Hairdresser Reacts: Black To Orange Hair Using Box Dye

8. mars. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! Orange hair is not for everyone, but some of these girls actually rocked their new orange locks I have to admit!
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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  • Is orange hair a vibe? 🤔

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo7 måneder siden
    • yes!!

      Trin NajiyahTrin Najiyah9 dager siden
    • I was actually searching on how to go from black box dye to ginger and i saw your video and i was like ohno lets not do it 😂

      Estrella BibicEstrella Bibic11 dager siden
    • Hell no

      Carla BainterCarla Bainter12 dager siden
    • Yesss, I'm doing it this week (well split orange/black)

      Bella HensrudeBella Hensrude24 dager siden
    • YES

      Rochi fuenzaRochi fuenza25 dager siden
  • I wish I could post a photo of my amazing transformation. I went from long brown to purple ombre, to short orange locks and it changed my life!! 😍 Ginger is the way to go! One color off my bucket list!

    Jessica WhiteJessica White17 timer siden
  • I don't like copper hair un blanco girls, looks weird

  • was it just me or was the first girl talking way too much

    LaurynLaurynDag siden
  • I can't believe brad just made that noise with tounge n lower lip....... I used to do that when I was a kid......OMG!!!!! 🥰

    saba sohailsaba sohail3 dager siden
  • I'm thinking of doing mine orange or copper.

    Kristy OlivasKristy Olivas5 dager siden
  • Her green eyes make that hair Pop

    Kristy OlivasKristy Olivas5 dager siden
  • When I finally decide to dye my hair after it reaches the length I want I’m gonna do a brad mondo hashtag 😂😭💯

    Ale VelezAle Velez7 dager siden
  • love it when Brad says "wait...what"

    Karen MatthewsKaren Matthews7 dager siden
  • I had orange hair for years. Like bright, bright orange and I loved it. Also great if other people try to find you in a crowd! My natural hair is a dark strawberry blonde and now I have a more natural ginger colour but I do miss the vibrancy sometimes 😁

    Anni MauAnni Mau7 dager siden
  • Do you have any products that help the growth of your hair? Or thickness?

    Samantha FultsSamantha Fults8 dager siden
  • Lol how does Brad live in NYC and doesn’t know how to pronounce all these names 🤣

    Vonnie GVonnie G9 dager siden
  • Umm I dyed my hair orange and I didn’t use bleach. But I used a box dye for dark black hair

    jason zhaojason zhao13 dager siden
  • What about using a çolor stripper on my natural hair then use a white permanent dye,

    taiwana shannontaiwana shannon14 dager siden
  • you need to give your own masterclass

    Mabel VerasMabel Veras15 dager siden
  • Wow..... I would agree she looks stunning with that color of hair! Thanks for posting this video!

    Amanda SerratoAmanda Serrato15 dager siden
  • “Also known as battery acid” 😂

    adriana denoriegaadriana denoriega18 dager siden
  • Wi be dying my hair orange soon with arctic fox lol watching all things on orange hair 🧡💋

    Momma bears Cub HouseMomma bears Cub House19 dager siden
  • I swear some of these people ok it didn't work this time so I'm going to re-apply this box of color. Then BANG they don't show the application but come back with perfectly balanced color with highlights and no hot roots. I think the truth is BANG they run to the salon and pay hundreds to fix there hair then come back on line with perfect hair. like ' come on ' if we did this in a salon we wouldn't have a job, and ..... it just wouldn't work.

    Lori Neid / Tiny Toad FarmLori Neid / Tiny Toad Farm22 dager siden
    • PS I'm talking about the second one ;)

      Lori Neid / Tiny Toad FarmLori Neid / Tiny Toad Farm22 dager siden
  • The second chick was a phony.

    Kay MillKay Mill22 dager siden
  • So hArd to replicate natural red hair 👩🏻‍🦰 🔥😘

    Ashley Mae ASMRAshley Mae ASMR22 dager siden
  • I'm screaming internally. You can't do that much hair with one box.

    Godless MelanisiaGodless Melanisia23 dager siden
  • Ruth's hair isn't "clearly very dry" i think white hair stylists aren't up on black natural hair. Her hair looks thick healthy & shiny. The colors by adore always flip BOMB on our hair. It came out gorgeous. Curls poppin. It came out just as good as the first girl but....mmmk. No comments on the black girl about how good her skin looks and complimentary it was for her like the other girls. 🙄 I really wish the world wasn't like this. Ruth the Truth if you see this, that color looked amazing on you and your curl pattern was EVERYTHING!

