Hairdresser Reacts To DIY Mermaid Hair Dye Gone Wrong

4. okt.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 lovely people give themselves mermaid hair color. It didn't quite go as planned...
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • Brad. Your positivity is honestly a beacon of joy for me in this shitty world. I need your "hello, beautiful" to be my alarm clock tone 😁

    Amie CAmie CTime siden
  • Anyone else getting the itch to dye their hair from watching these?

    L LamoyL LamoyTime siden
  • As a Swede it took me some time to figure out Brad was trying to say "smörgåsbord" 😂

    Love not HateLove not Hate3 timer siden
  • I almost fell off my bed when he tried to speak Swedish

    Maria ღMaria ღ3 timer siden
  • Smörgåsbord!!! It means sandwichtable and is when you have a table just filled with random stuff like cheeses, meats, breads and what not and you get to pick yourself what you want :)

    Sara JohanssonSara Johansson6 timer siden
  • Mmm smörgåsbord ✌🏻✌🏻

    Ylva BrandtYlva Brandt6 timer siden
  • Sid Vicious vibes Brad! You rock every style

    NamelessNameless7 timer siden
  • If Billy Idol and 80s Madonna did a fashion collab.

    Brandie N.Brandie N.15 timer siden
  • Kiss fan

    Debora MejiaDebora Mejia16 timer siden
  • Oh shit BRAD this haircut on u looks soooooo good. Like YOU FOUND UR CUT Plus this cut styled this way it just fuuuuuucking WORKS!!!

    space.witch.junkiespace.witch.junkie17 timer siden
  • Brad lowkey looks like J.D. from Heathers in this vid and I’m living for it.

    TOBYTOBY18 timer siden
  • Brad is serving me Billy Idol vibes and I'm here for it!!

    Stephndipity !Stephndipity !21 time siden
  • Why am I just now realizing brad kind of looks like Lewis from H20

    Laken ElizabethLaken Elizabeth21 time siden
  • Ok I have dark reddish brown hair I’ve tried bleach and other more natural products to lighten my hair before coloring. Do you have any tips on how to tone the yellow/brassy color down and how to make the colors last longer?

    May BarberMay Barber21 time siden
  • all i wanna know is how these are "hair gone wrong" videos

    NYA Llama DudeNYA Llama Dude22 timer siden
  • I’m dying my hair dark chocolate brown and the two streaks people do on Tik Tok, red and green. Because.. it’s Christmas time

    NariaX GamesNariaX Games22 timer siden
  • OMG I used to watch Bean's videos all the time.

    MookieladyMookielady23 timer siden
  • Smörgåsbord

    Alice BjällfalkAlice BjällfalkDag siden
  • My swedes will like

    MykieMykieDag siden
  • I wouldnt dye my hair like this is just wear a wig for fun.

    Jenny RoseJenny RoseDag siden
  • Okay. But I’m living for his shirt. Like, okay Brad, send me one please. Damn.

    Lacey EatonLacey EatonDag siden
  • Can you do a reaction video to meat cleaver haircuts? 😂😂😂

    Loznitsa GlasgowLoznitsa GlasgowDag siden
  • Brad : Top of the morning to ya *Jacksepticeye Vibes Intensify*

    AstroBeats _131AstroBeats _131Dag siden
  • Me: I freaking hate mullets *sees Brad* Me: WHEN DID MULLETS GET SO HOT!?

    bobbie.sue. beccabobbie.sue. beccaDag siden
  • yo use a periwinkle color bleach removes color very well

    Vanessa OlveraVanessa OlveraDag siden
  • he gives me HUGE damon salvatore vibes

    Ayesha AliAyesha AliDag siden
  • The the the’s ALOT.

    Kathryn LrohKathryn LrohDag siden
  • 12:02 "you look divine" has my heart

    Siana TSiana TDag siden
  • I Love Miss Bean

    Becca CyberBecca Cyber2 dager siden
  • That second one is gorgeousness! They’re making me want to bleach my hair again but I hate how the integrity goes downhill like a year later.

    TwinkieToesTwinkieToes2 dager siden
  • The outfit the hair ugh just perfection

    Zafire RiveraZafire Rivera2 dager siden
  • Brad is so cute. He can rock any style 🤩

    Candice BeringCandice Bering2 dager siden
  • Blue holds the best. Nearly every hairdresser I have asked has said blue holds the best. I have blue hair and it holding amazing. The purple I had before faded so fast.

