Hairdresser Reacts To Colorful Wig Transformations

10. nov.. 2019
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Hi Beautiful! Today we explore the hypnotizing world of lace front wigs! These things have gotten so advance you can't even tell if it's a wig or not 😯

  • Okay but...... oh my god that blue wig was so incredibly snatched. Like what.... 😭

    MynxiishMynxiish3 timer siden
  • Yes she's my go to I love her and I love u too

    SaiSai2 dager siden
  • Nice video. Respectful.

    Samantha BullockSamantha Bullock2 dager siden
  • Brad make us a wig please :D

    Kim JohnsonKim Johnson4 dager siden
  • Yall leave my mondo alone

    Sagittarius QueenSagittarius Queen5 dager siden
  • Ive been wearing colored hais sonce i was 16 im 38 kim didnt start shhh we black queens did

    kittie berrykittie berry5 dager siden
  • no. NO. NO! 😂

    More KackieMore Kackie6 dager siden
  • Love your videos! The green hair goes way back. That credit goes to Lil Kim.

    Ashley ChanceAshley Chance6 dager siden
  • Baby hairs are a very important part of black hair culture

    K SimoneK Simone6 dager siden
  • OMG I LOVE ROSHPOSH. I'm so loving that you chose her

    Tanisha LeviTanisha Levi7 dager siden
  • Ekkkk I am late I love that tho

    Blake ChambersBlake Chambers8 dager siden
  • Baby hairs are essential in the black community n lime green hair did NOT get popular by Kim k lol

    Zee !!Zee !!11 dager siden
  • My hair is naturally that color. But I am 65.

    taiwana shannontaiwana shannon12 dager siden
  • I love watching you watch this

    Yasirah MorrisYasirah Morris12 dager siden
  • Omg! Can we just appreciate how beautiful those girls are?!? Omg I am so so jealous! Skin tone is everything, eyes, lips! Just perfection! 😍

    beetlejuicebeetlejuice13 dager siden
  • I agree...when I see baby hairs swooped..It screams wig....I mean how can you have bone straight hair and then have wavy wet like baby hairs??? No realistic

    Danielle BlueDanielle Blue17 dager siden
    • Actually that would be realistic because most black women who do their edges know the struggles with curly baby hair while their hair is flat iron.

      Erieuna JohnsonErieuna Johnson4 dager siden
    • The only way that can happen if the hair is naturally curly and they used a water based edge control or gel. FYI this can happen to someone's natural hair too.

      Erieuna JohnsonErieuna Johnson4 dager siden
  • I'd love to see you make your own wig.....not sure if have yet....big fan

    Danielle BlueDanielle Blue17 dager siden
  • omg yas I literally screamed when I saw Jordan!! He's so talented every wig is just *chef's kiss*

    Lacy BLacy B21 dag siden
  • I have the same shade of blue bc I also used ion sky blue

    cyndie hornblowercyndie hornblower23 dager siden
  • When i had my 1st sew in which i did 😁 i got pissed and just started snatching cutting it off that was 2005 haven't had a weave since😒🤣

    Lady PLady P23 dager siden
  • I want his pink table 😾

    FrancisonTheTube :FrancisonTheTube :26 dager siden
  • I wish you could do a reaction video to SlayedbyJordan videos.

    Kyra CrumpKyra Crump27 dager siden
  • I guess I’m not cool, cuz I still LOVE silver hair.

    NoLaJoeNoLaJoe28 dager siden
  • Brando it’s Argan oil

    blu lionblu lionMåned siden
  • Brad you should do a video making a wig!!!! 😭😭🦋

    Abbie OkeeffeAbbie OkeeffeMåned siden
  • Brad : vaseline is gross Me: *vaseline on my lips*

    Abigail mongare abbyAbigail mongare abbyMåned siden
  • I wish I knew how to do my hair I wanna do it blue again but every time I bleach it I have the red tint from my old hair color!😢

    Domminique LaraDomminique LaraMåned siden
  • How long can you keep a wig on

    Mandy IsemanMandy IsemanMåned siden
  • Thank you for sharing this awesome video,you are so kind,I like your videos, I buy the wonderful one from last month

    Mark MarshMark MarshMåned siden
  • I've made a wig and dyed it and it's so satisfying to see the end result ugggh back when I HAD money lol

    Lalasha YarboroughLalasha YarboroughMåned siden
  • I clicked cuz I saw the babe eziee breezie idk if I spelled it right but I love her

    Xxqueen naayaXxXxqueen naayaXxMåned siden
  • what sup with the granny beads, Brad?