    Ijene Your Travel BaeIjene Your Travel Bae26 dager siden
  • This second chic has another video out about trying to straighten her hair and it is hilarious

    Laura ForresterLaura Forrester28 dager siden
  • Your reactions are hilaaaaarious😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    larabeautysagelarabeautysage28 dager siden
  • Your so funny! I’m stuck binge watching your vids- went from antm makeovers to this.. LOL but I’ve always done my hair at home since I was 16 and let me tell you Sally’s is my friend! Wella-ion-no box color. It’s actually cheaper than a 10$ box of color from cvs/Walgreens/target. Wella 7$ ea. Ion 8-9$ each. Safer & more effective results. Always read directions and measure out your ish properly peeps! Don’t over damage. Go to your local Sally’s and ask for help. 🥰

    Silver CierraSilver Cierra29 dager siden
  • Ahahahaha poor hair what bad move happened to you? Why people think that this color is good for hair? Orange is for fruit not for hair please. Ginger is a really difficult color and you have to go to the a good hairdresser to manage it!

    Dora KaleaDora Kalea29 dager siden
  • ¿Does anybody know what's the name for toner in spanish? I used to think there was only "tinte" and "baño de color"-

    Nathalie AguilarNathalie AguilarMåned siden
  • "Aaand she's gone blind. Great." 😂😂😂

    GhoulGhoulMåned siden
  • second girl looks, like she saw a hairdresser before the last scene :'D

    Fel MFel MMåned siden
  • How do some people just take a box dye, don’t know anything about what they’re doing, it seems to go horribly, then they dry their hair and it’s magically super pretty. How? I feel like I’m trolled or they secretly went to a hairdresser before the reveal. 😂

    IamElisabethHIamElisabethHMåned siden
  • Hi there- my hair is legit real natural red hair. You can’t get this out of a bottle or a box. My hair used to be way deeper coppery but hey I’m 57 so it’s fading 😬🤣 anyway just saying I can’t stand when people pretend they’re real redheads instead of just saying they tried to make it look real 🥰🥰

    Return TosenderReturn TosenderMåned siden
  • People with red hair always give off confidence and sometimes sex appeal to me. I didn’t realize from reading these comments how many ppl have been bullied for being a red head. I normally date guys in my race but I always crush on ginger guys!

    Goddess Free SpiritGoddess Free SpiritMåned siden
  • Anyone have any tips for bleaching natural red hair? Tring to create a blonde-ish face framing moment in the front and am curious about what shade my hair will be after bleaching and if I will need to tone it - still looking to keep a little brassyness, but maybe lighten like 2-3 levels

    Claire GrigglestoneClaire GrigglestoneMåned siden
  • Im actually sooo tempted to go orange ombré

    Sophie MarieSophie MarieMåned siden
    • Dooooo iiiiiiiiit!!!!!

      Shannon HShannon HMåned siden
  • Im dying my hair orange tomorrow because I'm bored, I spent my last 20 bucks to fuck myself up

    Keely HolmesKeely HolmesMåned siden
  • That first girl is made for orange hair 😍

    TAbsTAbsMåned siden
  • The first girl looks gorgeous! Wow she’s pretty with that hair!

    Briella’s WorldBriella’s WorldMåned siden
  • I want orange hair so bad I kind of have it right now but it's so hard to maintain :c

    Raven AthieRaven AthieMåned siden
  • Are your gauges back in? Lovely outfit choice either way

    aikat3rineaikat3rineMåned siden
  • I love when you pause and their faces when frozen ahha

    Yeztel XYeztel XMåned siden
  • my hair is a platnium blonde that i worked hard to get now im trying to find the will power not to dye my hair ginger cause i know ill miss my blode

    Christine LoaderChristine LoaderMåned siden
  • I guess orange really is the new black 😂😂

    Charis MWCharis MWMåned siden
  • Hey Brad I had ginger hair last year just dyed back to my light brown hair with blonde highlights. I will never be orange again. Love your videos and your shampoo and conditioner. Take care👍

    Holly DruckerHolly DruckerMåned siden
  • Me sitting here with bright ass orange hair 👁👄👁

    CoriGowinsCoriGowinsMåned siden
  • BRADDDDDDDDDDDDDD PLEASEEEE do more orange hair vids thnx lol

