Find Out What Your Hair Type Really Is

20. aug.. 2020
965 677 Ganger

Hi Beautiful! Knowing your hair type is so important to figuring out what the best products are for you. Hope this helps!
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  • I have a question: I have a dry scalp (i actually have seborrhea), my hair is thick, quite dense and it's a 2A type. I've never done anything to my hair besides cutting ( I also rarely use a blow dryer), it grows like crazy, but it does take a lot of time to dry (if i wash it at night it won't be dry in the morning) and a lot of it comes out in the shower or when i brush it, is it normal or is it somehow damaged?

    Sara FerroSara Ferro3 minutter siden
  • What do you do about damaged hair?

    Maeve LittooijMaeve LittooijTime siden
  • My hair is literally the worst, I washed it this morning and it’s already gross

    INKINK2 timer siden
  • i kinda have a mixture of 2c & 3a, but nothing specifies my hair, im confused

    Lucca MaiLucca Mai11 timer siden
  • Im curious! I bought a silk n shine hair oil or serum whatever that called. I've been using that 3 times already but i don't see any difference. So anyone who have used that product pls pls tell me it is a good product or bad. And I have a dry frizzy hair.

    Kaknika SamriddhKaknika Samriddh11 timer siden

    JuneJune17 timer siden
  • There’s nothing I can do for my hair to not be pin straight. Even when I curl it, it falls within an hour

    Kaylie B.Kaylie B.18 timer siden
  • Me with pin straight hair 👁👄👁

    TerriLee BeamonTerriLee Beamon19 timer siden
  • i thought u were damion for a quick second from vampire diaries

    rie rierie rie20 timer siden
  • I'm so confused with the curl pattern. My hair is straight at the top and eventually gets incredibly curly at the bottom. It's like pin straight up top goes through all the levels of curl to a 3A at the bottom. Also the test for less dense hair I laughed so hard at less than 2 inches is less dense. I'm out here with 2cm ponytail 😂 you can see my scalp from a mile away.

    Kawaii Piece of ShitKawaii Piece of Shit22 timer siden
  • I feel like I have multiple hair types. It's mostly 2b, but definitely has some 2a and 2c going on as well. It's like my strands of hair can't get on the same page and they're all doing their own thing. Plus I have high density hair so as you can imagine it is all over the place if I let it air dry. It's also frizz-prone. I would love to find a product that would allow me to air dry my hair and get a consistent wave pattern with no frizz.

    Big Gray DogBig Gray Dog22 timer siden
  • Me having pin straight hair 😳

    Dakotah BuhrDakotah Buhr23 timer siden
  • So I have 9/10 of the Damaged symptoms.... so I guess it's time to shave my head and just buy a good wig? Cuz after this video I have low Hope's of saving it 😭

    Larissa BlackLarissa BlackDag siden
  • In what state. All type 4 hair ponytail is like bigger than that

    Izzienne GerwelIzzienne GerwelDag siden
  • I have thick, high density, healthy and curly hair (a mix of 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c lol) and I actually don't like it😂

    Jessica VaccariJessica VaccariDag siden
  • Okay so I'm pretty sure my hair is healthy, just needs a trim 🤣 Although it has stopped growing. I seem to have a mixture of 2c and 3a and 3b 🤷‍♀️ Confused hahaha

    Jordy ElliraJordy ElliraDag siden
  • I am that girl with naturally pin straight hair and I was hoping for some sort of help from watching this video, but I guess I just waisted 18 mins of my day. 😐

    Saya ONISHISaya ONISHIDag siden
  • Mine is dead straight! 😬😂

    Renae RoddickRenae RoddickDag siden
  • Has anyone tried his products? Are they silicone, sulfate & paraben-free? Hopefully, its curly girl approved. I have 3B hair

    amina abdirahmanamina abdirahmanDag siden
    • I just read some of the products, they have like 2-3 amazing ingredients but the rest are basic chemicals that dry out your hair & a light plastic coating for shine. *Waiting patiently for a silicone, sulfate & paraben-free line*

      amina abdirahmanamina abdirahmanDag siden
  • my hair is none of these its not curly wavy or straight my hair is poofy idk what my type is supposed to be called

    Kaily StephanieKaily StephanieDag siden
  • My hair type is 2a which is too fcking soft and i rilly want curly hair cuz curly hair looks cool tho

    Real life LeviReal life Levi2 dager siden
  • A lot of what he's saying in this video is just not true. Curly/ Coily hair can take nothing away from this video.

    ScorpionSensualTouchScorpionSensualTouch2 dager siden
    • Maybe he will do a redo or prt 2 and specify between 1 and 2 and 3 and 4.

      Mali IsAdørableMali IsAdørableDag siden
  • You are the best at what you do, love watching your videos brad.

