Hairdresser Reacts To Crazy Hair Coloring

15. des.. 2019
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Hi Beautiful! The haircare industry is always coming up with new creative ways to color hair. Here are my thoughts about it all!






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    Brad MondoBrad Mondo10 måneder siden
    • 💓💓

      Lucía GilLucía Gil7 dager siden
    • I love you Brad your the best

      dirtbike bunnydirtbike bunny10 dager siden
    • I love you best binge watching videos ever!!!❤️

      Timber WolfTimber Wolf19 dager siden
    • The hair is Gorg

      PłanettPłanett26 dager siden
    • I would let you be the Alexander to my Eliza🥺.

      Annaleise MooreAnnaleise MooreMåned siden
  • 14:09 damn. I. Felt. That.

    CoolWomabat 78CoolWomabat 78Dag siden
  • Personally, I really want that sunset color from the first clip...but my job would fire me. *le sigh*

    DemonAngelSakinaDemonAngelSakinaDag siden
  • I just love how Brad calls us beautiful, serious boost of my low confidence, thank you Brad!!

    • Fizzy •• Fizzy •Dag siden
  • Back in the day we were into henna ...produced a beautiful deep auburn red. My hairdresser enhanced it with ground coffee and maraschino cherries. I never walked out of the studio with anything I was dissatisfied with ..he was an artist!

    photonmomphotonmomDag siden
  • The color is called 'Peach', Mr. Mondo, PEACH.

    Kelly MarkelKelly Markel2 dager siden
  • Brad, you are so cute!

    Jules OylerJules Oyler4 dager siden
  • him complaining about gray hair as he himself has gray hair is silly but i'm here for it

    Madison HartmannMadison Hartmann5 dager siden

    BriimarieeBriimariee6 dager siden
  • this is def one of my favorite hair looks on you! (the mullet too of course

    super weenie hut jr’ssuper weenie hut jr’s6 dager siden
  • Imagine all these colors fade and it just ends up looking like a candy store threw up on their heads

    SaraSara7 dager siden
  • 😩 That sweater with that hair is EVERYTHING!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍 I LOVE BRAD MONDO!!

    sanatah Alexandersanatah Alexander7 dager siden
  • ''in what galaxy on earth-'' yes

    Malak MetwalyMalak Metwaly7 dager siden
  • Brad , just wanted to say thank you for the videos you put together. I have had a very dark few weeks and had to take time off from being a High school counselor, for self care . Your videos give me something to smile about and a moment away from my worries. Misty

    Misty ThompsonMisty Thompson8 dager siden
  • Brad where tf do you get your clothes from. Idc about price. I need that sweater & like all your other tops. Someone help me. I need answers.

    Tiffany LeraaTiffany Leraa9 dager siden
  • I probably would have watched it anyway but since you spent 6 hours and asked so nicely 💜

    Alicia101090Alicia10109010 dager siden
  • Brad: I don't like grey hair because.. Also Brad reacting to ANTM: Check Jay rocking that grey hairrr

    EmmaTheBreadStickEmmaTheBreadStick10 dager siden
  • This video has to be my favorite Brad video. I’m loving his reactions. You can tell he really love hair color! 🤣

    Vonnie GVonnie G11 dager siden
  • Hi brad mondo I just wanted to ask if I should cut my hair it’s about hip lankth

    Tayah ArmstrongTayah Armstrong11 dager siden
  • When you watch hair videos but you shaved you’re head .-.

    Shellsea GarciaShellsea Garcia13 dager siden
  • You are such a joy and so fun to watch! Thankyou from Texas for the smiles and laughter!

    Stacy Marie RobeyStacy Marie Robey13 dager siden
  • Hi do you have any temporary hair color Recommendations

    L E I L Y D A N AL E I L Y D A N A14 dager siden
  • 15:00 Girl getting that Osana Najimi hair colour! XD

    Ivy99999Ivy9999916 dager siden
  • 11:18 NO NO NO NO NO every straight guy salon I've been to has messed up my hair. But this one gay dude, I looked like goddess after that. That guy was magic.

    Smriti KaulSmriti Kaul17 dager siden
  • Honestly brad makes everyone feel better about themselves! 😊

    Galaxy_ Wolfie012Galaxy_ Wolfie01217 dager siden
  • Guess who drank to much coffee today

    Kyra MackieKyra Mackie18 dager siden
  • I’m using my dogs butt as a phone prop

    Brianna DuncanBrianna Duncan19 dager siden
  • If my work allowed non natural hair color, I would have legit rainbow.

