Hairdresser Reacts: Blonde To Green Hair Transformations

12. jan.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Today we dive into the beautiful world of green hair. Few are brave enough to rock the green hair but when they do it definitely pays off!

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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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  • I think green is gonna be the hair color of 2020

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo9 måneder siden

      Kendra McKinneyKendra McKinneyMåned siden
    • e

      LaNinaLaNina2 måneder siden
    • 500th comment!

      Bel NatBel Nat3 måneder siden
    • I had a dark blue balayage last year and some parts faded to green. So it looks a whole peacock moment 👀

      Zara KhanZara Khan3 måneder siden
    • I hope not hahah

      Federico VendittiFederico Venditti4 måneder siden
  • It’s funny how all these people have a hard time going green. I wanted to go blue and ended up with a very emerald greenish colour and then after I went navy blue. When my hair would wash out it would have a greenish tint to it. However my hair hates to be lightened so I haven’t attempted any bleaching in over two years lol

    Ashley HelenaAshley Helena8 timer siden
  • 13:08 is the most beautiful haircolor I've ever seen.

    Cameron DCameron D17 timer siden
  • the first one looked good to me lol

    Ella BElla B18 timer siden
  • 7:13 "I just wanted to be Midoryia" Funny- my mom also wants me to be Midoryia .-.

    Katsuki BakugoKatsuki BakugoDag siden
  • i have those straws😂

    Georgette TwumasiGeorgette TwumasiDag siden
  • At the beginning of the year 2020 , I colored my black hair in green without bleaching and it was wow ❤️

    Sara Nollween12Sara Nollween12Dag siden
  • Hey brad ! What if you put green on a copper hair directly?? Please answer

    Silsila RahmaniSilsila Rahmani2 dager siden
  • For those who don't know. Emerald green (or arctic fox's phantom green) had heavy blue tones. Blue pigment is a smaller molecule and because of that it tends to absorb more easily and deeply into porous hair. (The same reason blue hair likes to stay on the hair sooooo long and can stain) In porous hair you want to make it more yellow toned to combat that!

    Adell WebsterAdell Webster2 dager siden
  • That’s it I’m dying my hair green 👻

    UrsulaaUrsulaa3 dager siden
  • I want more vids of guys. I recently died my hair silver and I watched “literally” all his bleach vids to get it right. And it came out just as I wanted. Now I just want to see more guys in ur vids

    Jake GiulianiJake Giuliani3 dager siden
  • i find stella cini's hair texture at the end of the video to be quite suspicious.... because her hair texture in the beginning was quite rough and dry.... i also went to the actual video and 3 of her sponsors are wig sponsers. i looked to see if she listed products but besides listing dye, it didnt mention any

    Suzy ESuzy E3 dager siden
  • On the first video, the hair dye must have been a bluer tint, so when it was put on the top of her head(which was more yellow), it turned green. However, when it was applied to the ends(which were whiter), the bluish tint shined through. Just a hypothesis!😇

    Tanvi SudTanvi Sud4 dager siden
  • next from green to blonde

    anny sofiaanny sofia4 dager siden
  • I didn't like it for myself

    Crystal Tuttie CoxCrystal Tuttie Cox4 dager siden
  • I’m super loyal to the chick who does my hair. She has come through for me with some crazy shit I’ve wanted to do. That said, after a quarantine full of watching Brad, I want this dude to do my hair super bad.

    Vic GVic G4 dager siden
  • The phantom green did that on my head as well and also dyed my shirt blue. Very confusing mix 😅

    Mary StylesMary Styles7 dager siden
  • it took blue on the ends because her hair was most porous on the ends. And jade green has more blue in its base. She needed to wait a little longer like a week, and done a porosity equalizing treatment on her hair before depositing the green. But if ya wanna do it fast just add conditioner to the color and wet the on the ends... lol just watched the rest.... I'm still so ruuiiigghttt though lol

    k. f.k. f.7 dager siden
  • Is it just me or the icy-blue looks purple to you?? Atleast in the beginning???

