Hairdresser Reacts To Boyfriends Cutting Their Girlfriends’ Hair

3. mai. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! These girls let their boyfriends chop off all their hair! So scary...
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • Okay they actually did a decent job...

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo5 måneder siden
    • Where is the best place do donate our hair???

      Rebecca PrattRebecca Pratt5 dager siden
    • Hi Brad, THE HAIR GURU! My fiance cuts my hair on a regular basis and he takes extensive care on details to it. I know this is random to pop up like this. My fiance Dan, has helped me upkeep my side shave and has done a wonderful job in keeping proper lines. I was however hoping for advice on possibly trimming the lengthier side of my hair, perhaps adding layers or something. Idk, any advice?

      LostLostMåned siden
    • Period

      Christal PereyraChristal Pereyra2 måneder siden
    • They were not the best but it was go- ok

      AriAri3 måneder siden
    • your videos..and as a 21 year hairdresser.. was literally watching this video like it was a horror film with my hand over my eyes at times ( like even just seeing the scissors)...your the bomb Brad!! Thanks for your videos !!

      SuzyQ 2SuzyQ 23 måneder siden
  • My mom got Breast cancer and I cut off 22 inches and made a wig out of it for her an elder my Rez made it so she still got to keep her black native hair

    Jo YoungbloodJo YoungbloodDag siden
    • WOW! LOT OF HAIR💗💗

      African PrincessAfrican PrincessDag siden
  • Me while watching this: asked my bf to cut my hair My bf: NO. So straight forward 😑😑😑😑

    analiza gacusananaliza gacusan5 dager siden
  • You cant say brad is not straighter than that second haircut

    Cara McglincheyCara Mcglinchey5 dager siden
  • So we all agree that brad flirts with us every video.....but i mean I dont mind XD

    Niya ResurreccionNiya Resurreccion7 dager siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣 we all need it🥺😉

      African PrincessAfrican PrincessDag siden
  • Are we not going to talk about the third girl having her hair cut with a side section? Whhhhhaaaaaatt...

    Inez VallaInez Valla9 dager siden
  • Your so funny 😂

    Joanne HortonJoanne Horton11 dager siden
  • Love your sweater Brad! Really cool!

    Roseanne PryorRoseanne Pryor12 dager siden
  • My gawd is our second contestant here a Filipina who actually trusted her non-stylist boyfriend to chop her locks?! It's actually okay though but as Brad said they could've use a ponytail to section it or just use a comb as a guide to correctly cut it.

    Franny P.Franny P.12 dager siden
  • Brad is trying to make his opinions a fact

    Roxy MorrisRoxy Morris13 dager siden
  • My boyfriend took a pair of scissor and pretended to cut my hair. And I looked him dead in the eyes and said do it, I dare you. I ended up with a short bob. LOL

    Monica TorresMonica Torres14 dager siden
  • My friend let her ex husband cut her hair. And she has fabulous hair.

    Margaret McLaughlinMargaret McLaughlin15 dager siden
  • These 'boyfriends' literally have no right to ruin their girlfriend's hair! It's heart wrenching to watch these videos!

    Anonymous AniieAnonymous Aniie15 dager siden
  • I love how u start ur vids u know how to make me smile and feel good ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

    Sophie leigh BrooksSophie leigh Brooks16 dager siden
  • let us please acknowledge the fact that brad looks so beautiful here (he always does ofc) and i just wish i could hug him ....

    Faith M. JacksonFaith M. Jackson17 dager siden
  • Lmao 😂

  • I will say the boyfriend in the last part of the video did amazing!!