    Marilyn JonesMarilyn Jones2 dager siden
  • I’m a natural level 1, a few years ago I bleached my hair to a level 9. It would take TWO DAYS for my hair to air dry!! Good lord it was damaged! It was so stretchy and I lived in milkmaid braids for about 2 years. My hair is back to healthy and now my middle finger and thumb can’t touch when in a ponytail!!! My hair is so thick, I haven’t used a hair tie in about 3 years, I have to use headbands as hair ties.

    bmw8913bmw89132 dager siden
  • I try to hard to add some wave to my hair but when it dries, it's stick straight again. 😭

    Ivey PetersIvey Peters2 dager siden
    • I'm the exact opposite, which is why I just blow dry my hair straight with a round brush when it's damp.

      Lovely Doll TimeLovely Doll Time19 timer siden
  • I love your hair.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf3 dager siden
  • Normal scalp, Low density, (sucks man h-) Thick hair... surprisingly. I always considered it thin. Helth?- You see, I am a confusing spectacle. My hair is shiny, even after days of me not showering, Though, my hair stretches, it snaps after a little more stretch, My hair does not take forever to dry, I'm not sure if it grows or not, but I had extremely long hair before I had it cut (AGAINST MY OWN WILL IF I MAY ADD-) So, from what I see my hair is pretty healthy? Which makes no sense because I treat it so badly- Anyways I'm not taking any chances, I'm gonna go search up "How to healthy hair" tutorials on NOworld from now on. 1a 👀

    Kimberlly With 2 L'sKimberlly With 2 L's3 dager siden
  • Me watching w my brittle, dry, damaged, split, not growing, stretchy, tangled hair: 👁 👄 👁

    Cierra ZekoCierra Zeko3 dager siden
  • I have 3 A 😌✌️❤️

    Savannah RegaladoSavannah Regalado3 dager siden
  • Thanks Brad you have just told me I have an oily scalp, thin damaged hair and low density 😞

    jcluff626jcluff6263 dager siden
  • i am literally the one percent that has zero curl and its terrible

    Alexandra RubioAlexandra Rubio4 dager siden
  • I have 3b hair and have heard curly hair needs more moisture than wavy, is this true?

    Trista de VriesTrista de Vries4 dager siden
  • Love to 1a hair that will totally get bedhead but never hold a curl Edit: Oh type 1's don't even get a mention, oh 🤧

    Jessica HJessica H4 dager siden
  • My hair is so straight that if I try to curl it they just sag out and then in 5 min I have super straight hair again . It’s so annoying

    Britney ShropshireBritney Shropshire4 dager siden
  • well my ass really is taking notes while watching this video. Brad you really are getting me motivated to take care of my hair. Thank you so much!!!!

    Tera AcevedoTera Acevedo4 dager siden
  • Dry scalp 😭, thick, high density, 2a and 2b

    Sandy LakesSandy Lakes4 dager siden
  • type: normal density: high thickness: thin damaged or healthy: both wave type: super straight

    xKyrtjeeexxKyrtjeeex5 dager siden
  • Honestly I don’t have curls or straight hair but when I wet my hair it gets kinda curly

    El TakuacheEl Takuache5 dager siden
  • This was my first time learning the difference between density and thickness!

    aliciabrillantealiciabrillante5 dager siden
  • Now i know my hair is damagedx1000xinfinite😀😀

  • My scalp is like my face... Dry in some places and oily in others :(

    Neleah McDowellNeleah McDowell5 dager siden
    • @Jessica H I tried some dry shampoo yesterday and like I FELT cleaner but my bangs looked greasier. It was HORRIBLE but I'm gonna try it again later and see what happens

      Neleah McDowellNeleah McDowell4 dager siden
    • Spray some dry shampoo on the oily parts, like we powder or blot the oily spots on our face. Mine is oiliest around my bangs, so I spray some dry shampoo there when I'm styling it to sop things up during the day. Otherwise, it transfers to my forehead for my bangs to mop up. We're beautiful 💆🏻‍♀️

      Jessica HJessica H4 dager siden
  • Someone help me ! 1 side of my hair wavy 1 side culy 3a & 2c or maybe 4a l guess ...

  • Brad: Hey beautiful Me, who doesn't get much compliments: *Is for me?*

    SadHazmatSadHazmat5 dager siden
  • i have 3c hair :D

    sky liqthssky liqths5 dager siden
  • but i can’t find my hair on the curl pattern grid...

    Blah BlahBlah Blah5 dager siden
  • Did we cover porosity?