    Eenjaria _713Eenjaria _7137 dager siden
  • StellaCini is the best, I luv her so much

    MowsoxoxoMowsoxoxo8 dager siden
  • I'm planning on going from my current blue to green next I'm excited

    Maggie ScrivenerMaggie Scrivener8 dager siden
  • i'm about to dye my hair green so this video came in my recommended at the right time

    ren ashren ash8 dager siden
  • i love you so damn much ughhhh, i hope nufn im not gonna like comes out about yu cuz it would literally break my heart to cancel yu. juss keep bein great i beg yu

    RealNameAlizeRealNameAlize9 dager siden
  • I was watching brad without earphones and my brother said "who are you dating this time?!" I laughed so hard🙈😂

    Alannah DexterAlannah Dexter9 dager siden
  • His compliments always make me Soo happy 😂

    Kendra NikoiKendra Nikoi10 dager siden
  • You know Brad's committed to a video when he spends half of it standing up haha

    Danielle StapletonDanielle Stapleton10 dager siden
  • The moment you realize 2020 is gonna suck CORONA

    # GamingWithCi# GamingWithCi10 dager siden
  • Why have I been watching you all day and

    Brooke SanchezBrooke Sanchez10 dager siden
  • The introduction to his all video is so beautiful it sometimes make me feel good tho ik he doesn't know me but yeah still

    Priyanka JadhavPriyanka Jadhav11 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who likes that the first one looked kind of ombré with the 2 colors? I liked it

    Kelley BrookeKelley Brooke11 dager siden
  • Honestly, it could've been something with a chemical reaction. Even though she had bleached her hair and it was white, it could've had something to do with the amount of time that she had the green on her hair, or it could've been a toner she used to make it as white as it was, possibly even whatever color that she had underneath her white hair. Its hard to tell when you don't really know what all she had underneath that white color.

    Margaret AnnMargaret Ann12 dager siden
  • 7:44 she rlly said deku

    Amber SafstromAmber Safstrom12 dager siden
  • Will applying emerald or hunter green dye over natural brown hair turn it muddy or grayish?

    Lilliana GreyLilliana Grey12 dager siden
  • Looks hella thirsty... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Brad is funny 😆

    Melissa MaeMelissa Mae12 dager siden
  • 8:48 idk if someones already commented this but im pretty sure her tips turned blue specifically because it was so light. There wasn't any pigment in the ends of her hair so to go from blonde to green she needed to fill it with yellow and didn't. Same reason if you go from blonde to brown with out filling it with red you get green hair. Edit: Lmao I finished the video, good job you figured it out

    Poon PatrolPoon Patrol12 dager siden
  • The first woman looked like a female midoriya.

    EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!13 dager siden
  • I dyed my hair dark green about 10 days ago too!! Had yellow brassy tones, but that just gave me amazing hues in the green!! I LOVE IT!!

    Saksham RangaSaksham Ranga13 dager siden
  • Brad is raving about pink usually. Today it's green... Me: I'm going to do both...

    April McPherson-VanRaalteApril McPherson-VanRaalte13 dager siden
  • А где же зелёнка? 😅🤪

    N BimN Bim14 dager siden
  • Stella is actually a hair stylist!!

    **SamiK****SamiK**14 dager siden
  • If i do this bleaching to my hair it’ll all fall at once.. i go with color straight over my hair color and just accept it because it’s temporary.. but bleaching it is not 😬

    Broadcast NeoBroadcast Neo14 dager siden
  • all of theses 3 girls are so pretty wtf

    superstarsuperstar14 dager siden
  • is stella a professional?

    chrischris15 dager siden
  • I want the second person hair color

    2k Subscribers with no content2k Subscribers with no content15 dager siden
  • I’m sitting here with green dye processing on my head to hide the orange tones ((((((:

    Forever MoonForever Moon15 dager siden
  • Her need might have turned blue cause there was more blue then yellow in there and it had a blue under tone

    Aiden/jeff GilbertAiden/jeff Gilbert15 dager siden
    • At the begging I meant her ends

      Aiden/jeff GilbertAiden/jeff Gilbert15 dager siden
  • I tried Green hair but always end up being yellow with some parts of Green. What can i need tô do for have a Full Green hair? (Sorry for my english, i'm from Brazil)

    Codigo xxyCodigo xxy15 dager siden
  • Hmm, id say the base was blue to have a cool base. Not a neutral or warm base. oh, the pigment size .... blue pigment is larger sized than yellow, and isnt it larger than red also? you know? er you rem your training? you need less of one color then another to make the mix equal looking? because the particle sizes are different.

