Hairdresser/Brand Owner's Opinion On DevaCurl Controversy

27. feb.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! DevaCurl has recently been involved in a class action lawsuit from customers who have been concerned about abnormal hair loss, hair frizzing, ect. I wanted to give my own opinion about this subject today.

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  • What's your opinion on the sitch?

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo7 måneder siden
    • Sarah MacMillan it used to be a great product. I used it for years. The issues started for me about 1-2 years ago.

      Lindsey WilliamsLindsey Williams16 dager siden
    • Tabatha Barbour me too. Still not getting better.

      Lindsey WilliamsLindsey Williams16 dager siden
    • It ruined my hair. I’ve lost over 50% density.

      Lindsey WilliamsLindsey Williams16 dager siden
    • After using deva curl for a couple years, I began to see that the front sort of corners of my hair (I have a widows peak) were going further and further back. Other people were also noticing this and letting me know. After switching to Ouidad and other products, I began to grow back my hair and it’s back to normal now.

      Reagan KelleyReagan Kelley29 dager siden
    • Excellent! I know of several companies selling generic base for all sorts of products (lotion to shampoo to lipstick) and add-ins. Some offer customization with their chemists. They sell everything from vit c to e to acids that are micronized. There's also a lab on ebay selling some of this. FYI everything is a chemical. "Natural aloe" is a series of chemicals. I have no doubt there are people experiencing reactions and it can happen to anything/anyone, out of the blue. I developed an allergy to a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) that's in everything from toothpaste to cosmetics to anesthesia. Big PITA. However - my point was that I bet a LOT of OTC products share similar generic bases. As a skin cancer survivor I toyed with developing a line because some things are more protective than others and I didn't see good stuff added to skin care but a lot of bad stuff instead (like pigments and fragrance) that physical altered the protective qualities, yada, yada. Working with chemicals is not like baking a cake. You can't grind up aspirin and get salytic acid. Same with vit c or e. "Natural" doesn't exist on a molecular level. I'm sorry, but nobody's grandma is slaving over a hot stove to make this - and if she was, consumers would loose the benefits from tiny particles broken down to molecules that can deliver the benefits they expect. Crushing aspirin or mashing citrus doesn't result in facial peels. I can't add green tea to shea butter for healing sun damage (I wish I could).

      aikanae1aikanae1Måned siden
  • I'm really glad you did a video on this topic because when I heard about this is kinda scared me to think a product MAY be causing so much damage to these people's hair... & I didn't understand HOW!!! Especially when I read the "sensational" type articles online & saw videos on NOworld about some of the claims. I thought OMG can a simple hair product actually do have such negative effects on hair?!? 😱 I think this video was very unbiased & informative. I think it was pretty brave of you to discuss this topic, just because I would think a lot of people who feel strongly against DevaCurl may get angry, etc. But it's always great to hear information that's not FOR or AGAINST, but just information for those who want it... Thanks giving us your expert opinion on this topic! P.S. - I'm really excited because I just ordered a lovely bundle of your hair products (the moisturizing bundle) & I'm SoOo ready to try all of them!!!

    Liana Rodrigues-AlmeidaLiana Rodrigues-Almeida2 dager siden
  • Their products are full of toxic and poisonous ingredients. As a wellness coach, I know very well that supposed government testing means absolutely nothing. The government has approved thousands of toxic goods, additives, personal care products, prescription drugs, etc. and are very slow to admit their wrongdoing, sometimes taking years to recall items that have resulted in horrible side effects, even death. So yeah, government testing does NOT mean a product can be trusted. I recommend only organic, non toxic products and foods for both the inside and outside of our bodies. Everything I use can be eaten without ill effect, that is how safe it is. I personally know people who have suffered horrible damage from devacurl. Defending them in any way is a very stupid move. It reflects badly on your channel, and badly on your brand.

    Catriona AnneCatriona Anne2 dager siden
  • I ordered the trial size pack of devacurl products a while back, but I wasn't impressed. I didn't like the no-lather shampoo. It was super weird. So I just stick with cheaper low/no-poo options.