    OfficialAuntMooseOfficialAuntMoose19 dager siden
  • unicorntobia😂

    Min HollyMin Holly19 dager siden
  • He's top 10 ! Along with Sam and Colby

    TabathaLLynn PazTabathaLLynn Paz20 dager siden
  • My hair has been red ( not ginger or orange) for 4 years and I'm in high school

    emily Mustoeemily Mustoe20 dager siden
  • Brad’s look today is giving me 90’s vibez👌🏻🔥🔥🔥

    Carly MarcinkoskiCarly Marcinkoski23 dager siden
  • I loveeeee u zaddy MUAH 😙

    Black ShadowBlack Shadow23 dager siden
  • Brad: you look STUNNING, FABULOUS, AMAZING, GORGEOUS! me: * lays in bed eating crisps at 4 am* Me: AWWWWW THANK YOUUU

    Anouk SondaghAnouk Sondagh23 dager siden
  • brad i want to see u color pink and purple hair pls

    Maddie RandsMaddie Rands24 dager siden
  • U still are a baby

    Happy KittyHappy Kitty24 dager siden
  • Bhai ne toh Tere Naam Wala hair style Ki hai😁😂

    Rijuwana HaqueRijuwana Haque24 dager siden
  • Ok so at 16 in hairdressers college 1980 I had a cut you would love. Angle bob, platinum blond, pink to reds to purple tips so is blended and looked amazing. It was the punk era in Australia and I was having so much fun with my imagination

    Margaret MaxMargaret Max25 dager siden
  • You look amazing It’s expected And you delivered 💕💕💕💕💕

    Margaret MaxMargaret Max25 dager siden
  • Brad: You know what can make your hair look like that if it doesn't already look like that? Well, I'm grad you asked! Moi: Coconu- Mr. Mondo: My hair mask, Prismatic Glow! Me: ... That also works!

    Mia LaubscherMia Laubscher25 dager siden
  • “I don’t really like rose gold...” *2 seconds later* “Yassss gurl, look at that rose gold!”

    AGglittersparkleAGglittersparkle27 dager siden
  • “In what galaxy on Earth” Wha- What... Huh?

    AGglittersparkleAGglittersparkle27 dager siden
  • when he asked who makes hair cake i had flashbacks of filthy franks hair cake video 🤢

    Yohan Sebastion NippletinkleYohan Sebastion Nippletinkle27 dager siden
  • 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    wweboy2007wweboy200728 dager siden
  • What galaxy...on Earth??

    ihatepoetryandmyselfihatepoetryandmyselfMåned siden
  • My hair hasn't been through any colouring 🥺... it's virgin😭

    aasawari nichitaasawari nichitMåned siden
  • You’re so delightful

    TJDrawsTJDrawsMåned siden
  • Clarifying is amazballs!!!! makes such a difference.

    Ginx GlaspyGinx GlaspyMåned siden
  • Please come do my hair!

    angela likensangela likensMåned siden
  • watching this in 2020 thinking brad.... everything is cake😳😳😳

    Paige JonesPaige JonesMåned siden
  • I need your opinion because I'm thinking about dying my hair hot pink and like bright neon yellow.

    SpawningSatanSpawningSatanMåned siden
  • this is amazing :)

    Laura SantiagoLaura SantiagoMåned siden
  • Brad: idk, i just don’t like Grey hair sometimes Also Brad: having Grey hair.

    sammymutantesammymutanteMåned siden
  • I dunno know but I want to hug him because of the sweater. So soft looking😤

    Michelle EnderinkMichelle EnderinkMåned siden
  • Brad! My love, what are you toning your hair with these days?

    Chloe McarthurChloe McarthurMåned siden
    • Also, where did you get this sweater? My boyfriend would literally die for it

      Chloe McarthurChloe McarthurMåned siden
  • Brad you are so cute!

    Felicia CherryFelicia CherryMåned siden
  • I always binge watch his videos.

    Daniela BrownDaniela BrownMåned siden
  • Who thinks he’s so pretty

    FunnykidFunnykidMåned siden
  • 2:48 lmao

    Jade FeltyJade FeltyMåned siden
  • hey Brad, I don’t really know if you’re going to see this 😭 but i have dark virgin curly hair and I want to dye it for the first time but i have nooo idea what color to do or anything...i was wondering if you could choose for me 😭 if you see this please text me 3523210030

    ellie rodriguezellie rodriguezMåned siden
  • Can you do a video on your opinion of all tekashi 69 hair colors and styles??? I need Brad mondo's opinion on that damage and them wigs 🤯🤯🤯🤯😩😩😩😩😩

    heh hheh hMåned siden
  • I'm hello Brad it's a good way for straight men to meet straight women Yeah I started going the bars or whatever

    vixen200008vixen200008Måned siden
  • The intro can LITTERALLY make my day all of your video are just ✨ 👐 AMAZING

    Riley BugRiley BugMåned siden
  • but like?? brad's hair?? looks so good??

    boyleboyleMåned siden
  • This comments going on a old video but I've seen more weird hair dye videos..... Using tie dye to dye hair... Jello..... Cool aid.... Juice....