    M BennettM BennettMåned siden
  • * cries in natural ginger hair *

    CantabileCantabileMåned siden
  • wait why are people using horse shampoo

    Poppy MillwardPoppy MillwardMåned siden
  • I’m 57 and a natural redhead n very proud of it n my hair is slowly fading n turning white making it look like I have highlights n I don’t think I’ve ever seen “ fake red hair” look natural. We have about 5 different shades in our hair naturally. I cringe at the thought of me eventually having to color my hair. Omg lol

    Return TosenderReturn TosenderMåned siden
    • Charlie Snail Aw thank you so much Charlie🤗🤗

      Return TosenderReturn TosenderMåned siden
    • Your hair is beautiful 😻

      Charlie SnailCharlie SnailMåned siden
  • could you do a tutorial on how to go from artificial black hair to orange? I want to do it the best way possible

    harmonyharmonyMåned siden
  • Am I the only one who saw a big ass spider in the background of the first video?

    Sara ReenersSara ReenersMåned siden
    • Shit! Where?

      African PrincessAfrican PrincessMåned siden
  • Blue dried her hair? Brad....?

    Jenn CarsonJenn CarsonMåned siden
  • Me watching this with the same hair dye on my hair: 👁👄👁

    Emily GEmily GMåned siden
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    Mmm BbbbMmm BbbbMåned siden
  • Anyone who goes from hair that's a mess on camera to fixed hair off camera.. I really don't think they did it themselves. Why wouldn't they have shown that part of it? It looks awful & then all the sudden with no footage it looks good? I call BS they did that themselves!

    Brittany JohnsonBrittany JohnsonMåned siden
  • I am blonde and I really really want a natural ginger hair color but I’m a lil scared about it

    No OneNo OneMåned siden
  • I read the directions, well my mum did and I love my hair

    Rhi23Rhi23Måned siden
  • I've done this after my senior year at school I don't even remember how I was able to do it, I was only eighteen but my hair turned out just perfect

    rehfrigeranterehfrigeranteMåned siden
  • I love it when he says hi beautiful 🥰

    I'mGriiI'mGriiMåned siden
  • Lmfaoo I don’t know why it surprises you that they don’t read the instructions people will watch your videos quote you and still do it wrong

    Avery ParrisAvery ParrisMåned siden
  • TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse, Mild Mint, 16 Ounce Bottle (Pack of 2)

    SupplierSupplier2 måneder siden
  • Kermit the frog mode at 10:38

    McKinley MickelsonMcKinley Mickelson2 måneder siden
  • i actually sometimes like bleach orange hair 🥺 am i the only one

    iibitsu ukiyoiibitsu ukiyo2 måneder siden
  • Yes omg loving the orange lol for once

    LaciAlysiaLaciAlysia2 måneder siden
  • Brad is so much adorable and kind him

    ananya tanjinaananya tanjina2 måneder siden
  • Wow Heather's hair came out STUNNNNING!! the red is perfect for her skin tone she's beautiful!

    Valerie AnneValerie Anne2 måneder siden
  • Adore hair color is great for ppl allergic or sensitive to permanent hair dye. I'm allergic to the chemical PPD.

    yplyh82004yplyh820042 måneder siden
  • i need you to talk about the thing the yao women do, i think itd be really interesting

    TooseiToosei2 måneder siden
  • Funny enough I just watch this girl this video loz coz am looking todo my hair

    Sonia ShahzadSonia Shahzad2 måneder siden
  • She needs psychological help.

    feieryfeiery2 måneder siden
  • I have red hair and I want to diet but my my mom says no

    Valerie PrunerValerie Pruner2 måneder siden
  • "Blew dry her hair" 😂😂

    SamanthaSamantha2 måneder siden
  • i LOVED my orange hair. i felt the like the mad hatter 🎩- until it faded 😂

    MJMJ2 måneder siden
  • imagine if box dye companies actually put the models with ACTUAL results what the box hair dye would do! no one would buy it lol

    DiabolicPumpkinDiabolicPumpkin2 måneder siden
  • the first girl with the patchy hair imo looks great. the lighter parts of the hair complement the darker hair to the point its like a sunset. its ssooo pretty. 2nd girl... looks like shes trying to use dr. phils hair style with longer hair due to how flat the top of her head is and how much the orange roots blend into her skin ngl.. not a good look.