    Sara AvelsajoSara Avelsajo5 dager siden
  • I have heard pureology has the same thing. The reviews are just awful. It’s also quite minty or uses menthol...Glad I couldn’t afford them either.

    Saida GravesSaida Graves6 dager siden
  • man you are killing me with the "categorie"

    Emma BackenEmma Backen6 dager siden
  • when you just ordered deva curl: 👁👄👁

    hvshinqhvshinq7 dager siden
  • How much did they pay you.?

    Zuri G. HernandezZuri G. Hernandez9 dager siden
  • Wow, apparently Brad, you’re not allowed to have an opinion!!!

    Kimber RoseKimber Rose10 dager siden
  • I doubt you'll see this, but I stopped Devacurl in February when the news broke on all the complaints (even though I had no problems and it was the only product that made my hair flawless). My hair is down to my butt when curly and I couldn't risk having an issue until the drama was resolved. Ever since then I've tried SO MANY products without anything coming close in performance. After a little googling and now that I've watched this video, I'm confident about going back because I noticed that the product I missed the most from their line was their GEL!! 100% the best. I didn't consistently use their conditioner anyway and now I'll just stay away from it completely, and buy my beloved gel so I can go back to my bouncy, defined, dreamy ringlets. Love you Brad! Thanks for looking into it!!

    Shawna KayShawna Kay11 dager siden
  • I encourage people to also watch Manes By Mell video on devacurl.

    Kelsea NovaKelsea Nova11 dager siden
  • You are majorly cool, bro... thank you

    Zacc IsBestestZacc IsBestest13 dager siden
  • Idk why there are so many likes when the almost entire comment section is filled with hate

    Alexis HAlexis H14 dager siden
  • You didn't mention that fragrance is an umbrella term that can include so many different things. A lot of people have allergic reactions to fragrance. There is a possibility that the fragrance is causing the reaction.

    Mylène BaghdisarMylène Baghdisar15 dager siden
  • Okay I've had curls for 33 years and have used DevaCurl for about 2 weeks. I've never had a problem like this with any other product. The damage to my hair has been immediate. Theres no way I'd ever use this again.

    Elise HElise H15 dager siden
  • I did lots of research on the DevaCurl products and which one I thought would be right for me. I shouldn’t have even switched from what I was using at the time but I wanted to try something higher end that I thought would be better and healthier for my wavy/curly hair (BIG mistake). I ended up getting the low poo shampoo and conditioner for wavy hair, as well as a gel/pomade type stuff in a jar and Dream Curl refresher spray. I had to save up at the time because that shit is expensive (not that I mind for a quality product but...). 😤 I was SO excited. I’d watched so many of these youtuber’s videos saying how much they loved the products. I was so excited to use all of my products and see how much they enhanced my curls, however, the first time I washed my hair though and did my hair as I normally would there was almost no curls. It wasn’t quite straight but I wouldn’t consider it curly either. I decided to give the products some time and continued to use them for probably 2 or 3 more weeks. My hair was very dry, no where near the volume I had before, and tangled so word I can think of to describe it is “lifeless“. So I switched back to my drugstore products and it was better but my hair was not the same. Still tangled more and the curls were nothing like they used to be. This was a couple of years ago at least. My curls have started to get a lot better over time but I look back to the pictures of me before DevaCurl and still miss that amount of curl and volume. 😩😭🥺 Awhile down the road I heard about the issues everyone has had and am grateful I didn’t continue to use them longer. If you check out the Think Dirty app their products are not rated well at all (apart from the spray I purchased which I still sometimes use on second day hair, it’s in the green zone on Think Dirty and the only product that actually adds volume for me.) I love Brad so much but I don’t think this many people having issues is a coincidence or the consumers fault.

    heysam22heysam2216 dager siden
  • Brad, I never comment on youtube or on any other social media whatsoever. However, I have the need to say I fell in love with your professionality, objectivity and honesty. I love your videos, how you explain various problematics and I love how passionate you are about your job. I am sure you probably won't read my comment, but I wanna leave it here anyway. Thank you! :)

    Eliška BartoňováEliška Bartoňová16 dager siden
  • How much did Devacurl pay you for this video? 🥺

