Hairdresser Reacts To Curly Hair Color Transformations

11. okt.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some beautiful curly girls color their hair dramatically different.
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • I love when he’s annoyed it gives me life 😹

    Bailey ZapataBailey Zapata55 minutter siden
  • Awww Erik(c)! I have been thinking about him!

    Catherine SpannCatherine Spann3 timer siden
  • Honestly i really like the second girls roots idk why people don’t like it. It’s different and honestly she pulls it off really well especially if she continues to do hairstyles like the two pigtails.

    Jessica DuarteJessica Duarte3 timer siden
  • brad:some of my videos are fails his videos:*wow this is amazing i didnt think it would work!!*

    bobbob4 timer siden
  • Doesn’t coconut oil just sit on your hair anyways?!?!

    purple rosepurple rose4 timer siden
  • the bleached roots w the color is kinda a vibe but maybe im just crazy

    j.4350n_7j.4350n_75 timer siden
  • i forgot brad had a brother and literally thought he edited himself coming in

    bilinas minibilinas mini6 timer siden
  • he looks like the orange My Little Pony

    Liv ELiv E6 timer siden
  • there was a donald trump ad on this 😪

    Dylan CDylan C8 timer siden
  • The first girl was so pretty and that pink girl yes queen slay

    Jacqueline GibsonJacqueline Gibson8 timer siden

    Slowed music Slowed musicsSlowed music Slowed musics9 timer siden
    • At least the first actually kinda knew what she was doing

      bilinas minibilinas mini6 timer siden
  • Brad you should totally make beard care products for men

    Christian CobleChristian Coble10 timer siden
  • I love all your videos and advices. Currently im sooooo binge watching your bleach fail vids. I can't get enough!!! Looking foward to the next one. Very random. Do you have any hair reacts with advice on shadow roots with balayage or ombre fails? Im still watching all your videos on my school break 😳

    Bar bi3Bar bi311 timer siden
  • i am *l i v i n g* for this mullet

    Larissa HondaLarissa Honda11 timer siden
  • Why am I getting MacGyver vibes from Brad with that haircut.... I'm loving it! 👌🙌

    * Cassiopeia ** Cassiopeia *14 timer siden
  • i dont even know why i hate this man but i do

    Jasmine EdmondJasmine Edmond15 timer siden
  • I should've watched this first before bleaching my hair

    Rie TVRie TV19 timer siden

    Elizabeth BlunteElizabeth Blunte21 time siden
  • I want brad mondo to react to his old “hairdresser reacts” videos

    daniellemiaadamsdaniellemiaadams22 timer siden
  • Alaska here!!!

    Shanette HarperShanette Harper22 timer siden
  • Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart” 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins; and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”.

    Lily Jr.Lily Jr.22 timer siden
  • my hair is naturally curly too i want to bleach it so bad im gathering up some courage coz im too scared it will fry off lol

    DiaaDiaa23 timer siden

    NyuchuNyuchuDag siden
  • ok but brad your hair is literally perfect. i love the mullet

    Telia RorkeTelia RorkeDag siden
  • At least the first actually kinda knew what she was doing

    iihxneyii iiihxneyii iDag siden
  • If you are thinking of getting an Arabic tattoo try to avoid ( Al naskh) font there is many prettier fonts

    Ro —Ro —Dag siden
  • NFS I use 40 n still have my Afro lmao

    Becca BanksBecca BanksDag siden
  • I have such an appreciation for brad mondo’s constant style changes, he literally rocks everything and I am LIVING for this mullet!!

    inspireme714inspireme714Dag siden
  • I learned BE HAPPY WITH WHAT GOD GAVE YOU!! Only natural colours look good. pink blue fake colours look ridiculous!! IMHO😊

    A ZappA ZappDag siden
  • I hate the convos with his assistant...

    Meg KenMeg KenDag siden
  • Oh my GOODNESS the first girl came out BEAUTIFULLY!!!

    TealMacaroonTealMacaroonDag siden
  • I am crying laughing at the second reaction

    NEWGRAD haNEWGRAD haDag siden
  • You got a mullet! Yess baby

    dora explorerdora explorerDag siden
  • I know its not the topic of this video, but people please relax with the fake eyelashes, they are ridiculously huge.