    ItiIti15 dager siden
  • brad:”you look stunning” me:*in the middle of taking a bite of a sandwich* me: uh sure

    nm_sad_editsnm_sad_edits16 dager siden
  • Not a hairstylist, but that green looks like it does have a lot of blue in it, and if her ends were whitest, then it didn't have the support of the yellow tones in the rest of her hair, so it looks bluer in comparison

    Valerie SmithValerie Smith17 dager siden
  • I love watching Stella almost as much as I do watching Brad

    Patricia JacobsPatricia Jacobs17 dager siden
  • Nobody: Brad trying not to curse: HOLY SHIIIAAAAEEEEEEETTTTT

    Avakin IkhłaßAvakin Ikhłaß17 dager siden
  • Wait I just dyed my hair green 2 days ago WHY DID I NOT SEE THIS VIDEO. Mine turned out properly green and not blue I love it.

    DemiDemi17 dager siden
  • If she didn't want blue then why tf would she use aquamarine smfh

    Brittany CaronBrittany Caron17 dager siden
  • Phantom green is my favorite 😩 it faded minty seafoam green on me

    Brittany CaronBrittany Caron17 dager siden
  • watching brad while waiting for my bleach to process ❤️✨

    stariiyustariiyu17 dager siden
  • *2nd girl* - so my hair is this steel grey & i like it! Me - ooh i fucking LOVE that! Brad - i don’t like it. Me - Yeah i hate that colour, ew.

    KayKay18 dager siden
  • The blue it is because depends on how much yellow is in your hair, more yellow means more green. Less yellow means blueish color

    Yuli MayYuli May18 dager siden
  • Brad Mondo: Maybe 2020 is the year of green hair Me: NOPE! WRONG! CORONAVIRUS. Me: (AGAIN) Green hair and in quarantine. Like if in QUARANTINE I love you Brad!

    Ella S.Ella S.19 dager siden
  • Brad: why’s it blue, why did that happen.. Blue: “if I were green I would die”

    Silver CierraSilver Cierra19 dager siden
  • what happens if u mix glitter into ur hair color?

    Ida NormanIda Norman20 dager siden
  • It happens a lot. I tried to dye my hair pink. It came out purple. Tried to dye it purple. It came out blue.

    Jenn WurstJenn Wurst20 dager siden
  • So yeah artic fox has more of a blue tint to Phantom Green. That's why the blue tint so annoying!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhh

    Crystal SalazarCrystal Salazar20 dager siden
  • Brad reminds me of the guy from clueless who Cher crushes on. The one who acts like he’s too cool.

    LalaLala20 dager siden
  • Might just spilt dye my hair green

    Ummm ChileUmmm Chile20 dager siden
  • the second reveal tho

    Lilith the potatoLilith the potato21 dag siden
  • Brad please teach master classes , please !!!!!!!

    Urban PearlUrban Pearl21 dag siden
  • So now my hair is green.....

  • I have dark brown hair I am Italian and have green eyes should idye my hair lime green or red

    Abri KnutsonAbri Knutson23 dager siden
  • me your darn right it will you predicted the future cuz coronavirus is green if you look at pictures of it

    Aftab KhanAftab Khan23 dager siden
  • Watching this after I just coloured my hair green on a whim! Not gonna lie... I get shocked every time I walk past a mirror lol. Still learning to rock it with confidence but liking that I was bold enough to try

    corrgallcorrgall23 dager siden
  • Funny. Next week I'm gonna get partially green most probably (black and green hair). And yes, I am having it done by a professional.

    Dragonsoul123Dragonsoul12323 dager siden
  • How did third girl hair got so voluminous and long after coloring green?

    Rituparna DasRituparna Das24 dager siden
  • Billie Eilish already rocked the look

    himynameishi I thinkhimynameishi I think24 dager siden
  • I love when Brad gets all worked up and has to get out of his seat 😂

    Amber BrownAmber Brown24 dager siden
  • 19:10...... brad being a cheerleader

    Abbey ComeauAbbey Comeau24 dager siden
  • ugh my green hair was a moment, you would of loved it. wish i had a video to share with you

    Mimi memezMimi memez25 dager siden
  • Jay’s hair ended up reminding me of a peacock feather. The second girl’s hair turned peacock green, which I kinda feel are two different colours.

