Hairdresser Answers Most Googled Hair Questions

6. feb.. 2020
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Hi Beautiful! I checked out the most commonly searched hair topics on google and answered them for you!
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  • brad: how- google: *how old is shakira*

    bruhitsjessbruhitsjess8 måneder siden
    • bruhitsjess 😂, but just for curiosity How old is she😂??

      Magda CovaliuMagda Covaliu4 måneder siden
    • bruhitsjess google knows the right things before we do

      DeanoDeano BaBeanoDeanoDeano BaBeano4 måneder siden
    • shes old

      Giovanna ortiz gonellGiovanna ortiz gonell4 måneder siden
    • Hey brad thanks for the advice with this hair stuff that i have googled to so many times that i am so glad that i found this video. I love you brad oh and your very good at doing hair i watched you doing your brothers hair on the other video to. But anyways your very good at it keep going brad.

      Delanie DobishDelanie Dobish5 måneder siden
    • Madelief I can tell you how to make my cat throw up

      Tammy KatTammy Kat5 måneder siden
  • Couple personal experiences: I was 19 when I lost a majority of my thick natural hair because of a medicine that was running through a line in my arm 24/7 (tpn). Not cancer.. rare stomach disease. It was sad and completely vain, but I didn't realize how sick I was until that point. Fast forward 3 years after going into remission, my hair grew back so thick. I also had a weird hair color experience growing up. When I was a baby, my hair was pitch black, by the time I turned one, it was bright sandy blonde. Every few years it would change and was always awkward. I started dying in Jr. High because my hair would literally be part blonde and part brown. I also am one of those weirdos who grow both blonde and black body hair in the same hair follicle. My eyelashes are also one side black and the other grows blonde.

    alliekazaam6alliekazaam62 timer siden
  • My cousin has an autoimmune disease and one of the first signs was his eyelashes turned white. Then his eyebrow, then both, and basically it’s continues since he was a teen.

    Mars KickassMars Kickass5 dager siden
  • I wanted the redhead questions answered!

    Kate McGoughKate McGough13 dager siden
  • My scalp gets greasy so quickly

    Kelsea NovaKelsea Nova21 dag siden
  • Turkish langue ??

    NdgnNdgn23 dager siden
  • Keşke türkçe altyazı olsa

    NdgnNdgn23 dager siden
  • My friend dyed her hair pink not light pink dark pink and the more she washed her hair the more rose gold her hair would get and it was so pretty

    Izzy LazarteIzzy Lazarte26 dager siden
  • Love you Brad ♥️ quite a really educational video and btw u look beautiful, completely stunning and radiant as always ♥️♥️

    Shereen SherifShereen Sherif29 dager siden
  • Me chopping off 7 inches of my hair thinking it would make it healthier.

    maisonmaisonMåned siden
  • I just am obsessed with Brad's outfit in each video💜☺

    Parveen RethParveen RethMåned siden
  • I’ve been busy lately and can’t take care of my hair because I have weak immune system and ik that my hair is unhealthy so wht can I do to make it healthy and untangle😅

    Fyroos MundasseryFyroos MundasseryMåned siden
  • Brad your hair falls out even by its self Me: on my chair but can’t stand up because hair is stuck in the chair

    Annika HughesAnnika HughesMåned siden
  • I am 10 and my hair has barley changed

  • Brad: you loose all your baby hair by three Me who had no hair till three: 👁👄👁

    Jimins left nippleJimins left nippleMåned siden
  • Is lemon really good for your hair

    Maayan SacksMaayan SacksMåned siden
  • Imagine a beauty school/class using this video and other of his informational videos as a way of teaching

    Jordan WelchJordan WelchMåned siden
  • Scientifical lol

    AngelEyesAngelEyesMåned siden
  • google: hOw DiD mR pEaNuT dIe?

    Pooh BearPooh BearMåned siden
  • 5:34 when you die your hair still doesn’t stop growing

    CutePanda 1CutePanda 1Måned siden
  • MY HAIR IS ALWAYS GRESSSSSSSSSY I wash it twice a week Help me Brad

    leilani Priceleilani PriceMåned siden
  • Brad"to grow your hair faster you need to be healthy, and have a good diet" Me *eating skittles *

    Paula AshlakePaula AshlakeMåned siden
  • How often should I wash my hair? What’s a healthy amount each week?

    A ParsonsA ParsonsMåned siden
  • Except me, every time I have a baby my hair gets more and more red. I was so blonde before I had kids.