    Rebekka HayRebekka Hay18 dager siden
  • Everyone who is coming after Brad just know that he has to word himself properly because DivaCurl could basically sue him for saying anything hateful or factually incorrect, please keep that in mind, plus he did say it was just a theory and he is entitled to theorize and opinionate.

    kawaiiaurirantskawaiiaurirants18 dager siden
  • I'm not sure if I love or hate your jumper

    Lily DorianLily Dorian18 dager siden
  • I'd love to hear your thoughts on the "curly girl method"....I was doing this method for 3 + years. My theory is that this is not a devacurl issue....It just happens to be the most popular brand for those who follow the method. I was losing a lot of hair....but was not concerned as I was told, by some CGM 'gurus' that it just 'looks' like a lot as we do not wash our hair daily and do not brush our hair and it's just a few days worth of 'natural shed'. I used devacurl in the first year, but switched to other products, only to change things up, not because of the brand. Well, a couple of weeks ago I watched a video done by 'manes by mel' .... she is a hairstylist and curly hair specialist. She gave her thoughts on the method. So, I decided to stop doing the CGM and go back to my beloved sulphates and silicones. Guess what? I barely have any hair falling out anymore. My hair is feeling amazing, soft, no knots and no frizz. So Brad...I would love to hear your professional opinion on this method. LOVE your videos, BTW. Thank you for not bashing the brand!

    Tammy VanRoonTammy VanRoon21 dag siden
  • Y’all really trusted a “curly” product that only worked on type 2 hair??? Lol.

    RoseRose24 dager siden
  • After I gave birth my hair went from fluffy but mostly straight to literal curls -_-

    Melissa GirouxMelissa Giroux24 dager siden
  • I had the kind of hair people would run across the street to compliment. After using WEN for a few months my hair was sh*t. Dryer, thinner, coming out in clumps, tangled, dull. This was years ago, and it’s never come back to what it was. I realize how crazy that sounds. Why didn’t it just grow back out normal by now? Did it damage my actual follicles? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ don’t know, but it’s devastating. Sounds like DevaCurl switched to mass manufacturing using different ingredients, similar to WEN. Perfumes and cosmetics companies do this all the time, after years of success with a fragrance they’ll sell out the branding of that product to another brand who will drop quality, or change it. Including packaging. I’ve had it happen with several favorite products. Maybe that happened here. You need to be open to these possibilities. Consumers know their hair, skin, and bodies like no one else. A business being upset is not enough, they need to be accountable to the consumers who trusted them with something so important.

    Juliette De MasoJuliette De Maso26 dager siden
  • So much good information. Thank you. I've learned alot and im only half way threw the video

    J leeJ lee28 dager siden
  • I know I'm late but I see alot of people kinda bash Brad but I actually thought from a logical standpoint his report was kind of enlightening. He gave a lot of factual info, gave his opinion, and basically just talked about a controversial issue. He repeats that it's only his opinion and I found it refreshing. Alot of people I feel are bashing him because they were called out by Brad about jumping on the bandwagon. People will lash out at anyone that even suggest they might be overreacting. I've never used devacurl and I honestly don't really care one way or the other. But I really didn't see anything wrong with this video. I've used several products that have broken my natural hair off, and relaxers that completely destroyed my hair. I'm personally not gonna go after an entire company, I'm literally just gonna stop using it and try something else. I'm certainly not gonna bash someone who simply tries to shed a little light on what could have possibly gone wrong, even if it goes against what I want it to be. I say thank you Brad for at least trying to come at this issue from a different standpoint. Knowledge, even if it goes against what we previously believed, is power. Love you Brad 💖

    Rock Kandy ArtRock Kandy ArtMåned siden
  • If they use sodium-hydroxide; to make the 'PH' ? That means their are hard acids; right? Wet hair (cortex) sucks-in the hard-acids? Like 80's perm-salutation. The cortex dries with the hard-acids in them; right? And the outside gets the build-up on top. Repeat each wash.