    Ellie FEllie F25 dager siden
  • I’m not a hair stylist but I do work with color in scenic painting so it’s possible the darker greens have more blue in it than yellow since blue tends to be the darker tone when mixed. The emerald green especially would most likely have heavy blue undertones to it.

    Anna GautreauxAnna Gautreaux26 dager siden
  • Because she used pthalo turquoise ( darker shade of emerald) not emerald Green. Some color products use wrong name for colors. I get annoyed when i see wrong name on color products. Still, i love my natural reddish brown hair. Never gonna change them. ❤️👑

    Dita DīķeDita Dīķe26 dager siden
  • Blue must have been the base color of the green. Those ends being as porous as I’m sure they are, grabbed just the base color. Blue is the largest color molecule and realllllly hangs tight in there. In my opinion and experience anyway.

    Kolby UsreyKolby Usrey27 dager siden
  • Yes beautiful, as long as it's the right shade of green it looks good on me other than that is my favorite color that looks good on everyone well there's that one eyed person that doesn't look good it doesn't look good on but we're not going to mention Karen's name but yes green has the best hair color I could think of currently my hair is purple it canceled out all the yellow pigments in my hair I was like yes love you love you videos and love everything else about you have a good night beautiful

    William DahnWilliam Dahn27 dager siden
  • I did phantom green a few years ago and i was obsessed. Miss it every day🥺

    SophieSophie27 dager siden
  • most of attic fox’s dye have a blue base to it so the colors wind up turning two colors. i used transylvania (which is black) and it turned purple due to it being blue based.

    Sam AnnaSam Anna28 dager siden
  • Similar to the girl number 1 happened to me... wanted my hair turn blue, everything was fine with the bleaching but then when we applied the blue color the result was a green, turquoise color.... Can anyone tell me what can I do? If I apply more blue I am pretty sure will be a dark green....

    Humilde OpinionHumilde Opinion28 dager siden
  • He should have seen my hair transformation. I went from faded yellow, to green

    Ladyaribeth’s dog trainingLadyaribeth’s dog training29 dager siden
  • It’s because they ate using eco friendly dyes made with plants

    Tanya DegurechaffTanya Degurechaff29 dager siden
  • Disclaimer!! I'm not a hairstylist,!! BUT in my experience (colored my hair green for 2 years) the lighter the blonde/base that you apply any green over tends to show up blue. I have a feeling it has to do with porosity and the yellow getting lost somewhere in the absorption so the blue shows up way more. Definitely work with a yellow base when going green. Not only will the color last longer because your hair isn't as porous, but it wont fade to blue for the same reason.

    Marissa MendezMarissa Mendez29 dager siden
  • Came for Stella Cini ngl

    Amanda NAmanda NMåned siden
  • ''i just wanted to be midoriya' i stan.

    Sania Ann JohnSania Ann JohnMåned siden
  • I got my hair dyed a neon green ombré into yellow and I HIGHLY recommend dying your hair those two colors if you want to dye your hair

    YourLocalElvishLordYourLocalElvishLordMåned siden
  • Yooooo the girl from gray to green **Chef's kiss**

    TroSha MoniqueTroSha MoniqueMåned siden
  • i just realized that i have the same straws as you lol

    Shdhhdbdndjdj JehdhdhhdjdShdhhdbdndjdj JehdhdhhdjdMåned siden
  • 19:44 should be poison ivy for Halloween

    A person who has a Google accountA person who has a Google accountMåned siden
  • “I just wanted to be like Midoriya :c” I literally started fangirling. I love mha, I’m a huge weeb, and Deku is best bean.

    Kitty CorgiKitty CorgiMåned siden
  • 16:53 HAD ME DYINGGGGG "WE'RE GOING FOR IT" He had to get out of the chair and do the most 🤣 he's so extra I love him 😭

    Destany ferraraDestany ferraraMåned siden
  • So can i just say...she nailed that application. Like i went to school for it and she did EVERything correct. It's 100 percent the application/technique that generates the total outcome.

    Alana HawesAlana HawesMåned siden
  • I went neon green in march, something I never thought I'd do. But I actually love it.

    Puru RinPuru RinMåned siden
  • He always thinks it gonna turn out the worst and then he squeals in joy because it looks good.

    Karla SoprekKarla SoprekMåned siden
  • Stella Cinis green hair was literally so beautiful. That color was made for her. I hope she keeps it that way for a long time.

    Hi HiHi HiMåned siden