    Native QueenNative Queen18 dager siden
  • My mom wants me to cut her hair and do highlights so im just binge watching his videos

    Leslie AgresteLeslie Agreste18 dager siden
  • Brad: Fun *FUN* sorry

    Leslie AgresteLeslie Agreste18 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo is tough. But if you try to cut all the hair in one section He will have a mental breakdown. 7:58 also 10:38

    Anna HullAnna Hull21 dag siden
  • Brad: you look incredible today Me: in my bed at 2 in the morning looking scary Me: thank you

    Eva ConnollyEva Connolly22 dager siden
  • These mothers clearly never taught their daughters to not trust a man

    Lee TaeminnieLee Taeminnie22 dager siden
  • @bradmondo come cut my hair I hate it sm, I hate the colour and the length, please fix it :(

    Shaina McCraeShaina McCrae23 dager siden
  • My boyfriend did it. He just make me a low pony tail in the back and cut it with a razor, the final result was a perfect long bob, i dont have so much hair and its not thick neither, so im glad i trust him :3 iuuff

    Mars SighsMars Sighs24 dager siden
  • Please donate the hair! Why wouldn't you bundle the hair. I have hair that is 3 feet long and I'm going to cut at least a foot off and donate it

    Madison LMadison L24 dager siden
  • Donating hair is awesome just be careful and research who u donate to. My cousins daughter who has cancer got a wig tho locks of love but it was expensive and I think especially for kids $ shouldn't b an issue. Don't get me wrong I'm not talking s*** about Locks of Love I'm just saying maybe profit is not the most important thing and maybe helping people it is.

    Alexis ElizondoAlexis Elizondo24 dager siden
  • I love Brads reaction at 10:38 😅

    Grace TiuGrace Tiu24 dager siden
  • Sweet jesus. I love my boyfriend, but I would NEVER let him near my hair. That's for me to do when I'm having my fourth emotional breakdown after a long shift as a frontline healthcare worker. Goddamnit people. Wear your fucking masks, I am so tired of this.

    maplelumpmaplelump25 dager siden
  • There's no such thing as a "too long" hair. I mean, there is, but definitely not the ones on this video.

    Gabriela NemeGabriela Neme25 dager siden
  • 5:52 brad be like : wow! it actually came out pretty good! also brad... : i uh-buhh

    Fatma ElmaghrabyFatma Elmaghraby26 dager siden
  • my bf evened out my hair when i cut it and he made it look rlly pretty 🙈

    hannah !!hannah !!27 dager siden
  • hello brad mondo im a huge fan and i watch your vids all the time

    Cadence CarmichaelCadence Carmichael28 dager siden
  • If boyfriend is a licensed barber or stylist it's ok. If not this is just a hot mess!

    Joycelyn TaylorJoycelyn Taylor28 dager siden
  • Brad... you're a guy. Edit: sorry that was lame😂

    Saarah MuazzamaSaarah Muazzama28 dager siden
  • You know whut? I gave my brother an undercut because he wanted me to And guess whut? He liked it Meanwhile me the whole time: *bruh it looks like shit, i know i did this but it definitely looks like shit so just get it done at the shop and never ask me again* My bro: no i really like ittt Me: i knew you had bad taste but dude this is just too much

    Komal KukuKomal Kuku28 dager siden
  • You always put a smile on my face.... I maybe your older generation audience, but I love you all the same!!!!

    Heather MorrisHeather Morris28 dager siden
  • Show me a photo 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤝

    Sat 98Sat 9828 dager siden
  • Her hair wasn’t virgin so she couldnt have donated it anyways

    th0t 101th0t 10129 dager siden
  • Asymmetrical Bob 😂

    Kritika SharmaKritika Sharma29 dager siden
  • The last boyfriend is Brad 😂 he just went in and was like “I know what you need more than you do sweetie” & was like let’s chop chop these ends!! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

    parisamour13parisamour13Måned siden
  • i wont let anyone do that to my hair if my boyfirend did that....first of all i trusted u..i dont trust anyone...and i got such wired results...i would freakinggggggggggg make that person bald in their sleeppp

    sEeREAL kILLeRsEeREAL kILLeRMåned siden
  • Where does he go in the end of his intro? Anyone?☞︎☜︎

    Akira SmithAkira SmithMåned siden
  • That last one was so satisfying! Go Dale!

    Josephine CornellJosephine CornellMåned siden
  • every time I watch his videos I wanna do something to my hair 🤣🤣 fuck it I’m about to cut my hair!