    Zavist StyleZavist StyleDag siden
  • 2020 Patrick Swayze change my mind🥴😍

    Amelia ZubikAmelia ZubikDag siden
  • Color remover is available for under $8 at Walmart. They have a brand called color oops and I believe L’Oréal sells one. You should remove the color from your hair using color remover until you have removed the prior dye. You should do this at least 3 days before putting bleach on your hair and NEVER apply bleach to previously bleached hair!!!! Bleach is permanent, bleach cannot be removed.

    Øbey DayØbey DayDag siden
  • Hey Brad I wanted to know would I strip the dark pink that’s on my short hair before I rebleach it and dye it a lighter pink??

    Destinee ThomasDestinee ThomasDag siden
  • 1:42 THICC

    milky honeymilky honeyDag siden
  • Why does his hair reminde me of joe exotic?

    Giulia GentileGiulia GentileDag siden
  • brad's mullet is kind of my everything?

    Michelle LeBlancMichelle LeBlancDag siden
  • i can't stop having the idea that brad mondo kinda looks like ian somerhalder!!

    mavmavDag siden
  • I call this look the Patrick Swayze... Think road house, think dirty dancing. Fantastic!

    Kaitlin MasseyKaitlin MasseyDag siden
  • Brad is giving me Henry Bowers realness and idk how I feel about it 🥴😂

    Kiara GaytanKiara GaytanDag siden
  • Shout out to Aprilllllll

    marlie ayisyenmarlie ayisyenDag siden
  • i bleached my friends hair and she had blue in her hair, it turned that same rose gold/ pink color.

    Rileigh JohnfroeRileigh Johnfroe2 dager siden
  • 11:50 how many times must he say this 🤣🤣🤣

    Pricilla PPricilla P2 dager siden
  • Can we just take a second and appreciate the fact that Brad looks good with every hair style.

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss2 dager siden
  • Wow that first hair transformation was amazing.. and that 2nd girl was GORGEOUS , I am a straight male idk how I got here but I LIKE IT LOL

    Sho NuffSho Nuff2 dager siden
  • reactt to big chopss pleaseee

    Angel NicholsAngel Nichols2 dager siden
  • Oh brad, pssst brad Mondo, I love the hair!

    Yvette RodriguezYvette Rodriguez2 dager siden
    • LOVING the mullet-vibes you have going on, Brad! You look even more handsome than before, which I frankly didn't think possible.

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss2 dager siden
  • why you have a mullet tho???

    Zhyaire PriceZhyaire Price2 dager siden
  • Is brad slowly growing his dream mullet??? Idk just a theory

    Annika FalcoAnnika Falco2 dager siden
  • More about curls please!!!!

    Isabelle MonroeIsabelle Monroe2 dager siden
  • OH GODDDD ERIC😍😍😍 I missed him

    Sauris MotaSauris Mota2 dager siden
  • Your mullet looks amazing Brad!!

    AnglepsychoAnglepsycho2 dager siden
  • I have a question? I peroxide my hair it was orange then I color blue it end up black and after two weeks it looks ash brown 🤣

    Chris es defeñoChris es defeño2 dager siden
  • Great video!!! Please come and check out Ms Fvcking Wonderful here on NOworld. She's as real as they come. Let'em know that MS sent you 💋 love ya sa much 🖤

    Meranda SmithMeranda Smith2 dager siden
  • Does anyone else find Brad sad somewhow in the last videos? Its not crazy like before even the intros...Brad Whats going dear? :(

    Tereza PrejzkováTereza Prejzková2 dager siden
  • I LOVE your hair, Brad, that's the coolest cut on you! I love how you styled it, too!

    Michelle FarrisMichelle Farris2 dager siden
  • The roots, the eyelashes.. why though

    EnyaEnya2 dager siden
  • 3:31 "cause that means... They're using enough" 😂😂😂😂

    Rosemary LaurenceRosemary Laurence2 dager siden
  • Brad: "everyone say it with me now. What does orange and blue make"? Me: Browww.... I mean GREEN!

    Amber AllenAmber Allen2 dager siden
  • Ok, Brad#2 just confused the hell out of me. Is it his twin? I thought it was edited until he play punched him!

    Kammi G.Kammi G.2 dager siden

    Olivia OligOlivia Olig2 dager siden
  • LOVING the mullet-vibes you have going on, Brad! You look even more handsome than before, which I frankly didn't think possible.