    Sara AvelsajoSara Avelsajo6 dager siden
  • Hi , I couldn't tell what type of curls I have . I mean it depends on the way it dried , every time I have different curls and sometimes there is different types of curls in each part . How can I know !!

    farah harrazifarah harrazi6 dager siden
  • So i have and oily, dry scalp with medium density thick, damaged hair and type 2a strands... someone send help i never know what to do with it

    Adrianna LucasAdrianna Lucas6 dager siden
  • Gosh I love the denim! Green💚🤩🖤

    We'll it's me Winchester love And a cncownerWe'll it's me Winchester love And a cncowner6 dager siden
  • Sooo my hair is 2c and 3a so what do I say if someone were to ask?

    Jazilynn RiveraJazilynn Rivera6 dager siden
  • “*bleep*comedy not my best thing” Me I felt that😭😂

    Ariel ZavalaAriel Zavala7 dager siden
  • Love watching Brad he just knows his shiz about hair. Need to know anything about hair get on to Brad

    Gemma LeeGemma Lee7 dager siden
  • Every time I hear damaged I think a Danity Kanes song damaged 😂

    opineso fineopineso fine7 dager siden
  • I actually have pin straight hair. That shit won't hold curls for shit, even if I use a can of hairspray. It looks like I took a straight iron to it

    An Actual Praying MantisAn Actual Praying Mantis7 dager siden
  • I feel special now with my boring pin straight hair😍😂

    Macy MckinnieMacy Mckinnie7 dager siden
  • I hate that I have the back very curly then the top and sides are just very little wave so when I put it in a barette half way up that hair is like 1/4 as curly as the back. Grrrr hate it but I do have thick hair and thick strands what do I doooo???

    J.K FitzJ.K Fitz7 dager siden
  • My hair is so sad. I have fine, thin hair that’s damaged. 😔

    Moongirl26Moongirl268 dager siden
  • I like ur jacket

    TrapLoliTrapLoli8 dager siden
  • I have an idea! Why don’t we call ourselves “Braddies” (as in baddies)? You know like James Charles’s fandom call themselves “sisters”. I’m gonna spam Brad’s videos with this idea😂

    R SR S8 dager siden
  • I would love some hairtips for people struggling with trichotillomania

    JxssxnJxssxn8 dager siden
  • I bet he sees curly hair and is like....... Hmm a myth

    TrixiesTitsTrixiesTits8 dager siden
  • Can i have two types of hair??😂

    zainab alrobaiezainab alrobaie8 dager siden
  • What about dry scalp 👁👄👁

    Haya AHaya A8 dager siden
  • I’m DaMaGeD.

    Jarena MarieJarena Marie8 dager siden
  • If somebody ever tried to run their fingers through my 4A hair, they just might pull their hand away to discover a few fingers mysteriously gone. For those of you who have curly hair, I recommend hopping on over to Manes by Mell. She specializes in textured hair. I'm sorry Brad, but some of the stuff you said just doesn't apply to curly/kinky hair. I still love you, please don't be mad.

    Amber FrazierAmber Frazier9 dager siden
  • Normal scalp Thick hair High density

    Amayra BrizuelaAmayra Brizuela9 dager siden
  • "If your hair takes hours upon hours to dry, it's probably damaged." *cries in thick, high density, curly hair*

    Hannah BoyceHannah Boyce10 dager siden
  • Thin 3b hair with 4c parents who learnt how to treat my hair cuz of people like Brad.... 🌻💛

    King & Boss CEO of Jin Hit EntKing & Boss CEO of Jin Hit Ent10 dager siden
  • If your hair gets tangled fast, it is DAMAGED. My 3b 3c hair: 👁👅👁

    Shanti VdbShanti Vdb10 dager siden
  • Love ❤️ him, makes me laugh😀. Very entertaining. Thanks, I learned the type of hair I have. 3c kinda-4C. Will be checking out your products.🙌

    Forever GratefulForever Grateful10 dager siden
  • normal scalp, high density,thick hair,healthy and 2b if you wanted too know i woulnt know why you would want to know though this comment is a bit random

    LillyCGamingLillyCGaming11 dager siden
  • Scalp type: dry Density: high Thickness: thick Damaged/Healthy: healthy Wave type: 3b

    28 Stab Wounds28 Stab Wounds11 dager siden
    • @lalaa Slurp oh I know but the category is called wave type. Haha yes I’m aware I have very curly hair

      28 Stab Wounds28 Stab Wounds5 dager siden
    • Wave type 👀 girl that's curly

      lalaa Slurplalaa Slurp5 dager siden
  • I was panicking about having damaged hair before remembering I have 3c

    Damya GreenDamya Green11 dager siden
  • I do not look like a well groomed pony. I look like Cleopatra and a llama had a baby.

    jodie morganjodie morgan11 dager siden
  • Did he mention porosity?

    EV EmberEV Ember11 dager siden
  • Are the products curly girl approved? Anyone know?

