundersGeorgia Saunders7 dager siden
  • My partner has the most beautiful light brown soft curls with red tones. BUT HE PUTS ON A BEANIE AS SOON AS HE GETS OUT OF THE SHOWER AND HE REFUSES TO GO OUT WITHOUT HIS BEANIE. and it makes his hair all funky flat and he complains his hair never works :(

    Saroyan DynamiteSaroyan Dynamite8 dager siden
  • i love how Brad always makes me feel actually pretty even thought he has never seen me and has no idea of who i am

    Yasmin MorbeckYasmin Morbeck8 dager siden
  • Now I want to cut myself a mullet oops

    silkenrustlesilkenrustle8 dager siden

    Amanda EliassonAmanda Eliasson8 dager siden

    joy maria rosejoy maria rose8 dager siden
  • Brad filling up with serotonin in front of our eyes has cured my anxiety

    flowersflowers8 dager siden
  • Ok I thought I was straight, I saw Crystal Lindy with the David Bowie mullet and now I want her to be my gf, so I’m bi now lol 💖🌺

    cutecheerfreak1cutecheerfreak19 dager siden
  • Brad: simping for the first guy Me: simping over Brad

    bythewindowbythewindow9 dager siden
  • Duran Duran John Taylor's mullet was the most glorious mullet of all time

    C CC C9 dager siden
  • As someone who lived through the eighties,I have ptsd from this.

    Bev SmithBev Smith10 dager siden
  • Brad should totally fix mullet guy’s hair! He is really beautiful!

    Lelo MadrugaLelo Madruga10 dager siden
  • kpop mullets are AMAZING

    onceonce10 dager siden
  • you just hitting on the first guy the whole time 😭

    Gina B.Gina B.11 dager siden
  • Looking this because my friend has been spamming me with mullets for 3 weeks and now i want one plus a hair dye

    Adriana Daniela Ramírez AhumadaAdriana Daniela Ramírez Ahumada11 dager siden
  • I can't watch I can't watch I can't watch -I'm gonna watch

    iabrochiumiabrochium11 dager siden
  • Ugh I love your voice ✨

    Annia Valdes MateoAnnia Valdes Mateo11 dager siden
  • Me: Eating my spaghetti Brand: Look at you Me:........

    SerenidouSerenidou11 dager siden
  • Seaweedhoe is so cute omg 😳🤷‍♂️

    RockinRockin11 dager siden
  • Mullet boy make me think of the lost boys I love that movie 🍿

    Mary TapiaMary Tapia12 dager siden
  • That little cut on his shirt in between his nipples got me feeling hella uncomfortable... Like the room suddenly got much hotter 😂🤣

    Poppy SeedPoppy Seed13 dager siden
  • I want someone to look at me the way brad looks at mullet dude 🥺

    McKenna PaigeMcKenna Paige14 dager siden
  • i got my mom obsessed with your content, idk how but shes like your biggest fan XD . . . love you!

    Lily BradleyLily Bradley14 dager siden
  • me lookin like a vegan pie ✨

    Sophia MillsapSophia Millsap14 dager siden
  • The only thing I can think of is "I want my mullet back...." robby ray 😎

    Medha KauluriMedha Kauluri15 dager siden
  • I had a shaggy mullet all my teens in my scene days. Now my hair is all the way down past my tailbone. And me and my husband are fighting because i just started embracing my waves and curls and i want a wavy curly shaggy layered mullet.

    Bryan BrittonBryan Britton15 dager siden
  • Your intros like this makes me all warm and fuzzy 🥰 inside! I love it ! And all your videos !

    Lucy MTBLucy MTB15 dager siden
  • The first guy really is gorgeous

    Iris TinsleyIris Tinsley15 dager siden
  • can you make a dream with me? like harry styles, i like your voice.

    Isabel HarlanIsabel Harlan16 dager siden
  • is it hot pink mullet time for me? i think so :)

    DarkPinesUnderwaterDarkPinesUnderwater16 dager siden
  • why do people keep leaving dis likes like get that outta here

    Misses PotatoMisses Potato17 dager siden
  • I need someone to look at me like Brad looks at mullets 😂❤️

    Taysha PerezTaysha Perez17 dager siden
  • My 8 yr old is rocking a pink and green mullet!