    David LandryDavid LandryMåned siden
  • "You may be very upset but the company is also upset" yo who tf cares that they're upset lol

    Yasmin MYasmin MMåned siden
  • I’ve been using Devacurl for 3 years. My mom 1 year, my clients 2 or more years. Myself, or anyone I know, has not had any issues. I’m a professional stylist and I still recommend it to my clients. So idk how or why this is happening to other people 🤔

    Nicole FavreauNicole FavreauMåned siden
  • It makes so much sense to rotate your skin & hair care products.

    Christine GrahamChristine GrahamMåned siden
  • I have natural curly hair and i try a lot product . I fed up and now I use nestle mineral water to wash my hair with out shampoo or conditioner ! Use only 100% natural oil my hair ! It is so healthy and working very well!

    erikaerikaMåned siden
  • Could you make a video on how to style curly hair? Please 🙏

    soy LaYulysoy LaYulyMåned siden
  • First I'm a cosmetologist have been a long time no cosmetologist worth their salt claims to know everything about the industry it's constantly evolving. 2 Though Deva Curl is a large brand and we'll know does not mean that they don't use inferior ingredients to maximize their profits I've seen it multiple times with products that come out to when they get established as a brand not all but too many. It's why you see "Professional" brands in regular stores and Amazon.

    winter sundaywinter sundayMåned siden
  • People out here suffering foreals people be crying and drowning in their tears and they got diseases where there’s no cure for so man now peoples hair falling out cuz they trusted a product that said it would grow their hair longer now they can’t grow hair at all and man this shite be cray cray dawg like where’s the accountability for lying to folks having them buy something and that shite be Nair in a bottle dawgs!

    Fiona O'KeefeFiona O'KeefeMåned siden
  • When will people realize that not properly cleansing your scalp lets sebum and DHT build up along with dead skin cells. Why does it blow people’s minds that such a thing would cause hair loss. Always ignoring the obvious answers.

    nanashimarananashimaraMåned siden
  • Brad, I respect your videos. But, everything was fine until I got the conditioner that smelled moldy. That was the single moment when my entire hair broke out in massive sores. I didn't even know about the controversy and called Deva and got a replacement on the conditioner. The new one also came in smelling moldy. I stopped using the product immediately when the sores occurred so I was blessed.

    Tara SillertTara SillertMåned siden
  • Great video Brad.

    leopardontheprowlleopardontheprowlMåned siden
  • I bet 90% of people here don’t even use diva curl they just believe everything they see on the Internet

    Avery MedinaAvery MedinaMåned siden
  • ive never even heard of devacurl or of this drama but im just enjoying all these people in the comment section who have either issues with their hearing or comprehension 😂

    jjjjMåned siden
  • I also just joined the FB group to watch.

    the8 cothe8 coMåned siden
  • This is why I use Shea and moisturize

    Nyreyda CortesNyreyda CortesMåned siden
  • Wen has a huge law suit for damaging hair as well..soo them having some similar ingredients doesn't surprise me. Bad batches and bad ingredients is possible. Noone thinks they did it on purpose, its a matter of owning up when and if it is needed

    Lexi LuluLexi LuluMåned siden
  • You r so right that your body changes n u need to change your product every two to threemonths

    patricia vaughnpatricia vaughnMåned siden
  • I used devacurl 4 years ago. I thought I just had an allergic and it made my hair fall out. Turns out thousands have also experienced it. My hair is still not the same and I have to brush over thin patches.

    Steph GilstrapSteph GilstrapMåned siden
  • I used Deva Curl for literally 1 month. The No-Poo shampoo and conditioner and arc angel gel ONLY. Entire curls and strands of hair were leaving my head even when it wasn’t a wash day or if I used just essential oils and water. Just by touching my hair you would have strands of hair in your hands. This video came out 5 months ago and my late ass just saw this. You mean to tell me...a hundred million dollar company can’t read the room? A hundred million dollar company hasn’t changed or addressed anyone [to my knowledge] in 5 months or more? Not a good brand as a whole.

    Abby LeBronAbby LeBron2 måneder siden
    • BUY CANVAS BRAND! My hair stopped shedding instantly and just started using it.