    Yeztel XYeztel XMåned siden
  • brad: hates grey hair also brad: has grey hair

    beauté au chocolatbeauté au chocolatMåned siden
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall this work and it's gonna last 2 washes

    beauté au chocolatbeauté au chocolatMåned siden
  • I’m just gonna say it for everyone. I’m about 80% sure Brad was high when he filmed this.

    Madison JamesMadison JamesMåned siden
  • Brad and James should meet and be bffs

    celeste loves horsesceleste loves horsesMåned siden
  • Found on Facebook migrated to NOworld, been watching for the last 3 days lol.

    bluebabe6bluebabe6Måned siden
  • I totally dig the outfit Brad has on 🖤

    Just One of MillionsJust One of MillionsMåned siden

    E. S.E. S.Måned siden
  • i’m dying for the little scene that you did with your hand😭😂

    avavavavavavavav malmalavavavavavavavav malmalMåned siden
  • Hi brad all the time when i watch your vid's my day just goes boom i love your vid's and keep it going and I hope you get 10 mil and stay safe and have a awsome day

    tessa Viitanentessa ViitanenMåned siden
  • ive literally been binge watching his videos recently

    Taylor WoodTaylor WoodMåned siden
  • Sweetie I watch you every day you are my favorite NOworldr thank you for your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀😀

  • Brad inspired me and brought me into liking hair a LOT. so for my birthday I asked my mom for a training head 26” high temperature resistance fiber long hair hairdressing mannequin head in blonde and she said she would get it for me! I lysm Brad! ❤️💫❤️

    Addie BAddie BMåned siden
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    JoleneJoleneMåned siden
  • OMG I love you Brad. 😍

    Elisabetta Maria SassoneElisabetta Maria SassoneMåned siden
  • Brad hates grey/white/silver hair...? Have you looked in the mirror babe!? He is TOO CUTE xxxx

    spidermonkey90306spidermonkey90306Måned siden
  • Styling out the Peter Andre look Brad❤️❤️😂

    Deb Yorkshire lassDeb Yorkshire lassMåned siden
  • I’d like to see these 3 months later after they fade out.

    Rachels' Average LifeRachels' Average LifeMåned siden
  • I absolutely love that hairstyle. Giving me young Leonardo DiCaprio vibez.

    Medua OfiliMedua OfiliMåned siden
  • My moms friend used to cap highlight in the 90’s and I always thought it looked weird

    Rei Joon YRei Joon YMåned siden
  • Brad makes my day better 🤤🥰

    Hope CollinsHope CollinsMåned siden
  • Oh that looks like an ass yellow blond that's why I use the shampoo the like purifying and anti brassy shampoo may use I use a hair mask or something a theorem to help protect from pollution or air pollution how do I can get Foundation or face moisturizer to help you know protect your face from everyday outside to Lucia night they have a hair mask for it to I believe or some kind of conditioning

    BobbieJean TurgeonBobbieJean TurgeonMåned siden
  • Can you do a test on different clarifying shampoos like how you did the purple shampoos??? That would be awesome

    Sandy ReedSandy ReedMåned siden
  • Brad: grey hair isn't really my thing Also Brad: Has grey whiteish hair

    emma brameremma bramerMåned siden
  • Hi beautiful, turn to me sat in bed in pjs and eating curly frys ♡♡♡

    Hooheelucy uwuHooheelucy uwuMåned siden
  • hi, random person scrolling through the comments.

    CrazyChickenLadyCrazyChickenLadyMåned siden
  • Brad: hey gorgeous :) me: u mean lazy and fat right? lol plz don't hate me

    Gacha CookieGacha Cookie2 måneder siden
  • Ur hair is gray tho

    Charlotte BolCharlotte Bol2 måneder siden
  • brad: who on earth is making hair out of cake 2020: EVERYTHING IS CAKE

    Asmaaa MAsmaaa M2 måneder siden
  • brad watching this videos: 👁 👄 👁 next day af the salon: yeah honey you are going to have rainbow or blue hair

    biiancccaaabiiancccaaa2 måneder siden
  • Come to Maine do my hair it’s boring lol come help me live my extra life! Just started watching your channel and Im obsessed 💜

    Sarah GrumbineSarah Grumbine2 måneder siden
  • Me a natural dirty blond: well ok

    Solder poet king Till I can animateSolder poet king Till I can animate2 måneder siden
  • I keep coming back to this video because his happiness and excitement his so infections

    Heysauce MikehereHeysauce Mikehere2 måneder siden
  • I wish my job would allow those bright and super colorfull looks.

    TheIntelectualnerdTheIntelectualnerd2 måneder siden
  • I want that blue one now...😲🥺

    Kassie JohnsonKassie Johnson2 måneder siden
  • His Face! at 14:09 was priceless!!!! And it just kept getting better!!😍

    Kassie JohnsonKassie Johnson2 måneder siden