    Rachel CriderRachel CriderMåned siden

    Tay CharleseTay CharleseMåned siden
  • I’ve never seen someone use that leg spray on a wig (I’m not saying she invented it, I’m sure lots of ppl do it) but I’ve never seen it. And I’m shook. Bought a wig 2 years ago and for some reason I never felt confident about the hairline looking natural (either too white or too dark or too makeup-y). I’m sooo gonna try this!

    Ella DElla DMåned siden
  • Your baby hairs is just as important as eyebrows, especially in the black community. Js but I love watching your videos 😊

    Aiyana AloAiyana AloMåned siden
  • The first girl kinda looks like the one from Instant Influencer

    Itzel RamirezItzel RamirezMåned siden
  • I never seen the water dye method...looks nice

    unknown sourceunknown sourceMåned siden
  • The first girl is gorgeous omg! That wig is so pretty!

    JennyJennyMåned siden
  • The first lady looked like Beyonce. BTW he looked cute when he said "I can be lazy sometimes"😄😄😄

    bio cheembio cheem2 måneder siden
  • Nairobi foam is the BEST!

    CherylCheryl2 måneder siden
  • Yess slaybyjordann finessedd

    Aaliyah wave.Aaliyah wave.2 måneder siden
  • I love how excited and passionate he is about this its adorable 😁

    Amy MarAmy Mar2 måneder siden
  • Anyone else actually said "I" when he said "All in favor" lol

    jordyn conradjordyn conrad2 måneder siden
  • This is my favorite video 😩😍

    Cydney LenaCydney Lena2 måneder siden
  • can you use the watercolour on the hair on your head?

    Hannah O.Hannah O.2 måneder siden
  • I have never said this before but the young lady with the gray hair has the perfect shaped head!

    ravencrone56ravencrone562 måneder siden
  • ", No, NO!!.You are not legally allowed to look that good. NO! Rude!!" LOL 😂 i'm dying over here lol!!

    The Actor ChefThe Actor Chef2 måneder siden
  • (First video) My hair was like this in high school & people stayed calling me “blueberry” 💙💙💙

    BRI. IKESHA.BRI. IKESHA.2 måneder siden
  • You know people who have natural hair have baby hairs too right? Not just wigs...... lol. So.... they like baby hairs because they're black.

    Olive BlackmonOlive Blackmon2 måneder siden
  • Yasss they all look Beautiful 💕

    Rachel RuizRachel Ruiz2 måneder siden
  • brad: i don’t wanna live alone anymore me: i’ll live with u ❤️❤️❤️ also love you queen 😘

    honey_cxvehoney_cxve2 måneder siden
  • I loved the blue wig until the baby hairs were done. I think the baby hairs give away the fact that is a wig.

    Milca MoralesMilca Morales2 måneder siden
  • Thanks Brad for reminding me I have a chopped wig that needs fixed badly 🙄

    courtney flemingcourtney fleming2 måneder siden
  • 11:24 me when my boss asks me to stay late

    cheetocheeto2 måneder siden
  • I have mega baby hairs though like real baby hairs... you don’t like my baby hairs Brad? 😭😭😭 Hahahahahahaha

    Jes AshworthJes Ashworth2 måneder siden
  • I think I need to try dip dying on my own hair😏

    Evelyn EdwardsEvelyn Edwards2 måneder siden
  • Rochelle be out here hotter than Beyoncé!! My opinion 😍🔥💕

    123 456123 4562 måneder siden
  • FUCK you are all TOO BEAUTIFUL GAH 😤🤬❤️

    G LavigneG Lavigne2 måneder siden
  • I want arrogant tae and brad to link up and do something together

    bonnie blancobonnie blanco3 måneder siden
  • The last hairstylist..I love his color work❤❤❤

    Nia MarieNia Marie3 måneder siden
  • I love how brad can own his shit and talk his shit at the same time

    Michele WyattMichele Wyatt3 måneder siden
  • "you should never look that good. IM PISSED" me too 😂😂😂

    Katelynn DanielsonKatelynn Danielson3 måneder siden
  • Brad honey you first said that you like baby hairs and later you said that you don’t 😅

    Romy –Romy –3 måneder siden
  • I love how excited Brad got.

    Trust :NoneTrust :None3 måneder siden
  • I love when you do reaction videos relating to black hair culture 💕

    Amani JoyAmani Joy3 måneder siden
  • A big fan from Brazil 😘

    Deyse FerreiraDeyse Ferreira3 måneder siden

    Leah BinghamLeah Bingham3 måneder siden
  • The blue was my fav. But I watch all three of these ppl already, Love your videos Brad. You are so kite and so funny. I will watch you a lot more now.