      Abby LeBronAbby LeBron2 måneder siden
  • Damn I just bought several Deva Curl items yesterday. To be honest before I watched this I wasn’t too happy with how my hair looked yesterday though. I feel like my hair was less curly than usual.

    nikki doziernikki dozier2 måneder siden
    • I ordered a bunch of their products yesterday and now I'm not sure what to do. Somehow I only saw the pro DC stuff before I ordered it...

      Caryn GibsonCaryn GibsonMåned siden
  • My problem with Deva Curl is that they fail/refused to acknowledge the issue that was clearly there. Weather it was a change in the formula, bad formula, bad batch or chemical reaction with new/cheaper plastic bottles, what ever the case, there is clearly an issue. For Deva Curl to simply ignore it and continue to just say, "our products are safe" that's where they messed up. Had they acknowledged it, did a recall or something to show they were on it/ committed to finding/fixing the issue, they're brand may not be in the dumpster. Now no one can trust them bc it's clear they don't care about ppl, just their profits.

    AAAReviewAAAReview2 måneder siden
  • When he talks about your hair and skin changing, he’s not lying. Especially if you have underlying heath issues or major life changes. For example, I wasn’t diagnosed as hypoglycemic until 2 years ago. The year before that, my skin was always clear, but dry. Over time it became oily, and acne started popping up everywhere, a side effect of hypoglycemia. Much like Brad, I’ve had to switch in and out products to try and combat my acne. My mom has always had amazingly thick hair when I was younger, but now in her late forties, she’s having thinning at her hairline. For along time, we both thought these were side effects of the products we used, but they simply weren’t. All we can do as consumers is listen to our bodies and do extensive research when side effects like this happen.

    Bubbles BubbletonBubbles Bubbleton2 måneder siden
  • You heard the brand can cause hair loss and scalp damage and you dropped coins anyway???

    JJ2 måneder siden
  • I know one issue was that DevaCurl was being sold in stores that were not confirmed retailers. DevaCurl has been sold online at Walmart and in-store at Target so there was some speculation whether or not those diverted products were counterfeit.

    Kyla PhillipsKyla Phillips2 måneder siden
  • Me to brad i can't do menthol. I bought a face wash with it once and it was hell and burned my skin for hours

    jess Kittehjess Kitteh2 måneder siden
  • The same claims happened to Wen when they made a no lather shampoo

    jess Kittehjess Kitteh2 måneder siden
  • wow a white guy with straight hair gaslighting curly headed people into thinking their the reason their hair is fucked up and not devacurl's fault ....what a world. I can guarantee you he would never put those products in his hair. can u post a video of you using the products? then maybe, JUST MAYBE, i'll listen to your opinion.

    tyyy letyyy le2 måneder siden
  • DevaCurl's Decadence No Poo was bleaching and thinning my hair line too. Over 1 month I noticed it. I felt like I needed to put on makeup on a 1/2 inch patch at my hairline cause it was so light. I'm glad I stopped using it when I did.

    digthewarmthdigthewarmth2 måneder siden
  • I didn’t even know they had a lawsuit. I just came to look for videos on how to do the curly girl method. Well...I used it tonight for the first time and my scalp is burning. I’m returning it tomorrow 😑

    Lauren MarieLauren Marie2 måneder siden
  • *is super knowledgeable and informative the whole video & then spells “category” wrong*

    morgan hoffmorgan hoff2 måneder siden
  • You missed the fact that the DivaCurl company has been sold twice thus the original creator and owners are no longer associated with it. The theories I've read have been that the formula has changed to increase profits. This has happened with Shea Moisture and Carol's Daughters, both companies that catered to those with kinky / curly hair are now under new management. This seems to be very common with brands that were popular with the Natural / Curly hair communities. These companies buy from startups and then don't know how to treat the existing customers. Wanting instead to expand to hair types the products were not originally made for.

    DecembirthDecembirth2 måneder siden
  • i need you to talk about the thing the yao women do, i think itd be really interesting

    TooseiToosei2 måneder siden
  • Category** not Categorie lol

    Cara NicoliniCara Nicolini2 måneder siden
  • 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I think you hit the nail on the head when you said, we change... we age! 👏🏼

    Rae LouRae Lou2 måneder siden
  • How much did they pay you for this video?