    Kelly HaleKelly Hale17 dager siden
  • Never thought id see the day where I dig women having mullets!

    Keeley JacksonKeeley Jackson17 dager siden
  • This is the ripest time to get a mullet

    KeyteeKeytee17 dager siden
  • I’ve been wanting a mullet, and when he said “blue to purple mullet” I knew I had to do it. I have blue to purple hair already so guess we doing a mullet next

    GetDownWithDrewGetDownWithDrew17 dager siden
  • brad: you look beautiful me after cramming for a test and almost having a mental breakdown and giving up way too late: 👁👄👁

    s y ds y d18 dager siden
  • "The mullet is so fuck up that it needs a fucked up color to go with it" dead😂

    Yuliana GonzYuliana Gonz18 dager siden
  • 7:20 should go green

    discarded needlediscarded needle18 dager siden
  • film a video cutting a mullet!!

    Bailey DawnBailey Dawn18 dager siden
  • You killed Hannah baker...

    CrazeCraze18 dager siden
  • If you really want a great looking mullet look at kpop idols. Kpop mullets be hitting💕👌

    Jesscia ScottJesscia Scott19 dager siden
  • Pleeeeeease give us a mullet tutorial, Brad!

    sirena stonesirena stone19 dager siden
  • I remember I had a Mullet only because of Trevor from GTAV lmfaoo I was rocking it In high school with my mom Jeans

    Ixchel xoIxchel xo19 dager siden
  • Lollll “DON’T PUT MY NAME IN IT!” - first mullet chronicle.

    Nicole ThomasNicole Thomas19 dager siden
  • omg i didnt expect to see seaweedhoe in this! been following them forever

    lucy laferrierelucy laferriere20 dager siden
  • That girl with pink hair reminds me of Milla jovovic in the fifth element and I just love that

    Csenge DékányCsenge Dékány20 dager siden
  • Okay today I just ate up the intro, thanks baaaabe! 🥰✨

    MorganAddledMorganAddled20 dager siden
  • The first guy is how i imagine Dorian Gray to be

    Alice KAlice K20 dager siden
  • first dude looks kinda like violet chachki no cap

    Lyndsey TackettLyndsey Tackett21 dag siden
  • I feel like I would be in this video if I filmed my attempt at a mullet today 😬😬😬

    NessaNessa21 dag siden
  • Oh Brad, a mullet was the reason I said "I do" 30 years ago. He was smokin' HOT with that mullet, and is still kinda cute now. I love a mullet to this day.

    mary lowery-nelsonmary lowery-nelson21 dag siden
  • 0:21 Have you seen Kim Taehyung? Kim HongJoong? Kang Yeosang? Kim SeokJin? I have many more I want to share with you. Also, some don't have mullets anymore but you should definitely check them out when they did.

    Gabrielle McDanielGabrielle McDaniel21 dag siden
    • Sorry if they had/have more of a shag, I can't tell the difference lol

      Gabrielle McDanielGabrielle McDaniel21 dag siden
  • The girl with the pink hair kinda looked like an edgy Taylor Swift to me😂✌🏻

    Zhora DaiyuZhora Daiyu21 dag siden
  • I don't want to be a vegan pie Brad! That sounds gross...

    Kreeped Out With KateKreeped Out With Kate21 dag siden
  • me looking at brad with my not sucked in stomach and double chin showing 😭

    Gianna VillalobosGianna Villalobos21 dag siden
  • @bradmondo.... Entry kinda creepy bro... But LOVED it... Lol

    Marsha HowardMarsha Howard21 dag siden
  • Snack- a - doodle -do Yes

    Local kPOP weeBLocal kPOP weeB22 dager siden
  • My stepdad has the most beautiful long blond hair that's a mullet. His back hair is almost to his butt and always up, but his mullet fits his face. He cuts my hair when I go home and he cuts his hair. He loves hair.

    Amy WailesAmy Wailes22 dager siden
  • Imagine the intro but brad is talking to himself in the mirror

    Lareighly AylorLareighly Aylor22 dager siden

    Lauren IsabelLauren Isabel23 dager siden
  • i believe in mullet supremacy

    xXxN4G1T0N1GHTM4R3xXxxXxN4G1T0N1GHTM4R3xXx24 dager siden