    Hale' DevineyHale' DevineyMåned siden
  • I love this outfit

    Best CompilationsBest CompilationsMåned siden
  • Brad: how- Google: *how old is jlo* Brad: no not that Google: ooh i get it now you're looking for *how to watch the super bowl* Brad: 🤦

    Hiba AnnasiHiba AnnasiMåned siden
  • Brad: Be healthy and your hair will thank you Me: Grabs apple and prays to the hair gods

    Beth BrownBeth BrownMåned siden
  • Brad : none has grey hair My grandma grandpa and dad : 👁👄👁

    Annie BeeAnnie BeeMåned siden
  • They did the hair color remover to my hair cause i dyed it purple and then i went back to brown

    Stephanie CameronStephanie CameronMåned siden
  • Imagine if you got paid for the amount of hair that naturally falls out of your head we would all be millionaires

    Neve BeslerNeve BeslerMåned siden
  • I could wash my hair ONCE a week and two days after washing it will still be oily AS F*CK. On the next day it's already not pretty. So no, doesn't work for me.

    Romy –Romy –Måned siden
  • ugh when i was 8 or 9 i got lice and it was so bad my mom and stepdad shaved my head. even after it was gone and my hair eventually grew back, i had it on and off til i was about 14. it SUCKED and im still so mad that they shaved my head. i got bullied so much

    Brandy LeeBrandy Lee2 måneder siden
  • I would love to see you do a video on hair care education for hard water! I love living in the countryside, but my hair is not getting along with the well water.

    Madison GangloffMadison Gangloff2 måneder siden
  • I love how Brad just does his own versions of these popular celebrity series, going undercover on reddit, his makeup routine, most Google questions. We stan

    Sayuri FalconerSayuri Falconer2 måneder siden
  • Questions: 1:05 - How does hair grow? 1:53 - How does hair transplant work? 1:58 - How does hair dye work? 2:58 - How does hair turn grey? 4:16 - When does hair grow? 4:32 - When does hair loss start? 5:25 - When does hair grow back after chemo? 5:30 - When does hair stop growing? 5:34 - When does hair fall out? 6:19 - Why does hair get greasy? 7:18 - When does hair color expire? 7:50 - When does hair color stop changing? 8:43 - How does hair color work? 8:46 - How does hair color remover work? 9:50 - How does hair color wax work? 10:16 - Does cutting hair make it grow back faster? 10:29 - Does cutting hair make it stronger? 10:52 - Does cutting hair get rid of lice? 11:22 - Does cutting hair make it thicker? 11:51 - Does brown hair dye fade? 11:56 - Does brown hair dye cover red? 12:14 - Does brown hair turn grey? 12:19 - Does brown hair dye wash out? 12:27 - Does blonde hair turn brown? 12:38 - Does blonde hair dye turn cancer? 12:56 - Does blonde hair fade? 13:15 - Does blonde hair turn grey? 13:18 - Does blonde hair look less greasy? 13:44 - Does blonde hair age you? 14:00 - Does blonde hair tangle easier? 14:17 - How do I make my hair grow faster? 15:12 - How do make my hair color last longer? 15:56 - How to make my hair to hold a curl? 16:20 - How to get my hair to stop breaking?

    AliceAttentionWhoreAliceAttentionWhore2 måneder siden
  • Brad: "Get outside" Welp....

    Ivory05Ivory052 måneder siden
  • What about us lovely redheads? You did blonde and brown hair. I've wondered if its true that red hair doesn't hold onto colour as well as other colours of hair.

    Leola CampbellLeola Campbell2 måneder siden
  • If you loose 100 hairs a day and your hairs grow slower than a a sloth I'm going to be bald . LOL 😂

    purple penguinpurple penguin2 måneder siden
  • I love the brunette. I've watched you in every color but this honestly makes you look gorgy but more mature and just fabulous. You look great in any color though. 😘😘

    JameyJamey2 måneder siden
  • It's rare for someone to be completely gray you say. I should tell my dad that, he is gray to the point that majority of his hair's white.

    Kate SchirpkeKate Schirpke2 måneder siden
  • I still have blonde hair and I’m 14 and I just am wondering when my hair will turn brown

    Savannah FellowsSavannah Fellows2 måneder siden
  • I wanna know right brad when you dye your hair a lot can it cause it to stop growing I’m just wondering because I’ve heard of it before idk if it’s true

    Emily RoseEmily Rose2 måneder siden
  • "Then you're dead" 🤣

    Evelyn dos SantosEvelyn dos Santos2 måneder siden
  • Thankyou so much Brad for posting all your videos. Whenever im not doing well i watch your videos and your personality really helps me feel better. Thankyou

    Holly CaninoHolly Canino2 måneder siden
  • Doesn’t Brad’s hairstyle here is a lot like Gordon Ramsay’s hair

    Sundae BoySundae Boy2 måneder siden
  • I've been educated on hair. Loving it.