    Sofia AlvarezSofia Alvarez2 måneder siden
  • I have all those problems. But I’ve never used owned or used Deva curls

    Cheryl RiteteCheryl Ritete2 måneder siden
  • watch this..

    Fello xFello x2 måneder siden
  • My first connection was with Wen when this first happened. I question more the effects on the scalp when not really "washing" hair for many years.

    Betsy/BA BFBetsy/BA BF2 måneder siden
  • Ive used devacurl for a long time, but never used their shampoo cause I never liked it. I knew from the first time I tried it, it wasn't good and smelled weird. I use the gel and the curl cream and my hair is fine.

    Andreas curlsAndreas curls2 måneder siden
  • I know this video is 5 months old BUT....if your looking for facts check out a video by manes by mell who is a hairdresser specialising in curly hair cos this dude was given hush money I swear, disappointing but then I've only seen him making you tube vids and playing with styling heads 🤷‍♀️

    RachTeeRachTee2 måneder siden
  • any other curly girls used to get told by their hair dresser that their hair was ‘dry’ and theres for damaged but the hair dressed would then pull a brush through it and hair dry it... then say oh ur hair is frizzy and damaged 😳 or just me ?

    itsjodie xoitsjodie xo2 måneder siden
  • Some people have experienced permanent hearing damage from this product. Don't make a video saying it was the consumers fault if you have never used the product. Thousands of people are experiencing Hair damage. It's not an abnormality or the people using it wrong. It's the product it's self. The one thing in common of all these victims is the brand they were using. Stop downplaying the issue.

    Yellowish Green Dragon .-.Yellowish Green Dragon .-.2 måneder siden
  • I only used Devacurl products for less than 2 months, and my hair came from getting soaking wet within a minute so I could really foam up any shampoo easily with the amount of water my hair kept, but when and after using DevaCurl, I can have the water running through my hair for many minutes, and it doesn’t feel soaking wet, and just as soon as I take my head out of the shower to shampoo, there’s not enough water to make it foamy. I have NEVER had that problem before, EVER. And now, about 7 months later, the problem still hasn’t resolved despite deep conditioning weekly and putting good hydrating products in my hair. I have not doubt, whatsoever, that the problem has to do with the 3 DevaCurl products I used (the Delight lowpoo, the One conditioner and the wave maker). And even in these about 2 months, I experienced way bigger hairballs after the shower than ever before. To my regret I didn’t document it, nor take selfies, because I felt so bad about my hair looking the way it did. But I very soon stopped using it because it made my hair feel and look way worse in just a short amount of time. I’m glad I didn’t stick with it and kept experimenting with it, and just trusted my instincts and stopped using it. Deva curl products are definitely to blame, sine no other product have EVER made my hair feel straw-like, dry, although having soaked in the shower for minutes, and seriously frizzy while wet, that never happened before.

    Marianne Henriette Säilä LarsenMarianne Henriette Säilä Larsen2 måneder siden
  • Just here to represent the people here’s talking about when he says our hair is always changing. My hair has always been very straight, but after I had kids my hair changes started... now it’s getting curly/wavy in the back & very very slowly (over +20 years) moving up my head... and the texture is changing too. Now I have two different textures and waves on one scalp! From my crown & forward it’s fine & straight, then from my crown & down the back it’s a strange wavy/curl with a much corser texture. It’s not a DevaCurl issue... just a human issue. I’m sure it’s got something to do with hormone changes as I’m getting older. We all age and our hair changes just like our skin changes.

    Spikey BunnySpikey Bunny2 måneder siden
  • I just used diva curl curl definition shape cream for a week and my hair was falling out never used it again

    stephanie auberstephanie auber2 måneder siden
  • Will you review the raw shampoothie from Walgreens . I to am a cosmetologist and want your opinion in this product . It’s vegan , seems mostly organic and I have been playing around with it however do not see any reviews on it . They have an entire umbrella of shampoos and conditioners and smoothies yum .

    Savannah MaddoxSavannah Maddox2 måneder siden
  • Man, this video brought very old memories of those demo Wen commercials on tv after all the good stuff was over. The days of infommercials was very interesting.