    Taylor KelleyTaylor KelleyMåned siden
  • So glad i don't have a boyfriend!!

    CaleighCaleighMåned siden
  • Why on God's green earth would someone let their boyfriend cut their hair?? You're better off getting a 15 dollar cut from a walk in place. And then they get mad at the poor boyfriend like it's his fault.

    Kay BKay BMåned siden
  • Brad: hi beautiful. You look incredible. Me: Thanks, I just dyed my hair for the first time. ☺️My mother hates it.

    Ally WaiteAlly WaiteMåned siden
  • Can you plz help Brad my hair is literally so thick how am I supposed to make it a little you know unthick idk

    Seham FadulSeham FadulMåned siden
  • I had too long hair for most of my life and finally chopped it 2 years ago and haven't looked back. 🙌🏻

    Mini MegzMini MegzMåned siden
  • "Your boyfriend did a great job.. you should go... thank him... if you know what I mean" BRAD 😅

    Yasmin MYasmin MMåned siden
  • They are all worried!! It is hair it will grow back and they can have it fixed

    Jenny KoenigJenny KoenigMåned siden
  • I mean i have to have long hair lol, thick hair at least mine is ugly short, then you can't really get your hair pulled right when it is short lol

    Harley QuiinnHarley QuiinnMåned siden
  • I had a pixie when quarantine started. After a while I had my husband cut it to avoid the inevitable mullet, I had zero expectations but shockingly it turned out ok!

    kimikoifish7kimikoifish7Måned siden
  • 💗💗💗

    Justine CreightonJustine CreightonMåned siden
  • 4 years of growth?! That would take me a lifetime

    Chichi PChichi PMåned siden
  • I just feel like you look so much better blonde. Brown isn't for your skin tone lol

    Ann HollandAnn HollandMåned siden
  • Me seeing this video 5 seconds later My sister:hey you caming to watch my boyfriend bye and cut my hair Me:😑😕😂😁

    Sofiyya PatelSofiyya PatelMåned siden
  • 'hello beautiful' oh hell nah u have maddison beer

    NikkiNightYTNikkiNightYTMåned siden
  • My fiance cuts and dyes my hair all the time,and he does a great job.The first time he cut my hair and dyed it red,we went to a family party a couple days later,and everyone thought I had it done at a salon.

    Brenda LucianBrenda LucianMåned siden
  • Hey Brad. My hair's so long.. It's all the way down to my hip.. And i love it. Stop saying that long hair is not beautiful!!

    CR47 父 SWAGIECR47 父 SWAGIEMåned siden
  • Okay, just came home from a brutal day of work! Brad, you never fail me! You make me laugh so much! I absolutely love your reactions! Love your honest and credit due when it’s due! You are brilliant!

    Tammy St PierreTammy St PierreMåned siden
  • If i let my bf cut my hair, it will actually look good, because i’m lucky I have a hairdresser as a bf😳😂☺️

    DragonflyMWDragonflyMWMåned siden
  • Is short or long this fall❓✂️🍁

    Recci MyrickRecci MyrickMåned siden
  • HUUHH IM BEAUTIFUL?!😵🤧🤧🤧 Thxxx bradddddddddddddd

    ChiniChiniMåned siden
  • brad is so sweet he make me smile everytime i watch his videos . you are the best Brad.

    fati fleurfati fleurMåned siden
  • Oh I wish I knew they accepted colored hair now!! I just cut off 12+ inches. I didn’t donate because my hair is bleached and colored purple!