    Bohemian VibesBohemian Vibes2 måneder siden
  • Can you stop saying hot burning any Warm pronouns cause I have a 2nd degree burn and I'm trying to calm down so u can go to sleep but you ain't helping me forget about it

    Brittany ClarkBrittany Clark2 måneder siden
  • My Hair was naturally like rly blonde then i cut it into a pixie cut, died it pink which lasted like 6 washes and now it is so dark brown. !!!! WHAT HAPPENED????!! 😭

    LibJLibJ3 måneder siden
  • So color removal is basically the same principe as tattoo removal but less painfull. Great.

    active_roseactive_rose3 måneder siden
  • He said that fully grey hair is rare looks like my grandpa is rare his full head of hair is white and it’s so soft

    Kimberly EscobedoKimberly Escobedo3 måneder siden
  • How did you style your hair like that?! Looks gorgeous!

    SpankySpanky3 måneder siden
  • Brad: brown hair... blond hair... OK lets mooooove ooonnn tooooooo... Me: RED HAIR! Brad: How do I make my hair grow faster

    Hailee TippetsHailee Tippets3 måneder siden
  • So you said that we shouldn’t wash our hair everyday. I swim almost everyday and I wash my hair to get the chlorine out. Should I still not wash my hair everyday or should I wash it everyday because of the chlorine

    Alpha WolfAlpha Wolf3 måneder siden
  • I wash my body every other day due to as you said dry skin the more I shower the dryer and nastier my skin gets same with my hair but it gets really oily so I only wash that every week and a half been doing this last 3 years I haven't had an issue with my hair being excessively oily or too dry it could also be because I wear my hair up in a bun literally 24/7 it only comes down long enough for my husband to brush

    Maxaroni NoodlesMaxaroni Noodles3 måneder siden
  • Praying for your hair🤣🙏

    Charlotte HermanceCharlotte Hermance3 måneder siden
  • So I have a question for all the hair experts, about 3 months ago I cut my hair and it hasn’t really grown back and I don’t know why at all does any one know?

    Salome MunozSalome Munoz3 måneder siden
  • My hair can go 2+ weeks without getting oily, I still wash my hair 1-2 x a week since it’s wavy and it gets super dry without conditioning. I also oil my hair often since I apparently have no scalp oils 😂 thought you’d like to hear about a 1 in a million human 😂

    Celaina RobertsCelaina Roberts3 måneder siden
  • Hair can also change during pregnancy. Just fyi

    helen appleberryhelen appleberry3 måneder siden
  • when will XMONDO ship to europe? :(((

    cathleen devereuxcathleen devereux3 måneder siden
  • No one: Not even CHARLI DAMILIO: Brad Mondo: “until you’re dead..”

    Allie BlantonAllie Blanton3 måneder siden
  • After using a rice water hair rinse int he shower can i then apply rosemary water as a leave in deep conditioner??!??!?plz reply!!!

    young coconut syoung coconut s3 måneder siden
  • Brad : Say a prayer for me because i can't lose my hair haha

    Tanuli MalyaTanuli Malya3 måneder siden
  • It is in moments like this where I appreciate a person's expertise, and the ability to acknowledge one's lack of expertise. Thank you, yet AGAIN Brad Mondo. :)

    Amanda HerbertAmanda Herbert3 måneder siden
  • 1:37 I'm now only referring to hair as a kerotin plant

    leah ruthleah ruth3 måneder siden
  • Even if this is inspired from wired..still pretty creative

    Ragha RRagha R3 måneder siden
  • Love you!

    Joanne MangafasJoanne Mangafas3 måneder siden
  • He talks like an effeminate bitch

    lina Guidalina Guida3 måneder siden
  • Brad Mondo is the only man who has made me feel beautiful in a long time, l always rewatch videos when my depression kicks in. Thank you for starting videos that way and for the amazing content xxx

    Steph BSteph B3 måneder siden
  • love you soo much brad i hope you notice me one day

    The only Twin heyThe only Twin hey3 måneder siden
  • Brad: your hair color stops changing when your dead Me: how do you know it doesn’t turn pink when you die? 😂😂

    Calleigh WeissCalleigh Weiss3 måneder siden
  • Brad you are ALSO so stylish with your super fun outfits! Any chance you will focus on sharing tips?

    Jennifer HallidayJennifer Halliday3 måneder siden
  • When he was looking up how do I one one of the searches was how do I make my dog throw up.😂

    Quinn JordenQuinn Jorden3 måneder siden
  • Love ur vids like thisss

    Julia DietzJulia Dietz3 måneder siden
  • Brad: “I love blonde hair“ Also Brad: “I love curly hair“ Me: “sooo~ you like my ramen noodles”

    Hey lol *vomits violently* GpsHey lol *vomits violently* Gps3 måneder siden
  • I had beautiful light brown almost copper hair when I was a kid. Now it’s dark brown that makes me look like a paper with hair bc my skin is too light for that dark hair 😭

    Danice LobrinDanice Lobrin3 måneder siden
  • 13:49 Depends on your skin tone and the tone of the blonde. If you have warm skin tones, ash blonde could age you, for instance. The best is always work with contrast.