    TheMadHatter _19TheMadHatter _192 måneder siden
  • Pleeeease do more curly hair videos :(

    Anna-GraceAnna-Grace2 måneder siden
  • This is crazy, Brad needs to be on the side that matters the most. Now it doesn’t seem like he is on any side. That is what pains me to hair. Devagirl is the worst brand. It can lead do permanent brain damage. So that is why I am not subscribed to brad because he can’t talk like 2000 peoples divagirl damage is not valid.

    Akalya AhilathasanAkalya Ahilathasan2 måneder siden
  • This was a lot of words without any substance. He never used the product (DevaCurl) never even touched a bottle of the product he is reviewing, still he is giving his opinion. Little kids who have been exposed to DevaCurl experienced hair loss and scalp irritation. Something is in the DevaCurl products is hurting people. DevaCurl must recall their products now.

    Arlene delatorreArlene delatorre2 måneder siden
  • Brad: most people don't know much about formulations Most curlies that have been analysing / reading labels since they started curly girl method: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm sorry but we've been learning chemical terms since begining our journeys

    Ruta EmilijaRuta Emilija2 måneder siden
  • Why do u always defend anything problematic u bitch

    ProxUrAimzProxUrAimz2 måneder siden
  • Years and years ago I used to use DevaCurl and Wen. I got massive itch scalp and insanely dry hair. When I used DevaCurl the line basically only had NoPoo, the One Condition, and the Gel. Then they added the LowPoo. They didn’t have co washes or other clarifying options nor did they promote using them. My hair got healthier when I stopped using them and switched to a normal shampoo and gave up on wearing it curly. It’s actually healthier now when I blow dry and flat iron it.

    Brittany CoulterBrittany Coulter2 måneder siden
  • Where did you get that sweater brad

    Mishaal AbdullahMishaal Abdullah2 måneder siden
  • Menthol is what’s known as a counter irritant. It irritates, that’s the minty cool sensation, this jams the nerves and you think whatever you’ve applied it too, doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s like pinching yourself when you get a shot. You feel the pinch, it’s a pain you caused and controlled, you don’t feel the needle as readily. Thank you for this vid.

    Joyce NevilleJoyce Neville2 måneder siden
  • One thing for sure... we are really polluting the earth with sooo much plastic🙄

    Isabella BettoniIsabella Bettoni2 måneder siden
  • Fricken aye I just bought $103 worth of Deva Curl!!😭😭😭

    Skeleton BabySkeleton Baby2 måneder siden
    • Ya I got a full refund after I watched this video! All i can say is THANK YOU BRAD MONDO!!!!!D

      Skeleton BabySkeleton Baby2 måneder siden

      Tezeth _13Tezeth _132 måneder siden
  • They made me lose my hair made it SUPER fine and I was losing my hair like crazy!! I’m trying so hard to get it back to normal

    Willow GossWillow Goss2 måneder siden
    • I’m so sorry, DevaCurl needs to stop selling. I went to Ulta last weekend and there was a whole wall of DevaCurl and I was disgusted :(.

      Tezeth _13Tezeth _132 måneder siden
  • Love the look today. That sweater is so fun and a bazillion silver rings. LOL I wanna steal this look~!

    blessedoutblessedout2 måneder siden
  • During my months using Devacurl, I’d spend about 30 minutes detangling my hair. I had NEVER, EVER, experiences problems with detangling. But suddenly, my hair was a disastrous rats-nest. I would be in TEARS when I detangled my hair. I actually purchased the devacurl detangler, after never owning a detangler, because I was so desperate and frustrated with the insane tangles I was experiencing. I lost so much hair every time I washed it. After a few months Devacurl free, I never have this problem and I lose a normal amount of hair when I wash it 🙌

    Jessica DavisJessica Davis2 måneder siden
    • I’m so sorry, this is not okay.

      Tezeth _13Tezeth _132 måneder siden
  • So glad you included Wen. But also need to look at MONAT. Same claims and lawsuits, too.