    Annika BrunelliAnnika Brunelli2 dager siden
  • Smörgåsbord - swedish 😂😂😂

    Alice StrömbergAlice Strömberg2 dager siden
  • My brother came in my room and was like:’are you looking at Mickey Mouse’😂😂

    KerenzaKerenza2 dager siden
  • I will never dye my hair but thanks to Brad, I feel like knowing more about dying hair than some hairdressers do.

    Elizabeth RoseElizabeth Rose2 dager siden
  • What? Do u mean Smörgåsbord? Oh mah Gad cringe so much here now😂 Pfffff

    Pattaravan WichaiwongPattaravan Wichaiwong2 dager siden
  • I call that a halo. Also, quit click baiting us, slag.

    Isis BlackfeatherIsis Blackfeather2 dager siden
  • Is it just me but the girl half way thro i just wanna help her hair get healthy again .... it just... looks like it needs tlc

    Gummy DragonGummy Dragon2 dager siden
  • Ouch...

    Gummy DragonGummy Dragon2 dager siden
  • Smorgasbord. Brad its a Smorgasbord

    Ellie McCoyEllie McCoy2 dager siden
  • I'm dying my front pieces platinum blonde right now while watching this wish me luck Brad👀

    Alexa RamirezAlexa Ramirez2 dager siden
  • Love the hair brad!

    Emily JaneEmily Jane2 dager siden
  • Just came home form a brutal day at work! Brad, you always make me laugh! You are brilliant! Hugs

    Tammy St PierreTammy St Pierre2 dager siden
  • BeanShanine lololol nickname for anyone from now on

    Clair HuffClair Huff2 dager siden
  • Is it just me, or did y'all hear among us music at 13:25 ?😂

    Libby GLibby G2 dager siden
  • Wait are u trying to say smörgåsbord? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it’s Swedish and I didn’t understand what u said at first

    Alicia TarpAlicia Tarp2 dager siden
  • Brad is so cute lol

    Kimlouy ChampagnieKimlouy Champagnie2 dager siden
  • I looovvveeee your hair!

    Jamie HaydenJamie Hayden2 dager siden
  • Totally on fleek, and completely rocking the 80’s British punk look. How do I know?? I lived it. Used a lotta lotta product. What is in your hair?

    Stephanie BowenStephanie Bowen3 dager siden
  • When he says I wonder I am like I wonder what it's like to be loved by you

    Shaza ShetaShaza Sheta3 dager siden
  • 🇸🇪 Smörgåsbord! 🇸🇪 Hello from Sweden! 😄👋

    VictoriaVictoria3 dager siden
  • “It’s Swedish” Me from Sweden: Wut, no way* Hears google translate* Oh nvm

    TanTan FloffTanTan Floff3 dager siden
  • I’m not doing anything more spectacular than the mundane task of brushing my hair however I’d love a reaction video since it’s type 4c natural hair 👀💕

    Ije WunzeIje Wunze3 dager siden
  • You'd be surprised at how no one knows how to brush their hair properly.

    Chelsey LeighChelsey Leigh3 dager siden
  • I love his hair so much like it looks so good on him wtf. I mean i know he is a hairdresser but for someone to make a MULLET of all things look that good-damn

    Arianna BuffinetArianna Buffinet3 dager siden
  • 6:30 looks like she didn't go an emo/scene phase in high school and now is going through it but lowkey it doesn't look that bad

    Bryan GarzaBryan Garza3 dager siden
  • 80s bad boy vibe.

    Hannah MarshallHannah Marshall3 dager siden
  • Anyone else know how to pronounce smorgasbord from the rat in Charlotte's Web 😂😂

    Tia DarbyTia Darby3 dager siden
  • Ooof totally here for Brads look! Total Lost Boys vibe 🔥💖

    RachelRachel3 dager siden
  • Mullet is looking better

    Julie HoferJulie Hofer3 dager siden
  • Why does it say gone wrong they

    Jayden HunteJayden Hunte3 dager siden
    • All looked goo

      Jayden HunteJayden Hunte3 dager siden
  • When you've been growing your hair for 8 years And might be cuting it God help how short should I cut it ;-;

    Shoto todorokiShoto todoroki3 dager siden

    nathalie8794nathalie87943 dager siden
    • Omg yes!!