    She-Ra Princess of PowerShe-Ra Princess of Power2 dager siden
  • I'm living for this mullet thing he is doing 😂😂

    Vixonx AllyVixonx Ally2 dager siden
  • You have a twin

    Paul MillerPaul Miller2 dager siden
  • ii aaaam living for you hair BRAD!!!!! LIKE YESSS MR. MONDOOOOOO !!! I haven't watched in a while but your hair and looks always are on point.

    Naty AliciaNaty Alicia2 dager siden
  • Don't call me budiful

    Azzy DanceAzzy Dance2 dager siden
  • You are so funny, love your videos :)

    Nina BNina B2 dager siden
  • You should make an asmr video 😭

    Janiyah WilsonJaniyah Wilson2 dager siden
  • omg the king has a mullet

    jenni medinajenni medina2 dager siden
  • Hey Brad! I know you love Blackpink, why dont you react to their hairstyles in The Album’s MVs? Just suggesting...

    Rafaela MempinRafaela Mempin2 dager siden
  • Who else was getting anxiety thinking she was gonna get bleach in those lashes?!

    Kat S.Kat S.2 dager siden
  • I haven't seen a guy rock a mullet this well in a long time, it looks soooo good on you! Well I guess it's more of a relaxed mohawk but it looks like a mullet lol.

    Kat S.Kat S.2 dager siden
  • okay i know he is a hair stylist but why didnt he says anything about the first girls eyes

    Neeltje LanengaNeeltje Lanenga2 dager siden

    Lolo NobleLolo Noble2 dager siden
  • I was fr just talking about how I wanted to see curly hair video

    Indiah BrantleyIndiah Brantley2 dager siden
  • Hey

    Emilie RaoultEmilie Raoult2 dager siden
  • I disagree coconut oil or conditioner helps keep a smoothness to the hair as the bleach eats it. My clients even noticed a difference and started requesting it.

    FeteFete2 dager siden
  • Brad could you please react to @liinatural

    missmsquaremissmsquare2 dager siden
  • You Could probably shave my head bald and I’d still love it.

    Raquel ArellanoRaquel Arellano2 dager siden
  • I like u mullak

    Sister SquadSister Squad2 dager siden
  • Mondo is always pulling a new look. Love all his personal hair changes. Plus wardrobe?! Artisty. *chefs kiss

    Jekari LynchJekari Lynch2 dager siden
  • First girl hair was absolutely gorgeous😍 Strawberry Shortcake vibin

    Kourtts JordanKourtts Jordan2 dager siden
  • I know you're not wearing a mullet 😳

    AlejandrinaBiancaAlejandrinaBianca2 dager siden
  • is noone gonna comment on how he had TWO TEA BAGS IN ONE MUG?!

    Mai CMai C2 dager siden
  • Yo, I love this video so much for so many different reasons.

    QueenQueen2 dager siden
  • I am freaking living for your hair

    TJ WallaceTJ Wallace3 dager siden
  • Brad, you're like literally my crush 😭💕

    XoXocherrylipsXoXocherrylips3 dager siden
  • *hey Y'ALL its me* 💀🤣😅 I would NEVER do this to myself, I would be bald headed 😩

    Gifted IntrovertGifted Introvert3 dager siden
  • Everytime brad is wrong he is like “ur a wizard Harry”

    And who is uAnd who is u3 dager siden
  • Love the hair, Brad.

    LittleImpalerLittleImpaler3 dager siden
  • brad: her hair is orange and shes putting blue on it. what color is it gonna turn? say it with me! brad: greeeeen me: groooossss

    bowen voowybowen voowy3 dager siden
  • 7:38 Tattoo translation: Love your self first

    MysticalMystical3 dager siden
  • I LOVE your hair!! (yes you brad)

    Alyson McComasAlyson McComas3 dager siden
  • I added Ion blood orange to my hair today, I had some blonde highlights near my ends (my natural hair color is dark brown) , it wind up looking really good.

    Keisha JohnsonKeisha Johnson3 dager siden
    • using ccs makes things so hilarious "ball hay age" dang ccs that... that's not even close

      bowen voowybowen voowy3 dager siden
  • Is Eric Brad's brother?

    pnwborn andraisedpnwborn andraised3 dager siden

    Cyanide GhoulCyanide Ghoul3 dager siden
  • I ain’t never seen Eric before wtf. Is that his twin?

    Lilian LLilian L3 dager siden