    Erika FioreErika Fiore3 måneder siden
  • Brad. Where. Did. You. Get. Your. Shirt. From. OMG.

    Global00VintageGlobal00Vintage3 måneder siden
  • Is it just me or am I Debbie Ryan when brad mondo tells us that we are beautiful.

    TwylzzTwylzz3 måneder siden
  • Why does my hair grow unevenly

    Mia CollinsMia Collins3 måneder siden
  • This video deserves more views!!

    Valentina RuedaValentina Rueda4 måneder siden
  • i remember back in middleschool, a white friend of mine (I'm asian btw) asked me how my hair grows so fast and thick and she asked me what I ate and i replied rice lol but i recently found out fermented rice water can make your hair grow thicker, faster/longer and brings shine to them? So i guess eating rice gave me the same effect??

    StrugglingartistStrugglingartist4 måneder siden
  • Guys seriously why's Brad so sexy in this vid?

    please don't remind me that im uglyplease don't remind me that im ugly4 måneder siden
  • am I the only one obsessed with this outfit

    MaroleMarole4 måneder siden
  • Omg I use to wash my hair everyday because of work and it was always greasy then quarantine happened so I stopped washing it so much and now I can go three days and we got barley any shine. I love it

    Rhiannon WalshRhiannon Walsh4 måneder siden
    • Same here but i use to wash it every 2 days now its around 4 days but my hair still has a greasy look after 24hours of washing it://

      pinkEllapinkElla3 måneder siden
    • Oily shine

      Rhiannon WalshRhiannon Walsh4 måneder siden
  • I need to know about the curly hair methode, is it good for your hair? Are people doing it right? Will this trend ever stop?

    Lisette KerschbaumerLisette Kerschbaumer4 måneder siden
  • When he said no one has grey hair I thought he meant like white included. I was like trust me. My 90 year old grandma has GREYY hair

    Mikayla StewartMikayla Stewart4 måneder siden
  • Hi, I was a dark brunnet and decided that i would accept the greys so i gradually bleached my hair. I ended up with a yellIow blond, i wanted an ash color. But i understand i need to wait to put a new color on. I see the beautiful streaked hair that looks natural but I am at a loss to achieve this look my hair is already light what do I do now, Is there any way I can send you a pic

    Louise BriereLouise Briere4 måneder siden
  • Does hair growth slow down at a certain age?

    Jaclyn SmithJaclyn Smith4 måneder siden
  • Us gingers are always being forgotten about :(

    Ellen HallEllen Hall4 måneder siden
  • Is there a point where hair color remover won't work anymore? I coloured my hair red over a year ago and the ends still have some red pigment in them and I don't want to buy the remover if it won't work 😅

    Hanna KaasinenHanna Kaasinen4 måneder siden
  • nobody; google; how do i make my dog throw up

    sunnysunny4 måneder siden
  • How do you make your hair grow thicker? Brad: that's what everyone wants to know! Me: trips to the salon are expensive

    LilLadyBug 11111LilLadyBug 111114 måneder siden
  • Then usually that's it, then you're dead 😂 why did I laugh when you said that hahaha

    Sara McGowanSara McGowan4 måneder siden
  • Hair gummies are BS. I took some for 3 months and all I got was acne and greasy hair, which I’m already predisposed to because I have oily hair and skin in my genes.

    ra_mryra_mry4 måneder siden
  • “Does brown hair turn grey?” Me: *looks at my few grey hairs in my head* yes. Brad: yes.

    Petite ChaosPetite Chaos4 måneder siden
  • #HairStylistsAreScientistsToo

    Blue AshBlue Ash4 måneder siden
  • That tank top reminded me of one of my nursing tops...ugh #pregnancybrain

    Hillary FieldHillary Field4 måneder siden
  • Hey Brad just started watching you over a week ago and I love it !!!!! So happy i found you lol 😊 so I've heard you mention that you live in New York and I was wondering if you still work at a salon or if you're strictly just NOworldr I would love to get my hands on by you and I'm sure you got this a lot you just have such a great personality and bubbly and your damn good at what you do excuse me great

    erin millererin miller4 måneder siden
  • Omg that outfit looks sooo good on u

    Téa MarleyTéa Marley4 måneder siden
  • I need help with my weird combination hair if that makes sense? Yes it’s processed currently yellow like mustard yellow. Yet it’s so dry dry at my ends but then my scalp gets greasy af

    Becca MeganBecca Megan4 måneder siden