    Oi AnonyOi Anony2 måneder siden
  • Went to the hairdresser's and asked for ginger ended up with red ahhhh okay. Do you have any tips on how to say thats not what I wanted? I always just freak out in silence and leave 🤣

    Renee BradleyRenee Bradley2 måneder siden
    • I’m not a hairdresser myself but based on experience and what they’ve told me, you need to have a reference photo or two. People all seem to have different ideas of what certain color words mean; the only way to make sure they know what tone you want is to show them (plus they always seem to appreciate having the visual so they have a specific jumping off point)

      Julie BogenJulie Bogen2 måneder siden
  • Making my hair orange now

    Maddie VMaddie V2 måneder siden
  • The first girl is from my home town, you go girl 🖤🇬🇧

    Clown GirlClown Girl2 måneder siden
  • i just braught that box of bleach powder in the first video but you buy the peroxide separately in either 30/40 vol is it still bad to use that one?

    Jonathan AldermanJonathan Alderman2 måneder siden
  • the first girl looks like candice from You with the makeup and red hair😂😂

    Jordan BettsJordan Betts2 måneder siden
  • Brad. Darling. If people are readers of directions, they are not the kind of people that dye their hair at home.

    Emma EnglandEmma England2 måneder siden
  • Love this hair colour on you!!!

    Chantell WebsterChantell Webster2 måneder siden
  • select group of people who want orange hair: ME! (though really ever since i was little (like 8) i wanted to have red hair and freckles... get that anne of green gables look)

    Quinn KellyQuinn Kelly2 måneder siden
  • @bradmondo Darroch...pronounced Da ruck not da roche lol

    catcat2 måneder siden
  • In this case ,Orange is the new black hehe did you get the joke.. it’s from a tv show you know what, nvm

    *Purple Milk**Purple Milk*2 måneder siden
  • So happy he did this video i dye my hair at home and have always been a red head and i love it, the other week though i went a different shop to buy my dye as my usual is 3 towns over, i picked up my dye bought it and took it home got home and did my dye process washing out the dye my hair looked black i started to panic i never used shampoo to wash out my dye but did this time to speed it up dry my hair and its practically black i run into the bathroom and open the bin to take out the colourant and found out the colourant blottle had been switched for my usual auburn henna to a dark chocolate brown

    Elloise BranleyElloise Branley2 måneder siden
  • The 3rd girl was my inspiration. Currently dying my hair orange 😅

    Angelina BandaAngelina Banda2 måneder siden
  • me; looks for this video to hear his remarks and see mistakes and ways to do it yourself cuz imma go from dark brown (natural) dyed black to a copper orange type tone

    Clueless KannaClueless Kanna2 måneder siden
  • Brad's reaction when the first girl said she left it on for an additional 30 minutes. I fell over laughing.

    T.S.OrrT.S.Orr2 måneder siden
  • I’ve literally watched nearly 30 straight videos of brads throughout the last week. I’m obsessed, and not sure why I didn’t follow him sooner. He does a really good job at just making me so happy and calm. A good escape throughout these crazy times! A total queen, I love. 👑

    kayla harneykayla harney2 måneder siden
  • I currently have black hair, I’m wanting to go Hayley Williams self-titled-era orange It’s a good thing Brad did a video on this specific transition

    zucchini mamazucchini mama2 måneder siden
  • me watching this with black and orange hair rip

    emma ranhornemma ranhorn2 måneder siden
  • Heather looks like Ariel 😳❤️

    Molly GMolly G3 måneder siden
  • One of us need to make a compilation video of him calling us beautiful 😂😂😂

    Ella ReekieElla Reekie3 måneder siden
  • I’m going orange...wish me luck 🤞🏽

    crzyinzan3crzyinzan33 måneder siden
  • 13:12 when I wear a dress and think i look hot but then turn to the side

    B MB M3 måneder siden
  • I have natural red hair 😎

    Biffy BananaBiffy Banana3 måneder siden
  • me watching this otf of sallys

    China GarciaChina Garcia3 måneder siden
  • I use to dye my hair with box bleach, and splat, Arctic fox, and box dye. I would saturate the bleach until it was like sopping off 😂😂😂 I wish I was still coloring my hair so I could show how box dye can work. I’m working on growing out my natural color at the moment.

    KimphieKimphie3 måneder siden
  • If I don’t have my black hair, I have an awesome coppery orange color. That’s it.. those are the only two colors I do. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Tia MartinezTia Martinez3 måneder siden