    Megan MorrisonMegan MorrisonMåned siden

    K :/K :/Måned siden

    jenica Averyjenica AveryMåned siden
  • These girls can’t stand still at all.. holy shit 🤦🏻‍♀️ like of course it’s not straight. 👏🏻stop 👏🏻 fucking 👏🏻 moving 👏🏻

    Alena Vikernes666Alena Vikernes666Måned siden
  • The last girl acting like he cut off half her length🙄

    Janna J CuppJanna J CuppMåned siden
  • Dale is the winner! 👏🏾👏🏾

    Elexus Loves Her LifeElexus Loves Her LifeMåned siden
  • My dad just cut my mom's hair and it was 🔥🔥🔥!!! He had layers and everything 😂😂

    Amber SandiferAmber SandiferMåned siden
  • I just started watching Brad and I’m OBSESSED

    Courtney RayCourtney RayMåned siden
  • can anyone tell me what brand is his jacket? i need it!!!!!!!!!

    coxoxicoxoxiMåned siden
  • 7:57 I’m a cosmetology student about to graduate and I’m CRINGING AT THE UNEVEN CUT WHAT IS THAT

    music_is_lifemusic_is_lifeMåned siden
  • Brad: NOBODY THINKS ITS STRAIGHT! Me: I was about to say the same about you-

    Wiggle BoiWiggle BoiMåned siden
  • this is giving me hair was waist length, and because i screwed it up so much bleaching and dying over 1 weekend, i had to cut off too many inches for my comfort the next weekend, and almost brought me to tears..and then there are these girls doing it because they are bored and need a new look..girl, gimmie some of that hair..i miss my length, and im so sick of people telling me "it will grow back" shit, but i want it back NOW !!! 😭😭😭😭

    Pam WPam WMåned siden
  • This was so stressful to watch. 😨

    Laura M. RozelaLaura M. RozelaMåned siden
  • I’ve donated my hair every year for the past 5 years my hair grows so fast

    lane panlane panMåned siden
  • 4:40 Word!

    88marome88maromeMåned siden
  • 17:34 Thank You!

    INDIGO diamondINDIGO diamondMåned siden
  • That couple 10 mins in wasn't he the dude on that meme.... There's a meme and his face looks like the dude it's in my head but I can't share the photo fuuuuuu

    Courtney AdamsCourtney AdamsMåned siden
  • I let my boyfriend cut my hair twice and I will NEVER again let him

    shanyah diazshanyah diazMåned siden
  • You can donate colored hair now?! I wish I had known! 😭

    Tmaxgirl28Tmaxgirl28Måned siden
  • When you pay 10 dollars for a haircut ...

    Melina MMelina MMåned siden
  • Y’all are over here trashing the first boyfriend, while I’m sitting here wishing I could kill the second one. That was a disaster! 😂😂😂 He had SO much length to do it gradually, but instead he decided to screw it all up at once! The first one was actually the less crappy.

    S.S.Måned siden
  • this video makes me want to cut my hair lol

    Vivian ReiterVivian ReiterMåned siden
  • That last guy is a natural! I'm impressed 👏

    Elizabeth DeenElizabeth DeenMåned siden
  • You don’t know what ur doing how ur gonna says how me a photo 😂😂😂😂😂 I died and came back to life 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    tutu diaztutu diazMåned siden
  • That last man for sure loved his woman because he wanted her to look her best so he gave her his best job.

  • This just shows that straight men think they can do anything, and that they really can't.

    T AT AMåned siden
  • Is everyone just gonna ignore how the second to last people’s teeth are sooooo white😱😱😱😱🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Savannah MarieSavannah MarieMåned siden
  • My boyfriend cuts my hair and it always turns out great ❤️😁

    izabeera166izabeera166Måned siden
  • brad..... long hair is great how dare u

    benniebennie2 måneder siden
  • I really want brad mondo to give me advice on my hair cause I’m cutting it lol

    xkingxtyxkingxty2 måneder siden
  • Plot twist: some of them actually did break up 😂

    SamairaSamaira2 måneder siden
  • My favorite parts 4:40 16:33 LMAO!!!! Brad you are the funniest person ever OMG!!!!!

    LilyLily2 måneder siden
  • Wouldn’t let my hubby cut my hair ever

    Nicole HuffNicole Huff2 måneder siden
  • If only i watched this video last night!! I could of given my hair away! I shaved my head last

    Christina DilyardChristina Dilyard2 måneder siden
  • I am not trying to be rude but can u please stop doing what u do in the beginning of ur vids

    Amelia VanthofAmelia Vanthof2 måneder siden