    Stephanie AtkinsStephanie Atkins2 måneder siden
  • I love your content so much but I respectfully disagree. Bad batches happen all the time in profit-oriented brands. It happens a lot in medicine etc, with products with bad batches. It is hard to believe that approx 50k people who were in that group all misused their products. Again I absolutely love your content and haircare experiments :P

    Jesse BlackJesse Black2 måneder siden
    • I don’t really think a lot of those people actually had damage. A lot of them were just jumping on the band wagon I think.... I was in the group and a lot of the photos seemed like a bit of a reach. At least in my opinion. I didn’t ever have a problem with their products and I uses them religiously

      zoeyzoey2 måneder siden
  • I guess because I’ve only used Devacurl styling products from spring to summer I’ve never had had any issues with my hair

    BellabooBellaboo2 måneder siden
  • This sounds to me like you are making excuses for Deva Curl.

    Luna PlataLuna Plata2 måneder siden
    • kawaiiaurirants can’t be sued for telling the truth.

      it won’t let me change my pfpit won’t let me change my pfp16 dager siden
    • I dont know, to me it sounds like he's trying to save himself from being sued by Diva Curl incase they see this video

      kawaiiaurirantskawaiiaurirants18 dager siden
  • Thank you 💪🏼 cause I still use deva curl and love it. I don’t use it everyday or every week, but it is in my line up of products I use. I love love love this Brad thank you 😘

    A4PPG All4Paws Pet GroomingA4PPG All4Paws Pet Grooming2 måneder siden
  • I hear what you’re saying Brad but these hair companies that target natural/curly hair they don’t care much about having quality ingredients. Did you know that Maui moisture has formaldehyde releasers in the product? They put what ever they want in the product so they can produce as much as possible and make more money. And us natural girls will buy it bc we want to find a product that will help us with our hair struggles. I used Cantu for two months and it changed my curl pattern... Ingredients is key to a good product. Don’t just blow it off.

    Quiet 🤫Quiet 🤫2 måneder siden
  • i think the biggest problem isn’t on the brand itself, but on the technique no/low poo. it doesn’t clean correctly the hair, causing buildup and then, fallout.

    thais brasilthais brasil2 måneder siden
  • I have been using DevaCurl on and off since I was 12. That's 18 years on and off. They are awesome but with no poo use a stronger shampoo monthly or so. Works for me really well but I will be watching for any damage.

    Mrs. CheaneyMrs. Cheaney2 måneder siden
  • Love Brad But this a bit diplomatic

    Tlotlo GillTlotlo Gill2 måneder siden
  • I have used many Deva Curl products for 10 years without issues. I do, however, use the LoPoo now instead of the No Poo, and even when I used the No Poo, I would periodically use a regular type of foaming shampoo for clarification purposes. My scalp and hair are happier for the product rotation.

    B-Rex the PRGoddess1B-Rex the PRGoddess12 måneder siden
  • Me having str8 hair:😂😂😂

    Queen 101Queen 1012 måneder siden
  • Unsubbed. Clearly you have a bias.

    MJ BridgesMJ Bridges2 måneder siden
  • I've never used a devacurl product until today. I used the super stretch coconut styling cream. It works so I'm guessing people are mixing brands and maybe they're reacting? Or maybe it's because they aren't using shampoo ever?? I'm not sure. I haven't used the brand enough to have a firm opinion. BUT... We're married,you and I. You just don't know it yet 😂😂😂😂 "You're Beautiful"

    Aria RionelAria Rionel2 måneder siden
  • Love, love, LOVE, everything you said! We used Wen religiously for almost a year and it was amazing for my hair, my color lasted longer, my hair was so shiny and soft. But... by the 2nd use I was noticing a lot of hair in the shower, by 6mo I was losing so much hair. Every shower I was having a handful of hair, a literal fistful of hair falling out. As I had really dense hair I went ahead and kept using it up until I started seeing my hair line thin. Luckily after a few months back on regular shampoo and I was seeing a marked improvement. Some years later and now I use wen directly after a color treatment and normal cleansers the rest of the time. I 100% agree the issue is with using only conditioners rather than with the formulation.

    Poly stevePoly steve2 måneder siden