      Maddi SzomorMaddi Szomor3 dager siden
  • What about some more videos of diy hair going amazing? There are a lot of people out there that actually are able to do their hair perfectly themselves :)

    WhatTheHellWhatTheHell3 dager siden
  • You are the bob Ross of hair- in fact you are the GORDON RAMSAY of hair

    Its._. MochiIts._. Mochi3 dager siden
  • Forever wishing for Brad to be my hair stylist 🥺

    Abby DavisAbby Davis4 dager siden
  • He gets so happy n stresses out on mistakes, if that's not true love for hair n color idk what is

    Amz PixieAmz Pixie4 dager siden
  • Brad.......brad.......your hair???? Has never looked better .......I’m shook.

    Jackelyn Alice ThompsonJackelyn Alice Thompson4 dager siden
  • She shoulda used a clarifying shampoo and a nice smoothing shampoo before dying it😬😬

    Ab.rialeAb.riale4 dager siden
    • She also should have used a get rid of the undertones to make the green😂😂 oh my gosh this hurt to washhh

      Ab.rialeAb.riale4 dager siden
  • Ah brad this is such a good look for you.

    J KTJ KT4 dager siden
  • You need more fail videos

    Katie DonahoeKatie Donahoe4 dager siden
  • 6:45 yeah no her hair is dead.

    KorraHDAMVKorraHDAMV4 dager siden
  • Not a fan of the second womens hair either, im just over people having multiple colours in their hair. EDIT: I take that back, the last girls hair looks amazing.

    babybluexbabybluex4 dager siden
  • Love the first womens energy but her hair looks terrible!.

    babybluexbabybluex4 dager siden
  • Swedish fan here, I stopped everything I was doing when you guys said smörgosbord 🤣

    kacka pekacka pe4 dager siden
  • My hairdresser always starts her bleaching from the front why she so that tho?! :(

    Alexie ShawAlexie Shaw4 dager siden
  • Love the 🧜🏼‍♀️ mermaid hair

    Radio scary 66.6Radio scary 66.64 dager siden

    Matsson JosefinMatsson Josefin4 dager siden
  • Smörgårdsbord!

    Lotta StenmarkLotta Stenmark4 dager siden
  • I feel like if the first girl would go bald she would look good. She gives me like bald emo girl vibes :P

    ErRoR TwoooErRoR Twooo4 dager siden
  • Can you dye my hair pink I’m scared now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Happy101 723Happy101 7234 dager siden
  • Brad: “call-oar” ..... Me, a Canadian: ........... colour.....

    Jessica WelderJessica Welder4 dager siden
  • *blue always disappears so fast* Me with my half blue head that hasn’t faded much: 😆

    kyriumjipjijkyriumjipjij4 dager siden
  • That first girl gave me so much anxiety!!

    Alicia AltomAlicia Altom4 dager siden
  • does anyone else see chace crawford or is it just me 😔

    ceci tceci t4 dager siden
  • I don’t have to do my own hair nor pay to get my hair done because my mom and sister are both hairdressers:)

    AINSLEE8408AINSLEE84084 dager siden
  • Okay Billy Idol Brad Mondo XD

    Katie WilsonKatie Wilson4 dager siden
  • 5:27 i got big willy wonka vibes

    Anaelle DarbouzeAnaelle Darbouze4 dager siden
  • Omg the first Lady. Take the brush away!

    Glady RockGlady Rock4 dager siden
  • The twisted beanstalk , shanine makes scary reborn babies 💕💕 and they are boss

    All that GlittersAll that Glitters5 dager siden
  • Beans hair was mine in 9th grade oh my god

    Angelina TeaAngelina Tea5 dager siden
  • First Lady : awesome right?! Brad : .... 😅👁👄👁

    Nadia HNadia H5 dager siden
  • Are we going to ignore that spot on mickey mouse impression?

    Audry NAudry N5 dager siden
  • Women Brad. Use woman not girl

    Alexandria McCulloughAlexandria McCullough5 dager siden
  • When is the merch dropping?

    *youtube name**youtube name*5 dager siden
  • "Sexy Sections".

    Caramel MacchiatoCaramel Macchiato5 dager siden
  • Smörgårdsbord it's Swedish

    Pauline JohanssonPauline Johansson5 dager siden
  • BRAD ”smörgåsbord” is SWEDISH

    Emilia Ö. LaitamaaEmilia Ö. Laitamaa5 dager siden
  • SWEDEN 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

    Johanna JanssonJohanna Jansson5 dager siden