    Jessica BurtonJessica Burton11 dager siden
  • so, the top of my hair is like almost straight but the endings are wavy 2b what is my hair type? i really get confused and idk what hair routine should i follow.. if someone knows please help

    Rokaya AymanRokaya Ayman11 dager siden
  • What if u have oily scalp with dandruff problems I have to use head and shoulder shampoo all the time I can’t change shampoo cause then it will come back

    Janet RamosJanet Ramos11 dager siden
  • I have 2a 2b hair.

    Gamer Girl EGamer Girl E11 dager siden
  • It’s awesome because my hair is normal and I could go over 2 weeks without washing it. And I was it 2-3 times a week sometimes 4 because I am an athlete so I wash it after I get home so it doesn’t smells or it doesn’t get oily.

    Gamer Girl EGamer Girl E11 dager siden
  • These specific categories never help me. I have fine, medium and thick/corse strands all mixed together with different corresponding colors. It creates a chaotic mix of waves and loose coils and one patch of super tight coils. So I'm neither one of these things, rather most of these things? What then? If I were a cat, I'd be a crazy furred calico. 😂

    Zenobia WZenobia W11 dager siden
  • when u realize that ur hair has been damaged all this time even tho u thought it was perfectly fine-

    Torrey QuinqueTorrey Quinque12 dager siden
  • I have oily to normal, high density, thick, and I think 2a hair... and it’s damaged. What kind of products should I use???

    Morgan BushelleMorgan Bushelle12 dager siden
  • What if your hairs thick and takes hours to dry? Lol

    Nicole DrakeNicole Drake12 dager siden
  • You are right about 4c hair being magic. It sure plays tricks on me. It shrinks up to 20% of its actual length

    MELinatedMELinated12 dager siden
  • Brad complementing an ugly person.😋

    Alannah DexterAlannah Dexter13 dager siden
  • Someone pls help me with my hair it takes 2ish days to get greasy I wash it twice a week to make sure it doesn’t get damage when I let my hair dry naturally most of it is really curly but some is frizzy and straight I do use a curl defining shampoo and conditioner and I sleep with my hair in a braid but when I wake up there is a lot of flyaways and the only way to get rid of that is to brush it but then my curls go and if I don’t brush it it gets knotty but a comb doesn’t get rid of the knots I really just don’t know what to do my hair is a mix of classic curls corkscrew defined waves soft waves an slight waves it’s just a mixture and I want it to stick to one

    ᔕᗩᖇᗩᕼ ᔕᑕOTTᔕᗩᖇᗩᕼ ᔕᑕOTT13 dager siden
  • Ok we get it my hair is damaged Never mind 2c

    Hope MikealsonHope Mikealson13 dager siden
  • mines 2b

    Saylor MallardSaylor Mallard13 dager siden
  • what if my hair take long to dry bc its VERY dense?

    Camila PadillaCamila Padilla13 dager siden
  • “If your hair gets tangled easily, it’s damaged.” My hair 5 mins after I brushed it. *rave noises*

    Oak TwigOak Twig14 dager siden
  • Can someone like somehow let me send a photo of my hair who knows curl types well? I sort of understand but i see some pictures and i just cant choose. I was never educated on curls and i want to take care of them. And i need so know where to start lol

    Chelsea MoonChelsea Moon14 dager siden
  • Looking forward 2021 future

    Lourdes MedinaLourdes Medina14 dager siden
  • Oh no, I have pin straight hair! Only curls if I curl it and lasts no time at all!

    TraeTrae14 dager siden
  • I had 3B/3C hair and I bleached it ( I wanted to go purple.... then red..) and I damaged my hair so bad that my curl pattern turned to 2B/2C. Very sad. Taking forever to grow it out. You shoulda seen how stupid I looked when mi had a lot of roots 🙃

    captaincaptain15 dager siden
  • Thank god i have healthy hair I CANT EVEN PULL A STRAND..but my scalp is dry i used to have REALLY damaged hair maybe cuz i washed it everyday so yeah i wash my hair maybe 3-4 days

    We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsArWe ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr15 dager siden
  • "Pull your hair into a ponytail" Me: **has short 4c hair** 👁👄👁

    Gabriela SilvaGabriela Silva15 dager siden
  • i still don't know the difference between left and RIGHT

    Nazmun BhuiyanNazmun Bhuiyan15 dager siden
  • Nobody: Me: **pulls out 10 strands of hair in the first five minutes of this video** 💀💀

    Noelle JacksonNoelle Jackson16 dager siden
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Rishika RajoreRishika Rajore14 timer siden
  • Brad: pull your hair back in a ponytail Me: **laughs in twa**

    Noelle JacksonNoelle Jackson16 dager siden