    Nikky SimsponNikky Simspon3 måneder siden
  • "Oh Bitch! Ohhhh!!, sorry Neighbors!" Lol i died. But literally my reaction she looks so good!!! I always wanted to experiment with wigs but it takes soooo much patience and knowledge to make it look perfect.

    gabberbabegabberbabe3 måneder siden
  • Yassssss SlayedByJordan

    Kaliyah GriffinKaliyah Griffin3 måneder siden
  • "with them thick ass baby hairs" had me weak lmaooo

    Debbie ODebbie O3 måneder siden
  • nicki started with the green lime wig

    LaurenLauren3 måneder siden
  • Props to ALL y'all who has the time and patience for wigs 😌 Y'all are absolutely STUNNING

    IrelyndddIrelynddd3 måneder siden
  • “I can be lazy sometimes” Literally me all the time though😭😭

    Skye WeeksSkye Weeks3 måneder siden
  • “Why does everything good in life have to have such a downside.” -Brad Mondo

    Jayee MonetJayee Monet3 måneder siden
  • i miss spooky season tho

    Vette MartinezVette Martinez4 måneder siden
  • Falanges 😂

    Molly MurphyMolly Murphy4 måneder siden
  • They both look SO GOOD!! 😭💕😍

    Vlada VlogsVlada Vlogs4 måneder siden
  • Its so pretty I started to cry

    Selah LockenSelah Locken4 måneder siden
  • Btw the styling mousse is the Cream Of Nature Argan oil Styling Foam

    Ariana StrongAriana Strong4 måneder siden
  • follow peakmills tutorials. they are complicated but always look good

    London Girl In the UsaLondon Girl In the Usa4 måneder siden
  • Why do you pluck a wig? Too dense?

    Virginia MVirginia M4 måneder siden
  • We love you Brad!! ❤️

    Mad MaxMad Max4 måneder siden
  • i thought sza started the lime green hair trend

    maira jaraemaira jarae4 måneder siden
  • November 22nd is my birthday

    Levy KnightLevy Knight4 måneder siden
  • Babe, you make me laugh so hard ALL the time! Love you!

    Lacey OlsenLacey Olsen4 måneder siden
  • Like i know you and eric are twins... But wheb3 yiu screamed " you're plucking again!" You looked just like eric lol

    Elyse Barkley GonzalezElyse Barkley Gonzalez4 måneder siden
  • @bradmondo i have natural baby hair with my natural hair fyi!!! White peoples tend not to have baby hair!

    Vee Vala VeeVee Vala Vee4 måneder siden
  • You like the gray, because she’s so pretty and rocks it. That girl looks like a model, so she makes it look fantastic.

    Liz SkeltonLiz Skelton4 måneder siden
  • ice

    Jennifer GoldsteinJennifer Goldstein4 måneder siden
  • Binge watch braid up videos👌 So satisfying💙👌 Ps. Love The Pearls💯

    Maria Yamilet TriminioMaria Yamilet Triminio4 måneder siden
  • Brad, sweetie. You are way too adorable to be allowed. Seriously, you are dripping in cuteness.

    Carters Eat GermanyCarters Eat Germany4 måneder siden
  • she looks great but i feel like the baby hair kinda ruined it

    TheObliviousRaiderTheObliviousRaider4 måneder siden
  • Me rosh posh is my favorite to watch. She’s so talented. I also really hate baby hairs. I don’t understand them

    Marla SengMarla Seng4 måneder siden
  • lil Kim officially started lime green everyone just now bringing it back since late 90s n stuff a Trend now

    āşђāāşђā4 måneder siden
  • Omg those were great! Especially the first one absolutely gorgeous! comparing to some Nicky Minaj where they put her hairline in the middle of her forhead and it looks weird :D

    Cho CaMonCho CaMon5 måneder siden
  • Is it a coincidence that I’m watching this with 613 dislikes? They need some color in their life 🙄🙄

    Corsha LishellCorsha Lishell5 måneder siden
  • Guys are just way better at doing hair ( hair stylists )

    xo xoxo xo5 måneder siden
  • Please make your own wig!!

    Nicole BrimberryNicole Brimberry5 måneder siden
  • Can you react to more of these videos pleaseeeeeee?

    Epiphany MEpiphany M5 måneder siden